Yesterday's End-190


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 190


Josh smiled, his blue pools staring at his soulmate's smiling face, Lucas sitting ahead of him, the young man talking to Randall.

Josh felt a set of lips on his neck, his eyes turning and staring into two blue pools.

"Our Lucky seems calm, my Josh. Your--then our--night of romance fed his soul. Thank you for including us." Justin smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Lucky and I had the romance, we four had the desires of his love. He wowed us." Josh smiled, Justin beaming.

"That he did, Joshy. I still feel his love deep inside me. I'm still dripping." Lance smiled, seated on Josh's other side.

Josh smiled, kissing Lance's cheek.

"How is that possible, babe? Our Timberlake vacuum cleaned us all out."

Justin beamed, winking at both.

"The elixir of your mixed love feeds my soul." Justin smiled, the other two smiling at him.

"You'll get fat, Jus. We must have fed you a couple of quarts last night." Lance smiled, Josh lightly laughing, Lucas smiling towards the three, a soft smile on his face.

"God I love him!" Justin said, the other two smiling.

"He's got that look, Joshy. I don't think the four of us will fit in that washroom back there."

The three laughed, Lucas smiling at them again, the young man now talking to Stephen.

They all sat on a large jet, the plane soaring through the sky towards Vermont.

It was Saturday morning, the group flying towards Kurucu's Haven.

Lucas had been true to his word, the young man taking his man out to dinner, for their monthly night of love.

They'd dined in a cozy Orlando restaurant on the seashore, the two dining on seafood, talking with love.

They'd taken a walk along the harbor front, the night warm but breezy.

Lucas had been romantic all evening, Josh sensing his calmness and love, the young man a second shadow to him.

They'd flirted, kissing and snuggled all evening.

After the darkness had cooled the evening's breezes, the two had driven back to their hotel, their love solid and true.

They'd walked into their hotel suite, Josh surprised to see the room dark, candles lit around the living area.

He smiled, seeing Justin and Lance seated on a couch, the two wearing white cashmere robes.

"My, what a romantic setting." Josh smiled, Lucas closing the door behind them.

"How was your night of love? As romantic as ours?" Justin smiled, Lucas winking at him.

"We're still mostly clothed, sexy boys. I'm sure yours was heated." Josh smiled, the two smiling at him.

"Actually ours was a night of romance as well. We both loved your idea, so we decided to try it ourselves. We're both beyond happy." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Then we must be all heated." Lucas smiled, his arms going around his man, the two seated men smiling up at him.

"Joshy must be right randy with Lucas' love stoking him all night." Justin grinned, Josh blowing him a kiss.

"And I'm sure you're not boiling over, Jus. I know Lance's romantic soul is beautiful. As beautiful as Lucky's."

The four smiled, Lucas kissing Josh's lips.

"Hold that thought, my angel." Lucas smiled, walking over to the stereo on the bookcase, hitting the on button.

He fiddled with the radio stations, finding a soft music one, soft music filling the air.

He smiled, walking back to his man.

Lance smiled, rising from his seat, his man looking up at him.

Lucas smiled at Lance, the young man kissing his lips, the other two men watching them.

"Everything at the ready, Lancy?" Lucas said, Lance smiling at him.

"The kids are enveloped in their aunt's and uncle's love, and sleeping with their cousins. Let's continue the romance." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling.

Lucas moved forward, extending his hand to Justin.

Justin smiled, Lucas pulling him up from the couch.

"May I have this dance, beautiful?" Lucas smiled, Justin looking at Lance, his man smiling at him.

"Romance is within all our souls. You are a part of my love, Justin." Lucas said, Lance's arm going around Josh.

"May I have this dance, beautiful?" he said, Josh smiling at him.

"Certainly, Lance. You're very smooth in your moves." Josh said, Lance smiling, his arms going around Josh, the two beginning to dance.

Lucas' arms went around Justin's tight form, the man smiling at him.

"You can lead, Jus."

Justin smiled, the two beginning to dance.

The two couples danced, Josh's head going against Lance's chest, Lance smiling.

