Yesterday's End-180


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 180


Haras moaned, his golden eyes opening, staring into two intense blue pools of love.

Colton's lips met his, Haras lost in the love flowing through him at both ends.

Colton was buried deep within him, his desires flowing.

And love was flowing from his lips.

They broke the heated kiss, Colton moaning.

"Oh God, Jonah! That's the spot!"

"Oh God, Colt! Don't stop!" Haras gasped, he and Colton feeling the sabres of love thrusting into them.

The three were joined, their desire on its exhausted path.

For over two hours they'd explored each others' needs, lost in the beauty, taste and aroma of their loves.

Jonathan and Colton had experienced all of Haras' wandering need, the man devouring all of them.

Inside and out.

His passion was unbridled, so needful and desirous.

Loads of love had poured out of all three of them, each drinking at the fountain of love.

Haras had never tasted anything so rich and loving.

He hungered in his soul for it.

Both men were different, their essences similar but of two different tastes.

He couldn't decide which he loved more.

He had smiled, wanting both forever.

Colton he'd found to be a tiger of love, his passion almost equalling his own, the young man so wanting to devour both of them.

Jonathan was a more romantic lover, his moans and gasps so flooded with love.

Haras had fallen in love with both their bodies, their smoothness and taste unbelievable.

And the two young men had fallen in love with the godlike vision before them.

Jonathan had fallen in love with the young Egyptian's ass, its center a buffet of rich aroma and taste.

It matched his Colton's ass of love.

Colton had gone to his usual fetish, the hairy, sweaty aroma of Haras' armpits.

Right now his tongue had moved from Haras' mouth, diving into the left one again, his shaft buried in Haras' heat.

Jonathan moaned, his shaft thrusting into Colton's heat.

"God, I'm close!" he said, his eyes meeting Haras' over Colton's shoulder.

Haras' head moved upwards, their lips meeting, Jonathan screaming into his mouth, his center filling Colton's warm insides.

Colton gasped, feeling the heated liquid, his own shaft erupting deep within Haras.

Haras exploded onto himself, their desires making his own come alive.

Colton moaned, licking Haras' hairy armpit, Jonathan slowly pulling out of his man.

Colton moaned in the hairiness of Haras' scented pit, feeling Jonathan's tongue cleaning his pulsing center.

Jonathan moved, pulling Colton back, the young man falling down on Haras' side, the Egyptian kissing him with tenderness and love.

Colton's arm went across his chest, tweaking his left nipple.

He heard Haras moaning in his mouth, knowing why.

Jonathan was on his next target of cleanliness, devouring all of Colton's seed dripping out of Haras' center of love.

The Egyptian opened his eyes, breaking his kiss with Colton, the young man smiling at him.

"Our Jonah's so amazing." Haras smiled, moaning again, feeling Jonathan's talented tongue, his hand now stroking his softening long shaft.

"You're pretty damn fine yourself, our Hari." Colton smiled, rubbing Haras cheek.

The Egyptian smiled, Jonathan's face coming into view, a wide smile on his face.

"So delicious. I love a wet breakfast."
All three men laughed, Jonathan moving upwards, his body laying on top of Haras', feeling its sweaty warmth, Colton's hands running down Jonathan's back.

"God that was amazing." Jonathan sighed, Haras' arms wrapping around him.

"You both were amazing. Thank you for showing me what life is." he teared up, both men kissing him with tenderness and love.

Jonathan broke his kiss with him, smiling at the Egyptian.

"It begins today, Hari. Our love is forever." Jonathan smiled, Haras smiling widely.

Both men looked with love at that handsome face, seeing the love shining.

"I'm going to love you forever. I'm sorry if my passion was too intense. You're both so. . .so beautiful. I've never. . .so beautiful." he said, Colton smiling and rubbing his chin.

"Your passion will never hurt us, Hari. And we are so beyond happy."
"Yes, love us that way always." Jonathan beamed, Hari smiling.

"You just like cleaning up afterwards, liquid sponge."

Jonathan laughed, slapping Haras' chest.

"I live for your liquid, my water faucets. No washers need changing. You're going to drip forever."

All three laughed, hearing someone talking in the hallway.

"The house arises. I think we should shower and go down for breakfast." Colton smiled, Haras smiling at him and Jonathan.

"I am your slave of love. I will wash you both good." he said, looking towards the door, Colton and Jonathan trading looks.

"You alright, my love?" Colton said, Haras smiling and staring into his blue pools.

"Yes, my loves. I'm more than alright. I just felt a sense of Lucas walking through my soul."

"I just felt it as well." Colton said, Jonathan staring at both of them.

He smiled, kissing Haras' lips and then Colton's.

"Lucas walks through all our souls. It wouldn't surprise me if he feels our new love." he smiled, Haras and Colton smiling.

"He does." they both said, Jonathan smiling at them.

"His magic?"

Haras smiled.

"His love, my angelic Jonah." he smiled, the man moving upwards, Jonathan held in his arms, Colton smiling and rising from their bed as well.

"Carry him to our love, Hari. I so want his ass." Colton smiled, Jonathan smiling.

Haras smiled, rubbing Jonathan's naked behind.

"And I want both of you."
All three smiled, walking into their bathroom.


Justin opened his blue pools, feeling the warmth against him.

He smiled, feeling Josh's warm breath on his right nipple, the man's head on his chest.

He felt movement on his other side, the scent of Lance filling his nostrils.

