Yesterday's End-185


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 185


The next morning found Lucas up early, the man preparing breakfast for everyone.

He bathed the infants, both gurgling and cooing, Lucas smiling at their happiness.

He fed them, sitting both in their carriers while Lucas got breakfast going.

The first to walk into the kitchen was Haras, the young man smiling at Lucas.

"Good morning, Luke. You're up early. You beat me to my own agenda." the man smiled, Lucas hugging him, the young man walking over to the kids on the kitchen table, kissing both.

"You have to be quick, my young friend. But you can give me a hand if you like, Haras. I need toast and cheese shredded. Help yourself to the coffee."

The Egyptian smiled, pouring himself a cup of coffee, refilling Lucas' half empty cup, the man thanking him, Lucas working on the frying pans filled with food.

"Where are the other two of your heart?" Lucas smiled, the young man smiling, wearing an athletic top and cargo shorts.

"They are in dreamland. We were up late." the man smiled, his eyes looking upwards, pulling out a loaf of bread from the breadbox.

"Love drives us into dreamland, its beauty surrounds us. My three boys are sleeping as well." Lucas smiled, Haras filling the four-slice toaster with slices.

Haras smiled, nodding his head.

"Love is beautiful, Luke. More beautiful than I ever imagined." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I see the happiness on your and their faces, Hari. Life is good for all of us."
The Egyptian smiled, opening the fridge door and pulling out a block of cheese.

The two young men worked together, talking and laughing, creating a breakfast for their loves and friends.

Harry and Alain walked into the room, both smiling at Haras, their eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"Good morning, cousins of my heart." Lucas smiled, both softly smiling at him.

"Good morning, Lucas." Alain said, Lucas smiling at him, watching Harry walk over to the babies, the young man focusing on both.

"We're creating a breakfast of love for our family." Lucas smiled, Alain nodding at him.

"Your family is famished, Luke." Harry said, smiling at his cousin.

"Sit down, my cousins." Lucas smiled, Alain smiling at him.

"I welcome you as family, Lucas. I am honored to be within it." the black man said, Lucas smiling and walking up to him, hugging him and kissing his cheek.

"Harry's happiness joins you with my family, Alain. You are now a brother and friend. Our hearts share secrets and love." he smiled, returning to his stove, Alain's eyes looking at Harry, the young man staring at his cousin.

"Secrets, Luke?" Haras said, looking at both young men.

Lucas smiled, stirring his pans.

"My brothers and I had a talk last night. Brothers hold special bonds with each other." he said, Alain and Harry smiling at him.

Haras smiled, offering Harry and Alain a cup of coffee, the two men taking them with thanks, sitting down at the table with the babies.

The two men at the counter continued to work on breakfast, Harry and Alain focusing on the babies.

Within half an hour Haras had prepared a mountain of toast and shredded all the cheese for Lucas' omelettes and burritos, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your young bucks need waking, Haras. Some wet fun should greet their day." Lucas said, Haras beaming, kissing his cheek.

"I'll awaken them with my love. We shall all return shortly." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Take your time. Morning love is wonderful."
The young man smiled, walking out of the room.

Lucas smiled, the two at the table smiling at him.

"You can feel their love, Luke. Its passion last night we both felt next door." Harry smiled, Alain kissing his cheek.

"As I felt in all the rooms last night." Lucas smiled, the two men softly blushing but smiling.

Lucas smiled, removing the last of his breakfast from the frying pans, tossing them into the sink, placing the platters of food in the warming oven, along with the platter of toast.

"There, all done. Now just to await the invading masses." he smiled, the young man picking up his coffee mug, walking over to the table and sitting down with his cousins.

The two young men smiling at him, Lucas adjusting the blankets on his treasures, both cooing and smiling.

"Thank you for not voicing our discussion last night, Lucas." Harry said, Lucas' violet pools meeting their blue and brown.

"I told you both last night that now wasn't the time for truths of your hearts. We'll leave that to the future." Lucas said, the two men staring at him, Harry's hand going out, going on top of Lucas' which held his coffee mug.

"You know all of it, don't you?"
"Yes, my cousins. I also know the love behind your choices. That is what's important for both of you, and for myself. I see the love in both your eyes."

Both men looked at each other, their hands going together.

"I love him, he is my life." both said together, Lucas smiling.

"That's what's important, my friends. Love in our hearts. Here comes mine." Lucas said, his back to the doorway.

Justin, Lance and Josh all walked into the kitchen, Lucas smiling and rising from his seat, the young man wrapped in three sets of arms, the young man feeling their love.

"Good morning, my loves." he said, kissing each on the lips.

The four exchanged greetings, Lance and Josh going to the infants, picking up the two, cradling them in their arms.

Both gurgled and smiled, both kissed.

"You let us sleep in late, Lucky." Justin said, his arms still around Lucas, the young man kissing his lips again.

"My three tigers were exhausted. And you know I'm an early riser."

