Yesterday's End-182


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

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Chapter 182


Everyone stared at Derek, the young man's eyes lowering, Lucas' hand still upon his shoulder.

Haras' brown eyes were staring at the young man with total shock.

"He. . .Hemi is Kavinus' brother?" he softly said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Haras. And even Kavinus didn't know that fact." Lucas said, Derek's head raising.

He stared into Lucas' green pools, the man staring at his pools with calm love.

"I could not tell him, Lucas." he said, Lucas nodding.

"Because of the shame you felt Kavinus would have in his own heart for your past." Lucas said, the young man nodding.

Enrique moved from his seat, walking up to his man, his arm going around him.

"You have magic, Derek?" he said, their eyes meeting.

The young man's eyes lowered again, Enrique kissing his cheek.

"And here I only thought your love was magical." Enrique said, Derek's eyes lifting again, Lucas smiling at the Spaniard.

"Rico holds no change in his love for you, Derek. You are more than just your magical soul." Lucas said, Haras staring at the young man, Jonathan and Colton now surrounding him.

"How can this be, Luke? How can a common foot soldier be of Egyptian royalty?" he said, Derek's eyes lowering again, Enrique holding him close.

"How could Kavinus not know of his brother's existence, Luke?" Lance said, Lucas looking at his friend.

"The paths of destiny, my friends. Let's return to our seats and let Hemidon walk his life again." Lucas said, the young man looking into his green pools again.

"You know all of it, don't you?" he said, Lucas smiling.

"My destiny and magic moves everywhere, Hemidon. Those of the path walk their own, my reality their nexus." Lucas said, everyone slowly returning to their seats.

Lucas smiled at his three loves, the young man pulling his chair beside Derek's, Enrique on his other side.

"Let's talk of the past, let's talk of your life, Hemidon." Lucas said, the young man beside him looking at him.

"My life has been long, Lucas. I have passed unto death thirty times. You see before you my latest soul." the young man said, everyone looking surprised, Haras staring at him.

"You've died thirty times?" Finn said with shock.

"He's lived thirty lives, Finny." Lucas said, staring at Derek with calmness.

Lucas' hand went on top of the young man's.

"The entrapment of the magic?" he said, Derek nodding.

"The aftermath of my choice." he said, Enrique staring at his soulmate.

Their eyes met, Enrique now looking into two golden brown pools, their blueness gone.

"I have always been myself, Enrique. The man you fell in love with has always been myself." Derek said, Enrique's arm going around him, the young man feeling his unchanged love.

"Your original self must have been a man of total love and happiness." Enrique said, Derek smiling at him.

"I was. I am." he said, Lucas smiling at the two.

"But you weren't always a man through those lives, were you?" he said, Derek staring at him.

"No, Lucas. The magic is nothing if not humorous in its soul." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"And focused on its path." he said, Derek nodding.

"You're talking of Derek's magic as if it was a real person, Luke." Finn said, Lucas looking around at everyone.

"It lives and breathes, everyone. Magic that old has felt much." he said, Derek staring at him.

"How. . .how did you gain this magic?" Haras said, staring at the young man.

"Through birthright, through the destiny of my family." Derek said, Lucas nodding.

"I feel you're stating lies, Hemidon Akemenon. You and Kavinus didn't have the same names of royalty. I know of no family of Akemenon that lived as kings or in the royal court among our people." Haras said, his voice edged again with determination, Lucas quietly staring at the young Egyptian, Colton's blue pools on Lucas' green.

"The Amotep family were of royal lineage, descendants of Cheops himself." Haras said, Vivian looking at the young man with surprise.

"The ancient Pharaoh Cheops, builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza?" she said, Lucas smiling at his adoptive mother.

"Mom's well-learned in Egyptian history, Haras." he smiled, Vivian smiling at him.

"Yes, as I myself am. As all Egyptian subjects were. Kavinus was indeed of that royal bloodline." Haras said, looking at Hemi.

"I know not your family name embedded in that royalty, Hemidon." Haras said, Lucas looking between the two.

"What was Cheops' other name, Mom?" Lucas asked, Vivian staring at him with surprise.

