Yesterday's End-179


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 179


Lucas' violet pools opened, staring into two blue pools of shining love and worry.

"Are you alright, my love?" Josh said, his arm across Lucas' clothed chest, the young man laying in their bed upstairs.

Finn and Josh had carried the young man upstairs, his breathing relaxed and calm, Josh sensing he was suffering from deep exhaustion.

Here now Josh lay at his man's side, Lucas having slept for about an hour.

"I'm fine, my love. Tired but fine. Where is everyone?" Lucas said, his eyes scanning their bedroom.

"Everyone surrounded you for a while, but they're now downstairs, out on the patio. Now surrounding the new surprises of your love." Josh said, Lucas staring into his blue pools.

Lucas saw the emotion there, his lips moving upwards, kissing Josh's warm lips.

"Life moves always, my love. The magic sensed it was the next step for my love." Lucas softly said, Josh staring into his violet pools.

"They're both so beautiful, Lucas. Their eyes. . .their smiles." Josh softly said, Lucas' fingers rubbing his cheek.

"They are a creation of our love." the young man said, Josh staring into his violet pools of love.

"How. . .how is this. . .how could you have. . .?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Our love is total, my love. I sense my family surrounds me with their wonder and their needful souls. I should alleviate their need." Lucas said, the young man slowly moving upwards, Josh moving back, his hand going to Lucas' clothed chest.

"You're exhausted, my love. You need total rest. You just. . ." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, kissing his lips again.

"I need life, my love. The life of all your love. We both need to hold them and you need to feel their new love. They'll both capture all of our hearts." Lucas smiled, Josh nodding, rising to his feet, Lucas rising from the bed,  Josh's arm going around him.

"You're taking it easy, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"The creation of our love only tires my happiness. Their love and yours will right my tired soul."
Josh softly smiled, guiding his man out of their bedroom, the two walking downstairs.

The two walked out onto the patio, all but two people rising to their feet, Lucas smiling at Justin's mother and Josh's mother, both still seated.

In each of their arms two small bundles of happiness were surrounded by their love.

"Looks like the grandmothers are spreading their love." Lucas smiled, Justin and Lance walking up to him, Lucas seeing the love and concern in their eyes.

He also saw the wonder and awed shock in everyone else's staring eyes.

Lucas' eyes met his grandfather's, Emerson staring at him with quiet love.

"Are you alright, Lucky? What. . .what have you done?" Lance said, his arm going around Lucas, Justin staring at him as well, standing in front of him.

Lucas stared into Justin's blue pools, seeing the happiness and love shining in their teary centers.

"Your soul shines with happiness, Justin. I see your accepting love shining. Our soulmates' eyes will show it soon as well." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him with love.

"I feel their love, Lucas. I instantly fell in love with both of them." Justin said, a tear running down his cheek.

Lucas smiled, leaning forward, their lips meeting, both feeling their total love for each other.

Everyone stared at them as they broke the kiss, Lucas feeling Lance rubbing his shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"Are they. . .are they really. . .?" he softly said, Lucas smiling at him, meeting his emerald pools, then Justin's and Josh's blue.

"They are a creation of our love. The solidification of my soul's need. I now need all five of my family's heart." Lucas said, Emerson walking up to him, their eyes meeting.

"I have heard that thunderous sound before, Lucas. And I have seen and felt that white light of the magic's center."
Lucas smiled, nodding.

"I know, Grandfather." he said, his violet pools meeting his father's green.

"My father was the gift of that amazing light for you. As you were for great-grandfather Joshua."

Emerson teared up, Lucas smiling at him.

"We are all of magic. And we are all of God's redeeming light."


Everyone looked surprised, Lucas' violet pools meeting two staring blue pools, Adam staring at him with wonder.

Lucas sighed, kissing Josh's cheek.

"I need to sit down, and I need to feel their love, my love." Lucas softly smiled, Josh and Justin guiding him to a chair at one of the patio tables, Lynn and Karen rising from their seats, walking over to Lucas, the young man smiling, seeing the treasures in their arms.

"Two beams of sunshine wrapped in their new grandmothers' arms of love." he smiled, Karen and Lynn tearfully smiling at him.

"This. . .this is impossible, Lucas. But they're so beautiful. He has Josh's smiling face." Karen said, Josh smiling at his mother, staring at the small face staring at him.

"Take him, my Joshua." Lucas smiled, Josh moving forward, Karen guiding the infant into his arms, Josh staring down at his small smiling face, his one blue eye and one violet focused on him.

"He's. . .he's so small. He has your violet eye, Lucky." Josh said, gently cuddling the infant, Lance smiling at the happiness flooding his friend's face.

"And he has your blue pool of love, my Beamy. It radiates with your love." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Give Lance our second bundle of happiness, Mom." Lucas smiled at Lynn, she smiling down at the infant in her arms, guiding him into Lance's opening arms.

Lance's green pools met Lucas' violet, the young man smiling at him.

"Don't be nervous, Lancy. His love is an extension of ours." Lucas said, Lance gently taking the infant into his arms.

He stared down at the child, two small pools of love staring up at him, one as blue as his Justin's pools of love, the other a mirror of his green eyes.

