Yesterday's End-183


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 183


Lucas stepped back, releasing the vision of muscled beauty in his arms.

Haras and Derek moved, walking off the patio, walking up to the two.

Alsarius' green eyes stared at the young Egyptians, Haras trembling.

"It is indeed I, Haras. I see you've found life again." the man said, Haras moving forward, his arms wrapping around the near naked man.

"Master, you are alive! Life is glorious!" he cried, Derek standing behind him with emotion, Alsarius' eyes meeting his.

"Hello, Hemi. I see your brown eyes behind the blue. I feel your courage and love."
The young man moved, he joining with the other two, a triad of emotional happiness embraced together.

Lucas smiled, Alsarius' green pools staring at him.

"Why am I here, Lucas? I was not supposed to breach the veil of evil's trap." the Arabian man said, Haras and Derek stepping back.

"I needed to bring you out into the truth, my forefather." Lucas said, Alsarius nodding.

"I feel your magic, Lucas. All of it. You are walking a dangerous path."

Josh moved, walking up to his Lucas, Lucas feeling his love surround him, Justin and Lance following.

The man stared at the three, his eyes meeting Lucas' again.

"A triad of love you have, Lucas. Your magic grows within its center." he said, Lucas nodding.

Rosa Sharon walked off the patio, Colton and Jonathan following, she walking right up to the handsome man, his green pools meeting her blue.

"Hello, little imp. You are alive as well. The magic of his love is strong."

"Hello, Watcher. I feel your love again." she smiled, Alsarius smiling at her.

Everyone had moved off the patio, Alsarius surrounded by all of them.

"He. . .he's your ancestor, Luke! He's. . .he's alive?!" Finn stuttered, his arm around his wife.

Alsarius' eyes met Lucas' violet, the young man smiling at him.

"No, Finnegan. He is something alongside the Shades. He isn't alive, only his magic is. It walks its own path." Lucas said, the man smiling at him.

"I have felt your wisdom and intellect, Lucas, descendant of my lineage." Alsarius said, his eyes meeting Tristan's and Emerson's staring green pools.

"I feel your realness, children of my life." he said, Emerson and Tristan both nodding with tearful emotion.

"How can this be, Lucas? How. . .how can he be here?" Haras said, Alsarius' hand going to the young Egyptian's shoulder.

"I feel your happiness, Hari. As I feel Hemi's. I am glad you have found life and love. His magic is all giving." the Arabian said, Haras nodding his head.

"They are my life, Alsarius." Haras said, Colton and Jonathan now at his sides.

"And Hemi is mine." Enrique said, the Arabian nodding at the singer whose arm was now around Derek.

"A Spaniard of beauty. And two young souls of beauty. You are both well-loved." he said, Colton and Jonathan smiling at him, their love around Haras.

His green eyes went to Lucas again, the young man staring at him.

"Why am I here, Lucas?"

"You are here to feel my love, Alsarius."

The man's head lowered, their greenness looking towards the pool.

"I have not felt love for eons. Not since. . ." he said, Lucas moving forward, his hand going to the Arabian's shoulder.

"He still is within your heart, Alsarius. You are just being denied his love." Lucas said, the man's green pools meeting his violet again.

"The evil has him, Lucas. I fought for love and life to save him. I could not stay the magic's or evil's path." he said, Derek walking up to him, their eyes meeting again.

"Thank you, Hemi. Your magical gifts saved both of us. We are alive in the recesses of the magic's embrace. It fends off the evil. How I am here now I know not."

"How did you move through the lineage, Alsarius? I know you are the first of the Watchers." Lucas said, the man's eyes meeting his again.

"I know not, Lucas. My soul is trapped within that tomb of death, lost among treasures of goodness and faith. Perhaps they aided my soul in my voyages into this world of life."

Rosa Sharon smiled up at the handsome man.

"Love aids you, Watcher." she smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"Kavinus is lost as well, Alsarius." Lucas said, Haras staring at him with surprise.

"What. . .what do you mean, Lucas? Kavinus escaped the tomb. He and Alsarius lived a long life of love." the Egyptian said, looking at Alsarius, Lucas looking at him as well.

"Yes, they did that, Haras. Kavinus escaped the tomb to be saved later by Alsarius. By a version of Alsarius." Lucas said, Josh's arm pulling him close.

"A version, Luke?" he said.

"Yes, my love." Lucas said, Alarius' eyes lowering.

"I felt his love, Lucas. I felt its pain across the void. I went to that love's need." he said, his green pools staring at the stone now showing on Lucas' chest.

"The. . ..the magic! You cannot have it!" he said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Alsarius. The magic of his love. Guided to me by love." Lucas said, Alsarius' hand going out, touching the stone, its red hue suddenly glowing.

