Yesterday's End-187


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 187


Everyone smiled, greeting Justin's smiling face as he walked back into the kitchen, his arms around Lucas' waist.

"About damn time, pervs." Finn grinned, seated beside his wife, his naked torso on full view, his morning attire unchanged.

"My Jus was extremely dirty this morning. I had to scrub him long." Lucas smiled, kissing the man's cheek, Justin beaming.

Justin leaned down, his lips meeting his Lance's, Lance seated beside Josh, their sons in their laps.

"Mm, sparkling clean. And so aromatic." Lance purred, Lucas kissing him next, the man sitting down beside his Josh.

Colton smiled at the counter, he and his soulmates carrying Lucas' breakfast fare to the table.

"You beat us to it as usual, Dad." Colton smiled, pecking Lucas' cheek.

"I was up early. That couch was damn hard." he smiled, Finn smirking.

"Not as hard as open boy here, I wager." he giggled, Harry and Alain laughing, Justin blushing.

"It's a dawn of a new day for me. I awoke with a soul of giving love." Justin smiled, Lance smiling at him, handing him his son, Justin beaming and taking little Joshy into his arms.

"He's fed, changed and happy. He needs his Daddy's warmth." Lance smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"He'll have it always." Justin smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"You seem very calm this morning, Justin. Yesterday's revelations are just beginning to stew in the world's eyes." Andrew said, Trish looking at him then at Justin.

"How bad is it?" Justin said, looking towards a stack of newspapers that were sitting on top of the kitchen counter.

"It's catching the media's eyes. The early editions have it on the front page of their entertainment sections." Alain said, Justin nodding.

He smiled around the table.

"Life moves on. I'm free, I'm happy and I'm in love." he said, his eyes meeting Lance's, then Josh's and Lucas'.

"We're with you all the way, babe." Lance smiled, Justin smiling at him alone.

"One is happy when one has family." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Thanks, scrub brush."

Lucas smiled, winking at him.

The two had had a wet session of total love, Justin falling under Lucas' sensual desires.

His beauty, his magic, and his love had sent Justin into heaven.

That combined with Lance's love last night had calmed Justin's soul totally.

Life was good and he was going to live it.

He smiled down at his son, an eye of blue and an eye of green smiling up at him with love.

Lucas smiled at him, feeling Justin's contented happiness.

"So what's on the agenda for today?" Finn smiled, filling his plate with bacon and sausages.

"Rehearsals and sound checks, Finny." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

Their tour was resuming in two days, Orion's first concert in New York, then the second in Albany.

Tour dates down the east coast would fill their month, the American tour ending in mid March in Florida.

"My baby's going to sing his heart out again." Josh smiled, kissing Lucas' lips, Lucas tasting eggs.

"Chew first, baby." he smiled, Josh grinning, little Joshy cooing in his arms.

Everyone smiled at the two, Finn's blue eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"You never had a chance last night to sing, Josh. It was supposed to be your big night in the spotlight." Finn said, realizing he'd forgotten about that.

Everyone looked at Josh, the man's eyes meeting Justin's blue as well as Lance's green.

"I gave over my happiness for my soulmates' happiness. Love will be always more important than fame to myself." he said, Lance and Justin smiling at him.

Josh saw the tears in Lance's green pools.

"I love you, Lance. Your happiness now with Justin's open arms of love was worth my delaying my musical return." he smiled, Lance rising up from his seat, walking around to Josh, his arms going around him, their lips meeting.

Lucas and Justin smiled, seeing their love shining.

The two parted, Lance smiling into Josh's blue pools.

"I love you and your giving heart, my Joshua. Thank you for making my dreams come true."

Josh smiled, Lance taking little Joshy from him, smiling at him.

"You finish your breakfast, I'll look after our son."

Josh smiled, diving into his breakfast, Lance returning to Justin's side, the two holding the boys.

"I'll go to the rehearsals with you guys." Justin said, Finn looking at him with surprise.

"We thought you'd lay low today, Justin. What with the media's eyes opening."

"I'm free, Finny. My life doesn't change because of the media's needs. I'm still your manager. Plus, someone's got to keep you in line." Justin smiled, the Welshman smiling at him.

"Sweet! Chains again."

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling at Justin.

"You're sure, Jus?" he said, Justin smiling at him.