Lance's face broke into a soft smile, a tear running down his cheek, Justin's arm going around him.

"He's so beautiful, guys. He has your curly blond hair, Jus." Lance said, staring at the infant, Justin kissing his cheek.

"And I feel your love shining in his eyes, my love. He really is our son." Justin smiled, Lynn smiling at her son.

"It's so unbelievable, Lucas." she softly said, gently rubbing the infant's shoulder in Lance's arms, pulling the blanket around him more.

Finn and Skyler had run over to their home, returning with clothes and blankets for the two naked infants, both now wrapped in the warmth of blankets and the warmth of their new fathers' love.

Lucas smiled up at his three soulmates, seeing all their eyes on the two infants.

"Love is only unbelievable in its greatness and its guiding happiness. Life is nothing if not filled with love. Our hearts are now full." Lucas said, his three soulmates meeting his violet pools.

"I love them, Lucas. I accept them as my children." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"They're so tiny, so in need of our protection. I feel their need for me, for all of us. I'm falling in love with both of them." Lance said, in tears, Justin smiling at his soulmate, kissing his cheek.

Josh smiled at his friends, kneeling down beside his husband, guiding the small child into Lucas' arms,  Lucas staring at his small beautiful face.

"He is our son, Lucas. I see your love and mine in his eyes. And I feel Justin's and Lance's love in both of them."

"We feel the same, Lucas. For both of them." Lance said, Justin nodding.

Lucas smiled, rising up from his seat, Josh rising to his feet as well, Lucas smiling around at everyone.

"Would our Moms and Dads please join us?" Lucas smiled; Roy, Henderson, Tristan and Savannah, Lisa, Randall and Paul, and Diane and Jim joined Karen and Lynn in front of the four men and two infants.

"You see before you now a family of six. Four men and their two new sons. Welcome to their love, grandparents of love." Lucas smiled, the grandparents all tearing up.

"They're both so beautiful, Lucas. And we're too young to be grandparents!" Lynn smiled,  the four men laughing, the two infants gurgling, Lucas smiling at his treasure in his arms, Josh's arm around him.

Others laughed around them, taking in the family before them.

Lucas smiled, looking at his soulmates' faces of happiness, Lucas guiding his son into Josh's arms, Karen and Savannah wrapping their arms around the two; Diane, Lynn and Lisa surrounding Justin and Lance and their treasure.

"Life's realities and the world's needs will focus on them soon enough. These two of our joined love will have our love always. And they will have lives of family love. Let us all welcome them into our hearts and their new home."

Everyone smiled, Lucas looking at his three loves.

"For the real world's decorum and values, our paths must be focused, but our love for both of them will never waver. They are both our sons of love." Lucas smiled, the young man leaning forward, kissing the small forehead of the child in Lance's arms.

"Welcome to our love, Joshua Lance Timberlake-Bass." he smiled, Justin and Lance both tearing up.

Lucas smiled, kissing the forehead of the child in Josh's arms.

"Welcome to our love, Justin Lucas Chasez-Carver-Belmont." Lucas smiled, Josh's tearful blue eyes staring at the infant and then into Lucas' violet eyes.

"Those names are so beautiful, Lucas. A reflection of our love for each other." Lance smiled, Lucas nodding.

"We four married our soulmates. These two will have their lives separated for the world's acceptance. But in our hearts they will both be our sons. They will be brothers forever." Lucas teared up, Josh kissing his lips.

"I will love them forever, Lucas. They are both my sons of love." Josh said in tears, Justin and Lance both stating the same words of love.

Lucas teared up, staring at both infants, his face showing a total smile of happiness and love.
"So much love! We're all going to have so much love!" he cried, Savannah's arms going around her son, the new family enfolded into their parents' arms of love.


The group relaxed around the patio, parents of happiness holding four infants of love.

Finn sat with Josh, their sons in their arms.

Skyler sat with Lance, each holding a treasure of love.

"They're all going to be playmates forever. Three boys and one girl of happiness and love." Justin smiled, his mother smiling at him.

"I still can't believe this, Luke. The three of us parents now." Skyler said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"And Trish is a soon-to-be mother as well. Life moves on, my friends. The love grows. A second generation of our love begins." he smiled, his bandmates smiling at him.

"They're beautiful, Lukey. Their aunt and uncle are going to spoil all of them." Trish smiled, Andrew smiling as well.

"They will only be spoiled with our love." Lucas smiled, smiling at his Josh holding their son.

"One of their fathers is already being too strict." Chris grinned, Joey laughing beside him.

"You may be into spanking, but I'm not, Chris. They'll only ever have my love. Piney can deal with your diaper rash." Lucas smiled, Chris smiling back, then laughing, others joining in.

"That they will, Luke." Chris said, Piney kissing his lips.

"We should join the club, babe." he said, Chris looking surprised.

"The world doesn't need another clown, Piney." Justin said, Josh laughing, Chris blushing.

Chris Pine kissed his man again, Chris smiling at him.

"But they'll always welcome a mirthful child of love." he smiled, Chris calmed by his love.

"This is so amazing, Luke." Gideon said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Magic amazes all of us, we of the magic, and you of no magic." he said, Emerson's eyes on his grandson.

