Yesterday's End-193


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 193


Josh's eyes flickered, the man sensing movement around him.

His blue pools slowly opened, two blue pools staring right at him, Josh's face facing his right side.

Justin gasped, Josh's eyes moving.

Lance smiled at Justin, the man moaning himself, Josh seeing the man on top of Justin's naked self, Justin's knees against his chest, Lance deep inside him.

Josh's eyes moved, a smiling violet-eyed face staring at him.

Lucas was behind Lance, the man thrusting with every forward thrust Lance was giving Justin.

"Morning, beautiful. You're missing the fun." Lucas smiled, Josh staring up into his violet pools.

"Are you okay, my love?" Josh said, sitting up beside the three, Lucas smiling, his hand going to Josh's center, wrapping around his morning wood.

"Ask these two. I claimed Justin first, now I'm on monster duty." he smiled, Josh softly smiling at him, a soft moan escaping his lips, Lucas' talented hand heating his desire.

"Our HD woke up hungry, babe. You have a nice hard breakfast for him. Come here, beautiful."

Josh smiled, going to his knees beside the three, his lips meeting with Lucas' the man continuing his passion with Lance.

Josh felt his heated need, and he felt another hand pulling him more to his right.

He gasped mid kiss, feeling the wetness now surrounding his long shaft.

Lucas and he broke their kiss, Lucas smiling at him.

"Told you he was hungry."

Josh moaned, looking to his right, Justin staring up at him, Josh's long shaft buried in his throat.

"He needs feeding at both ends. I'm guiding Lancy." Lucas said, thrusting forward, Lance moaning, sinking deeper into Justin, Justin moaning.

Josh smiled, Lance's lips meeting his, Josh feeling his passion as well.

They broke their kiss, Lance moaning and smiling.

"Our man's been loving us since he woke us. He woke me with a deep kiss while he was calming our HD. Oh God, Luke! That's the spot!"

Justin pulled off Josh's shaft, moaning.

"You're both on target! Faster!" Justin gasped, Josh smiling, leaning down and kissing his lover, Justin lost in the kiss.

Lucas smiled, the young man pulling out of Lance, Lance feeling the loss.

Lucas moved, joining Lance in Justin's ass.

Justin gasped, feeling the new presence in his center, breaking his kiss with Josh.

"God, you're both in me! God that's fantastic!" he gasped, Josh seeing Justin's own cock erupt suddenly, coating Josh' face.

Lance grinned, leaning down, licking the juice off Josh's face.

He filled his mouth with it, then kissed his emotional Justin, Justin tasting his own self, devouring Lance's gift.

"Oh God. . .I'm. . ." Lance gasped, Justin staring up at him.

"Pull out babe! Don't waste that in my ass!"
Lance moved, plopping out of Justin's still filled ass, the man moving onto Justin's chest, Justin devouring his long hard shaft, Lance exploding at the sensation.

Josh smiled, his lips meeting Lance's right nipple, sucking on it, Lance gasping, erupting again, Justin drinking it all in.

Lucas smiled, pulling out of Justin's ass, Josh smiling at him.

Lucas moved, climbing on top of his man, pushing Josh onto his back, their lips meeting, Josh feeling his passion.

Justin pulled off Lance's erection, licking all the wetness off it, smiling up at him.

"A tasty breakfast." he smiled, Lucas breaking his heated kiss with Josh.

"You filled yet, Timberlake?" he said, Justin smiling at him.

"Yes, Lucky. You twice, my own and my Lance. I'll save Joshy for a mid morning snack."

Josh smiled, gasping when he felt Lucas' fingers sink into him.

"Hit the shower, my boys. I need some bonus time with my man." Lucas smiled, his lips attaching to Josh's left nipple, the man moaning.

Josh and Lance both smiled, Lance climbing off of Justin, pulling his husband up from the sweat soaked bed.

Justin smiled, slapping Lucas' bare ass.

"Take him to heaven, Lucky. We've both been there this morning."

Lucas smiled, lifting his man's legs, their lips meeting again.

The other two smiled, walking into the bathroom.

Josh was lost in Lucas' passion, the young man beginning to claim him.

Twenty minutes later Lance and Justin walked out of the bathroom, the two smiling at the two laying in the bed.

Lucas was on his back against the pillows, his arms wrapped around Josh's sweaty form, the man's head against his chest.

Justin smiled, seeing both of their centers flaccid, Lucas smiling at him.

"Our love united. My man's happy."
Josh smiled, lifting his head.

"I'm with you three, that's always my happiness."
"Sweet, round two!" Justin grinned, Lance laughing, slapping his naked ass.

"Let's get dressed, babe. I think we should start breakfast for everyone. It's still early." Lance said, looking at the nightstand clock, the hour reading seven-thirty.

"The Mavises are already up, my men. We need to shower, babe. I need your wet love inside me." Lucas smiled.
Josh smiled, Justin pouting.

Lucas laughed, he and Josh rising from the bed, Lucas' lips meeting Justin's.

The man felt his love, the two breaking their kiss.

"Been there, done that."

"Twice, stud." Justin smiled, Lucas laughing, shaking his head, slapping his naked ass.

"Don't ever change, HD. One day I'll put that fire out. We all will."

"We'll met you downstairs, Lucky." Justin smiled, looking into his violet pools.

Lucas hadn't talked to either him or Lance about yesterday, he and Josh having a small discussion after their lovemaking.

Lucas seemed calm, voicing that he'd talk about everything once everyone was awake.

It was a family moment.

Josh had stared into his violet pools, seeing his usual shining, loving soul.

"You've been silent about yesterday, Lucky. Everything okay?" Lance now said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I don't think I'll ever be okay, Lance. The magic warrants my uniqueness. But I'm fine. I'm back with my family, my soulmates and my children." he said, Justin smiling at him.
"We'll take the boys down and feed them." he said, the man heading over to the crib, two small sets of eyes smiling up at him.

Lance followed him, the two picking up the infants.

Lucas smiled, his arm going around his man, his hand settling on Josh's ass.

"Our own round two, babe. I'm yours forever."
Josh smiled, he and Lucas walking into the bathroom.

