Yesterday's End-178


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 178


Justin was cuddling on the couch with Lance, the two husbands lightly kissing.

Breakfast was over, everyone relaxing in the living room.

Everyone around the couple smiled, seeing the two showing their love.

Josh and Lucas walked into the living room, Haras and Colton following.

Haras jumped into Jonathan's lap, the young man smiling at him as Colton sat down on the couch beside them with Rosa Sharon.

Haras kissed both on the lips, Rosa Sharon smiling at all three, climbing into Colton's lap.

"Everything cleaned up?" Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Spick and span, Lancy. Our young slaves are very handy." Josh said, Lucas smirking.

The three young men blushed, Lucas smiling at Colton.

"Their love cleans all our souls." he said, the three smiling at him.

Justin smiled at all three, Finn smiling at the singer.

"So what's on the agenda for today?" the Welshman smiled, Josh and Lucas sitting down beside him and Skyler, Josh taking Diana from Skyler's lap, cooing at the infant, Lucas smiling at his man, looking at Justin.

"That's Justin's decision. It's his day of happiness." Lucas smiled, Finn smirking at him.

"Great. Let's head home, babe. No need to see him being pawed by these three all day."

Justin laughed, blowing Finn a kiss.

"Jealous much?" he smiled, Finn laughing.

"They can have you, Diva." he smiled, Lance kissing his man's lips.

"That we shall." he smiled, Justin smiling at him, then at Josh and Lucas.

"Well, Justy?" Josh smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"I'd like to go out today. Maybe some shopping, taking in some sights. Maybe a walk or hike. Lunch at a restaurant somewhere. Then back here for a barbecue with all of you, my friends." he smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"Well we do have to get you a gift. What time do the dollar stores open?" Finn smirked, Lance raising a one finger salute at the Welshman, Finn laughing.

"My man's worth so much more. He's damn near priceless." he smiled, Justin beaming.

"I need no gifts, my friends. Your friendship and love are enough." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Nice try, gift whore." he smiled, Justin blushing, Lucas kissing his lips.

"Okay, I love small surprises. It shows the love." he smiled, Josh and Lucas smiling at him, the two standing up.

"Then let's get organized. I know a nice restaurant for lunch, and I have an idea for some fun." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling, everyone rising from their seats.

"We aren't hitting the porn stores, Lukey." Finn said, Alain bursting into laughter, high-fiving the Welshman.

Lucas smiled, his arm going around Justin's waist.

"No need, Furboy. I have all the porn I need with these three. And we have the videos for you to borrow."

Finn blushed, Justin laughing, everyone joining him.

"See you shortly, pervs." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at the family before him.

"Bring the kids, guys. It's a family day." Lucas smiled, Skyler smiling at him, the two and their infants heading over to their home to change and get ready.

Justin smiled, Lucas kissing his lips.

"Let's get the birthday boy all dolled up. I'm thinking tight jeans and a skin tight silk shirt." he smiled, Justin grinning.

"Nice! My manservants will dress me."

Josh laughed, slapping Justin's ass.

"Dibs on the undressing first." he winked, the four men smiling, walking out of the room, their friends laughing, following them.


Justin smiled, Lucas pulling the SUV into a large parking lot, another vehicle following him.

The two parked, people climbing out of the two vehicles.

Everyone smiled, taking in the large expansive building in front of them.

"Wow! That's a big mall." Finn said, Julian in a cloth carrier strapped to his chest, Skyler carrying Diana in one.

"Five hundred stores. Decadence for the masses." Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his cheek.

"It's Thursday morning, it shouldn't be too busy." Lance said, Justin smiling at him, the two keeping a soft distance, now in public.

Lucas smiled at the two, his arm going around his man.

"They're both going to be so needful for each other after this." Josh smiled, the two blushing, Lucas' hand patting Justin's ass discreetly.

"Just how we like you." Lucas winked, the two smiling.

"Something tells me we're in for a gropefest between these four all day." Colton smiled, Jonathan and Haras smiling at him.

"Love denied can be enticing." Lucas smiled, hitting the lock button on his key chain, the SUV beeping.

"Let's go shop till we drop, guys. And have some fun on our own. Meet back here at noon." Josh smiled, everyone agreed, all armed with their cell phones.

"Do you want Harry and me to go with you, Luke?" Alain said, Harry nodding.

"We're in the open world of happiness, guys. And I can take care of my men. But I'll welcome you as friends. Besides, there's a bikini shop close on the first floor. Buy Alain something special, Har." Lucas smiled, Harry smiling.

"A thong it is!"

Everyone laughed, Finn rolling his eyes.

"We're heading for Babyland. See you around, guys." Finn smiled, Lucas nodding at Skyler.

"New pacifiers for Finny it is!"

Everyone laughed again, heading into the mall, parting inside the entrance.

