Yesterday's End-191


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 191


In The Void


Almira and Joshua broke their kiss, the two staring into each other's eyes, their eyes then moving and scanning around themselves.

The two stood alone, surrounded by a blanket of whiteness.

"Where are we? What's happened?" Almira said, her eyes meeting Joshua's.

"I do not know this place." Joshua said, his arms going around Almira, pulling her closer.

"You are in the realm of all magic, my friends."

Both heard the voice, a soft shadow now walking out of the white mist that surrounded them.

Both stared into Lucas' handsome face, the man's eyes now a soft green.

"What. . .what have you done to us?" Joshua said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"I have given both of you a moment of rekindled love, of rejoined destiny. The path you once walked upon was never finished, my ancestors of love."
Almira's eyes met Lucas', seeing the changed magic shining there.

"I am not this person now, Lucas. What I once was, what I once had with Joshua has been lost. I passed from the light of his love. My soul has ventured other paths since then." Almira said, Joshua staring at her.

"Lucas has guided me to the truth of what you were, my Carlotta. Now my showing Almira. Of what you once were and now are." Joshua said, Almira's eyes lowering.

"I am a lost soul of magic, Joshua. Our meeting twice was the path of destiny, of my soul's destiny." she said, Lucas walking up to both, their eyes meeting his.

"What does you soul tell you now, Almira? Where is the magic you've always carried?" Lucas said, staring at her, Joshua staring as well.

The woman's eyes moved, slowly closing, then opening again.

"I do not feel them, Lucas!" she said, Lucas nodding.

"My magic is strong, Almira. I have brought you both here to face the truth within your souls. Free of magic, alone with love. I think you need to talk to each other as the persons you were, as the persons you are. I will leave you both to open your hearts. I know the truth, I think you both should know as well."

Lucas stepped back, Joshua staring at him.

"Why are you doing this, Lucas?" he said, Lucas smiling at both of them.

"For love, my friends. For the love you both need. And to heal what's been lost."

Lucas smiled, the man fading back into the whiteness, the two now standing alone again.

"What does he mean, Almira?" Joshua said, staring into her violet eyes.

The two suddenly heard the sound of running water, their eyes looking around.

The whiteness began to fade, a vision of natural beauty beginning to materialize around them.

Joshua's green pools took in the beauty of the remembered spot of love.

"Lucas' pool! He's brought us here." he said, Almira staring around.

"It's so beautiful. A vision of natural beauty."
Joshua's eyes met hers, his hand going out.

"A vision of his love." Joshua said, Almira staring into his green pools.

"I've never forgotten your eyes, Joshua. They were always more intense than any other of your family." she said, Joshua softly smiling at her.

"They always shone more after your love entered my vision. I see before me your remembered beauty." he said, the woman smiling at him.

The two moved forward, walking to the water's edge, staring at the waterfall and the calm clear waters of the pool.

Joshua offered Almira a seat on the boulder, the woman smiling, sitting down, Joshua sitting down beside her.

They stared at each other, Almira staring into his green pools.

"It was the worst day of my life, Joshua. When I left you that morning in Washington." she said, Joshua staring at her.

"It was the worst day of my life when I watched you die in my arms in Westonshire. It mirrored the day of my seeing you die in my arms at Kurucu's Haven, my Carlotta. Your love left me twice." Joshua said, Almira seeing the tears in his green pools coalescing.

Their hands went together, Almira staring at him.

"I loved you, Joshua. Through both paths of life. I need to tell you the truth."

"I know most, my love. I will listen to the rest. I never stopped loving either of you."
The woman smiled, Joshua's arms going around her, her head going against his strong chest.

The woman began to speak, Joshua listening to the truth.


Kurucu's Haven


Everyone stood around the veranda, all their eyes widening in surprise.

"Good God, where have they gone?!" Lewis said, Jacques' arms going around him.

Enrique's eyes were scanning everywhere, Haras' arm going around him.

"My Derek! Where did he go?" he said, Colton and Jonathan surrounding Haras and Enrique, all three seeing the worry on Enrique's face.

Josh's eyes met Lance's and Justin's, the three looking at each other.

Everyone was looking around, no sign showing of any of the missing three.

"He's used his magic. He's taken them somewhere." Lance said, Justin's arm going around Josh.

"Why? Why would he do that?" Emerson said, Lance looking at Lucas' grandfather.

"I still feel his love, Emerson. Your grandson's love I believe guided them somewhere with his magic. I think we'll have to wait until they return to find an answer."

"My love is always the answer."

All eyes turned towards the veranda steps, Lucas walking up them, the man's violet pools now green, then suddenly changing back to their usual violet hue.

Josh moved out of Justin's arms, walking up to his soulmate.

"You're back, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My love never left, my angel." Lucas said, everyone staring at him as Josh's arm went around the young man.

"You. . .you disappeared before us, Lucas!" Lewis said, staring at him with wonder.

Lucas smiled around at everyone, seeing all their staring awe.

"Sorry to surprise you, everyone. I just had to move on a moment's notice. I had to surprise both."

Enrique moved out of Haras' arms, walking up to Lucas, staring at Lucas.

"Where is my Derek, Luke? What have you done with him?" Enrique said, Lucas smiling at him softly, his hand going to Enrique's shoulder.

"His love is still with you, Rico. I just had to guide the truth within his soul--within all his souls--to its end. And Joshua had to find his soul. My love would guide all to their souls." Lucas said, Enrique staring at him with emotion.

"I saw. . .I saw all of his souls, Luke. My love for him doesn't change because of that."
Lucas smiled, rubbing his shoulder, his violet pools meeting Haras' behind him.

"I know that Derek showed you his true soul of Hemi's love, Rico. That soul is his true soul."
"I love all of him, Luke. Yes, I saw his original beauty, it was moving. As is his youthful soul. I love him."
Lucas nodded, Colton's blue pools meeting his.

"I felt the greatness of that white light's magic, Luke. It was so strong." the young man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"It is the magic of my true soul, Colt. And it is the magic to set all right."  Lucas said, his grandfather's eyes meeting his.

"Lucas. . .you are. . .you are unbelievable." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I am myself, Grandfather. I am love and magic. And perhaps more." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Grayson's and Gabriel's.

"Derek and all his souls are safe, everyone. As is Great-Grandfather Joshua. They are talking out their souls. I've given them what both need. They shall return more loving and more focused." Lucas said, Enrique staring at him.

"He is my life, Luke."
Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"As you are his, Rico. His soul just needs to find its peace."

Enrique nodded, Lucas smiling at him.

"The evening wanes, everyone. Let's relax and enjoy the cool breezes. They'll return when ready." Lucas smiled, the young man moving, Josh following him, the two sitting down on a couch, Justin and Lance joining them, Justin's blue pools on Lucas' violet.

"You're surprising the bejesus out of us again, Lucky." he said, Lucas smiling, looking towards the fountains, seeing their gleaming lights and falling waters.