"I feel his love, Lucas!" he said, Lucas staring into his green pools.

"Yes, Alsarius. You would. You are both connected to the magic. The magic that Hemi forged into this stone." Lucas said, his eyes going around to everyone.

"I had it wrong, my friends. It is not Alsarius who is trapped within the stone. It is Kavinus."


Alsarius' hand rubbed the stone, Lucas staring into his green pools.

"Give me the stone, Lucas! I will free him with my love!"

Lucas stared at his ancestor.

"No, Alsarius, father of my family. Even your love cannot free him."
Alsarius' eyes pooled with tears, his hand moving off the stone, its redness returning to its usual hue.

"I have failed him. Even my love is not worthy of his." the man said, Hemi's hand going to Alsarius' shoulder.

"No, Alsarius! Your love is his love! The two of you are one!" he young man said with emotion, Alsarius staring at him.

"I miss him so much, my comrades! I'm lost within my loss without him." the man said, lowering his eyes again.

"I understand what happened, Alsarius." Lucas said, their eyes meeting again.

"I could not save him, Lucas. I thought the evil was just. It lied to me!"
Lucas nodded, looking into his green pools.

"I know, my forefather. Evil is never truthful."

"What's going on, my love?" Josh said, looking between Lucas and his ancestor, Lucas looking at his soulmates, then around at everyone.

"Kavinus did escape the tomb, and was imprisoned and tortured. And Alsarius did save him. The shade of himself was allowed to escape the tomb to save him. To walk the path of his remembered love, as he always walked. But evil's path was always focused. The two did live a life of happiness and love, creating a child of love . For only one reason. Evil lay in wait for the ending of that remembered love."

Alsarius' eyes were filled with tears.

"I lost him twice, Lucas. Once to my own sacrifice in that tomb for his safety, and once to the evil's hidden intent. It has always been a game to it. He let him go only to capture him later. For he wanted my Kavinus to have a long life of love. He wanted our hearts filled with love."
"For what reason, sire?" Haras said, Lucas looking at the young man.

"Evil feasts on the good, Haras. He wanted Kavinus to be well-filled with love, Alsarius as well. It relishes the greatness of devouring beings of love." Lucas said, Alsarius nodding.

"I loved Kavinus, in the end destroying him." Alsarius said with tearful emotion, Lucas' hand again on his shoulder.

"No, Alsarius. Evil, in the end, was denied its feast."
Alsarius looked confused.

"What do you mean, Lucas?" he said, Lucas' eyes going to Derek, the young man staring at him.

"You have Hemi's love to thank for his and your salvation, Alsarius. The magic he gave you both within the diamond is the hidden protection you both needed in the end. At that moment of Kavinus' ending it ignited its hidden truth. Kavinus' soul upon its death was drawn into the stone by that hidden magic. You yourself were returned to the treasure room, the magic not strong enough to join you with Kavinus' love within the stone. Evil cannot now touch either of you with the magic that surrounds you. So it keeps you imprisoned in that tomb. And it thought it had Kavinus as well within the stone, safely buried within the treasures. But my great-great-grandfather Emmanuel's love for his ancestors removed the stone from evil's grasp."

Emerson stared at his grandson.

"Grandfather. . .he knew?"

"No, Grandfather. He knew the stone was Alsarius', given in love by Kavinus. Its redness the blood of their love. And he knew in his soul he had to remove that jewel from evil's grasp. He never knew that Kavinus himself was within the stone."

"Give me the stone, Lucas! I shall return it to my breast, his love within my heart." Alsarius said, Lucas shaking his head no.

"No, Alsarius. His love is already in your heart. To wear the stone against your warmth would draw the greater evil to both of you. And it would have both of you. This stone needs to remain with me. I will protect Kavinus from evil's grasp. And I will bring both of you back to your souls. This I promise you today."
"You cannot, Lucas! I bargained with evil to have my own freedom to love him. It will never release us! It hungers for our souls! For all the souls of my lineage, yourself included!"

Lucas sighed, staring at his ancestor, his green pools softly glowing, Alarius staring at him with surprise as he became lost in their shining centers.

"My love is greater than any evil, Alsarius Belgras, lost patron of my family's love. Trust in it and my magic to free all of you. Kavinus' love is within this stone, as I have always felt yours. For your love is in his heart, and it radiates into me."

Alsarius' green pools lowered from the shining love his saw in Lucas' green pools.

"He is my life, Lucas. I am nothing without his love!" Alsarius said, Lucas nodding.

"I know, Alsarius. As I've known you've walked beside me always."
"You are love, Watcher. I felt it, too." Rosa Sharon smiled, the man softly smiling at her.