"I feel your love and concern, Grandfather. Speak from your heart." Lucas said, Francesca staring at her grandson as well.

"Lucas, they are so beautiful. But they shouldn't be here. That magic of their creation shouldn't exist in you." the man said, Tristan looking at him, then at his own son.

"I am a being of magic, Grandfather. I am a Belmont as well." Lucas said, Tristan's eyes meeting his son's.

"But you are not a part of the Trinity, Lucas. The magic of life is a part of only that." Tristan said, staring at his son with love.

"Your eyes show their love, Dad and Grandfather. As do yours, Mom and Grandmother." Lucas said, all four smiling at him with love.

"We love you, Lucas. You are our son of love." Savannah said, Lucas smiling at his mother.

"As I love you. As Grandfather loved his son on the day of his creation. As Grandmother did as well. For they both saw the beauty of my father's love in his small green eyes that day. As every Belmont saw their son's love that day of his creation, all the way back to Alsarius', Kavinus' and Tolmarus' first day of love."

The Belmont men nodded, staring at the young man, Lucas' eyes on his two sons' small sleeping faces.

"My little Justy and Joshy have that same love showing in their multicolored eyes.  I feel their love always." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"We all feel it, Lucky." he smiled, all four men smiling.

"The day Tristan was born we both heard the sonic boom and I was wrapped in the white light, Lucas. For a month before that I felt the magic within me coalescing into an entity within my soul." Emerson said, Lucas nodding.

"As I felt, Grandfather. The combination of their love, of their giving love formed the reality of their existence." Lucas said, his three soulmates staring at him.

"As I felt at that time as well, my grandson. Isadora's love at that time was my soul. For that month before it seemed to be all that I needed. And then that love I'd taken in became the basis of the child the magic created." Emerson said, staring at his wife, Tristan staring at his parents with love, Francesca's face now Isadora's, Tristan's real mother.

"It wasn't the magic that was the creation, Grandfather. It was the love." Lucas said, the older man looking at him with surprise.

"We are all created by magic, my grandson." Emerson said, staring with love at his grandson.

"My son is a creation of magic, Lucas. As I myself am. Of the magic of the Trinity's reality. You are the only one of all of us that was born with God's touch, as all around us are."

Lucas stared at them, the young man smiling.

"We are all touched by God's love, Grandfather. And your souls are as real as my own and my children's."

The two older men teared up, Lucas sighing.

"The magic of the Belmont soul is real, as well. But the greater gift that flowed down through the lineage was love. From Alsarius' love for his Kavinus, here now to your wife, your love for your son and for myself, Grandfather. The magic could never exist without the love. I shall always believe that my ancestors on all sides of my life were creations of love. The Belmonts with magic's aid." he said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"There were two booms, Lucky. That night a few weeks back and tonight. Is that why there are two of them now?" Josh said, looking into his sleeping son's face in his arms.

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's cheek.

"The first was the beginning of the transition. The second the forging of the two souls. Our love dividing into their creations."
"The white light was twice as intense as I remembered it, Lucas." Emerson said, Lucas nodding.

"Our joined love is twice as intense, Grandfather. We are four of one soul." he smiled, his three soulmates staring at him with deep love.

"And your love created two visions of life. So amazing!" Nick said, Gideon's arm around him, Gio between Nick's legs in front of him on the patio floor.

Lucas nodded, smiling.

"Exactly, Nick. Their eyes are different as well, each a mirror of their new fathers' love." he said, Justin and Lance smiling, staring at little Joshua in Lance's arms.

"It makes them both so special." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"All the Belmont children were born on October thirteenth, Lucas. Why are these two not?" Isadora Francesca asked, Lucas smiling at his grandmother.

"Why am I not? These two angels are of my love. I was not born on that day of magic as well. I am outside the Trinity, Grandmother. As my children now are. We are the second forging of the Belmont soul."

"The second forging, Luke?" Usher asked, his arms wrapped around Pierce, Adam seated at their side, his blue eyes on Lucas.

"My family is locked in a triad of magic, everyone. I was created outside that magic to be the one to rectify that magic, and that reality. I am here to free all souls--those locked in magic, and those in need of redemption and life." Lucas said, his family looking at him, everyone else quietly watching him.

"We are beyond freedom, Lucas. The Trinity is final. We both accept that." Emerson said, Tristan nodding his head.

"I will never accept anything as final, my family. The future will reveal itself, Grandfather. Trust in my love to always show life's  truth." Lucas said, looking around at everyone.

"For now we focus on the present. On the new love we now have. That's all that I need right now. My husbands and my sons." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling, guiding his son into Lucas' arms, the young man smiling down at the sleeping infant.

"He has your looks, my Jus. Our little Joshy's so beautiful." he said, Justin smiling at the infant in Lucas' arms.

"As is our Justy, guys. He has Josh's beautiful black hair. They're both so beautiful." Justin smiled, his finger rubbing the small infant cheek in Josh's lap.

"Let me see my grandson." Savannah smiled, walking up to her son, Josh smiling and guiding the child into her arms, Savannah smiling with happiness.

"He already loves you, Mom." he said, Savannah tearing up, Tristan's arms going around her, his face covered in a smile as well, looking at his grandson.

Josh smiled, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"They're going to be so loved. So many new grandmothers."

