Yesterday's End-194


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This story is fiction, meaning not real.


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Chapter 194


Joshua's green pools stared at Lucas, his son and grandson staring with just as great shock.

"That. . .that's impossible, Lucas!" he said, Lucas staring at his great-grandfather.

"No, Joshua. It is not impossible. It is the path of our destiny. I am the creator of our own selves." Lucas said, Josh turning him in his arms.

"Lucas! That's unbelievable! Can it be true?" Josh said, staring into his husband's violet pools of love, seeing the calmness showing.

Behind that calmness, Josh felt a brewing emotion.

"I cannot change what I instigated, Josh. I created my own path by giving into the magic and love. I am myself and so much more." Lucas said, Joshua and Emerson walking up to the young man, Tristan following.

Lucas turned, staring into their green pools of emotional shock.

Joshua's hands went to Lucas' shoulders.

"It. . .it cannot be, Lucas! You can't have. . .?" he said, emotion heard in his voice.

"I can't have created all of you? I have, Grandfather Joshua, grandson of my own self."

Emerson stared at Lucas, their eyes meeting.

"You are. . .we are. . ." he softly said, Tristan's arm going around his father.

"We are Belmonts, Father. And we are love." Tristan said, staring at his son.

Lucas stared at his father, his eyes filled with love.

"Yes, Father. You are all true Belmonts. Of the lineage of Archer Belmont. All of you descendants of Alsarius Belgras. But you three--along with Emmanuel--are descendants of my own self."

"Lucas, what you are saying, it. . .it defies reality." Emerson said, Lucas staring at this grandfather.

"I know, Grandfather. But it doesn't make it any less real. I was there." Lucas said, Colton's hand going to his friend's shoulder.

"That's what you emotionally showed just before you came back. You saw the truth."

Lucas lowered his eyes, Josh staring at him.

"I saw more, Colt. I saw the greater truth." he softly said, Colton's arm going around him.

"You are love, Lucas. In all we've seen, in all you've done. Your family before you have you to thank for their loving souls. Their love is a creation of your love." Colton said, Lucas raising his eyes, staring at the young man.

"A quarter of their existence is Archer's love. A quarter Dathan Carlisle's. And another quarter Alsarius Belgras'." Lucas said, Colton staring at him.

"But the greater quarter is your love, Dad." Colton said, Lucas nodding, looking at his family.

"I still cannot believe this, Lucas. But I see the truth in your violet pools. And I see the continual love." Tristan said, Lucas staring at his father.

Tristan moved, pulling his son into his arms.

The two embraced, Lucas feeling his father's giving love.

"I love you, Dad." Lucas said, Tristan smiling, kissing his forehead, Lucas' head against his father's chest.

"I love you, Great-Grandfather Lucas."

Lucas smiled, breaking the embrace, their eyes meeting.

"I will never agree to that, Dad. I'm your son."

Tristan smiled, staring at his son.

"My remarkable, time-travelling son. Creator of love's path, and destiny's reality." Tristan said, Lucas looking at his grandfather and great-grandfather.

"I still cannot fathom its trueness, my family. The logistics of its reality could be mind-boggling. But it is the truth." Lucas said, Tristan nodding.

Emerson walked up to his son and grandson, both staring at him.

"Mind-boggling it is, Lucas. You just pulled the rug out from under our feet. What you are saying is so unbelievable. But I see the acceptance in your violet pools. You have walked a path of destiny. We now have to deal with its truth." the man said, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

"The truth is the love, Grandfather. Your grandfather was a creation of love. Of Archer's and Dathan's love. And yes, my own." Lucas said, Joshua's eyes meeting his.

"I loved my father, Lucas. His soul was a soul of total love. He was the most courageous, giving, loving man I loved. As was my grandfather Archer." Joshua said, Lucas moving, walking up to his great-grandfather.

"Archer and Emmanuel were father and son, Joshua. They mirrored their love for each other in your own self. Grandfather would say the same of you and your father. As I will say for my own father and my grandfather. We are all mirrored images of those created before us."
Finn rose from his seat, his eyes meeting Lucas'.

"Lucas, this is unbelievable. You created your own ancestors? Your own father and his father, and his father Joshua and his own father Emmanuel?" Finn said, surprise showing on his face, everyone else showing the same awed wonder.

Lucas' eyes met his family's green pools.

"Emmanuel Belmont, my great-great-grandfather was the magical creation of Archer's and my Dathan's self. The magic within him and myself created the love that Archer used to create his creation of love, his son Emmanuel. Our son Emmanuel. It is the truth." Lucas said, everyone hearing the acceptance in his voice.

Joshua stared at his great-grandson, seeing the love in his violet pools.

"Alright, Lucas. We will have to accept it as you do." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Four generations of my own truth and love." he said, his eyes meeting Colton's.

"We now see that truth, Luke. We believe you." The young man said, Lucas seeing the young man's love shining in his blue pools.

Lucas looked at his family, Joshua staring at him.

"Did my father know, Lucas?" he said, Lucas' eyes lowering.

"Your father never met myself, Joshua. But I do believe someone told him."

"How can you be sure, son? Was it Archer?" Tristan said, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"You only have to look at the journal he wrote, Father. A sentence from it echoed in my mind when I read it. Emmanuel wrote in that journal of his own self, of being one of magic thrice given."
"Thrice given, Luke?" Lewis said, Lucas nodding at the minister.

"Yes, Lewis. He was a being of three magics. Archer's, Dathan's and myself. He knew he was created by a Trinity of hidden truth." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around him again.

"You've known that for long, Lucas?" he said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, my love. Ever since I read it in Westonshire, the night I saved Colton, while he recovered." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Colton's blue.