"Who are you really, little one?" he said, Rosa Sharon smiling up at him.

"I'm me. I'm love." she smiled, Colton smiling at his sister.

Alsarius' eyes met Lucas' again.

"Yes, Lucas. I have watched all. My soul has left the tomb often, a lost vision of my once true self. I was always drawn to the love." he said, his eyes meeting Haras' and Derek's.

"I felt both of you as well on the path. We all walked our paths of watchful love." he said, both men nodding.

The man's head raised, looking into the darkening sky.

"I must leave, the evil draws to me." he said, Lucas nodding.

"Go back into its lair, Alsarius. Keep Kavinus' love deep within your heart, where it always was. I will see both of you at the end of all of this."

Alsarius' eyes teared up, looking around at everyone.

"I feel his love always, Lucas. As I feel the love surrounding you. Your love, I sense, is even greater than my Kavi's is. Until the final path, Lucas." he said, the man moving, diving into the pool.

Everyone stared after him, seeing the man submerge, his body trembling under the waves, then disappearing.

"I love you, grandfather of our souls. And I will unite him with your love." Lucas said, everyone staring at him.

"Life moves on, my friends. And I'm going to save them all." he smiled, the young man removing his golf shirt.

"I have to bathe in his love. It calls to me." he smiled, the young man moving, diving into the pool.

Haras' and Derek's eyes met each other's, both smiling at each other.

"I remember his love, Hemi. I need it as well." Haras smiled, Hemi nodding, both removing their shirts, both smiling at each other's toned physique, running and diving into the pool of Alsarius' love.


Five minutes later Lucas climbed back out of the pool with the two Egyptians, everyone seeing their calm smiles and muscular beauty.

"That was refreshing. His love is soothing as always. It felt even stronger." Haras smiled, Jonathan toweling off his wet form, Enrique's arms wiping down his own muscular soulmate.

Colton was putting sandals on his man's feet again, Haras smiling at his loves.

Lucas smiled when Justin wrapped a large towel around him, Josh and Lance at their sides.

"The water of his love joins with my own." he smiled, his three soulmates smiling at him.

"You're amazing, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I need to get that tattooed on my ass. Then I can moon my thanks."

Everyone laughed, Lucas' humor softening the awed wonder on all their faces.

"Relax, my family and friends. My love draws the truth always."

"Lucas, this is all so. . .what was shown! He's. . .he's still out there!" Finn said, Lucas seeing the awed wonder showing in his eyes again.

"Yes, Finny. Their love is still out there. I always sensed that." he said, Josh's arm going around his naked torso.

"You always knew?"
Lucas nodded, looking at everyone.

"Let's return to the patio, my family. I'll try to voice the truth." he smiled, everyone nodding, following him and his soulmates back onto the patio.

For the next hour everyone sat on the patio, Lucas voicing his thoughts on all they'd seen.

They all learned of Lucas' finding the truth within his magic, drawing Hemi's truth out of Derek.

Everyone had looked at the young man often, Haras now seated at his side, the two Egyptians surrounded by their soulmates.

The two hidden Egyptians had found their friendship again, both seeing the truth of their past in each other's souls.

Enrique, Colton and Jonathan had all smiled, seeing two lost friends reuniting their friendship.

Lucas had sat back smiling, taking in their love for their soulmates.

He saw the new happiness on Derek's and Haras' faces, their past now known.

He saw the greater understanding and emotion on Haras' handsome youthful face.

"Forgive me for not seeing the truth, Hemidon. I never knew what you did. . .your love and friendship." Haras said, Derek smiling at him.

"I have your love and friendship again, I hope." he said, Haras nodding his head with tearful eyes.

"Yes, Hemi. I will be your friend forever." Haras said, Derek smiling more.

"My life just got better, Haras." he said, Haras smiling widely.

"It's Hari, my brother." he smiled, Derek tearing up.

"And call me Hemi as always, Hari. I'm still your friend. I've just whitened up a bit."

Haras laughed, the two hugging each other, their muscular chests on full display, the three men surrounding them smiling at them, taking in their toned beauty.

Derek's chest was a muscular vision of smooth toned beauty.

"You were a bronzed champion of hairy, muscular strength when last I saw you, Hemi. You were four-time champion of the arena games." Haras smiled, Hemi blushing.

"I've gone to seed, Hari. I miss my hairy, muscular greatness." Hemi said, Enrique kissing his lips.

"You look damn fine to me, my smooth angel." Enrique had said, Haras smiling at the wide smile showing on Derek's face.

"And Hemi's landed a bronzed god himself, Enrique." Haras smiled, Enrique smiling with a soft blush.

"And you have dual beauty in these two handsome, young Adonises." he smiled, Colton and Jonathan blushing.