Justin smiled, seeing his man and Josh snuggled together.

Two violet pools met his, Justin smiling as Lucas' head went against his chest.

The four danced, wearing smiles of love.

"This is nice. I feel the romance of your soul, Lancy." Josh said, his arms around the man, his hands on Lance's butt.

"That's not my soul you're feeling, sexy." Lance smiled, Justin laughing.

Lucas smiled, his hands now on Justin's butt, lightly slapping one cheek.

"And I feel a gearshift stuck in neutral." he smiled, Justin smiling.

"Romance always turns me on, beautiful."

Josh and Lance smiled, Lucas raising his head, his lips kissing Justin's.

Justin sighed after the kiss, Lucas lightly licking his lips.

His violet eyes turned to his Josh, Josh smiling at him with love.

"You are the romance of my soul, guys. All three of you. I think we should have our own ritual." Lucas smiled, the other three smiling at him.

"I'm game for anything, Lucky." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling and slapping his ass more firmly.

"I know you are, Timberslut."

Justin blushed, the other two laughing.

"I love you guys. All of your beauty" he said, Lucas smiling, his eyes going to Josh and Lance.

"Our romance is about to give way to passion, my angels. I think I should take care of our loving slut's needs first." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Save me for last, my love. I want the night to end with your love."

Lucas smiled, staring at all three.

"Every first Friday of the month now, we'll each show our man a night of romantic love, and then we'll join together for a night of passionate togetherness. I love and need all three of you, my Josh the most."

Justin smiled, staring at his soulmate.

"That's a beautiful idea, Lucky. I've missed your passion." Justin said, Lucas smiling.

"I banged you in Baltimore last week in the Jacuzzi, sexy."

Justin grinned, snuggling against Lucas.

"I think it's a beautiful idea as well. I need my Josh's touch." Lance smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"And I long for the monster's touch. I'm feeling weak already."

All four laughed, Lance now slapping Josh's pant covered ass.

"Game on, sexy."

The four smiled, two couples joining again, continuing to dance.

The music changed, the four continuing to move with love.

The dance now was more flirtatious, hands and lips moving slowly.

Josh felt one of Lance's hands slip into his silk shirt, rubbing his left nipple, Josh raising his head, their lips meeting.

Their mouths opened, tasting each other's tongue, Josh's hands having easy access to Lance's body, the robe half open now.

His hand wrapped around Lance's shaft, feeling the monster's rising need.

Lance broke the kiss, softly moaning, Josh's lips on his neck now.

Lance turned his head, his green pools staring at a scene of passion and love.

Justin was again seated on the couch, his robe wide open, his toned chest and legs on full view.

Lucas was between his legs, Justin's long shaft buried in Lucas' talented mouth, his hands on Justin's nipples, stroking both.

Justin wore a face of emotional bliss, Lance smiling.

Lucas' shirt was off, his toned back showing beads of sweat.

"Let's join them, my Lance. I need to taste the monster." Josh said, Lance smiling, Josh guiding him to the couch, the man removing his robe completely, Josh smiling at the swaying hardness in front of him.

His hands made quick work of his own shirt, the man pushing Lance down on the couch, Lance gasping as his hardness disappeared into Josh's hungry mouth.

Justin's eyes lowered, watching Josh devour the staff of his need, the man suddenly gasping, feeling two lips against his, and a hardness sinking deep within him.

He'd been so lost in Josh's talented fellatio that he hadn't seen Lucas remove his clothes and enter him.

He stared into two violet pools of love as they broke their kiss, Lucas kissing his lips again, Justin moaning as he felt the man own him.

"Oh God, Luke!" he moaned, Lucas leaning over and kissing his man's lips, Josh now riding Lance's monster of love.

"God I love you too, Lucky!" Josh moaned, Lance's lips meeting his, Lance's hand wrapped around Josh's shaft.

"You will, my love. You all will." Lucas said, the young man moving, his strong arms lifting, Justin turning his whole body, the man feeling Lucas guide him forward, Josh's shaft now filling his mouth.