Lynn laughed, Lucas smiling and lifting the infant in his arms into hers, the woman tearing up.

"He looks just like you, Justin. Oh the memories!" she said with tears, Randall smiling at his ex-wife, kissing his own wife's cheek.

"Grannies for both." he smiled, Lisa slapping his chest.

"We're Moms the Sequel! Twice the love and experience!" she said, all the grandmothers smiling and laughing, everyone crowding around the treasures again.

Lucas smiled, rising from his seat.

"You need to relax, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling and kissing his lips.

"I need to keep my family happy. I'll bring out coffee and some more dessert. I think I have a few pies hidden around here." he smiled, Roy clapping his hands together.

"This grandpa needs energy to spoil his new angels." he smiled, Savannah smiling and guiding her infant into Roy's arms, Roy smiling widely.

"He's a looker. A regular Chasez heartbreaker." he laughed, gently rocking the child.

Josh smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek and walking into the house.


Lucas smiled, filling the coffeepot, his pies warming in the oven.

He felt a hand go to his shoulder, the young man sighing softly, turning around.

He stared into two blue pools, a young face smiling at him.

"You are amazing, Lucas. Your love and magic grow. They are so beautiful. I didn't sense anything of their existence in the magic."
Lucas smiled, kissing Colton's cheek.

"I believe the magic of their creation was unto itself a hidden magic."
"You didn't sense it either?" Colton said, looking surprised.

"No, I meant that others of magic could not sense it. It is a magic of life for only one. This time, myself. Doubly." Lucas said, Colton nodding, staring into his violet pools.

"You felt their creation since that first boom?" he said, Lucas nodding.

"The love I received from my three of love each night made the creation come alive in my soul. I knew for the last few days they were coming. The love was centering." Lucas said, his thoughts on one night of magical love.

"An elixir of their love created their new love." he smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"I envy the happiness you must have had for the last few weeks." Colton said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek again.

"It's a happiness you three will have soon." he smiled, Colton blushing, looking towards the patio doors.

"Jonah fills my soul with love, Luke. His flowing love is so magical. I sense Hari's will be as well. He's so beautiful. I see how Jonathan looks at him. It mirrors my own stares."
Lucas smiled, nodding.

"A triad of love forms with honesty, love and trust. I see that in all your eyes. You just have to get past the one remaining obstacle."

Colton nodded, sighing.

"He's so beautiful, Luke. But he's so alone inside himself. He's walked this earth and other places with an unobtainable love in his soul. Now our love overwhelms him. How can we fight a phantom of his heart's past?" Colton said, Lucas' arms going around him, Colton's head going against Lucas' chest, feeling his brotherly love.

"You don't have to fight that phantom, Colt. The love in Haras' heart is his own. The love he once had for Alsarius should never be a threat to your own love for him. You need to show him that. That love he holds for Alsarius, for a man that he never could have, is not real. The real love he needs shines in the two sets of blue sparkling eyes he sees staring at him with love now. Focus on real love, all three of you. That will be the binding truth of your souls. For you, for him and for our loving Jonathan I give you all a special gift, my cousin of love." Lucas said, Colton raising his head, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

In their depth he saw a thousand stars, a feeling suddenly possessing him.

"Lucas. . .I feel. . .the past. . ." Colton said, the young man feeling two lips meet his, his soul filling with life and love.

A few moments later Colton opened his eyes, staring at the glass patio door in front of him.

He turned around, seeing Lucas standing at the kitchen counter, filling carafes with coffee.

"There you are, Colt. Could you take these out for me?" Lucas smiled, his violet pools sparkling with happiness.

"Certainly, Dad." he said, walking up to the counter, picking up the two trays.

The young man looked around, Lucas quietly staring at him.

"Dad, what did I come in here for?" Colton said, Lucas smiling, kissing his cheek.

"To feel my happiness." Lucas smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"I feel it, Dad. Those two beauties will have a loving Daddy. They're so beautiful."
Lucas smiled, Colton smiling and walking to the patio door, Adam opening it from the other side, smiling at the young man.

"Need help, Colton?" he smiled, Colton shaking his head no, smiling and walking past the man, Adam walking into the kitchen.

"He's so filled with happiness." Adam smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Aren't we all." Lucas smiling, Adam softly smiling at him, walking up to him.
"Another slave presents himself. Be a dear and pull out those two trays of veggies in the fridge, Adam." Lucas smiled, bending down to the oven, opening it and pulling out four warm pies and a tray of brownies.

Adam smiled, scanning Lucas' firm backside, opening the fridge and pulling out two large trays of vegetables and fruit, setting them on the counter.

"There are a few containers of sweets in the fridge as well, he-man." Lucas smiled, Adam smiling widely.

"At your service, master." he smiled, Lucas winking at him.

"Lose the clothes and put on a loincloth and I'll use you good."

Adam laughed, entering the refrigerator again, finding the containers, filling the rest of the counter with them.

Lucas smiled, handing him a couple of empty trays, the man smiling and filling them with the cookies and desserts from the containers.

The two worked together quietly, both smiling at each other every now and then.

"Say what your heart needs." Lucas smiled, Adam leaning against the counter.