"That I do, Enrique." Haras grinned, both young men looking into his brown eyes with love.

"It's Rico, everyone." Enrique smiled.

"I'm Hari to you as well, Rico." Haras smiled.

"And we're Jon and Colt, Rico." Jonathan smiled, everyone seeing their friendship showing.

Lucas continued to voice his own truths of Alsarius, the man's appearance surprising all of them.

"I still cannot believe he's still trapped within that tomb, Lucas. I had thought he'd gone on to heaven's embrace." Haras said with emotion, Hemi's arm going around him.

"He was trapped by evil, Hari. As we now see Kavinus was as well." Derek said, Lucas smiling at both young men.

"The magic saved both, but separated them. It is my magic that shall free them and unite their love." Lucas said, the two Egyptians nodding.

"He was always--and still is--alive within our souls, Haras." Derek had said, Haras softly smiling at him.

"Indeed, Hemi. As you and I now are." he said, Derek smiling at him.

"So what happens now, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas looking at his friend.

"The path continues, my friend."

"You know what's going to happen, don't you?" Lance said, Lucas looking towards the pool.

"Life is going to happen, my Lance. The lives of all of us." he smiled, Tristan shaking his head at his son, his arm around his wife.

"He was so beautiful, Lucas. I have heard the legends, the stories, but to see him in the flesh. He was so masculine, strong and focused." he said, Emerson smiling at his son.

"He is the father of all of us, my son. We both saw our own greatness in his shining green eyes." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

"Yes, Grandfather. He is the beginning of our lives. And I am the ending of the path."

Josh's arm went around Lucas, Lucas smiling at him.

"I know, I know. I love my mysterious self as well, my love."
Josh smiled, kissing his cheek.

"What will you do, Luke? In regards to Alsarius and Kavinus?" Justin said, looking at the stone laying against Lucas' smooth muscular chest.

"My magic will do what must be done. And then I'll do what I have been destined to do. And then we can all live our lives with love and happiness." he said, Justin and Lance smiling at him and Josh.

"That's all we want, Luke." Justin smiled, Lucas winking at him.

"Hold onto your socks, beautiful. Our lives are going to be fantastic."

Justin beamed, Lance and Josh smiling widely.

"The past will join with the future, everyone. And the present is what we focus on now. Family love and our own. Let's end the day with an evening of laughter, love and happiness. Let's hit the pool, everyone. Alsarius' love still lingers and mine never ends."

"Did you wet yourself in the pool, Lukey? That's not the love we need." Finn grinned.
Lucas rolled his eyes, Finn laughing loudly, Alain smiling at him.

Lucas smirked, smiling at the black man.

"He's all yours, Alain." Lucas smiled, Alain standing up, his arms going around Finn, picking the young man up.

"Let go of me, Alain!" he screamed, the Jamaican laughing, walking off the patio, heading for the pool.

"I know what wetness I want!" he yelled, Finn becoming airborne, everyone laughing as he hit the water, Lucas smiling widely.

"The treat's in the pool, boys. Let's enjoy him, hair and all."

Alain laughed, his shirt and shorts leaving his body, the black man cannon-balling right in front of an emerging Finn.

The force of his dive sent Finn underwater again.

Everyone removed their clothes, diving into the pool, the young singer surrounded by their laughing love.

Lucas smiled, his eyes going to Derek, the young man now in the pool, joining his soulmate and new friends.

The hairiness of our hearts.

Love continues, on all paths.

Lucas smiled, diving back into Alsarius' remaining love, joining the three smooth angels of his heart.


Lucas smiled, two arms around him.

"You've surprised the bejesus out of us, Luke." Justin said, Lucas smiling, feeling the man's smooth warmth, the two laying on a lounge chair in the dying rays of the day's


All the patio and pool lanterns were lit, the backyard taking on the night.

A pool party was in full swing, the two men taking in the surrounding beauty in the water and on the pool's edge.

"I surprise only with my love." Lucas smiled, Justin scanning over his smooth trunks-covered body.

"The rest of you is a surprise to discover unto itself. And so delicious." he smiled, Lucas grinning.

"Stoke that need tonight, sexy. I'm going to devour all of your needs later." he said, kissing the man's lips.

Justin sighed, pulling Lucas closer.

His eyes scanned the pool, seeing so many visions of love.

"I'm seeing so much beauty, Luke. New and enticing. I'm beyond stoked."
Lucas smiled, taking in Enrique and Derek, the two men talking with Haras, Colton and Jonathan; Josh and Lance with them as well in the shallow end of the pool.

"Yes, that Spanish drink of water looks damn fine." he smiled, Justin smiling.

"Rico's always been handsome." Justin said, looking at the Spanish singer, his smooth, muscular body on full view.