Justin smiled, he and Lance following Lucas and Josh into a men's clothing store first.

Harry and Alain smiled, following them in, Harry's eyes scanning everywhere.

The six perused the clothing, showing each other items, all buying a few things for themselves and their soulmates.

The staff instantly identified them, the four musical stars fawned over, but respectfully left alone by themselves.

Alain and Harry walked around, hand in hand, Lucas smiling at their open love.

Next stop was the swimwear shop next door.

Harry was true to his word, buying Alain and himself several multicolored bikinis and thongs.

Josh bought three as well, his three soulmates smiling at him, his color selection perfect for all three.

Justin bought a few sheer tank tops, in four sizes.

All three smiled at him, knowing he was buying them for them to wear as well as himself.

Lucas didn't buy anything, just enjoying their happiness, Josh watching him with love.

"You can splurge, my love. You're rich now." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him, the other four smiling as well.

"I've always lived a normal life, my love. Always within my means. The traps of wealth never held much in my values. I only dressed myself comfortably, and frugally."

Justin smiled, looking around and then kissing Lucas' cheek.

"Yes, but now you're dressing to make us happy. Anything you wear does it for all three of us."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"You all prefer me with next to nothing on."

All five laughed, Lucas smiling at his three soulmates.

His eyes caught something, the man walking up to a mannequin.

It wore a skin tight black tank top, a silver eagle and a golden bear embossed on its left breast.

Black sheer trunk briefs completed the ensemble; the stylish, sleek look drawing the eyes of his three soulmates.

"You'd look so hot in that, Lucky." Josh said, kissing his man's cheek, their hands entwined.

Lucas smiled, moving and picking up a tank top and a pair of the briefs off the fixture, looking at the prices on their tags.

His eyes widened a bit, their violet hue looking at the embossed logo on the top.

"To show you three my love, well worth it."
The three smiled, Lucas carrying the two items to the salesperson, the woman smiling with eyes filled with worship, the others smiling and handing her their purchases.


The morning continued, the six walking around, shopping in different stores, their arms filling with bags.

The foursome of love had been flirty with each other, Justin's hands on a mission of needful love in private moments.

Lucas looked back, seeing Justin and Lance carrying the most bags, Lucas smirking and kissing his man's cheek.

"The stories are true. Timberlake is a clothes whore." he whispered, Josh laughing lightly.

"That he is, my love. The exuberance of his youthful happiness still flows. He's always been like a kid in a candy store when shopping."

"I know a couple of lollipops he can lick later." Lucas smiled, Josh laughing more, his laughter louder.

"What's so funny guys?" Justin smiled, Lucas and Josh looking back at him and Lance.

"Just plotting, Jus. Trying to figure out some new ways to kill you." Lucas smiled, Lance laughing, Justin grinning widely.

"Bring it on, porn boys." he said, Alain and Harry laughing.

Lucas smiled, seeing the public washroom sign ahead of him, scanning the area.

He stopped, everyone stopping around him, smiling at him.

"Our hands are full, and it's eleven-thirty. Why don't you guys head back to the cars and fill them with our treasures. Justin, you stay here with me." Lucas smiled, everyone nodding.

"Meet you back here in ten, babe?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, kissing his lips.

"Justin and I will meet you at the cars in fifteen."

Lance nodded, Justin so wanting to kiss him.

Lucas smiled, moving and kissing Lance's lips for him.

"From all your men." he winked, Lance smiling at him, then Josh and finally Justin.

"Three of the best." he smiled, Justin smiling.

Lucas and Justin handed the others their bags, the four smiling and heading down the mall towards the entrance.

"What's up, Luke? Why did you want me alone?" Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm heading into the washroom over there. Follow me in shortly. I'll be in the last stall. I'm giving you a special gift. Public lust, and public love. I'll be naked and waiting."

Justin's eyes widened, Lucas looking around, quickly kissing his lips, kneading his tight jean-covered center.

"I need your love inside me, stud."

Lucas smiled, walking towards the bathroom, Justin staring after him with needful eyes.

A few moments later Justin followed, walking into the bathroom.


A group of friends relaxed together, laughing and smiling in the shade of a few trees outside the mall's front entrance, sitting on a couple of benches awaiting their last two friends.

Finn and Skyler had the infants in their laps, both gurgling and cooing, everyone smiling at the family.

"Knowing those two they're probably in a music store. They're both music lovers." Lance smiled, Josh winking at his lover.

"No, Lancy. I don't think that's what Lucky had on his mind." Josh smiled, Lance meeting his blue pools, seeing the desire in their blueness.

"Really?" he said, Josh smiling, kissing Lance's cheek.

"He needed to calm the tiger. We both saw and felt his wandering private hands today." Josh smiled, Lance smiling.

"Indeed." he said, looking towards the mall.