Josh gasped, Justin moaning as he felt Lucas fill him again from behind.

The four felt themselves connect as one, Lucas' love and passion on a voyage of need.


Josh smiled, staring at the young man seated on the other side of the plane, the man remembering the love and romance last night.

Hours of passion, showers of wet love and tenderness, and hours of sleeping joined love.

Justin smiled, staring at the infants seated before them on the carpeted floor in their carriers, two smiling faces beaming up at him.

Little Joshy was staring up at him, a smile on his small face.


Justin's eyes widened with surprise.

"Oh my God! Did you hear that guys?!" Justin said, Josh and Lance showing surprise on their faces as well.

"I did!" Lance said, staring down at the infants.

"That's. . .that's impossible! They're only a couple of months old!" Josh said, staring at his sons.

"Papa." Little Justy said, Josh tearing up.

Everyone was now looking towards the three men, having heard the sounds.

"The kids are talking!" Lance said, everyone showing surprise, rising from their seats.

Lucas smiled, remaining seated.

"What do you mean, Lance? That's unbelievable!" Finn said, little Diana in his arms.

Skyler held Julian, staring down at her own son.

"I swear it's true!" Josh said, little Justy's arms moving upwards.

Josh leaned down, picking up the infant, the baby cooing, snuggling into his chest.

"Life is true in my children. They grow with my magical love."

All eyes turned, Lucas now standing behind them.

The young man smiled, leaning down and picking up little Joshy, the baby gurgling.

He held him in his arms, rocking him.

"I love you, Joshy." Lucas smiled, the baby smiling at him.


Everyone looked shocked, Lucas smiling and kissing the boy's forehead.

"Forever your Daddy." he smiled, Josh staring at him with surprise.

"I guess I'm Daddy and you're Papa, my love. Justin is Dada, and that only leaves you, Lancy." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling at him.


Lance's eyes moved, staring at little Justy who'd spoken in Josh's arms, the baby's arms raised upwards, Josh smiling and guiding their son into his arms.

"Oh my angel." Lance said, tears showing in his eyes.

"Poppa it is." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"This is amazing, Luke." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"It is the magic of my love, guys. Our children have my love within them." he smiled, Justin smiling up at him.

"We all have that." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.


The flight attendant walked out of the gallery, smiling towards everyone.

"We'll be landing in a few minutes, everyone. You should take your seats again." she smiled.

Everyone nodded, staring at the two infants, then walking back to their seats.

Lucas smiled, sitting down beside Josh when Justin moved, the man seated across from his three soulmates.

"Let's hold our angels in our arms as we descend from heaven into the real world again." Lucas smiled, the three men smiling at him.

"Our Lucas is the angel of our hearts." Justin smiled, Lance moving and sitting beside his soulmate, little Justy in his arms, Justin buckling Lance's belt for him.

Lucas smiled at the two, Justin winking at him.

"Tonight, sexy. I'll let you start and I'll finish."

Justin beamed, Lance laughing.

Josh smiled, little Joshy snuggled against Lucas' chest, Josh buckling his love in.

"Onward to life, my friends."

"Onward to your amazing love." Josh said, Lucas smiling, his violet eyes meeting his blue.

"You're right after the horn dog, beautiful. And Lance's going to feel the ending thunder."

All three smiled, Lucas staring out the window again.

Lucas held his son close, feeling the centering of his soul.

And the magic coming forward.


Kurucu's Haven


The SUV pulled up to the large stone steps, Lucas shutting off the engine, everyone staring up at the building's stone beauty.

"It still moves me, babe. It's so huge." Justin said, Lucas smiling behind him.

"You got your pants open, Lancy?" he said, the two behind him laughing.

Josh laughed as well, opening his passenger door beside Lucas, Lucas opening his and climbing out.

The vehicles behind them stopped, engines quieting.

Lucas looked towards the four vehicles, smiling at all the new faces.

Justin's family and his friends had been surprised at the group awaiting them in a hangar at the airport when their plane had taxied in, and they'd climbed out.

"Mom? What are you and Paul doing here?" Justin had said, hugging his mother and stepfather, the two smiling at him.