Lance and Justin smiling at the two, both cradling a child in their arms.

Justin looked down at his son, Joshy smiling up at him.

"Dada!" he said, Lance smiling.

"He feels your love, Jus. Our special little boys."
Justin smiled, Lance looking down at little Justy.

The boy's green and blue eyes softly glowed, Lance looking at Justin.
"Did you see that, Jus?" he said with surprise.

"Yes, Lance. They have Lucas' magic. That makes them extra special." he said, smiling over at the little boy in Lance's arms.

"Dada!" Justy said, Lance smiling at his husband.
"They love their Dada. Just like me."

"Let's go feed our angels, babe." Justin smiled, the two carrying the infants out of the bedroom.

Lance smiled, hearing the soft moans coming from the bathroom, the man smiling and closing the bedroom door.


Mostly everyone sat around the breakfast table, awaiting Josh and Lucas' appearance.

Lance and Justin had met Finn and Skyler in the hallway upstairs, each carrying a child.

"Morning's alarm clocks. Our boys are ravenous." Finn smiled, Skyler smirking at her husband.

"Yes, both my boys are."

Finn smiled, the man kissing Justin and Lance on the cheek, both smiling at him.

"Someone else is hungry, I see." Justin smirked, Finn blowing him a kiss.

"Not as ravenous as our Luke was earlier. I heard Luke's returning normalcy. These walls are paper thin, horndogs." Finn laughed, Lance blushing, Justin smiling and kissing his husband's cheek.

"Yeah, the boy was stoked. And we couldn't be happier." he smiled, the four smiling at each other, walking downstairs.

They'd met the Mavises in the kitchen, the two filling the counter, ovens and stoves with sustenance.

The dining room began to fill with others, the aromas from the kitchen drawing all to their stomachs' needs.

"We could make an orchestra out of all these stomach growls." Finn had laughed, standing with Alain and Harry, his own stomach then growling.

"Everyone, meet our conductor." Alain laughed, Finn blushing.

"You're in the tuba section, Deveraux. I heard your bass yells from the end of the hallway." Finn grinned, Alain smiling.

"My man sent me to heaven. I'll always yell my love for him."

Finn laughed, patting Alain and Harry's backs.

"Harry can go in the flute section, he was screaming pretty high pitched."

"Well, he loves to blow flutes. He has amazing lips." Alain grinned, Harry blushing, Chris and Finny howling with laughter, everyone sitting down at the tables in the dining room.

Colton, Haras and Jonathan walked into the room, Derek and Enrique right behind them.

"There's our tenor section. These five are definitely well tuned." Finn laughed, the five looking at him with confusion.

"You walked into Finn's humor, boys. Take it with a grain of salt." Chris Pine smiled, Chris laughing beside him.

"Why are you wearing a shirt, Finny? Are you shedding again?" Jonathan smiled, Finn giving him a one-finger salute.

His treasures and Lucas' were all in their carriers, all fed and cooing and gurgling happily, all set on a small table beside Skyler's chair, surrounded by their grandmothers.

Skyler was pulling their blankets around them, Francesca smiling at her.

"This old place can be drafty. They need warmth." she  smiled, Emerson kissing her cheek, his arm around her.
"We all need warmth, my love." he smiled, she smiling at him.

"Warmth is always given with love."

Emerson's eyes met Colton's, the young man smiling at the two, having spoken.

"How are you this morning, Colton? You gave us a worry last night as well. You seemed to pass out at the same time as Lucas." Emerson said, looking at the young man with concerned love, everyone staring at him with the same look.

"It was the magic, sir. The magic of Lucas' love consumed me. I was drawn into the magic's need." he said, Haras' arm going around him.

"You were drawn into the magic? "Finn said.

"Yes, but not by Lucas himself." Colton said, the young man sitting down at a table, his four soulmates joining him, everyone seeing their shining happiness and love.

Everyone sat down at the tables, all staring at the young man.

"What do you mean, Colt?" Justin said, seated beside him and Jonathan, Lance quietly looking at Colton.

"He means the magic draws many."

All eyes turned, staring at Lucas, the young man standing in the dining room's doorway, Josh's arm around him.

Emerson rose from his head chair, the two men walking up to him, the older man smiling with love at his grandson.

"Good morning, my grandson. It is wonderful to see you looking so well, I was so worried."

Lucas smiled, hugging his grandfather, kissing his cheek.

"You felt my love, Grandfather. That in itself should ease all worry." Lucas smiled, everyone seeing the calmness in his violet pools.

"I never lost that, Lucas."

The young man smiled, guiding his grandfather back to his chair, Lucas and Josh sitting down at the table beside him.

"Hello, everyone. It is nice to see all your loving faces. The present shows the love I need." Lucas smiled, everyone softly smiling at him.

"It's nice to see your unchanged face as well, my friend." Alain smiled, Lucas smiling at the black man.

"Any path I walk will never change my love. "

Finn smiled at Lucas, then smirked.

"Yeah, your love was unchanged this morning, Lukey. Judging by the noise "

Chris laughed, Finn joining him.

"I missed my men. That reunion will always voice my love and passion. " he said, his three soulmates smiling at him, Justin's smile the widest.

"Just as I know you'd be the conductor if I tuned you good." Lucas smiled at Finny, the young man looking at him.

"You... you heard that?" Chris said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My magic sees and hears all, my friends. My room wasn't the only one with voicing happiness this morning. It was a symphony of love."

Couples and groups of love smiled at each other.

"Where did you go yesterday, Lucas?" Emerson said, staring at his grandson.

"I went to the truth, Grandfather. A truth I sense I was never destined to find."

"You weren't supposed to find the truth, my love?" Josh said, his hand in Lucas'.

"Not this truth, my Joshua. But from this a greater truth has been found."

"Meaning what, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas smiling.

"We'll discuss the truth after breakfast. The bounty of love comes." he smiled, the Mavises walking out of the kitchen, both smiling towards Lucas.

Horace, Jefferson and Myles followed, all carrying platters of food.

