Yesterday's End-195


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Chapter 195


All eyes were on Hemi, the young Egyptian walking up to Lucas.

"Her body I placed there myself, Lucas. I know she was entombed behind Cheops' statuette." Hemi said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Hemi. I truly believe you buried her there after her death from Kavinus' father's ending her life." Lucas said, the Egyptian's eyes lowering.

"She was a queen in my soul, Lucas." Hemi said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"You were her son and you loved her. As she loved you." Lucas said, the Egyptian's brown pools meeting Lucas' violet.

"They buried her in a slave's grave, Lucas. After he'd used her for his depravity and magic he buried her like a dog." Hemi said, Haras walking up to his old friend, his arm going around him.

"If she was your mother, Hemi, she deserved so much more." he said, their eyes meeting.

"I loved her, Hari. I unearthed her from that vile spot and carried her down to the forbidden valley. She was a follower of the true Cheops, or Khufu as we called him. I thought it only fitting that she be buried under his protection. I knew the room existed because I was part of the detail that had stood guard at its creation, as a monument to the great Pharaoh's memory. I knew the storage room was hidden behind the statue. I carried her new coffin I'd carved myself into its hidden solitude. I buried her as the queen of my heart." the young Egyptian said, his other three soulmates now at his side, Enrique's arm around him.

"If she was of your giving love, Hemi, then she deserved that." he said, kissing his man's cheek, staring at him with love.

"She was my world, Rico. She raised me, guided me, and loved me."

Hemi's eyes were on Lucas, the young man staring at him with a soft smile of friendship and love.

"How did you know of that place, Lucas?" he said, Lucas smiling at him, leaning forward and kissing the young man's cheek.

"Your love told me, Hemi."
The young Egyptian looked confused, staring at Lucas.

"My. . .my love?" he softly said, Lucas smiling at him, meeting the eyes of the four young men surrounding him.

"I am a being of magic, Hemi. A concise, spreading magic. That magic takes in all that it sees, hears and senses. It radiates out from me, delving into all surrounding me."
"You mean. . .you mean you read my mind?" the Egyptian said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I read your soul, Hemi."

"His soul, Luke?" Josh said, Lucas looking at his husband, then around at everyone.

"This magic is ancient and focused. It senses all that surround it. I have no say in where it goes, in what it does. My own self and love would never intrude on any of your minds or souls. But the magic is following a destined path. It feels for all that surrounds it that can keep that path focused. And it senses all that's gone before it. Itself told me who you were, Hemi. Or rather where you were. As it sensed your past, your present and your future."
"It always knew my path?" the young man said, Lucas nodding.

"As it knows the path of all of us, my friend."

Haras stared at Lucas.

"Yes, you as well, Haras. Its guiding magic led me to you as well. To all the players on the path of my family's destiny."

"So you're saying the magic hidden within you sensed all hidden around it. And the past of all those individuals." Chris said, Lucas nodding.

Hemi was staring at Lucas.

"What has my mother to do with any of that, Lucas? Other than siring myself." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"She has much to do with more than that, Hemi." Lucas said, Justin and Lance walking up to him.

"Hemi's father was also Kavinus' father, you mean, Luke?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at his soulmate.

"Correct, Lance. Hemi and Kavinus were both brothers of the same father."

"What has that to do with my mother? She was murdered by that monster who created me, Lucas." Hemi said, everyone seeing the emotion on his face, Enrique's arm tightening around him.

"Monster indeed, Hemidon. That man was more than that." Lucas said, everyone staring at him with confusion.

"What do you mean, Lucas?" Haras said, looking at his friend.

"Let's sit down, my friends. My legs grow weary." Lucas said, Josh looking at him with concern.

"I've walked many paths these last few days. My feet need comfort." he softly smiled, the young man's arm going around Hemi, Enrique releasing his hold, Lucas guiding the young Egyptian to the couch he and his soulmates had vacated, the other four following.

Justin, Josh and Lance traded looks, the three returning to their couch close to theirs.

Lucas sat down, pulling Hemi down with him, Colton and Enrique sitting on each side of them, Jonathan and Haras both sitting on the armrests of the couch.
Everyone was staring at the two young men, Lucas' arm now around Hemi.

"What other paths have you walked, Luke?" Colton said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his blue.

"After you gave me the gift of calmness, that reality drew me to another place after I left the pool. To a place of answers." Lucas said, everyone staring at him.

"What answers, Lucas? The answers to life?" Lewis said, Lucas smiling at the minister, the man seeing his calm shining love.

"In a way, yes, Good Reverend. We all seek the answers to life. And perhaps to its unending truth." Lucas said, Josh staring at him.

"You're being mysterious again, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him, his eyes going to two brown pools beside him, Hemi staring at him.

"Where did you go, Lucas?" he said, Lucas sighing, the young man kissing his cheek again.

"I went to the truth of everything, my friend. To your existence, to Kavinus', and perhaps to my own."

Everyone looked confused, staring at the young man.