"I felt something just before that boom, Lucas. I felt something in my soul."

Lucas stared at him, nodding.

"What did you feel, Adam?" he said, cutting the pies in front of him, placing pieces on dessert plates, adding a few slices of fruit to each, putting the plates on large trays.

"I felt water falling over me, Lucas. I felt the wet touch of a cascading shower flowing over all of me. But my hands felt no wetness on myself." Adam said, lowering his eyes, feeling a hand go to his shoulder, raising his eyes and staring into two violet pools of love.

"My water broke, Adam. I'm sorry I splashed your soul."

Adam looked surprised, Lucas laughing.

"Metaphorically of course. I just gave birth in a way after that boom." Lucas smiled, Adam nodding.

"You're amazing, Luke. They're both so beautiful. You magic is so amazing." he said, Lucas smiling, the man staring at him.

Adam blushed, lowering his eyes.

"What's happening to me, Luke? Ever since that last day on the island I've felt you around me. Even when I'm not here with you." he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Can I tell you something, Adam?"

Adam nodded, staring at Lucas' smiling, beautiful face.

"I've decided that you will be my confidant, my best friend."

Adam looked surprised, staring at the young man.

"Me? Me. . .after all I did to you?"

Lucas smiled at him, leaning forward and kissing his lips, Adam feeling his calmness and love.

"You did nothing to me, Adam. I never allowed you to achieve your desires. Your loving heart was all I needed. And we both have that now from each other."

"I. . .I love my two soulmates, Lucas. They are my heart's love." Adam said, Lucas smiling, his hand rubbing his shoulder.

"I know that, Adam. As my three of love are mine. You and I have a deeper love. It's the love of truth and honesty. Of friendship and life." Lucas smiled, Adam smiling at him.

"Ask your question, Adam, my friend."

Adam stared into Lucas' violet pools.

"That last morning at the island. I followed you to your pool. Just before it disappeared. What happened there? I don't for the life of me remember anything after you said good morning to me, not looking behind you. You knew I was following you."

Lucas smiled.

"Yes, I felt your following friendship. And then the magic went on its searching path."
"The magic?"

"I'm sorry if it was intense, Adam. It was only searching for truth. I felt its answer." Lucas smiled, Adam staring at him.

"What happened to me and that magic?"

Lucas smiled, remembering every moment of the magic's truth.

"You found the friendship of my soul, Adam. We both found the truth in our hearts. Our friendship is now bonded with life and love. I'll need you always on the path ahead."

Adam smiled, staring into Lucas' loving violet pools.

"I'll be beside you in any way you need, Lucas. I love you, my friend."
Lucas smiled, kissing his lips again.

"I'll go find that loincloth. I'm going to lick all your tats."
Adam laughed, Lucas joining him.

Usher and Pierce walked into the kitchen from the patio, smiling at the two men.

"Sweet! More slaves! My harem's filling up nicely. Grab some of these trays, muscle boys!" Lucas smiled, Adam smiling as Pierce's arms went around him.

"I'd sooner grab me a handful of this sweet treat." he smiled, kissing Adam's lips.

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"That's a meal unto itself." he smiled, Adam smiling at him, picking up a tray, Usher and Pierce grabbing two each.

The three carried the trays towards the patio doors, Lucas smiling and picking up the last fruit platter.

His eyes were staring at Adam's slim trim form, Lucas smiling.

Yes, a meal unto itself. I'll savor it always.

He smiled, walking out onto the lantern-lit patio.


Lucas felt two lips on his throat and two hands on his center.

He felt someone loosening his belt, his jeans falling downwards.

"Mm, Lance. Your lips are heaven." he smiled, feeling a hand going into his briefs, stroking his soft center.

"Calmness, my angels. He's still tired." Josh said from the bed, Lucas smiling towards him.

"Tired with the happiness of all your love." he smiled, looking behind Josh, seeing two chairs joined together by the bed.

Sleeping in the middle of the two chairs on a blanketed cushion of love were their two sons.

"A crib they'll need right off the bat. And the room across the hall we'll have to organize." Lance smiled, stroking Lucas' nipples, both hardening in the coolness of their bedroom.

Lucas felt Justin's hands move, his briefs falling as well, Lucas stepping out of his clothes, warm hands exploring him.

"Come to bed, my loves. Lucky needs sleep." Josh smiled, Justin gently rubbing Lance's naked backside, his hands full of male flesh.

"You're no fun, Joshy." Justin smiled, diving on the bed, landing on top of Josh's naked body.

Justin was naked as well, Lance smiling and kissing Lucas' lips.

"The tiger's on his path of need. Josh is going to be so happy." he smiled, Lucas pulling Lance's naked body close.

"I think he'll need all three of us tonight. His last birthday gift of love." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling and guiding Lucas gently onto the bed, the man moving beside Josh and Justin, Lance smiling at Lucas.

"You relax against those pillows, beautiful. Let Josh and me calm the tiger."

Justin grinned, Josh's lips meeting his, Lucas laying back and smiling.

"Before the passion consumes you three, we need to talk, my loves." he said, Lance smiling and covering Lucas' legs and center with satin sheets, the man sitting up against the pillows.