"I surprise myself, Jus. I've got the control now. I know what I have to do." Lucas smiled, everyone looking at him.

Haras' hand went to Enrique's shoulder.

"Let's sit and wait, Rico." he said, Enrique nodding, the two men joining Colton and Jonathan, all four sitting down on a couch.

"What do you have to do, Lucky?" Lance said, staring at him.

"I have to go on a voyage, my friend. And I have to release the truth." he smiled, Josh staring at his man.

Lewis felt Jacques' arms pull him back down into his seat, Lewis staring at Lucas.

"Can you tell us anything, Luke?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Tomorrow will bring surprises, my family. And I'm prepared for all truths."

Everyone quietly watched the young man, Lucas snuggling against his man, Josh's arm around him.

Lucas' violet pools were staring at Haras, the Egyptian staring into two violet pools of love.


Lucas' Pool


Almira's eyes were staring at Joshua, the man standing on the pool's edge, his back to her.

"Say something, Joshua. Your silence is unnerving my soul." she said, Joshua's body turning, his green pools meeting her violet.

"Why didn't you tell me the truth that night, Almira? Or even before when you were my Carlotta?" he said, the young woman rising from the boulder, walking up to him.

"Would you have believed me, Joshua? Would you have believed that I was a lost soul of ancient Egypt. Of a magic lost for eons?" she said, Joshua's hand going to her shoulder.

"I would have believed you on anything, my love. My loves. I loved you both with all my soul. You gave me a lifetime of happiness, Carlotta. I now sense you gave many a lifetime of happiness. Your soul is love, I believe it always has been."

Almira teared up, staring into Joshua's green pools.

"You're not shocked that I was originally a warrior guard?" Almira said, Joshua staring into her eyes.

"I was at first. But Lucas' love made me see what you always were. Love. Unchanged, forever giving love." he said, Almira staring at him with tearful eyes.

"Everyone that I married, that I loved felt my total love, Joshua. You I gave that love twice." Almira said, Joshua staring at her.

"Why me, my loves?"

"Because of what you just said. Of what you gave me all through both relationships. The long relationship of our joined soul of love. And  the brief relationship we had at the cornerstone of this nation's painful night." she said, Joshua staring at her.

"I loved you. I've always been a soul of love. When I fall in love with someone that person has my soul for eternity I promised that to you on our wedding night, Carlotta. I promised it to you on that morning of our separating love, Almira. I loved both of you to my soul."

Almira walked up to him, the man's arms going around her.

"I have walked this earth for over a thousand years, Joshua. Your soul was the greatest I have known." Almira said, Joshua smiling at her.

"And what of your present love? Enrique is a handsome man. And I saw the love in his eyes for you. And the surrounding love."

Almira smiled, staring into his green pools.

"His love is beautiful. The love surrounding me is beautiful. It mirrors your own. As Alsarius' once did."

"I cannot fault you for the path you have been destined to walk, Hemidon Amotep. No more than you could fault me for mine."
Almira's arms went around him.

"What is that path, Joshua? From what I have gleaned through my path I see the central reality of the Belmont souls. But I also sense something else behind your courage and love."

"What did my love feel like, Almira? What did Alsarius' and all the others feel like?"

Almira stared into his green pools.

"It felt like a mirrored vision of unbelievable beauty, Joshua."

Joshua smiled.

"Your love made my love beautiful, Almira. As did Carlotta's. My life was awash with your love."

She smiled, Joshua staring into her violet pools.

"And what of the greater mysteries of your path, Almira?"

The woman sank against Joshua, the man's arms pulling her close.

"I think we both need to bare our souls, Joshua." she said, Joshua kissing her forehead.

"Let me start, my loves. And then we can judge each other."

The two parted, their hands going together, sitting down on the boulder again.

For over half an hour the two bared their souls, Almira holding Joshua as he told her of his life, and his past, and his reality.

And Joshua sat in silence listening to Almira unburden her soul, the soul of many, and of one.

At the end, the two held each other, lost in the truth of each other's reality.

"We were loved, Almira. By each other and by life." Joshua said, Almira nodding her head.

"I love you, Joshua. I always have."
Joshua smiled, Almira lost in the beauty of his remembered smile.

"I remember that night of our one joining, Almira. I now remember the remembered beauty of Carlotta's love. I should have realized that night you were one and the same."

She smiled, her fingers rubbing his cheek.

"Your beauty and love I will always remember, Joshua."
Joshua smiled, staring into her violet pools.

"Where do we go from here, Joshua? Now that we've opened our hearts."

"We go forward with Lucas' love. I now see what he's done here."

"As do I, my love. His love is unbelievable."

Joshua smiled, looking around the pool.

"I think it is greater than all of us. And I sense what he's given me." Joshua said, staring at Almira.

"He's given both of us our love back, Joshua."
Joshua smiled, leaning forward and softly kissing her lips.

"I have my soul. And your love was always there. I just now sense the greater beauty of it."

Joshua stood up, extending his hand down to the young woman.

Almira took it, Joshua pulling her into his arms.

"I love you, always, my love. I think it's time I experienced all of the love within you."
"Joshua. . .?" Almira said, Joshua smiling, looking out at the calm pool's waters.

"Let's bathe in Lucas' love. And let our own love show its beauty."

Joshua smiled, slowly pulling off his clothes, Almira taking in his revealing beauty.

"Come into the waters of his love, lost soul of love. And let our hearts and love show themselves." Joshua smiled, the now naked man diving into the pool.

Almira smiled, the young woman removing her own clothing, Joshua swimming in the pool, taking in her revealing beauty.

He stared at its remembered beauty, now seeing the identical remembered beauty of his dead wife's body.

The young woman smiled, diving into the pool, swimming into Joshua's arms.

They stared into each other's eyes, two violet pools beginning to glow, two green pools shining with love and magic.

"I need all your love, my love. In all realms, on all paths, and in all pasts."
Almira smiled, her features changing, their lips meeting.

And Joshua became lost in the love consuming him, and the strong Egyptian arms now holding him.


Kurucu's Haven


Lucas remained quiet, taking in all the quiet conversation going on around the veranda.

His violet pools quietly stared at Enrique, the man talking with Colton, Haras on his other side, Jonathan sitting on the floor between Haras' legs.

He felt a set of lips on his cheek, the young man turning and staring into two blue pools of love.

"Penny for your thoughts, Lucky." Justin smiled, his arm going around Lucas.

Lucas smiled, kissing his cheek back.

"I was just thinking on love, and what it encompasses."
Justin smiled, looking towards Lance and Josh, both men beside their parents, the grandmothers holding two small treasures of awakened love.

"It encompasses a family built on that love. Our family of love."

Lucas smiled, snuggling against him.

"The boys are going to have so much love." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"So many grandparents, uncles and aunts." Justin smiled, Lucas smirking.

"Yes, our children have that."

Justin smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"And I have you. And Joshy and my Lance. God I love you so much." Justin said, one of his hands rubbing Lucas' bare leg,  Lucas wearing shorts.