"We created you, Lucas. Our love created you." Savannah said, Tristan's arm around her.

Lucas smiled at his parents, both seeing his unchanged, forever giving love in his violet pools.

"Yes, Mom. Your combined love created the man showing before you. But I am more than myself. I am everything."

"Everything, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"In a way, yes. Perhaps it was always supposed to be that way. I see the reasoning behind it. Behind the necessity of it. I'm happy that the greater happiness has been my own. For that sacrifice I would gladly give a thousand times."

Everyone looked confused, Lucas' eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"What's going on, Lucky? What sacrifice are you talking about?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"A truth for a later time. Right now we focus on the past, and the reality of its conception and creation."

"Please, Lucas. What's going on? What has my mother to do with this?"  Hemi said, Lucas smiling at the young man sitting beside him.
"Everything, Hemi. She was the greater magic."

"Magic, Lucas? Hemi's mother had magic as well?" Haras said, Hemi looking confused.
"Yes, Haras. The mother of this giving, loving young warrior was a being of her own magic. That magic perhaps was the start of all of this. And that was built on love, and a greater sacrifice."

"What do you mean, Lucas?" Hemi said, Lucas sighing again, looking around at everyone.

"When we first met the real you, Hemi, you told us the story of what happened with you and Haras down in that tomb, and what happened to you after you were pulled into the black death." he said, Hemi nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. I died, and found myself outside the tomb, on the plains above the valley. From there I went to find Kavinus."

Lucas nodded, staring at the young man.

"You said when you awoke from the pain of death you weren't alone."

Hemi stared at Lucas.

"My. . .my mother was beside me." he softly said, remembering that moment.

"Yes, Hemi. You said she had told you that she was a ghostly apparition meant to guide you forward on the path of your destiny. The path to following all of the Belmont brethren forward."

The young Egyptian nodded, staring at Lucas.

"She wasn't a ghost, Hemi. She was just a shade of her former self."

"She was a freaking Shade?" Finn said with surprise, Skyler nudging him, looking towards Hemi's shocked face.

"Sorry, Hemi. I wasn't being mean." Finn said, the Egyptian nodding, looking at Lucas.

"My mother. . .my mother was a Shade at that time?" he said, Lucas looking at the young man.

"Your mother was always a Shade, Hemi. She was never alive."

The young Egyptian looked stunned, Enrique's arm going around him.

"I. . .I am not real." he softly said, Lucas leaning forward, kissing his cheek.

"You are real, Hemidon. The four surrounding you can attest to that. Your love, soul, beauty and body are all real."

The four surrounding Lucas and Hemi stared at the young Egyptian, all showing their love in their eyes.

"I don't understand what you're saying, Lucas. How can I be real if my mother wasn't alive?" the man said, Lucas staring at him.

"Magic, my friend. The magic of her soul and the drawing truth she saw from another." Lucas said, the young Egyptian staring at him.

"I am only a being of magic. I now understand." he said, Haras pulling him close.

"No, Hemi. You are more than just magic. Your love is real; your beauty is real. Lucas is correct on that. We all have felt your love." the Egyptian said, Hemi staring at him.

"I don't know who I am, Hari." he said, Haras pulling him close; Enrique, Jonathan and Colton staring at him with tearful love.

Lucas rose from his seat, staring down at the young man.

"You are Hemidon Akemenon, son of Heritas Amotep, half-brother of Kavinus Amotep." Lucas said, the young man staring up at him.

"Yes, Lucas. That is true."

"What was your mother's name, Hemi?" Lucas said, staring down at the young Egyptian.

"Mere, Lucas. My mother's name was Mere Akemenon." Hemi said, Lucas smiling at him with soft surprise.

"Yes, of course! All paths coalesce." he said, more to himself.

The young man's violet eyes met his aunt's blue pools, Vivian staring at her nephew.

"Does the name Meresankh mean something in all this, Mom?" he said, Vivian's eyes widening in surprise.

"Lucas, you can't mean. . ." she said, soft shock showing on her face, Lucas smiling at her.

"Yes, mom of my childhood. All paths are joining." Lucas said, his violet pools again staring at Hemi.

"You mother's real name was Meresankh, Hemi. She was a woman of great beauty, love and royal lineage.  She was the youngest daughter of Khufu."


Haras rose from his seat, the man's face showing just as much shock as Hemi's.

"That. . .that is impossible, Lucas! Khufu lived over three thousand years before our time! Over four thousand years before this time!" the Egyptian said, Lucas staring at him.

"Nothing is impossible, when magic is involved." Lucas said, Justin rising from his seat, walking up to him, Lance's arm going around Josh on their couch, the two staring at Lucas with surprise as well.

"Lucas that's. . .that's unbelievable!" Justin said, Hemi rising from his seat as well.

"Life is unbelievable at times, Jus. Some lives more so." Lucas said, Hemi staring at him.

"My mother. . .she was. . .his daughter?" he said, shock still showing on his face.

Lucas' hand went to the young man's shoulder.