"A little hidden desire there, my love?" he said, Justin blushing.

"He's beautiful, but he's not my three gods."

Lucas smiled, nibbling on Justin's lips.

"Nice save, HD."

Justin blushed more, Lucas lightly laughing, his fingers rubbing Justin's left nipple.

"Maybe we should bring him and Derek slash Hemi into our bed. Will that finally calm that needful love of yours?" Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him, his eyes scanning the pool area.

"Bring them all. I'm game for anything and anyone." he grinned, Lucas laughing loudly.

Josh's eyes went towards his two soulmates, he and Lance smiling at them, having heard Lucas' laughter.

"You can't handle the three you've got now." Lucas smiled, Justin moving more, his smooth bikini covered body now more on top of Lucas.

"I can't handle you for sure. Your love overpowers me."
Lucas smiled, his hand slapping Justin's covered ass.

"It's my lot in life. I have to wow my men."
Justin grinned, their lips meeting again, Lucas feeling Justin's needs.

"You wow us with your beauty and your touches, my Lucas. God, I need you!" Justin said, Lucas seeing the desire in his blue pools.

"Calmness, HD. I'll calm that need later."
Justin sighed, his head going against Lucas' shoulder.

Lucas smiled at his closeness, looking around the pool.

He smiled seeing Rosa Sharon on his father's shoulders, he and she playing water football with Andrew and Trish and Finn and Skyler.

The infants were asleep upstairs with the other two angels, the backyard filled with family love.

Finn and Skyler swam over to the pool's ladder, both climbing out of the water, Finn behind Skyler.

"Hey, boys! Your treat's escaping!" Lucas yelled, Justin laughing against him.

Alain smiled towards the two men.

"It's okay, Luke! We've all rubbed the hair off him."

Lucas laughed, Justin smiling at his happiness.

Finn's hairy physique climbed out of the pool, everyone smiling at him from the water.

"Damn the boy's a Chia-Pet! It keeps growing and growing!" Alain yelled, everyone laughing, Finn blushing, Skyler wrapping a towel around him.

"Don't I know it. And I'm beyond happy." she smiled, Finn smiling at his wife, wrapping a towel around her, both drying each other.

"As am I, love of my life." he said, their lips meeting.

Everyone smiled, the two walking over towards Lucas and Justin.

"The kids are up, Finny. My angels have awoken yours." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling and climbing off the young man.

"I'll get them, Lucky." he smiled, pulling on a t-shirt, Lucas smiling up at his bikini-covered bottom as it disappeared beneath the t-shirt's long length.

"Bring them down into our arms, hot stuff." Lucas smiled, slapping Justin's tush.

"The kids or my buns?" he said, Finn rolling his eyes.

"The kids for now, horn dog. Luke can deal with your saggy ass later." he laughed, Justin blowing him a kiss, he and Finn and Skyler walking into the house.

Lucas smiled after them, his body suddenly covered in another warm form, two lips meeting his.

"Mmm, Bass warmth. My greatest need." Lucas smiled when Lance's lips left his, the man smiling down into his violet pools.

"I figured as much. I always know when my men need my warmth."
Lucas smiled, kissing his chin.

Josh smiled, sitting on the chair beside them, his hand going into Lucas'.

"Thanks, Luke. I saw you nipped our tiger's needs." Lance smiled, sitting up more on the edge of the lounge chair, Lucas smiling at him and Josh.

"All the beauty stokes his soul. We're going to be so happy later."
Josh smiled, looking towards the pool, his eyes going towards Enrique and Derek.

"You keep adding to the fire, babe. They're beautiful. Rico's toned up even more. And Derek's beautiful."

Lucas smiled, seeing Lance looking towards the two men as well.

"I may have just ruined my own chances at life's happiness. My boys are smitten."

The two blushed, staring at Lucas.

They saw the mirth in his violet eyes, Josh smiling at him.

"Young beauty stokes our love for you, babe. Thanks for the aphrodisiac." he said, Lucas laughing.

"Okay, nice save. You just gave yourself a chance back into my bed tonight."
Lance laughed, showing a pouty face, Josh imitating him.

"How can I keep those two faces out of my arms? Screw the floor, my boys are in my bed tonight."

Both smiled, each kissing Lucas' warm lips, their hands running down his smooth chest.

"Timberlake first, Bass second, and then Chasez for dessert. My life doesn't get better!"
The two smiled, people moving towards them.

Lucas smiled up at Colton's smiling face.

"We're going to play cards, Dad. The water's cooling." he said, Lucas nodding, Derek smiling at him, his blue eyes taking in Lucas' tanned smooth physique.
"You have your own bronzed god, Hemi. Lucky you."
Enrique smiled, a polo shirt now covering his bronzed chest.