"Calmness, my HD. I'll ravish you later."

"Your showing love gets me so excited, Lucky."

Lucas smiled, kissing his cheek again, lightly licking his cheek.

"That's why I do it. We all love you needful."
Justin beamed, Lucas smiling, the young man looking around.

"Right now, love returns." Lucas smiled, the young man rising from his seat, Justin looking up at him.

Others looked at him as well, the young man walking up to the veranda's railing, standing beside his grandfather who was smiling at him.

"No cigarettes, Grandfather?" Lucas smiled, Emerson smiling at him.

"I smoked when I carried a soul of turmoil, my grandson. Your love and the love I now have returned, has calmed my soul."
Francesca smiled at her husband, their children smiling at him as well.

"You have the love you always had, Grandfather. And now mine."
Emerson smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"And it is the greatest I've ever known."

Lucas smiled, turning back and leaning against the railing.

"Welcome back, wandering souls."

Everyone's eyes moved to where Lucas was looking, two people standing on the steps off the veranda.

Enrique was out of his seat, a smiling face meeting his as his arms engulfed him.

"Are you alright, Derek?" he said, Derek's smiling face staring at him.

Joshua smiled behind him, his green eyes focusing on Lucas.

"I'm alright, my love." Derek smiled, the young man feeling a hand go to his shoulder.

"We are both alright. Love has focused for both of us." Joshua smiled, Enrique's brown eyes meeting his green.

"You have an exceptional soulmate here, Enrique. His love mirrors yours." Joshua smiled, Emerson and Tristan walking up to the older Belmont.

"Are you alright, Father?" Emerson said, Joshua smiling at his son and grandson.

"I am more than alright, my son. I, for once in a long time, feel alive. The love within my heart has grown." Joshua said, the man moving, walking up to Lucas, the young man still standing at the veranda railing.

"I owe your love for that feeling, Lucas."

"My love heals all souls, Grandfather. And all paths show their love."

Joshua smiled, his handsome face showing a more rugged, romantic beauty.

"Thank you, Lucas. For making me see what love really is. My soul is mine again, I sense it always was. It is now filled with a truer love."
Lucas smiled, his hand going to his grandfather's shoulder.

"I will right all paths, Grandfather. And all souls will show their love."
Joshua smiled, then laughed.

"Yes, I think they truly shall. I await your needs, faithful soul." the man smiled, Lucas leaning forward and kissing his lips.

Joshua smiled, staring into his grandson's violet pools.

"Their love was and is amazing, Lucas. That shall get me through all trials."
Lucas nodded, the ancestor of his family disappearing before everyone.

Derek smiled, his eyes meeting Lucas', everyone else staring with quiet awe.

"Thank you, Lucas. All paths of my soul have found their needs." he said, Lucas nodding.

Derek smiled, his arm going around Enrique.

"We need to talk, my love." Derek said, Enrique nodding.

"I love you, Derek. Your real self has that love as well."
Derek smiled, his hand going in Enrique's.

"Goodnight, everyone." he said, he and Enrique walking back into the mansion, everyone's eyes following them.

All eyes now went to Lucas, the young man smiling at everyone.

"What's going on, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Life and love, Finny. It always surrounds me. Our friends are right. We should retire for the night. It's getting late." Lucas smiled, Josh and Lance rising from their seats, the two infants asleep in their arms, Justin already at Lucas' side.

"We're just leaving this at that?" Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Tomorrow will reason out many truths, my friends. We saw the love and happiness in their eyes. Let's leave it at that." Lucas smiled, everyone nodding, some still showing faces of awed wonder.

"Goodnight, everyone." Lucas smiled, Colton kissing his cheek.

"Goodnight, Dad." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"For some of us, yes. For others, nothing short of fantastic." Lucas smiled, the young man walking with his soulmates and children into the house.

Colton stared after him, Haras' arm going around him.

"Ever mysterious, ever loving." he said, Jonathan smiling at him.

"He truly is. Thanks, Dad." Colton smiled, Haras smiling at him.

Everyone rose from their seat, walking back into the mansion.


Lucas opened his violet pools, a soft greenness leaving them.

He felt the weight of the arms wrapped around him.

He smiled, feeling the hand attached to his center.

Always in need of unending love, HD.

Nothing can tame that need.

He smiled, his hand patting Justin's hand on his semi-hard shaft

He felt Josh's and Justin's tight embraces, Lucas seeing Lance's blond mop behind Justin's head.

And I'm sure the monster is buried in your love as well, our HD.

I felt the closeness of your soulmate's later love, Jus.

You fell asleep wrapped in it.

Lucas smiled, remembering the passion and love they'd shown for hours.

Lucas had started it, the three shocked at his total needs, the young man devouring all three of them, together and alone.

The bed was wet with their sweating passion, the other three now sound asleep.

Lucas rose from the bed, standing at its end.

He smiled down at his soulmates, their smooth beauty on full view.

"Stay as beautiful as you now are, my beauties. I'm coming back with perhaps a greater need." he softly said, the young man smiling.

Justin murmured in his sleep, his arms tightening around Lucas' sleeping form.

Lucas smiled, seeing his own self surrounded by their total love.

Lucas' transparent image walked through the bedroom door, walking in silence down the corridors of Kurucu's Haven.

Lucas traversed the house, taking in its quiet silence, soft murmurs coming from several doors, Lucas smiling at the love he felt resonating through the house.

His body softly solidified, the young man walking down the grand staircase, staring up at his ancestor's painting, then reaching the bottom steps, moving to the right, walking down the long hallway to the cavadeum.

He smiled to himself, walking into the breezy center of the cavadeum, Lucas feeling the soft breeze flowing down from the open ceiling.

He sat down in the centre on the bench in front of the fountain, staring around at the statues of his ancestors.

"A circle of courage and love. You can come out of the shadows, my son."

Lucas' eyes went to the shadowy darkness between his father's and grandfather's statues.

Colton walked out of the darkness, softly smiling at Lucas.

"I wasn't eavesdropping, Dad."
"I know, Colt. I felt your love following. And your silent magic."

Colt smiled, Lucas opening his arms, the young man sitting down in his lap, Lucas hugging him close.

"What's got you wandering around, Colt? I thought you'd be safe in their love."

"I just needed a breather. They were intense tonight." he softly smiled, Lucas smiling at him, kissing his cheek.

"New love can be intense." Lucas smiled, Colton staring into his violet pools.

"You know, don't you?"

Lucas smiled, hugging his friend close.

"Your heart is a beacon to love, Colt. I'll always know when it's full. It now is."

Colton softly smiled, snuggling against Lucas.

"I can't believe the life I now have, Luke. Your love, Josh's and Justin's, and Lance's. My sister's love back again. My soulmates' love. Now the greater beauty of it."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"My mission in life is to spread my love, Colton. You are a part of that."

"You guided us to our hearts, didn't you?"