Josh broke his kiss with Justin, Justin smiling and climbing off his friend, Lance's arms going around him, Josh moving and sliding over Lucas, snuggling against his other side.

"There, safe from the horny tiger, Beamy." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at both of them.

"For now. I'll have to be content with Lance's closeness. But I'll climb over any beauty to get to my Josh." Justin smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"A day of surprises, my loves. I hope all three of you see the love behind it." Lucas said, his eyes suddenly showing tears.

Justin moved, his lips meeting Lucas'.

Josh smiled, kissing Lucas' neck, Lance moving and kissing his shoulder.

The young man felt all their connecting love.

"Thank you, Lucas. For giving me the best present ever! I now have a family! I have five who love me!" Justin said, his face covered with emotion.

"We all have, Jus. We all have five to love. Lucas' love surprises all of us." Lance said, his face showing the same emotional love.

"Yes, my loves. Our Lucky's love unites us all. We are a family in all ways." Josh said, his face showing the same emotions.
Lucas smiled at all three of his husbands, looking towards the close chairs.

"I love both of them so much. They are an extension of your love. I now have a life of total love!" he cried, all three kissing him, showing him their love.

"That night, Lucas. That night here in this room when you took all three of us together, when you took our liquid love together, was that when. . .?" Lance said, Lucas staring into each of their eyes of love.

"The trio of your liquid love was the elixir of life. You three impregnated me with your love." he said, Justin smiling.

"The Timberlake seed is very potent." he smiled, Lucas laughing, Josh and Lance joining him, Justin grinning.

"And tasty." Lucas smiled.

Josh slapped Justin's ass, Justin smiling at his naked friend.

"There was some tasty Chasez magic there as well, Mr. Sperm." Josh smiled, Lucas kissing Justin's cheek.

"And don't forget that tasty Bass monster cream. My eggs of love never stood a chance. You three knocked me up good."
All four laughed, each covering each other's mouths, not wanting to wake the babies, the infants still sleeping.

All four smiled, snuggling together.

"We have so much to get used to. Caring for them, being fathers." Lance said, looking towards the makeshift crib.

"We all have the love and strength to do it. And we can all lean on each other." Josh said, Lucas smiling at his husband.

All three smiled at him.

"Thank you for the names, Lucas. Justin Lucas has such a beautiful ring to it. A combination of my dreams coming true." Justin smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"And Joshua Lance is beyond precious. They'll both be little images of our Justin and Josh." Lance smiled, Josh and Justin smiling at him.

"And they'll have their father Lance's and Lucas' love." Justin said, Lucas and Lance both kissing his cheeks.

"They are both the joy of their fathers' hearts. And we'll all love each other." Lucas said, the four smiling.

"Well, my dreams just came true as well. I'm finally a real old Daddy." Josh smiled, Justin grinning, the man moving, his body pushing Josh back, now on top of him.

"You ain't old, Daddy. Not if that rod against my own is a sign." Justin smiled, Lucas and Lance smiling at each other.

"Calm your tiger down, Lancy. He needs all your youthful love."

Lance smiled, kissing Lucas' lips, then moving, upending Justin, the man suddenly cocooned in a sandwich of love, Josh and Lance on both sides of him.

Lucas smiled, sitting back, watching Justin becoming lost in their love.

Soft moans and gasps filled the room, Lucas smiling and moving, sitting up beside the makeshift crib, staring at the sleeping treasures before him.

Prepare for a lifetime of love, my angels.

It will mirror my own.
Lucas smiled, moving.

Justin was lost, feeling Lance's talented fingers on his nipples, Justin's mouth filled with his monster of love deep down his throat.

He felt his own leaking hardness consumed by the wetness of Josh's tight throat.

Suddenly he felt a heated connection fill him, Justin opening his eyes, Lance pulling out of his mouth, Justin staring into two violet pools of love.

"I'm back, my loves. And I'm going to show you life." Lucas said, his lips and shaft invading Justin's mouth and center, Lance smiling.

Josh raised his head, stroking Justin, the two watching Lucas own Justin.

The two smiled at each other.

"His love's charged." Lance said, kneeling at Justin's head, Josh scanning his naked body.
"Know the feeling, Lancy."

Lance gasped when Josh dove onto his monster, taking it to the root.

The man gasped, lost in Josh's talented skills.

Lance felt his body being moved, a tongue suddenly diving into his center, Josh's mouth wrapping around his monster again, the man feeling Justin's talented rimming.

The four were joined together, their love on a path of exploding need.


Lucas' violet pools opened, the young man feeling the warmth around him.

Justin's head was against his, his lips on his cheek.

Lucas felt Lance's head on his other shoulder, his hands wrapped around Lucas' biceps.

Lucas smiled looking down on a head of black curls, his Josh asleep on top of him.

His eyes scanned down his naked back, seeing a hand resting on Josh's naked backside, fingers hidden within his hairy ass cleft.

Always in need of the love, Justin.
He smiled, beginning to move his Josh, the man murmuring when he moved him to his left, Justin's arms wrapping around him, one hand going to Josh's erect center, wrapping around it, Josh murmuring more in his sleep.

Lucas smiled, climbing over Lance's naked body, scanning the monster's loving size.

He smiled, watching Lance move, Josh now cocooned in the middle of their searching love.