The three had moved around, Justin on a mission of need in his sleep, the man now between the two men.

Wrapped in love.

Doesn't get any better than this.

He smiled again, looking around the bedroom, seeing no Lucas.

He looked towards the makeshift crib, seeing it empty.

Papa Luke's caring for our boys.

Justin smiled, those words sinking into his soul.

Our boys.

I have sons.

I have love.

He teared up, feeling Lance pulling him close, Josh's arms pulling him closer as well.

Wrapped in your love indeed.

I sense this is our Lucky's doing.

I need to go find his and their love.

They are all now my life.

Justin gently began to unravel himself from the two surrounding him, Lance fighting more than Josh, Josh moving and laying on his back.

Justin smiled, unwrapping Lance's arms, moving upwards, the man moving after him.

Justin crawled over Josh's naked form, scanning every inch of its beauty.

God you're beautiful.

All three of my men are so beautiful.

He smiled, seeing Lance pulling Josh against him, his arms wrapping around him, settling on his firm smooth butt.

"Go to the best hills of love, my Lancy." Justin said softly, smiling and climbing out of the bed.

He stared at the two naked men, seeing their smooth skin showing goosebumps.

He smiled, pulling the sheets and blankets over both of them, the two softly smiling, snuggling more into each other.

Justin quickly dressed into a t-shirt and shorts from the closet, smiling and leaning down and kissing both men on the cheek.

Take me in your dreams, boys.

You're both in mine always.

Justin smiled, seeing eight-thirty on the clock radio, smiling and walking out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

He walked downstairs, hearing voices coming from the kitchen.

Two violet pools met his blue when he walked into the kitchen, two arms of love wrapping around him.

"Good morning, my Jus. You're up early." Lucas smiled, kissing his warm lips, both men feeling their love for each other.

Lucas was now dressed in a polo shirt and cargo shorts, Justin patting his clothed ass.

"The coolness of the room awoke me. I covered our men with warmth, their own against them." he smiled, Lucas winking at him.

"You were covered in blankets when I left you. Someone was roaming again."

"I needed the center of their warm love." Justin said, Lucas kissing his lips again.

"A great place to be." he smiled, Justin smiling and looking towards the table.

Lynn smiled at her son, a small treasure in her arms, Lisa smiling with another in hers.

"The grandmothers are in heaven." Justin smiled, walking over to the table, kissing both of his mothers, his father and stepfather both smiling at him.

Lance's and Josh's parents smiled at him as well, Lucas' family rounded out the large table.

"It's growing on us, Justin. As is their beautiful love." Lisa smiled, Justin smiling.

"My son a father. My greatest dreams come true." Randall said, Justin hugging his father and stepfather in their chairs.

"We all have dreams, Dad. Lucas has made mine a reality." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling and handing him a coffee mug.

Justin kissed his cheek, sitting down beside his mother, smiling at little Justin Lucas in her arms, his eyes staring at Justin with a cooing face.

"How're my boys?" Justin smiled, kissing both on their cheeks, the babies gurgling more, their small arms moving.

"They're hungry. You're just in time to feed them, Dada." Lucas smiled, walking over to the table with two bottles, having pulled them out of a bottle warmer.

Justin smiled, that name bringing a smile to his heart.

"You don't have much to breast feed them with, Justin." Lucas smiled, Justin laughing, staring into his violet smiling eyes.

"They'll have to settle for formula. I ran out to the all-night supermarket down the road early this morning." Lucas smiled, Justin nodding, Lisa smiling and handing Justin little Joshua Lance.

Justin took the infant into his arms, Lucas smiling and handing him one of the bottles.

"Thanks, Luke. We'll have to do some major shopping today." Justin smiled, guiding the bottle's nipple to the child's mouth, the infant beginning to suck on it.

Justin smiled, lightly humming.

Lucas smiled, handing the other bottle to Lynn, she smiling up at him with soft surprise.

"Wouldn't you like to feed him, Luke?" she said, Lucas smiling and leaning down and kissing her cheek.

"And deprive Grandma of her happiness? Never. We have many days of feeding and loving ahead. Grandparents deserve their moments." he smiled, Lynn beaming, feeding the second infant.

Karen smiled, Josh's and Lance's parents smiling at the young man.

"They're so well-behaved, so quiet. You never were, Justin." Randall smiled, Justin blushing, Lisa and Randall both laughing.

"They have a foursome of love in their souls, Dad. Our love is always well-behaved." Lucas smiled, Lisa standing up, kissing his cheek.

"Don't we know it. You relax with your angels, Luke. I'll start breakfast." she said, Lucas giving her a look, Lisa smiling and pecking his cheek again, smirking, Lucas sitting down beside Justin, Randall's hand going to Lucas' shoulder.

"Thank you, Lucas. For giving us all our dreams." he smiled, Lucas smiling, blushing a bit.

"I will always make my family's dreams come true."

Justin smiled, pulling the bottle out of little Joshua's mouth, gently guiding him to his chest, patting his back, looking for a burp.

The boy softly belched, Justin smiling and returning him to his bottle and his arms, lightly humming again.

"You're a natural, Jus." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"I looked after Jonnie and Stevie when they were infants, Lucky. A good experience for fatherhood."

"Okay, Dada. You're on diaper detail."
Justin laughed, Lucas kissing his cheek, everyone smiling at him.