"It. . .it was Khufu, Lucas. He was Pharaoh Khufu to the Egyptian hierarchy. Cheops is his Greek pronunciation, Khufu long accepted as more genuine of Egyptian life." she said, Lucas nodding.

"Names changed, paths changed." Lucas said, everyone looking at him.

"Is that significant, Luke?" Lance asked, Lucas smiling at him.

"In several ways, my Lance." he said, his eyes going back to Derek and Enrique.

"Tell us of your history, Hemidon. Haras needs to hear the truth." Lucas said, the young man in front of him sighing, Enrique still holding him.

Haras' brown pools were staring at Derek, the man's eyes lowering for a moment, then rising again.

"My father's name was Heritas Amotep, sacred priest of the Khufu religion. He was also Kavinus Amotep's own father. We were both born from his lineage." Derek said, Haras looking at the young man with surprise.

"Kavinus' father was a man of revered character. He had only one wife, Kavinus' mother Amothsa. What you say is blasphemous on his name!" Haras said, Derek's eyes meeting his.

"It is no less true, Haras. My father knew not of my existence, neither did Kavinus. And his father and mine was not of revered character. My mother told me the truth of that monster before she sent me away." Derek said, Lucas looking at him with compassion.

"Monsters lie behind facades of respect and power." he said, Haras looking at him with confusion.

"What are you saying, Lucas?" he said, Lucas' green pools looking into his brown.

"I'm saying that men of worth and standing can lead double lives, Haras. Heritas Amotep was one such man. He thrived on the power of his position, but his soul craved for the more deprived desires. And the greater power he found in his ancestors' ancient magic."

Haras looked shocked, Colton's arm going around him.

"The Khufu dynasty was well shown to be of magic." Derek said, staring at Haras.

"He. . .he was a priest. . .a man of devotion. I remember seeing the man. He was so distinguished, and well respected by all. Even Alsarius thought him worthy of his position." Haras said, Derek staring at him.
"My mother called him monster. For she was attacked by him. I am the living proof of that attack. Kavinus was the living proof of his false nobility." Derek said, lowering his eyes again.

Lucas rubbed the young man's hand, their eyes meeting.

"She sent you away to her relatives to protect you, Hemidon. Heritas knew nothing of your existence, you are correct on that fact." he said, the young man's eyes showing tears.

"But she didn't protect herself, Lucas." he said, Lucas nodding.

"Sacrifices of love carry in others' hearts. Life needs to be lived, love needs to be remembered." Lucas said, the young man nodding.

"I was raised away from the court, from the houses of nobility. My mother was a servant to the Amotep house."
Haras stared at the young man, Derek sighing.

"She was not of royal blood, only an Egyptian civilian. And she died from the anger of her master, Heritas Amotep. My own now known father. He murdered her in a night of sacrificial passion. He used her for. . .for his magic. . ." Derek softy said, his eyes staring at Haras.
Haras' eyes lowered, the young man's staring eyes showing their pain and hurt.

"I. . .I am sorry, Hemidon. I. . .we did not know." he said, Lucas looking at the two Egyptians.

"He was a monster, Haras. My mother was murdered by that monster. And that man died before I could seek my vengeance. But I found something more within his evil." the young Egyptian said, lowering his eyes again.

Haras stared at the young man, his own eyes lowering.

"Life gives us paths we must walk. Your path then drew you into the Egyptian army." Lucas said, the young man raising his eyes again, nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. I still was in heart and soul an Egyptian. And I believed in the cause of the new soon-to-be leader of our nation. I followed Alsaruis' ideals. His path was of truth and honor. He was more an Egyptian than all of us. I would have called him king forever."
Haras teared up, hearing the same devotion in Hemi's words as in his own soul.

"I returned to the city to join the cause. His cause. The cause of righteousness. In turn he saw a greater courage in myself. He personally appointed me to his royal guard. Each man hand-picked for their loyalty and honor. You yourself were such a man, Haras. We all saw the greatness of your loyalty to him. We followed you as greatly as we did him." the young man said, Haras' eyes lowering.

"To follow him was to follow greatness indeed. I believe we both walked the same path, Hemidon. I never knew, Hemi. I never knew of your devotion to him. I thought you only a. . .a soldier." he said, the young man staring at him, Lucas softly smiling, seeing the unsure look in Haras' brown pools.

