Yesterday's End-189


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 189


"Oh, Josh! That sounds so romantic." Trish smiled, Josh smiling at her.

Lucas smiled, stirring the contents of his frying pans, his friends and family around the condo's kitchen table.

Everyone had arisen to Lucas' aromatic breakfast, all guided into the kitchen by its intoxicating smells.

Justin and Lance had arrived right after, their parents and Josh's following.

Haras, Colton and Jonathan with them as well.

Justin and Lance had kissed their soulmates' lips, the four smiling with love at each other.

Everyone had sat down at the table after Finn, Harry and Alain had extended it for the large family of friends.

Lucas had smiled at everyone, continuing with his cooking, Colton at his side aiding him with a kiss and his help.

Breakfast was quickly readied, the two young men filling the table with bounty, everyone smiling at the feast in front of them.

Through breakfast Josh had filled everyone in on their previous night of love, Justin and Lance smiling at both men.

"Romantic indeed. You always were a man of romance, Joshy." Justin smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Being in love is all about romance. Knowing one's partner's needs and own self." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him alone.

All the couples around the table smiled at each other, feeling their own romance and love.

Lucas smiled, showing everyone Josh's gift, Lance staring at the watch as he held it in his hand.

"It's beautiful, Luke. You have excellent taste, Josh." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Time is the destiny of all of us, Lance. Always remember that." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling at him, handing the watch back to Lucas, he having been the last to look at it.

"I shall, Luke." he smiled, Lucas closing the watch and slipping it back into his pocket, the chain attached to his belt.

Josh stared at Lucas, the young man kissing his cheek.

"Eat up, my love. Your breakfast is going cold." he smiled, Roy smiling at him.

"Another feast of deliciousness, Luke. You're amazing." he smiled, Lucas smiling at Josh's father.

"Have to keep the grandparents well fed." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him.

Karen looked at the four infants, all sitting in their carriers on another table, their parents having fed them all.

"We're going to miss them, Luke." she smiled, Lucas smiling back at her.

"You have years ahead of happiness and love for our two angels. As do all the grandparents of love. Life will be good for everyone. Life is the path we make for ourselves, our happiness made by others." Lucas said, everyone smiling at their parents, Josh looking into his man's violet pools.

"You're waxing poetic this morning, my love." he said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Your romantic soul last night showed me what I have, my love. A family of love and happiness. And friends of love and happiness. And the greater love of my soulmates and children. Life will be good for all of us, everyone. My destiny will soon show its end and our lives will blossom on the path of love." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Poetic indeed, Luke. Your love is the path we all walk with happiness." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Eat up, everyone. Orion sings its heart out again tonight. And then the tour continues. And destiny's path will show its true course." Lucas smiled, his cell phone going off.

Lucas rose from his seat, smiling at everyone.

"I need to take this. Please finish breakfast, everyone." he smiled, answering his cell phone, walking out of the kitchen.

"Everything okay, Josh?" Lance said, Justin looking towards the doorway.

"Lucas is Lucas, everyone. I feel his continuing love. And I sense something's about to happen. But his calmness and love calm my own soul." Josh said, continuing to eat.

Everyone nodded, quietly finishing their breakfast.

Lucas walked back into the kitchen, smiling at everyone.

"That was Grayson. He's on the path finally." Lucas said, sitting down beside his Josh.

"The path to what, Lucky?"
Lucas smiled, pouring himself another cup of coffee from the carafe on the table.

"The path to truth, my love." Lucas smiled, sipping at his coffee.

"I should start on the dishes." he said, Colton smiling at him.

"Jonah and I will do them, Luke." he smiled, Lucas nodding at him with a smile.

Haras smiled, he and Jonathan picking up plates, Colton heading for the kitchen sink.

Josh's arm went around Lucas' shoulders, kissing his cheek.

"Where's Grayson, Lucky? Back at Kurucu's Haven with your grandparents?" Justin said, Lucas looking at his soulmates.

"No, he's in England. I've sent him on a path of discovery." Lucas said, everyone looking surprised, all eyes on Lucas.

"What's he hoping to discover, son?" Roy said, Lucas smiling at his father-in-law.

"The truth, Dad. A truth I sense is out there. I only have to find the missing piece."

"Piece of what, Luke?" Lance said, Lucas sipping his coffee.

"The path of the past, Lance. I'm beginning to sense the hidden truth surrounding my families' paths of destiny. I just have to find the connecting artifact." Lucas said, the young man looking in thought.

"Another treasure from that treasure room, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas looking at his old friend.

"Perhaps, Finny. Or perhaps something more." Lucas said, smiling at his bandmates.

"We need to get cleaned up, guys. Rehearsals await us this afternoon. There will be time enough soon for meetings of truths." Lucas smiled, looking at his three soulmates.

"You're on baby duty, my Joshua. Who'd like to clean me up?" Lucas smiled, his violet pools meeting Justin's blue and Lance's smiling green.

"I'd love to tackle that job." Justin smiled, Lance chuckling, kissing his man's cheek.

"You'd just like to tackle him, our horn dog." Lance smirked, Justin blushing, Lance kissing his lips this time.

"Go have your fun, babe. Joshy and I'll keep our other treasures happy."
Lucas smiled, rising from his seat.