Justin smiled, pulling him close.

"You rise in all areas of love, Lucky." he said, Lucas laughing.

"As do you, HD. I smell the soap from your wet love."
Justin beamed, Josh and Lance smiling at both.

"You should have woken us, babe. The kids needed attending." Lance smiled, Lucas kissing his lips.

"I look after all my family in the mornings. You three are on duty for the rest of the day." he smiled, Lance grinning, saluting Lucas.

"Yes, sir."

Josh smiled, his fingers running through little Joshy's black curls.

The baby smiled, cooing.

"I now see what Sky and Finny saw, babe. They are focused." he said, kissing the baby's forehead, his blue and green eyes staring at Josh.

"They're awakening to life, my love. And we're going to be so happy." Lucas smiled, Trish and Andrew walking into the room.

Both hugged Justin and Lucas, the two greeting everyone.

"No Finny yet, Luke?" Trish smiled, Lucas smiling at her as Justin took the baby from Lance's arms, Lance kissing his cheek.

"The Delaneys are having breakfast together. I can smell Finny's omelettes from here. I have a good nose as well." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"As do I. Is that your breakfast burritos I smell?" he said, Lucas laughing, kissing his cheek.

"Sit down everyone. The three amigos have arrived. Breakfast is served." he smiled, three young men walking into the room.

Colton, Jonathan and Haras walked into the room, all showing wet hair.

"Last to arrive, first to do the dishes." Lucas smiled, all three laughing, all three hugging him, Colton the last.

"Alright, Dad. Your breakie is well worth a little work."

Lucas smiled, everyone sitting down, Josh and Lance helping him serve breakfast.


Lucas smiled, buckling the two car seats into the middle seat of Justin's SUV.

Finn smiled, the man having finished buckling his own children into his SUV.

The two men stood between the vehicles, Lance, Harry, Alain and Skyler behind them.

"I don't like you two going by yourselves, Lucky." Justin said, Josh's arm around his friend, Lance and Lucas smiling at both.

"We've already discussed it, Jus. You need to have discretion." Josh said, Justin nodding.

His blue eyes looked at Lance, his husband smiling at him.

"Alright, guys. I don't like it, but alright." he said, Josh kissing his lips.

Lucas and Lance smiled, the two men kissing both, climbing into the back seat of the SUV, Harry driving, Finn and Skyler climbing into theirs with Alain driving.

The four were heading out to a new doctor for the infants.

Pierce had recommended a friend of his, the pediatrician having gone to medical school with Pierce.

Josh and Justin waved goodbye to their husbands, Josh's hand going to Justin's shoulder.

"They'll be alright, Jus. Our boys are in good hands."
Justin nodded, the man's eyes lowering.

The two walked back into the house, the two SUVs driving out through the gates.

Josh smiled at Justin, the man walking into the living room, sitting down on a couch, Josh sitting down beside him.

Colton, Jonathan and Haras walked into the room, the three wearing their jackets, Haras carrying a carrier's bag.

"We're heading out for some shopping with Trish and Drew, guys. We're going to take in some sights as well." Jonathan smiled, Colton kissing his cheek.

"We're going star gazing." he smiled, Haras smiling at him.

"Why leave heaven when I see stars in my sky?" he said, Jonathan and Colton both beaming.

Josh smirked, the three leaning down and kissing both men's cheeks.

"Tell Luke we're bringing dinner back. We'll be back by then, Dad." Colton smiled, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Okay, son. My man needs a break in the kitchen. He's already got lunch organized, we just have to pop it in the oven." he smiled, the three waving goodbye, meeting Trish and Andrew in the hallway, the two waving goodbye to the two men, all five walking out of the house.

"Alone at last." Josh said, kissing Justin on the lips, the man feeling Josh's love.

Josh pulled back, staring at Justin.

"What's wrong, my love?" Josh said, Justin sighing, his head going against Josh's shoulder, Josh putting his arm around him.

"I'm so loved, Joshy. I have you and our men and now our babies. I feel so loved."

Josh smiled, hugging Justin closer.

"We all are loved, Jus. We have each other and our boys will have all our love."

Justin smiled, the man sitting up more, staring at Josh.

"I just felt something, Josh."
Josh stared at him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"What did you feel, Jus?"

"I felt the realness of my soul. And what it wants." Justin said, looking towards the hallway.

"And what do you want, Jus? Our love is here always for you."
Justin smiled, leaning in and kissing Josh's lips, Josh feeling his love.

"i feel your love, Josh. And I feel Lucas' for you. I see your love."
Josh smiled, staring into Justin's blue pools.

"It's time, Josh."
Josh stared at Justin, his hand going in his.

"It's time I was free, Josh. I need to love my man and family in the open."

"Really, Jus?" Josh said, Justin nodding at him.

"Yes, Josh. I want to have the free love you have with Lucas. Lance needs all of my love."
Josh nodded, looking into Justin's calm blue pools.