"You found the truth in the book." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"The beginnings of the truth. A start to the path. The path to both our truths." he said, Joshua looking at him.

"What is the significance of the Carlisles, Lucas? Other than Dathan's own involvement?" The soldier said, Lucas staring at him.

"Dathan's involvement was the center of it, Joshua. And I was the weapon he needed."

"Weapon, Luke?" Justin said, he and Lance both staring at him with love.

"Yes, Jus. The magic within me was the weapon he needed to arm the future."

"The magic of the ring? Combined with the magic of the ebony box?" Andrew said, his arms around Trish.

"All the magic, Drew. The ancestral magic of the ring, the box's magic, and the magic of the Belmont souls. But in joining all, he found something else."

"Your love, Lucas?" Mavis said, Lucas smiling at her.

"That was a surprise to him, the intensity of it. But it was something else."

Colton's hand went to Lucas' shoulder.

"The inner magic of yourself. The hidden magic of your own self."
Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Yes, Colt. The same magic you have."

The young man looked surprised, others showing surprise as well.
"Colton has the same magic as your own?" Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

His eyes went to Colton's blue pools again, then they met Gideon's blue pools.

"My family has my magic on both sides."

Tristan stared at his son.

"You have Savannah's and my magic, Lucas. But there's a greater magic within you. Colton's family was never a part of your lineage."

Lucas stared around the room, his eyes falling last on Colton's blue staring pools.

"All paths move on their own, hidden reality showing lost hope and life. I cannot fault them for looking towards the future. Anymore than I can fault the Watcher's shadow."

Colton stared at Lucas.

"What do you mean, Luke? About your magic? I don't have your magic, Luke. I only have the magic of my family's destiny." The young man said, Lucas' hand going to the young man's shoulder.

"I love you, Colton. I call you son because I feel in my soul that you are family to me."

"I love you too, Dad. I call you that because you are a father to me."

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing the young man's cheek.

"I am more, Colt. I am the creator of your family's life. I am your grandfather, seven times removed."


Everyone looked stunned, Finn on his feet again.

"That's unbelievable! You. . .you. . .sired their family as well?" Finn stuttered, Skyler rising, her arm going around her husband.

Colton's blue pools were showing shocked emotion, Gideon having risen from his seat, his arm around his nephew.

"How. . .how can that be, Luke?" the man said, Colton's eyes meeting his uncle's.

"Destiny, my family. The heart of a man of love sought to cover all eventualities. And perhaps soothe his own emotional soul."

Lance and Justin were on their feet, walking up to Lucas and Josh, Lance's arm going around Lucas.

"Dathan Carlisle, Lucas?"
Lucas nodded, his eyes meeting the changing face of Priscilla Carlisle, the woman walking up to him.

"My father was a Carlisle, Lucas. He created our Brotherhood, and the lineage of our families. Colton's family is such of that lineage, just hidden from the greater family."

Lucas stared at her, the other Carlisle brethren on their feet as well; Jacques, Francesca, Harry and Savannah staring at the young man with shocked surprise.

"The Carlisle family has weathered the paths of time, from even before Dathan's life's start. But Colton's family is a separate path of destiny." Lucas said, Gideon staring at him.

"Why, Lucas? Why are we so important on that path of destiny?"

Lucas sighed, the young man moving, walking up to the fireplace, staring up at the portrait of his father, everyone staring at him.

Josh began to move, Lance stopping him.

Lance walked up to the fireplace, his hand going to Lucas' shoulder.

"You're drawing us all into an amazing story, Lucas. The beauty of your love flowing through the ages. I take it that love was drawn everywhere?"

"I was a prisoner, Lance. He trapped me within his own self. Forcing me to watch his dreams bear fruit."

Lance nodded, feeling the emotions simmering under Lucas' own soul.

"The three of your soul feel your emotions, Lucky. I sense Colton feels them as well. He does have your magic. The inherited magic of your giving love."

Colton moved, walking up to the two men, Gideon's eyes following him.

Nick and Gio were now at Gideon's sides, the man feeling their love wrap around him.

Lucas' turned his head, staring into Colton's blue pools.

"Lance is right, Dad. I feel your hidden emotions. And I feel the magic coming alive within me. I am part of you." the young man said, Lucas' eyes filling with tears.

The man pulled Colton into his arms, the two embracing.

"I never wanted that for you, Colt! I never wanted the destiny given you!" Lucas cried, Lance rubbing his back, Colton holding him.

"I feel your love, Lucas. Your protective love. I don't think either of us could have fought against the path of destiny."

Lucas broke his hold on the young man, Colton wiping his cheeks of tears.

"I love you, Colton. I will give my life to protect you."
The young man smiled, leaning forward and kissing the young man's cheek.

"I know, Dad. Just as I now know I'm part of you. I am of your love. My family is of your love."

Lucas' smiled, hearing the love in the young man's voice.

Grayson walked up to the men, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"How. . .how is this possible, Luke? How can Colton's lineage be of yourself as well as the Belmont lineage?"

Lucas smiled, staring at Colton.

"We have one man to thank for that." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Priscilla Carlisle's again.

"Your father's magic created many paths of destiny. I was captured on one of them. Out of that came my own ancestors, through Archer's and my joining love. Our Trinity of planned love."

"Your love was planned, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Finn. Dathan planned the conception of my own family's continued lineage, and the future creation of myself. My being outside of the Belmont Trinity. He used myself to create myself."

Lance's arm went around Lucas again, Josh and Justin staring at him.

"The logistics are indeed mind-boggling, Luke. To think that your magic created your own ancestors from Emmanuel to yourself." Lance said, Lucas staring into his green pools.