"Come on, HD. A warm shower and your loving hands I need."
Justin smiled, the two men walking out of the room, Lance's eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"He's a man of mystery this morning." Lance said, Josh nodding, but smiling.

"He's our Lucas. The mysteries of his love echo in our hearts."
Everyone smiled, Lance quietly looking towards the doorway his loves just walked through.


Stratford-Upon-Avon, England


Gabriel's blue eyes scanned the old church he stood in.

"Gray, where are you?" he yelled, another voice answering him.

"I'm at the back of the altar. I've found the door I believe." a voice yelled back.

Gabriel pulled his trench coat's collar up, the church slightly damp in the late afternoon's hour.

A hand went to his shoulder, the judge jumping on reflex, turning around, staring into two blue eyes and two brown.

"Good God, Reverend! You scared the bejesus out of me!"

Lewis smiled, patting the judge's shoulder.

"Sorry, Gabriel. We've found nothing." he said, Jacques nodding, the two men having been searching corridors and hallways in the relatively empty church.

It was the middle of the week, the Church of the Holy Trinity rather quiet.

"Where's Grayson?" Jacques asked, a voice yelling towards them.

"I'm over here, behind the main altar."

The three men moved, walking down the main aisle of the central cathedral.

"A magnificent cathedral." Lewis said, looking around, taking in the stain glass windows.

Jacques smiled, seeing his man's love of religious dogma, their hands going together, the two smiling at each other.

"We'll take a vacation and explore all the churches in England, my love. I see the historical love shining in your faithful eyes." Jacques said, Gabriel smiling at the two men.

"Lucas does wonders on all paths. The boy's amazing." he said, the other two men smiling at him.

"Over to the left there is the hallway to Shakespeare's tomb. The playwright is buried here. Was baptized here as well." Lewis said, both men nodding in wonder.

The three walked up onto the stone altar, a movement coming out from behind its tabernacle.

Grayson's smiling face stared at all three, joining them in front of the altar.

"I've found the door. How he knew of it is beyond myself." the lawyer said, Gabriel's arm going around him.

"I still don't understand what we're looking for." the judge said, Grayson kissing his lips.

"A hidden truth Lucas called it. Where is the curator?" Grayson said, Gabriel looking at his husband.

"He said he'd return. He has gone to get flashlights or lanterns. No one's visited down there in years, Gray." the judge said, Grayson seeing the worry on his husband's face.

"They sleep in silence, God's path now walked." Reverend Saunders said, another voice sounding behind them.

"God's path is silent for all."

The four men looked behind them, a young man of twenty-five smiling at them.

He wore the garb of a parish minister, Lewis smiling at him.

"You've returned, brother of faith." he smiled, the young minister smiling at him, his hands holding two flashlights.

"Yes, sir. I've found four flashlights. I hope that's enough. It's dreadfully dark down in the catacombs." he said, the other four nodding.

"Yes, darkness befalls us all at the end of life." Lewis said, Jacques smiling at his husband.

"What exactly is it you seek down there, gentlemen? It's been quite a while since anyone scholar, clerical or others have ventured to the lower depths. Most are intrigued only by Shakespeare's crypt and tomb."

"We are historians from America and France, Reverend Smyth. We've been doing an ancestral study of an ancient worldly family. We're hoping to find the past in the darkness." Grayson said, the young man nodding.

"Very well. But please stay close together and don't wander off down there. It is a labyrinth of passageways and dead ends." the minister said, the four nodding with smiles.

"Lead the way, monsieur." Jacques bowed, the man moving onto the altar, the three following him.

They walked around the immense altar, all four seeing a door at its back, Grayson already having found it.

The minister pulled out a cluster of keys on an old iron band, looking through them.

He selected an old iron skeleton key, inserting it in the old door.

"I may need your help. It's heavy and thick." he said, Jacques and Gabriel moving, the minister turning the key.

The three pulled the door back slowly, a veil of darkness before them.

"Stairs dead ahead. They go down three levels reaching the fourth level of deeper catacombs." the minister said, going into the darkness, not before turning on the flashlights, handing one each to Jacques, Lewis and Grayson.

All five walked into the darkness, descending down old stone steps.


For an hour the five walked through large empty catacombs, layers of tombs showing one above another.

Names were etched on their facings, as well as etchings of valor, courage and history.

All three levels they explored, finding only old tombs long lost to the world's movement.

"You haven't found anything yet to intrigue you, sirs?" Reverend Smyth said, looking back at Grayson in the flashlight-lit gloom.

"Nothing yet, my good man. Some of these date before the crusades, some later. A hodgepodge of ancient conformity." Lewis said, the other minister nodding at him.

"Yes, through the centuries the amount of wealth you had garnered you the novelty of a cathedral entombment. Wealth buys even eternal rest."

"God gives eternal rest, good brother." Lewis said, the other minister nodding.

"His faith created us, our divinity guarantees us a greater beauty on the path ahead." the man smiled, all four smiling and nodding.

"There is only one more level?" Grayson asked, the man nodding.

"Yes, sir. Most of the tombs and crypts down there are from the fourteenth century. Long forgotten, long lost to God's reality." Reverend Smyth said.