"Yes, Hemi. Your mother is the Shade of Khufu's daughter."

"But, Lucas. That is impossible." Hemi said. 

"No it's not, Hemi. You only have to look at the magic you've seen yourself. And the truth of who you saw that day of Alsarius' imprisonment."
"I saw my mother, Lucas." Hemi said, Haras' arm around him again.

"Yes, Hemi. You saw her, but you also saw her magic, her magical self. You must have thought on that for a long time."

Hemi nodded, looking at Lucas.

"Your mother was a being of magic, Hemi. And that being felt the greater magic ahead."
Hemi's eyes lowered, his soulmates looking at him.

"Was I. . .did she. . .?" he softly said, Lucas' hand rubbing his shoulder.

"You were a creation of her love, Hemi. She loved you as the son you were. You perhaps are the one true thing she took great joy in. For in you she saw the future."
"So I was always destined to walk the path I walk." he said, looking at Lucas.

"You walked the path of the magic's destiny. The lives you've had were of your own soul, of your own love. She instilled that in you always. For she showed you the same love you show all of us."

Hemi nodded, looking at his four soulmates.

"I am myself, Lucas. I am the man I always was. The man she shaped me into. To my soul she was and will always be, my mother. I loved her."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"The love you showed in your entombing her after her death shows all the love you had for each other." Lucas said, Hemi nodding with pride.

"She was my mother, Lucas. She deserved a royal burial. I now see she indeed deserved more."

Lucas nodded, his aunt walking up to him.

"Lucas, this is. . .this is unbelievable! Little is known of that princess. Her past was never known, only that she was one of Khufu's children. For her to be the same person that was Hemi's mother is so unbelievable!" she said, Lucas kissing her cheek.

"Khufu--or Cheops as he's known to many--was perhaps the greatest pharaoh of Egypt, living over four thousand years ago. His daughter Meresankh was indeed a mystery. For I sense she was always meant to be forgotten."
"Why, Lucas?" Gabriel said, Grayson's arm around him.

"For magic's purpose, my friend."
"You mean. . .you mean the magic within you is that old?" Haras said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Haras. The magic within me, the magic of the Belmonts, is older than even Alsarius. For that young warrior walked into the magic already waiting for him."

Hemi looked confused.

"My mother wasn't an evil woman, Lucas. She would not hurt Alsarius or Kavinus. She knew what they represented for our nation." Hemi said, Lucas nodding.

"I know, Hemi. She is a woman of goodness, magic and life. She risked her own life to keep you and them safe, Hemi." he said, Hemi looking surprised, Haras showing the same look.

"She. . .she risked her life?" Hemi said, Lucas nodding, looking at the two Egyptians.

"There was evil surrounding you all, Hemi. And your mother knew it. For she saw its creation." Lucas said, looking at Hemi.

Haras walked up to the young man, staring at Lucas.

"Where was that evil centered, Lucas?" he said, a determination in his voice.

Lucas' eyes moved, staring at Hemi.

"Hemi felt it, and sensed it around him." Lucas said, Hemi staring at him.

"It was Heritas, wasn't it? Kavinus' father. The man who murdered my mother."

Haras looked shocked.

"He was a priest, Hemi! He was a leader of our sacred faiths. Alsarius called him the greatness of our godly souls." Haras said, staring at Lucas.

"Evil hides behind many men of faith and godly intervention. Not all souls called godly are such. There are gods on both sides of the divided stand of goodness and evil."

"Well said, Lucas." Lewis said, the young man nodding at him, then looking at the two Egyptians.

"Heritas Amotep was not who you thought he was, Haras. He deceived many in his hidden needs. Your mother, Hemi, saw who his real self was. That changed her own path of destiny. For she took it upon herself to try and destroy the evil. In the end she was unable to stop its path. But she made it her destiny to keep the path moving. It was she who saved you all down in that tomb, Hemi. She guided you to the magic you needed to save Kavinus and Alsarius, and in doing so, saving yourself and Haras."

The two men looked shocked, Hemi staring at Lucas, Enrique's arms around him, Colton and Jonathan's arms around Haras.

"My mother. . .she saved me?"
"Yes, Hemi. For she is a being of great magic. And her magic saw the gathering magic of evil. And she saw all of you headed for its entrapment. She could not allow the path to duplicate itself again. So she planted the seeds of the future in her son, and in those ahead. She truly is a remarkable, courageous woman." Lucas said, Hemi walking up to him.

"Is my mother. . .is she still here?" he said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder again.

"I do not know, Hemi. Her magic is similar in ways to my own. I sense it's hidden from even myself."

Hemi nodded, looking around at everyone.

"Her magic is like yours, Lucas. For her love was the greatness of her magic."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

Justin's hand went to Lucas' shoulder, the young man looking into his blue eyes.

"What's going on, Luke? You're saying some surprising, mysterious things." he said, Lucas smiled, kissing his lips.

"Sit down, my love. I'll try and alleviate everyone's confusion. Please sit down, my friends." Lucas said, Hemi and Haras looking at him again, their soulmates guiding them back to their seats.