Josh and Lance walked into the room, Lucas smiling, running across the room, enveloping both in his arms, both feeling his kissing love, both lost in the intense love flowing through his lips, Josh the last to feel its beauty.

"Good morning to you too, babe." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Good morning, my fatherly angels of love." he smiled, Lance smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Good morning indeed, Papa. Our treasures, all four, were gone when we woke up." he smiled, walking across the room, his lips meeting Justin's, sitting down beside him, Josh smiling, wrapping his arms around his man.

"You seem really happy this morning, Lucky." he smiled, Lance and Justin smiling at him as well, little Joshua still devouring his bottle in Justin's arms.

"I am, my love. The love flowing through this place has refreshed my soul. Its own and my guiding love." he smiled, Josh nodding.

"Has our angel of love been stoking the fires of love again? I know you made a fire in our hearts last night." he smiled, Lucas kissing his lips, Josh smiling as they parted.

"The heat off it may burn us all." Lucas smiled, Lisa laughing at the stove, Josh kissing her cheek.

"Your man's love scorches all our hearts. I think he's branded us all with his big old heart." she smiled, Lucas laughing, kissing her cheek as well.

"You should check out your son's ass. There are three hearts branded there."
Everyone laughed, Justin blushing, Lance kissing his cheek.

"We own him, body and soul." Lance smiled, Justin beaming.


The four men smiled, sitting down at the table.

The front doorbell rang, Lucas smiling.

"That'll be the Delaney family. The breeze was from the south this morning. Finn's picked up the scent of a free breakfast." Lucas smiled, rising from his Josh's lap, walking out of the kitchen towards the front door.

"He's so happy this morning, Josh." Lynn smiled, gently handing little Justin to him, Josh smiling and taking the bottle from Lynn's hand, continuing to feed the infant.

"I think he's been spreading the love."

"That he has, bro. If the noise upstairs this morning is a sign of it." Trish smiled, walking into the kitchen, Andrew's arm around her.

Everyone smiled at the couple, Lucas, Finn and Skyler walking into the room behind them, little Julian and Diana in Lucas' arms, the young man smiling with happiness.

"Love needs to be voiced, in all ways. I'll always spread my love to others." he smiled, Trish kissing his cheek.

"Even in trio stereo." she smiled, Lucas blushing as Trish took Diana from him, cooing at the small child.

Finn looked confused, Lucas kissing his cheek, handing him his son, Finn smiling and holding little Julian.

"Voiced doubts stewed among our newest threesome of love. I just had to show them the way to their one heart. Passion is now a part of that. I was almost smothered by the new love this morning. Let's welcome their happiness with our own." Lucas smiled, walking over to Lisa, the woman smiling at him.

"Unhand my spatulas, Mom. Let me cook for my family." Lucas smiled, Lisa kissing his cheek.

"Alright, Chef Luke. But us old girls are doing the dishes. I think your slaves will be preoccupied." she smiled, Lucas laughing.

"Indeed they will. Their love will be overflowing. Anyone have a camera?"

Everyone laughed, Lucas working on breakfast, smiling to himself.

My best work yet.

And their magic doesn't know that I interfered.

He smiled, flipping pancakes.


Fifteen minutes later three visions of smiling, youthful happiness strode into the kitchen, everyone at the table smiling at them.

Lucas dumped the last frying pan into the sink, smiling at all three, wiping his hands on a dishcloth.

The three stopped, Haras moving forward on his own, his bronzed arms enveloping Lucas, lifting the young man off his feet, his embrace steeped with emotion.

"Their love, Lucas! Their total love! My heart's so alive!" he cried, Jonathan and Colton tearing up, everyone smiling with tearful happiness.

Jonathan's eyes met his brother's, Justin smiling at him with brotherly love.

Lucas stared at Colton and Jonathan, the young man smiling and patting Haras' back.

"Your love is now one soul, Haras. We all will see its shining love." he smiled, the Egyptian setting him down on his feet, wiping his eyes as he released the young man, Lucas saw the tears of happiness in his golden brown pools.

"Life is good, Haras. Today you live it. Their love is yours."

The man sobbed, Jonathan and Colton at his sides, their love surrounding him.

"I sense you had some doing in this. I will never forget this, Lucas. Your love is the greatest I have ever felt. Their love I shall need forever. My life I give to them and to you."
Lucas blushed, Colton smiling at his friend.

"It shall never come to that, Haras. You three will have a lifetime of passion, love and happiness." he smiled, Josh walking up to Lucas, little Justin in his arms, the man kissing his cheek.

"You amaze all of us, Lucky. Their love looks so beautiful." he smiled hugging all three gently, everyone at the table moving, the three hugged by everyone.

"Breakfast is ready, everyone. Here comes the last beauties of love." Lucas smiled, Harry and Alain walking into the room, their hands entwined.

"Morning, everyone. Sorry we're the last up." Alain smiled, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"You're actually the last ones down. In all ways." Lucas smiled, patting Harry's ass.

Alain laughed, beaming.

"I wasn't the stallion this morning, Luke. My Harry's passion was on fire. It must have been the youthful passion next door. Thank you, Colton and Jonathan." the black man grinned, the two young men blushing.

"I think you need to thank Haras as well, Alain. Those three, and Haras' new passion rocked your world. I think we'll have to do plaster work today." Finn laughed, Haras blushing deeply, his two men smiling at him.

"Welcome to the new world of love, Haras." Harry smiled, kissing the Egyptian's cheek.

Lucas smiled, kissing Haras' cheek as well.