"Lead the way to their rest, good sir." Lewis smiled, the man smiling at him, walking back to the staircase entrance, the four following and descending with him.

All five felt the silence and closeness of this lower level, the rooms before them in the darkness seemingly carved out of the rock around them.

"Crude architecture, archaic in design. But well-meaning in their purpose. All life needs a place for eternal rest." Reverend Smyth said, Grayson nodding, the lawyer walking ahead, his footsteps the only sound in the silence enveloping them.

The four men moved down through the tomb areas, the minister quietly following, flashlight rays scanning each tomb.

Grayson's light fell on a small tomb at the end of the hallway; the lawyer staring at its white marbled casing, a small crypt of plain dignity.

He stared at the name etched in the tomb's marble face.

He lowered his flashlight, Gabriel walking to his side.

Their hands went together, their eyes meeting.

Grayson moved, walking over to Reverend Saunders, the man whispering in the cleric's ear.

Lewis looked towards the younger minister, the young man staring at a granite tomb with carved lions on each end.

"Good Reverend, brother of my faith, what are you looking at?" Lewis said, the younger man smiling at him.

"It's a tomb from the thirteenth century. A nobleman of the first crusade." he smiled, Lewis nodding.

"I saw a similar one on the level above. Do you think they are related?"  Lewis smiled, the man looking surprised.

"Really? The same lions?"

"I think so. Let's go investigate. Wouldn't that be a coincidence?" Lewis said, the young man nodding, looking at the other three men looking towards him.

Lewis smiled, patting the young minister's shoulder.

"My friends will be fine. Let's leave them to their enquiries, we won't be long."
The minister smiled, Lewis nodding at Grayson, the two clerics walking back out of the hallway, heading for the stairwell.

Jacques' eyes met Grayson's blue pools in the semidarkness.

"Faith be to our souls! How he knew I know not!" the man said, Gabriel at his side now, his arm going around his husband.

"Knew what, Grey? What are you talking about?"

"We have to hurry. Help me, my friends." Grayson said, moving across the hallway, his two friends following.

Grayson shone his light on the marble tomb he'd been staring at, Jacques' and Gabriel's eyes widening in surprise.

"The name Gray! Who. . .who is this?"

Grayson stared at his husband.

"A figure of the past, Gabe. A figure of the long gone past." Grayson said, his eyes scanning the crypt, seeing a small bear emblem on one corner of the marble tomb and an eagle etched in the tomb's other corner.

Grayson's hand moved forward, pressing against the bear's face, it moving inward slowly, a soft sound heard in the silence, Grayson releasing the stone etching.

"Press on the eagle's face, Jacques. I'll press on the bear again."

Jacques nodded, going to the right side of the tomb, his hand going against the eagle's beak.

"Now!" Grayson said, both men pushing against the animals' faces.

A loud audible click was heard, the stone face of the crypt suddenly moving.

It moved forward, then lowered, both men stepping back, Gabriel standing between them.

All their eyes widened, staring into the large crypt.

"It's. . .what is that there?" Gabriel said, Grayson moving forward, picking up something that he'd spotted as well.

He raised it, staring at it in his hand.

He handed it to Gabriel.

"Hide that within your clothing, my love. Let's hit the animals again, Jacques."

Jacques moved, the two men pressing on the animals' faces again, the stone slab lifting again, settling back into the crypt's facing, the crypt again as it always was.

Grayson heard the two ministers walking down the stone steps again, the man's hand going into his husband's, Jacques staring at Grayson.

Lewis and Reverend Smyth came back into the stone hallway, Grayson smiling at Lewis.

"It was for naught. Two different tombs with no linkage." Reverend Smyth said, Grayson nodding.

"And there seems to be only silence and eternal slumber within these rooms. We should return to the heavens above." Grayson smiled, the young minister nodding.

"Let the dead sleep their eternal sleep. I'm sorry you didn't find what you sought, Mr. Wainwright." the man said, Grayson smiling at him.

"I found a sense of history and the past within this church's walls, good Reverend. A heart is nothing without history." he smiled, the man nodding at him.

The five moved out of the catacombs, walking back up the stairs.

Grayson looked back down in the darkness receding behind them.

A heart is nothing without history.

I think you've just found all of ours, Lucas.

Everyone walked ahead, rising into the world of life above.


Six hours later four men sat in a large hotel suite looking out upon the streets of London.

On the coffee table before them sat an item of ancient beauty.

Grayson closed off his cell phone, setting it down on the table as well.

"What in God's giving faith is that, Grayson? Any ideas from Lucas?" Lewis said, staring at the object.

"It may be the truth, Lewis. A truth only Lucas can decipher." the man said, staring at the small box laying in the middle of the table.

On its rich ebony surface was etched a golden star, and within that star was another star of white diamonds.

The four men had passed the box around to each other as soon as they'd climbed into their vehicle outside the old church, Gabriel having pulled it out of his pocket.

Each had taken turns examining it, finding no way to broach the box's inner secrets.

"It's like a singular slab of ebony. But we all see the edge along its middle. It holds something within it, that's for certain, mon amis." Jacques said, his arm around Lewis.

Lewis' eyes met Grayson's blue pools, the man staring at the minister.

