Yesterday's End-173


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 173


Everyone stared at Myles, the man's blue pools on Lucas' green.

"I didn't want to interrupt your family meeting, Lucas." he said, his eyes going to Grayson and Emerson, Lucas' hand going to the man's shoulder, Abraham's eyes meeting his.

"You couldn't hide from the past, Myles. Your soul felt our interruption on its path."

Emerson walked up to the three men, Lucas' eyes meeting his grandfather's green pools.

"What's going on here, Lucas? What has Myles to do with any of this, other than he being the son of my trusted doctor, and the now husband of my faithful manservant and friend Jefferson? Who is this Haras you spoke of?" Emerson said, everyone else's eyes showing the same questions.

Lucas' eyes went around to everyone's searching gaze, returning to his grandfather's; Joshua walking up beside his son, Tristan joining them as well, Grayson forming the one family in front of Lucas.

"Individuals lay forgotten on the paths of time, in every family, in every saga of adventure and romance." Lucas said, Josh rising from his seat, Lucas smiling at him as his arm went around him.

"You're talking in riddles again, my love. Please open the mysteries that surround us."

Myles' eyes were on Lucas, the young man meeting his gaze.

"How long have you felt lost, Myles?"

Everyone traded looks, the man staring at Lucas.

"Since the night of my accident, Lucas. Since the darkening of my vision." he said, Lucas staring at the man, everyone else showing confusion.

Abraham Jefferson's arm went around his man, Myles' eyes meeting his.

"You were lost, my love?" he said, Myles softly smiling at him.

"For a while, my Abe. The darkness consumed me. I begged for the light to come into my life again."

Lucas smiled at him.

"And then one day it did." he said, Myles' blue eyes meeting his again.

"Yes, Lucas. Twice."

Abraham looked at his husband, his arm tightening around him.

"Twice, my love?"

Myles nodded, staring at Lucas.

"A few weeks before you returned to Kurucu's Haven for Christmas, Lucas, and then the night of my total liberation from the darkness by your hand." he said, Lucas nodding.

"All paths coalesce."

"What do you mean, my love?"  Josh said, Lucas turning his green pools to his.

"Guided paths of reality and truth. We are not alone." Lucas said, everyone looking around them.

"I didn't mean here, I meant on the path. It seems there are three Watchers."

Myles stared at Lucas, his blue pools shining for a moment, Lucas smiling at him.

"Although others are coming here. You may enter my friends." Lucas said, everyone looking towards the front door of the cottage, it opening and four people walking into the room.

"We are late, mon ami." Jacques said, his hand joined with Lewis', Horace and Mavis Hampton walking behind them.

"No, my friends, you are right on time." Lucas smiled, everyone looking at the four, Lucas looking behind him.

"Horace and Mavis are part of the Belmont soul, part of Kurucu's Haven's heart. They are family as well. And Jacques and Lewis are part of my parents' inner clan of youthful friendship and loyalty. All are family to me." Lucas said, the four smiling at him, Tristan and Savannah staring at their friends.

"Please join my family, my friends." Lucas smiled, Mavis staring at her son.

"What are you doing here, Myles?" she said, Myles smiling at her with love, then glancing at Lucas.

"His love draws all of us, Mom."

Lucas smiled, the four new arrivals walking into the circle surrounding Lucas.

"Please everyone, return to your seats. Sit in comfort as I draw out life and love." he said, Abraham looking at him, then at Myles.

"Your love is real, Abraham. He is real." Lucas said, Myles smiling at him.

Everyone returned to their seats, the new arrivals joining them, Myles kissing his man's cheek.

"Sit with our friends, Abe. I'm fine." he said, Abraham nodding, kissing him on the lips, the two staring at each other.

"Nothing said will ever change my love for you."

Myles' smile widened, Lucas softly smiling as well.

Abraham joined Grayson and Gabriel, the man staring at the two remaining standing.


Lucas' eyes met Myles again, the older man folding his hands in front of him.

"How long have you known?" he said.

"Since the moment I found the portrait. The portrait that he guided you to hang."
Abraham's eyes met Myles, the man nodding his head.

"Yes, my love. I was guided to hang that portrait. So that Lucas would link it to the one he'd already seen." Myles said, Lucas smiling at him.

"So my path could focus on who Abraham was, in relation to Justin's father, and that in turn focusing me on to who you were." he said, Myles nodding.

"Who guided you, Myles?" Emerson said, his own father staring at Lucas and the man standing.

"The voice within himself, Grandfather. The voice he'd heard since the darkness clouded his vision." Lucas said, Myles slowly nodding his head.

Lewis rose from his seat, Lucas looking towards him.

"I heard a voice within my own soul when I was lost to the darkness as well, Lucas. Are they one and the same?" the minister said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"When lost in pain and sorrow, no voice gives comfort more than the voice of love." Lucas said, Lewis staring at him with awed emotion.

"I did not hear your voice the first time on the telephone, Lucas. That voice within my soul resonated with your loving falsetto." Lewis said, Lucas smiling at him more.

"My love sought you out, good Reverend. My mother's love was a connection for me. I gave you comfort and hope so that you could go forth on the path to your freedom." Lucas said, the minister walking up to him with tears in his eyes.