"Yes, Luke. I'm not going to hide my life ever again." he smiled, Lance kissing his lips.

"Next stop, our family love." Lance smiled, looking down into little Justy's eyes, the baby giggling.

Everyone smiled, continuing with their breakfast.

Josh smiled at Lucas, his man smiling back.


Lucas smiled at his husband, Josh's eyes on the road.

They were driving through Manhattan, the day cool, a light snow falling.

"It was nice of the 'rents to babysit." Justin smiled, seated in the back, Lance snuggled at his side.

"Grandmas need their own time of love with their grandkids." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Mom's never looked happier." he smiled, Lance kissing his lips.

"A child always warms a heart to its next path. Our moms will be naturals." Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his cheek, turning left at the next intersection, another vehicle following behind.

"We'll get out first, guys." Harry said, he and Alain in the back seat of the SUV behind Josh and Lucas, between them and Justin and Lance.

"I don't think we'll need protection, Har. No one knows that we're rehearsing today." Lucas smiled back at his cousin, Alain and Harry smiling at him, the young man seeing their protective love in their eyes.

"I wouldn't be so sure, babe." Josh said, pointing ahead.

Everyone looked ahead, their eyes widening in surprise.

Ahead of them about a block away stood Madison Square Garden, a large contingent of vehicles and people camped out in front of its entrance.

"How could they know?" Alain said, Justin opening his cell phone, telling Josh to pull over.

Josh pulled their vehicle over, the one behind them containing the rest of Orion stopping behind them.

Justin talked for a few minutes into his phone, then closed it off.

"I talked with security, they're at the front entrance awaiting us. We head straight in, they'll take care of the vehicles." he said, Josh nodding.

"Alain and I will cover you, me in front, he behind you all. You and Lance in the center, Justin. We'll all protect you." Harry said, the four in the vehicle smiling at the two men.

"Let's go, Joshy. The quicker we're through the better." Justin smiled, everyone seeing his calm smile.

Josh moved again, Harry talking with Orion behind him on his cell phone, Andrew following Josh's vehicle.

The two vehicles moved forward, stopping in front of the arena's front entrance, immediately surrounded by flashing cameras, reporters and video cameramen.

Everyone was thankful for the dark tinted windows, only shadows of forms seen from the outside.

Harry saw security gradually pushing them back from the front entrance, a pathway of security guards now before them to the front entrance.

"Side by side, two at a time, you and Lance behind Josh and Lucas, Justin." Harry said, the four nodding.

Alain opened the car door, cameras flashing continually.

He moved, standing at the door's edge, scanning everyone.

Harry stepped out, walking forward.

Lucas and Josh both climbed out of the vehicle on Lucas' passenger side, yelling immediately starting.

"Lucas! Josh! Where's Justin?! Is he really gay?!!" a reporter shouted, the two ignoring the surrounding questions and noise.

Lance stepped out of the vehicle, Justin climbing out behind him.

The reporters immediately increased their barrage of questions, their appearance heightening their noise twofold.

"Justin! Justin! Are you really gay and married?"

"Are you two thinking of children?"

"Why now, Justin? Why break all your fans' hearts?!" another reporter yelled.

Justin and Lance moved forward, Alain right behind them.

A security guard jumped into the vehicle, Josh having left the keys in it, the vehicle moving, Andrew's vehicle pulling up behind it.

"Justin, why Lance? He's not famous enough for you!" a reporter yelled, Lance stopping, staring at the reporter, Justin's arm going around him.

Justin moved him forward, Lance's eyes lowering.

The four moved forward, the questions continuing.

"Stop and let us know the truth, Justin! Open up about your past!" another shouted.

"Are all pop stars gay? Who else married on that island?"

Everyone remained calm and silently headed for the front door.

Orion followed behind them, a security crew around them.

"Lucas! Are you responsible for all this depravity? You've warped their minds!" another yelled, Josh looking towards him, Lucas' hand squeezing his.

They made the front door, the noise behind them lessening as they walked inside.

They were met by the head of security, the man smiling at them.

"Man that was a free-for-all! They were after blood!" Finny said, his arms around his wife.

Justin smiled at him, talking to the head of security.

"The arena's ready, guys. Everyone's waiting." he smiled, Lance's hand going into his, Justin smiling more.