"You mean. . .?" Finn stuttered, Josh and Lance smiling at him.

"He means our tiger's contented."

All eyes turned, Lucas and Josh walking up to them, both men shining in the sunshine.

Justin's face wore a wide smile of happiness, his blue eyes sparkling with love.

"All better, Jus?" Josh smiled, Justin grinning.

"Damn near perfect, Joshy. Your man's the best!" he grinned, Lucas winking at him.

"And it only cost me five hundred bucks." Lucas blushed, Justin smiling, looking around and kissing his cheek in private.

Everyone else looked confused, Lucas' arms wrapping around his Josh.

"Five hundred, love?"

Lucas softly blushed, Justin holding in a laugh, the man smiling.

"We'll tell you in the car." he said, Lucas smiling and looking at everyone.

"A private joke, my friends. Everyone shopped out?" he smiled, everyone smiling.

"We picked up a few things for the kids." Finn smiled, Skyler kissing his cheek.

"And for my big kid. Him and his toys."
Lucas laughed, Finn smiling at him.

"Just a few things." he smiled, Colton's arm going around Lucas.

"We all got new sneaks, Luke! And Jonah and I have totally outfitted Hari. The man has to be urbane." Colton smiled, Haras blushing.

The young Egyptian now wore a new golf shirt, its tightness clinging to his muscular torso, Justin's blue eyes scanning it.

"My loves are generous beyond life." he said, the two young men smiling at him.

Lucas smiled, leaning over to the Egyptian, kissing his cheek.

"Their love and desires will be even more beautiful, Haras." Lucas smiled, the Egyptian smiling at him.

"I got a new doll, Dad! My Bros bought me a treasure! And new clothes!" Rosa Sharon smiled widely, hugging Lucas' leg, the man smiling down at her.

"She's beautiful, Rosy." he smiled, seeing the happiness in her cherub face.

The young girl smiled, her brothers smiling at her.

"Okay, I hear Timberlake's tummy growling, time to feed the tiger." Josh smiled, Lucas laughing, Justin blushing.

"Wasn't my love enough, Jus?" Lucas smiled, Justin beaming.

"Dessert before lunch. I'm pumped for some more meat."

Everyone groaned, Lucas and Justin both laughing, everyone rising from their seats.

"So where to, Jus? It's your day. What would you like to eat?" Lucas said, Justin grinning devilishly, people groaning again, waiting for Justin's saucy comeback.

Justin laughed, smiling at Lucas.

"I'm in the mood for Mexican. Something spicy!" he smiled.

"We have a winner! You're so easy." Lucas smiled, Justin looking confused, everyone nodding their heads, climbing into the two vehicles.


Josh smiled, watching Lucas drive.

Lance and Justin sat behind them, the four by themselves.

"So spill, sexy. What happened between you two?" Lance smiled, kissing his man's lips for the fourth time since they'd climbed into the tinted-windowed vehicle.

Justin chuckled, Lucas' eyes meeting his in the rear-view mirror.

"Our tiger was stoked all morning. I had to cool him off." Lucas said, Justin smiling widely.

"You didn't?!" Lance said, looking surprised, Justin's arm going around him.

"Oh, he did, babe. Our sexy Lucky lured me into a bathroom with promises of release. I followed him easily." Justin said, Lucas smiling.

"Turn right here, babe." Josh said, guiding Lucas from the passenger seat, Lucas turning the vehicle onto another street.

"Our tiger needed my love bad." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"And I took all he could give." he said, Josh and Lance smiling at each other.

"Wasn't that dangerous, Luke? In public like that in a public restroom? What if someone had walked in?" Lance said, Justin kissing his cheek.

"No one did, babe. And that got our man going even more. He had me going full throttle. Until the crash."

All three looked at Lucas, the young man blushing, continuing to drive.

"I was on my back on the toilet seat. Loverboy here was going full bare. I grabbed onto something to balance me." Lucas said, blushing.

Justin laughed, leaning forward and kissing Lucas' cheek.

"Our he-man here grabbed onto the toilet paper dispenser and the condom dispenser on both walls and then ripped them both off the walls." Justin laughed, Lucas blushing.

"I was lost in the passion. My strength took over, charged with love."

All three around him laughed, Lucas smiling at all three.

"Thank God we weren't there, Lancy. Our testosterone man would have ripped our dicks off." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling more.

"Never, babe. Those are my beauties."

All three smiled, Lucas' eyes meeting Justin's.

"We finished up, Justin filling me with his love. Then we tried to clean up the mess."

Justin smiled, kissing his man's cheek.

"Our loving Lucky couldn't fix them so he walked down to the mall offices and paid for the damages. The boy's smooth in his explanations. He said he found a young man taking an epileptic fit in the washroom, and calmed him down. They were so impressed by his heroics that they wanted to waive the damage. He insisted on paying for all of it. Our ever-giving Lucky." Justin smiled, kissing his cheek again.