Lucas smiled, scanning Lance's smooth back and bubbly butt.

He smiled, remembering the taste and warmth of it last night, the man as needful as the other two of his heart.

Lucas smiled, slowly and quietly rising out of the bed, pulling on his cashmere robe, tying it and walking around the bed.

He checked on the two infants, both soundly sleeping, their small arms wrapped around each other.

He smiled, covering them with their blanket and kissing each forehead.

Little hearts of my love.

Welcome to the first day of your loving lives.

He smiled, walking around the chairs, smiling at his three sleeping men, taking in their naked beauty.

He saw soft goosebumps on all three of their smooth bodies, the man pulling the blankets up over all three, kissing each on the forehead.

All my angels wrapped in their warmth.

He smiled, quietly walking into the bathroom.

A few minutes later he walked out, smiling at his men, glancing at the clock radio, reading six-thirty.

Well, early is good.

Welcome to fatherhood, Lukey.
He smiled, quietly checking on all five, then looking out the window.

Lucas sensed something, the young man smiling.

He quietly walked out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

He walked downstairs, the house in total silence.

He walked through the kitchen, starting the coffeemaker, leaving all the lights off, his violet pools drawn to the patio doors.

He walked over to them, seeing one open.

He leaned against the open door frame, staring towards the pool.

He saw a man sitting on the pool's edge, a naked bronzed back showing.

Lucas smiled, walking out onto the patio, crossing it and walked to the pool's edge, sitting down beside the man.

"Good morning, Haras." Lucas said, two brown eyes meeting his violet, the young man seeing tears in those golden pools.

Lucas opened his arms, Haras sinking into his side, Lucas holding him, both of their feet submerged in the pool's cool water.

"Good morning, Lucas." the young man said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"I'm sorry for being emotional. I was just sitting here thinking on life." Haras softly said, Lucas rubbing his naked back.

"The quietness of the morning's dawning light always soothes my soul as well. Quietness has a way of making one reflect on life. And its needs."

The man pulled back a little, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"You know, don't you?"
Lucas smiled, kissing his cheek.

"I know your heart, Haras. I know its conflicting emotions. I take it they stated their love for you?"

Haras nodded, looking out at the calm water.

"They both say they love me in all ways. Last night they offered me all of their hearts." he said, lowering his eyes.

"And you couldn't take in all that you saw before you."
Haras' eyes met his again.

"Their love is so pure, so intense, Lucas. It overwhelms me. It echoes in the truth of a love I once saw, a love I once longed for."
"Alsarius' and Kavinus' love." Lucas said, Haras nodding.

"Their love was true love, Lucas. I saw its beauty and its physicality." he said, Lucas watching him.

"You never told me that, Haras. That you saw their physical love."
"The intensity of my love for him made me sneak into their chambers one night, Lucas. Neither knew I was there. I watched the greatness of their love and desires. It was so moving. So intense, so touching. I would have given life and eternity for that moving love." Haras said, Lucas' arm pulling him close.

"You gave your life for that love, Haras. You followed him to life's end." Lucas said, Haras nodding.

"Why am I here now, Lucas? Why am I standing before love again, a love that now seems so different?"

"What is different about Colton's and Jonathan's love, Haras?"

The man looked at him, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Their love seems so real, Lucas. And I sense that love is there for me. Alsarius' never was, not his total true love. But I sense Colton's and Jonathan's love is here for me. How can I. . .I don't know if. . .it's like a dream. A denial of my heart's need."
Lucas sighed, kissing the young man on the cheek again.

"Your heart has been denied for too long, Haras. That is why you're here."
The young man stared into Lucas' violet pools.

"You are here because of my love. I want you to experience real love, Haras. No one deserves it more than you. And Colton and Jonathan will make you see what real life is. Cast off the memories of his love. It was only ever friendship. Upstairs is a greater happiness for you. Their unending, real love."
Haras was in tears, Lucas feeling him trembling against him.

"My dreams, I can. . .I can have them?"

Lucas smiled, staring into two pools of golden hope.

"Yes, my friend. My brother. You deserve happiness. I am here to see you walk the true path. It begins now." Lucas said, taking Haras' hand in his.

"Look into my eyes to find hope, Haras. Look into my eyes to find an answer to the past's truth and the future's reality."

Haras stared into Lucas' violet pools, seeing a thousand stars shining.

And in their depths of love he saw a surprising thing.


Haras stared in front of him, staring at a closed door.

"Hari? Where are you going?" a voice behind him said, another voice joining in.

"It's early. Come back to our bed." Jonathan said, rubbing his eyes, looking at the man standing by the door.

Colton was awake as well, looking at the clock radio on the nightstand.

"It's six o'clock, Hari. You're up early." Colton said, Haras turning around, the two men in the bed staring at his naked chest, the man wearing only boxer briefs.

"I couldn't sleep. Your surrounding love awoke me." he softly said, Jonathan's eyes scanning his beauty.

"Come back to bed and let us wrap you in it." Colton said, softly smiling at him.

Haras lowered his eyes, his soul feeling a new sensation flood him.

"I love you both." he softly said, Colton and Jonathan looking at each other, both smiling.