"We were invited by our Lucas." Lynn smiled, Lucas smiling at her, having hugged her now.

"I'll never pass up a good meal. I remember Mavis' delicious cooking." Joey smiled, his wife beside him, the two Chrises beside him as well.

"I remember Lucas' magical love here." Chris Pine smiled, Lucas smiling at his friend.

Josh's own parents were surrounding him and his son, Lance's parents already surrounding Lance and little Joshy, Diane cooing over her grandson.

"I need all my family with me this week." he'd smiled, his eyes going to those behind Justin's parents.

Finn and Skyler had their parents' arms, the four hugging their children and grandchildren, Diana already in Momma Mavis' arms.

Lance's eyes went to the others now surrounding them, hugs exchanged with everyone.

Adam, Usher and Pierce were there, as well Gio, Nick and Gideon.

Lance was surprised, seeing Enrique and Derek present as well, the two hugging Haras and Jonathan, Colton wrapped in his uncle's arms, Nick and Gio smiling at the young man.

Lance's eyes had met Lucas', the young man smiling at him.

"We all need our families this week. And I need all your love."

Everyone had smiled, families joining together, climbing into the two vans and two SUVs awaiting them in the hangar.

Here it was now a few hours later, the vehicles having arrived at Kurucu's Haven.

Everyone was out of the vehicles, their eyes scanning the mansion in front of them.

"Good God, it's huge!" Enrique said, Derek's arm around him, Colton smiling at the two.

"It is the heart of Lucas' family." he smiled, Lucas smiling at the young man.

"Of all my families, Colt."

Colton smiled, Haras' arm around him, Jonathan beside them.

Lucas' violet pools looked towards the water on both sides of the stone bridge, the water fountains erupting, four flowing fountains of spray filling the sky.

"The waters fall on my life, on my destiny and on my freedom. I'm home again." he said, Josh's arm going around him, their eyes meeting.

"And your family surrounds you."

Lucas smiled, walking forward, everyone following, eyes scanning everywhere.

The two large mahogany doors opened, three men smiling down at everyone walking up the steps.

"Welcome to Kurucu's Haven, returning souls and entering new ones." Tristan said, smiling at his son, Lucas smiling widely, the young man rushing up into his father's arms, the two Belmont men hugging tightly.

Lewis and Jacques smiled beside their friends, greeting everyone who now gathered on the front steps of the mansion.

"Please come in everyone. The Receiving Room is readied with refreshments and joining family." Lewis smiled, his blue pools on Lucas, the young man smiling at the reverend.

"Hello, Lewis. How finds your faith, my father's friend?" he smiled, the young man moving forward and hugging the minister.

The two broke their hug, Lewis smiling.

"My faith is re-energized in the love of God's faith and in Jacques' love." he smiled, Jacques kissing his cheek, Lucas hugging him as well.

Everyone smiled, the group walking into Lucas' grandfather's home.

"You're early, my friends. We weren't expecting you for half an hour or more." Tristan smiled, little Justy in his arms, the infant cooing up at his grandfather.

"I felt the love from the sky, Dad. The journey was one of need and happiness." Lucas smiled, his violet pools staring up at the portrait of his great-great-grandfather Emmanuel Belmont.

"I feel his love, Dad. And where is grandfather?" Lucas smiled, Tristan smiling at his son.

"He's around here somewhere. As is your mother and grandmother. As well as Vivian and Henderson. We've all been waiting for you." Tristan smiled, Lucas smiling and moving towards the Receiving Room on the far side of the foyer.

"This place is massive, sir." Derek said, Enrique's arm around him, the two scanning the staircase and paintings.

"It's big and gaudy, but it's home, my friends." Tristan said, Lucas smiling at his father.

"There's no place like home."

"I don't see red jeweled slippers, Dorothy. But you are a wizard in ways." Finn laughed, Chris and Joey laughing behind him.

Lucas smiled at them, his eyes meeting his father's.

"Meet my pet monkey Finny. He doesn't fly well but he's just as hairy."