"That's a big step, Jus. You're still in the central spotlight of fame. Lance and I are past that."
"I know where I am in life, Josh. I'm here with what matters to me. I love acting, music and the industry. But I love all of you more. It's time the world saw my love for Lance. And for our child."
Josh smiled at him, Justin smiling back.

"I've always known you're a man of courage and love, Justin. I've never been more proud of you than I am now. Lance's love is your love. As ours is yours as well. Lucas and I are both here for both of you."

Justin smiled, leaning in and kissing Josh's lips, both feeling their unending love.

"I know you are, Josh. And it's time I walked my true life."
Josh nodded, smiling at him.

"How do you want to do this?"
Justin smiled, snuggling against Josh, his arm going around him again.

"I want to surprise both of them, Lance especially. He's always voiced to me that I should do it when I feel it's the right time for me. It's time. It's time I showed him and the world what he means to me."

"I understand, Jus. Lucas said the same words to me. And now I have his open love forever."

Justin smiled, looking towards the doorway.

"I have an idea, Josh. And I really need your help."
Josh smiled widely.

"It's given, my love."
Justin beamed, his hand going into Josh's.

"Let's head upstairs. I need your beautiful love against me. And I'll fill you in on my love's surprise."

Josh smiled, the two rising and walking upstairs, their hands roaming on a voyage of stripping need.


Twenty minutes later Lucas and his friends were walking into a private clinic in Los Angeles.

The receptionist smiled at all of their famous faces, welcoming them, then taking medical information from them, the group sitting down in the waiting room with forms to fill out, their infants in their carriers.

Lucas smiled at Lance, each sitting with an infant beside them, Finn and Skyler with theirs.

A nurse walked into the waiting room a few minutes later, smiling at all four, Harry and Alain seated across from them.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Sheila, Dr. Carpenter's nurse. Please follow me and we'll do the children's vital signs." she smiled, shaking everyone's hands when the four parents rose from their seats, carrying the carriers, the nurse leading them back into the examination rooms, Harry and Alain remaining in the waiting room.

For half an hour the nurse took all their vital signs, the four infants remaining relatively calm, their parents surrounding them.

"A set of twins, how wonderful, Mr. Delaney." Sheila smiled, taking each of their temperatures.

"Our homes are blessed." Lucas smiled, Finn smiling at him, holding Julian.

"You and Josh Chasez adopted, Mr. Carver?" she asked, Finn and Skyler looking at Lucas.

"No, we went through in vitro fertilization. Little Justin is our own." he smiled, the woman nodding, Lance looking at Lucas, the young man smiling at him with a soft wink.

"I did the same, myself. Joshua is my happiness." he said, Finn and Skyler looking at both men.

"You are indeed blessed. Both are so remarkable. Especially their eyes. It's rare to see different colors. It's called heterochromatin, it's rare but well documented. It's just surprising that both have it from different fathers." she smiled, staring at both infants, Lance and Lucas holding both.

"It's a family trait in both our lineages." Lucas smiled, the nurse smiling at him.
"Amazing. Well, all their vital signs are good. Normal heart rates, temperatures, skin tone, breathing. They're all perfect." Sheila smiled, looking around at all the parents.

"Amazing like their parents." Lucas smiled, Sheila smiling, chuckling.

"Indeed. I'll get these blood samples and swabs ready for the lab. Dr. Carpenter will be in shortly." she smiled, picking up the tray of vials and results.

As if by her voice, the door of the examination room opened, a young man walking into the room, smiling at everyone.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Doctor Felix Carpenter. You must be the famous musicians." he smiled, Sheila smiling at him.

"That they are, Doctor.." she said, the doctor smiling at her, the nurse moving and walking out of the room, Dr. Carpenter closing the door behind her.

"Pierce informed me of his new famous friends. It's nice to meet all of you, Orion. And Mr. Bass." the man smiled, shaking Finn's and Skyler's hands, then Lance's and Lucas'.

"Pierce is indeed our friend. He saved my life. And I'm just Lucas." Lucas smiled, the doctor smiling at him.

"Yes, so he informed me. And I do read the newspapers. And I'm just Felix, guys. I'm going to be your kids' doctor." the man smiled, the group smiling at him.

"Nice to meet you, Felix." Skyler smiled, the doctor smiling at her and the infant in her arms.

"Aren't they beautiful? Twins." he smiled, Finn grinning.

"Two strapping Delaneys, Doc."

The man laughed, nodding his head.

"I follow your music, guys. I see you really are mirthful, Finnegan." he said, Lucas laughing.

"You don't know the half of it, Felix."
Finn blushed, the doctor smiling at him.

"I had lunch with Pierce the other day. He informed me of your new families. Simply amazing." he said, looking at Lance's and Lucas' small infants.

"Different colored eyes. A rare trait. These boys are special." he smiled, everyone smiling at him.

They all felt his calm welcoming friendship, the man smiling at all four.