"Destroy the house, Hari. Those two would make anyone let all of himself go." Lucas smiled, Colton and Jonathan beaming, diving into the platter of pancakes Lucas had just set down.

"Ah the youthful energy of life. I'll pick up earplugs for everyone." Lucas smiled, everyone laughing, Colton's lips meeting Haras'.

The Egyptian smiled, his embarrassment gone.

"My love is thunderous. Theirs drives the storm." he said, the three smiling at everyone.

"Okay, we can't dine on googly eyes. Bring on the grub, Lukey!" Finny smiled, Lucas shaking his head with laughter.

"I'll start a tab, freeloader."

Finn blushed, Lucas laughing and kissing his cheek.

"Free breakfasts for all I love. Hairy vagabonds notwithstanding." he smiled, Finn laughing, Lucas heading for the stove and the warming trays.

Haras stared towards the young man, his thoughts his own.


The meal was filling, delicious and abundant.

Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, Josh's father practically bursting.

"Roy, you're going to bust." Karen said, Roy smiling at her.

"Our new grandkids need a jovial grandpa." he smiled, Randall and Tristan laughing, Henderson, Jim and Paul joining them.

 Lucas smiled at the new grandfathers, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Breakfast was heaven, my love. You as well, Lisa." he smiled, Lucas kissing his lips, Lisa smiling.

"The energy we need for our first day as fathers." Lucas smiled, little Joshua in his arms now, the baby cooing.

Lance held little Justin, the man smiling at his soulmates.

"First thing on the list, shopping." Justin smiled, Josh smirking beside Lucas.

"He's got that look, Lucky. Our boys are going to be so spoiled." he smiled, Justin blushing, Lance kissing his cheek.

"They'll be spoiled by our Justin's giving heart." he said, Justin smiling.

"I want them to have the best. They'll want for nothing." he said, his three soulmates smiling at him.

"We'll organize and buy them what they need. Clothes, a crib, necessities." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Leave it to me, Luke. Josh and I'll go out." he smiled, Lance smiling, Lucas smiling at him.

"Our men are leaving us with the kids and housework, Lancy. When did we become their bitches?"

Lance laughed, others joining him, Justin and Josh blushing, Lucas smiling and kissing both on the lips.

"Our boys need to have their shopping fun. Take Finny with you. Make it a daddies' day of happiness." he said, Finn smiling.

"I'll keep them in check, Luke. Should we take two or three vehicles for the haul?" he said, Harry laughing, Justin and Josh looking at him.

"Sorry." he blushed, Alain smiling.

"Just for that smirk you and your boy toy are coming with us. I'll need protection from the idolizing masses." Justin smiled, Josh rolling his eyes.

"Two vehicles it is. One for Justin Timberlake's ego." he said, everyone laughing.

"You boys get going. We'll clean up. Your babies need baths, Lucas." Savannah said, Lucas smiling at his mother.

"I'll fill the tub. Here, Mom." Lucas smiled, handing his son to Savannah, who smiled, taking the infant into her arms.

She smiled down at his little face, his violet and blue eyes staring up at her.

"He's so beautiful." she said, tearing up, Lucas kissing her cheek.

"You missed my childhood, Mom. Our boys will have your love through theirs. And you'll have your dreams." he said, Savannah tearing up, Tristan's arm around her, his own green eyes filled with tears.

"We'll love them as we always loved you, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling, Lance smiling and guiding little Joshua into Tristan's arms, the man smiling widely.

"Keep them happy. Let's get organized, guys." he smiled, Lucas and Lance heading out of the room, Josh and Justin smiling, following them.

"They're all so happy." Skyler said, breastfeeding little Diana.

"They have the glow of fatherhood. I'm still shining with happiness." Finn smiled, Skyler smiling at her husband.

Twenty minutes later Justin and Josh left their home with Harry, Alain and Finn in tow.

They only took one SUV, kissing their husbands goodbye.

Lucas had given Harry a grocery list as well, reminding his men that Enrique and his partner were coming for dinner.

Josh had suggested cancelling it, Lucas saying no.

Friends needed their friendship and love as well.
The two men had smiled, Justin kissing his cheek.

"I'm dying to see Enrique's new man." he smiled, Lance smiling at him with love.

Josh felt Lucas kiss his cheek, the man smiling at him.

"Past loves can't hold a candle to true love." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"I love you, Lucas."
"Love you back, beautiful."
Josh smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Get going boys. If Finny gets too hyper buy him a pacifier as well." Lucas smiled, the men laughing, Finn giving Lucas a one finger salute, Lucas laughing.

They left the house, their men waving them goodbye.

"Let's go bathe our angels, Lancy. I need a bath as well." Lucas smiled, Lance grinning.

"Sweet. I'm going to be washing a big angel as well."

Lucas smiled, kissing his lips.

"I'm very dirty today, beautiful." he winked, Lance smiling widely, following Lucas back into the house.


Harry drove them around to three different malls, Josh and Justin filling the SUV with treasures at every stop.

Finn smiled, seeing something surprising.

Justin was actually playing it cautious, only buying things Finn said the children really needed.

Josh, on the other hand, was roaming aisles, little treasures catching his eyes, the man carrying stuffed animals, toys and clothing continually.

Finn smiled, tapping Justin on the shoulder, the man smiling at him.

"Looks like Chasez is a shop-a-holic. Even more than you, Justin." he smiled, Justin chuckling.