"I created more than that, Lance." Lucas said, his eyes meeting his family's eyes, then meeting Gideon's and Colton's blue eyes.

"I have found the answer to the mystery of the hidden Carlisles, and the reasoning for their hidden destiny."

Harry walked up to him, their eyes meeting.

"I am the leader of the Brotherhood, Lucas. Priscilla standing here is the mother of our nation. Dathan Carlisle was the father of our heritage. What is the mystery surrounding these forgotten children of his lineage?" Harry said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I feel the courage and love, leader of the protective ones. And I have found the answer to your question." Lucas said, the young man staring at his father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

"The Carlisle lineage of Colton's family was hidden by Dathan Carlisle himself."

Priscilla stared at Lucas with surprise.

"Why would he hide them, Lucas? My father was all giving. He would have welcomed them to the Carlisle family."

"I felt that man's heart and soul at that moment of truth, Priscilla. His heart was indeed giving. And his soul was a soul of emotion and regret."

"Regret? What did my father have to regret?" Priscilla said, Enrique and Haras looking at the young woman, both feeling Derek's hidden soul within her.

"The passage of life, Priscilla. The paths of his own walking. And the others before him."

Everyone looked confused, Lucas sighing again, looking around at everyone.

"His heart, as I said, was loving. And the regret he felt most at that moment of truth was myself." Lucas said, Josh walking up to him.

"He regretted using you."
Lucas nodded, staring at his family.

"Yes, my love. I felt his voice in my own trapped soul. I felt the love of that giving man. I forgave him for what he was about to do."

"The creation of Emmanuel, the birthing of your own future self." Emerson said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Grandfather. The creation of my life on the path of others. I felt his love." Lucas said, moving, walking up to Colton again.

Colton stared into his violet pools.

"And then he felt your hidden magic." Colton said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Colton. The same magic you now feel. The real magic in all of this."

Colton nodded, Joshua staring at him.

"What is that magic, Lucas? Why is it inside of you?" the man said, Lucas looking at his ancestor.

"Because it is the essence of myself, Grandfather Joshua. The essence of a great truth. I am the vessel for its reality." Lucas said, Colton smiling at him.

"The essence of yourself is your love, Dad."
Lucas smiled, patting the young man's shoulder.

"Indeed, my son. And that magic sensed that the moment I was created. My love found the answers to the past and the magic."

"You're spinning us in circles, Luke. What does this have to do with Colton?" Adam said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Everything, Adam. I am a being of love. And a being of magic. And that hidden magic is the one true magic. And Dathan realized that too late."

"Realized what, Luke?" Grayson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"He felt my real love, Uncle Gray. The greater love the hidden magic let him feel. And the two together came to a compromise. For destiny and fate the path divided."

Joshua walked up to his grandson, staring at him.

"What do you mean, Lucas?"

Lucas' eyes met his ancestor's, Joshua seeing the shining love.

"From greater magic came a duality of acceptance. Dathan and Archer abided by the magic's giving love."

"A duality, Luke?" Lance said, Lucas sighing again, his violet pools meeting Joshua's, then Emerson's.

"Archer Belmont got his Creation of love, our son Emmanuel coming into creation filled with our love."

Everyone nodded, sensing something else behind Lucas' words.

"Love and magic sometimes create more." Lucas said, Joshua's eyes meeting his.

"Emmanuel Belmont was a twin, Grandfather Joshua. Dathan's, Archer's and my love created two children of magic. Your uncle was born at the same moment. A child Dathan and Archer named Azrael Carlisle."


Josh turned Lucas in his arms, staring at his face with surprise.

"Two children, Lucas?!" he said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, my love. Two children of magic and love." Lucas said, Joshua pulling Lucas from Josh's grasp, the young man staring at his ancestor.

"How can that be, Lucas?! The Belmonts have never sired twins! And why was that child hidden from us?" Joshua said, Lucas staring at him.

"Why was any of it hidden, Grandfather? For destiny."

"I am tired of destiny, Lucas!" Joshua said, Lucas seeing the emotion on the man's handsome face.

"We are all tired of it, Grandfather. But our lives, as you've said, are a path of destiny. Your own Trinity, and the paths of your ancestors. Destiny is coming, Grandfather. We cannot stop what others have initiated. We can only be ourselves." Lucas said, Joshua lowering his eyes, backing away from Lucas.

"I am sorry, Lucas. Forgive my emotions." Joshua said, his green pools staring into Lucas' violet.

Lucas' hand went to Joshua's shoulder, the two staring at each other.

"Your love shows in your emotions, Grandfather. We all see your love; we all feel it."

"I do not understand this, Lucas. Please help me to understand it." he said, Lucas smiled, kissing his cheek.

"I will, with my love for you."

Joshua softly smiled, Emerson's arm going around his father.

"Let Lucas shed the light of his wisdom, Father. And his love." he said, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

"Please sit down again, everyone. I'll try and show you the truth." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Colton's, the young man returning to his seat beside Jonathan, Rosa Sharon climbing into his lap, the young man holding his sister close.

Everyone returned to their seats, Lucas looking around at everyone, his eyes meeting Finn's staring surprised blue eyes.

"I feel your surprise, Finny. I'll elaborate on what I've said." Lucas said, Finn nodding at his friend.

"You're amazing all of us, Luke."
Lucas smiled, walking up to the fireplace again, turning around and leaning against the mantle.

"As I said, I met Archer Belmont through my entrapment within Dathan Carlisle's soul. And through that path I felt the love of both men. Both men were giving, loving souls. We had our own Trinity of love and magic. And out of the magic--and love--Archer began the creation of his own Trinity. But within our one soul, Dathan found the hidden magic of my own self. The mysterious magic that lays hidden deep within me. And that magic in the end went on its own path of retribution."