"Yes, Haras. We walked in honor and hope. We saw the greatness of our Arabian warrior. And the greatness of the man who stood at his side. Our commander and own Egyptian warrior Kavinus."
"You knew he was your brother?" Haras asked, their eyes meeting.

"Yes, Haras. My mother told me of all the lineage of the Amotep family. And of the heroic young son of Heritas. Alsarius' second in command. And soulmate for life. Our brave Kavinus Amotep." Derek said, Lucas staring at him.

"Your hidden brother of life."
Derek nodded, the young man rising from his seat, walking to the patio's edge again, staring out at the calm pool.

"For the first fifteen years of my life I hated him. I hated him for the honor bestowed upon him by our father. For the greatness and life he was given." Derek said, Lucas rising from his seat, his eyes meeting Haras', the young man walking up to the young man.

His hand went to his shoulder, the man's head turning, staring into his now violet pools.

"What changed, Hemidon?" Lucas said, the young man staring at him.

"My life changed when I met him, Lucas. I met my brother on the first day of my initiation into the Royal Guard when I was sixteen. He was the commander of the Guard, the right hand of our savior. He walked among us, sizing up the new guard of youthful courage. He met all of us one-on-one. Each of us stared into his blue eyes. The bluest eyes of any Egyptian. I saw in their depth the truth of my soul. He saw only myself, a young unseasoned warrior. He voiced that truth."

"What did he say?" Andrew asked, behind them.

'"You are young, little lion. What do you seek in the guard of Alsarius, our king?' Kavinus had said."

"And your answer?" Haras asked, Derek's eyes meeting his.

"I seek life, my Captain. I seek honor and life." Derek said.

Haras stared at him, Colton and Jonathan looking at their soulmate, both seated on both sides of him.

"He said it was the right answer. That life all should seek. But life is nothing without love." Derek said, his eyes staring at the water.
"And what did you see in those pools, Hemi? When Kavinus stared into yours?" Lucas said, the young man's eyes meeting his.

"I saw more than life, Lucas. I saw his and Alsarius' destiny in his blue eyes."


Everyone stared at the young man, Lucas' hand rubbing his shoulder.

"You saw the hidden destiny within Kavinus' soul. The magic within you saw his and Alsarius' death."
Everyone looked surprised, Derek nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. The magic flowing through myself saw the truth."

"What truth?" Haras said, Derek turning around, staring at the young Egyptian and his former guardsman.

The young man's body went erect, everyone staring at his changed resolve.

"I saw the existence of Kavinus' future path. And I saw the future of his and Alsarius' path. Their destruction at evil's hand."

"The hatred left you in that moment. For you saw standing before you your brother. A brother who's heart was filled with love. Alsarius' love." Lucas said, Derek's eyes meeting his, Lucas having walked in front of him again.

"Yes, Lucas. I saw a young man of beauty, courage and life. And I felt the love flowing through him. How could I hate someone so filled with life and love?"

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"You saw the true future of Kavinus' and Alsarius' love. The destruction of it down in that tomb."

The young man lowered his eyes, nodding.

"Destruction?" Haras said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his brown.

"Yes, Haras. Alsarius and Kavinus were destined to die down in that tomb. Even their love wouldn't have stopped the evil's path. All of you would have been consumed by the evil. You would have perished in agony and cruelty." Lucas said, staring at Derek, the young man's eyes showing tears.

"And this young warrior was never destined to go down into that tomb." Lucas said.

Haras looked confused, Lucas' violet pools meeting his again.

"Your comrade here changed the path, Haras. For the love of his unknown brother and his soulmate of life he changed destiny."

The young man's head lowered, Haras moving out of his chair.

"You mean. . .he wasn't. . .what did you do, Hemi?" Haras said, his eyes meeting Derek's rising ones.

"Love comes in many forms, my friends. Some fall hard within its center, some gradually attain its greatness. Others never find it, lost forever without love's center. And some find love instantly. And do courageous things to right love's path." Lucas said, Derek's eyes meeting his.

"Continue, lost one." Lucas said, Derek sighing.