"The bounty to fill our hearts." Lucas smiled, Momma Mavis smiling at him
"Good to see you healthy, Luke. " she said, leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"When has the thought of your cuisine not stoked my heart with energy?"

She beamed, setting a platter of bacon and sausages down in front of him and Emerson.

"Then reenergize, Luke." she beamed, joining her husband with Finn.

Lucas smiled, asking Lewis to say grace, the minister saying a short dignified thanks.

Everyone dove into the rich breakfast, Colton's blue eyes looking towards Lucas as Haras filled his and Jonathan's plates,

Lucas smiled at the young man, Colton quietly smiling back.


Lucas set down his coffee cup, the man settling back into the stuffy chair, his feet on an ottoman.

Josh, Lance and Justin sitting on a sofa beside him.

Everyone had gathered together after breakfast, the Receiving Room filled with their contented happiness.

The young man had seen several people watching him through breakfast, the same now quietly glancing at him.

"More coffee, Luke?" Lance smiled, lifting up a carafe off the coffee table in front of him.

"I'm fine, Lance." he smiled.

"Very fine." Justin smiled, Lucas winking at him.

The young man's eyes moved around the room, his eyes settling on Colton.

The young man sat with Enrique and Haras, Jonathan and Derek on another loveseat beside them.

"How goes the world of love, my young friends?" Lucas smiled, the five smiling towards him.

"Everyone knows, Luke." Derek said, the young man nodding his head.

"Love can't hide against the need for it." he said, Enrique smiling at him.

"I'm not the young one here, Luke. But these four are making me feel it." Enrique said, the other four smiling at him.

"Love knows no time frame. Passion stokes all hearts, regardless of age. Just look at my old tiger here. He's even more passionate than me at times." Lucas smiled, Josh laughing at him, kissing his lips.

"I have so much to work with. It drives the passion." he smiled, Finn laughing.

"We don't need to know the details, horndogs." he said, looking also at the five men seated together.

"He's just jealous, guys. He's stuck with only Skyler's giving love." Lucas smiled, Skyler smiling at him.

"It's more than enough, Lukey." Finn said, Skyler smiling at him.

"Love grows in different combinations. The intensity is the same regardless of the number." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"You three do it for me. Its totality is as intense as just the two of us." Josh smiled, Justin and Lance smiling at him.

"See? Old and passionate."

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiled, Colton's blue eyes meeting his.

"We should talk of the last few days, Dad. Everyone's been wondering about the magic and emotion you showed, myself as well." he said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Colt. I've felt everyone's concern and love." he said, Lance looking at him.

"We all love you, Lucas. We'll always show our concern and love." Everyone nodding their heads in agreement.

"I know, my friends and family. And your love is part of me." the young man said, rising from his seat, walking to the fireplace in the room's center, everyone's eyes following him.

His eyes stared up at the portrait of his father, the young man sighing, turning around and staring around at everyone.

"Colton felt through his magic that I was returning yesterday evening from the path I was drawn to. He didn't sense or know where that path led. But he felt the emotion of the ending of that path. And the greatness of my magic's centering. The magic was so intense that it filtered into his magic, in a sense consuming him. That's why he fainted just after myself. We both were drawn into the greater magic."

Colton rose from his seat, walking up to Lucas, the young man staring into his blue eyes.

"The magic was intense, Luke. It was the greatest magic I have ever felt. It was like being thrown through a doorway, falling into oblivion." he said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"I'm sorry for your feeling it, Colton. I never wanted that. I was just. . ." he softly said, Colton kissing his cheek.

"You were lost in the magic as well."

Lucas nodded his head, everyone staring at him with surprise.

"What magic was that, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"It was the magic of the truth, Finny. The truth of what I now possess."

"You possess love, and yes, magic. But the love is greater." Finn said, Lucas smiling at his old friend.

"That's what I always believed, perhaps I still do." he said, Colton staring at him.

"You don't sound so sure, Dad."

Lucas smiled, staring at him.

"The magic has grown, my young friend. You felt its greater strength. And another protected you through its need."

Everyone looked confused.

"Another, Luke?" Justin said, Colton looking at him, his eyes meeting Lucas' again.

"Yes, another. A man I met last night at Lucas' Pool." the young man said, everyone looking surprised.

"You were drawn to the pool again, Colton?" Gideon said, Lucas looking at Colton's uncle.

"Yes, but not by me."

Colton stared at him, looking around at everyone.

"I was drawn to the pool last night while I was unconscious. And when I arrived there someone was waiting for me."

"Luke?" Lance said, Colton staring at him.

"No, Lance. The Watcher was waiting."


Everyone looked surprised, Josh staring at his Lucas.

"That mysterious being can visit your pool?" he said, Lucas staring at his soulmate.

"Yes, apparently he can. Or so Colton said." he said, Colton looking at him.

"Lucas didn't see him. He disappeared almost at the same moment that Lucas appeared at the pool." he said, Lucas nodding.

"For some reason that man, or magical being is avoiding me." Lucas said, Josh rising from his seat.

He walked up to Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"How can he go there if it's your pool, Luke? Joshua said that only you could allow entrance."

"Yes, or so I thought. But you only have to look at Joshua himself to see that he can go there as well. I first met him there."

Josh nodded, his arm going around his Lucas.

"What did he want from you, Colt?" Josh said, looking at the young man.

Colton looked at Lucas.

"He said that Lucas would be coming soon, that he was lost in his emotions. That the artifact I had been given by Grayson would calm his soul and center him." Colton said, Grayson looking towards him.

"How can something we found so far away be so important to Lucas at that moment?" the lawyer said, Lucas smiling towards him.

"Destiny, Uncle Gray." Lucas said, Grayson staring at him.

"Yesterday Colton called me that name, Lucas. You and Tristan are the only two who ever have. Were you inside him, as you were with Gideon at the trial?" he said, Gideon looking towards his nephew.

"No, Uncle Gray. I was not inside Colton." Lucas said, looking at the younger man.

"But my magic was."

"I felt your magic, Lucas. At the moment of your appearance at the lake. I felt the emotion of it. I now truly believe you were correct, Lucas."

"Correct about what, Colt?" Josh asked, Lucas looking quietly at his soulmate.