"Could I have a look at all of them? Let's get personal, shall we?" he smiled, Lucas nodding, setting little Justy down on the examination table, the baby gurgling up at his father.

For the next half hour the doctor looked over all four infants, the man smiling and talking to all of them, they all seeing his outgoing, calming manner.

He was well suited to being a doctor, his personality was contagious.

"They're all amazing. No problems at all. All healthy and robust. Especially little Josh and Justin. Amazing." the doctor smiled, Lance and Lucas smiling at him.

"We've all been blessed." Lance said, the doctor smiling at him.

"Indeed. Well, Sheila's taken their samples, we should have the results in a week or so. For now there's nothing to worry about. They all seem well developed and happy. Life begins for all of them." he smiled, looking at Lucas.

"About the other matter, Felix?" Lucas said, the doctor smiling at him.

"All completed and filed, Lucas. Pierce is a good friend. My best friend."

Lucas smiled, nodding, Lance looking at him.

"What other matter, Luke?" he said, the doctor smiling at the handsome singer.

"Pierce informed me of your amazing situation. I don't know all of the details, but I see what's behind it." the man smiled, looking at Lucas.

"The birth certificates are notarized, and legalized. You should have them in a few weeks." the man smiled, Lance looking surprised.

Lucas' hand went to his shoulder, Lance staring at him.

"I talked to Pierce. Then I had a talk with Harry. Paths join in many ways." Lucas said, looking at the doctor, the man smiling at him.

"You are the one, Lucas. We shall follow your love."

Everyone looked confused, Lucas smiling.

"Felix here is a Carlisle, a descendant of the lineage. He is also a follower of the Brotherhood."

Everyone looked surprised, Lance staring at Lucas.

"That's. . .that's amazing, Luke! That he knows Pierce and Harry!" Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My life is amazing, Finny. All paths coalesce." he said, the doctor smiling at him, then at Lance.

"Congratulations to you as well, Lance. And your husband Justin." the man smiled, Lucas smiling at Lance's surprised face.

"You have my total discretion, my friends. On the honor of the Brotherhood." the man said, bowing his head.

Lance looked at Lucas, the young man smiling.

"We'll be discreet and safe here, Lance. Justin can come next time with you."
Lance smiled, his eyes looking at the young handsome doctor.

"He and little Josh are my life, Felix."
The man smiled, nodding.

"As my wife Sheila is mine." he smiled, everyone looking at him with smiling faces.

"A family practice! Awesome!" Finn smiled, Felix smiling at him.

"My sister runs the front desk. Sheila's sister is another nurse. We're private and discreet. All of family--especially you Lucas--are welcomed." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thank you, Felix. I feel the love and friendship." he said, the doctor smiling with soft awe at the young man's violet pools.

"Simply amazing. All of you." he said, looking at the infants now back in their parents' arms.

"I'll see you in a few weeks. Dorothy will make an appointment for you all." he smiled, shaking everyone's hand again, Lucas' last.

"It is an honor, sir." he said, staring at Lucas again.

"It's Luke, Felix. We are brothers under the love."

The man smiled, rubbing little Justy's cheek in Lucas' arms, the doctor walking out of the examination room.

Everyone's eyes were on Lucas, the man smiling.

"You are amazing, Luke. You knew?" Lance said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Yes, the path reverberates with the love and truth." he smiled, placing the baby from his arms back into his carrier.

"Let's go home, guys. Let's continue the love."

Everyone smiled, carrying their children out of the room.


Lucas smiled, walking into the kitchen, everyone following them.

Josh and Justin were at the kitchen counter, preparing lunch.

Justin was tossing a salad, Josh preparing meat skewers for the barbecue.

"Your bitches are hard at work, Lukey." Finn grinned, laughing with Alain.

Lucas smiled, he and Lance setting the infants down on the table, their arms wrapping around their men's waists, lips meeting.

"These bitches are hot. And love filled." Lucas smiled, patting Justin's ass.

Justin smirked, Josh softly blushing.

"His love was on a mission." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"It always is, my love. Lucky us." Lucas smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

Finn smirked, placing a sleeping Julian's carrier down beside the others, Diana asleep in hers as well, Skyler seated at the table beside them.

"I can smell the testosterone from here. You better change the sheets again, Luke." he grinned, Justin smiling at him.

"You should go do some sniffing or licking, Finny. You look like you need some." Justin smiled, Josh laughing.

Finn blushed, Alain laughing in Harry's arms.

"Your seed's gone to seed, Timberlake." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"But so delicious!" he said, Justin beaming.

Lance kissed his lips, Josh smiling at the two.

"So how are the kids?" Josh said, smiling at his man.

"Healthy, perfect and happy. All four. According to our new Carlisle doctor." Finn smiled, sitting down beside his wife.

Josh and Justin looked confused, Lucas' eyes going to Harry's blue pools.