"Retribution, Lucas?" Derek said, the young man himself again.

"Yes, Derek. As I have said before, that magic is my own magic. It has laid claim to my soul before I was even created."
Tristan and Savannah both looked surprised, Lucas smiling with love at his parents.

"Your love and beauty created me, my parents of love. But the magic now within myself was always there awaiting my creation. For I was the soul it waited for. Only because it already knew of my existence. And it felt Dathan's magical path of destiny. It allowed Dathan to pull me into his plans, because they were on the same path of destiny that magic always knew would materialize."

"You mean the magic knew you'd create your own lineage by being drawn back into your ancestors' past?" Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Lance. That magic of my soul is all-knowing. For it is eons old. And it is the guiding force of all magic."

Everyone stared at the young man with surprise, Lucas quietly staring around at everyone.

"Are you saying you have the greatest magic of all?" Joshua said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Yes, Grandfather Joshua. I have the one true original magic. And that magic is stronger than any magic of good or evil upon this earth."

Lewis looked shocked, Jacques' arm going around him.

"God has the greatest magic, Lucas." the minister said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Lewis. God's magic is perhaps the greatest of all worlds."

Lewis looked at Lucas, his face showing awed wonder.

"Are you. . .are you saying you're God?" Lewis said, staring at the young man with faithful wonder.

"No, Lewis. I in no way am God. That creator of total love is not within myself. This is another magic on a more precise path. I'm sure God is aware of its adventure."

The minister nodded, staring at Lucas.

"You have his faith and wonder, Lucas. I sense God is within you as well." the minister said, Lucas smiling at him.

"He is within all of us."

"Why is this other magic within you, Lucas?" Alain asked, Lucas staring at the young black man.

"I am a vessel of need, Alain. The magic needed someone to create its paths. That is why I am outside of my family's path of destiny. I am the anomaly to the evil's needs. I stand alone against all magic, good or bad. I am the weapon of a greater truth."

Colton rose from his seat, walking up to Lucas, their eyes meeting.

"What has that magic to do with myself, Dad?" the young man asked, Lucas' arm going around him.

"We are the tactic of the magic's resolve, my young friend."

"We are part of a battle?" Colton said, Lucas smiling at him.

"In a way, yes. But we are our own selves. The magic is a giving, loving entity, Colt. It does not overpower us or use us for its gains. It allows us our own thoughts, ideas and lives. We are free to follow our own paths. Our paths of love. I think that magic is as enthralled as the ancient Belmont magic at our own loving selves."

"What is my part in this, Luke?"

Lucas smiled, kissing the young man's cheek.

"Destiny, my young friend. And magic covers all eventualities. If one path fails, another must be used."

"You mean it created two paths in case one failed?" Colton said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Colt. Its wisdom is all-knowing. It felt Dathan Carlisle's own emotions, ideas and reasoning when he was with Archer. So it took it upon itself, within my own soul, to reach a compromise between what Dathan wanted and what Archer wanted. In the end, both agreed to the magic's offering of life. And love. The pool the two met in in their visions was the magic's power. And there the two--along with myself--gave into their needs."

"The magic created two children to appease both men's needs."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Yes, Colt. The love of Archer's soul, and the life of Dathan's reached a compromise with my own magical self. I myself just remained quiet and let the three reach a consensus. Archer got the child of love he needed from Dathan's and my love. And Dathan received the child of worth he needed to continue the path he envisioned. Only both were unaware of the magic's own needs."

"What did the magic need?" Emerson said, staring at his grandson with awed wonder.

"It needed the strength of a courageous individual. A carrier of its magical self."

Colton's blue eyes stared at Lucas.

"So it created two paths of future resolve. Your path of creation and my own."

Lucas smiled, kissing Colton's cheek again.

"I think you really can call me Dad now, Colt. In a remarkable way I created your path of creation. Your ancestor and my own were the creations of my, Dathan's and Archer's love."

Colton smiled, Joshua staring at the two young men.

"Why did my family not know of the other child's creation, Lucas? My father never spoke of anyone as a brother." Joshua said, Emerson looking at his father.

"Because the two children never met, Grandfather Joshua. Dathan and Archer each took a child of love away with them. Emmanuel was raised in the house of Belmont in America, his own self not knowing he had a twin brother. Dathan took the other child, Azrael, back with him to England, raising him himself."

Derek rose from his seat again, staring at Lucas.

"My father raised another child within the Brotherhood?" he said, Lucas looking at him, hearing Priscilla's voice.

"No, Derek. That child was never raised under the Brotherhood's protection. That child was raised on a separate path."

"Because of your magic's demanding it." Colton said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Colt. The magic gave both men their needs, but at a price."

"The separation of their love and their children." Savannah said, Lucas nodding at his mother.

"Yes, Mom. The two parted, going on separate paths, each raising a child under love and magic. They never saw each other again." Lucas said, lowering his eyes.

Josh rose from his seat, Colton's eyes meeting his as Josh's arm went around Lucas.

"That was a hard price to pay, my love. Why couldn't they just remain together, as a family of united love?" he said, Lucas' head raising.

"I don't know, Josh. I only felt that the magic destined it that way. One day that magic will have to answer for that and other truths." Lucas said, Josh staring at Lucas.

"What other truths, Lucas?"

Lucas stared at Josh, kissing his lips.

"The future holds its own truth. Let's let the path move as it must."

Josh nodded, feeling Lucas' love.

"I have a question, my love."

Lucas smiled, kissing his lips again.