"I was accepted by the Guard, initiated into its greatness. For three years I followed Alsarius and his ideals. The man was unbelievable in his courage and strength. In him and Kavinus we all saw the greatness of their love, neither voicing it openly. But one could not walk away from its shining light. It drew us all into its greatness." the young man said, Haras nodding.

"It shone like a beacon through life." he softly said, Lucas nodding.

"And in those three years you formulated your plan, young warrior." Lucas said, Haras' eyes looking at Derek.

"Plan? What plan?" he said, Derek's eyes moving away from his staring brown pools.

"Yes, Luke. I soldiered by day, I studied by night. Ancient magic and texts of magical truth. It all lay hidden in tombs, temples and vaults around the city. One only needed to know where it lay. My dead father's magic lingered in all its revealed truth."
"Your father. . .his magic?" Haras said, Derek's eyes meeting his.

"My father was of magic, Haras. He delved into the ancient arts, the ancient magic of the lost pharaohs."

Haras lowered his eyes.

"What did you do, Hemi?"

The young man sighed, his eyes meeting Lucas', the young man's hand going to his shoulder again.

"Against their love there was only one choice, Haras. I sought out the magic of changing destiny." Derek said, Lucas watching Haras' eyes change to surprise.

"You. . .you changed their destiny?" he softly said, Derek's eyes meeting his.

"Their love was real love, Haras. I could not see it perish. I found the magic I needed. And I guided that magic into Kavinus' hands." the young man said, Lucas' hand moving, lifting the stone that lay hidden under his shirt.

Derek's eyes went to it, widening in surprise.

"You have. . .?"

"I have your magic, Hemidon. The magic you gave to your brother."


Everyone looked surprised, the young man's head lowering again.

"You cannot wear that, Lucas! It. . .it is a strong magic!" he softly said, Lucas hand returning to his shoulder.

"It is even more than you created, Hemi. It is also laced with love."

The young man's hand went tentatively out, touching the red stone.

He trembled, backing up.

"I feel Alsarius' blood within it. And I feel. . ." he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Their love never separated, Hemi. You joined it forever." Lucas said, everyone looking surprised, Haras staring at the young man with shock.

"It. . .it worked?!" Derek said, a look of awed wonder showing on his face.

"Yes, Hemidon. It indeed worked. Your magic protected both of them. And the sacrifice you gave, my family all should thank you for."

"Sacrifice? That stone, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas looking around at everyone.

"This stone is laced with magic, as I've already said. A magic laid there by a brother's love. A brother who sought to protect his brother from the coming evil. Only he didn't realize the depth of his brother's love until it was too late."

The young man's eyes lowered, Haras staring at the young man.

"What do you mean, Lucas?" Haras asked, Derek's head raising, staring at him.

"I guided the diamond into Kavinus' hands, Haras. It was I who told him of a quarry worker who'd seen diamonds down on the inner floor of Khufu's ancient tomb. My brother I guided to the discovery of the large diamond. I needed him to find the magic. He carved that diamond into a pendant."

Lucas smiled at the young man, then at Haras.

"You assumed he'd wear it." he said, Derek nodding.

"I did not know he'd give it to Alsarius. He gave the magic's protection to Alsarius." Derek said, his body trembling with emotion.

"We all saw the stone around Alsarius' neck, Hemi. It was a gift of love he gave him." Haras said, Lucas looking at both of them.

"You only saw half of the protection, my friends." Lucas said, his eyes going to his Josh.

Josh's eyes widened in surprise, the man's hand going to his own throat, pulling the chain out from his own shirt, Haras' eyes widening in surprise.

"That's impossible, Luke!" Josh said, everyone staring at the crystal stone hanging from his neck.

"There. . .there are two of them!" Haras stuttered, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder again.

"Yes, Haras. Kavinus carved the large diamond into two stones of crystal beauty. He gave one to his soulmate, the smaller one he wore himself. And both contained the magic they needed. The magic you all needed. They both wore them down into that deadly tomb."  Lucas said, Haras staring at him in confusion.

"Sit down, my friends. I can finish your tale for you, Hemidon. Walk back into your soulmate's love." Lucas smiled, Derek slowly returning to his seat, Enrique's arm going around him.