"We'll fill you in over lunch, my loves." Lucas said, pulling his tie off, he and Finn wearing dress shirts and ties.

"First up, I need a swim." he smiled, the young man walking out of the room, heading upstairs for his bathing suit.

"What's happened now, Lance?" Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

"Lucas' ever watchful, surprising love." he smiled, looking at Harry.

The young man blushed, Finn rising from his seat.

"We'll go home and grab our suits. I take it we're invited for lunch?" he smiled, Justin laughing.

"You can swim naked, Moocher. We'll eat more after we retch." he smiled, everyone laughing.

Finn blushed, he and Skyler heading out of the kitchen with their kids.

Everyone went to get their swimming attire, Justin and Josh looking at each other, returning to their preparations.

An hour later they were all sitting down to lunch, having swam for half an hour, the day's warmth calming all of them.

The four infants had swam in their parents' arms, all four now sleeping upstairs after their own lunch.

Everyone was dining on Justin's salads and Josh's grilled chicken and skewers, the meal compliments given.

The two men smiled, seated beside their man.

"So he's a Carlisle?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, my love. A member of the Brotherhood." Lucas smiled, Harry's eyes meeting his.

"How did you know, Luke? Your magic?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Always, Har. My magic senses family."

"My mother and his mother are second cousins, Luke. I had no idea that Pierce was his best friend." Harry said, Alain smiling at him.

"Paths of destiny, my cousin. The magic moves as it must." Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his lips.
"It's so surprising, my love. Everyone is drawn to you." Josh said, Lucas kissing his lips.

"Destiny forges its own paths."

"And he forged birth certificates for Joshy and Justy, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I wouldn't call it forgery, Justin. Let's just call it setting their lives on the right--and correct--path. They are our children, of our blood. Life and the world needs to know that." he smiled, his three soulmates smiling at him.

"It will be nice to be able to be open and free there with the kids. We can be ourselves with his private clinic." Lance smiled, Josh looking at Justin, Justin kissing Lance's cheek.

"I'm going with you next time, Lancy. Our son needs both of us." he said, Lance smiling at him.

"You got it, Papa."

Justin smiled, kissing Lance's lips, Lucas smiling at both.

"Me too, babe." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Okay, Dad."

Finn smiled, looking at the four.

"Justin's probably just looking for a free rectal exam. He was cute, Timberlake." Finn grinned, Alain laughing.

"He's also hetero and married to the nurse, Frankie." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him, Lucas giving him a wink.

Finn laughed, nodding.

"I guess Timberlake will have to get you three to take his temperature. So who's got the biggest thermometer?" Finn laughed, Skyler shaking her head, looking at Lucas, the young man winking at her.

"I took his temperature this morning. He was hot and had a fever. A fever of love." Josh smiled, Justin beaming.

"Is it contagious, babe?" Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Highly, Luke. Transmitted by saliva." Justin grinned, staring at Finny.

The four men rose from the table, Finn seeing all four slowly surrounding him.

"It was a joke, guys!" he said, moving his chair back, two arms going around his chest, Lucas lifting him out of the chair.

"Please, Luke! I was just having fun!"
Lucas smiled, staring at Justin.

"I feel his fever, Jus. What do you think?"
Justin smiled, his hand going to Finn's forehead.

"Yep he's burning up. And I didn't even have to French kiss him."
Skyler laughed, covering her mouth.

"Let me go, Luke!" Finn said, trying to fight Lucas' strong grip.

"Not till Dr. Timberlake cures you from that fever, Finny. What's your prescription, Doc?" Lucas smiled.

Justin grinned, nodding at Josh and Lance.

"Four friends' carrying love and one hundred CC's of wetness." Justin grinned, the four men picking up Finny, the Welshman screaming.

"I just got dry! Nooooo. . .!" he screamed, the four running off the patio, Finn becoming airborne, landing in the middle of the pool.

Everyone laughed, Lucas kissing Justin's cheek.

"He's cured, Dr. Timberlake."

Justin laughed, pulling off his t-shirt, Lucas smiling at his smooth chest.

"That boy will never be cured, Luke. We're going to constantly be medicating him."

Everyone laughed, shirts coming off bronzed bodies.

"You bastards! Just for that I'm going to take all your temperatures with my foot!" Finn yelled, a smile widening on his face.

"Let's dive into his love. And I think I should take his temperature myself." Skyler smiled, diving into the pool.
Everyone laughed, returning to the pool and Finn's wet smile.


The week flew by, the group enjoying a casual happy home life.

Two homes on one street were filled with happiness and love.

Finn and Skyler had the others over for supper during the week, everyone enjoying the Delaney home.

The group as well had several rehearsals during the week, the tour beginning again shortly.

They were finishing the last leg of their U.S. tour,  then heading to Canada.

A European tour was slated for the summer, the group happy to be returning home, England the start of it.

Justin and Josh were busy as well, putting the final touches on Josh's album.

It was a hushed affair, the media still not aware of it.