"Open love, babe. It's going to be a wonderful day." Justin smiled, Lance quietly staring at him.

Orion smiled, following the two men towards the arena.

Lucas' violet pools were watching Lance, the man's hand in Justin's.


"Take five, guys. Spot on!" Justin said, smiling from the front seats of the arena, Orion on stage.

Lance, Josh, Harry and Alain were all clapping, the band bowing before them.

"We need more groupies, Lukey." Finn grinned, Skyler rolling her eyes.

Lucas laughed, pulling off his guitar, the man smiling at his friends.

"Justin's right, guys. We were spot on. Let's relax for fifteen." he smiled, his bandmates agreeing.

Finn and Skyler headed for the refreshment table at the stage's end, Trish smiling, her Drew's arms wrapping around her, he handing her a bottle of water.

Lucas smiled, walking down the front steps of the stage, joining his friends.

He sat down in Josh's lap, their lips meeting.

"Fanastic, Luke. You guys were awesome." he smiled when they broke their kiss, Josh smelling Lucas' sweaty scent.

"Thanks, babe."
Justin smiled at the two, smelling Lucas' scent beside him as well.

"We need to put turbo fans behind you up there. That scent needs to filter through the arena. Your fans will be in a frenzy like I am ." Justin said, licking his lips.

Josh rolled his eyes, Lance laughing.

Harry and Alain laughed, Lucas smiling at Justin.

"You're my shower after, sexy. I want to be licked clean."
Justin beamed, Josh kissing his man's neck.

"I think you'll have both of us, babe. I'm not letting Justin have all the meal."

Lucas smiled, Lance folding his arms, pouting.

"I have a special treat for you, my green-eyed beauty. My balls are soaking wet."
Lance grinned, licking his lips.

Everyone laughed, Lance blushing.

Justin kissing his lips, Lucas seeing the smile on his face.

"I think the mikes are temperamental, Jus. I heard some feedback. They're picking up everything." Lucas said, moving off Josh, sitting down between Josh and Justin.

"Always a perfectionist, babe." Justin smiled, kissing his cheek.

"I want our fans to have the whole effect. They don't need to hear Finny's belches."

Everyone laughed, Finn oblivious to what was going on below him.

"I'll check them out, Luke. Come on, Joshy. Let's hit the stage again." Justin smiled, Josh smiling widely.

The two men rose from their seats, heading onto the stage.

"You and Alain should get some drinks, Har. We still have another two hours of rehearsals. Help yourself, you're a part of the band too."
The two men smiled, giving Lucas a thumbs up, rising from their seats and heading up onto the stage towards Orion, their hands entwined.

"They're so in love." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him, moving to the seat beside him, their lips meeting.

They broke their tender kiss, Lucas smiling at Lance.

"Know the feeling, babe."
Lance smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"I love you, Lance. And I feel your soul."

Lucas looked towards Justin, the man standing with Josh, the two testing the microphones on stage with the stagehands.

"I love him, Lucas. He's my soul."
"I know, Lance. And I saw your reaction outside when that reporter said those untrue words."
Lance's eyes lowered, Lucas kissing his cheek again.

"Justin loves you for yourself, Lance. For the beautiful, giving, tender man we all love. He doesn't care about fame or notoriety. He's not looking for a star to hang on his arms, he's looking for a person to love him. He'd love you if you were a janitor or a garbage man."

"I know, Lucas. I feel his love. I still can't believe that he chose me. That he voiced his love for me in front of the world."

Lucas smiled, feeling Lance's total love for Justin.

"Believe it. Justin Timberlake loves you. You lucky bastard!" Lucas said, showing a pouty look on his face.

Lance laughed loudly, Justin and Josh smiling towards him.

Lucas smiled, Lance kissing his lips.

"He loves you and stud boy up there as well, sexy. Just as much as I do."
Lucas smiled, kissing Lance's lips again.

"Thanks, Lucas. You just washed the last doubts away from my soul."

"And you're going to wash my balls later with your tongue, sexy."

"Later, beautiful. I'm going to get you so wet."
Lucas smiled, looking towards the stage.

"After the show, Lancy."

Lucas smiled, cupping his hands together.

"Start the strip show, stud boys!" he yelled, Lance laughing, Justin and Josh looking at their men.

Justin smiled, blowing both a kiss.