"I felt a great warmth from it, my friends. A warmth of God's presence." Lewis said, the other three nodding.
"We all felt it, Lewis." Grayson said, staring at the box.

"Lucas said we are not to touch it again. He says there is a truth within it, of that he's certain." he said, Gabriel staring at his husband, the two seated together across from Jacques and Lewis.

"Why would this box be left in an empty crypt, Grayson? And where is the person whose name was etched upon its surface?" Gabriel said, Grayson staring at the box.

"That in itself is another mystery. I sense Lucas--in his guiding us to its location--may know the answer to that mystery as well." he said, the other three staring at him.

"Our friend's love and magic will reveal its truth." Gabriel said.

"We must leave for America, monsieur. Lucas will want to see this immediately." Jacques said, Lewis kissing his cheek, both men staring at Grayson.

"No, my friends. We have another adventure ahead of us. Another voyage of discovery." Grayson said, moving and picking up his briefcase, setting it on the coffee table's surface, picking up the small black box, placing it in the case.

"Where to now, mon ami?" Jacques said, Grayson smiling at him.

"To Egypt we must travel. I believe Lucas needs us to find another treasure." Grayson said, the three staring at him.

"Is this an artifact from that hidden treasure room, Gray?" Gabriel said, Grayson smiling at him.

"I believe so, my love. For I feel goodness coming off of it." Grayson smiled, the three nodding.

"I felt love." Lewis said, Jacques smiling at him.

"As did I, mon amour. It makes your love seem greater." the Frenchman said, Lewis smiling at him.

"We'll leave in the morning, my friends. Tonight, I think we all need our love close." Grayson said, Gabriel smiling at him.

"My love is here for you, my darling."

Jacques and Lewis both smiled, both men rising to their feet, the other two smiling and rising as well.

"We'll leave you to your love, my friends. Our own draws us to our happiness." Lewis smiled, Jacques' hand going in his.

"As does Lucas' love. I felt even that within the box." Gabriel said, all four smiling.

The four hugged each other, two couples separating, Lewis and Jacques going to their room.

Gabriel's arms went around Grayson's tall slim frame, their lips meeting, Grayson feeling his soulmate's love.

They broke their kiss, Gabriel staring into his blue pools.

"I need your love, I need all of you, my Gray." Gabriel said, his eyes filled with love.

"Tonight my love will be amazing, my Gabriel, my angel of love." Grayson said, the two men holding each other as they walked towards their bedroom.

Neither saw Grayson's briefcase--forgotten on the coffee table--softly glowing.


Orlando, Florida


Finn grinned widely, the Welshman feeling the young man wrapped in his strong arms, spinning him around.

"For God's sake, put me down, Finny! Must you grope me after every performance?!" Lucas yelled, everyone around them laughing.

Finn laughed, dropping Lucas to his feet, patting the young man's leather-covered ass.

"Got to get you all excited for your old man there. He loves you primed." Finn grinned, Josh laughing, his arm going around his husband's hips

"I can take it from here, Finny. And you're taking a shower, babe. I see hair all over you. Are you shedding, Finny?" Josh smiled, Lucas laughing, Finn blushing.

"No I'm not. I sweat, my hair moves on its own." Finn said, Skyler kissing his lips.

"And I like grooming him clean. My hairy beauty." she said, Finn smiling at her, his sweaty arms going around her.

"Sweet! I'm getting a shower for two!"

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling at his friends.

"Spot on guys! We wowed them all!" he said; Finn, Trish and Skyler beaming.

"Last show for a while, Lukey. I'm going to miss the fun." Finn smiled, Justin and Lance walking up to them from offstage.

It was four weeks later, the night of their last tour concert, the tour over.

"On the mark, guys. You were fantastic out there." Justin smiled, kissing Lucas' cheek, and then Finn's.

"Timberlake's copping a feel again, babe. Hands off my ass, horn dog." Finn grinned, Justin smiling.

"Sorry, I thought I was petting a baboon."

Lucas laughed, Finn rolling his eyes.

"You should be thrilled, Finnegan. Not often you get hugged by a megastar, half the latest duet on the charts." Lucas smiled, Justin winking at him.

Josh smiled, kissing his man's cheek.

"We're only in the low twenties on the Billboard Charts, babe." he smiled, Lucas kissing his lips.

Lucas had urged the two singers to release their song as a single, a prelude to Josh's upcoming album.

The media had caught wind of their performance at Orion's show, camera videos of it circulating the internet.

The two had released the single a week later, on radio stations.

It was filling the airwaves, a video hastily filmed, Justin and Josh beaming with pride and happiness over the last three weeks.

"You'll hit number one, babes." Lucas smiled, both smiling at him.

"I'd sooner hit you, beautiful." Justin grinned, Finn rolling his eyes.

"Get your paws off me, horn dog." he laughed, Justin laughing and stepping back.
Finn blew him a kiss, smiling at Lucas.

"A month off, guys! I'm so primed!" Finn grinned, Lucas smiling back at him.

"I guess I wasn't the only one with chubby-filled leather pants. My hands and Justin's work magic."

Finn blushed, Josh laughing, Justin and Lance looking confused.