Lucas saw the happiness in his man's eyes, music his life's blood.

Friday afternoon saw him and Justin returning to their home, Lance and Lucas smiling at both men as they walked out onto the patio, kissing their men's lips.

"How went your final rehearsals, guys?" Justin smiled, kissing Lucas' lips.

"Not bad. The chains you left us in are chaffing though." Finn grinned, Alain laughing, everyone relaxing around the patio, having swam for the last hour.

"Looks like your broke yours, Frankie." Justin grinned, sitting down beside his man, Joshy asleep in Lance's lap.

Justy was asleep in Lucas', Josh kissing his son's forehead, sitting down beside him.

"How went your studio time, babe?" Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"Everything's finalized, Lucky. The album's ready." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Awesome, babe! Look out world, you have your idol back!"
Josh smiled, kissing his man's lips.

"And we have some news." Justin said, everyone smiling at him.

Josh smiled, looking at Justin.

"We're all going to be in the spotlight, everyone." Justin smiled, Josh smiling.

"Meaning what, Justin?" Finn smiled, Justin smiling at everyone.

"I've booked you all on Jimmy Fallon's talk show again next week." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Sweet! My beautiful face on American television again!" Finn grinned.

"He said the Tonight Show not Animal Kingdom, Frankie." Lucas smiled, everyone laughing, Finn blushing.

Justin smiled at the Welshman, his blue eyes focusing on Josh.

"Josh and I are going to be on it as well.  You're invited too, Lancy." Justin said, Lance looking surprised, Lucas looking at him.

"Me? Why me?" Lance said, Justin's arm going around him and his son.

"Lucas and Josh are in the spotlight lately. Jimmy thought it would be nice for both of them to appear together, surrounded by friends. Plus it will be a bonus for Joshy to be seen again with musicians. I'll be on as well, as the first guest." he smiled, Lance nodding.

"A good idea, Jus. Their love shining with Orion's. That'll be a good stepping stone for Josh's own return." Lance smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Me in the spotlight again. It's been a while." he said, Lucas kissing his cheek, Josh taking Justy from his husband, cuddling the child against his chest.

"My man's beauty surrounded by mine. The world will see our love again." he smiled, Josh smiling.

"So we're singing on national television again?" Trish smiled, Skyler smiling at her.

"Definitely. That's why you're there." Justin smiled, the band smiling at him.

"Leather pants for both of us, Lukey." Finn grinned, Skyler rolling her eyes.

"You're an old married father now, Finny. No one needs to see your daddy ass." Lucas grinned, Alain laughing, Finn rolling his eyes now.

"But it's so cute, Luke." the black man said, blowing Finn a kiss, the Welshman smiling at him.

"Justin and I've talked, we think it would be a good time for me to announce the upcoming album. Surrounded by your love, guys." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling widely.

"A great idea, my love. Everyone will see our love and happiness, in life and music." Lucas smiled, Josh beaming.

"Together in all things, babe. We shine in love and music."

Lucas smiled, looking at Justin.

"Jimmy's a nice guy, Justin. I felt really comfortable the last time."
"Great, Luke. He wants to delve into all your lives, guys. Just be calm and enjoy the ride."

Lucas and his bandmates smiled, Lance kissing his man's cheek.

"I'll be focusing on my man shining in the light of fame." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"The old before the new." he smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"This from our young god?"

Justin smiled, snuggling beside his man.

"I'm happy for all of you, Orion and Joshy." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Life moves on. I think it's going to be amazing." Justin smiled, everyone smiling at him.

Lucas smiled, his Josh snuggling in his arms.


"You'll be on in fifteen minutes. After Mr. Timberlake's set." the producer said, Lucas smiling at the young woman.

Orion and Josh and Lance sat in the Green room, relaxing before the show.

Justin was just introduced, Lance watching him on the monitors in the room.

Harry and Alain stood behind them, the woman smiling at both men.

"We'll call you just before it's time. I have to do some checks, back shortly." she smiled, her blue eyes sparkling at Lance.

Lance smiled, Lucas smirking.

"We'll be here, Debbie." Lance said, the woman smiling and walking out of the room, a personal assistant following her.

"Someone's got a groupie." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at Lance.

"It's those green eyes, sexy. A person becomes lost in them." Lucas smiled, Lance so wanting to kiss him.

"These eyes are for only those I love."

"Sweet! You and me in that closet, Lancy." Finn winked, Lance and Lucas laughing.

"Promises, promises." Lance said, blowing Finn a kiss, Finn eating it up.

Lance smiled, his eyes drawn back to the monitors, Lucas smiling at his loving eyes watching Justin with Jimmy on the show.

Justin was making jokes, Jimmy and the audience laughing.

He was talking about his own career and about Orion.

"He seems so relaxed." Lance said, Josh smiling at him.

"He's in his element, Lancy. You know he's always loved the attention and adulation." Josh smiled, Lance nodding.