Everyone laughed loudly, Finn blushing, Tristan patting his son's back.

"I've missed your humor, son."

"I've missed you, Dad." Lucas smiled, Tristan tearfully smiling, the two walking forward, everyone following.

They walked into the open room, Lucas smiling and seeing several people rising from their seats, all wearing smiles.

Josh's eyes widened, seeing Gabriel wearing an arm sling, Grayson's arm around him.

Lucas was in his mother's arms, Savannah hugging her son, Francesca smiling beside them.

Horace and Mavis were hugged by everyone they knew, Myles and Jefferson hugged as well.

"Surrounded by family, I am. It's good to be home."

"What's happened to you, Gabriel?" Josh said with concern, everyone showing concern at the man's obvious injury.

"An adventure of sorts, nothing too dramatic. I'll heal." the judge smiled, Grayson kissing his cheek, the two having been tenderly hugged, Josh seeing Grayson looked a little weatherworn as well.

"Are you ill as well, Grayson?" Lance said, the lawyer smiling at him.

"I am surrounded by my husband's love. And now I have our guardian angel's love again as well. I'm fine." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Adventures walked or leapt give the heart a revitalization of life, great Uncle." Lucas smiled, Grayson nodding.

"I'm alive with strength, love and happiness. Thank you, Lucas. We both thank you." he said, everyone looking softly confused, Lucas kissing the lawyer's cheek, then kissing Gabriel's.

"I feel your love and happiness. We'll discuss the other truths later." Lucas said, the two nodding, Lewis and Jacques staring at Lucas as well.

Lucas' eyes went to the portrait of his father hanging over the fireplace, the young man smiling.

"The first I long to see, the last I hold in my arms of love. Good afternoon, Grandfather." Lucas said, the young man turning, all eyes on the smiling man standing in the room's open doorway.

"Kurucu's heart beats anew, my grandson. It feels your returning love." Emerson said, Lucas quickly crossing the room, enveloping the older man in his strong muscular arms, Emerson smiling with emotional happiness, feeling his grandson trembling in his arms.

"I return to your love, Grandfather. It means more to my soul than this old place." Lucas said, stepping back from the man, Emerson seeing the tears in his youthful violet pools.

"Welcome home, Lucas. A moment in your presence fills my heart with renewed joy."

Lucas smiled, wiping his eyes.

"My love transcends life and happiness, Grandfather. I feel the heart of this place as well."

Emerson smiled, looking around at everyone.

He walked into the room, hugging everyone, or shaking their hands, friendships renewed.

"Welcome, new and old to this old place. Consider it your home for the next few days. You'll all have your same rooms as last time. Jefferson, guide our new friends to their rooms." Emerson smiled, Jefferson smiling, the man having just been talking to Randall, the two renewing their old friendship.

"Certainly, Emerson." he smiled, Myles hand going in his.

"Dinner will be in about an hour, everyone. Longer if need be." Mavis smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"I took in the odor of the lamb and wild duck as I descended from the clouds, Auntie Mavis. My mouth waters for your giving love." Lucas smiled, Mavis laughing, pinching his cheek.

"Smooth, young angel. I've got three chops and half a duck stewing just for you. And it's well seasoned with love."

Myles laughed, smiling at his mother, then Lucas.

"Mom's going to own you as a son, if you keep spooning the compliments to her, Luke." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Sweet! I'm gaining another mother."

Mavis teared up, wiping her eyes.

"Make that a whole duck."

Josh laughed, others as well, Mavis smiling.

"Let's freshen up, everyone. I'm dying to walk the paths of love and life." Lucas smiled, taking Josh's hand in his, Tristan handing Josh his son, the baby gurgling against his chest.

"They're both growing so big." Savannah smiled, Lucas kissing her cheek.

"In all ways, Mom. Through love and life." Lucas smiled, the family of three walking out of the room, Justin, Lance and Joshy following.

Finn's eyes met Savannah's, the Welshman smiling at her.

"They're already starting to talk." he said, Francesca's and Savannah's eyes widening.

"At that young an age? That's extraordinary!" Francesca said, Vivian looking at her sister.