"Inside joke, guys." he smiled, the two men smiling at him.

"Let's get you guys cleaned up, and then it's off to dinner." Justin smiled, Trish smiling at him.

"Thank you again for inviting us all to your Dad's home again tomorrow, Justin."

"The first day of relaxation for you. My Mom makes a mean Caesar salad." Justin smiled, Lance kissing his cheek.

"And my babe's barbecuing with his father."
Justin smiled, hugging his man.

The backup musicians smiled, high-fiving the four bandmates, the four thanking them for their performances.

"See you in the studio in a month, guys. Can't wait to hear the new music, Luke." Sam Remington smiled, his brother Dean agreeing.

"It'll throw you for a loop. It's even more amazing." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Oh? You're leaving the band?" Sam smiled, everyone laughing, Finn blushing, folding his arms, Sam kissing his cheek.

"Later, Welsh boytoy." Dean laughed, the two smiling and walking out with the other musicians.

Justin smiled at everyone, the group heading down to their dressing rooms.

Once inside his Lucas felt two sets of arms wrapping around him, two sets of lips fighting his for their need.

"Slow down, boys." Lucas grinned, Justin's lips now silencing him.

Josh smiled, sitting down on the sofa in the dressing room, watching Lance and Justin devouring his man with their roaming lips and hands.

"You out there in the spotlight has them all bothered, babe. I can smell that sweaty leather from here." Josh smiled, the two men breaking from their kissing Lucas.

"I smell only Lucky. And he's driving me wild." Justin said, one hand on Lucas' leather-clad ass, the other under his skin-tight black t-shirt.

Lance smiled, stepping back, the man moving and sitting down in Josh's lap.

"Our HD is on full throttle. I think you need his hands of love in the shower, Lucky." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him, Justin's lips on Lucas' neck.

"I think he needs more, and I'm on full throttle as well."

Josh and Lance smiled, Lucas pulling Justin towards the bathroom.

The two disappeared into it, both men seeing their total desires on their handsome faces.

"They'll be a while. Both look hungry." Josh smiled, Lance's lips meeting his.

"They're after ecstasy, I'm after happiness. Love ya, Joshy." Lance smiled, Josh smiling and kissing his lips tenderly again.

"Love ya back, Lancy. Your love filled me last night, I'm still happy."

Lance smiled, snuggling against Josh's body, still sitting in his lap.

"How's he doing, Josh?" Lance said, Josh sighing, kissing Lance's cheek.

"He's been quiet, as you and Jus have noted. Something's on his mind, of that I'm certain. But his love's unchanged. We've talked and he's as loving as ever."
"You don't have to tell me that. We all felt his love last night."

Josh smiled, nodding.

"What did Grayson say when he called this morning? Lucas was talking to him for quite a while." Lance said, Josh looking into his green pools.

"Nothing much. Just that Grayson and his friends were returning to America. Apparently they've been travelling through Europe and Africa."

"Yes, Lucas said they were overseas on an adventure." Lance said, Josh nodding.

"My Lucky is surrounded by adventure." Josh smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"He's happy, Josh. That's what we focus on. The path will move as it must. His showing happiness calms my soul as well."
Josh smiled, pulling Lance close.

The two men heard a rather loud moan coming from the bathroom, Lance smiling.

"I think our Lucky is showing our Jus a greater happiness." Lance smiled, Josh looking towards the door.

Lance rose from Josh's lap, sitting down beside him.

"I think you need his happiness as well, Joshy. Go ahead and join the love."
Josh smiled, the man kissing Lance lightly on the lips, Lance smirking as Josh rose, seeing the rising happiness in his center.

Josh walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Lance smiled, looking at the closed door.

He pulled out his cell phone, searching for a number, then punching it into the phone.

He waited, a voice answering.

"Hello, it's Lance. We need to talk." Lance said, settling back into the couch.

He stared at the bathroom door, talking quietly into the phone.


Justin smiled, a missile of love tackling him on the front lawn of his father's home.

Stephen was on top of his brother, the two rolling on the grass, both laughing.

Another joined them, Jonathan's fingers going to his younger brother's armpits, the boy screaming with laughter.

Haras and Colton both dove onto the pile, the front yard filling with laughter.

Lisa smiled, hugging Lucas, Randall hugging Lance, Lance guiding his grandson into his arms.

"He's growing so big!" Randall smiled, Lisa kissing the infant's cheek, the baby gurgling.

"It's only been a month, Randall." Lucas smiled, Josh guiding little Joshy into Lisa's arms.

"You can see the change, Luke." Lisa smiled, rocking the baby, his green and blue eyes looking up at her.

The baby laughed, giggling, Lisa smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Come on in, everyone." Lisa smiled, Lucas walking with her into the house, the others following, Stephen now back on his feet, his arms wrapped around his brothers' waists.

The young boy had hugged Haras and Colton, the three Timberlake sons now all together.

"Great to have you back, my boys. Drinks await by the pool, everyone." Randall smiled, everyone kissing his cheek or shaking his hand, Randall carrying one of his grandsons into the house.

Everyone walked through the house, guided out onto the back patio, everyone relaxing in chairs, feeling a soft breeze blowing.