"And that freedom you gave me as well?" he said, Lucas lowering his eyes against the love and adulation he saw in the man's blue pools.

"My love works wonders, I now see." he said, Lewis' arms wrapping around him.

"I knew it was your love! I knew it! I walk and see because of you!!" he said with emotion, Jacques rising from his seat, seeing the look in Lucas' green pools, Josh seeing it as well.

Jacques' arms went around his husband, kissing his cheek.

"Come, mon amour. Lucas' love seeks no thanks. It is here for all of us." the Frenchman said, Lucas smiling at him, Josh smiling at seeing the soft reluctance and familiar embarrassment leave Lucas' face at the man's kind words.

Lewis released Lucas, his eyes going to his green.

"You are a child of God, Lucas. You walk with his love flowing to all." he said, wiping his eyes, Lucas softy smiling at him.

"We are all God's children, Lewis. We each walk with his love flowing through us to others."

Lewis nodded, looking at Myles.

"Did you save Myles as well, Lucas? Did your voice give solace in the darkness of his pain?" Lewis said, Lucas looking at Myles.

"My magic and love freed him from the darkness once I knew who he was. For his love felt my love. Another gave him hope throughout it." he said, Myles staring at him.

"It isn't you, Lucas. The voices don't match. Yours is laced with so much love. His is love as well, but somehow restrictive."
Lucas nodded, everyone looking at the two men.

"Return to your seats, my friends. Let's draw out that restrictive love." Lucas said, Jacques nodding, guiding his love back to their seats, Lewis' eyes on only Lucas.

"His love is love." he softly said as he sat down, Jacques' arm going around him, the man smiling at Lucas.

Josh rose from his seat again, Lucas smiling as his arm went around him.

"You said the name Haras, my love. We've forgotten that name. Who is or was he?"

Lucas' eyes met Myles' blue, the younger man smiling at him.

"Love shows itself in many forms, in many ways. Shown, hidden, worshipping or longing.  Real or imagined. Dreamed or voiced. A soldier's love for his leader sometimes gives over to a greater adulation." Lucas said, Josh looking at him.

"A soldier's?"

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's cheek.

"If you remember my story of the tale I read in the journal of Alsarius' fate, the name Haras lays hidden among the courage."

Everyone stared at Lucas, their minds going over the tale they'd heard from Lucas and others, the saga voiced from Lucas' family as well.

Justin rose to his feet, staring at Lucas.

"Alsarius' commander of the guards! The young soldier who was left with him and Kavinus in the golden tomb!" he said out loud, Lucas smiling at his lover.

"Yes, Justin. The commander of the Egyptian guard, Alsarius' devoted commander. He perished in the tomb giving his life protecting his leader." Lucas said, Justin nodding, others now remembering the man's fate.

Joshua stood up, staring at Lucas.

"Haras died in that tomb, Lucas. He was dragged into the black death by the evil's grasp. His body boiled in pain and disappeared into its chasm."

"Yes, Grandfather Joshua. That young man was robbed of his life by the evil." Lucas said, his green pools going to the man standing beside him.

"But a soul given over to its devotion cannot be destroyed against evil, no more than the soul of the man the evil sought can be lost against it." Lucas said, Myles staring at him.

"Love can stand against anything." Lucas said, his hand going to the man's shoulder in front of him.

"Your love you gave to him, Haras. To him you could never have." Lucas said, the man before him suddenly stepping back, everyone rising from their seats in shocked, awed wonder.

Before Lucas stood a young man in his twenties, his skin a soft coppery colour, his features handsome and rugged.

He wore a military uniform, its silver and gold layers gleaming a sparkling newness.

"You are very wise, descendant of his courage." the young man said, Myles behind him staring in awed wonder, Abraham on his feet, his arms going around his man.

A young Egyptian now stood between Lucas and Myles, having walked out of Myles' retreating form.

"Welcome into the lost real world, guardian of Alsarius. Guardian of his destiny." Lucas said, the young man staring at him.


The man looked around, his eyes catching glimpses of the auras surrounding everyone.

"I remember the warmth of the love, Lucas. It is something I will never have."

Lucas smiled at the young man.

"You cannot be denied something you never lost, Haras. I feel the love in your soul." he said, the young Egyptian staring at him, a single tear showing on his cheek.

"I had all and lost all. He is lost, forever." the man said, Lucas shaking his head no.

"No, Haras. He walks with me. He is in my possession." Lucas said, Haras staring at him.

"You possess him? I was sworn to protect him." he said, the man pulling a long silver sword out of a scarab at his side, everyone staring at him with shock.

"I do not hide nor possess him, Haras, Commander of the Egyptian Host. Evil hides him." Lucas said, not moving from his position, his eyes locked with Haras'.

Haras stared into the young man's now violet pools, his eyes widening, a thousand stars flowing in his eyesight.

The man dropped his sword, going to one knee before Lucas, raising his head, a scream coming from his throat.

"For eternal damnation! For eternal heaven! Why?!! Why did we venture into that evil?!! I failed you, Alsarius!" he cried, Lucas going to his knees, pulling the young soldier into his arms, holding him close.