"And your three are damn lucky. But not as lucky as me." Enrique smiled.

Lucas nodded, the five men in front of him heading onto the veranda.

"Our angels are up, my loves. Feeding time again." Lucas smiled, Lance nodding.

"I'll warm the bottles, Luke." he smiled, rising to his feet, walking towards the house.

"We'll get our own warm milk later." Lucas smiled, Josh laughing, climbing against his man's warm body on his lounge chair, wrapping his arms around him.

The pool was emptying, everyone toweling off, heading towards the patio and house.

"Hosting time again, my love." he smiled, Josh nodding.

"Our happiness they thrive on, our love our own. Love echoes from our heart to each other, stirring the milk of our love." he said, Lucas smiling.
"Oh, babe. That's beautiful. Screw Timberlake, you're first! I need my Chasez milkshake!"

Josh laughed, their lips meeting.

They broke their kiss, Josh smiling at his man.

"I'll put the coffee on and make some light fare. You entertain the masses, beautiful." Lucas smiled, Josh nodding.

The two rose from their chair, Josh handing Lucas his polo shirt, he already wearing one, it covering his drying trunks.

The two joined hands, heading to their family and friends.


Lucas smiled at the front door of their home, their treasures in Josh's and Justin's arms.

Lance's arm was around Justin's waist, the four standing at their home's entrance, their friends hugging and kissing them goodbye.

Derek and Enrique were hugged by all, the two men smiling, staring at all their new friends.

"Thanks for dinner and an evening of truth and love, Lucas." Derek said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"You and Rico are welcome here always, Hemidon." he smiled, Derek tearing up.

"Your friend is here and so is his friendship." Haras said, Derek hugging his old friend again.

Everyone smiled, seeing their friendship now close.

"See you three tomorrow." Enrique smiled, Haras and his soulmates smiling, Lucas smiling quietly beside them.

Enrique had invited all three to lunch at his restaurant, the three graciously accepting.

Lucas had sensed that Haras and Hemi needed to renew their old friendship even more, the young man relaying that fact to Enrique, the man agreeing.

"You shall, Rico." Colton smiled, the singer smiling at the young man.

"Bring the better Timberlake with you." Enrique smiled, Justin rolling his eyes, smiling at his old friend.

"Sorry, I'm busy with my family." he smiled, Lance kissing his cheek.

"Yep, he's on diaper duty."
Everyone laughed, Justin blushing, Lucas smiling at Justin.

"Great, we can relax and let the bitch do house duty as well."
Justin laughed, blowing at kiss at Lucas.
"Want me to wear a French maid's outfit?" he winked, Josh laughing.

"No, a thong and high heels will be enough."
Everyone laughed, Justin blushing more.

"Nah, just the thong will do." Lucas smiled, Justin beaming at him.

Lucas' eyes moved to the two men standing at their front door.

Derek's now brown eyes were staring at Lucas.

"Our friendship begins, Derek and Hemi. Both souls are one and courageous. My magic welcomes yours." Lucas said, the young man tearing up, moving.

Lucas felt the warmth of his embrace, the young man hugging him tightly.

"Your magic, Lucas! I. . .I feel its greatness! And I feel their love in your magic." the young man said, Lucas rubbing his back.

"My friendship is here, as is my magic, Hemidon. Both shall guide you on the greater path. It starts today." Lucas said, the young man whispering in his ear.

"And tonight."

The young man's brown pools met Lucas' violet, the young man seeing a flash of green in their centers.

"I. . .welcome your friendship so much, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him, waving a finger.
"Sorry, Luke." Derek smiled, Lucas smiling more.

"Get going, Rico's hunny bunny. Your man needs you tonight."

The young man smiled, his eyes going to Enrique's smiling face.

"Goodnight, everyone." the singer smiled, Derek back in his arms, Finn smiling and opening the door for them.

"We'll clear out too, Lukey. The kids need their beds." Finn smiled, Skyler smiling, each holding an infant.

"As does their furry Papa, Welshman." Lucas smiled, Finn nodding

"Your bounty was heavy, Carver. Less cream next time." Finn said, Justin laughing, Finn realizing what he said, Justin's eyes meeting Lance's and Josh's.

All three in unison voiced their opinion on Finn's remark.

"We all love Lucky's cream! It's filling and delicious!" the three said together, everyone laughing, Finn blushing deeply.

"Me and my big mouth." he said, Lucas kissing his cheek, smiling.

"I always fill that big mouth with as much creamy goodness as you need."
Alain was on the floor roaring with laughter, Harry holding his sides, trying to help Alain regain his feet.

Finn was three shades of red now, everyone laughing, Enrique smiling at him.