Lucas had his son again, the young man placing him into his carrier, which Finn had carried in.

"I hear the tour was a great success, everyone." Randall smiled, little Justy still in his arms, Randall seated beside Justin.

"All venues were sold out, it was a smash!" Finn grinned, Lucas smiling at him.

"Orion shone bright." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"And it will continue to shine. A new album later this year, and you'll be guaranteed awards next spring, definitely." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"So we shall, all of us. I've some news, everyone." Lucas smiled, his three men looking at him.

"They've nominated me for Star of the Year?" Finn grinned, everyone rolling their eyes, Finn laughing.

"More like Furball of the Year." Lucas smiled, everyone laughing, Finn saluting his friend.

"What's the news, Luke?" Andrew smiled, his arm around Trish snuggled beside him.

"We're not the only number one on the charts this year." Lucas smiled, everyone looking confused.

"Sol called me from England this morning. A certain song of mine is number one in the UK. Two voices of love rising it to the top." Lucas smiled, Josh staring at his man in shock.

"Real. . .really, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at his soulmates.

"Yep. Friends On The Town is number one on the dance and pop charts in the UK." he grinned, everyone on their feet, the two singers surrounded by everyone, pulled to their feet and hugged.

Justin looked surprised, Lance's arms around him, their lips meeting in happiness and love.

Josh still looked shocked, Lucas' arms going around him after Finn hugged him last, little Julian in his arms.

Josh stared at his man, their eyes meeting.

"I. . .I have. . .we have. . .?"

Lucas smiled, his finger going to Josh's cheek, rubbing it.

"My man's voice should never have been silenced. You're back in the musical heavens, my angel. Right where you're supposed to be." Lucas smiled, Josh tearing up.

"I never dreamed it would take off that fast. It's because of you, my love." Josh teared up more, Lucas kissing his lips.

"No, my love. It's because of your beautiful voice, and Justin's. The world felt your returned harmony and friendship. You made that song a hit."

Josh and Justin both smiled, Josh wiping his eyes.

"I love you, Lucas. For all you've given my soul and heart."

Justin's arm went around Josh, the two smiling at each other.

"We made it a hit, Josh. Lucas' love for us united our voices again."
"Damn right!" Josh grinned, Lucas smiling at his man's total happiness shining on his face.


Everyone turned, staring at the two infants now in their carriers on top of the table.

Both little ones were grinning, clapping their hands together.

"Damn right, my boys!" Lucas smiled, everyone looking at him, then at the children.

Lucas smiled, sitting back down, rubbing his sons' legs, both giggling.

"They sensed our happiness, Joshy." Justin said, staring at his sons.

"They sensed your love." Lucas said, smiling at his man.

Josh, Lance and Justin returned to their seats, staring at the two infants, both cooing and smiling.

"They're so happy, Jus." Lisa said, Justin smiling at his stepmom.

"They have our love. And we have theirs." he smiled.

"They also have diapers in need of changing." Lance said, wrinkling his nose.

"Sure it's not your man, Lance? He just got some exciting news." Finn laughed, Alain laughing with him.

"Ooh, I'll diaper the big boy!" Josh smiled, Justin laughing.

"All I want to smell is your steaks, Timberlake. Get cracking on the barbecue, biatch! I'm starving." Lucas smiled, Justin laughing.

"Yes, master." he smiled, rising from his seat, Josh and Lance rising, each picking up a carrier, the two walking into the house, Justin and his father walking towards the barbecue.

"It'll be an hour or so. How about you hit the pool, everyone? I'll start on some salads." Lisa smiled, everyone smiling and rising from their seats.

"I can't wait to hit that cool water." Finn smiled, Lucas grinning at him.

"In swim trunks, Carver! In swim trunks!" Finn said, running towards the house.

Lucas laughed, his arm going around Lisa.

"Lead the way, Mom. I'll help with the fixings."

Lisa smiled, everyone following her back into the house.


Lucas sighed, wiping his lips on his napkin, his man's arms around him.

"Wow, babe! Two plates! My babe's getting a tummy."

"Your sons are wearing it off nicely. As are my other three babes."

All three smiled, Lucas' violet pools meeting Josh's blue.

The four kids were sound asleep in the house, fed and bathed in the cool pool waters.

Everyone had swum, then dived into the delicious barbecue meats and salads created by Justin, his father and stepmother, and Lucas.

"That was superb." Finn sighed, snuggled in his lady's arms.

"As three plates showed. I saw that second cow climb on the barbecue." Alain smiled, everyone laughing.

"I had to match Justin and Randall. And you, Alain." Finn smiled, the three smiling at him.

"Men and their meats. Give me those delicious salads any day." Skyler smiled, Finn kissing her lips.

"I have a delicious carrot for you later, my love." Finn smirked.

"More like a bean sprout." Lance said, Justin bursting into laughter, putting his arms around his man, others laughing as well.

"It's always the quiet ones." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"So who was on the phone, Luke?" he said, smiling at his soulmate.

Lucas' cell phone had rung just before they'd sat down for dinner, Lucas quietly talking for a few minutes, everyone waiting for him at the patio tables.

"It was my grandfather." Lucas said, Lance nodding.

"When do we leave, Lucky?" Lance said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"You're very perceptive, my Lance."