"He always was, Finn. I'll begrudge him nothing. But I'll keep an eye on him." Justin smiled, Josh walking up to them, the man smiling.

"I've found the perfect thing for our boys, Jus. Come see, guys!" he smiled, practically beaming.

Justin smiled, his arm going to Josh's shoulder.

"Lead on, Daddy."
Josh smiled, the four men following him down an aisle.

Josh pointed at something, the four men smiling.

Justin stared at the item, Josh's blue eyes meeting his.

"It's expensive, Josh. Lucas will flip." he said, Josh smiling, looking around and kissing his cheek.

"Let me handle our Lucky. He'll see the love behind it."

Justin laughed, smiling at his friend.

"Okay, we need to tone the shopping down, my friend. Lucas wanted us to pick up just the essentials." Harry smiled, Josh blushing a little.

"They're my sons, Harry. I want them happy." Josh said, Justin smiling, nodding his head.

"Me too, Joshy. I think it's a great idea. Luke will see the meaning behind it." Justin said, Josh beaming.

A salesperson walked up to them, the young woman smiling.

"Hello, Mr. Timberlake and Mr. Chasez. And Mr. Delaney. Can I help you with anything?" she smiled, Finn looking surprised.

She smiled at him, Josh smiling at Finn's surprised reaction.

"I follow your music, Mr. Delaney. Orion is an amazing group. Are we looking for something for your children?" she smiled, Josh smiling.

"Yes, for them and some others. Finn's fallen in love with this." Justin smiled, the woman smiling at him.

"Excellent choice, Mr. Delaney. It's new to the market, exclusive with our store." she said, Finn smiling at her.

Finn looked at Josh, the man smiling at the clerk.

"We'll take it. Do you have two in stock?"

Justin looked confused, as did Finn.

"Two, sir?" she said, Josh smiling.

"Yes, one for Finn and one for myself. I know some children who'd love this." he smiled, the woman smiling at him.

"Yes, we have two in stock. Please come to the cashier when you're ready to go with all your purchases. Anything else I can do?" she smiled at Josh alone, Justin smirking.

"Thank you for your help. We're almost finished. We'll ring up shortly." Finn smiled, the woman smiling at him, walking down the aisle.

"Two, Josh?" Justin said, Josh smiling at him, then looking at Finn.

"One for us and one for Finny's treasures. Can't have our four angels fighting over their new toys, now can we?"

Finn looked surprised, looking at the item again.

"Josh. . .it's too. . .I can't believe it!" he said, Josh smiling and putting his hand on his shoulder.

"My way of saying thanks for being Lucas' brother. Our children will be as locked in their friendship as you and Lucas are."

Finn teared up, Justin smiling at the Welshman.

"Thank you, Josh. Sky's going to be as livid as Lukey." he said, Josh laughing.

"We'll wear Speedos later at the pool. Both of our loves will forgive the extravagance." he said, Finn laughing, hugging the man to him.

"Maybe thongs would be better? Sky loves eye candy."
Everyone laughed, the group heading down the aisle, scanning other baby items.


Lucas smiled, a gang of happy, rambunctious men walking out onto the veranda, all covered in smiles.

"You've been back for almost an hour, my love. I feel slighted." Lucas said, Josh leaning down and kissing Lucas' upturned lips.

"Sorry, babe. Was setting up everything." he smiled, Alain smiling at him, seated at the table beside Lucas and Lance, each with an infant in their lap.

"Yes, so Alain told us. We were all warned to stay clear of the upstairs. What have you two sneaks been doing?" Lance smiled.

Justin and Harry smiled, each pulling out a baby carrier from behind their backs, Lucas smiling.

"First item for our boys. Something for them to sit in and sleep in. All your laps are too boney." Justin laughed, setting the two carriers down on the table, Lucas and Lance seeing the children's names engraved on their top wooden frame.

The two men smiled, standing up and putting the two infants in their carriers, the two acting up, feeling the loss of their father's warmth.

The two suddenly calmed down, gurgling and cooing.

"They love them. Not as well as our boney laps, Lancy. But then our men never seemed to mind the bones before." Lucas smirked, everyone laughing.

Justin and Josh blushed, Lucas and Lance kissing their husbands' lips.

"Everything's set up, Lucky." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Alright, our loves. Lead the way to your love." Lance said, picking up Joshua Lucas' carrier, Lucas picking up Justin Lance's.

The two men in front of them beamed, everyone smiling and rising from their seats.

They all followed the two men, Alain's arm going around Harry's waist.

Justin and Josh led the way upstairs, everyone smiling at their showing happiness.

"We finished their room, Lucky and Lancy. I hope you love it." Justin said, Josh showing a bit of nervousness in his eyes, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"I'm sure we will. I sense a lot of carefree happiness flowed this morning. What am I going to do with you two kids?" he smiled, Lance chuckling.

Justin and Josh smiled, Justin kissing Lucas' cheek.

"You're going to love us."
Lucas smiled, his eyes going to the door across the hall from their bedroom, the door closed.

Everyone crowded around the four men, Lucas' eyes going to the closed door seeing a wooden plaque now in its center.

He and Lance walked up to it, Josh and Justin smiling and following them.

Lucas stared at the painted plaque, reading its written words aloud.


            Joshy's and Justy's

               Room of Love

     Fathers Always Welcomed


He smiled, seeing small bears and flying eagles painted around the words.