"The magic within Lucas' soul--the magic he found in the ring--has joined with his love. I felt just as much emotional love as magic coming from you, Luke."

"Yes, Colt. The magic has indeed joined within the love. Or at least it's coexisting with it. My soulmates have felt the magic in my giving love, and it has felt their love and emotions."

"We've been watched, Lucky?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Did you hear applause, my friend?"

Finn laughed, Justin blushing.

Lucas smiled at him, his love showing in his eyes.

"We weren't in essence watched, Justin. The magic just felt the increased love and emotion. All my feelings filter through its soul."

"You talk of the magic as a living thing, Lucas." Lewis said, the minister looking at him with wonder.

"I wouldn't say it was living, in the sense of our existence, it is a moving entity within my existence." Lucas said, everyone looking at him with quiet love.

"As I've always said, the greater magic within me is my love. The magic duality within me is experiencing that."
"So why were you so emotional yesterday, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas seeing his friend's blue pools filled with concerned love.

Lucas sighed, looking into the empty fireplace, no fire showing, the day beginning to warm into a sunny June day.

"I found an unknown truth, my friend. Its reality overcame me." he said, the young man feeling a hand go to his shoulder.

He turned, staring into Colton's blue pools.

The young man stared into his blue pools, the younger man staring at him with love.

"I never wanted that for you, Colt. Never for any of my family." he said, Josh walking up to him.

"What's going on, my love? I feel a soft emotion behind your voice. But I also feel your calmness. Whatever happened yesterday was emotional for you, but now you seem so calm."

Lucas softly smiled, looking into Colton's blue pools.

"I'm calm because my son's ever-giving love guided me to my own self."

Colton stared at him, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"I love you, Lucas. The Watcher never had to ask me to aid you. Your love would make anyone aid you. You are a father to me."

Lucas teared up, lowering his eyes,

"I feel your love. . .my son. I feel all the love surrounding me."

Emerson walked up to his grandson, their eyes meeting.

"We all felt your emotion yesterday, Lucas. And we all feel your normal calmness and giving love today. What happened yesterday? Where did you go after that white light?"

Lucas looked towards his father, then met his grandfather's loving eyes.

"I went into the truth, Grandfather. The truth of another's reality. And the truth of perhaps my own reality."

Everyone stared at the young man, Lucas' hand going into his cargo shorts' pocket.

He pulled out the ebony box, everyone staring at it.

"For all intent and purposes this box is a magical doorway to the past. To a specific past of the individual holding it." Lucas said.

Everyone's eyes moved to Colton's calm blue pools, the young man staring at Lucas.

"Colton said he saw a doorway in the white light, just before you vanished." Andrew said, Trish staring at her brother.

"He also said that you weren't the same at that moment, that he sensed you were someone else." Lance said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his green.

"The moment of transition. I felt nothing. It was flawless." Lucas said, looking thoughtful.

"Transition, Lucas?" Lewis said, Lucas looking towards the minister.

"The magic within this box joined with my magic, upon contact with it. The white light you saw was the opening of the doorway. I saw it clearly, and I walked through it." Lucas said, Colton staring at him.

"But you looked back just before you left." he said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Colt. I looked right at you."

"And I saw you, Lucas. Your eyes were the same but I thought you looked slightly different."

"I did, Colt. That was the transition. I joined with another. A being of the ages."

Everyone looked confused, Colton staring at him.

"A being of the ages, Luke?" Enrique said, Lucas nodding, his violet pools meeting Derek's blue, the young man staring at him with confusion as well.

"Perhaps, Rico. I'm still trying to figure out his true self. And I was within him."

Josh's arm went around him.

"Within who, Lucas?" Justin said, Lucas sighing again.

"The box took me to a specific time in my family's past. A time of upheaval and moving reality. And I stood in that place as the man you knew as your father, Priscilla. I was in the being of Dathan Carlisle."

Derek rose from his seat, his form changing immediately, Priscilla Carlisle staring at the young man with shock.

"You. . .you were with my father?"

Lucas stared at her, the young woman seeing his calm shining love in his violet pools.

"I was him, Priscilla." he said, Priscilla looking shocked.

"What time was that, Lucas? Where did you become him?" she said, Lucas staring at her.

"It was not at the time of your being his daughter, Priscilla. It was long after that."

Lewis looked between the two.

"How long after, Lucas?" he said, Lucas looking around at everyone.

"Over two hundred years later, Good Reverend. Dathan Carlisle was indeed a being of the ages."

Finn rose from his feet.

"Good God, Luke! He can't have been that old!" he said, Lucas staring at his friend.

"He was much older, Finny. Older than many lives combined."

Everyone looked shocked, Priscilla walking up to Lucas.

"What are you saying, Lucas? How. . .how can that be? My father never showed any inkling of magic, or. . .or longevity."

"I did not mean to shock you, Priscilla. I believe he never told you because he sensed the truth of who you really were. That you were a being of similar destiny. His magic was great, I felt that being within him. It almost mirrors my own."

"He was. . .he was magic?" she said, Lucas' hand going to her shoulder.

"He was love, Priscilla.  A love you always felt and needed."

"He was one of my greatest fathers, Lucas. In him, I found the greatest fatherly love. He was love personified."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Yes, I felt his loving soul. It was indeed giving."

Josh walked up to Lucas, staring at him.

"Why would you be drawn to him, Luke? To him at that time so distant from Priscilla's existence?"

"I was drawn to him for what he represented. And to where his path led." Lucas said, his eyes looking towards his grandfather.

"Where. .where did his path lead him, or you, Lucas?" Emerson said, Tristan staring at his son.

"All paths lead to destiny, Grandfather. And I now have the connecting reality of the path's truth."
"Meaning what, Lucas?" Josh said, his arm going around him again, Lucas feeling his unending love.

Lucas' eyes met Priscilla's violet pools.

"Your father was a merchant, Priscilla? A traveller of all lands?"
She nodded staring at him.

"Yes, Lucas. He was a merchant for most of his youth. He returned to England in his late forties, remaining there until his death. I was born shortly after he returned to England."
Lucas nodded, softly smiling at her.