"You have fifties, Carver?" Finn grinned, pulling off his shirt as he walked back into the stage's center, everyone laughing.

"No, but I have shears, my fat lamb!" Lucas yelled, everyone laughing, Finn blushing now.

"I ain't fat, Carver!" Finn yelled.

"Get me some mint jelly. I need me a snack of lamb!" Alain yelled, Harry laughing beside him.

Finn gave Alain a finger, everyone laughing.

Lucas smiled, he and Lance rising from their seats, walking up onto the stage.

Josh smiled at him when Lucas wrapped his arms around him, kissing his lips.

Everyone smiled, Lance in Justin's arms, the two kissing as well.

"Let's let Orion get back to it, babe. You got a date with me in those dark back seats, beautiful." Lance said when he broke their kiss, Justin beaming.

Josh smiled at the two, watching them head down off the stage, the man smiling at his Lucas.

"Sing your heart out, my love. Let the stars of Orion shine." he smiled, kissing Lucas again, the young man smiling and watching Josh take his seat again, Harry and Alain sitting with him.

Lucas smiled, staring at his man's smiling face.

All stars will shine in the heavens.

Starting with the star of my soul.

He smiled, picking up his guitar, his bandmates surrounding him.


The Next Evening


Lucas smiled, feeling the hands rubbing his center, two lips on his neck.

"Stop, Joshua. I have to finish dressing." Lucas smiled, Josh licking his neck.

"I love the taste of you, babe."
Lucas smiled, turning around in Josh's arms, his naked chest feeling his moving fingers.

"Haven't you had enough, my love?"
Josh smiled, staring into his violet pools.
Lucas smiled, snuggling against his man, Josh's strong arms wrapping around him.

Josh wore his blue-colored suit, the one Lucas had given him on their engagement day.

Lucas always thought his man looked so beautiful in it.

"I'll never get enough of your love, my love."

The two had made love three times today, once as a foursome, twice as their own twosome of love.

"I still smell Justin on you." Josh smiled, licking Lucas' neck again.

"So that's what's feeding your desires. Timberlake stink!"

Josh laughed, pulling his man close.

"Nope. It's that Carver cream."

Lucas laughed, smiling at Josh.

"Then go dive into Timberlake. He's filled with about half a quart."

Josh laughed loudly, Lucas smiling at his man.

"You're happy tonight, my love." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"Why wouldn't I be? I've been in your arms all day, I've been with the threesome of my heart, and I've been with our children of love. And tonight I get to hear my man sing his heart out. It's been a wonderful day."
Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's lips tenderly.

"Know the feeling, babe. I love you."

Josh smiled, staring into his man's violet pools.

"I love you, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, a knock coming to the dressing room door, Lucas bidding enter.

Justin popped his head in, a wide smile showing on his face.

"Did I miss the private show?" he smiled, walking into the room, Lance attached to his hand.

"Yes, now just to get this horn dog off me so I can finish dressing." Lucas said, smiling, Josh smiling and slapping his ass.

"Fine, I'll go find someone to take care of me." he pouted, Lucas smiling at him with love.

"I volunteer." Justin beamed, Lance kissing his cheek.

The two men wore suits, Lucas having asked all three to dress up formally for tonight's festivities.

Justin wore a black Armani suit, Lance in a grey Versace suit.

"You've got enough love floating back there, babe. Let me have a crack at that Chasez salami." Lance winked, all four laughing.

"Anytime, monster groupie." Josh smiled, Lance kissing his lips as he and Justin walked up to the two.

"Full house, Luke. The band's waiting for you. Finn's primed and ready." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"A thong and a smile?"

All four laughed, Justin patting Lucas' back as the young man pulled on his skin tight t-shirt.

"No, Lucky. He's in tight leather pants and a muscle shirt. The audience will be drooling." Lance said, licking his lips.

Everyone laughed, Justin kissing Lucas' lips.

"A kiss for luck, babe." he said, Lance kissing Lucas next, then Josh kissing him deeply, Lucas feeling their love.

"Thanks, babes.  That'll get me through the next three hours. Hold onto your briefs, boys. It's going to be wild out there." he smiled, the young man smiling.

"We'll meet you backstage after the show. Go shine in the heavens, my love." Josh said, Lucas kissing him again.