"It's beautiful, my loves." he said, Justin smiling and putting his hand on the doorknob of the room.

"Prepare to be amazed." he grinned, Josh remaining quiet.

Lynn and Savannah took the carriers from the two men, Lucas smiling at both women.

Everyone smiled, Justin opening the door.

Lucas' and Lance's eyes widened with surprise, their eyes meeting their husbands' blue pools of happiness.

"Josh's gift to our loves." Justin smiled, Josh softly smiling.

The two men walked forward, Josh and Justin following, everyone crowding around the open doorway, all their eyes widening with surprise and smiles.

"Awesome!" Colton grinned, Jonathan's and Haras' arms around him.

Lucas' eyes moved around the bright sunlit room, taking in all its beauty, his eyes going to the central piece of the room.

He stared at it for a moment, his eyes moving around the rest of the room.

Justin and Josh traded looks, unable to read Lucas' expression.

By the window were two rocking chairs, the man walking up to them, seeing stuffed bears on each, Joshy and Justy embroidered on both.

The room was painted a light blue, animals of all kinds decaled on the walls, flowers and smiling suns showing as well.

A change table was against one wall, a toy box showing as well.

Lucas sensed the box would be filled for years, a smiling pony painted on its top, two initialled Js woven together below it.

Lance's eyes were on the central item of the room, it covering more than half of one wall, Justin's arm going around him.

"Josh found it. It was so expensive. But it just seemed so right." Justin smiled, Josh smiling at him.

Lucas walked up to the crib in the middle of the room, smiling at their children's names etched in its wooden beauty.

He put his hand down in the middle of it, feeling the softness of the mattress and covered blankets.

"They'll sleep in soft dreams of our love." he said, Josh smiling at him, his eyes moving to the other item in the room.

"You're very quiet about it, Lucas." he softly said, Lucas smiling at him with love, the man walking across the room, stopping in front of it.

He stared at the item against the wall, taking in its peaceful beauty and its calming sounds.

"They will hear the waterfall of our hearts every night in their dreams." he smiled, Lance smiling as he and Justin walked up to the young man, Josh already at his side, his arm going around him.

"It's so beautiful, Josh. It's like a part of my dreams." Lucas said, tearing up.

All four stared at the vision of watery love before them.

Against one corner of the room was a large fountain, its base a flowing pool of clear water.

A waterfall fed the pool, its water falling in quiet solitude, the only sound in the room.

Small trees and animals surrounded the beauty of the pool and waterfall, Lucas smiling widely.

"It's perfect, my love. They'll hear the waterfall of our love always." he said, his head going against Josh's chest.

Everyone smiled, taking in the beautiful fountain, seeing the significance of its meaning to Lucas.

"Water always calmed your soul, Lucas. It shall calm theirs as well."

Lucas smiled, staring into Josh's blue pools.

"I love you, my Joshua. I love you, my Justin and Lance. Thank you for remembering my love of falling water. Our children have a room of love." he smiled, the other three smiling at him.

Everyone crowded around them, taking in the fountain's beauty and the room's blueness and love.

"It's perfect, Josh and Justin." Lance smiled, Justin beaming at seeing the happiness in his husband's eyes.

"Nothing's too good for our boys." he smiled, Lynn smiling and handing her son Joshy's small carrier.

Justin beamed, moving the carrier around, as if he was showing his son his new room.

"This is all yours, my boy. Dada's across the hall always." he beamed, Lucas smiling and laughing.

"We'll need to get a lock on our door later in life."

Finn laughed, Skyler smiling at the four men, her eyes on the fountain.

"It's like a miniature version of your pool, Luke. It's so beautiful."

Finn smiled, kissing his wife's cheek, each carrying an infant.

"Glad you like it, babe. Josh gifted us one as well." he smiled, Skyler's eyes widening in surprise.

Lucas looked surprised, Josh kissing his cheek, smiling at Skyler.

"Our children will be friends and siblings for life. Each needs to hear the waters of Lucas' love." he smiled, Skyler moving, hugging Josh tightly.

"Thank you, Josh. They'll love its calming waters." she smiled, kissing his cheek, Finn smiling at her.

"I've already set it up in their room, babe. The waters will flow tonight." he smiled, Skyler's lips meeting his.

Lucas and Josh smiled, Lucas' eyes meeting his blue.

"I feel the expensiveness of this room's treasures." he said, Josh blushing softly, Justin blushing a bit as well, Lance smiling at him in his arms.

Lucas smile widened on his face, his three loves taking in the beauty of its wideness.

"Nothing's too good for our angels. It's all as beautiful as they are."

Josh smiled widely, his arms going around his man.

"Let's put then to bed for a nap, guys." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling and taking the carrier from Savannah, she kissing all four's cheeks.

"It's beautiful. Our grandchildren's room of love." she smiled, Lucas kissing her cheek.

"And two rocking chairs for the grandmas to rock their angels in." he smiled, all the grandmothers tearing up.

"What about the granddads, Luke?" Roy smiled, Lucas smiling.

"They'll all be in the kitchen feeding on their sons' love."

Everyone laughed, Roy beaming.

"Any of that pastrami left, Luke?" he grinned, Karen rolling his eyes, Lucas laughing.

"Tons, Dad. Help yourself." he smiled, everyone smiling and moving out of the room.

Lance smiled, lifting Justy out of his carrier, Lucas lifting Joshy out of his, the two men setting them both down on their cloud of love in their cribs.