Lucas smiled, kissing Colton's cheek.

"My love guides all souls."

Colton nodded, looking around at all the statues.

"What happens tomorrow, Luke? I feel your magic's focusing preparedness." Colton said, Lucas sighing.

"I never wanted that for you, Colt."
"I know, Luke. But fate, destiny or whatever it is, has guided us together. And that is the greatest happiness of my heart." Colton smiled, Lucas smiling as the young man kissed his cheek.

"You know that's not true. The greatest happiness of your heart lays upstairs awaiting you. Their love surrounds you."

Colton smiled, rising from his friend's lap.

"Thank you, Lucas. For all you've given me."

"It only gets better, Colt. The love's going to be amazing."

Colton smiled, leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"Return to your own love, Luke. I feel Justin's stirring need. It's your love he needs."
Lucas smiled, rising from his seat, the two young men walking back down through the darkened hallway.

Lucas stopped in the foyer, Colton staring at him.

His violet pools looked around, suddenly changing to green.

Colton's senses were heightened, looking around.

"What is it, Luke?" he softly said, Lucas closing his eyes.

They opened again, violet showing again.

"It was nothing, Colt. Just a passing of love." Lucas said, smiling at the young man.

Lucas guided him upstairs again, the two hugging in the hallway of their rooms, Lucas smiling and walking into his bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Colton smiled, walking down to his room, walking into it, closing the door behind him.

He failed to see a soft image walking back out of Lucas' bedroom.

Colton closed his bedroom's door, his young eyes took in the beauty before him, walking to the end of the bed in the moonlit darkness.

He saw himself sleeping in the bed, two sets of arms wrapped around him.

He looked around the bed, taking in the showing beauty of smooth bodies and a hairy vision of masculinity.

He smiled, closing his eyes, feeling his soul join.

Colton opened his eyes again, feeling the warmth of the smoothness against him.

Jonathan was snuggled against his right side, his warmth smooth and close.

Colton's eyes moved to the left, staring at a handsome Spanish face.

Enrique Iglesias lay sleeping beside him, the man's smooth chest against his left side, his arm across Colton's smooth chest, his hand on Jonathan's hip.

Colton's eyes moved behind him, seeing an Egyptian beauty snuggled against Enrique's back.

Hemidon Amotep had his arms wrapped around Enrique's naked form, Colton smiling and seeing his Haras behind Hemi.

The Egyptian's sleeping face wore a soft smile of happiness, Colton smiling and remembering the night's passion.

Colton felt the man beside him move, Enrique's head moving against Colton's shoulder.

His brown eyes slowly opened, staring into Colton's blue.

"What time is it, Colt?" he said, Colton smiling at him, leaning forward and kissing his lips.

"It's almost three, Rico."
Enrique nodded, his arm pulling Colton close, Jonathan murmuring on Colton's other side, snuggling more into Colton.

"You'll wake him." Colton smiled, Enrique smiling at the young man.

"I best be quiet then. I don't know if I could take another session with you four young gods." he smiled, his finger rubbing Colton's cheek.

"This from the roaring tiger. I guess Spanish blood really is hot."

Enrique smiled, lightly slapping Colton's chest.

"And you and your men are beyond hot. I love you all. As much as my Derek, now Hemi." Enrique smiled, Colton looking towards the Egyptians.

"And Hemi and Haras have fulfilled their dreams. Love always finds a way." Colton smiled, Enrique smiling at him.

"We all have our dreams. I've found a quartet of love." he smiled, Colton smiling, raising up a bit in the bed, staring down at Enrique.

"Lucas knows, Rico."

Enrique looked surprised, Colton leaning down and kissing his lips.

"Relax. I truly believe in some way he created our love. He guided us five to our souls."

Enrique stared into the young man's blue pools, seeing the deep love there.

"We should thank him." Enrique smiled, Colton's hands rubbing across Enrique's smooth chest.

"Thank him indeed. I have so much love." Colton smiled, Enrique rising up, his arms going around the young man.

"We all have, my young Colt."

Colton smiled, feeling the warmth of the man's naked body.

"We all love you, Colt."

Colton's blue pools met two other blue pools, Jonathan staring up at him.

Colton teared up, Jonathan's hand going to his naked hip.

"I am so loved." he said, Enrique smiling, the man feeling two other arms wrap around him from behind.

Hemi's lips were on his neck, Enrique feeling the hairiness behind him.

"You awoke and started again without us." he smiled, staring into Colton's blue pools.

"Our young Colt has been walking through love." Haras said, now sitting beside Hemi.

Colton smiled at both Egyptians, all four men smiling at him.

"You knew I'd left?" he said, Haras and Hemi both smiling.

"We have the soft magic within our soul. We felt your leaving love. And I saw the image of it walk through the door." Hemi said, Colton blushing.

"It's part of my magic. I can walk with magic." he said, Jonathan smiling at him.

"Truly remarkable. We have our own Lucas." he smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"He was wandering as well, even deeper in the magic."

All four looked surprised, Colton sighing.

"He knows about us, guys. About our love uniting." he said, Haras staring at the young man.

"And he's okay with it?"
"He's more than okay, Hari. I believe he's united all of us. I feel his magic and love through all of this." Colton said, Jonathan's body rising, his arm going around Colton.

"His love is love, Colt. We all feel it. And we all have to thank him." he smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"Lucas' won't take that thanks, and you know it. He just wants us all to have love."

"We now have that. A quintet of love." Hemi smiled, his face changing, Derek's smooth face and body now showing.

"Make that a sextet of love." Colton smiled, Derek smiling at him.

"Both of my souls have all your love. Thank you all for taking in both of my love." he smiled, Haras kissing his cheek.

"I have given you your dreams, Hemi. And you have given me doubly back." he smiled, Colton smiling at both men.

"I already miss the hairy you." Colton smiled, Jonathan slapping his ass.

"And what are we smoothies?" he smiled, Colton smiling.

"The answer to my life's happiness." he grinned, all five lightly laughing.

"And you're all beautiful, hair and all." Enrique said, Colton smiling, his hand going between Enrique's legs, the man softly moaning.

"And you are delicious, our Rico."

Enrique's eyes went to Colton's center, seeing its largeness lengthening.

"And you are the monster of our happiness. You surpass all of us."
Colton smiled, rising to his feet, standing beside the bed, all four taking in his naked slim beauty.

"I need to be wet and loved. Who'd like to join me?" he smiled, the four looking at each other.

Jonathan smiled, kissing Enrique's cheek.

"You have fun, Rico. His love is new to you. I'll play with our other boys. We'll join you shortly." he smiled, Enrique smiling, rising out of the bed, his uncut center swaying in front of him.

Colton smiled, taking Enrique's hand in his, the two naked visions of smoothness walking into the bathroom.

Jonathan smiled after them, feeling a set of lips on his neck, the man's eyes meeting two brown pools.

He stared into Hemi's now showing face, the Egyptian smiling.