"We all follow the paths of our destinies, Haras. Your master's path was the most destined of all." Lucas said, rubbing his back as he sobbed.

The soldier slowly backed up, Lucas staring into his wet eyes.

"Hemi was filled with greed! He. . .he took that ring! He didn't listen to Alsarius' words! He was young and a fool! His greed cost us everything! We perished in evil!" he said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"You followed his words, Haras. Your devotion to him was total." Lucas said, smiling at him.

The young Egyptian staring at Lucas.

"I loved him, Lucas. He was my master, my leader, my warrior and my god!" Haras said, Lucas smiling at him, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"I feel your soul, Hari."

The young man's brown eyes widened in surprise, Lucas smiling at him.

"No one. . .no one but. . ."

"But him? I feel your love for him, Hari. He gave you that name the night you told him. It did not change his friendship for you."
Haras' head lowered, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"Kavinus knew, Hari. He knew that you loved Alsarius totally. He voiced that own truth to him. Both loved each other into their souls, a love of true love. Your needful love could never have destroyed what they had."

"I know, sir."

"My name is Lucas, Hari."

The man's head raised, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"How could you know, Lucas?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Because I have read the journal. The journal written by magic. A singular magic." the young man said, Haras staring into his violet pools, their centers instantly changing to emerald green, the young man's eyes widening.

"Alsarius. . .you live!" Haras said loudly, Lucas rising to his feet, the young soldier still on one knee before him.

"Alsarius is lost, Haras. Lost in the evil's folds."

Josh rose from his seat again, Lucas looking into his blue eyes as his arm wrapped around him.

"This is. . .this is unbelievable, Lucas! He's. . . he's. . .?" Josh stuttered, the young Egyptian rising to his feet, his sword again in his hand, the young man sheathing it again, his hand going to his breast, the man standing at attention.

"I am Haras Aketmon, leader of the Egyptian Host, commander of Pharaoh Alsarius' guard." he said with authority, Lucas' family rising to their feet, walking up to the men standing.

"That is impossible, sir. You died in the black death." Joshua said, the man's brown eyes turning to him.

He stared at the three Belmont men, the man's head bowing.

"You are descendants of his courage. I am at your service." he said, his eyes going back to Lucas' green pools.

"Lead me, Pharaoh."

Lucas smiled, his hand going to Haras' shoulder again, the young man trembling a little, feeling the love in the young man's touch.

"Alsarius was not a Pharaoh, Haras. He was Arabian." Lucas said, Haras smiling softy at him.

"He was my Pharaoh, Lucas. He would have ruled Egypt with love and courage. He and Kavinus would have ruled the world. Our nation would have claimed both as gods!" he said, a tear showing again in his eyes.

"Destiny changes all paths, Hari. I am charged with righting them." Lucas said, the Egyptian staring at him.

"I do not understand this, Lucas. This man is. . .he's been. . .he's been beside us always?" Emerson said, Lucas nodding his head, the Egyptian staring at the three Belmont men.

"Yes, Grandfather. He has been beside you as he'd been beside Alsarius. He follows the goodness that breathes in his own lost soul." Lucas said, Haras' brown eyes staring into Lucas' now green pools.

"The monster claimed all of us, Lucas. I was robbed of my life under the black waters." the man said, Lucas nodding.

"And then you walked into the light?" he said, the man nodding, Lewis staring at him with awed wonder.

"The light to heaven's path?" he said, the man looking towards him.

"No, messenger of faith. Into the light of reality." Haras said, Lucas staring at him.

"Reality, sir?" Emerson said, the man lowering his eyes.

"The reality of what I let happen." he softly said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder again.

"You were a pawn in the evil's plans, Haras. As were Hemi, Ravinus and Alsarius, my ancestor most of all."

"What do you mean, sir. . .Lucas?" Haras said, Lucas softly smiling at him with love.

"I mean that Hemi was guided to pick up that ring, evil's voice entering his soul, filling it with need and greed. His doing that, released the black death. The four of you could have walked out of that tomb free men. But evil would have none of that. Hemi's death due to his conceived greed forced the three of you to return back into the tomb. And there evil lay in wait for you."

"There was a man. . . a man in a hooded cloak. . .he had no face." Haras softly said, Lucas nodding.

"A minion of the evil's soul. Charged with only one duty." Lucas said, Josh staring at him.

"What duty, Lucas?" he said, everyone staring at him.

"To rid the chamber of the love. To prepare Alsarius for the corruption."

Everyone looked confused, Lucas sighing again, his eyes meeting Haras' brown.

"The evil felt your love, Hari. Yours and Kavinus'. Your equal love for Alsarius. And his love for both of you, the greater love being for his Kavi."

Haras lowered his eyes, Lucas' hand squeezing his shoulder.

"He did love you, Haras. For your friendship, loyalty and love." Lucas said, the man's eyes raising, Lucas seeing the love in their centers.

"I know now the truth of those words, Lucas. I saw that truth in their bedroom that last evening. Their love filled it." he said, Lucas smiling.