"Always, babe. I shine with all your love." he smiled, the young man walking out of the room, heading for Orion.

The three men smiled, looking at each other.

"He's calm and energized. He's gonna sing his heart out." Lance smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Our love energizes him." he said, Justin kissing his cheek.

"And his love feeds our souls. I'm still filled with it."
Lance smiled, his hand going to his man's backside.

"We all are, babe. We all are."
The three men smiled, heading out of the dressing room, heading to their box seats.

Lucas stood at the end of the hall with his bandmates, all four waving at the three men as they walked away from them.

Lucas felt two lips on his cheek, the young man turning his head, staring into two blue pools of love.

"They haven't a clue?" Finn said, Lucas smiling and shaking his head in the negative.

"You're amazing, Lukey." Skyler said, Lucas smiling at her and Trish.

"Their love is amazing, my friends."
"And yours will move their souls." Trish said, kissing her brother's cheek.

"Let's go shine in the heavens, my friends. Orion's going to light up the sky tonight. But there'll be more stars than usual."

All four laughed, high-fiving each other, heading for the darkened stage.


Josh smiled, the man moving in his seat to the music, his friends around him smiling at him.

The concert had been going on for two hours, everyone enjoying it immensely.

Justin's and Lance's parents were with them, as well as Harry, Alain, Andrew, Colton, Haras and Jonathan.

Adam, Usher, Pierce, Nick, Gideon and Gio were seated with them as well.

Lance's sister was staying at the condo with the babies.

Josh smiled back at his friends, all of them seeing his happiness at his man's singing happiness on stage.

"He's on the mark tonight, Josh." Adam smiled behind him, Josh smiling back at him.

"Your love's making him sing his heart out, Josh." Lynn said, seated right behind him.

"All our love is." Justin smiled, his mother moving forward and kissing his cheek.

"Yes, all your love." she smiled, Lance smiling at her, she kissing his cheek as well.

Randall and Paul both smiled, Randall's arms wrapped around Lisa.

"Man, he's amazing." Jonathan said, watching the stage, Lucas moving across it, his dancing perfect.

"In all ways, Jonathan." Josh smiled, staring at his man.

Justin smiled back at his brother.

Orion began their next song, Justin taking in Lucas' flying form, he and Finn flying over the audience, the intro to Canyon of Love beginning.

"That looks so dangerous." Lisa said, Randall hugging her close, mesmerized by Lucas' flying acrobatics.

"It's all secured and safe. High standards all around." Justin said, the man noticing a uniformed man walking towards their box seats.

He recognized the man as Steve Anderson, the head of security.

The man bowed to all of them, looking at Justin.

"Orion needs you backstage, Justin." he said, Justin nodding, rising from his seat.

"Okay, Steve. I'll be right back, guys." Justin said, the guard looking at Josh and Lance.

"You're requested as well, Mr. Chasez and Mr. Bass." he said, both men looking confused.

"They need me and Lance?" Josh said, Lance looking at him, then Justin.

"As per Luke's request." Steve said, smiling at the two men.

"Alright then. Do you know what's going on, Jus?" Lance said, rising from his seat, Josh rising as well.

"No idea, Lance. We'll be back soon, everyone." Justin said, the three man following the man through the stairway at their end.

"Not likely." Adam smiled, everyone looking back at him, the man smiling.

Usher stared at his man, Pierce kissing Adam's cheek in the darkness.

"What's going on, babe?" Pierce asked, Adam smiling towards the stage.

"Love, guys. Lucas' unending love."

The singer smiled, focusing on the stage ahead, Orion finishing Canyon of Love.


Josh, Justin and Lance followed Steve through the backstage area, the three men seeing the man leading them to the darkened edge of the stage.

"They'll be out shortly." Steve smiled, the man talking into a radio he carried, smiling at all three, walking back from the way he came.

The three men were left alone in the semidarkness, looking at each other.

"What's going on, Jus? Why are we here?" Josh said, Justin's arm going around him and Lance.

"Don't know, Joshy. Maybe Lucas wants us here to inspire him between songs." he said, Josh looking at him, then out at his Lucas, seeing his man landing on stage from the air, his guitar strumming, Finn dropping beside him.

"The concert's almost over, Jus. There's only two songs left." Josh began to say, the music on the stage in front of them ending, the stage going completely dark.