Vivian stared at Lucas, the young man kissing his adoptive mother's cheek.

"The Egyptian past unfolds, Mom. It will thrive within your intellectual heart." he smiled, Vivian nodding with wonder, returning to her husband's arms, her sister and Tristan seated beside them.

Lucas walked back up to the fireplace, staring at the empty mantle where the ebony box once sat, the young man guiding a small wooden box to its emptiness, the box having appeared in his palm, everyone's silent eyes staring in wonder.

"This box is attached now to my soul. I am whole finally." he softly said, his violet pools now looking around at everyone.

"Mere Akemenon was a being of magic, as I have already stated. She was also the lost daughter of Pharaoh Khufu, the ancient ancestor of the Egyptian royal houses. But she wasn't the only being of magic walking the palaces of Alsarius' royal life. There was another." he said, Hemi looking at him.

"Heritas Amotep, Kavinus' and my own father." he said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Hemi. The high priest of Alsarius' reign, the leader of the Khufu religion. For that man was a duality of magic himself. As your mother was the magic of goodness, he was the magic of evil. And Meresankh sensed the magic of evil had risen again. From the man who'd originated it."

"You mean Heritas was a being of magic as well? Of evil's magic?" Haras said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Haras. You said that you saw Heritas was deep within the black magic, Hemi. That he was searching for a greater magic. That I sense was a lie, my friend. For Heritas had the greater magic of evil, long before you two met him. And he used that magic, he thought, to destroy the one enemy searching for him. Your loving mother, Mere." Lucas said, Hemi rising from his seat again.

"He knew she followed him? That that ancient being followed him?" he said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Hemi. And your mother knew that he was after her."

"Why didn't she flee with Hemi, Luke?" Finn asked, Hemi looking at Lucas.

"For she sought to keep her son safe, away from the surrounding evil. She knew the path of her present destiny was ending, that evil had the greater magic to end her life. She gave that life for you, Hemi. She knew that Heritas would come in search of you when he tortured that truth out of her. So she did a selfless sacrifice for you. She gave into death before she could divulge that truth of your existence. And then she gave the greater sacrifice." Lucas said, walking up to the young man, staring into his brown eyes.

"You are not evil because you are your mother's son. Or rather the greatness of her giving magic. In you she created a weapon of love and yes, magic."
"I am not magic, Lucas. I learned the ways of magic through her guidance and my own later path of magical discovery. I created magic from spells of magic."

"No, Hemi. You have magic within you. The magic of your mother's love and the magic of her own self that increased over the years of her existence."

"You feel magic within me?" the young Egyptian said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, Hemi. I feel your mother's love and magic."

The young man nodded, looking emotional.

"I loved her, Lucas. Even now, regardless of the truths you are showing."
Lucas' hand went to his shoulder again.

"You are a creation of her love, Hemi. You are in no way your father's son. He may have raped your existence out of her soul, but her love is the creation of your being. You are love and goodness. There is none of his evil or magic within you. In the end her magic was indeed greater. For love is always greater than evil."

Hemi smiled, nodding his head.

"I wanted to kill him, Lucas. For what he did to her, before my birth and the ending of her life." the young soldier said.

"I know, Hemi. But you are a soul of goodness, a vision of your mother's love. Let destiny give him his justice."

Hemi stared at Lucas.

"He's. . .he's alive?"

Lucas sighed, looking at the young man.

"Evil never dies when it is combined with magic, everyone. And that evil is as old as Khufu. For Khufu was its master. And his daughter has been trying to destroy it since. Meresankh is the true Lady of the Light."


Josh rose from his seat, walking up to his husband, his arm going around him.

"So you're saying the evil that was in that man was an evil Pharaoh Khufu created eons ago?" Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"Out of the need of one's soul, one can release more than one's longed for." he said, Josh staring into his violet pools.

"Meaning what, my love?"

"Meaning that I have found the truth, my love. Of the beginnings of the path." Lucas said, Hemi staring at him.

"Are you saying Heritas Amotep was as ancient a being as my mother, Lucas?" he said, Lucas staring back at him.

"He was more, Hemi. He was a creation of magic. An aftermath of a disillusioned man's need."

"What do you mean, Luke?" Colton said, looking at his friend.

Lucas sighed again, looking around.

"Pharaoh Khufu was a man of great power and courage. As great a ruler as Alsarius, in his courage, intelligence and love. His army was devoted to him as well. But Khufu was a man with a great need. He sired several sons and daughters, his lineage certain. But he searched for a great destiny. As Alsarius was a man of love and kindness, Khufu was determined, ruthless and unforgiving. Perhaps that played into Meresankh's destiny. And the creation of the magic of wrongness."

Colton rose from his seat, walking up to Lucas and Josh.

"He searched for longevity, didn't he? For a greater lifetime." the young man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Correct, Colton. Pharaoh Khufu searched for the magic of longevity. He wanted to outlive his own lineage. And to do that he delved into Black Magic." Lucas said, Colton staring at him.