"Yes, but he cherishes the privacy of his life more." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.
"Because that is filled with our love."
The other two men smiled, everyone else smiling as well.

Their eyes turned back to the monitors, watching Justin on the show.

"Orion's really blazing a trail of fame and notoriety, Justin. They've taken the music world by storm. Number one hits on all the charts across the world." Jimmy said, smiling at his friend.

"That they have, Jimmy. And the center of them is Lucas. He's created all their music, and the harmony of their four bonded friendships." Justin smiled, Jimmy nodding.

"Lucas Carver's been in a lot of emotional, mysterious and dangerous situations lately. What with his murder trial, shooting and recovery. How's he really doing?" Jimmy asked.

Justin smiled, looking out into the audience.

"Lucas has fully recovered. He's walking, smiling and living life. And his love's drawing all of us in." he smiled, the audience clapping.

"Yes, we all saw the interview at the hospital and on 20/20. He's an amazing man. As is his now revealed life partner." Jimmy said, Justin smiling.

"I consider him just as great a friend as my friend Josh."
The audience applauded again, smiling at Justin.

"We were all shocked by J.C. Chasez's declaration, Justin. How did you take it?"

"I know about it beforehand, of course. Josh is my dearest friend. I, in a way, drew them together." Justin smiled, everyone seeing the happiness on his face.

"You, Justin?"

"Yes, Jimmy. And I'm so happy I did. But maybe we should hear it from them."

"Yes, maybe we should. After the break we'll have some surprise guests." Jimmy smiled, the audience clapping, the music leading the show off to the commercial break.

The producer walked back into the room, smiling at Lance, then at Orion.

"You're up next, Orion." she smiled, the group rising from its seats, Josh and Lance rising as well.

"Follow me, everyone." she smiled, the group following her out of the room.

Her personal assistant remained with Josh, Lance, Harry and Alain.

"We'll go in a few minutes." he said, smiling at Josh, Lance smirking.

The two men sat down again, their eyes on the monitors.


"We're back, everyone. I'm talking with my guest and friend, Justin Timberlake." Jimmy smiled, Justin smirking and waving at the audience, clapping resounding again.

"My next guests are taking the music world by storm. As well as taking the entertainment media by storm. Let's welcome. . .Orion!" Jimmy clapped, standing up.

Lucas, Finn, Skyler and Trish walked out from behind the curtains, the applause loud, caterwauling and screaming heard.

The group sensed there were a lot of fans in the audience.

The group waved, Jimmy shaking all their hands, the four smiling, then hugging Justin, the man smiling at all four, Lucas sitting down in the chair beside Jimmy's desk; Finn, Skyler and Trish sitting on the couch, Justin at its end.

"Hello again, Orion. It's been a while. And your success is growing." Jimmy smiled, Lucas smiling at him, his bandmates smiling as well.

"Thanks for having us again, Jimmy." Finn smiled, Jimmy smiling at the Welshman.

"Yes, our success is growing, but our friendship remains unchanged. We're just four friends who sing their love to others." Lucas smiled, the audience clapping, whistling and screaming heard.

"You have a large fan base now, Lucas. You're all fast becoming the rising stars of music. What's ahead for you?" Jimmy asked, smiling at the group.

"We'll I'm hitting the bars later, not sure what Lukey's doing." Finn smiled, the audience laughing, Lucas smirking.

Jimmy laughed, smiling at the group.

"We all see your laid back friendships, Lucas. I think that's what's drawn a lot of respect for you." Jimmy said, Lucas smiling.

"We're just ourselves, Jimmy. Orion is four of one soul. We sing our soul out there every night. That's what our fans love." Lucas said, his three bandmates agreeing with him.

The audience clapped again, Finn smiling at Justin.

"It doesn't help that we have this taskmaster whipping us every night." he said, Lucas laughing, Justin grinning.

"I have whips and chains." Justin yelled at the end of the couch, the audience laughing and clapping.

Lucas smiled at Justin.

"We have a lot to thank Justin for. He's guided us with love and friendship through all of it. He's more than a manager/taskmaster. He's a friend." Lucas smiled at Justin, the man bowing his head in thanks, the audience clapping again.

"He's been my friend for years, Lucas. He'd do anything for you." Jimmy smiled, Justin waving at him with a smirk on his face.

"He still won't do my kitchen floors for me." Skyler said, Justin laughing, blowing her a kiss.

Jimmy laughed, smiling at her and Finn.

"Yes, I've heard congratulations are in order. You and Finn here were married at New Year's. And you're now the proud parents of twins." Jimmy said, the audience clapping loudly, cheering heard, Finn and Skyler smiled, his arm going around his wife.

"Yes, Jimmy. We're in love and we're a family now." Finn said, Skyler smiling at him.

"And you, Patricia? What's new in your life?" Jimmy smiled, Trish smiling at him.

She raised her hand, everyone seeing the ring on her finger.