Lance smiled at him, Josh and Justin both staring at both of them.

"We're going somewhere, my love?" Josh said, Lucas' eyes meeting his and then Lance's.

"We've all felt your feelings lately, Lucas. We all sense something's about to happen." Lance said, Lucas sighing, rising from his seat.

Everyone watched him walk over to the pool's edge, the young man staring at the calm water, a soft breeze blowing across his face.

Lance rose from his seat, walking up beside Lucas.

"You sense my soul, Lance. I believe we're one of conscience." Lucas said, Lance's hand going to his shoulder.

"What's going on, Lucas?" he said, Lucas turning and staring into Lance's green pools.

"I think I've run out of time, Lance."

Josh and Justin rose, both walking up to the two men, everyone else's eyes on the young man.

"What do you mean, my love?" Josh said, his arms going around his man.

"I mean that the paths of destiny, I believe, are joining. The time for answers and truths may be upon us." Lucas said, staring into his soulmates' surrounding eyes.

He saw the worry and love in their eyes.

"It's alright, my loves. I've always known that this would one day end. It's just come upon us perhaps more quickly than I sensed."

"You know all that's going to happen in regards to your family?" Justin said, Lucas staring into his blue pools.

"No, not yet, Jus. But the answers are formulating. And I know I have to return to the start of it."

"Egypt, Luke?" Lance said, Lucas looking into his green pools.

"No, Lance. To Kurucu's Haven. The center of my family's destiny."
"But your family's destiny began in Egypt, Luke. With Alsarius and Kavinus." Haras said, Lucas looking towards the Egyptian.

"Perhaps, Haras. But I sense it started somewhere else." Lucas said, the young man's hand going to the stone hanging around his neck, its redness softly glowing against his black wifebeater.

"Why do we have to go back there now, Lucas?" Josh asked, Lucas staring into his blue pools, feeling his closeness.

"The paths of destiny wait for no one, my love. I'm on my destiny's path, the end nears."

Josh felt Lucas pull him close.

"Do not worry, my love. I think destiny's seen to all eventualities." Lucas said, Lance staring at him.

"Meaning what, Luke?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Meaning that I don't fear the future, Lance. I think I've reasoned out my own future. And that future is your giving love. That and time will cure all worries." he smiled, Finn rising from his seat.

"We're all going with you, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I already sensed that, my friends and family. I've book flights for everyone this morning. I'm sorry for delaying our vacations, everyone." Lucas said, Finn walking up to him.

"We love you, Luke. We'll see your path through to its end."

Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"So much love, I have so much love." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"We love you, Lucas. Me the most."

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips.

"Tomorrow's the first Friday of April, my love. Our night of private romance."
Josh smiled, Justin and Lance smiling at him.
"We'll leave Saturday morning for Vermont. My family and my adventurous friends are already headed there."

"Why did you send Grayson to Europe, Luke?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"So perceptive. In time you'll find out the truth." he smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lance on the lips.

The two parted, Lance staring at Lucas.

"Life is but a moment in time. Love is forever." Lucas smiled, looking at everyone.

"Cast off the worries, my family. I go to my destiny filled with your love. That will get me through anything." he smiled widely, everyone smiling at him.

"Right now I need a swim. The steak was delicious but heavy. Come on, my loves. I think I'll need you three to keep me afloat." Lucas smiled, pulling off his wifebeater, Justin smiling at his smooth muscular chest.

His shirt soon followed, others pulling off their shirts, diving into the pool.

Lance pulled off his shirt, seeing Lucas in a sandwich of soulmate love.

What's going on, our Lucas?

Why do I feel you're trying to tell me something?
Only me.

"Come on in, babe. The water's beautiful!" Justin yelled, Lance smiling at his soulmates.

He pulled off his t-shirt, his three loves staring at his smooth beauty.

I dive into love and life.

And I'll be ready for both of them.

Lance smiled, running and diving into the pool.


Kurucu's Haven


Emerson's green pools met Grayson's blue pools.

"You seem energized, my brother." Emerson smiled, Grayson smiling at him, sipping the cognac in his hand, Gabriel smiling at his husband.

They and Lewis and Jacques were relaxing in Emerson's library.

"Love energizes my soul. Married life is amazing." Grayson smiled, Gabriel smiling at him, the judge relaxing in an overstuffed wing chair, Grayson standing at the fireplace.

Emerson rose from his desk, picking up his glass of scotch, walking up to his brother.

"What news of the other side, Em? Any word on Haven's location? Or Sheridan's movements?" Grayson said, Emerson looking at him.

"Nothing, my brother. Haven is lost, Lucas' love, I sense, seeing to that. Sheridan, on the other hand, is in New York. He was at the shareholders' meeting last week, as I told you. The IRS findings are about to wrap up. There is a meeting scheduled for June seventh. The truth of my company's dealings will be verified. And then I, as head shareholder, will decide on the fate of all." Emerson said, sipping at his scotch.

"They brought it amongst themselves, Em. They followed Haven in his nefarious dealings." Grayson said, his hand going to Emerson's shoulder.

"I know, Gray. But they are and always were my friends. Friends who I now see were lured into the trap of wealth and greed."