"You were lost in my hairy beauty, Jonah. Feast on our Egyptian love." he said, pulling the young man on top of him.

Jonathan felt the man's hairiness and muscled warmth below him.

He also felt a tongue on his back, licking down it.

Jonathan's lips met Hemi's, the two feeling Haras' surrounding love.


Later That Morning


Everyone sat around the dining room tables, their eyes going to three men walking into the room, two carrying infants.

"Good morning, everyone." Josh said, little Joshy in his arms, Lance carrying Justy, Justin between them.

"Good morning, Josh." Karen smiled, Josh already guiding her grandson into her arms.

"Where's Lucky?" Justin asked, kissing his mother's and father's cheeks, Finn smiling at him.

"He's in the kitchen with Mavis and my Mom. He beat them both to the stove." he laughed, Josh smiling at the Welshman.

"I awoke around seven and he was gone." he said, Lance kissing his cheek, little Justy now in Savannah's arms.

"I think he was up before that." Lance said, sitting down beside Finn, Justin joining him.

"He woke me up around three, his love charged." Justin smiled, Josh and Lance smiling at him, Finn rolling his eyes.

"Too much info, horn dogs." he smirked, Chris laughing across from him.

"Would you like a play by play, or a blow by blow, Finny?" Another voice said.

Finn's eyes went to the kitchen doorway, Lucas walking out of it, carrying a platter filled with food, the Mavises following with other platters.

Lucas set down the platter, walking around the table and kissing his three soulmates.

"Morning, my men of love."
"You were gone when we woke, Lucky." Lance smiled, Lucas rubbing his shoulder.

"I awoke with the light of dawn warming my eyes. I hated leaving the warmth of your love. But my family needed to awaken to my bountiful love."

Everyone smiled, Lucas sitting down beside his grandfather, Emerson smiling at him.

"You stoke our hearts with your love, and now I see our stomachs with your nutritious love." he smiled, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

 "Idle hands and such, Grandfather. I awoke early and decided to feed my family." he smiled, Josh quietly looking at him.

"Are you alright, Lucky?" he said, Lucas smiling at him with love.

"I'm fine, my love. We'll eat when the last slow five arrive." he smiled, filling his and Justin's cups with coffee.

Justin smiled at him, the last five of their group now walking into the dining room.

Derek and Enrique smiled at everyone, their hands entwined, Haras and Jonathan walking in with Colton between them.

All five wore smiles of happiness, Lucas smiling at all of them, sipping at his coffee.

"Good morning, everyone. Sorry we're late. Derek and I took a short walk before breakfast."
"And we three were slow dressing." Haras smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love can slow the beginnings of the day, or awaken the most needful soul."
Haras smiled, Jonathan softly blushing.

"Their love feeds your soul, Jon. A great way to start any day." Lucas said, Jonathan smiling at him.

Everyone smiled at Lucas, the five joining the others at the other table across from Emerson's.

"We're all here, a family of happiness. Would you say grace, good Reverend?" Emerson smiled, Lucas smiling at the minister.

"I'd like to say grace, Lewis." he said, Lewis having risen to his feet, bowing to the young man.

"I bow to your love, Lucas. Your words inspire all of us. Please guide us to God's blessing." he smiled, returning to his seat.

Lucas smiled, his hands joining in front of him, everyone bowing their heads.

"Dear Lord, it is us again, your children of faith and love. We join together here as an extended family of love, united in love, faith and destiny. Bless us this day for all we have through your love and through our own surrounding love. I sit surrounded by love. A resonating love of beauty, friendship, trust and life. All our hearts have a happiness of family and love. Your love shines within all of us, our Lord and Savior. We dine as a family united in all love. My own soul shines with a greater truth, a greater love. And yes, a greater magic and courage. I have today what I'll need going forward. A heart of love and a soul of life. The day begins as life begins. The sands of time will right all paths. We are joined in love and life. Onward to the adventure of your love and our own. Amen."

Everyone said Amen, all eyes looking towards the young man.

"Let's feed on the bounty of our cooks' love. And then walk the path of destiny." Lucas smiled, handing the platter before him to his grandfather, Emerson softly smiling at him, taking it.

"You are a soul of calmness and love this morning, Lucas. I feel the presence of God's love surrounding us. I sense the day will be unbelievable." Lewis said, Lucas smiling at him.

"We'll discuss the day's events after breakfast, Good Reverend. And the paths you and your friends have walked."
Grayson looked at Lucas, the young man smiling, passing the platter now to his soulmates.

Everyone ate quietly, all eyes on the young man who showed a smile of happiness, two blue pools quietly watching him.

Adam felt Pierce's hand on his shoulder, their eyes meeting, Pierce handing him a platter of sausages and bacon.

Adam smiled at his husband, Usher on his other side.

He quietly filled his plate, his eyes meeting two violet pools across the table when he handed the platter to Usher.

Lucas smiled at him, Adam softly smiling.

His mind went back to a vision he'd seen last night.

And the love now shining in his soul.

In his mind he felt the water flowing, and the love now surrounding him.

He sighed, quietly eating, no one aware of what lay in his heart.


Lucas stared up at the portrait before him, his father standing at his side.

"A great likeness, Dad. Your youthful beauty mirrors mine." Lucas said, Tristan smiling, looking at the portrait of himself above the fireplace, the man kissing his son's cheek.

"No one mirrors the beauty of your soul, my son."
Lucas smiled, kissing his father's cheek.

Everyone was now relaxing in the Receiving Room, breakfast over, all having walked across the foyer into the sunny room for more coffee.

Mavis smiled, walking around and filling cups, everyone looking towards Lucas.

Grayson and Gabriel walked into the room, Lewis and Jacques following them.

Grayson carried his briefcase, Lucas smiling towards him and the judge.

"How finds your health this morning, my friends?" he smiled,  Gabriel smiling at him, his arm free of the sling.

"Your healing love has righted all of us, Lucas." he smiled, Grayson's arm going around the judge, both looking robust.

"Your own love and its echoing happiness last night was the greater balm." Lucas smiled, the minister blushing, Jacques kissing his cheek.

"Love heals all, mon ami." he smiled, Lucas smiling at his own soulmates, the three seated with their sons on a couch.

"Love is the elixir that feeds our souls with health, happiness and life." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"We have much to discuss, my friends. Everyone please relax and join as families of love and happiness." he said, everyone joining on couches, chairs and corners of love.

Lucas looked around the room, seeing so many smiling faces.

"My family has grown throughout the year. I have a greater love now." he smiled, leaning against the fireplace, his hand on the mantle.

"We all have a greater love, Lucas. Your giving, shining love." Lewis said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, my love gives always. I see so many couples and joined groups of love I have guided to happiness. Some known, some unknown."

Everyone looked confused, looking around at each other.

Colton's blue pools were staring at Lucas, the young man not looking at him or the four that surrounded him.

"Who are unknown, Lucky? I only see couples that we've all seen united in love." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Greater paths are walked when love awaits their end." he smiled, looking around at everyone.