Haras returned to his soulmates, their arms going around them.

Lucas sighed, his eyes going to the pool again, the young man finding his calmness.

He smiled, turning and looking at everyone.

"Hemi found the magic he felt could protect his new brother. A brother he now loved as a true brother.  His own pride and emotion kept him from revealing that truth to Kavinus."
Derek's eyes lowered, Enrique kissing his cheek, showing his love to the young man.

"Kavinus would have accepted your truths, Hemi. He would have loved you as a brother. For his soul was filled with Alsarius' love. And that love is true love. Alsarius made Kavinus a better man. Both were men of courage, love and life."
Derek nodded, Haras feeling the same truth.

"Kavinus indeed separated the diamond. He cleft its magic in two. Unfortunately the protection wasn't enough to protect each of them alone."

"This doesn't make sense, Lucas. You're saying that the two of them were filled with magic?" Tristan said, Lucas looking at his father.

"No, Dad. The two of them had magic within the stones, but they were not filled with magic. Only one being in that tomb had a greater magic." Lucas said, his eyes going to Derek.

"From that magic came the greater sacrifice. For our young warrior here saw the truth."

Derek stared at Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"In the tomb you saw the second pendant around Kavinus' neck, didn't you?"

The young man nodded, staring at Lucas.

"I saw the crystal stone hanging around his neck when he bent down to investigate the golden sarcophagus behind the throne. It shocked me to my soul." Derek said, Lucas nodding.

"You instantly realized that Kavinus had separated the stone. That the magic was halved."

The young man nodded again, Haras staring at him.

"And so you formulated the only plan you could think of to stave off their destruction. You changed the path with yourself."

Haras stood up, looking at the young man, walking to Lucas' side.

"What did he do, Lucas? What. . .what did you do, Hemi?" Haras said, Lucas looking at the young Egyptian.

His eyes met Derek's now showing brown pools.

"Family is love, my friend. And a courageous man does much for love." Lucas said, his violet pools meeting Haras' brown.

"You owe your existence to Hemidon's sacrificing love, Haras. The evil did not totally possess Hemi, forcing him to steal the ring that sealed your doom. He knew from the destiny he saw in Kavinus' soul that the evil would possess him and use him to seal all of you in the trap. Hemi's love for all of you took on the evil himself. And in doing so he changed the path for all of you. He let go of his own magic, the magic of himself, and let it find the other magic close to it. That magic saved Kavinus and Alsarius. Neither was destroyed by the evil residing in that tomb. And you yourself were guided onto another path by the same--now combined--magic. Not the path of death and the void. But a greater path of guidance and reflection, resulting in you being freed farther in life by myself. Hemi gave his soul for all of you down in that darkness  It was a total sacrifice of love."

Derek's eyes lowered again, Haras moving, walking up to his chair.

He knelt before the young man, his hand going to his chin, raising it.

Everyone saw the emotion in the young Egyptian's face.

Derek stared into Haras' brown pools.

"Why, Hemi? Why did you do that for me? For them I could understand, their love was great." Haras said, his face showing deep emotion.

"They were not the only ones who showed their hearts in the open, Haras. I saw your love for Alsarius even more than Kavinus did."
Haras' eyes lowered, Derek's hand going to the young Egyptian's shoulder.

"You loved him, Haras. I saw easily that you were a man of courage and love. I gave you some of my magic as well. When I touched your shoulder before I ran towards the exit into the black cloud of evil."
"You. . .you didn't run in cowardice, did you? You ran right at that black cloud of evil to fight it."

The young man's eyes lowered again, slowly nodding.

"I thought I was strong enough. But that little magic I had left was nothing against that evil." the young man said, raising his eyes again, Haras seeing the pain and anguish in those brown pools staring at him.

"You gave them and myself your magic. You went against the evil alone." he said, Derek nodding.

"My destiny was already set within the magic, Haras. For your salvation and theirs I could give nothing less."

"What. . .what do you mean, Hemi?"

"He means that he sacrificed his own path, Haras."

Haras' brown eyes turned, looking at Lucas, the man now standing behind him.

"His own path?" Haras said, rising to his feet again.