The three men stared out into the darker darkness in front of them, seeing three moving shapes coming towards them.

Finn, Skyler and Trish walked out in front of them, all three smiling at them in the semidarkness.

"Hey, guys." Finn smiled, grabbing a towel handed to him by a stagehand who materialized out of nowhere, all three handed towels.

"Great show, guys." Lance smiled, the three smiling at him.

"Thanks, Lance." Skyler smiled, taking an offered bottle of water.

"Where's Lucky?" Josh said, looking behind them.

"He's slipped off to change." Finn smiled, staring at Josh.

"Shouldn't you three as well?" Justin smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"On the way to the love. Be right back guys." Finn smiled, he and his friends disappearing into the darkness again, heading to the right side of the stage.

The three men could hear the screaming fans, the clapping, yelling and shouting thunderous.

"They're in top form tonight. Be right back, guys. They may need help." Justin smiled, the man walking into the darkness, disappearing from their view.

Lance and Josh stared at each other, their hands going together in the darkness.

"Do you have the feeling we're being ditched?" Lance said, Josh looking into his green pools.

"I have a feeling of something more, Lancy. I feel Lucas' love." he said, staring out into the darkness.

A few minutes later the darkened stage before them was inundated with three bright beams of light.

Standing in each light was a part of Orion's talented soul.

Finn, Skyler and Trish each stood in a beam of light, each dressed in total white.

Finn stood in the light's center beam, Skyler on his left, Trish on his right.

Finn wore a completely white suit, Skyler and Trish wearing long flowing white gowns.

The audience was on its feet, the arena thunderous in its applause.

Finn smiled out at their fans.

"Everyone having a good time?"

The crowd responded with more cheers and clapping, Finn smiling at his bandmates.

"It's only going to get better." he smiled, looking towards the backstage area.

"We are the lights of Orion's love. I am Finnegan, the mirth and humor of our soul." he smiled.

"I am Skyler, the happiness and joy of our soul."
"And I am Trish, the faith and beauty of our soul."

The crowd cheered, the three singers smiling at them.

"Something seems to be missing?" Finn asked, the crowd shouting with happiness.

"Lucas' love! Lucas' love!" they chanted, the three smiling out at them.

"Here it comes, with a surprise." Finn smiled, the three lights disappearing, darkness again filling the stage.

Josh and Lance stood offstage, confusion on their faces.

This part of the show was new.

The center of the stage was suddenly brightened by a single beam.

Standing in the beam of white light was Lucas, and someone else.

The crowd exploded, the noise level deafening.

Lance and Josh both stared in shock, Lucas and Justin standing alone in the middle of the stage.

Lucas wore his violet-coloured suit, the one he'd proposed to Josh in.

Josh stared at him, lost in his gleaming, shining beauty.

Justin wore a blue satin colored suit, its shine gleaming as well.

"What's. . .what's he doing out there?" Lance softly said, Josh's arm going around him.

"I don't know, Lancy." he softly said, both watching the two men standing in the center of a world's adoration.

Lucas smiled, Justin standing beside him, both looking out into the shining happiness of Orion's fans.

The shouting and applause gradually calmed down, Lucas smiling out at his fans.

"Look who I found lost backstage." he smiled, the applause for Justin starting again, the man smiling, waving out at everyone.

"Hello, everyone! Have you loved Orion's show tonight?" Justin yelled, the applause rising, Lucas smiling at his friend, the two hugging, the applause rising more.

"Thank you, everyone. We sing for your happiness." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"My friend here wanted to come out here tonight to join us with his love. With his happiness." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"As I'm sure you all heard, Justin opened his heart yesterday to the truth of his soul. To the happiness of his heart. I'm so proud of him." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him, the audience on their feet now, the applause all directed at Justin, the man smiling and bowing his head.

Lance and Josh watched, seeing the joy and happiness on Justin's face.

It was only matched by Lucas'.

"My friend and I are the happiest we've ever been. And we both know the reason for that happiness. It is the love of our soulmates." Justin said, the applause starting again.

"Lance and Josh! Lance and Josh!" the audience screamed, the two men on the stage smiling, their eyes moving back into the darkness.

"Yes, our Lance and Josh. The center of our souls, the carriers of our love." Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"Would you all like to meet them?" Justin smiled, the crowd on its feet again, the noise deafening.