"Amazing." he laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"That we all are. Goodnight, my friends." he said, Finn and Skyler kissing his cheeks, the young man guiding his friends, new and old, outside.

Everyone waved goodbye, Lucas watching them head to their cars.

Enrique and Derek waved goodbye, the two climbing into Enrique's Porsche.

Amazed you shall be.

He smiled, closing the door.

He turned back to his soulmates, Andrew and Trish and Harry and Alain smiling at him.


"Amazing you are, Luke." Harry said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I try."

Trish walked up to her brother, her arms going around him.

"You never stop surprising us, Luke." she smiled, Lucas smiling at everyone.

"What's life without surprises?" he smiled, Josh laughing.

"Indeed. Your love surprises me every day."

Lucas smiled, his man smiling at him.

"In an hour, babe. And bring your boy toys."

All three laughed, Lucas smiling at his sister.

"Where are the 'rents?" he said, Trish kissing his cheek.

"They're cleaning up the remains of the night's food. Josh's parents are there as well. I think our grandparents were tidying up the patio."
Lucas shook his head.

"A parent's love never stops. Let's go join their love, Trashy."

"Okay, Lukey." she smiled, everyone following the two towards the kitchen.


Lucas stretched his arms, walking out of the bathroom, his eyes finding the bed empty, the patio door open.

He smiled, walking towards the dark balcony.

He stared out into the moonlit night, seeing Justin's beautiful form leaning against the balcony.

He walked across the balcony, wrapping his arms around the man's naked chest, Justin sinking back into his clothed form.

"Our loves aren't back yet?" he smiled, kissing Justin's neck.

"No, babe. They're still in the nursery." Justin smiled, moving around, Lucas' lips going to the man's smooth Adam's apple, licking the indentation.

"Sweet! I get a Timberlake treat all to myself." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"I'll go get Jonnie." Justin said, beginning to move, Lucas pressing him back against the stone railing.

"Not so fast, sexy. You're the treat I need." Lucas said, his fingers rubbing Justin's nipples.

"I thought I was supposed to be the horn dog?" Justin moaned, Lucas' hand cupping Justin's clothed center the man still wearing his shorts.

"I own you tonight, remember, HD?"

Justin smiled, Lucas' lips going to his left nipple.

Justin gasped, the man throwing his head back, feeling Lucas' hands on his belt, his lips sucking his nipple.

Justin felt his shorts hit the floor, the man stepping out of them, one of Lucas' hands going into Justin's briefs.

"My man's primed. Nice and hard."
"God, Luke! You're amazing."

Lucas smiled, their lips meeting, their tongues dueling.

Justin's arms went around Lucas' clothed body, settling on his ass.

Lucas broke the kiss, licking Justin's neck again.

"Not so fast, Timberlake. I'm the one possessing asses tonight." Lucas said, moving the man around with one quick burst of strength, pushing Justin's torso forward.

Justin's hands went to the railing, the man feeling his briefs leave his ass.

He gasped feeling a wetness fill him, the man on instinct pushing backwards into the wetness.

"Oh God, Luke!" Justin moaned, the man feeling the wetness leave his ass, the wetness enveloping his shaft between his legs.

Justin felt the fingers entering him, his shaft lengthening in Lucas' mouth.

"Wow, what a floor show!"

Lucas pulled off Justin's center, the man moving his head back, smiling widely.

"Justin time, boys."
Josh and Lance laughed, walking out onto the patio, Justin's head turning.

Both men were in briefs, both scanning the man's naked form.

"Someone's primed." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him, the young man standing up, his hand still on Justin's hardness.

"Primed indeed. Let's calm the tiger, babes." Lucas smiled, Justin beaming.

Lucas' lips met his, the man lost in the young man's desires.

Justin felt another wetness in his center, then more wetness surrounding his shaft.

"Oh God, my loves." he moaned as Lucas broke the kiss.

"That you are, our Jus." Lucas said, Justin leaning towards him again, Lucas pushing his head down, a hardness hitting Justin's face.

While Lucas had been kissing Justin, he'd removed his pants and briefs, Justin staring at a wet shaft staring him in his face.

He smiled widely, diving onto it.

Lucas smiled, then moaned, Justin's talent amazing.

"Speaking of amazing! Don't stop! Get me ready, babe." Lucas moaned.

Justin pulled off the shaft, licking its large head, precum leaking out of it, Justin tasting all of it.

"You need it bad, don't you, babe?" Lucas said, rubbing his cheek, Justin moaning, Josh's lips licking his shaft.

Lance's head raised, licking the crack of Justin's ass, smiling at Lucas.

"He's primed and ready, Lucky."
Lucas smiled, pulling Justin up to his feet, the man's center swaying around, wet and dripping.