"Even Lucas wasn't that young." she said, Finn smiling at her.

"Lucas says they're flowing with his magical love. I think they're going to amaze us even more." he said, Skyler smiling and handing Finn his son, Julian getting antsy in her arms.

"Amaze your own son, Finn. He's fussing."

Finn smiled, rocking the boy, making faces at him.

"Monkey indeed." Chris laughed, Finn smiling at him.

Everyone smiled, following Jefferson and Myles out of the room, heading for their bedrooms.


Lucas sighed, settling back in his armchair, sipping at his glass of wine.

"Thank you for the second duck, Auntie Mavis. My cheeky smoothness bore amazing fruit." Lucas smiled, Mavis grinning at him, walking around the tables, pouring everyone coffee and tea.

"I love a smooth talker, angel. And you're even smoother than your father. He only wowed me out of one and a half."

Tristan laughed, the man seated beside his son, Josh and Savannah across the table from them, Emerson at the end of the table before them.

Emerson smiled, Mavis walking back into the kitchen, Momma Mavis following her, as well as Horace.

"She's cooked her famous pudding cake, everyone. It'll warm all your souls." Grayson smiled at the other end of Lucas' table, Lucas smiling at him.

Emerson smiled, staring at his grandson, his hand going on top of his on the table.

"It is good to have you here again, my grandson." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"It is good to be home again, Grandfather. How finds the place?" Lucas said, Emerson's eyes scanning the room, meeting Francesca's, then Tristan's, then Savannah's.

"The old place has been brooding, Lucas. Sounds at all hours of the night, the last few weeks. Footsteps, opening doors, and closing doors. I sense an edge to the atmosphere surrounding us the last few weeks."

"It stirs for the forthcoming truth. I may be the catalyst to open all doors." Lucas said, quietly sipping his wine, looking lost in thought.

"It feels your coming magical presence, I believe, son." Tristan said, Lucas' eyes meeting his father's.

"It's always felt that, Dad. And I'm sure it was expecting me." Lucas said, Josh staring at his husband.

"You make it sound like this place is a living thing, Luke." Enrique said, the man seated at the table across from them; Derek, Haras, Colton and Jonathan surrounding him.

"In a way, perhaps it is, Rico." Lucas said, Enrique smiling at him using the nickname.

"A house can't be a living thing, Luke." Finn said, Lucas looking down the table at his friend.

"Let's just say the magic laying here feels me." Lucas said, Justin looking at him, he and Lance seated beside Josh and Savannah.

"It felt you the last time, Lucas. And evil reared its head." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Evil won't threaten myself or any of you now." Lucas said, wiping his lips on a napkin, the young man rising from his seat.

"The night wanes, Grandfather. Let's enjoy the sunset out on the veranda, in the cooling evening breezes."

Emerson smiled, nodding his head, rising from his seat, everyone else smiling and rising up.

"We'll have dessert on the south veranda, everyone." he smiled, Jefferson smiling, he and Myles heading towards the kitchen to inform the Mavises and Horace.

"How finds his new love, Grandfather? He seems more like family now than servant." Lucas smiled, Randall smiling at the young man.

"He always was family, Lucas. His marriage to Myles now cements that totally. We welcome him in all ways." Emerson smiled, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

"Prepare for the future, Grandfather. The family may grow even more." Lucas smiled, his arm going into Emerson's, guiding him out of the dining room.

Everyone traded looks of confusion, following the two.

Half an hour later everyone relaxed in the open air, dessert savored, coffee refilled, contentedness abounding.

Lucas sat on a couch with Justin, Josh and Lance, the four close and loving.

All four kids were asleep upstairs, a wireless monitor by Finn and Skyler's couch.

Lucas rose from his seat, walking up to Grayson and Gabriel, the two smiling at him.

"How finds your strength and love tonight, my friends?" he smiled, the two trading looks.

"I feel revived, Lucas. The weariness and pain have left my soul and physique." Grayson said, staring at the young man.

"And my arm's much better. I've removed the brace." Gabriel said, his arm still in a sling, but not wrapped any more.