The two infants cooed, Lance and Lucas kissing both of their foreheads.

"Sleep in the watery love of all of us, boys." Lance smiled, Justin's arms wrapping around him, Josh's arms around his Lucky.

"They love it, you can see the happiness in their eyes." Lucas said, the two infants slowly closing their eyes.

"It's beautiful, guys." Lance smiled, Justin kissing his lips.

"Thanks for not getting upset by the extravagance, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at his man, pulling him close.

"Your love is expensive, my Joshua. I'll take it in at any cost."
Josh smiled widely, his man's lips meeting his.

"We're getting an intercom installed tomorrow so we'll hear them up here from anywhere in the house or outside." Justin smiled, Lance nodding.

"I'll always feel my sons' awakening love, guys. Thanks for all of this. It's beautiful." he smiled, all three wrapping their arms around him, Lucas smiling down at his sons.

"Welcome to your home, Joshy and Justy. Forever you will be loved."

The four smiled, all four gently kissing their angels, slowly walking out of the room.


Lucas smiled, opening the front door, two men standing on its shadowy steps.

"Good evening, my friends." he smiled, the two men smiling at him.

"I hope we're not too early?" Enrique said, Lucas smiling at him.

"No, not at all. Hello again, Enrique. And hello Derek." Lucas smiled, the two men smiling and walking into the foyer, Lucas closing the door behind him.

"We brought wine, Mr. Carver-Belmont." the young man standing beside Enrique said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Another fan, awesome! My music is built on friendship. You'll find the same here." he smiled, the young man blushing, Enrique smiling at him.

"How did you know my name? Enrique told me you had said it at the party yesterday." the young man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I felt your love in Enrique's soul. And I saw the decorum of your professional attitudes." Lucas smiled, Enrique smiling at Lucas, the man's arm going around the younger man, he looking surprised.

"I feel the friendship, Lucas. I sense this is a home of open love. Why not start with that off the bat? This is my partner and soulmate, Derek Fontaine. We're also co-owners of the restaurant." Enrique said, Lucas smiling and shaking the man's hand.

"Open it is, my friends. Welcome to our home." Lucas smiled, the young man smiling at him.

"You and Josh have a lovely home." Derek said, Lucas smiling.

"Thank you, Derek. Home it is to us indeed." he said, Enrique lightly laughing, Derek blushing.

"Let me introduce you to my better half. And others of open love. The night may surprise both of you."

The two men smiled, Lucas winking at the young man.

"And I won't make you wait on any tables, my friend."

Derek laughed, Enrique smiling.

"Walk with your love before us, my friends. We're all open here." Lucas smiled, the two men smiling and following Lucas through the living room.

They walked out onto the patio, taking in the group sitting around the patio table and at the pool.

Josh smiled, having been talking to Finn and Skyler at one of the patio tables, the man smiling as he walked up to their guests.

"Welcome to my home, my friends." he smiled, Lucas smiling, his arms going around his man, Josh looking surprised, Lucas kissing his lips tenderly.

"Welcome them to our home, my love." Lucas smiled, Enrique smiling, Derek's eyes widening a bit.

"Yes, my new friend. I've bagged me a bona fide superstar. The best love in the world." Lucas smiled, Josh blushing but smiling, feeling Lucas' love.

"As Lucas just showed, we're a couple, my friends." Josh smiled, Derek staring at him with quietness.

"And who is this?" Josh smiled, Enrique smiling at his old friend.
"This is my soulmate, Josh. This is my Derek. Josh, this is Derek Fontaine." he smiled, Josh smiling and shaking the young man's hand, his eyes still showing wonder.

"I saw your interviews and news clips. Congratulations to you both on the open love now showing."

Enrique's eyes lowered a bit, Derek softy smiling at him.

"Relax, guys. We're all just ourselves here, Derek. You'll see all the open love soon enough."

The young man smiled, his eyes widening again.

"Sweet! Open love is awesome! Pucker up, babe!" Justin grinned, kissing Lance's lips, the two men having walked up to the new visitors.

"Oh, my God!" Derek softly said, Enrique laughing, Lucas smiling at him.

"I thought I'd let him walk into the revealing love." Enrique smiled, Derek's eyes meeting his.

"You knew this? That's. . .that's Justin Timberlake! And he's. . ." Derek stuttered, Justin smiling at the young man.

"Hi, I'm just Justin. And this is my main squeeze Lance." he beamed, Lance smirking.

"Hello, Mr. Timberlake, Mr. Bass. I'm Derek Fontaine. Enrique and I are a couple." the young man said, Justin smiling at him.

"I'm just Justin, Derek. Rico's bagged his own angel, I see. Ooh, he's delicious!" Justin grinned, Derek blushing, everyone around them laughing.

Lucas smiled, his arm going around the young man's shoulder.

"Ignore Mr. Horndog here. Let me introduce you both to all my family and friends." Lucas smiled, the man guiding the two men around the patio introducing them to everyone.

Justin and Josh smiled at each other, Lance's arms going around both of them.

"Looks like Lucky's spreading the love." he said, Justin smiling.

"That boy's stunning." he smiled, Lance kissing his cheek.

Lance stared at the young man, seeing his handsome looks, his physique a trim muscled form.

"He'd destroy you, babe. Enrique looks tired."

Josh laughed, Justin blushing.

"Sorry, babe. I only have eyes for my three of love."
Josh smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"Yeah right. I'm popping wood as well, horn dog."