"My heart answers all your questions with my love. I hold nothing from your love."
Josh smiled, kissing his husband's lips again.

"I've heard that name before, Luke."

Lucas nodded, looking around the room.

"I know, my love."

Joshua stared at Josh.

"You've heard the name Azrael Carlisle before?" he said, Josh looking at the soldier.

"The name Azrael, yes. The Watcher when he talked to me in Orlando after we visited Justin's parents said that I could call him Azrael."

Everyone looked surprised.

Derek rose from his seat, his appearance changing, Almira now staring at Josh.

"I was the Watcher, after my passing, Josh. I never met you before I met you at Enrique's restaurant." the woman said, Grayson staring at his mother.

The woman's eyes met Grayson's, Joshua staring at her as well.

"No, that is correct, Almira. But you were only one of the Watchers." Lucas said, Joshua looking at Lucas with surprise.

"There are others?" he said, Almira looking surprised as well.

"Yes, Joshua. The path of my existence is crowded with hidden watching souls. Some of this destiny, some of others." Lucas said, everyone staring at him with surprise.

"The Watcher Josh is talking of is the same being who saved me from the battle against evil I was entrapped within in Kurucu's Haven." Lucas said, Rosa Sharon smiling at Almira.

"I felt your protective, watchful gaze, Watcher.  Thank you for saving me from the evil's possession in Westonshire. And I easily gained the ring you sought under its nose. I also felt the other at the pool."

Almira nodded at the small child, Lucas smiling at her.

"Correct, Rosy. You reasoned out their different duality before I did." Lucas smiled, the young girl beaming, now in Haras' lap, the Egyptian holding her close.

"You're saying there's another lost soul watching in the shadows? I do not sense others." Almira said, looking around.

"Yes, that is true, Almira. Souls lost can sometimes remain hidden from all, including other lost souls."

Josh pulled Lucas close.

"So you're saying this other Watcher, the man we saw on the stairs, the man I met in Orlando, is the lost soul of Azrael Carlisle?" he said, Lucas nodding.

"I do believe so, my love." he said, Colton looking into his violet pools.

"So he was the creator of my hidden family's path."

Lucas nodded, staring at the young man.

"Yes, Colton. Our combined love created two separate paths of future generations. The Belmont and Carlisle destined paths. My love flowed through both, as did the magic and love of Archer and Dathan. Our families, in many ways, are combined."

Colton smiled, looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"Works for me. I knew we were more than family." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

Lucas' face changed, Colton feeling his love.

"I'm sorry, Colton. I'm sorry that I destined you for this path of magic and fate." Lucas said, Gideon rising from his seat, Colton looking at his uncle.

The man walked up to the two, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"You never stop amazing us, Lucas. You just told us the story of ourselves. Of our family's creation. I am just as honored as Colton to call you family."

Lucas smiled, tears showing in his violet pools.

"You don't have to call me Granddad."

Gideon laughed, Colton joining him, Lucas smiling.

Joshua, Emerson and Tristan rose from their seats, Savannah and Francesca rising as well, all walking up to the two young men.

"You have opened all our eyes to the truth of our own lineage, Lucas. That our creation came from your love as well moves us all." Emerson said, Joshua nodding his head.

"You are family, everyone. It's just a more concise family now. My love flows through all of you in many ways."

Joshua moved, enveloping the young man in his strong arms.

"We live because of your love, Lucas. I am honored as well to call you family. I love you, Grandfather."

Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Almira's, the young woman softly smiling.

"Their love was yours, still is." Lucas said, the woman feeling a hand go to her shoulder, her eyes turning, staring into two blue pools.

"Hello, Mother. Long have I dreamed of your showing love. I see it now in my father's loving eyes and in your own. His love is your love." Grayson said, Almira smiling at the older man.

"I loved you, Gray. From the moment of your creation under our love, to every path you have walked. I have always been with you."

"I have felt your love and magic, Mother. As I have felt my father's." Grayson said, Joshua breaking his hold on Lucas, his green eyes staring at Grayson's now violet pools, his magic showing.

"You have her eyes, Grayson." the soldier said, Almira smiling.

"He has your love, Joshua." she said, Joshua smiling at her.

Grayson smiled between the two, another voice breaking their showing love.

"Families are joined. Paths connect. On many levels. I am walking many paths of love." Lucas said, Grayson walking up to him.

"What is the significance of my path, Lucas? You, in a way, created my destiny as well. You sired my grandfather, Joshua's father Emmanuel. I would not exist without that, as my father, Emerson or Tristan could."

"Correct, Grayson. I am the forger of future paths, yours included. In the end I guess it all came down to the magic's need. For my existence through your continuing paths."

The four men stared at Lucas, Joshua's hand going to his shoulder.

"Why did the magic do it this way, Lucas?" he said, Lucas looking around at everyone.

"For protection, Grandfather Joshua."

"For your protection?" Emerson said, Lucas shaking his head no.

"No, Grandfather. For all your protection. And perhaps to right a greater wrong."

"Our protection, Lucas?" Tristan said, Lucas smiling at his father.

"Yes, Dad. My love has been with you from the moment of all your creations. From Joshua's grandfather until myself. My magic has been protecting all of you on your life's path." Lucas said, looking at Joshua.

"For you, my magic guided the second Watcher to your own soul. Twice. In your wife Carlotta and in Almira. It gave you love, Joshua. For it felt your heart's needs. It did the same for you, Grandfather. Again in a duality of love. Isadora and Francesca."

Francesca stared at her grandson, her face changing to Isadora.

"That is remarkable, Lucas." she said, Lucas smiling at her, his eyes going to his father.