The two rose from the bed, Haras taking in their beautiful smooth bodies, seeing the largeness of their covered centers, morning desires showing.

The two walked up to him, their arms of warmth going around him.

"I love you, Hari. Equally as I love my Jonah." Colton said, Haras smiling at him.

"I love you as well, Hari. You and my Colty have my soul." Jonathan said, the young Egyptian showing tears in his eyes.

"I am sorry." he softly said, Jonathan pulling him close.

"For what, my love?"

"For not seeing the truth of what stands before me."

Colton's arms went around him, pulling him close.

"That we love you." he said, Haras nodding.

"I have been lost for eons in a false love. In a love Alsarius never gave me. That never was true love. It was the dreams of a lost man. Now I see before me the realness of life. I see two men who love me. Who want to love me. Oh God, I want that love! I need that love! I just need to be loved!" Haras cried, the two men pulling him close, their eyes filling with tears.

"We love you, Hari. We'll give you all the love you need." Jonathan said, his blue eyes meeting Colton's blue pools of love.

Haras stared at both of them, seeing their eyes filled with wet shining love.

"Please love me forever." he softly said, Colton's head moving, their lips meeting, Haras lost in a greater feeling flowing through him.

Jonathan's lips were kissing his neck, their love close and intense.

Colton broke their kiss, Haras staring into two deep blue pools of life.

In their centers he saw a faint greenish glow, a feeling of total love flowing through him.

"Alsarius' love was always Kavinus' love, Hari. Our love will forever be yours." Colton said, Haras tearing up.

"I need your love so much. I need your beautiful love, my two angels of love." Haras said, the two smiling at him.

The Egyptian's eyes lowered, Jonathan kissing his lips softly.

"I've never. . .I've never experienced real love." he softly said, the man feeling the heat of the two young men surrounding him.

"Let us love you, Hari. Our love is yours in all ways." Jonathan said, Haras pulling him close.

"I love you both. I give myself to your love and desires."
"As do we, Hari. Colt and I were virgins as well. Our love is now yours." Jonathan said, Haras staring into his blue eyes.

His brown eyes moved, scanning the two visions of youthful beauty before him.

Jonathan's body was smooth, toned and sculpted, his center still at full mast in his boxer briefs.

Colton's body was slim and tight, a sinewy vision of muscular beauty, his center seemingly enormous in his tight briefs.

Jonathan smiled, kissing his Colton's lips.

"Our Colty is gifted of love and beauty. You'll love all of him."
Haras teared up, the two men staring at him with love.

"I need your love. And I give you mine." Haras said, the young Egyptian stepping back, the two staring at him.

Haras' hands went to his briefs, pulling them off in one motion.

The two young men stared at his muscular smooth body, his center rising before their eyes.

His body was a sculpted statue of total muscular beauty, every inch smooth and bronzed.

His center had risen to its full hardness, it cut head gleaming with moisture.

"You're so beautiful, our Hari. We need your love, we need you." Jonathan said, his briefs gone in a flash as well.

Colton smiled, watching Haras scan Jonathan's smooth naked body.

His own briefs were lost in moments, Haras staring at Colton's smooth sinewy body, his large center at full mast, curved upwards.

"So gifted. Both of you. You're so beautiful." Haras softly said, the two young men smiling at him.

"We are yours, Hari. Together we will be one of love and happiness." Colton said, the young Egyptian moving forward, enveloping Colton in his strong bronzed arms.

He carried him back to their bed, the two falling back on it, Jonathan climbing onto it as well.

Haras' lips met Jonathan's, Colton's lips sucking on Haras' smooth muscular neck.

Hara's lips broke with Jonathan's, the Egyptian's lips now on a mission of need.

Colton felt their wetness going down his chest, Jonathan's lips meeting his.

Haras dove onto Colton's center, his hand wrapping around Jonathan's largeness.

The Egyptian became lost in the delicious beauty before him, the two young men lost in his needs and desires.

He had a thousand years of passion and love in his soul.

This morning the two new parts of his heart would feel all of it.

Two stories below a young man floated on the pool's surface, his naked body taking in the love he sensed around him.

And the passion of their youth filled his soul.

Miles away another tattooed man lay in his own wrapped threesome of love, Usher and Pierce surrounding Adam with their sleeping love.

And in his dreams Adam felt a greater love flowing through him, his orgasm flowing on its own in his sleep.



End of Chapter 179


And so two new treasures are welcomed into a large family of love.

Justin, Lance, Josh and Lucas have new children of love.

The totality of their love now shows in a truer form:

Two angels of beauty and love.


Lucas' love moves on its own paths.

Colton and Haras have worked through their doubts, Lucas' love guiding them to Jonathan's love.

The three are now uniting under an umbrella of love, desire and need.

And it seems Lucas is feeling all of it.


And Adam, a few miles away, as well in his dreams.

What is the link between Adam and Lucas now?
What happened that last day at the pool of Lucas' love?

It seems Adam is feeling Lucas' emotions himself?

What did Lucas do to Colton and Haras?

It seems they lost a few moments of time?


Interesting questions, in need of answer.

Let's walk forward and see it all unfold.


This story is growing larger unto itself.

My imagination is going full throttle.

Prepare for lots of love, romance and desire.


Hugs, Angel.