"You loved him, Hari. You followed at his side through all of it. And the evil knew that. It had no chance to infiltrate your mind to use that love against him, so it took you out of the picture completely. You love for him was incorruptible. As was Kavinus'. His love and yours filled Alsarius' soul. You, the evil sent to death; Kavinus, the evil expelled from the tomb, but not by its own choice. That evil held no whiteness of love in its soul."

Finn rose from his seat, staring at Lucas.

"But you told us Kavinus was enveloped in white smoke, hurled out of Alsarius' arms, back into the real world." he said, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"Yes, Finn. Kavinus was saved from certain death. But it wasn't evil that saved him."

Everyone looked confused, the young man's eyes going to Haras' brown pools.

"You saved him Haras."


Everyone looked surprised, staring at the young Egyptian.

The man's brown eyes softly glowed, Josh staring at him with worry.

"Your love for Alsarius saved him, Haras. Your heart is purest of love. In God's light you made the choice to save him, even though you knew Alsarius' love was his."

The young Egyptian nodded, looking around at everyone.

"Alsarius' love was intense, Lucas. I owned only a soft moment of it. A moment that filled my heart with life. I knew Kavinus owned the rest. And I knew that Alsarius would be lost without it. The light asked me to aid them. To. . .to save their love. To save Alsarius from the evil." Haras said, his hand crossing his heart again.

"I loved him. I would risk heaven and earth to save him If only to. . .to lose him."

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing his lips.

The young Egyptian felt the love flow through him, their lips parting.

"You never lost him, Hari." Lucas said, his hand going on top of his on the man's silver armored heart.

"Evil consumed him, Lucas! From heaven's light I felt his soul!" Haras said, Lucas nodding.

"And you felt that soul's movement."

"He was so alone down there in the darkness. I asked the light to go to him. To take my soul and deny me heaven if I could just go to him." Haras said, his eyes filled with tears.

"And did you?" Lucas said, knowing the answer.

"No, Lucas. The light said that my devotion was my salvation. That Kavinus' love was Alsarius' salvation. Paths move on their own. And love instills its healing." the young man said, looking around again.

"I awoke in the tomb again, the area devoid of life. I walked out of it, into the sunshine of life. But Alsarius was gone. Kavinus was consumed by the evil spreading across the land. That new monstrous sultan had imprisoned him. And I was. . .I wasn't myself." the man said, Lucas rubbing his shoulder.

"You were a shade of your former self."

Everyone looked surprised, the Egyptian nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. No one could see me. I walked everywhere untouched, unseen. I walked into Kavinus' prison, I saw him beaten and lost. But I still saw the love in his eyes. The love for Alsarius."

"You saw the truth before you." Lucas said, Haras nodding.

"Kavinus was beautiful, Lucas. A vision of Alsarius' love. He shone like an angel with his love. I still saw that beauty in his tortured eyes."

"Why didn't you aid him? Or free him?" Finn said, Lucas looking towards him.

"A shade of forgotten life cannot interfere with love. And you already felt the greater truth." Lucas said, his eyes returning to Haras' brown.

"Yes, Lucas. I felt him."

"You felt Alsarius?" Joshua said, looking at the young handsome man.

"Yes, sir. I felt his love. Not within Kavinus, that is their own. But I felt it around me." he said, his eyes meeting Lucas' green pools.

"And then I met her."

Everyone looked confused.

"I was in Kavinus' cell, the young man wounded and violated, gasping for breath. It was two nights before his scheduled death. I felt something around me, a faded memory of his love." he softly said, his face showing a soft look of lost memories.

"And then I saw a shadow move across the room's one window. I walked through the outer wall, seeing a shadow turn the corner of the prison wall. I followed it. I hoped. . ."
"You hoped it was Alsarius' soul staying close to Kavinus." Lucas said, Haras nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. It felt like his love." he said, Lucas nodding.

"I followed it, this shadow, its cloaked head turning back to me often, as if it sensed I was following. It moved across the prison's walls, disappearing out into the moonlit night, I still following. It stopped outside the prison, in a small garden-encased park, sitting down on a stone bench. I walked up to it, it not moving for a few moments, then its hands moving, unfolding its hooded cloak." the young Egyptian said, everyone's eyes on his handsome face.

"Who was it?" Grayson said, voicing everyone's need.

"It was a woman, sir. A woman with the most violet of eyes. Two violet pools holding thousands of stars. Her skin was as soft as glowing ivory, her hair like spun gold."

"Almira?" Joshua softly said, Lucas' green pools meeting his green.

"She gave no name. Only a request."

"Request, Haras?" Josh said, the young man staring into Josh's blue pools.

"I feel your soul filled with his love. It is as deep as their love." the young man said, Josh smiling at him.

"Yes, sir. I sat down beside her, enthralled and surprised by her beauty and her seeing me."

The young man's face showed the wonder of what he must have seen that evening, Lucas rubbing his shoulder again.

"Continue, my friend."
"She said that she was on the path of atonement. That she was charged with uniting that which was lost. That I was on the path as well. And that my love for him guaranteed to her my aiding her."
"What did she ask of you?" Tristan said, the young man looking into his green pools.

"She asked me to take up the charge. To follow his path, to give aid to those in need. To gather the forces of his love and unite further down the path. That I was now a soldier in his army."
"In his army?" Emerson said, Haras nodding.