"He created the magic that walks in evil."
Lucas nodded, looking around at everyone.

"Correct, my son. Khufu used magic to create an elixir of magical longevity." he said, his violet pools looking at Hemi.

"He gave that elixir to my mother. To his daughter." Hemi said, everyone looking surprised.

"Yes, Hemi. He tested it out on her, she not a willing participant. Her father forced her to drink that elixir. But in doing so he condemned himself to her shrewd intellect. Meresankh knew the elixir had worked, giving her longevity. And when she realized that, she knew in her heart that she'd have to destroy it before her father used it. For if he gained longevity perhaps the world would have its greatest dictator. For a man giving endless life and power, would rule with an ironclad fist. Power and greatness can consume the greatest person. She knew she had to stop him in his quest. So she, in secret, destroyed the elixir before Khufu could use it. That fate branded her an outcast in Khufu's own land. Her father had her flogged, raped repeatedly and then buried alive in her own lost tomb."
Everyone stared in shock, Hemi walking up to Lucas.

"But she was immortal, Lucas. She would have had an eternity of insane loneliness. We know that didn't happen. I am proof of that."
Lucas smiled at the Egyptian, nodding his head.

"Yes, Hemi. Khufu entombed his own daughter alive, believing he was giving her an eternity of madness. But he forgot one thing."

"What did he forget, Luke?" Finn said, the young man on the edge of his seat, everyone enthralled by Lucas' tale.

"That the elixir her gave her was of magic. And magic flows through all its entrapments. In making her take the elixir, he gave his daughter her own freedom. Meresankh used the magic now flowing within her, to free herself from her own entombment. She fled her father's kingdom, but not before sensing the truth. The truth that would destroy the lineage of Khufu."

"What truth was that, Lucas?" Randall said, Lucas staring at him, then scanning the room again.

"Magic is an adherent reality. It flows on two levels. For the magic of goodness, there is also a magic of evil. Magic is balanced. Good against evil. For the elixir that Khufu gave his daughter was such a magic. When he created it, a secondary magic was created. When Meresankh was forced to take the elixir, the magic within it separated, no one seeing or sensing that fact except Meresankh. And that second magic, a magic of pure evil, flowed from her into another."

Hemi stared at Lucas.

"Heritas Amotep. He is the magic of evil."

Lucas nodded, staring at the Egyptian.

"Yes, Hemi. At that time in Khufu's reign he was a high priest named Arotes Magnemon, devoted to Khufu's dynasty. The first priest of the Khufu religion. For a preconceived god needs his own religion. He was at the entrapment of Meresankh. He himself was the one who forcefully fed her the elixir. The separated magic of evil flowed into him. And that evil made that man a monster in every sense of the word. He became as powerful as Khufu, ruling with evil and pain. Meresankh's own brothers destroyed him after their father's death. But you cannot destroy an evil marked with the magic of longevity. The evil has flourished down through the eons. It was the same evil, through Heritas Amotep, that entrapped Alsarius, our ancestor. And Mere Akemenon, Hemi's mother, sensed that festering evil. She took it upon herself to try to right an old injustice. She was murdered by Heritas, but how can you murder a soul of good, eternal magic? She in turn destroyed the man Heritas after Alsarius' death. But she also created the beginnings of the path of truth. The path that shall lead all to the ending of the evil's possession of so many. I am that truth. I am the weapon to regain the world's peace. I shall destroy the evil and I shall consume the magic of all of them."

Hemi stared at Lucas, shock showing on his face.

"My. . .my mother created you as a weapon against evil? The path she guided me onto has done this?"

"Yes, Hemi. She knew that Heritas was bent on destroying Alsarius' kingdom. He sensed the goodness flowing through Alsarius and Kavinus. Evil cannot abide by goodness' radiance. Evil will always try to destroy that which is good."

Haras rose from his seat, walking up to Lucas.

"That monster destroyed the greatness of our lives, Lucas. Those two were the beacon of happiness to all our people. I shall give my life to destroy that evil." he said, Lucas staring at him, Hemi putting his hand to his breast.

"I will give the same oath. On my mother's lives, on the pain he gave her. And on the love of my heart for my brother Kavinus, and my pharaoh Alsarius." he said, he and Haras trading looks of love.

"You need not state oaths of your loving devotion. All past and present feel your love for goodness and right. There is only one who can challenge the power of that evil. I am that person."

Josh's arm went around Lucas, their eyes meeting.

"How long have you known this, Lucas?" he said, Lucas moving, walking up to the fireplace again, his hand going to the box on its mantle.

"At the pool Colton gave me this box. I opened it and saw the truth. The truth of my destiny, the truth of the sacrifices of all before me. And the greater truth of what I am."

Justin walked up to him, his hand going on his shoulder, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"You are love, Lucas. That is the truth we all know. And you are you."
Lucas smiled, kissing his lips.

"I am myself, Justin. But I am more than just love. I am magic."