He sighed, his violet pools showing a soft glow of green for a moment, then showing their usual violet hue.

"We've come to a day of uncertainty. A day of change. I'd like to think of it as the day of enlightenment."

"What is the significance of this day, Luke?" Randall said, Lucas smiling at him.

"It is the day I focus on the truth. And the day I begin the end of all this." Lucas said, the young man looking towards Grayson.

"How found the adventure of your souls, my friends? We saw the danger of what you faced in your injuries. I never wanted that, you must believe me on that." the young man said, Lewis rising from his chair.

"We do, Lucas. The greater beauty of your protective love gave us that answer." Lewis said, a look of awed wonder showing on his face.
"You were in danger. I shall always protect those I love."

The four men smiled, Josh looking at them, then meeting his Lucky's violet pools.

"Adventure, Lucky? What happened to them overseas?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at his soulmate.

"I sent our four friends on a quest. A quest for truth. And I mistakenly forgot that evil searches as well." Lucas said, the four men smiling at him.

"Evil stands no chance against your magic, mon ami." Jacques said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Or the courage of you four. Strength lies not just in the young. For the older have a higher intellect." Lucas smiled, the four smiling at him.

"Where did you four go?" Lance said, the four looking at Lucas.

"Let our friends in on your quests, my friends. And then I'll lay claim to their intent."

Grayson looked confused, Lucas smiling at him, resting against the fireplace.

Grayson felt Gabriel's hand going into his.

"The four of us went to England first. To a church in the town of Stratford-Upon-Avon, slightly north of London." Grayson said, everyone looking at him with surprise, one set of blue eyes staring wider than others.

Lucas' eyes were focused on someone, that person staring at Grayson.

"Why there, Grayson? The Belmonts didn't settle in England." Emerson said, looking at his brother.

"There are two sides to every story, Grandfather." Lucas said, his grandfather looking towards him.

"Meaning what, Lucas?" Tristan said, Savannah seated beside him, little Justy now cooing in her arms.

"Meaning that destiny follows many paths, Dad." Lucas said, looking towards Grayson.

"Continue, Uncle Gray." he said, smiling at him.

"We took a tour of that old church, the minister guiding us down into the catacombs. He thought that we were searching for an American ancestor's past. We were searching for something that I sensed you knew lay there, Lucas. I was surprised by what we found." Grayson said, Lucas nodding.

"Names in the darkness hold secrets close to their eternal hearts." the young man said, Grayson nodding.

"And some hearts never find that eternal slumber." Gabriel said, Grayson nodding.

"Meaning what, Gabriel?" Lance said, looking towards Lucas.

"We found a tomb in the lowest bowels of the church. Long forgotten and lost beneath the dust." Lewis said, Lucas nodding.

"There was a name etched upon its marble surface, weathered through time but visible." Jacques said, the other three nodding.

"What name was it?" Adam said, sitting with Pierce and Usher.

"Dathan Carlisle."

All eyes went to Lucas, Francesca's and Savannah's wide with surprise.

"That. . .you found his. . .that's impossible, Lucas!" Francesca said, Lucas staring at his grandmother.

"Nothing is impossible when destiny is its path." he said, Francesca rising from her seat, Savannah rising as well, handing little Justy to Tristan.

The two women walked up to Lucas, the young man calmly staring at both.

"That is a name deeply entrenched within our family's heritage, Lucas." Francesca said, Josh staring at her.

"Who is--or was--Dathan Carlisle?" he asked.

"He was my father."

All eyes turned, staring at Derek, the young man staring at Lucas.


Derek rose from his seat, Enrique staring up at him.

Francesca and Savannah stared at the young man, Lucas smiling at him.

"He was your father, Priscilla Carlisle, matriarch of the Carlisle faith and magic." Lucas said, Derek staring at Lucas.

"I buried him from life and love, Lucas. In that crypt so long ago. His heart was one of love and life. An adventurer who travelled all lands. Giving up the wandering life, following a greater path of faith and love. He was the kindest man I have ever met. Until you, that is." Derek said, the young man's form changing, a woman of regal beauty now showing, Francesca and Savannah stepping back with surprise.

"I have been many souls. Rich of life and love." the now showing Priscilla Carlisle said, Lucas smiling at her.
"And every soul was loving, from the young man who captured Enrique's heart and others, back to the beginnings of the love. And the magic." Lucas said, Priscilla nodding her head.

"My father was a man of faith, Lucas. Dathan was the embodiment of love and faith."

"I'm sure he was." Lucas said, staring at her.

"You and your father were both of faith and love, and magic, Priscilla. The two of you created the Carlisle Brotherhood. A bond of faith and devotion, of life and love. The warriors of the future paths of destiny." Lucas said, Priscilla bowing her head.

Harry rose from his seat, Alain following him as the young man walked up to them.

"The matriarch of our destiny. I bow to your courage and life, ancestor of all of us." Harry said, bowing to the woman.

"Arise, commander of the host. We are equal in our devotion." Priscilla said, Savannah staring at Harry and her.

Harry rose to his erect form, Alain nodding at the woman as well.

"The future generations had courage and hope. I see before me the one to ratify all truths and justices." Priscilla said, Lucas staring at her.

"The future will be one of freedom, love and life, dear ancestor of my own love." Lucas said, Priscilla softly smiling, the look changing her regal personification.

Francesca stared at her, the woman smiling at her.

"Sisters of truth I see before me. I have watched all of your paths. On both sides of the equation." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"The path has been crowded with watchers. Some now shown, some still hidden." Lucas said, Savannah looking at her son.

"This is so unbelievable, Lucas. I'm talking with my ancestor, with the mother of our devotions and lineage." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"I've been talking to all my ancestors on both sides. Magic has a way of weaving through all life's paths."

Priscilla stared at Lucas, the young man calmly smiling at her.

"My father was the creator of the Brotherhood, Lucas. He once told me that in it we would find our salvation. That someone would come who would lead us to greatness. The One to show us our path of faith and love for the future generations. Is it you?" she said, Lucas softly smiling at her.

"I am many things, some mysterious, some right before our eyes."

"You're real, Lucky." Josh said, Lucas smiling at his soulmates.

"Your love guarantees that, my loves."

Josh, Justin and Lance all smiled.

Lucas' eyes glanced at Grayson, then back to Priscilla's staring violet pools.

"Your father was a man of courage and life, Priscilla. And he was so much more." Lucas said, looking at Grayson again.

"May I see what you have found, Uncle Gray?"

Grayson nodded, picking up his briefcase that he'd set down beside his chair.

He walked up to everyone, the lawyer opening his briefcase, turning it towards Lucas, the women and Harry and Alain staring at its contents.

Priscilla's eyes widened, stepping back.

"No! It. . .it cannot be! He said it was lost! It was sent back!" she said, Lucas' hand moving forward, picking up what lay in the briefcase's center.

Everyone rose from the seats, staring at the small box Lucas held in his hands.