"Yes in his army. More soldiers would rise, the battle destined ahead. And then she showed me the truth." he said, his eyes lowering.

"The truth of what lay ahead?" Lucas said, Haras nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. The reuniting of their love. Alsarius would come again. His love was coming. And Kavinus would live again under it. Life was a path of choice she said. All were chosen and created under love. I just had to choose the right path. Away from their love, or by its side." he said, his eyes showing tears again, then meeting Lucas' wet pools.

"Do not cry for me, Lucas. I chose the correct path. I had felt their love, all through Kavinus' long life until his passing, I seeing him walk into the white light, Alsarius lost without him again. And then I saw Alsarius vanish into his destiny. But his love remained. In his son's green eyes, in every set of green love down through the Belmont generations. I followed that love. Even now I sense Alsarius is still out there. I devoted my life to its salvation. I have entered many just to feel a glimpse of it." Haras said, his brown pools meeting Myles' blue.

"Forgive my intrusion, Myles. You needed hope in the darkness. I gave you that. And then I felt the love again. I felt Alsarius' real love again." Haras said, staring into Lucas' violet pools, the greenness gone.

`You have her eyes, Lucas. And you have his. The magic flows all around us. Alsarius does possess you. I feel his real love."

Lucas smiled at the young Egyptian, his eyes going to Josh's blue.

"You have that wrong, Haras. You do feel his love. But Alsarius does not possess me. I possess him. Or rather, I hold him against me."
Haras looked confused, Lucas moving his shirt down a bit, the red stone slipping out from under his collar.

Haras' eyes widened, staring at the red stone.

"That. . .that is his stone! His jewel given to him by Ravinus! Why is it now red?" he said, awed wonder showing on his face, the man moving towards Lucas, his hand going to the sword's hilt at his side.

"It is red with his living blood, Hari. His life beats anew within its chamber."

The Egyptian looked thunderstruck, his fingers raising, tentatively going out slowly, Lucas' hand going against his, guiding his fingers to the stone.

Haras touched it softly, the stone suddenly pulsating, his own eyes softly glowing.

"I. . .I feel him. . .Lucas! I feel his love!" he stuttered, the stone glowing brighter.

"He feels yours, Hari.  Your master is trapped within the stone."


Haras stared at the stone, his fingers moving back.

"I shall destroy whoever has done this to him. His love needs to ascend to heaven, Lucas. Kavinus awaits him there. I feel his love searching through life." Haras said, Lucas nodding.

"I feel it as well, Hari. As well as Alsarius'."

"Give me the stone, I shall crush it with my sword! I shall free his soul!" Haras said, pulling out his sword again.

"No, Haras. I have tried to shatter it. It has a life of its own. Only danger comes from its interference. It is a living thing now." Lucas said, Josh staring at him with concern, Lucas smiling at him.

"You tried to destroy the stone, my love?" he said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"When I first learned of Alsarius being within it, I tried. The stone would have none of it. I healed the bruise on my face after. Magic has a wallop." he said, Josh showing worry, Lucas' smile softening it.

"Paths walked, lessons learned." he said, his eyes meeting Haras' again, the young Egyptian staring at him with awe.

"Magic surrounds it, Haras. It is a prison of which he can't escape or can be rescued. There is only one way for him to gain freedom."
"How, Lucas? Tell me and I shall see it done." the soldier said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I don't know the full truth of that, Haras. The path ahead holds those answers." Lucas said, the young man nodding.

"I am at your service, Pharaoh."

Lucas blushed a little, Josh smiling at him.

"I am only myself, Haras. I am a man, not a god."

"Man makes gods, Lucas. Your soul is akin to Alsarius'. I feel the equal love. And I feel Kavinus' magic." Haras said, a soft smile crossing his face.

Everyone looked surprised, Joshua's hand going to the young Egyptian's shoulder, the young man staring into his green eyes, his body spinning around.

Joshua stepped back, releasing his touch, the man staring at him.

"Forgive my forwardness, Haras. Kavinus had magic?" Joshua said, the Egyptian lowering his eyes.

"It is I who should seek forgiveness, sir. You are of his lineage. You own me outright." the young man said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder now.

"No one owns you, Haras. You are your own self. Times have changed." Lucas said, Josh's hand going to his shoulder now, Lucas smiling at him.

"You knew, didn't you? That Kavi had magic?"

Lucas nodded his head, looking around.

"Yes, my Joshua. He gave Alsarius this stone, it laced with magic at that time, I believe. And now I believe more."

Everyone staring at Lucas, the Egyptian turning back to him.

"Yes, Lucas. Prince Kavinus was a being of immense magic. His family was of the Egyptian royalty. His mother was a direct descendant from the ancient kings Cheops and Tutankhamen." Haras said, Lucas nodding.

"I am of royal blood on all sides. Perhaps there's some truth into me being a Pharaoh. Better start kneeling Finny." Lucas smiled, Haras staring at him, Finny smiling at his friend.

"I'll dust off my loincloth, master." he said, Lucas laughing, Haras' hand going to Lucas' shoulder, Lucas feeling his firm grip.

"This is not mirthful, Lucas. You are royalty."