"I did the damage, Jus. I will always pay my dues. And I couldn't let them know a famous popstar was pounding me into the next world." Lucas smiled, all four laughing.

"You're one of a kind, babe." Josh said, kissing his cheek, Justin beaming as Lance's lips met his.

"The best kind." the two in the back seat said, Lucas smiling, Josh patting his shoulder, telling him to turn left.

They all relaxed, Lucas driving through the afternoon traffic.

"So tell us something, Luke. Our three young amigos haven't joined fully yet?" Lance smiled, Lucas looking at him in the mirror.

"You picked up on my words to them." he smiled, Lance leaning forward and kissing his neck from behind.

"You said their love and desires would be beautiful to Haras. He hasn't gone the final step."
Lucas nodded, Josh smiling at him, looking back at Justin.

"They're falling in love. Let's let them move at their own pace. Colton's and Jonathan's love is true, now Haras' is filtering into their souls."

The four smiled, Justin smiling to himself.

"I only want my brother to be happy. I think Haras and Colton are the answer to his dreams."
"It's beautiful when dreams come true." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him, leaning over and kissing his lips, Lucas smiling his Josh smile.
The four smiled again, two sets of hands going into each other's, two couples joined with love.


Within a few minutes they pulled up in front of a large cozy looking restaurant, Lucas cutting the engine after he parked, the other vehicle beside him now.

Everyone climbed out of the vehicles, smoothing their clothes, smiling at each other.

Josh's hand went in Lucas', the young man smiling at him.

Lucas' cell went off in his pocket, the man answering it, walking a bit away from Josh.

"Hi, bud. Yes, we're just going in for lunch. Sounds good." Lucas said, the others waiting.

"Thanks, Chris. And shave please. Later!" Lucas said, smiling and shutting off his phone, Justin staring at him.

"That was Chris. He's going to pop over to our place to wish you the best later, Jus. He and his Chris just landed this morning from New York."

Justin smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"Wish Joey was in town. We'd all be together again." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

Joey had called that morning just before they'd left, Justin feeling his love in his well wishes and words.

"What am I, cream cheese?" Lucas pouted, Justin laughing.

"No you're heaven's creamy goodness." he winked, everyone laughing.

"Let's have lunch, Jus. I heard this place is good from a friend." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

Josh knew the restaurant, suggesting it to Lucas.

Lucas winked at him, his hand going in his again.

"I haven't been here before. It does look Mexican." Justin said, taking in the outside decor.

"We all love spicy things." Lance smiled, Justin grinning.

"Let's get off the street, guys. Timberlake looks like he's looking to explode again." Finn laughed, Justin blushing, Lucas kissing his cheek, looking around first.

"You're up next, Lancy. The boy's going to wear us down today."

Lance and Josh laughed, the group heading towards the restaurant.

Lucas looked up at the name above the door.


       Centro De Amor


Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"Love's Center. It's perfect." he smiled, the group smiling at him, all walking into the restaurant.


Justin smiled, the maitre d' walking up to them.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Chasez and Mr. Carver-Belmont. Your room is reserved. Hello, Mr. Timberlake and Mr. Bass. And Orion and friends. All your music is amazing." the young man smiled, staring at Justin's handsome face.

Everyone smiled, Justin looking at Lucas standing beside him.

"You knew we'd come here?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I know you well, Jus. Your thoughts and ideas always show easily." he smiled, Justin smiling.

"Amazing indeed." he smiled, the young man guiding them through the crowded restaurant, heading for a room at the back of the restaurant.

A lot of people at the tables pointed, the group politely ignoring the stares and murmurs.

The young man stopped at a glass door to a room, smiling at everyone.

"You'll have complete privacy, Mr. Carver-Belmont, as per your wishes." the young man smiled, his eyes taking in Lucas' beautiful face.

"Someone so famous deserves his privacy." A voice said behind them, everyone turning around, Justin's eyes widening.

"Enrique!" he yelled, enveloping the man smiling at him.

Josh smiled, watching Enrique Iglesias hug Justin, his friends around him showing shocked surprise.

Lucas quietly watched the two, his violet pools suddenly showing a soft glow.

His eyes moved around, scanning the semi-dark restaurant, spotting two other people sitting at the back of the restaurant at a secluded table, both now staring at Lucas.

Lucas lowered his eyes, focusing again on Justin and the man in his arms.

The two men parted, Justin smiling at the Spanish singer.

"It's been a long time, Justin. Welcome to my new restaurant, my friends." Enrique smiled, hugging Josh and Lance both next.

"This is your place, Rico?" Lance smiled, the man nodding his head, smiling at the old familiar name.