"Indeed, Emerson. One walks his own path and one must face his own failings." Lewis said, Emerson nodding.

"Yes, Good Reverend. We all must face our failings."
Grayson's hand squeezed Emerson's shoulder.

"Your son and daughters are on their way here, Em. Your wife awaits you tonight. You have the love back in your heart. You haven't failed at anything in your life." Grayson said, Emerson staring into his blue pools.

"What of my grandson, Gray? I have thrown him into a life and destiny he never asked for. My cowardice so many years ago brought him into existence." Emerson said, Grayson smiling at him.

"Your son's and daughter's love brought him into existence. He is a combination of their and yes, your, love." Grayson said, Emerson tearing up.

"I've never met anyone like him, Gray. His love it awes me."
"He awes all of us, Emerson." Jacques said, Lewis nodding his head.

"He is a materialization of real love, Emerson. God's love, magic's love and life's love."

Emerson nodded, staring at Grayson again.

"What did you find overseas, Gray? Where did Lucas send you? And what happened to you and Gabriel?" Emerson said, Gabriel rising from his seat, the man softly moaning, Grayson staring at him with love.

Gabriel wore an arm sleeve, his right hand bandaged.

Grayson's face wore a large bruise, the man's ribs wrapped in bandages under his finely tailored suit.

"Adventures sometimes come with danger, my friend. We are alright." Gabriel said, Grayson's arm going around him, he softly moaning as well.

Emerson's eyes went to Lewis and Jacques, both men looking at their friends with caring friendship.

"And where did you go?" Emerson said, Grayson sighing.

The lawyer looked around the library, seeing the closed door, the five alone.

"Lucas has asked us to keep our travels to ourselves, Em. He did indeed send us on an adventure to seek out something. We found something we didn't expect. Especially on the second path we walked."

"My grandson loves the mystery."

Grayson smiled, patting his friend's shoulder.

"Your grandson loves his family. All of us."

Emerson smiled, staring at his friends.

"I'm glad you're both alright. I had always hoped it wouldn't come to danger for anyone. The evil moves in so many ways."

"The evil is being drawn to justice, Emerson. Lucas will call it to justice. I think even more mysteries and surprises await us, mon amis." Jacques said, Lewis smiling at him and kissing his cheek.

"I'll take less danger next time, thanks." Gabriel said, Grayson smiling at him.

"What did you seek, Grayson?" Emerson said, Grayson meeting his green pools.

"What we found we're not totally sure of. Artifacts that I sense Lucas knew we'd find. He has entrusted me to keep them safe until he arrives."

Emerson nodded, staring at the bear's head at the end of the fireplace mantle.

"The room is lost to us, my friend. Keep whatever you have safe. I still feel the evil's surrounding presence." Emerson said, Grayson nodding.

"I know, my brother. I feel it as well."
Emerson nodded again, finishing his drink, setting the glass down on the mantle.

"My grandson comes in a few days. And the path I sense will show its end. And perhaps then I can find peace."

"Your grandson's love is the peaceful need of all of us, Emerson. His love and magic come." Lewis said, Emerson smiling.

"You need rest, my friends. Your rooms are ready. And you must be jetlagged." Emerson said, the four nodding, Lewis and Jacques rising from their seats.

Emerson hugged all four gently, kissing each on the cheek, Lewis smiling at him.

"We feel your energized soul, Emerson. His love will heal all of our hearts."

The five smiled, the four walking out of the room, Emerson sighing, staring down into the fire.

His eyes raised, staring up at the portrait of his wife.

His hand went to the bear's head at the end of the mantle, rubbing it softly.

"He has locked me from the truth, my love. I sense he knows the truth of what I am." Emerson softly said, the man feeling a hand go to his shoulder, softly rubbing it.

"What you are is love, Emmanuel." Francesca Isadora said, standing beside her husband.

"The end is near, my darling." he said, Isadora's face staring into Emerson's handsome face.

"He'll right the path, my love. I feel the magic of Lucas' soul. I think he's going to surprise all of us."

"Will he hate me?" Emerson said, tears showing in his eyes.

"He would never hate you, my love. I think he already knows the path you've walked, that you've all walked."

Emerson nodded, Isadora kissing his cheek.

"Let's retire, my love."
"I need our love so much tonight, my loves." Emerson said, Isadora smiling at him.

"You have both of us, my darling. Then, now and forever."

Emerson smiled, the two walking out of the library, Emerson closing the door behind himself and his wife.

In a dark corner of the now dark library two eyes softly glowed.

An image walked up to the fireplace, staring at the bear's head on its mantle's end.

I await you, Lucas.

I await your power.

I hope it's enough.

The image smiled, walking right through the fireplace.


End of Chapter 189


And so the gang heads back to Kurucu's Haven, the path perhaps coming to its end.

What awaits Lucas there?

Who or what was hidden and watching in the library?


What happened to Grayson and Gabriel?
Did they walk into a dangerous adventure in Egypt?

What else did they find there?


Lucas now heads home, to draw out the evil that surrounds his family.

A lot of mysteries still seem to surround that place.

Is the end drawing near, or are there more ideas flying through my mind?


Read on, my friends.

The path continues.



Hugs, Angel.