"I know, Haras. I feel the blood coursing through me. And the magic."

The young man went erect again, his hand going to his chest again.

"Forgive me, master. I seek liberties, none given." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I seek friendship, mine given." he said, Haras' face relaxing, a soft smile coming to its handsomeness again.

"To friend a god is to seek dreams, Pharaoh." he said, Lucas sighing, smiling at him.

"My name is Luke, Haras. I am only myself. You need to get used to that, if you are to remain in this world." Lucas said, Finny's and others' eyes widening.

"He. . .he's staying here? He's real?" Finn said, Lucas looking at him, then smiling, looking at Rosa Sharon.

"Is Rosa Sharon real, Finn? You've accepted her love and friendship. Why should Haras be different? My love has drawn him here."

The Egyptian looked awed, staring at Lucas.

"I. . .I am real?" he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"What do you sense around you, Hari? Doesn't this feel real?"

The young man looked around, taking a deep breath, slowly releasing it.

"I smell carafa." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"We call if coffee." he said, pointing at the coffeepot.

Haras stood still, then moved his hand, pulling out his sword again, extending his other arm.

He slashed the blade across the forearm, blood immediately beginning to flow, Lucas moving to him.

"I am real! I bleed real blood!" he stuttered, Lucas' hand going over the wound, a soft blue glow materializing immediately.

"You didn't have to do that , Hari." Lucas said, the Egyptian smiling at him.

"I feel the warmth of your healing love, Lucas. You have Kavinus' magic. He kept all of Alsarius' legions well." he smiled, staring down at his scar-free arm.

He stared into Lucas' now green again pools, the young man sheathing his sword again.

"Why am I here in the real world, Lucas? My destiny was to remain hidden in the moving shadows of their need." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I felt you in the shadows, Haras. I wanted to feel your love. What better way than to draw you back here with me?"

The young man softly smiled, lowering his eyes.

"I am yours, Pharaoh. In all ways." he softly said, Lucas smiling, looking at his men, Justin smiling at him.

"My harem's full, my friend. Our friendship isn't."

The young soldier's eyes raised, smiling at him.

"I will protect you, sir. My life I give to you as I have to Alsarius."

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing his cheek, the young man blushing, looking around.

"My love is open, Hari. I show it often. Take it in with love."

The young man smiled, looking around.

"What do you ask of me?"

"Nothing, Hari. But I do need your help."

The man smiled, nodding his head.

"Given easily, Pharaoh." he said, Lucas folding his arms, staring at him intently.

"Sorry, Lucas. Given easily, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, looking around, his family staring at him.

"This man was from our past, Grandfathers and Father. A faithful friend of Alsarius himself. He was there at our destiny's beginning. He will stand by us at its end." Lucas said, Haras smiling.

"What can I do for you, for all of you?"

Lucas smiled, staring into his brown eyes.

"I need some questions answered, Haras." he said, the young man nodding.

"Ask away, new master. . .I mean, new friend." he said, Lucas smiling more.

He moved his hand, offering Haras Josh's seat beside Justin and Lance.

The young man nodded, moving and sitting down beside Justin and Lance, both men staring at him.

"I'm Lance, this is Justin. We're Lucas' friends." Lance said, the young man staring at both.

He brought his hand to his chest, saluting both, both men nodding at him.

Haras' eyes went to Lucas' green, smiling at him.

"Your harem is indeed well-stocked, Lucas. They are three of deep beauty."

Finn laughed, Alain joining him, Haras blushing, not sure what they were laughing at.

Lucas smiled, sitting down on the coffee table in front of the young Egyptian, smiling at him.

"Ignore the other slaves, Haras." Lucas said, Haras smiled, glancing at Finn who was blushing and Alain who was smiling.

"Nubians make strong slaves, sir. And the Celt are easily cowered."

Harry laughed, Skyler smirking, Finn blushing more.

"I am not."

Lucas smiled, staring at Haras.

"I need your help with the past, Haras."

"Anything and everything I can aid you with, I give."

Lucas smiled, patting the young man's bare muscular knee, the man wearing a soft white kilt under his armor.

"Where did Kavinus find this stone?" Lucas said, his hand going around it, Haras' eyes on it.

He raised his eyes, meeting Lucas' green.

"He did not find it, Lucas."

"Who gave it to him?" he said, Haras smiling at him.

"No one, Lucas. He made it."


Lucas looked confused for a moment, then his eyes widening a bit.

"Of course."

"It was a large white crystal clear diamond that he found in the caverns of the looted tomb of Pharaoh Cheops, in the Valley of the Kings, or so he told me when I'd asked about the stone the first time I'd seen it on Alsarius' chest. He said he'd carved the stone out of that one large diamond, small fragments left after. Those he'd hewn into smaller diamonds, encrusting them on a dozen or more golden and silver rings."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Of course." he said again, smiling at the Egyptian.

"That stone you wear was once crystal clear." he said, Josh pulling out something from his shirt, Haras' eyes going to this necklace, his eyes widening.

"That is it! But it's smaller!" he said, pointing at the necklace.

"No, Hari. This is Alsarius' diamond. My husband wears the stone I found for his birthday. It is a duplicate of the Teardrop."