"It was not you who created the Brotherhood, it was your father. And after his passing, or his supposed passing, he returned to that life. This time with a greater purpose."

"A greater purpose, Luke?" Randall said, Lucas nodding at Justin's father.

"Yes, Randall. The Brotherhood was a creation of his own resolve. His resolve to see truth done."

"Meaning what, Luke?" Nick said, Gideon's arm around him, Gio seated between his feet.

"Dathan created the Brotherhood as a protective society to give protection to one family."

"The Carlisles?" Francesca said, Lucas looking at his grandmother.

"No, Grandmother. He was the protector of the Belmont family."


Emerson looked surprised, Tristan showing surprise as well.

"How can that be, Lucas? He knew not of our existence. We never ventured to England." Tristan said, Lucas looking at his father.

"I never said he met the Belmonts in England."

"Then where did he meet them?" Grayson said, the young man looking at his grandfather.

"He met them in several places."

"In several places, Luke?" Tristan said, Lucas nodding

"Yes, Dad. I believe Dathan met several of the Belmont souls through the years of his life."

Priscilla stared at him.

"Is my father still alive, Lucas?"

Lucas stared at her.

"I do not know the truth of that, Priscilla. But I believe he is in some form."

Finn rose again, staring at Lucas.

"I've done the math, Finny. I said he was a man of many lives."

"But Lucas, what you're saying!" Finn said, Lucas staring at him.

"Are Hemidon or Haras any more unbelievable, Finny? Is the woman standing right in front of you believable?" Lucas said, Finn nodding his head.

"I understand, Luke. It's still just so. . .so unbelievable!" he said, sitting down again, everyone staring at the young man, Colton walking up to him.

"You felt those lives in his soul, didn't you?"

Lucas nodded, staring at the young man.

"Yes, Colt. I felt a lot within his soul. Except his original self. That he kept hidden from me."

"You mean he knew you were there, within him?" Emerson said, Lucas looking at his grandfather.

"I can't be sure of it, Grandfather. But I think he did. For I believe he guided me to the truth. To the truth he forced me into."

Josh turned Lucas in his arms, staring into his violet pools.

"What do you mean, Luke?"

The young man moved, his head going against Josh's chest, the man holding him close.

"I only ever wanted love, my love. The love I now possess. Why did it have to be so preordained?"

"Our love wasn't preordained, my love. We built that love in our souls. We fell in love with our own selves." Josh said, Lucas raising his head, their lips meeting.

The two broke their kiss, staring into each other's eyes.

"I'm sorry, my love. I wasn't doubting our love or the realness of it. That love comes from our souls."

Josh smiled, rubbing his man's back.

"What's got you so moody, my love?"

Lucas sighed, looking around the room.

"The destiny of my soul, my love. Of the path I've walked, of the paths I've created."
His eyes turned back to Josh, staring into his blue pools.

"No path you could create, or thing you could do, would ever change my love for you." Josh said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"Or our love." Justin said, Lance smiling as well.

Lucas smiled at the two, kissing his man's lips again.

"Return to their love, my love. Sit down everyone. I'll try and voice the discoveries of my soul." he said, his violet pools meeting Grayson's blue.

"Or the discoveries of others'."

Everyone sat down again, all eyes on the young man, Lucas walking up to the fireplace again.

He turned around, leaning back against the mantle, staring around at everyone.

"As I stated, that ebony box that Grayson and our friends retrieved from Dathan Carlisle's supposed tomb in England is an artifact of magic. A concise, precise magic. And I now understand why Dathan had it in his possession. And why he left it for me."

"He left it for you specifically, Luke?" Harry said with surprise, Lucas nodding his head.

"Yes, I believe so, Harry. For that man was as giving and loving as I am. And he somehow discovered this artifact, and found its secret. But I truly believed that he never used it." Lucas said, setting the ebony box on the mantle, everyone staring at him.

"Why wouldn't he use it?" Trish asked, Priscilla staring at Lucas, she now again Derek, seated with Colton and Enrique.

"Because he said it wasn't his to use." Derek said, Lucas looking at him.

"Correct, Derek. I believe your father was just as guided as I was on his path, as I am on mine."

"You mean someone guided him to find it, so that he would leave it for you later in life? That sounds pretty unbelievable, Luke." Alain said, Lucas nodding his head.

"My life and my family's lives are unbelievable, Alain. And you all know my path--and those that surround me--are all guided paths of destiny."

Lucas looked around the room, then up at the ceiling.

"I need you all to face the truth." he softly said.

Everyone stared at the young man, having heard his soft words.

"I am here, Lucas. The love draws me."

All eyes turned to the room's doorway, Joshua Belmont standing in the doorway.

The man stared at his great-great-grandson.

"Welcome back to my love, Joshua." Lucas said, the man looking around at everyone.

"I felt the tremor in the magic yesterday, Lucas. In the path's center. I have been prowling the corners of your defenses, and this house's defenses. I now feel the path's calmness again." Joshua said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Ever-guarding is your love."

The man smiled, everyone staring at his handsome appearance, his uniform almost new, the buttons gleaming in the soft sunshine beaming in from the windows.

The man crossed the room, walking up to Lucas, Emerson and Tristan rising from their seats, his smile meeting theirs.

"Hello, my son and grandson. We stand in his love. It radiates around us." the soldier smiled, his green pools meeting Lucas' violet.

"It is given to all I love." Lucas smiled, Joshua smiling at him.

His face changed, staring at Lucas, it showing concern and love now.

"I felt your emotions, Lucas. I went to the pool, but you were not there." Joshua said, the young man's eyes lowering.

"I was lost on a path of emotion, Joshua. And the Watcher had the pool in use."

Joshua looked at Lucas with confusion.

"The Watcher was at that pool?"

"Yes, Joshua. He is a being of greater magic. I don't think my love would stay him from his purpose."

"And what is his purpose?" Joshua said, Lucas smiling at him.

"That I haven't totally reasoned out. But I'm working on a few things." Lucas smiled, Joshua staring at him.

"Sit with Grandfather and Father, Joshua. Your family needs your love. And I need to voice some truths."