"And you, father, it protected the most. For it knew your true soul. And the deep love shining there. It guided you to your Savannah, my mother of creating love." Lucas said, Savannah staring at her son.

"You mean it. . .it forced us all onto this path?" Emerson said, Lucas looking at his grandfather.

"No, Grandfather. As I said, the true magic never forced any of you. It gave you the choice within your soul. Lives of courage, moments of love. The choice for each and every one of your decisions was your own. The magic only followed you. For it saw--and always saw--the destined path of all of you. The love you have and had are of your own magic. A soul is always free when it chooses its happiness for itself." Lucas said, his violet pools meeting Josh's, Justin's and Lance's, all three seeing his chosen love.

"I'm beginning to like this magic." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I thought you would."

The man smiled, Lucas looking at his family again.

"The magic hidden within me is all-powerful. I've felt it since the breathing of my first breath. It just took me a few years to reason out its truth."

"What made you see the truth?" Gideon said, Lucas raising his hand, everyone staring at a small wooden box in his hand.

"What lays within my soul, lays within this box. I have seen my own reality." Lucas said, Joshua moving forward, Lucas closing his hand, then opening it, the small box gone.

"What. . .what lays within that box, Lucas?" Joshua said, everyone showing surprise, all staring at Lucas' empty hand.

"The truth of all, Grandfather. The past, the present and the future. Soon it will show itself and destiny will have reached its end. I am charged with keeping it safe until then."

Grayson stared at the young man.

"Gabriel, Jacques, Lewis and myself all held that box in our hands, Lucas. We all felt the love and goodness shining off of it. It was almost overpowering. We lost ourselves after in the love of our hearts."

"Yes, Uncle Gray. It would radiate love to all hearts."
Lewis rose from his seat, staring at the young man.

"Is it. . .is it a weapon of God, Lucas?" he said, staring with wonder.

"I am a weapon of God, Lewis."

Everyone stared at Lucas, the young man smiling.
"We all are weapons of God. Our love is the ammo of our true selves."

Everyone smiled, Joshua looking at his son Grayson.

"Where did you find that mysterious box, Grayson?" he said, Grayson looking at his father, his violet pools then looking at Lucas.

"It is alright, Grayson. They should know of the evil's intent."

Joshua stared at Lucas, then at his son.

"Evil's intent? What has evil to do with that box you stated was goodness?" Joshua said, Grayson staring at his father.

"As with all goodness, evil is in search of it. To overpower it and rule it with fear, or entrap it." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around him.

"That doesn't sound good, Lucas." he said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Danger lies on many paths, my love. Trust in me to protect all."

Josh nodded, Joshua staring at Lucas and his son Grayson.

"Sit down everyone. Let our four adventurous friends show us the path they walked in search of my new treasure." Lucas said, the young man walking over to Justin and Lance, the two moving on their couch, Lucas sitting down between them.

"You have the floor, my friends. Show us the path of my love."

Grayson smiled, looking at his Gabriel, the man now at his side, Lewis and Jacques standing at their side as well.

"Mysteries abound around you, mon ami." Jacques smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"As does my love."
The four nodded, smiling at the young man.

"Your love is all-protecting, Lucas. And it shows itself with surprising greatness." Gabriel said, Lucas smiling.

"You may start, my love." Gabriel said, Grayson smiling at him.

The lawyer's rich voice filled the room, everyone drawn into their walking past.


A Few Weeks Earlier


Alexandria, Egypt

Grayson sighed, shaking the dust off his husband's back, the judge smiling at him, walking in front of him.

"This place hasn't seen the light of life in eons." Gabriel said, looking back at his husband.

"Inner sanctums of lost tombs thrive in darkness, my love." Grayson said, looking back behind him.

He saw the flickering light behind him, cupping his hands together.

"Down here, Lewis!" he yelled, his voice echoing off the stone walls surrounding them.

The light moved, increasing in size as it came towards the two men, two shadowy faces showing behind the flickering light.

"What have you found, mon amis?" Jacques said, his face moving in front of the torch Lewis held in front of him.

"Gabriel's found a passageway. It was behind the second wall. We almost got stuck climbing through this entrance." Grayson said, Jacques staring at the small entrance Grayson stood behind.

"This is small. You and Gabriel have your thin stature to thank for that." the Frenchman smiled, Lewis smiling at his husband.

"And I shall never fit through that hole, my love." Lewis said, Jacques smiling and kissing his lips.

"Your bountiful stature draws my soul to your love, my portly beauty. I thrive on the greatness of all of you."
Grayson and Gabriel smiled behind the entrance, Lewis blushing.

"You just love the love handles."
Jacques laughed, his rich laugh echoing in the enclosed chamber, Lewis looking around.

"I do not like the darkness of this place. I feel the presence of death." the minister said, Jacques rubbing his back.

"I feel it as well, mon cheri. It will be nice to see the sun above us again. We should have sent the guides in in our stead." the Frenchman said, Gabriel shaking his head no.

"I am a man of good character, Jacques. I can always read a man's face. Those two are nefarious at best. We were wise to leave them up there. And Lucas said for us to use caution." the judge said, the other three nodding.

"You go ahead, my love. I'll guard this entrance." Lewis said, Jacques smiling at his husband's showing bravery.

"Your courage is commendable, Lewis. But are you sure?" Grayson said, Lewis nodding.

"I shall not venture in there, Grayson. I'll stay here and watch." he said, Jacques' eyes meeting Grayson's, the lawyer's hand going into his jacket pocket, pulling out a small pistol, handing it to the minister, Lewis looking surprised.

"I feel the soft evil as well, Lewis. You shall need protection." Grayson said, smiling at him.