"I'm married as well, at New Year's as well. To Andrew, our group's legal representative." she said, her eyes scanning the audience, seeing her husband in the front row of seats.

She waved at him, the camera zooming in on him, the audience clapping loudly again, Andrew blushing, blowing a kiss at Trish.

"Congratulations to all of you. You were married together?" Jimmy asked, smiling at all three.

"Yes, Jimmy. On an island in the Caribbean. It was a family affair for many." Skyler smiled, looking at Lucas, the young man smiling at her.

"Sounds like a moving, wonderful time. How about yourself, Luke? Your personal life, shall we say, is fodder for the media's eyes." Jimmy said, smiling at the young man with friendship.

"Yes, so it appears. I'm dealing with it. All I can be is myself. I'm thankful I have my friends and family to aid me. And I have the love of my soulmate."
"Yes, we all have heard the news. J.C. has a lot of courage." Jimmy smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"He has even more love, Jimmy." Lucas smiled, Jimmy smiling at Justin.

"We were all kind of shocked by his declaration, Lucas."

"No one more than myself. I always told him to be open about our love when he was comfortable with himself. I now see he's beyond comfortable. His love's amazing." Lucas smiled widely, the audience clapping again.

"Let's see that love, Lucas. Ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome J.C. Chasez and another surprise. Lance Bass!" Jimmy said, standing up, Josh and Lance walking out from behind the curtains, everyone on their feet, the applause almost deafening.

Josh smiled, his handsome face staring out into the crowd, Lance beaming as well.

The two looked beautiful in casual suits.

The two walked onto the set, their friends and Jimmy hugging both, Lucas' arm going around Josh, the audience's sounds increasing.

Lance and Lucas sat down on the couch beside Finn and Skyler, Josh guided into the seat beside Jimmy, Lucas right beside Josh.

"Hello, guys. It's nice to see you again. Three-fifths of the former pop band N*Sync!" Jimmy smiled, the audience clapping loudly again.

"That seems a lifetime ago, Jimmy." Josh smiled, Jimmy smiling at him.

"You all brought happiness to a lot of people, Josh, Justin and Lance." Jimmy smiled, the three smiling, Lance looking at Justin.

"Yes, like Orion's doing now." Justin said, the band smiling at him, the audience cheering.

The group waved, the clapping continuing.

"Some more than others, right Josh?" Jimmy grinned, Josh smiling widely.

"He's the love of my life." Josh said, Lucas' hand going in his, a lot of the audience awing.

"As he is mine." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him, Lucas nodding.

"It was a crowded beach at New Year's." Josh smiled, Jimmy looking surprised.

"You mean. . .?"
Lucas kissed Josh's cheek.

"We were married as well on New Year's Eve." Josh smiled, their lips meeting.

The audience went ballistic, Jimmy rising from his seat, clapping.

Orion and Lance smiled at the two kissing, Lance's eyes meeting Justin's blue, his man smiling at him.

Justin had watched Lucas and Josh kissing, seeing their open love.

The crowd eventually calmed down, Lucas and Josh having broken their kiss, Jimmy shaking both of their hands.

"Congratulations to you both." Jimmy smiled, looking at the couple.

"So who's idea was all this? Or do I have to guess?" he smiled, his eyes on Lucas.

The young man smiled, staring at Jimmy, then out into the audience.

Josh saw the calm relaxed love shining on his face.

"I'll take full credit, Jimmy. I love seeing people uniting in love. That weekend twelve couples and uniting souls joined."

Jimmy looked surprised.

"Twelve couples, Lucas?"
"Yes, twelve units of love. Friends and family of my heart." Lucas said, the audience looking surprised, clapping with respect.

Lucas smiled, a voice beside him startling him.

"I was one of them."

Everyone's eyes were on Justin, the man having spoken.

Lance's green pools stared into his blue, Justin rising from his seat.

"Lucas' love spreads everywhere, Jimmy. His love guided me to the happiness of my soul. It's time, my love." Justin said, his eyes focused on only one man.

Lance stared at him with stunned shock, Justin taking his hand, pulling him up from his seat.

"I love you, Lance. You are my world, my life, and my husband. Together forever, my love." Justin smiled, his face showing a look of total happiness.

Justin moved forward, their lips meeting in a uniting kiss of total open love.

And the thunderous applause around them was almost deafening.


End of Chapter 185


Long and surprising.

Did you all suspect that surprise?
Justin revealing his love for Lance on center stage.

Even Lucas seemed surprised by it.


Their love is now in the open, as is Lucas' and Josh's.

Couples can now show their love in the open.

Lucas' love can make you do some amazing things.


What's the secret with Harry and Alain?
Lucas seems to be evading its truth for some reason.

Harry's and Alain's love for him will protect him.

All paths, as Lucas, said seem to be following destiny.


Up next:  Celebrating love's openness.

All hearts open to Lucas' love.


Hugs, Angel.