"A welcoming kiss can rejuvenate the weariest soul." Lucas smiled, the two softly widening their eyes.

"You. . .?" Grayson began to say, Lucas smiled, and kissed his cheek and Gabriel's again.

"There. You'll be right as rain on the morrow." he smiled, looking out towards the lake before them, seeing the four fountains off in the distance, soft lights now in their cores, their water flowing upward with lighted beauty.

"You have the touch of God's healing love, Lucas." Lewis said with awed wonder, Lucas smiling back at the minister.

"I have the touch of all your love. It brews the healing magic." he said, softly sighing again.

Adam rose from his seat, walking up to Lucas, everyone staring at the two men.

"You seem very thoughtful tonight, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm on the edge of tomorrow, I'm on the crest of today and I'm over the hill of yesterday. I am at the beginnings of life." Lucas said.

"Beginnings of whose life, Luke?" Usher said, Adam's eyes meeting his soulmate's.

Lucas' body turned, the young man leaning back against the stone railing of the veranda, Adam staring at him.

"My life, Usher." he said, Adam looking at him.

"Are you alright, Luke?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I have your love, Adam. I have everyone's love. I am fine." he said looking up at the stone facing of the mansion in front of him.

"You were correct, Grandfather. This old place is stirring. Not just from my magic, but from something else." Lucas said, his grandfather staring at him.

Lucas felt Adam's hand go to his shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"We're all here for you if there's danger, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"I know, Adam. Return to your twosome of love. I see the longing in their eyes for your missing warmth."

Adam smiled, returning to his soulmates, Pierce's arm going around him, the singer cocooned in his and Usher's love.

Lucas looked around at everyone.

"Sorry if you all have noticed my melancholy mood this evening. I'm just wrapped up in my thoughts. I feel the love surrounding me, new and old." he smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"You carry a lot of secrets and magic within your soul, Lucas. None of us would fault you for your lost thoughts." Lewis said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My thoughts aren't lost, Reverend. They're right where they need to be. The path begins." he smiled, everyone trading looks.

"A new path, Lucas?" Francesca said, Lucas smiling at his grandmother.

"The final path, dear grandmothers of my love." he smiled, Francesca smiling at him, Isadora's flashing for a moment.

Emerson smiled at his joined wives' face, their hands joining.

Enrique's and Derek's eyes widened, Lucas smiling towards them.

"To see it at first is to see magic's beauty. A triad of love joined under two souls. A shade's love is still love." Lucas smiled, his grandparents smiling at him.

"That's. . .that's amazing!" Enrique said, Francesca smiling at him.

"Your friend's love drew both of us back to our Emmanuel's love." she said, Lucas smiling at her with love.

"I draw all back, those gone or those lost." he said, his eyes meeting Myles'.

"I saw you talking with Haras before dinner, Myles. Have your souls settled their peace?" he said, the two men looking at each other.

"Your eyes see all, Luke." Haras said, Myles nodding.

"We have found our peace and friendship, Luke. His love I carried with me for a long time, his friendship I'll carry now." Myles said, Lucas smiling and nodding.

"Then all souls save two have walked their paths of joined love."

"Which two haven't, Luke?" Finn said, snuggled against his wife.

"The first step to redemption is to forgive the loss the other gave." Lucas said, his eyes looking out into the gathering darkness.

Josh rose from his seat, walking up to his man, Lucas opening his arms, enfolding him within them.

"You're being yourself again, my love."

Lucas smiled, kissing his lips.

"And you love me, mysteries and all, don't you?"

"Always, my love."

Lucas smiled, snuggling against his man.

"What's love without a little mystery, my beauty?"

Josh smiled, seeing the love in Lucas' violet pools.

He suddenly saw them flash an emerald green, the young man sighing.

His head turned, looking around at everyone.

"In the openness of nature a soul can bare its loss." he softly said.

"Come out, Grandfather. You need to find your soul."

Everyone looked confused, a new voice entering the quietness.

"You returned my soul to myself, my grandson."

All eyes moved to the steps leading off the veranda, Joshua Belmont standing on the top step.