"Do not touch it, Lucas! It is the bane of evil!" Priscilla said, Lucas smiling at her.

"It is the center of the truth, my friend. Walk away from the past, return to your true self." Lucas said, staring at her.

The woman's face and form changed, Hemidon Amotep now standing in front of them.

"Do not touch it, Lucas! It is as she said!" he said, drawing his sword from his Egyptian uniform's side.

Justin and Josh walked forward, concern etched on their faces.

Colton and Haras both moved, now at Hemi's side, the three staring at Lucas.

"Life is about choices, my friends. I chose love." Lucas said, the young man's violet pools now softly glowing green.

"I feel evil, Lucas!" Colton said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I feel the greater truth, my son." he said, looking at Hemi.

"What else did you find in the tomb, Uncle Gray?" Lucas said, looking towards Grayson's concerned face.

"We found nothing, Lucas. The tomb and crypt were empty."

Hemi's eyes showed confusion, staring at Lucas.

"That. . .that can't be! I buried my own father, entombing Dathan myself!"

Lucas smiled at him, staring into his brown pools.

"You cannot entomb something that doesn't perish in death, Hemidon. The magic's seen to that in your own self."

Hemi looked confused, Enrique's arm now around him, Jonathan, Haras and Colton all at his sides.

'What. . .what do you mean, Lucas?" Hemi said, Lucas staring at him, the young man looking at the cube laying in his hand, the star on its top softly pulsating.

All eyes were on it, seeing its now glowing star.

"Drop it, Lucas! It will consume you!" Hemi said, raising his sword.

Lucas stared at him, a soft smile now showing on his face.

"Love consumes all, Hemidon. Life is a path of choices. I think I've made mine." Lucas said, his hand going on top of the cube.

"Do not fear what shows under falseness. Goodness lays hidden in all things. I shall venture into that life and love. And my love never stops."
His hand made contact with the cube, the golden ring on his finger touching the star.

Lucas stared at his soulmates, a soft smile of love showing.

The effect was instantaneous.

The room filled with a sudden white brightness, everyone covering their eyes from its intensity, those surrounding Lucas pushed back, others catching them from falling.

The light disappeared as quickly as it had come.

All eyes stared at the spot where Lucas had just been standing.

The young man and the small box were gone.


Other Paths


Lucas opened his violet pools, the sun beaming down upon his face.

He looked around him, finding himself standing in a green meadow, a soft breeze blowing across his face.

He scanned around him, seeing a lush, deep forest surrounding him.

In the distance he heard the soft sound of a horn trumpeting, the young man's eyes going in that direction.

He now heard the approaching sound of horse hoofs coming from the forest.

He still held the ebony box in his hand, slipping it into his jacket pocket.

He looked at his clothing, the young man wearing a weatherworn cloak over a black shirt and pants.

The sounds heightened, Lucas seeing a horse come charging out of the forest to his left, a man riding it with noble dignity.

Lucas took in his handsome looks in the distance, his hair black and curly, flowing in the breeze of the horse's gallop.

He looked to be in his twenties, regal looking and muscular.

Across his back a long bow was visible.

The horse came galloping across the meadow, heading straight for Lucas..

The horse gradually slowed its gait, stopping a few feet away from Lucas, the young man staring up into two green pools of icy worth.

"Who are you, lost one? What are you doing in this land?" the man said, staring down at Lucas, Lucas staring up into a handsome face of stunning beauty.

Two eyes of emerald green stared down at him, Lucas seeing their focused determination, the man's eyes scanning over Lucas.

"I am a traveller, lost on the roads of life." Lucas said, the man staring at him.

"I can pull this bow from my back and wound you where you stand if you do not give me an answer worth your life, stranger." the man said, Lucas staring up at him.

"My name is. . .Dathan Carlisle."

The man showed a soft surprise on his face, moving with quick agility, now standing on the ground right in front of Lucas.

His stature was overpowering, the man a couple of inches taller than Lucas, his muscular frame showing through the white shirt and dark black pants he wore.

"As I live and breathe! What in the name of our Lord are you doing out here, lost one? That name is welcomed on all Belmont lands."

Lucas looked surprised, staring at the young man.

A wide smile broke over his face, his looks taking on a greater beauty.

His hand went out, Lucas tentatively drawing his out, the man clasping his hand in his, shaking it fervently.

"What branch of the holy order do you come from, Brother?" the young man said, Lucas looking at him.

"I come from England, sir."
The man smiled, bowing before him.

"From the vortex of truth. Father will be pleased." the young man said, his hand moving, going to Lucas' shoulder.

"Do you have the star?"

Lucas looked confused, the man's hand moving, pulling Lucas' shirt to the left, his shoulder blade exposed.

"A star within a star, a faithful servant of God's divine plan." the man smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

Lucas' eyes went to his own shoulder, seeing two small stars, one of white within the larger one of blue, both tattooed on his shoulder blade.

Lucas' eyes met the stranger's, lost in his green pools of intensity, the man righting Lucas' shirt, patting his chest.

"Forgive my indulgence, Brother. I take leave of your kindness." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I am not offended, sir. No forgiveness needs shown. You were seeking only truth."
The young man smiled, staring at Lucas.

"You are handsome and kind, Brother. Let's adjourn to the Manor." the young man smiled, climbing back onto his horse, smiling down at Lucas.

"Ride with me, my friend." he smiled, offering his hand down to Lucas.

The young man smiled, taking it, the man pulling him upwards onto the horse, Lucas settling behind him on the saddle.

"Hold close, the terrain is rough. I love running on the wind." the young man grinned, Lucas' arms going around the young man's muscular frame.

The man whistled, the horse beginning its gallop again.

"Pardon my leave, kind sir. What is your name?" Lucas said, leaning forward and talking in his ear.

The man turned his head, Lucas staring into his green pools.

"Archer Belmont, sir. I am the master of all these lands." he said, Lucas staring at him with surprise.

The two galloped through the forest, Lucas holding on for dear life.


The two rode for over an hour, Lucas' arms wrapped around the young man's waist.

His smile was infectious, Lucas relaxing against his strong self.

They left the forest, now galloping along a rough cart path that now meandered along a stone fence.

A large house came into view, the place looking half abandoned, set back on a large tract of land.

"It's old, well weathered, but it's home." the young man smiled, Lucas smiling at him from behind.

"Home is where the heart is."

The young man smiled, nodding, galloping up the home's long path, stopping in front of its stone steps.

He and Lucas both climbed off the horse, a servant coming down the steps, Archer Belmont smiling at the young man.

"Wipe him down with kindness, Benny. He's raced his heart out today." the young man smiled, the servant smiling at him.

"I shall, Archer." the young man smiled, then bowed, leading the horse away towards the back of the house.

"Come, Father should be resting on the back veranda." the young man smiled, walking up the steps, Lucas quietly following.

They walked into the large stone house, Lucas finding its interior well lived in, but comfortable and homey.