Colton walked up to the two men.

"What did the box give you, Lucas?" he said, Lucas staring into his blue eyes, seeing the soft glow of magic behind them.

"It gave me everything, Colt. The past, the present and the future. And I now know what lays ahead. And what I have to do to destroy the evil, and free so many. I gave my own oath for that reality. I hope in the end he will see the greater sacrifice."

"Who will see, Luke?" Colton said, Lucas smiling at him.

"The end will show that. I just have to guide all to that ending. That is my destiny. And it starts here today."

Lucas smiled, looking around the room.

His eyes fell on his ancestors, Emerson, Tristan and Joshua all staring at him.

"The magic that was created from the madness of Pharaoh Khufu's needs is the answer to all my family's and friends' path. A magic of good and of evil has created and guided all the paths of all of us. The evil roamed this earth taking in all the weapons of goodness it could engulf, keeping them away from the power of its destruction. It too late realized that it should have been focusing on someone else. On Khufu's daughter, on Hemi's mother. That being of magic has created the path that leads to me. She has armed the weapon she has created. I am the one to destroy the evil."

Hemi walked up him, their eyes meeting.

"Where is my mother, Lucas? I have not seen her since the day I walked out of that tomb of evil."

Lucas smiled, kissing his cheek.

"She needs to come out on her own necessity, Hemi. But know her love is still yours. You are her proudest achievement. She loved you then, she loves you now." Lucas said, Hemi smiling at him.

"Alright, Lucas. My love is hers. And she can now see the happiness that surrounds me." he said, looking towards the four of his soul.

"She sees it, Hemi."

Hemi smiled, walking back to his soulmates.

Josh walked up to his husband.

"So you're saying a great magic created eons ago has created the path your ancestors and yourself walked on. That she so long ago created. Why didn't she just take on the evil herself, Luke?" he said, Lucas looking at him.

"Her magic is great, Josh. But it never was enough. She needed a greater magic. A magic that needed to grow. Through my family's hearts, and through myself. I was the catalyst for the magic's greater need. I had to double back on my own heritage to strengthen the magic needed to take on the evil that still exists."

"Heritas is still out there?" Haras said, Hemi's arm going around him.

"The man, no. The evil, yes. Heritas the man was destroyed by the Shade of Meresankh. She destroyed him to stop him from learning of Hemi's existence. And to stop the evil from attacking Kavinus and Alsarius. In the end she couldn't stop the greater evil. That trap within that ancient tomb was done by that evil. In the end the evil captured Kavinus and Alsarius within its grasp. But it did not capture Hemi and Haras. Mere, Hemi's mother, guided the magic into Hemi's hands, he in turn using it to save Haras and himself. They are here now as men of goodness and courage. I will need their love to gain the upper hand against the evil. I will need all your love. For that is the weapon I possess. Love. It is the bane of evil's power. I shall destroy that evil. I shall face it and destroy it. And then the greater magic within me shall right all paths of courage and sacrifice."

Hemi and Haras rose to their feet, both bowing.

"You have our love, Lucas." they said, together, Lucas nodding.

Lance rose from his seat, walking up to his soulmates, staring at Lucas.

"How did you learn all this, Luke? How did you learn that truth of her existence?"

Lucas sighed, looking around the room.

"The wooden box gave me another doorway, my friends. It gave me the path to all those truths. And it showed me the truth of the greater magic. I now know what's going on, and who I am."

Lance's arm went around him.

"We see who you are. You are the center of our love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"That's right where I want to be."
The other three smiled at him, Lance's green pools meeting his violet.

"Who do you think you are, Lucky?"

Lucas smiled, looking upwards, then around at everyone.

"I am a being of magic. And I am love. Together my true self will destroy evil."

"I don't like your risking all for that, my love." Josh said, Lucas kissing his lips.

"To risk all is to have all. I need all of your love."

"You have it, Lucky." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him, looking around again.

"Let's close this off on the truth. I am a powerful being of magic. Created by magic's own guiding path. Eons ago a lost pharaoh opened a Pandora's box of magic. That was the creation of all the magic now flowing in the world. The magic that flows through my own families is part of that. It was also the start of the path of my own destiny. I accept that destiny and what it entails. I am to destroy evil. And at the end of all this perhaps more will be revealed. But the love I have, the love I have been promised, is worth any path I walk." he said, looking at his three soulmates.

"Is Meresankh here, Lucas?" Justin said, looking around the room.

"That is for the future to unfold. Right now the path moves. Evil waits for my next move. And that will be tomorrow. Today I am going to bask in the love surrounding me." he smiled, everyone smiling at him, Reverend Saunders rising from his seat.

"You walk with much in your soul, Lucas. I sense God walks with you."

"He walks with all of us, Lewis. I just have a closer existence."

Lewis nodded, looking confused, but remaining silent, Joshua rising from his seat.

"You amaze all of us, Lucas. I see the greater magic surrounding us now. Thank you for showing us that." he said, the man smiling at his great-grandson.