Derek stood up, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love walks on many paths. You loved Alsarius, Haras. It was a love of devotion and longing. But it wasn't true love. Kavinus' and Alsarius' love was true love."
Haras nodding, accepting that truth.

"Another walked his own path of devoted love." Lucas said, Haras' eyes turning to Hemi's brown pools.

"I loved you, Haras. That is why I gave you my magic. For my brother and for you. For those I loved." Derek said, the young man's eyes lowering again.

Haras looked stunned, his hand going to the young man's shoulder.

"You. . .you loved me?" he softly said, Derek's eyes raising.

"Yes, Haras. You were my superior, we spent a lot of time together. In you a saw the shining beauty of an Adonis. I still see that shining beauty. I saw your love for Alsarius. It did not change my feelings for you. I saw your love for another possessed by another. Alsarius' love was Kavinus'. I saw its true beauty. And in you I saw so much more. So it was an easy sacrifice to give. I. . .I had to protect you all. I only had one choice." Derek said, Haras' hand going to his shoulder.

"You. . .you sacrificed yourself and your magic for all of us."

The young man stared into Haras' brown pools.

"I could not save you, but I thought I could give you an alternative to being consumed by evil. I'm sorry if your long life wasn't what you wanted. Kavinus and Alsarius have their love forever as well."

"You should have told me, Hemi. Back then. . .we could have. . ." Haras said, his eyes going to Colton and Jonathan.

His eyes went back to Derek's staring brown.

"I've found love, Hemi. It took me lifetimes to find it. Colton and Jonathan are my soulmates. I'm sorry, I never had those feelings for you."
Derek nodded, staring at the Egyptian.

"I know, Haras. And I have found love as well. Through many lives. Ending now with my Rico's love. It is beyond beautiful. They were all beyond beautiful." Derek said, his eyes on Enrique now, the singer standing up, his arm going around his soulmate.

Haras smiled at both men.

"We have found our heart's need, Hemi. It only took us forever." Haras smiled,  Derek nodding and smiling softly, Colton and Jonathan's arms going around him.

"I am happy for you, Haras. Their beauty and love shine greatly."

"As does Enrique's, Hemidon. We have our dreams."

All five men smiled, Lucas quietly watching all of them.

Lucas' violet pools looked towards Finn, the Welshman staring at the two Egyptians.

"So you're saying Kavinus and you were brothers? That you found magic to aid them after seeing a vision of all their deaths?" Finn said, looking confused still.

"Yes, Finn. Hemidon sacrificed all to save his brother, the man he once loved, and his loyal master Alsarius." Lucas said, Haras' hand going to Derek's shoulder again.

"Thank you, Hemidon. For saving them and for giving me a better death than evil's need." Haras said, Derek smiling at him.

"That's all I wanted for everyone." he said, Haras smiling at him.

"Show yourself, Hemidon Akemenon. I want to see my comrade again." Haras said, Derek's eyes lowering again, sitting down again.

Enrique's eyes met Haras', the singer sitting down beside him again.

"It's alright, my love. I can face the real you. I see the love in all of you." Enrique said, Haras staring at both men.

"He cannot, Rico."
Everyone's eyes focused on Lucas, the young man standing behind Haras.

"What do you mean, Lucas? My true soul was drawn out of Myles by your love. Why can Hemi not do the same?" Haras said, Lucas' eyes going to the young Egyptian seated.

"My magic drew you into the real world, Haras. I would gladly do the same for Hemidon." Lucas said, Derek's eyes meeting his violet pools.

"Thank you, Lucas. That means much to my lost soul. But even you cannot change the path I drew myself onto." Derek said, Lucas nodding.

"Someday, Hemidon. At the end of all this a few paths will be righted." Lucas said, Josh rising from his seat, his arm going around his man.

"What do you mean, my love?" he said, Lucas' eyes meeting Derek's, then Haras'.

"Hemidon Akemenon sacrificed all down in that tomb. He gave his magic to those in need. That left only a small amount for himself. It wasn't enough for him to formulate the same path he gave Haras. Hemidon became lost within his own self. He went into the magic."

Everyone stared at the young man, his head raising.

"There was only enough magic for me to stave off the evil's final assault. I could not stop it from making me take the ring, that action releasing its greatness. But I had just enough to stop it from consuming my soul."