"Yes, Lance. I opened it six months ago. I'd always dreamed of having the time to cook my family's recipes for someone. This is a dream come true." the man said, his brown eyes now staring at Lucas.

"This is my Lucas, Rico." Josh smiled, the man smiling at his friend, then staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Los santos caminan entros nosotros." he smiled, seeing everyone staring at him.

"That means that saints walk among us. You have the eyes of saintly devotion, Lucas. My grandmother always said God's eyes shine in special people. I see that look in your eyes." the man smiled, shaking Lucas' hand, the young man smiling at him.

The young maitre d' stood back in silence, staring at his employer, Enrique breaking his handshake with Lucas, still staring into his violet pools.

"Me and my mesmerizing eyes. I think I have another one smitten with me." Lucas smiled, everyone laughing, Enrique blushing, but smiling.

"I will control myself, Lucas. My friend Josh is indeed lucky."
Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips, Josh smiling back, Enrique staring at the two men.

"I'm the lucky one." Lucas smiled, Enrique now smiling at the two.

Enrique quietly talked to the maitre d', the young man nodding, bowing and leaving them.

"Come, your table awaits." Enrique smiled.

Justin smiled at his old friend, looking at the glass door.

It was dark behind the glass, Enrique smiling and holding the door open, everyone following Justin and Enrique into the room, Enrique hitting a light switch at the door as everyone walked into the dark room, closing the door behind them all.


Justin nearly jumped out of his shoes, stepping back in shock.

The room was filled with streamers, balloons and people.

Right in front of him stood his four parents.

"Mom, Dad! Paul and Lisa!" he teared up, the four hugging him, Lance smiling with tears.

"Happy birthday, my son." Randall smiled, music beginning behind them.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear old, ancient Justin, happy birthday to you!" people began to sing, two leading them off, Justin tearfully smiling at Joey and Chris standing behind his parents.

"You guys! What's all this?! Joey, you were in New York this morning!" Justin smiled, wiping his eyes.

Joey smiled, hugging his friend after his parents released him, the two hugging intensely.

"I and my family were in a hotel room a mile from here this morning. Wouldn't miss it for the world, Curly." Joey smiled, Kelly and Briahna hugging him as well.

The two Chrises hugged him next, all Justin's bandmates together again.

"You did shave, Chris." Justin smiled, Chris showing him a finger, Lucas laughing.

"This is so nice! Thank you all!" Justin smiled, Lynn kissing his cheek, smiling at her son's happiness.

All of Justin's friends and record people were there as well, the man smiling widely.

He saw Adam, Pierce and Usher; Nick, Gideon and Gio standing beside them.

Justin saw Lucas' family surrounding him, as well as Josh's and Lance's parents, everyone now clapping.

"You can thank our loving angel. He organized it all." Lynn smiled, Justin turning and looking into Lucas' tearing violet pools.

"For your happiness I wanted the day to be beautiful. Life is beautiful when surrounded by family and friends."

Justin teared up, walking up to Lucas and hugging him.

"Thank you, my friend." he smiled, so wanting to kiss him, the public location holding him back.

"You're welcome, Jus. Let's get that wheelchair for you, old timer." Lucas smiled, everyone laughing, Justin's loud laugh filling the room.

Justin moved, walking around and hugging all his friends and families, Lance kissing Lucas' cheek.

"You look after all of us, Lucky." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him, Josh smiling at him with love.

"Mingle, boys." Lucas smiled, Josh's arm going around Enrique.

"So fill me in on all this, Rico." Josh smiled, Enrique smiling at his old friend, the two heading for a table.

Lucas smiled, seeing a large table filled with gifts, as well as a long buffet table filled with food, several servers standing behind it, awaiting the luncheon.

From life comes the gift of surprises.

From myself comes life.

He smiled, he and Lance walking towards their parents.


The afternoon progressed, Justin surrounded by family and love.

He'd talked to everyone, all feeling his total happiness.

A half hour later everyone was guided to the waiting buffet, rich Spanish food filling the tables.

Enrique smiled, sitting at a table with Josh, Lance and Lucas joining them, Lucas carrying three plates of food, Josh smiling at him.

"Thanks, my love. Rico was telling me about the restaurant and his life. I haven't seen him in three years." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at the Spaniard.

"The place looks great, Rico. I'm telling all my friends." Lance smiled, Enrique smiling at him, thanking him.

"It's a piece of home, as is the food. Dive in, my friends." he smiled, the three smiling at him, diving into the food on their plates.

"Delicious! This rice is heaven!" Lucas smiled, the singer smiling at him.

"My mother's recipe. Cooked with love." he smiled, Lucas nodding.

"I taste half ripe tomatoes and oregano, and a hint of olive oil. But the greatest surprise is the lemon and brown sugar. Adds a zest." Lucas said, Enrique looking surprised

"That's remarkable. The tomato sauce does have those ingredients." he said, Josh smiling and kissing his man's cheek.