"I think that's a yes, Jus." Lucas smiled, his and Justin's hands moving, now aimed at Josh and Lance hidden in the darkness.

"Come into the center of our happiness, our loves." Justin said, Lucas smiling.

Josh and Lance stared in shock, the two men suddenly feeling three sets of hands going into theirs.

"Come into their love, guys." Finn said; he, Skyler and Trish having snuck up behind them.

The three walked forward, pulling the two with them.

The crowd exploded again, seeing Lance and Josh walking between Orion's white angels.

Josh and Lance blushed, the three walking them right up to Lucas and Justin, both men putting their arms around them, Orion's three white angels smiling and disappearing behind them into the darkness again.

"Thanks for leading them to our love, Orion's white angels." Lucas smiled, two stools now appearing beside them, Justin guiding Lance onto one, his arm going around him.

Lucas guided Josh onto one, his arm going around him.

"World, this is my Josh. Josh, meet our fans." Lucas smiled, the crowd cheering, Josh softly smiling out at everyone, waving slowly.

"World, this is my loving Lance. Lance, meet the world." Justin beamed, the crowd roaring, Lance waving out at everyone with a soft smile on his face as well.

"We brought our men out here tonight to show you that we are loved. These two fill our hearts with love." Lucas said, Josh staring up at him, Lucas smiling at him with love.

"Lucas is right. Before us sits our world. Our happiness and our love. I love you, Lance." Justin smiled, leaning down, his lips meeting Lance's, the crowd roaring again.

Lucas smiled, his lips meeting Josh's, the crowd's noise growing in volume.

"Love you, my Josh." Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Justin's, Justin's smiling face nodding.

The crowd lowered its volume, Lucas smiling out at everyone.

"You see our open love. We are loved, we are free. Justin opened his heart to the world. He showed all of us his deep love for Lance. He showed the world his soulmate." Lucas said, Justin smiling at his Lance.

"I love you, Lance. I'll state that always to all." Justin said, his lips meeting Lance's again, Lance feeling his total love.

"And that night of Justin's opening love, the love of my soul, sacrificed his own happiness for their love. It was supposed to be a night of triumph for my Joshua."
Josh stared into Lucas' violet pools, a soft look of shock on Josh's face.

Josh felt Justin's hand go to his shoulder, the man smiling out at the audience.

"Lucas is right. Josh put off his own happiness for me to have mine." Justin said, his blue eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"It's time, Josh. Orion's giving us our dreams tonight. It's time we sang again."
The audience went ballistic, Lucas smiling at their happiness, his arm going around his husband.

"Josh has a new album, everyone. He was supposed to announce that and sing that night of Justin's announcement. He put his happiness on hold for our best friends. Tonight his happiness needs to shine."

"And I'm going to stand with you, my friend." Justin smiled, Lance smiling, now seeing what Lucas was doing.

Josh looked shocked, staring at Justin, his hand squeezing his shoulder.

"It's time for us to sing again, Joshy." he smiled, Lance rising from his seat.

"What do you think, everyone? Would you like to see our men sing together again?" Lance yelled, Lucas smiling at him.

The audience went crazy, the applause deafening again.

"I think you have your answer, our loves." Lucas smiled, the young man handing Josh a microphone, Lance handing Justin one.

"Knock em dead, babe." Lance smiled, his and Justin's lips meeting, Lucas' and Josh's meeting, the crowd on their feet.

Lucas and Lance smiled, the two men backing up, disappearing into the darkness, Justin and Josh standing alone on the stage in the white beam of light.

Josh rose from his seat, Justin smiling at him.

Josh's smile increased, staring out at everyone.

"I feel like I've been blindsided. Lucas was correct. I do have a new album coming out. It is a compilation of songs that my Lucas gave to me. He wrote all of the music. I'll be singing his love for you." Josh smiled, the audience screaming with happiness.

"He wrote a song as well for myself and Josh to sing together. He always saw the love we each have for each other. This is our love showing. We'll sing that now for him. His love we both have." Justin smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"It's called Friends On The Town."

Josh and Justin both smiled at each other, the two standing in the middle of the spotlight, their backs now against each other, both folding their arms, a mike in one hand.

Soft upbeat music began to play, the crowd becoming lost in the beat.