"How did you know its name? I believe only Kavinus, Alsarius and I knew that name, Kavinus relaying to me that truth."

"Why did he call it that?" Skyler said, the soldier smiling at the young woman.

"He said that his love for Alsarius was like a teardrop against the waterfall of Alsarius' love. He would give eternal love to bathe his whole life in it."

Lucas stared at the young man, seeing the reflective love in his brown pools, a lot of women around them wiping their eyes.

"That's so romantic. So filled with love." Skyler said, Finn's arm going around his emotional wife.

"Their love was theirs, Haras." Lucas said, the man nodding.

"As I saw, Lucas. As we all saw." he said, reliving memories in his eyes.

"We have known it as the Blood Teardrop, its color that of blood." Joshua said, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"The blood of Alsarius flows through it. It changed to red the moment he put it on." Haras said, Lucas nodding.

"The woman you saw; did she show herself again after that first encounter?" Lucas said, Haras nodding.

"She showed herself often, Lucas. Just before each transition or voyage I made." he said, everyone quietly staring at him.

"Every time?" Lance said, Justin's eyes scanning the young man seated beside him.

"Yes, sir. She guided me on the choice each time."

"Her magic was the conduit, Haras." Lucas said, Lance and Josh staring at him.

"The Watcher, the one Rosa Sharon saw and the one my grandfather Joshua loved, is a magical being, everyone. She has tried to guide many paths."

Joshua stood up again, Haras looking towards him.

"She didn't guide me, Lucas. She loved me."

"She loved many, sir. Her love was consuming." Haras said, Joshua staring at him.

"You felt her love hidden as well." Lucas said, Haras nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. I saw and felt her magic take many forms. Her love spreading through many paths. Alsarius' and Ravinus' son Tomarus was the first to fall for its love. That time she was a handsome Italian soldier, a vision of masculine beauty Tomarus couldn't deny giving his love to. They bore a child of love together, the third of Alsarius' lineage."

Joshua felt his legs give, the man sitting down again, his son's and grandson's arms going around him.

"She walked through all paths of our heritage, followed by you." Lucas said, Haras nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. Through all paths on both sides of the lineage."

Lucas' eyes went to his mother and her mother, all three Carlisle women staring at him.

The young man nodded, looking around, folding his hands in front of him, staring at Haras.

"Is she here now, Haras?"

Haras' eyes went around the room, nodding.

"Yes, Lucas." he said, Lucas nodding.

"I know, Hari. I just needed you to voice the love I've felt."

Two eyes looked at Lucas, his back to them.

"The magic doesn't need to fear me, or my revealing their love. Destiny will draw all players into the arena of life."

"She's here? It's here?" Finn said, looking around at everyone, everyone's eyes moving.

Joshua stared into everyone's eyes, sensing out her love.

"It is hidden, Grandfather Joshua. It is what you've lost. The truth of what that love is."

"Who is it, Lucas?" Justin said in front of him, Lucas smiling at him.

"A truth for another day. We've had enough surprises now." Lucas smiled, staring into Haras' brown pools.

"Welcome to my family, Haras. I offer you my friendship, accommodations and love."

The man teared up, staring into Lucas' now violet pools.

"I offer you my life, and the next, new friend of love."

Lucas smiled, patting his knee again, rising from his seat on the coffee table.

He looked at his family, the four rising to their feet.

"Magic surrounds us, Lucas. Hidden and in front of us. Can you not tell us the truth?" Emerson said, Lucas smiling, kissing his grandfather's cheek.

"The truth surrounds us, Grandfather. Trust in me to show it all." he said, Joshua walking up to him.

"I do not like the path you are walking, Lucas. You are drawing danger around you. And I need to know now who hides from me."

Lucas' hand went to the handsome man's shoulder.

"Do you love me, Grandfather?" he said, Joshua staring into his green pools.

"You are a part of me, Lucas. I love you as a son."
Lucas smiled, kissing his cheek.

"Then trust in me to show you what's right for your soul. I'm going to help you find all of it. I'm going to find all my family needs to find peace."

He looked around, everyone smiling at him.

"I called this meeting to show all of you that I am not bringing us onto the correct path. You shall follow me because you love me, and I love you. I am now leading this family. Not with force, but with love. The magic will take care of itself. I need your love to make me focus."
"You have that, Lucas." Joshua said, the man instantly disappearing from in front of him

Aaron and Craig looked shocked, Nick rubbing both of their shoulders.

"Until next we meet, Grandfather Joshua. The truth will be love." he said, smiling at his remaining family.

Grayson looked at Haras, then into Lucas' green pools.

"You surprise all of us, Lucas. And you bring the past into our lives." he said, Haras rising to his feet again, Justin staring up at him, his eyes scanning his masculine form, Lance smiling beside him.

"We will adhere to your leadership, Lucas. We all feel your love." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

"It is with magic and love I will lead this family, Grandfather. The monetary path you seek for me will be forged by someone else. All paths will be righted by the October moon. And life will begin again." he smiled, looking towards Haras.

"Come here, my friend. Let me introduce you to all you've watched all weekend." he smiled, Haras smiling at him, the young man extending his hand, Tristan taking it.