"My Lucky's a food aficionado." he beamed, Lucas smiling at him.

"I feel the love in all food. Its flavors enrich my soul."
The Spaniard smiled, nodding his head.

Justin walked up to the table, carrying an overloaded plate as well as two rolls and a glass of white wine, Lance smiling and pulling his chair out for him.

"Thanks, Lance." he smiled, Lance showing him his secret smile.

"Nice, more for us." Josh grinned, Justin smirking.

"This is all mine, Joshy. Get your boy toy to go get you more." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Feeding an army, Jus? Or just yourself?" Lucas said, Justin blushing, Lucas laughing, patting his back.

"Birthday boys can eat their fill." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Thank you, Lucas. For all this. It was totally surprising. I feel so much love around me." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Mission accomplished. On all levels. I'll be right back, guys." he smiled, standing up, kissing his man's lips, the four watching him walking out of the room, closing the door behind him.

"You're a lucky man, Josh. He's beyond amazing." Enrique said, Josh smiling at him.

"He's my life and happiness, Rico. We were married on New Years Day." Josh smiled, the singer nodding, looking at Justin and Lance.

"I see your happiness includes many. Their love shows easily, my friend." he smiled, Josh smiling at him, Justin and Lance looking uncomfortable and softly blushing.

"It's alright, my friends. How long have you and Lance been together, Jus?" he said, Justin smiling, his hand going in Lance's under the table.

"Almost a year, Rico. We're married as well. He's my happiness and life."

The man smiled, nodding his head, looking towards the door.

"I sense Lucas' love in all this. I've followed all of you the last few months. He has so much courage, and unbelievable charisma. He reminds me of someone." the man said, all three looking at him.

They saw a tear in his eyes, Josh's hand going on top of Enrique's.

"Everything okay, Rico?"

The man smiled widely, staring at his old friend.

"Everything's fine, Joshy. I have a special love in my life as well." he smiled, the man smiling and rising from his seat.

"I'll bring you some of my famous stuffed peppers." he smiled, walking towards the buffet table.

They watched him, Justin's eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"Does Lucas know about Rico, Josh?" Lance said, Josh smiling at him.

"I have told my Lucky all of my past transgressions. He knows about Rico." Josh smiled, the two men smiling at him.

"He's a beautiful man, Josh. You could have been so happy." Lance said, Josh smiling and looking towards the two Chrises.

"Chris Pine was just as beautiful. But they weren't the destined love of my happiness. I've been given that triad of love and happiness."

Justin and Lance both smiling, Enrique walking back to their table with a large platter.


Lucas' eyes adjusted to the gloominess of the darker restaurant, the room he'd exited brighter.

He found the table again, the young man sighing, focusing his eyes on two faces that hadn't seen him.

He walked across the room, stopping a few feet away from the table, neither man seeing him.

"We should go, my love. We don't need the confrontation." one man said, the other's hand going on top of his in the secluded corner.

"They didn't see us, my love. We're secluded. Enrique guaranteed us that." he said, their hands joining.

"I can't face them, my heart song. They'd never forgive me." he said, lowering his blue pools.

"I love you so much." the other man said, the other smiling, their eyes meeting again.

"I love you, my pet. You're all that matters." the blue-eyed man said, staring into two brown pools.

"Life matters. Forgiveness is a part of that."

The two men looked up, staring into two violet pools, their faces showing concern and shocked wonder.

"Lucas. . .we. . .we didn't. . ." the brown-eyed man said, the other's hand breaking with his, the two sitting up more.

"I know you didn't come here with intention or purpose. But life has a purpose of its own. Paths need to be walked so souls can find all their needed love." Lucas said, staring down at both men.

The two men lowered their eyes, the blue-eyed man feeling a hand go to his shoulder, looking up into two violet pools of intense love.

"I stood quietly and listened to the words of love. Love heals all wounds." Lucas smiled, the man's blue eyes staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Thank you, Lucas! For giving me a second life!" the man said, feeling another hand going into his.

"Love is a life unto its own, my friends. You're both on the correct path now." Lucas smiled, pulling a card out of his pocket, handing it to the brown-eyed man.

"Call me. I'll arrange a meeting. They all need to see the love." Lucas smiled, the young man walking away from the table, the two men following his every move, watching him go back into the private dining room.

The two at the table stared at each other.

"Did you feel the love? It emanates off him." the brown-eyed man said, feeling the hand squeeze his again.

"It's in our souls, Bruno."

Bruno Mars smiled, staring into Zac Efron's blue pools.

He smiled, seeing the love that healed his soul.

Zac smiled, seeing the love that healed him as well.

Bruno smiled, pocketing the card, the waiter walking towards the table.

The two released hands, the waiter not seeing the touching gesture.