Lucas nodded, the young man walking up to him, his hand going to his shoulder again, the man still seated, looking up at him.

"It was enough to free you from the evil. But in doing so you tore yourself from yourself. You became more spirit that self."
The young man nodded, everyone's eyes on him.

"I awoke after the pain of evil's consuming of my body on the southern end of the Valley of the Kings. I felt the transparency of myself. That I was dead and lost from life." the young man said, Enrique's arm going around him.

Lucas nodded, their eyes meeting.

"And you found yourself not alone." he said, Derek showing surprise.

"How. . .how could you know that?" he said, Lucas staring at him.

"Because the magic told me, Hemi." Lucas said, Derek staring at the pendant hanging on Lucas' chest.

"The. . .the magic told you? It never spoke to me, Lucas." Derek said, Lucas nodding.

"I know, Hemidon. As it never spoke to Kavinus or Alsarius. But magic itself is an entity unto itself. And all entities of life exist for a purpose."

"You're being mysterious again, my love. Who was with Hemi when he gained freedom from that tomb of death?" Josh said, his arm around Lucas again.

Lucas' eyes met the young Egyptian seated before him.

He saw the tears forming in his returned blue pools.

"His mother, Josh. Carlisla Akemenon. The first Lady of the Light."*


Everyone stared at Lucas with confusion, Derek's blue pools staring at him with shock.

"How could you. . .we were alone?!"

"A mother's love is always in a man's soul, Hemidon. Your mother was great of love and magic."

Derek rose from his seat, staring at Lucas.

"She was filled with magic, wasn't she, Hemi? You come from courageous stock." Lucas said, the young man trembling, Enrique rising to his feet, his arms going around the young man.

Derek's eyes met Lucas', the young man seeing the love shining in his violet pools.

"She met me in death, Lucas. She was there to tell me my fate." Derek said, Lucas nodding.

"She was there to love you, Hemidon. As she loved you always. And I now see the truth of her own death."

The young man's eyes lowered.

"She was of magic, a great magic. You yourself inherited that magic from her. And Kavinus' father Heratis discovered that truth. And he destroyed her for her magic. Only he never gained it. For she gave it to another."

Derek's head raised, his face covered in tears.

"She was love, Lucas. She gave me her love and magic before she sent me away from her. She risked all to save me."
Lucas nodded, his hand going to the young man's shoulder again.

"Yes, Hemi. A mother's love knows no end. I know that truth myself." Lucas said, his violet pools meeting his own mother's, Savannah tearing up.

"Mothers risk all for their child's life." Lucas said, Savannah smiling at him, Tristan's arm going around her.

"He destroyed her, Lucas. She was so loving and he destroyed her!" Derek said, his emotions now open.

"I know, Hemi. For he was evil, hidden under power and prestige. But your mother had the last say in his path."

Derek looked confused, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Heratis Amotep's death was a death of vengeance. Your own mother's spirit guided him to his justice."
"She. . .she. . .?"
"She loved you, Hemi. She followed his evil to its end. As she followed her son. And in the end she could only give you one hope." Lucas said, Derek staring at him.

"She met me on the valley's plateau, Lucas. She was as loving and beautiful as remembered. She told me that my voyage was just beginning. That the magic was on its path to truth and life."
Lucas nodded, staring into his blue eyes.

"And she told you of your life's path. Of the path of imprisoned destiny you would walk."
Derek nodded, staring around at everyone, his eyes meeting Haras'.

"She told me that Haras was now on his path. That in the end he would find the love he needed. And I see he has." Derek said, Haras staring at him.

"And what of yourself, Hemi? What of your own path?" Haras said, walking up to him again.

"I was to follow a path of reliving life. That I would live and die continually. That my soul would follow a path of destiny. A path of magic and life." he said, Lucas nodding.

"And so you have. Throughout the dynasty of the Belmont and the Carlisle families."

Harry walked up to Lucas, their eyes meeting.