Joshua nodded, the man turning, walking up to his son and Tristan, the two men hugging him, all wearing smiles.

Lucas smiled, the trio looking at him, then sitting down.

"How long can you stay, Father?" Emerson said, Joshua's eyes meeting Lucas'.

"The magic of my love protects him from the evil, all of you from that evil. He is safe here within my love."
Joshua nodded, his green eyes going to Derek's blue pools, the young man smiling at him.

"Within all our love." Lucas smiled, everyone staring at him.

"As I said, this box was an artifact of precise purpose. I was to draw in the magic it sought, to create a path of destiny." Lucas said, Joshua looking at him.

"Your magic, Lucas?" he said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Joshua. My magic."

"But why you, Luke? Why not Dathan?" Finn asked, Joshua looking at Finn.

Emerson leaned into his father, quietly explaining to Joshua what had been going on.

The man stared at Lucas, Lucas' eyes filled with love.

Lucas sighed again.

"Because the box is part of the destiny. I was singular in its need. It needed only my individual magic to ignite its path." Lucas said, staring at the box on the mantle.

"So no one else can use it?" Grayson said, Lucas' violet pools staring at his blue.

"It was only destined for me. As you can now see." Lucas said, his eyes and everyone else's going to the small box on the mantle.

Everyone's eyes widened in surprise, watching the small box fade and disappear before their eyes.

"Good God!" Lewis said, Jacques' arm going around him.

"Magic before our eyes, mon cheri. You can feel the wonder." he said, his blue eyes looking at Lucas.

"The magic has done its purpose. The path has been walked. Truth now shows itself." Lucas said, his eyes going to his family.

"Where did. . .where did that magic take you, Lucas?" Emerson said, Joshua looking at his grandson.

"It took me to a meeting on the destined path of our lives, Grandfather. To a solitary man at the juxtaposition of his life's path. And it created the truth."

Everyone's eyes were on Lucas, the young man staring up at the portrait of his father.

"Where did you go, Lucas?" Joshua said, staring at his great-grandson.

Lucas stared at him.

"I went to a meeting of two souls, Joshua. And I met a man of total love."

"Dathan, Lucas?" Lance said, Lucas staring at him.

"I was Dathan, Lance. The man I met was your grandfather, Joshua. Archer Belmont. The first Curacuar."


Joshua rose from his seat, everyone around him staring at Lucas with soft surprise.

Emerson and Tristan were at Joshua's side, all three staring at Lucas in shock.

"Grandfather? What. . .what do you mean by that name, Lucas? You met him?"

Lucas walked up to the three, all three staring into his violet pools.

"Yes, Grandfather. I met my ancestor for real on a sunny day in the year sixteen ninety-seven."

Joshua looked shocked, staring at Lucas.
"That was before he even came to America! He would have been a young man!"

"Yes, Joshua. I was drawn by the magic of the box to the ancestral home of the post Belmont clan, in southern France. A few weeks before Archer and his father Levinus Belmonius journeyed to America to seek a new beginning."

Josh rose from his seat, walking up to Lucas, the young man feeling his arm going around him, his love close.

"You met your ancestor, Luke?" he said, Lucas staring at him.

"Yes, my love. He was young, maybe twenty-eight in his looks. He was beautiful, a mirrored image of my father and myself." Lucas said, Tristan staring at his son.

"That's. . .that's so unbelievable, Lucas!" he said, Lucas nodding.

"His eyes were a green as yours, Father. And yours Grandfather, and Joshua."

Joshua stared at Lucas, the young man seeing the shock still showing on his face.

"That's. . that's impossible, Lucas. My grandfather was as much a father to me as my own father was. He never spoke of meeting any Carlisle brethren. We knew of the existence of the Brotherhood, but not of the name's existence until Francesca and her daughters walked into my son's life." Joshua said, looking towards Emerson's and Tristan's wives, the two women at their husbands' sides.

"He had his reasons for holding that truth from you, Joshua. As Dathan held from his own lineage. In fact, it was because of the reality of their meeting that paths were changed. Out of that change came the reality of the duality of the two families. Both hidden from each other for reasons now known."

Josh stared at Lucas.

"You now know why Colton's family was hidden from everyone?"

Lucas nodded his head, Colton looking at him.

"Truths sometimes come in duality. And I may be to blame for that." Lucas said, Josh staring at him with concern.

"You're being mysterious again, my love."

Lucas' stared into his blue eyes, Josh seeing his unending love shining.

"My love has always been giving, Josh. Dathan's love I sense is a part of me."

"He must have been a giving, loving man then, Luke."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"He was, my love. And he was beautiful." Lucas said, Derek staring at him.

"My father was a handsome middle-aged man, Lucas." he said, Lucas nodding.

"He was only in his twenties when I entered him, Priscilla."

Everyone looked surprised, Derek more so.

"He was young?" he softly said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Derek. I saw his reflection in mirrors. Young and handsome."

Lucas' eyes moved around the room, stopping on the three of his family.

"Sit down, my family. I have other truths to voice."

The three Belmonts stared at Lucas, Emerson kissing his father's cheek.

"Let's return to our seats, Father. I sense Lucas has a lot to say."

Joshua nodded, sitting down again, Emerson and Tristan sitting down on each side of him.

Lucas kissing Josh on the lips, the man nodding, returning to Justin's and Lance's arms.

"Continue, Luke." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"As I said the magical box drew me into the being that was Dathan Carlisle. He was more than just a man. He was magic, destiny and truth. I haven't totally reasoned out all of himself, but I felt much being within him. And that magic drew me to a field a few miles from the Belmont ancestral home in France. The same home that Alsarius and his lineage lived in since the death of Kavinus, so long ago. If you remember he died in France, at the end of a long life of love with Alsarius. Alsarius remained there with his son Tomarus until he ended his path as the first Guardian. His lineage remained there until Archer took it upon himself--with his father's approval--to move the family to America. To begin a fresh start against the path of destiny.  But destiny is a path that cannot be changed."

"The evil followed." Grayson said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Uncle Gray. The evil couldn't be stopped. It is a part of the destiny."