"We'd like our bill, please." Zac smiled, the young man smiling at Zac Efron's beautiful face.

"Certainly, Mr. Efron." he smiled, Bruno watching him.

The waiter took their plates, walking away.

Zac smiled, Bruno's hand joining with his.


Justin smiled an hour later, blowing out the candles on the large cake in front of him, everyone cheering and applauding around him.

He smiled, reading the words of love written in frosting across its center.


                Happy Birthday Justin

               Friend of All Our Hearts

                      Loved By All


He smiled, cutting into the large cake, everyone tasting its richness and sweetness.

Another hour later he smiled, sitting beside Lance and his other two soulmates, a mountain of paper around them.

Justin smiled, opening gifts with happiness, the last event of the party.

His friends and family had given him gifts of beauty and donations to his charities, the man awed by their giving hearts.

Josh had given him a new silk shirt and a cashmere sweater, both in baby blue; Lance having given him a watch and a silk robe, as well as a new laptop.

Finn and Skyler had given him risqué boxer briefs and tank tops, Justin blushing but smiling.

The briefs said Enter Here on the back of them, Lance laughing.

Justin smiled at his friends, blushing and putting them back into the box.

"Don't rip them." Finny smiled, raising his glass of beer, Justin smiling at him.

Chris and Joey had given him a set of furry handcuffs and an assortment of lubes and oils.

Most of them had saucy names on their bottles, Chris reading a few out loud.

"Tigger Sauce! Anaconda Repellent! Monster Mayonnaise! Boyband Baste!" Chris said out loud, the room filling with laughter.

Justin blushed, Lucas smiling and walking up to Chris and Joey.

"I'll take that last one. You two would look so good all oiled up. Like wet, hairy ferrets."

The room exploded with laughter, Justin's the loudest, Chris and Joey blushing deeply.

"You wish, Carver! You'd probably get off on that!" Chris smirked, Joey blushing still.

Lucas smiled, kissing Joey's cheek, then Chris'.

"Joey's beyond delicious. You, on the other hand, are past your expiry date. Yuck!" Lucas grinned, Joey smiling, Chris blushing more, the laughter increasing.

"Don't ever change, Chris. And someone loves your taste. Spoiled or not." Lucas smiled, Chris smiling at him, his soulmate Piney smiling at Lucas as well.

Justin smiled, opening the rest of the gifts.

After that was done he thanked everyone, applause resonating in the large room.

People began to leave, Justin shaking hands with everyone, hugging his friends and family.

Lucas had invited everyone close to them back to their home for a barbecue supper, everyone agreeing.

They knew it would be a more open showing of Justin's happiness with those he loved.

All four's families were staying at Josh's and Finn's tonight.

Lucas smiled, Justin standing up, smiling at him.

"I didn't receive a gift from you, Luke." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I have something for you, Justin. I'll reveal it at home." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around his man.

Josh felt a soft tremble going through Lucas, the young man's eyes sparkling green for a moment.

"Cool. I can't wait." Justin smiled, winking at the young man.

Finn smirked, elbowing Alain in the ribs.

"Something tells me you won't get any sleep tonight, Alain. Those four may be howling at the moon all night." he laughed, Alain joining him.

Lucas smiled a soft smile, Josh feeling the tremble again.

"Everything alright, my love?" Josh said, Enrique staring at the young man.

"Your eyes. . .I thought I saw. . ." he softly said, Lucas smiling at the Spaniard.

"Thank you for everything, Enrique. I'll settle up the bill." Lucas smiled, the Spaniard staring at him and nodding.

The two men walked out of the room, Josh staring after his soulmate.

Justin hugged the final guests goodbye, only their families and close friends remaining.

Lance's eyes were watching Josh, walking up to him, his arm going around him.

"Something wrong Joshy?" Lance softly said into Josh's ear.

"I felt Lucas' magic simmering, Lance. Deep within him I felt something. I think he's hiding something." Josh said, Justin looking at him as well.

"Is he okay?" Finn asked, their friends and family now around the three men.

"I think so. I feel happiness in his heart." Josh smiled, Savannah kissing his cheek.

"I think we're in for a surprise. He may have gotten you something wonderful for your birthday, Justin." she smiled, Justin smiling at Lucas' mother.

Emerson and Tristan both smiled at him, their eyes meeting each other's.

"I have his love. No greater gift could he give me."

"My love always comes with surprises." Lucas said, everyone turning and staring at the young man, Enrique at his side.

Josh smiled at his soulmate, Lucas' face a vision of total happiness.

"Let's head home, everyone. An evening of family relaxation awaits us." he smiled, everyone nodding.

Justin hugged Enrique, thanking him for the meal and friendship.

"We'll see you tomorrow, Enrique." Lucas said, the man smiling at him.