"I show all my love, Grandfather Joshua."
"Indeed, Lucas. I feel that love. I shall return when needed again."
"Go with all our love, Father." Emerson said, Joshua smiling at his son and grandson, the man
disappearing before everyone.

"He moves with love in his heart. And his life will shine again." Lucas softly said, Justin hearing him, the others not hearing his words.

Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"Magic moves, love shows. Let's bask in all of it." he smiled, Hemi and Haras walking up to him.

"This is all so unbelievable, Lucas. The history of the magic and Hemi's mother's reality." Haras said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, my friends. But our whole families are unbelievable. I've just found the beginnings of the path. Trust in me to right all that and rectify the future."

Haras nodded, smiling at Hemi.

"We have full faith in you doing just that, Lucas. You are a son of Alsarius." he said, Lucas smiling.

"I have my ancestor's courage, my friends. And his love."

"What happens tomorrow, Lucas?" Colton said, Lucas smiling at him, everyone seeing the calmness in his violet pools.

"The beginnings of the end, Colt. Let me worry about that path. It is my own." Lucas said, everyone nodding at him.

"You are never alone, Luke. We're all here with you." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Our children are awake from their naps, my friend. Let's take our children out into the sunny happiness of my grandfather's home." Lucas smiled, kissing his man's cheek.

"I'll go with you, Luke." Justin said, Lucas smiling, he and Justin walking with Finn and Skyler out of the room.

Everyone looked at Josh, the man sighing, Lance's arm going around him.

"He's our Lucas, Josh. Ever mysterious, ever giving in truth and love. We'll just have to walk the path he's creating for all of us."

Lucas' family nodded, all their eyes on the empty doorway.


Lucas felt the cascading water falling down his back, his black curls soaked with its cooling wetness.

He heard the bathroom door open, then the shower stall's door.

Two arms wrapped around his wet waist, two lips going to his wet neck.

"You shaved, Finny. And you've grown."

A hand slapped his wet left butt cheek, Lucas smiling and turning around in Lance's smooth arms.

"You knew it was me." Lance smiled, Lucas kissing his warm lips.

"Of course, my angel. I know the feel of each of my three beauties. You each hold your souls in your fingers. Justin's are needful, always moving; Josh's are tender, caressing with mature desire and love; and your magic fingers tremble with needful love. Plus, your monster was rubbing my ass."
Lance smiled, pulling Lucas close.

"I need all your love, Lucas."

"You have it, Lance. Always." he said, their lips meeting again, Lance taking the sponge out of Lucas' hand, lathering his smooth muscular chest.

"Where are the other two of our hearts? I thought for sure Justin would have followed me in here." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling and washing his chest.

"He taking out his needs on our Josh."

Lucas smiled, his fingers rubbing across Lance's smooth chest.

"Lucky Josh. And lucky me." he smiled, Lance smiling at him, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"I feel your emotions, Luke. I've felt them all morning. You hide your emotions well."

Lucas sighed, his head going against Lance's wet chest, the two holding each other close.

"I sensed you did, Lance. You're the most tuned in to my soul. You and Colton." he said, Lance kissing his forehead.

"I love you, Lucas. I feel the uncertainty in your soul. And I saw the fear deeply hidden in your eyes. I think Colton senses it too."

"It's not, in essence, fear, Lance. It's the unsure feeling of the unknown."
"I thought you said you knew where the path led?"

"I do, Lance. I know how all the path will unfold. I'm just not sure of the total truth at the end of it. And what it means to us, our family of joined love."

"We love you, Lucas. Our love for each other will never change. No matter the future or the uncertainty of it. Our love is total. The three of your heart, and the two of our joined love. We're a family forever."

Lucas smiled, staring into his green pools.

"I know that, Lance. That truth will carry in my heart always."
Lance smiled, kissing his lips again when Lucas raised his head, both feeling their love.

"You said some surprising things this morning, Luke. Ancient Egyptian magic, immortal magical souls. Your life is so amazing." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"The only life I want is the life I have with you and our men. And our children. That life comes soon enough."
Lance smiled, his fingers still soaping Lucas' chest.

"You make us come alive, my Lucky."
Lucas smiled, stepping back, the shower spray washing all the soap off his smooth soapy body.

Lance took in every inch of his majestic beauty, his center risen to its full girth, standing straight out.

"I need your love, Lance. Let me show you how I make you come alive."

Lance moved, the two meeting under the water spray, their lips and bodies meeting.

For over half an hour Lucas showed Lance his love, Lance giving him just as much back.

The two walked into their bedroom, towels around their waists, a smiling face greeting theirs.

Josh was laying in bed, satin sheets covering him and Justin, Justin's body against Josh's, the younger man's eyes closed.

"Our HD already out?" Lucas smiled, dropping his towel, climbing into the bed, his lips meeting Josh's.

"I wowed him into exhaustion. It wasn't an easy thing to do. Thank God you and Lance wore him down earlier." Josh smiled, Lance smiling, losing his towel, climbing in beside his husband under the sheets.