"You said that Carlisla Akemenon was the first Lady of The Light, Lucas. How can that be? Priscilla Carlisle was the first and founder of our hidden brotherhood." Harry said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Priscilla Carlisle stands before you, Harold. As does Almira Carlisle, as do others of our families' paths. Carlisla Akemenon seeded the truth in her son's heart at their parting. Hemidon Akemenon became the guiding light of your brotherhood. He created it through their souls."

Harry stared at Derek in surprise, the young man sighing.

"My mother told me of my future. Of what was required of me down that path. That I was to be a beacon of hope for all. That I was to create a brotherhood of good to stand against evil. That that clan would follow down through history. A fight against evil was coming and goodness needed to thrive. It was the path I chose because of her love. And I am still on that path."

Harry moved forward, the young man hugging the young Egyptian.

"Your heart is filled with courage, lost one. Your mother would be proud of you." Harry said, Lucas smiling at the young man as he parted from Derek, the young man showing a look of soft surprise.

"Hail to thee, creator of our path. The Brotherhood will follow you." Harry said, going to one knee, Derek looking surprised.

Alain rose from his seat, going to his knees as well, saluting the young man.

Gideon and Jacques joined him.

Lucas' Carlisle family rose as well, the ladies bowing to the young man.

"The Brotherhood has found its One. It has come full circle. The creator unknowingly has become its commander." Lucas said, Derek staring at him with tearful eyes.

"What does this all mean, Lucas?" he said, Lucas' arm going around him.

"It means that magic flows on its own path. You created the Brotherhood to grow unto itself so that farther down the path you could lead it, Hemidon Akemenon. The path of destiny moves on its true path."

Harry rose to his feet, staring at his cousin.

"We thought it was you, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I am a destiny unto itself." he smiled, everyone looking at him.
"This is unbelievable, Luke!" Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Life and love are unbelievable, Finny." he smiled, Finn smiling at him.

Rosa Sharon rose from her seat, walking up to Derek.

"Hello, Watcher. I've missed your smile. I see it behind your beauty." she smiled, Lucas' arm going around the young girl.

"Watcher?" Derek said, Rosa Sharon staring up at Lucas.

"Not quite, little angel. You see the mirrored love." Lucas said, the young man looking towards the pool's calm water.

"Hemidon has been trapped within his path of destiny, each life a renewal of his soul. He is not the Watcher who aided you Rosy, or follows myself in the shadows." Lucas said, Josh looking at him.

"But you said that Almira was the Watcher, Luke. The being walking through your families' past. Isn't Hemi also Almira?"

"I assumed as much, my love. But Almira indeed stands before us. In Derek's soul." Lucas smiled, looking at Derek.

"A. . .a being follows us?" he said, Lucas smiling.

"Yes, Hemidon. And I think it's time I focused the true path." Lucas said, the young man sighing, moving across the patio, walking off it and stopping at the pool's edge.

Everyone rose from their seats, staring at Lucas.

"You can come out, Watcher of my path. Of all paths. The waters calm both of us."

Everyone's eyes widened, seeing a ripple begin in the pool's center.

Haras and Derek looked stunned, a head raising out of the water, swimming towards Lucas.

That vision gained its legs, rising out of the water, its muscular toned body showing its beauty and greatness.

Lucas backed up, the vision walking up the stone steps under the water, stopping in front of Lucas, staring at him.

He wore only a wrap around his waist, his center covered, his muscled smooth form standing before Lucas.

"It can't be!!" Haras gasped, his soulmates wrapping their arms around him.

Lucas smiled back at him and Hemi, the young man's violet pools taking in the man before him.

"Welcome into my love, my creator."

The man stood alone, staring around at everyone.

Lucas moved forward, the young man's arms wrapping around the man, his green eyes staring at Haras and Derek.

"You are love, my grandson. And I am lost."

Alsarius Belgras stood in silence, holding Lucas in his arms.


End of Chapter 182


Surprise, surprise!

Alsarius is back!

Well, momentarily anyway.

Apparently he's the elusive Watcher who followed Lucas and Rosa Sharon.


Derek has been revealed as the trapped Hemi.

Haras has now seen the truth of his old comrade's sacrifice.

What will happen to both of them?
One now living in life, one now trapped within another soul.


Paths continue to walk, Lucas' love in their center.

The boy's going to surprise us all.


Hugs, Angel.