Josh smiled, feeling Justin's lips on his neck.

"You're on fire, Justy. Is that a rocket in your pocket?" he smirked, Lance smiling up from the bed in front of them, his hands rubbing Josh's hairy naked leg.

"That Egyptian god out there has his motor running." Lance smiled, looking up into Justin's blue pools, Justin blushing at him.

"Did you see his legs? They're so muscular." he said, Josh smiling.

"I only saw your eyes on his ass. That kilt molded it nicely." Josh smiled, Lance laughing lightly, Justin blushing more.

"Sorry, guys. Hot guys always get me going." Justin said, Lance smiling and raising his body, his lips kissing Justin's naked abs.

"We'll have to thank him later." Lance said, his tongue licking Justin's inward belly button, his hand on Josh's abs and hairy leg.

"Okay, you two. Let's cool the need. We were just in here to change for dinner." Josh smiled, the man naked between his two friends, Lance naked in front of him, Justin wearing only boxer briefs, his hands on Josh's butt.

Lance's head moved, his tongue moving out, licking the knob of Josh's shaft, its girth rising, Josh softly moaning.

"Don't start something I'll have to finish."

The three smiled, turning towards the bedroom door, Lucas smiling at it, leaning back against its closed surface.

"We started without you, Luke. Hors d'oeurves are served." Lance smiled, continuing to lick Josh's rising shaft.

Lucas smiled, his body moving, walking up to the three, his shirt leaving his body as he stopped at the edge of the bed, Lance's hand going to his abs.

Lucas' arm went around Justin, their lips meeting, Josh smiling at his man's naked chest.

"Our Justy's on fire. A certain Egyptian god has him raring to go."

Lucas smiled, lightly slapping Justin's ass, the man smiling as they broke their kiss.

"I think it was just all the talk of the young man offering to be my slave. I think our Justin's smitten." Lucas smiled, Justin blushing, Lance smiling up at his man, his mouth now full of Josh's shaft.

"Oh, Lance." Josh moaned, Lucas smiling at Justin.

"I have more than enough, Luke." he smiled, Lucas smiling his hand slipping under Justin's briefs, kneading his left butt cheek.

"And tonight we're going to own you."
Justin beamed, Lucas smiling and stepping back.

"Hands off the dessert, Lancy. We all want that creamy filling after." Lucas smiled, tweaking his man's right nipple, Lance smiling and pulling off Josh's shaft, it bouncing up against his abs.

Lucas smiled, wrapping his hand around it, kissing his man's lips.

"Later boys. Right now let's get dressed. My steaks are done." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"I like mine rare. And well-seasoned." he smiled, Lucas smiling and releasing his husband's shaft.

"Mine will be of a Timberlake-Bass flavour later. Well-seasoned in two different ovens."

Justin and Lance both laughed, Justin grinning.

"You got to open my oven first. It's under lock and key."

Lucas smiled, moving with a flash, Justin upended, landing on the bed beside Lance, Lucas pulling his briefs off in one thrust, the man naked below him, Lucas on top of him.

"Too easy, Timberlake. That door's easy to open."
Justin gasped, feeling two fingers invade him, his own center rising to the occasion.

Josh and Lance laughed, Lance climbing off the bed.

"He's primed, Luke." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling and rising up from the bed, Justin feeling the loss immediately.

"Just how we like him, Lancy. The boy needs to be rubbed, fingered and licked all night. That oven's going to be on fire."

All three grinned, looking down at Justin.

"You are such teases. You know that gets me going."

"Hence why we do it, my love." Josh said, Justin smiling up at him.

"Well, I will be looking at Haras all evening. That'll help more than you three old goats."

All three laughed, diving onto the bed, Justin screaming, two lips against his silencing him.

The lips broke, Justin staring into three faces smiling back at him.

"I love you three so much. Haras has nothing against that love."
All three smiled, helping Justin up from the bed.

"He is beautiful, Luke. What's with you finding all these hunks?" Lance smiled, handing Justin his briefs again, Justin smiling and slipping them on, Lucas smiling and removing his shorts and briefs.

Three sets of eyes scanned all of him, their hearts filling with love.

"My family draws beauty. Just look in this room." he smiled, all three smiling at him with desire.

"He's so unusual, Luke. His looks, his words. Walking eons with a love for someone he could never have." Lance said, everyone staring at Lucas with compassionate love.

"He's a young man filled with love, guys. He just needs to find what that love needs most."

Justin smiled, his arm going around Lucas' waist.

"And something tells me you know what he needs."

Lucas smiled, pulling on a pair of briefs.


The three smiled, the four quietly dressing each other, Justin feeling their beginning flirtations, Lance helping him stuff his engorged center into tight jeans.

Lucas smiled to himself, his violet pools glowing.


End of Chapter 173


Paths are walked, new images show themselves.

Let's welcome Haras into Lucas' world of love.


An Egyptian soldier, hidden throughout the Belmont souls.

Guided there by the mysterious Watcher.

Joshua doesn't seem too happy about Lucas' words about that being.


Haras now walks in the real world of Lucas' love.

And Lucas seems aware of more.


Up next:  A return to the real world.

Honeymoons end, other paths begin.


Hugs, Angel.