It was now late evening, the day given over to calm happiness and love.

Justin had been overcome with Lucas' and Lance's love a couple of times during the day, their love sending him and them on paths of passion.

Josh had watched the kids while they disappeared several times, their smiling faces joining them again.

"I'm not asleep." Justin said, his blue eyes slowly opening, Lucas smiling and leaning down, kissing his lips.

"I taste Chasez heaven on your lips, Timberlake. The vacuum's been at work again."

Josh grinned, Justin smiling.

"Tasty as ever. Who's next?"

Lucas smiled, Lance laughing, slapping Justin's ass under the covers.

"We're fine, loverboy. And we're both stuffed with happiness." Lance smiled, Justin smiling, kissing his lips.

"Let it ferment. Breakfast for me tomorrow."

All four laughed, Justin's blue pools meeting Lucas' violet.

The young man sat up, his center covered by the satin sheets.

"Alright, my men. Speak from the heart. Lance already has." Lucas said, all three staring at him.

Justin looked at Josh, his eyes meeting Lucas' again.

"Tomorrow's the day, Luke?"

"The start of it, yes." Lucas said, the other three feeling Lucas' quietness.

The young man moved, climbing out of their bed, the three watching him as he walked across the room, walking out onto the darkness-filled balcony.

Their eyes met, the three climbing out of the bed, walking out into the moonlit darkness.

Lucas stood at the balcony's stone railing, Josh walking up to his husband.

"I'm sorry, my loves. I'm not hiding anything from you. I'm just trying to focus on the path ahead." Lucas said, Josh staring at him.

Josh pulled Lucas close, two other visions of naked beauty walking up to the two men.

"We love you, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling.

"I know, my angels. I feel your love always. Tomorrow I focus on the end of all this. I return to that treasure room for the final piece. And then I walk the final path. And I face the evil."

"You're going to that treasure room again? What do you have to find?" Lance said.

"Another part of the destiny, Lance. The final piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is my existence. And then I shall show him the path."

"Show who, Lucky?" Lance said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his green.

"He that I never wanted for this task. I should be the one to accept the danger, not him."

Josh turned Lucas in his arms, the young man staring at his husband's nakedness.

"You're showing your beauty my three angels." he smiled, taking in the three visions of smooth beauty before him.

"Who's in danger, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas' body going against him, the man wrapping his arms around him.

"He was always destined to be the answer. And I will do all in my soul to protect him. I hope he can forgive me."

"Who are you talking about, Lucky?" Justin said, he and Lance now surrounding him.

Lucas raised his head, staring at all three.

"That will be known tomorrow, my loves. Tonight, I only need your love."
"You have it, Luke." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your love is already in me, Lance. I need Justin's now. And then my husband's." Lucas smiled, the man moving, his arms going around Justin's naked form.

Justin felt Lucas pick him up with his strength, Justin's legs wrapping around Lucas' waist, their eyes locked.

Justin felt the lengthening hardness against his ass, two lips meeting his.

Josh felt Lance's arms wrap around him.

"Our Lucas' love is igniting. Our Jus has met his match tonight." he said, Josh smiling.

"I think I shall as well."

Lucas moved forward, carrying Justin back into the bedroom.

"Is he alright, Lance? Did he say anything to you?"

Lance stared at Josh.

"He said something strange right after we washed after our love."
"What did he say?" Josh said, seeing Lucas and Justin now on the bed, Lucas on top of their HD.

"He said: 'Love stretches across time. The answer will always be behind us. Moving hands can change any outcome.'"

Josh's eyes met Lance's green.

"Any reasoning out of that?" he said, Lance shaking his head no, his green eyes seeing his husband's possession beginning.

"No, Josh. Whatever he's trying to tell me I think I'll learn going forward. His love is mysterious but giving."
Josh smiled, nodding.

"Right now our HD is getting a big helping."
Lance smiled, kissing Josh's lips.

"Let's go watch the love." he smiled, his hand going to Josh's firm smooth ass.

"Or join in." Josh smiled, his hand wrapping around Lance's rising monster.

The two smiled, walking towards their soulmates, Josh closing the balcony door behind him.

In the darkness below the balcony two blue eyes stared upwards, a youthful being feeling the flowing love.

I am ready, Lucas.

I feel what the path now is.

I await your courage and its reality.

For them I shall give all.

For you I'll give everything.

The image faded, Colton returning to his soulmates.


End of Chapter 195


The story centers.

Lucas has found the truth of the magic's existence.

Of the ancient creation of a magic of good and evil.

The two dividing on paths of destiny.


Hemi's mother was the daughter of the ancient pharaoh Khufu or Cheops.

A Shade who created a young man of courage, guiding him on a path to Lucas' destiny.

Goodness surrounds Lucas.

And perhaps Colton.


Sorry for the lateness of this chapter, I was vacationing.

Even I need some time off.



Lucas is set to visit that hidden treasure room.

What is he going into danger for?

The path continues on the morrow.


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