"That evil will never stop." Emerson said, Tristan's arm going around his father.

"It shall, Grandfather. If I have any say in it. I have more at stake now."

Colton rose from his seat, walking up to Lucas, the two meeting their eyes.

"You learned a great truth on that voyage, didn't you?"

Lucas nodded his head, staring at his family.

"A family's heart begins with truth. I hold more than most."

Colton's hand went to his shoulder, their eyes meeting again.

"What was in the second box, Lucas? The box I gave you at the pool? The box Grayson, Lewis, Gabriel and Jacques risked danger for?"

Lucas' looked towards the four, the young man's eyes meeting Colton's eyes.

"The promise of a truthful peace."

"Meaning what, Dad?"

Lucas' sighed, looking to the mantle where the ebony box had disappeared.

"That is a truth for a greater tomorrow. It is between myself and others." Lucas said, Colton staring at him.

"Alright, Dad. I still feel your love and magic. I'll abide by that answer."
Lucas smiled, kissing the young man's cheek.

"I guess I should continue my story. Of my meeting my ancestor, and the duality of our courage, magic and love."

"Archer was magical?" Finn said, Lucas nodding.

"He never mentioned it, but I felt his magic. It mirrors the magic in my ancestors' souls. The same magic you have, Dad." Lucas said, looking at Tristan.

"My magic, what little there is, is nothing compared to yours, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, the love within you and Grandfather is greater."

Both men smiled, Joshua staring at Lucas.

"What happened when you met my grandfather, Lucas?" he said, Lucas staring at him.

"I shall tell you, Grandfather." Lucas said, everyone listening as Lucas wove a tale of his first encounter with Archer Belmont.

Of his meeting in the field, they riding together to the family home, of Lucas' welcome by the Belmont father and son.

And of Archer's vocal feelings for Dathan.

Josh walked up to Lucas' side during his vocation, his love close.

"My grandfather was gay?" Joshua said, surprise showing on his face.

"Yes, Joshua. I can attest to that myself. He was very direct in his asserting his love for me." Lucas said, Josh staring at him.

"He said that he met you at your pool, Lucas. How can that be when that was hundreds of years before your birth?" Lance said, Lucas looking at him.

"It was Dathan he saw at the pool. I sense now that that pool isn't only my own."

"What do you mean, Luke? I have always known it as your pool. It is a transformation of your magic's protective center." Joshua said, Lucas looking towards him.

"You are correct, Joshua. It is a pool of magic's creation. It was created for me as beacon for my magic to draw others in need of calming love. I now sense that pool is older than myself, even older that Dathan Carlisle. I just now have to find out its origin." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around him.

"It is a spot of beauty, my love. It echoes with your love. It must have, at that time, echoed with Dathan's love."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Yes, my love. It echoes with a singular love. The love of the magic's protector."

"Meaning what, Lucas?" Joshua said, Lucas staring at him.

"I mean that that pool is the creation of one man, one being."

Rosa Sharon rose from Jonathan's lap, the young girl having been quiet through all the discussions.

She walked up to Lucas, smiling at him.

"I felt his love there, Lucas. Mingling with yours." she smiled, Lucas smiling at her, going to his knees, staring into her blue eyes.

"He guided you into the pool, didn't he, Rosy?"

She smiled, nodding.

"He said it was the pool of a young man's love. That in it I would find calmness and love. I did find that, Dad. Your love is so beautiful."
Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing her forehead.

"I love you, angel."
She smiled, going back to Jonathan, climbing back into his lap, the young man's arm going around her.

"Rosa Sharon just spoke the truth. That pool is not my pool. It is the pool of the Watcher."


"It's his pool?" Joshua said in surprise, staring at Lucas.

"It's a manifestation of his magic, Grandfather. A creation of his protective magic. He created it eons ago as a safe haven for all the lineage of our path, Joshua. All of us--from Tomarus to myself--have dreamed of that pool. And each of us was led to believe that it was a symbol of our own magic. When we matured we gave the symbolism of it to our sons, and they to their sons. That is the magic of the pool. You yourself do not remember that your own grandfather called it Joshua's Pool."

Joshua stared in awed shock, his mind suddenly remembering that fact.

"You're correct, Lucas. I now remember him saying that to me. So you mean it's a pool of magic, instilled in each of our souls as a protective center of love and magic?"

"Yes, Joshua. That is the essence of its magic."

"But I felt your love there, Lucky." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"As I've long said, my love and my magic are entwined. I'm sure Joshua's wife Carlotta felt his love there when Joshua drew her to that pool in her dreams." Lucas said, staring at his great-grandfather.

"Yes, Lucas. I drew her there often when we were parted by my long campaigns for liberty and justice." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"That is the magic of its essence. The mysterious Watcher's magic."

"Who is he Lucas? Do you have any idea?" Emerson said, Lucas sighing again, looking around at everyone, his eyes going upwards again.

"I now know who he is, everyone. And what is happening." Lucas said, everyone looking surprised.

"Tell us then, Luke." Finn said, the Welshman on the edge of his seat, his face showing need.

"I'm sorry, Finn. That is a secret that must remain until the end of the path." Lucas said, his eyes going to Joshua's green pools.

"Your grandfather was a man of deep love, and a great courage, Joshua."

"He was indeed, Lucas. I never saw him cower to anyone."

Lucas smiled, looking at his great-grandfather.

"That was not his style, Joshua. He was forthright in his determination, courage and yes, love. You should have seen the man in his youthful glory. His own father Levi saw the greatness of his courageous soul. His own son made him see the reasoning for pulling up stakes and seeking life in another country. He was as adventurous as Alsarius Belgras."

"You called him The Curacuar, Lucas. What is that name? I have no recollection of it. Is it something like a curator?" Joshua said, Colton rising from his seat again.

"I asked Lucas the same thing when he named me that as well." the young man said, staring at Lucas.

Harry rose from his seat, looking at Joshua.

"It is an ancient name from the Carlisle Brotherhood. Lucas has reasoned it to mean The Bowman." Harry said, Lucas smiling at his cousin.

Joshua looked surprised, staring at Lucas.