"And now I shall heal it." Lucas said, the two staring at each other.


Joshua Belmont stared at Lucas, Emerson and Tristan rising from their seats and walking up to their father and grandfather.

"You walk again into Kurucu, Father." Emerson said, the man embracing his father, Joshua smiling and patting his son's back.

"I walk back into the love, my Emmy." he said, the two breaking their embrace, Tristan hugging his grandfather.

The man wore his uniform again, its crispness making it seem new.

His looks had seemed to soften as well, a more youthful continence showing on his handsome face.

"Why have you summoned me, my great-grandson?" he said, his voice edged with determination and love.

"I thought I'd start this week with redemption." Lucas said, the young man walking up to his ancestor, their eyes meeting.

"Redemption is given when one faces the end, Lucas. And not all souls can be forgiven." Joshua said, Lucas smiling at him, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"Your soul is the most forgiving, Grandfather. And I think it's time you faced that redemption." he said, the young man's violet pools looking towards someone else.

That person had been staring at Joshua since he'd appeared on the steps.

Another set of eyes were on Joshua as well, taking in the quiet silence that had now enveloped the veranda.

"All paths come to their ends, Grandfather. All truths need showing." Lucas said, the young man moving, walking across the veranda, standing in front of someone.

"I think the two of you need to voice your truths, to each other and to yourselves." he said, a young man standing up, staring at Joshua.

Joshua' eyes were on him, staring at someone he didn't know.

But in the young man's blue eyes he saw a soft glow of beauty.

"Open your hidden heart, warrior of life." Lucas said, the young man walking back to his soulmate, Josh staring at him as Lucas' arms wrapped around him.

The young man before them stared at Joshua, Derek's blue pools looking down at his soulmate, Enrique looking up at him.

"I love you, my Rico. But my heart holds much love, hidden and truthful."

The young man's eyes went back to Joshua, his body beginning to transform.

Everyone's eyes widened, staring now at an Egyptian soldier, youthful and muscular, a vision of total male beauty.

Then that vision transformed again, an older man showing, handsome and strong. Then a different younger man showed himself, then a woman of regal beauty.

Emerson stared at her, lost in her remembered beauty.

"Mother!" he said, Joshua staring at his long lost wife Carlotta.

The woman softly smiled, then the transformation began again.

Grayson rose from his seat, staring at a woman of stunning beauty.

Joshua's eyes had been tearing since Carlotta had shown herself, the newer vision making the waters flow unabated.

"Mother?" Grayson softly said, Gabriel's arms going around him.

Joshua moved from the steps, crossing the veranda and stopping in front of her.

"Almira? Is it really you?" Joshua said, the woman softly smiling at him, her long brunette hair flowing.

"Hello, Joshua. My savior and soul." she said, Joshua staring at her.

Lucas moved, walking up to the two, staring at both staring at each other.

"It is time you faced your souls, my family. We shall return with truth in our hearts." he said, the young man smiling at both.

The two moved, their arms going around each other, their lips meeting.

Everyone took in their emotional meeting, Lucas' eyes going around the veranda.

"Paths move, souls heal. We shall return." he said, his hands going forward, touching the two still kissing.

The veranda was instantly flooded with a white light, everyone shielding their eyes from its brightness, the light gone as quickly as it had come.

They all rose from their seats, staring in shock.

Lucas, Joshua and Almira were gone.


End of Chapter 190


Oh no!

Where did they go?!

It seems the three have disappeared into a familiar white light.


Lucas has returned to Kurucu's Haven, walking back into the magic and evil.

He seems deep in thought on something.

And he also seems to have taken charge of everything.

Healing Grayson and Gabriel, the two still not divulging what had happened to them in Egypt.


Derek's shown his changing self, the path of his long existence since Hemi.

And Lucas has guided the lost Almira back into Joshua's embrace.

Where has he taken them?

And why did he go as well?


Is this really the end of Lucas' destiny?

Is he back home to free his family from their evil?

Or is something else in store for Lucas?


Only one way to find out.



Hugs, Angel.