All three laughed, returning to their treasures in their grandparents' arms.

Karen and Dianne both hugged Enrique, the man smiling at their remembering him.

Harry and Alain were introduced, Derek smiling at both handsome young men.

Harry smiled at him, Alain's arm going around him, Derek and Enrique surprised, Lucas laughing.

"Open love, it's everywhere." he smiled at his cousin, Harry softly smiling at him.

Derek was introduced to Lucas' bandmates, the young man giving them compliments on their music.

Finn smiled, hearing the young man's adulation in his words, his eyes going to Lucas.

"Why do we attract all the boy groupies Luke?" he smiled, Lucas kissing his friend's cheek.

"It's that hot ass of yours, Finny. No more leather pants for you." he said, Finn laughing, Derek blushing.

Lucas laughed, patting the young man's shoulder.

"Finn's the old fart of the group. But his friendship is solid." Lucas smiled, Finn raising a finger, hugging his friend.

Derek smiled, seeing their close friendship.

"Derek is right, Lucas. Your music is powerful and amazing." Enrique smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thank you, Enrique. Coming from you that's high praise. I've been a fan for years. And it's just Luke, guys."

The two smiled, their hands together.

"Alright, Luke." Derek smiled, walking with his man back to the patio.


"So you're partners in all things. Cool." Andrew said, Derek smiling at his partner, Enrique smiling.

Everyone sat around the patio tables, awaiting Lucas' evening feast.

Lucas and Colton were in the house preparing dinner.

"Yes, we're co-owners of the restaurant. Derek acts as maitre' d and waiter as well. I pitch in as well when I'm here. I have full faith in Derek keeping the place running smoothly. The business is thriving." he smiled, Derek smiling at him.

"So how did you two meet?" Justin asked, Derek smiling at him.

"You're not the only one that has fans, Justin." he smiled, Enrique smiling wider.

"I met Derek at a concert I gave here in L.A.. He had won a local contest to meet me backstage."

"I had gone backstage with three of my girlfriends from college. It had been an awesome concert. My Enrique sings so beautifully."
"His girlfriends were nearly hysterical, but Derek was calm and let them enjoy the experience more than himself. I was drawn to his giving heart. I met him the next day for coffee, just the two of us." Enrique said, his hand going into the younger man's.

"I believe in love at first sight. His blue eyes owned me from that first moment." Enrique said, Derek smiling at only him.

"I love Enrique as himself, not the star. His greater beauty is in his loving soul." the young man smiled, Lucas smiling and walking out of the house.

"A soul's love always reflects in honest eyes." the young man said, everyone smiling up at him.

"Dinner's almost ready, everyone. It will be a buffet of love." he smiled, sitting down in Josh's lap, their lips meeting.

"Oh a challenge!" Justin grinned, his lips meeting his soulmate's.

Finn grinned, his lips meeting his Sky's, she surprised by his showing love.

Harry and Alain smiled at each other, their lips meeting as well.

"Shall we shock them as well with some old love?" Emerson said, Francesca smiling, their lips meeting.

Tristan and Savannah grinned, joining the love.

Haras and Jonathan smiled at each other, Jonathan kissing his lips lightly.

"We'll wait for our Colty. Our love is better thrice given." Haras smiled, Enrique and Derek looking at the two young men with surprise.

"Three? You're a trio?!" Enrique said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love comes in many forms, my friends. And my love spreads everywhere." he winked, the young man rising from his Josh's lap, Josh smiling at him, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"The bottles are ready, Daddy. Your boys need feeding." he smiled, Josh smiling, rising from his seat and walking over to Lynn, she smiling and handing him little Justy.

Justin smiled, little Joshy already in his arms from Lisa's arms.

"Come on, my boys. Let's drink for happiness." Justin smiled, Derek and Enrique staring at both men in shock.

"They're yours?" Enrique said, looking deeply surprised.

Josh smiled, leaning down and kissing his old friend's cheek.

"Lucas' love spreads everywhere, my friends. He's give Justin, Lance and myself our greater happiness." he smiled, looking around at everyone.

"Fill them in on your love, my love. We'll feed the boys." Justin smiled, he and Josh walking into the house.

Lucas smiled, his violet eyes meeting a set of blue and a set of brown staring eyes of wonder.

"I am life, I am love. And I am so much more." he smiled, looking around at everyone.

"Tell them everything, guys. I'm going to check on Colton's fare."

He smiled, walking into the house, Finn smiling.

"What's. . .what's going on here?" Enrique said, Lance's hand going to his shoulder.

"Love, Rico. Lucas' love. Be prepared to be amazed."

Lance smiled, opening the patio to the story of Lucas' life.

No one saw Lucas standing inside the patio doorway, his violet eyes softly glowing green.



End of Chapter 180


One hundred and eighty chapters.

I can't believe myself.

This may be my longest yarn yet.

I hope it's more of a yarn than a yawn.


The four fathers are settling into fatherly life.

Two angels drawing their love out in surprising ways.

Josh and his pool of love for them in their new room.

A waterfall to calm their dreams as Lucas' always had.


Enrique and his partner have arrived.

They've seen the open love and showing happiness.

I've always been a fan of Enrique's Latin looks.

So dreamy.


Lance is narrating the story of Lucas' life, the two now drawn into his love.

Lucas seems focused on something, quietly watching in the background.


Ahead, paths join, mysteries coalesce.


Hugs, Angel.