"My grandfather, all my life until his death, always yielded a bow, Lucas. He was the greatest archer in the land. That his name was Archer was a homage to his skill. He was aptly named." Joshua said, Lucas nodding his head.

"He threatened me with an arrow at our first meeting. I never tested his resolve." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around him again.

Their eyes met, Josh seeing a soft reluctance now showing deep within Lucas' violet pools.

"I sense your skirting around something, my love." Josh said, Justin and Lance both staring at the two men.

Everyone was watching them, seeing a soft look cross Lucas' face.

"You read my soul, my love. Your love is all of me." Lucas said, Josh pulling him close.

"I love you, Lucas. Whatever happened on that magical path between you and Archer I can forgive you for. You were not yourself."

Lucas stared into Josh's blue eyes.

"I feel your reluctance, my love. Nothing, as I said, will change my love for you. Not your destiny, not the past or the future. I love you, the real you."
Lucas teared up, his body sinking into Josh's.

"I love you, my love. Thank you for voicing your love for me. I needed to hear that. And I feel that truth in my soul. I cannot absolve myself from the mistakes of my past. I can only live with the truth of the present, and what I've done. Destiny has a way of connecting all the lines of truth."

"You're talking in riddles again, my love."

Lucas smiled, his violet pools moving to Justin's blue and Lance's green.

He saw their unchanged love in their pools of love.

"Archer Belmont was a beautiful man, with a giving, loving soul. And a forward, no-nonsense directness. He saw me at the pool of his dreams. He went for the man he saw before him. He offered me all of his love. His physical, emotional, and eternal love."

Everyone stared at the young man, Josh's eyes meeting his.

"I understand, Lucas. He must have been beautiful."

Lucas took Josh's hand in his, their eyes meeting.

"I gave into the love, my Joshua. Not the physical beauty of his passion or body, but the emotional truth of his soul. His inner love was beyond beautiful. I feel it is the same love that exists in every Belmont soul." Lucas said, looking at his father, grandfather and great-grandfather, all three showing him their shining love.

"I told him I loved others. That I loved three of one soul. That I could never go against that physical, deeply passionate love. Those three own my soul."

Josh, Justin and Lance all teared up, staring at the young man with love.

"Oh, Lucas." Justin said, Lucas softly smiling towards him.

"He understood, my loves. Our love wasn't a physical passion, although we did sleep together for all the nights we were together. I saw all the moments of emotional love. I saw the love in his green pools. The deep love of a compassionate, loving, giving man. I could have easily given into the greater need he still held for me. But he understood the sanctity of my loving soul. That it was owned by others. But his love I let into my heart. And I gave him mine. In the end that was enough."

"When did you leave, Lucas? It must have been hard to leave such an emotional love." Finn said, looking at his young friend with love.

"It was, Finny. His was a mirrored love of the three of my soul. In this present time I truly believe I would have welcomed him as a fourth." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"I think we would have as well, Lucky. He sounds like all four of us."

The four smiled at each other, Lucas lowering his eyes again.

Josh felt him center himself, the young man's body going slowly erect again.

His violet pools moved, his three ancestors looking at him, his eyes focused on them.

"I parted from him about six weeks after we'd met. On the day before he and his father--along with their faithful staff--were leaving for Boston and the Americas."

"Why didn't Dathan go with him?" Joshua said, Lucas staring at his father's grandfather.

"Because Dathan's plan had verified its truth. The path was set as it was destined to be." Lucas said, Colton rising up from his seat, walking up to the young man, the two looking at each other.

"I feel the emotions again, Lucas. Something is keeping them calm. What happened at the end of your path with Archer?" Colton said, Lucas staring at him.

His hand went to Colton's shoulder, the young man staring at him.

"I saw the truth, a few short weeks ahead. I left Archer, only to be drawn back to him in America, on, I believe, a path of revealing truth. And in that truth I saw the greater truth. The truth of what I had done. Of what's Dathan's originating, planned path was."

"What was his path, Dad?" Colton said, Lucas sighing again.

"It was the creation of all paths. And the separating of the families. A compromise Archer and Dathan had agreed upon. For a moment of envisioned bliss."

Josh stared at Lucas, the young man's violet eyes meeting his.

"I gave into his love at the pool, my love. In the dreamed reality of his soul I gave him the need of his heart. And that sealed my own path." Lucas said, staring at his family.

"It sealed all of our paths. Beginning with you, Joshua."

Joshua rose to his feet, Tristan and Emerson rising as well.

"What do you mean, my great-grandson?" Joshua said, Lucas staring at him.

"I am not your great-grandson, Joshua." Lucas said, everyone looking surprised and confused.

"You're not making sense, Lucas." Tristan said, Lucas staring at him.

"I am stating the truth, Father." Lucas said, everyone seeing a determined look now in his eyes.

Lucas' eyes met Joshua's green pools, the man having walked up to him, staring at him.

"You are my great-grandson, Lucas. You are the son of my grandson Tristan Belmont, and the grandson of my son Emerson Belmont. You are a Belmont in blood, courage and love."

"That's just it, Joshua. You all have it wrong."

The three looked confused, Colton staring at Lucas.

"I am not your grandson, Joshua. You are my grandson."

Joshua looked confused, the next words out of Lucas' mouth meeting the room with shocked silence, three of the Belmont family stunned to their soul.

"Emmanuel Belmont, your father Joshua, is my and Archer's son. My great-great-grandfather was the Creation of our joined love."



End of Chapter 193


You have got to be kidding me!
Did you all see that coming?


Lucas went back in time, drawn into the form of Dathan Carlisle.

Then he met Archer Belmont, the two creating a short intense moment of love together.

And the creation of that love was Lucas' own great-great grandfather Emmanuel Belmont.

Joshua's own father, the writer of the journal of magic.

How is that for overlapping destiny?


As Lucas mentioned, perhaps Dathan Carlisle organized this destiny.

Who was he originally?
Who is this mysterious Watcher?
Are the two known to each other?


My imagination, at times, can be amazing.

Don't give up, more surprises coming.

And all paths join.

Trust in Lucas to find the truth, however emotional it is to his own soul.


Hugs, Angel.