Then a rich voice filled the arena, Justin's and Josh's voices heard by the world again.


Justin:     You and I,

                we've weathered life.

                You and I,

                we've tethered strife.


Josh:       You and I,

                in total control.

                You and I,

                friendship built on soul.


The two danced across the stage, their timing perfect, their graceful forms beginning their old magic.

The audience was enthralled, lost in the words and dancing.


Josh:       Let's hit the streets friend,

                Let's let our motions mend.

                The party's started,

                the crowds have parted.

                You and I can dance,

                our talent can start the trance.


Justin:     My legs are movin',

                I'm one for groovin'

                Let rock this town,

                as our posse surrounds.

                Brother of my soul,

                I'm losing control. . .


Both:       Friends on the town,

                we're getting down.

                We're struttin' our strut.

                The treats watchin' our butt.


                Friends on the town,

                Lost in the sound.

                Come on,

                Let's astound!


                Shakin' the ground,

                With our jivin' sound.

                Friends on the town,

                Two friends on the town.



Lucas smiled, staring at his Josh, Lance staring at his Justin in the darkness.

"They sing and dance like it was just yesterday. They're so beautiful." he softly said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"They have their hearts back again, Lancy. Music was always its center. It's part of their love." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"You're amazing, Lucas. Thank you for healing their hearts, and mine."

Lucas smiled, their lips meeting.



Both:       We were friends driven together,

                by music's tether.

                We were friends learning together,

                sharin' whatever.


Justin:     But our friendship changed,

                neither found it strange.

                We're both of the same,

                with love as the game.


Josh:       I've got your back,

                you've got mine.

                We'll stand fast,

                Timberlake and Chasez to the last.


Both:       Friends on the town,

                we're getting down.

                We're struttin' our strut.

                The treats watchin' our butt.


                Friends on the town,

                Lost in the sound.

                Come on,

                Let's astound!


                Shakin' the ground,

                With our jivin' sound.

                Friends on the town,

                Two friends on the town.


                Two real friends on the. . .the town. . .



The music ended, the audience on their feet, the sounds deafening.

Josh and Justin were beaming, bowing and waving at the crowd, Orion walking up behind them, urging the crowd on.

Lucas smiled at his man, seeing the happiness in his blue eyes.

Josh's arms were around him in moments, Justin's arms around his Lance.

"Thank you, my love. I love you." Josh said, their lips meeting, the crowd deafening again.

Two sets of love broke apart, Lucas smiling at his three soulmates.

"We are love, we are happiness. Music is our soul. We'll be right back with our final song." Lucas smiled, the stage going black.

Everyone moved offstage, Lucas feeling his man's happiness, Justin bouncing around just as happy.

"That was awesome! You killed it, Joshy!" Justin smiled widely, picking his friend up, spinning him around in his arms.

"So were you, Justy!" Josh screamed, Orion smiling at the two happy men.

Lance hugged both, kissing both on the lips.

"I'm so proud of both of you." he said, Josh smiling, Justin feeling Lance's love.

His and Josh's eyes met Lucas' violet pools, both men seeing tears shining in their beauty.

"Hearts are righted. I did good." he smiled, Josh about to move forward, Lucas smiling at him.

"Haven't time, my love. We have to finish. You can thank me later." Lucas smiled, disappearing into the darkness again, his bandmates following.

"He is love." Justin said, Lance's arm going around him.

"He's ours, Jus. His love is ours."
The three men smiled, Josh's tears flowing, listening to Orion's music begin again.

I love you, Lucas.

Thank you for giving my heart its need.

I'm going to love you forever.

Josh smiled, feeling Justin's and Lance's arms going around him.

The three watched the band before them, a young man standing in its center.

And all three saw the total happiness on his handsome face.


End of Chapter 187


And so Lucas' love for his husband draws his husband's talent back out into the open.

Four friends stood together as one in the open light of the world's eyes.

And two old friends sang their hearts out again.

Josh has his musical soul back, as does Justin


And Lance's doubts are now gone.

His Justin bared his soul in the spotlight of Lucas' love.

And the three of his soul now own his.


I always loved Joshua Chasez's voice.

It was on par to Justin's.

The two did some amazing music together.

One can always hope that one day they will again.


N*Sync will always have a place in my heart.

Their music was always more than just music.


Hugs, Angel.