"Thank you for the invitation, Lucas." he smiled, everyone looking at the young man, Lucas smiling at Enrique.

"You're welcome. And please bring Derek with you. We'd all love to meet him." Lucas said, the Spaniard looking surprised.

"A. . .alright." he said, Lucas smiling, Josh's arm going around him.

Everyone smiled at Enrique, thanking him, the group walking out of the room.


Justin smiled, surrounded by his family and friends

He was relaxing on the patio with his friends and family, the barbecue over, everyone contented with filled stomachs and warm hearts.

They'd all dined on Lucas' and Josh's nurturing love.

Another small cake had been produced, Lucas having baked it.

Justin had smiled, everyone enjoying its deliciousness.

Here now they sat in contented happiness.

He smiled, seeing all their friends wrapped in each other's arms, couples of love joined.

Adam was in Usher's lap, his head on his chest, Pierce's hand rubbing his back.

Nick was with Gio and Gideon at another table, their hands joined.

Justin's bandmates Joey and Chris were seated together, their loves in their arms.

"My boy's thirty-two. Where has the time gone?" Lynn smiled, Justin kissing her cheek beside him.

"Life is a path of time, each moment etched in your heart." Lucas said, walking out of the kitchen, Haras, Jonathan and Colton following him.

Lynn and Lisa smiled up at him.

"You should have let us ladies clean up, Luke." Vivian smiled, Lucas leaning down and kissing his mother's cheek.

"That's what we have these three slaves for." he smiled, Jonathan's hand finding Lucas' backside, the man smiling at the slap hitting him.

"We work for love, not toil for devotion." Haras smiled, Colton's arm around him.

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"And we take in the love we see from all three of you. The place is spotless. Let's relax and enjoy life's path." Lucas said, staring towards the pool, the water calm.

Josh stared at Lucas, the man seated with Lucas' parents and grandparents.

Justin smiled, his hand going in Lucas', the man standing beside his table.

"You didn't give me your gift yet, Lucky." he smiled up at him, Lucas smiling and sitting down in his lap.

"Isn't my love enough, our Justin?" he smiled, Justin smiling and kissing his lips.

"It's more than enough." he smiled, suddenly feeling a tremble going through Lucas.

His eyes immediately sparkled green, violet and then white.

"Are you alright, Luke?" Justin said, feeling the tremble more, Lance and Josh now staring at him with concern.

"I'm perfectly alright, Jus. The magic's on its true path." Lucas said, standing up.

Everyone stared at him, his eyes now emerald green.

Josh rose from his seat, walking up to his man.

Lucas smiled at him, kissing his lips.

His green pools then moved to Lance's green, Lance seeing the depth of love shining in them.

They then met Justin's, the man suddenly showing a surprised look on his face.

"Lucas. . .I see. . ." he softly said, Lucas smiling at all three men.

"It's time for my gift for all you." he said, the young man moving out of Josh's arms, walking to the end of the patio, turning back and staring at everyone.

"Remain calm, everyone. Don't interfere with the magic's reality. It is the destiny of my soul." he said, moving off the patio, walking down its steps and walking over to the pool's edge.

Everyone's eyes were upon the young man, Lucas' back to them, the young man staring at the water in front of him.

The patio and the house were rocked suddenly by a loud sonic boom, everyone feeling its trembling flow through them, all rising to their feet.

Lucas' head was raised, staring up into the darkening sky.

"They come. And all our dreams are answered." he said, the man suddenly enveloped in a bright white light.

Everyone covered their eyes, the light blinding.

As quickly as it had come it was now gone.

All eyes opened, staring at Lucas, the young man on his knees now, his back to everyone.

Josh, Justin and Lance moved, rushing down the steps, stopping a few feet behind Lucas, the young man slowly rising to his feet.

Their families and friends were now behind them, encircling the men.

A deep gasp came out of Lucas, another sound filling the air.

Everyone's eyes widened as Lucas turned around, the man's face showing a tired, wide smile.

What shocked everyone was the moving apparitions in his strong, muscular arms.

Two small naked infants were held in both his arms.

Lucas trembled, then began sagging to his knees again.

His three men moved, Justin and Lance taking the small infants out of Lucas' arms, the man immediately held in Josh's strong arms.

Justin stared down into two small eyes of love--one blue, one emerald green.

Lance was staring at a similar vision of love, his two small eyes blue and violet.

"Happy Birthday, Justin. Welcome to their love, Joshua and Lance. Say hello to our sons." Lucas softly said, his eyes now violet, Josh holding him, staring at two visions of beauty held in Justin's and Lance's arms.

Lucas closed his eyes, his three soulmates surrounded by a new family of love.



End of Chapter 178


Surprise! Surprise!

The magic has now created two infants of love!

New sons for Josh, Lucas, Lance and Justin.


Did anyone see that coming?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Hugs, Angel.