"I said you were mine first, our Justin. Get ready for all my love."
Justin moved forward, Lucas' strong arms raising him upwards, the man's legs wrapping around Lucas' strong legs.

Lance and Josh smiled, watching Lucas carry their Justin into the bedroom.

"Lucas' love is flowing greatly. Justin is going to be lost in it." Josh said, Lance's arms going around Josh's waist, pulling him close, his hand wrapping around Josh's aroused center, Josh softly moaning.

"I want to be lost in yours, Joshy. God I need you deeply." Lance said, their lips meeting.

They became lost in their own desires, a loud moan breaking their kiss.

"The ownership has begun." Lance smiled, Josh s fingers rubbing Lance's left nipple.

Lance softly moaned, Josh's hand sneaking down Lance's back, attaching to one ass cheek.

"Yes it has, my love. Let's join them." Josh said, Lance beaming.

"I need your love, Josh." he said, Josh smiling, guiding him into their bedroom.

Josh sensed he'd give him all he had.


Derek moaned, feeling the hands pulling at his briefs.

He moved back from against the wall, the briefs pulling downward, two lips attached to his.

Enrique's need filled his soul.

"Oh God, babe." he moaned when Enrique broke the kiss, the Spaniard's lips going to the young man's neck, his hands finally freeing the monster between them, his hand wrapping around the hardness, stroking it.

"God, I need you, Derek!" he said, Derek trembling against him.

The two men had come home, their lips meeting the moment Enrique had closed the condo's door behind them.

For the past ten minutes they'd been moving across the living room, their clothes leaving their bodies as they rubbed each other.

Enrique's shirt was gone, his jeans unbuttoned.

Derek's shirt and pants were on the living room floor, his briefs now at his ankles.

Enrique had pushed him up against the wall in the hallway, the two halfway between the living room and their bedroom.

Their passion was on a path of its own.

Enrique's lips were now on Derek's left nipple, taking the nub into his mouth, sucking on it.

"God, my babe's on fire." Derek gasped, Enrique's head raising and staring into his blue pools.

"And you're not?"

Derek smiled, kissing Enrique's chin, his blue pools scanning his man's naked chest, his eyes going lower, seeing the large tent in Enrique's tight jeans.

"And little RIco's wanting to come out and play." he smiled, Enrique smiling.

"He yours to play with."

Derek smiled, Enrique staring into his blue pools.

"I love you, Derek. My man, my soul."
Derek teared up, staring at his man.

"I love you, Rico. Thank you for not changing that love because of who I am."
Enrique pulled him close, their lips meeting in a more tender kiss.

"Who you are is the man I love. A surprising, beautiful man. Your old soul only enhances your real soul."

Derek teared up.

"I love you, Rico."
"I love you, my Hemi."

Derek smiled, kissing his lips again.

"Can I call you that, Derek? Would it be too strange?"

Derek smiled.

"No, Rico. I'm one and the same."

"From a hairy stallion to a young smooth buck. Either would be beautiful." Enrique smiled.

Derek teared up, the young man moving, Enrique surprised as the young man moved him, the Spaniard now against the wall.

He stared into Derek's blue pools, their irises changing to a softly glowing golden brown.

"I feel his magic, Rico. I feel the gift he's given me. The gift I need you to have."

Enrique stared into the two brown pools, Derek's strong arms wrapping around him.

"I need you to see all of me, Rico. I need you to love all of me."
Derek moved, Enrique feeling himself being raised up, Derek carrying him towards the bedroom.

Their lips met, Enrique feeling a greater passion in Derek's being, his smoothness now feeling more muscled.

And hairy.

Derek carried him into their bedroom, their bodies falling onto their bed.

Derek broke their kiss, Enrique staring up into a handsome bronzed face.

"Love all of me, Rico. I love all of you."
Their lips met again, Enrique feeling his soul losing itself in the love coming from this now young Egyptian.


End of Chapter 183


And so Lucas' ancestor makes a brief appearance onto our stage.

The truth of his lost soul and his love's lost soul now revealed.

Two lovers trapped and apart.

Lucas may be that joining magic.

Only the future will reveal that truth.


Enrique and Derek have gained new friends.

And Derek has an older friendship returned to him.

Hemi and Haras are now again friends, Lucas' love showing the truth of their souls.

And Enrique may now see the real Hemi showing through.

Is he really now in bed with that young Egyptian Hemi?


Lucas' love for his men shows again.

Their passion igniting against the love Lucas gave all day.

What is the future for our three, now five?

It seems Lucas' knows much.

Perhaps he knows all.


Read on, faithful readers.

The past may catch up to all of them.


Hugs, Angel.