"The house has seen better times, my friend. And we are on the move." Archer said, Lucas nodding at him.

"I see the hominess of the decor, Archer. A house well lived in."

"As I said, it's home. For my family for over five hundred years." he said, Lucas nodding again.

"Father will want to meet you right away, Dathan. Take his needs in stride. He is lovable, but will not suffer fools."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"I'll put on my best face." Lucas said, the young man smiling at him.

"I don't think your face could get any more beautiful." he smiled, Lucas softly blushing, the young man patting his shoulder, guiding him through the house.

They walked out through two large glass doors off the large living room, walking out onto a large spacious veranda, Lucas seeing a man seated on a settee, his legs laying across it, a crutch resting by his shoulders.

"There you are, Archer. And who's this that you've been traipsing around with through half the county no doubt?" the older man said, Lucas bowing to him with respect.

"My name is Dathan Carlisle, good sir. Your son has come to my aid in the meadows beyond the forest. I was lost and seeking help. His kindness restored my faith in all men." Lucas smiled, bowing again.

The older man looked at him with soft surprise, then stared up at his son.

"A Carlisle he is, Father. The star shines from his shoulder."

The older man nodded, softly smiling at Lucas.

"A Brother of the faith is always welcomed in my home, sir. My father was the last to see one. I am Levarius Belmonius. But our name has now changed to Belmont, in keeping with the customs of the times. Old paths create new ones." the man smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

Archer smiled with love at his father, the older man's green pools on Lucas' staring violet ones.

"A family is built on ancestors and their future sons." he said, the man smiling.

"Indeed, sir."
"It's Dathan, sir."

"And I am Levi, Dathan. I would love to hear of your travels, through this country of France and others. The Brotherhood echoes in all hearts of faith. We all follow our paths."

"Indeed, sir." Lucas smiled, the man smiling at his son.

"My son is the new bastion of strength. But his heart yearns for greater shores. Such is the flow of time." the man said, Lucas nodding, his hand moving into his pocket, touching the ebony box hidden there.

"You must be tired from your journeys, Brother. I offer you my home and my friendship." the man said, Lucas bowing, moving forward and shaking the man's hand again.

"I will take it with thanks, Levi."

The man smiled, looking towards his son.

"Show our guest to the waterfall, son. He shall want to wash away the path's dust. I am going to take a short rest from the ending day's heat. I shall see you both at dinner."

Archer smiled, helping his father gain his feet, the man taking the crutches his son offered him.

"You are ill, Levi?" Lucas said with concern and affection.

"Just a fall down a rocky incline. A broken foot slows me down, I'm afraid."
"As does your age, Father. Leave the harder work to younger souls."

The man smiled at his son, then smiled at Lucas.

"I'll run him in circles when I heal." he smiled, Lucas lightly laughing, the young man's hand going out, Levi smiling and shaking it again.

"No doubt, Levi."

The man smiled, Lucas and Archer watching him hobble into the house.

"Come with me, Dathan. The water should still be cool against the day's sun." he smiled, Lucas smiling and following the young man off the veranda, the two walking down a stone pathway, walking through a large orchard of apple trees.

Lucas stopped, his eyes taking in a small pool, a small waterfall flowing from the side of a hill into the pool's clear water.

It was half the size of the pool in his dreams, but still a beautiful secluded spot among the home's old beauty.

"My favorite spot on this place. How I shall miss it." Archer said, the young man smiling at Lucas.

Lucas smiled at him, the young man pulling off his white shirt, his bare chest showing in all its muscled beauty.

His body was well muscled, as smooth as glass, tanned and sinewy.

The young man smiled at Lucas, his hands going to his belt.

"Let's go for a swim, Dathan. Let the waters of life cool your soul."

Lucas stared at the man, his pants finding his shirt, the man standing in only briefs, those discarded quickly as well.

Lucas' eyes scanned the man's beauty, his body a temple to male flawlessness.

The man smiled, staring at Lucas.

"Do not be shy, Dathan. We are as we are. And you, I am sure, are beautiful." the man said, turning and diving into the pool, Lucas taking in his smooth bubbly ass as it disappeared into the water.

"Come on in, it's heaven!" Archer smiled, swimming in the middle of the pool, Lucas softly smiling and slowly removing his clothes.

He saw two green pools taking in every inch of his muscular form, Lucas softly blushing at the attention.

"You are indeed beautiful, Dathan." Archer smiled, Lucas quickly removing his briefs, dropping his clothes, the young man diving into the pool.

He surfaced, two green pools staring at him, a smile on Archer's face.

"You're correct. The water is heaven." Lucas smiled, Archer staring at him.

"It must be. An angel has joined it." Archer said, Lucas blushing, their eyes locked on each other's showing nakedness.

"Forgive my forwardness, Dathan. It is not often that I see God's beauty." Archer said, swimming closer to Lucas.

"Beauty shines all around us." Lucas said, the young man smiling at him.

"Thank you for the compliment, Dathan." he said, his green eyes staring into Lucas' violet pools.

The man moved forward, Lucas feeling his arms pull him close.

"I have always been a man who's taken what I've needed. Today I feel I have found the second part of my soul, Dathan." Archer said, the man's head moving forward.

Lucas was surprised, their lips meeting.

Archer pulled back, their eyes staring at each other.

"I have seen you in my dreams, lost one. I don't know the truth of who you are, but I feel your love. It is what my soul needs." Archer said, Lucas feeling his hands begin to massage his back.

Lucas felt the man pull him against him, Lucas' head going against his muscled chest.

He felt himself becoming lost in the man's beauty, a set of lips kissing his forehead.

"We have a few weeks to solidify our love, Dathan. And then we'll own our lives forever."

Lucas closed his eyes, the man feeling himself give in to the man's beauty.

Two lips met his again, Lucas feeling his life focus.



End of Chapter 191



Lucas has been pulled into the past.

His family's past.

Is he walking as Lucas, or as Dathan Carlisle?

He has just met his great-great-great-grandfather Archer Belmont, and his own father Levitus Belmonius.

And now he's sitting in a wet pool, wrapped in Archer's arms.


Is Lucas lost in the young man's showing love?

The man seems to be on a mission.

Will Lucas give in to his apparent needs?

What of his love for his soulmates?


Joshua and Almira have seemingly faced their truths.

Lucas guided them to a meeting of love.

And Derek's shown all sides of his mysterious past, from Hemi to Priscilla, to Almira and to his new self.


Five friends have now united under Lucas' umbrella of love.

Colton, Haras and Jonathan have joined their love with Enrique's and Derek's.

As well as the hidden Hemi.

Hemi's past love for Haras has now crested his dreams.

And Colton has found a center of love.


Onward we go.

Through the past and the present.

More surprises to come.


I'd to take this time to wish all my Canadian brethren a Happy Canada Day!

And to my American cousins, I'd like to wish a Happy Independence Day!

May we all find the glory and happiness in celebrating our countries' origins!


Hugs, Angel.