Lewis saw his friendship and love in his blue pools, the minister smiling at him, backing up from the gun.

"God protects me, Grayson. I would not have the foggiest on how to use it."

The four men smiled at each other, Jacques kissing his husband's lips.

"We shall return quickly, mon amour. I don't think it's a long voyage." Jacques smiled, Lewis smiling, helping him climb through the small opening, the Frenchman barely fitting through.

Lewis smiled at him, the man waving goodbye, the three men on the other side of the hole walking down a long stone wall surrounded corridor.
Lewis sat back on top of a large rock, staring into the hole, seeing their light fading slowly.

He suddenly heard a sound behind him, the minister turning, waving his torch into the darkness.

His eyes widened, his torch falling to the ground.

Grayson and Gabriel walked forward, Jacques behind them, he and Grayson carrying torches.

They saw the corridor they walked down coming to a black opening, their eyes meeting each other's.

"The path widens, I believe." Grayson said, walking forward.

The other two followed, their torches casting a light into the opening's gloomy darkness.

The three stopped, standing at the edge of a series of stone steps.

"Mon dieu! He was correct." Jacques said, Gabriel nodding, the judge extending Grayson's hand, his light brightening the inner chamber of a descending tomb.

"Yes, Lucas was correct. The boy's amazing." Grayson said, beginning to descend the stone steps, the judge and Frenchman following.

The two walked down a short thirteen steps, looking around the room surrounding them.

The walls were etched with drawings and painted scenes of warrior gods.

"How has no one found this place? It looks untouched." Gabriel said, Grayson nodding.

"The opening was hidden, my love. Your resting tiredness opening its hidden truth." Grayson said, Gabriel blushing at him.

The two men had been searching the caverns together, Gabriel yawning, leaning back against a stone wall, his back pressing against a stone symbol of a star.

The wall behind him had moved, Grayson catching him from falling back into the appearing hole.

"It wasn't that hidden, mon amis." Jacques said, looking around the room, a large stone statue of an Egyptian royalty or king standing in the center of the room.

"Behind the king, the pharaoh's servant hides life. His sceptre of judgment shall yield the truth." Grayson said, Gabriel looking at him.

"What is that from, my love?" the judge said, Grayson staring at him and Jacques.

"Lucas said those words to me just before we left England. I see his reasoning." Grayson said, walking up to the stone statue.

Gabriel and Jacques followed, Grayson's hand raising.

The two others widened their eyes in surprise, as Grayson's hand wrapped around the stone sceptre in left hand, Grayson pulling down on it.

It didn't move for a moment, then slowly moved.

"Give me a hand, Jacques." Grayson said, the Frenchman handing Gabriel his torch, the man's hand going up, grabbing onto the sceptre with Grayson, their joined force moving it more.

The sceptre descended, making an audible click when it was totally lowered.

The statue began to move, the three stepping back.

Grayson saw an opening now behind the statue, the man walking towards it, shining his light into the room hidden behind the statue.

He saw a large sarcophagus shadowed in the darkness, Jacques and Gabriel standing behind him.

"Let's go in. Be wary of traps." Grayson said, Jacques nodding, leading the way.

The three men walked through the opening, Gabriel shining his light with Grayson's.

The three walked into a small room, the sarcophagus taking up most of it.

"A hidden tomb of who?" Jacques said, Grayson's eyes scanning the etched face and sacrificial ornaments adorning the coffin's outer casing.

"Not sure, Jacques. It's not a royal member, I see no crests or amulets. There is no name inscribed on those scarabs or painted hieroglyphics." Grayson said, scanning every inch of the coffin.

"A lost soul hidden from life and its past, mon ami.' Jacques said, Grayson nodding.

 The lawyer pulled out his cell phone, taking a couple of pictures of the sarcophagus' writings.

"Give me a hand, guys." Grayson said, Jacques and Gabriel setting their torches down, Grayson pushing against the sarcophagus' lid, the other two pushing as well.

The lid moved forward, a quarter of it now open.

"Grab your torch, Gabe." Grayson said, Gabriel picking up his torch, guiding its light to the opening.

All three stared into the sarcophagus, their eyes widening.

"It is empty." Jacques said, Grayson looking inside as well.

Grayson caught a soft glimpse of something.

"Shine the light there, Gabe." he pointed, his husband moving the torch.

Grayson leaned into the coffin, his hand moving forward, latching onto something.

He pulled his arm back out, a small wooden box in his hand.

"Another hidden artifact?" Gabriel said, the three staring at the small box.

Grayson examined it, finding no visible way to open it.

"It is only wood, mon ami. Break it." Jacques said, Grayson shaking his head no.

"No, my friend. I feel the greatness of it. I think it is unbreakable." Grayson said, handing the box to the Frenchman, Jacques touching it.

His eyes widened, staring at Grayson, handing the box to Gabriel.

"I feel the greatness as well, like a pulsating love." he said, Gabriel nodding, feeling it as well, then handing it back to Grayson.
"Lucas will know its secret. Let us return to my Lewd. I do not like him alone. There is much loneliness in this empty tomb." the Frenchman said, rising to his feet, the other two nodding, Jacques picking up the other torch.

The two walked back through the opening, then walked up the stone stairs, heading back down the corridor.

Gabriel was the first to climb through the hole, Grayson and Jacques following behind him.

Gabriel suddenly screamed, dropping his torch, the man's body suddenly pulled forward.

Grayson's eyes widened, the man moving forward, climbing through the hole.

A fist hit his face, a foot hitting his chest, the lawyer propelled backwards, falling down.

Jacques climbed out of the hole, his eyes on Lewis' white face, a gun at the minister's head.

"Move and inch and I'll kill your boyfriend here." the man said, smiling at Jacques.

"Sherman! You cad! Gabriel, are you alright?" Grayson said, struggling to his feet, staring at his husband across from him, Gabriel nursing his arm.

"The bastard stepped on my arm. I think it might be fractured." Gabriel said, the man staring at the man standing beside Jacques, a gun in his hand as well.

"Carl! You are a bastard!" Grayson said, staring at his former companion.

"And you're an old fool who should stay out of others' affairs." Carl said, pointing the gun at Grayson.

The man's eyes went to Gabriel, then Lewis, Jacques' eyes on his husband.

"Get your hands off my husband, you cad." Jacques said, Sheridan smiling at him.

"You married this fat fuck, you old French moron?" he said, Lewis staring at Jacques with concern.

"Call him that again and I'll show you who's old." Jacques said, balling his fists.

Sheridan threw Lewis forward, the man stumbling, falling into Jacques' arms, the Frenchman holding him close.

Sheridan and Carl both pointed their guns at the four, Sheridan smiling.

"You four go to your asses. Sit down." he said, Grayson nodding at his friends.

The four sat down on the stone floor, the four together.

"What are you doing here, Grayson?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing, Haven's spawn." the lawyer said, Sheridan smiling.

"Haven's gone. The spawn has blossomed. I have the power now." he said, staring at the hole in the wall.

"What's back there? What did you find?" he said, Grayson glaring at him.

"Back there is an empty sarcophagus. I believe it was robbed eons ago. I don't even know who it was." the man said, Sheridan staring at him.

"How about I let my friend make certain? And then we'll search all three of you." Sheridan said, Carl walking up to him, staring at him.

"I'm not going into that old crypt." he said, Sheridan glaring at him, seizing his gun from his hand.

"Get going. Do I have to say it twice?" he said, Carl lowering his eyes.

"There's nothing there." Grayson said again, Sheridan looking at him.

"There will be something shortly. Someone old and bothersome like you should fit nicely into that empty sarcophagus. I think it's time you left this earth, Uncle. I'm going to enjoy this." Sheridan said, pointing his gun at Grayson.

Gabriel's eyes widened, Grayson's eyes meeting his.

"I love you, Gabriel."

The room exploded with a loud thunderous bang.

The four sitting on the floor's eyes widened, staring at Sheridan and Carl, the two laying flat on their backs, their guns shattered in front of them.

The two men staggered to their feet, their eyes going to the entrance to the corridor they were in, both men suddenly flying across the room, a white light flooding the chamber, its force sending both men flying, both landing on the other side of the hole in the wall.

"Tombs are never empty when evil is contained."

The four rose to their feet slowly, Grayson and Gabriel slow to get up.

A man walked out of the whiteness, the four staring at him with shock.

"My love carries far, my friends. Escape from their plans." Lucas said, the young man looking towards the hole, his hand moving.

The hole's wall moved, closing off again.

Lucas smiled, his image disappearing.

The four looked at each other, Lewis crossing himself.

"God's love flies from his soul." the man said, the four moving, Jacques and Lewis lending their support to their friends, the four leaving immediately.


Kurucu's Haven


Everyone in the room was staring at Lucas, the young man still leaning against the fireplace.

"My love now does carry far." he said, Josh walking up to him.

"You. . .you saved them, Luke? You saved Grayson's life?" he said, Lucas smiling towards the lawyer.

"My love could not let him perish on a task I gave him. My love was with them always." he said, Grayson smiling at him.

"I sense that now, Lucas. Just before I left that empty sarcophagus I felt your presence in my soul. I thought it was the aftertouch of the box." he said, the other three nodding.

"In a way it was, Uncle Gray. That box held a part of me."

"A part of you, my love? What was in it?" Josh said, Lucas looking at him.

"Life, my love. A piece of my life."
Everyone looked confused, Lucas lowering his eyes.

"The path is clouded at the moment. Trust in me to bring the sunshine back to it." he said, everyone sensing he wasn't going to elaborate.

"My ever-mysterious, ever-loving Lucky." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I have to keep you on your toes. Might as well raise everyone's interest as well."
Josh smiled, others smiling.

"So you trapped Sheridan and Carl in that tomb? What happened to them?" Randall said, Lucas looking at Grayson, Jacques speaking.

"We returned to the tomb, with constabulary. The hole was open again, the two scoundrels gone." Jacques said, Lewis arm going around him.

"There was no sign of them, the sarcophagus still there, opened again. The Egyptian Museum Society has taken possession of it." Grayson said, Lucas nodding.

"An artifact of its country's past. A noble servant of another love." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around him.

"I take it you know who was in that tomb, Lucas?" Grayson said, Lucas looking at the lawyer, then around at everyone.

His eyes stopped on someone, their blue pools staring at him.

"All paths walk with coalescing truths, my friend. Only you knew her final resting place. And she moves of her own free will."

Everyone's eyes stared at a young Egyptian soldier, the man staring at Lucas.

"She. . .she. . .I buried her. . ."

"Your buried her body, Hemidon. Your mother chose to continue her love."



End of Chapter 194


Okay, interesting.

That tomb was Hemi's mother's resting place?

What the hell does she have to do with all this?

Do you remember her story?


Lucas' ancestor Emmanuel Belmont had a twin brother.

A man named Azrael Carlisle.

The symbolic joining of Lucas' families.

And Lucas himself created both in a way.

A triad of love joined by magic, creating a future being of magic.

Our amazing Lucas.


And his love now moves, protecting those he loves, however far away.

The paths are shortening, truths coalescing.

Trust in our Lucas to bring all truths to life.


Hugs, Angel.