Yesterday's End-196


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 196


Enrique's brown pools met two blue pools, Colton's blue pools opening.

He stared around at four visions of near naked beauty, his men surrounding him in their semi-lit bedroom.

The four had walked into their bedroom an hour earlier, three sets of loving eyes meeting Colton's blue.

"A revealing day, Colt. Our Lucas has shown some of the surprising mysteries behind you and himself." Enrique had said, the younger man staring around at all three of his soulmates.

"I am a being of magic, as is he. I hope that doesn't change the deepness of your love for me?" he softly said, Derek's arm going around him, Jonathan kissing his lips.

"Nothing of this earth, or magic's past, will change our love for you, Colt. You are the magic of our happiness. Your love is a part of us." Jonathan said, Colton staring at him.

"I love you all. You the most, my Jonathan. But my heart holds all of your love, my two Egyptian beauties, and my American Adonis and Spanish stallion."

All four smiled, Derek's form changing to Hemi's handsome self.

Haras' shirt came off, the other four staring at his smooth Egyptian physique.

"Then come into our love, Colt. We need the youthfulness of its searching need. And I need all of you." Haras said, Hemi's lips meeting his, Enrique's meeting Colton's, Jonathan's hands going to Enrique's and Colton's firm backsides, the three joined close.

Colton broke Enrique's passionate kiss, their eyes staring at each other.

"Before the love overtakes us, you need to see the real me." the young man said, the other four staring at him.

"We see the real you, Colton. It is the beauty of your love, your magic and yourself. All drive us wild with need and love." Enrique said, the other four smiling at the oldest of their group.

"Your Spanish blood of desire stokes all of us, our self-proclaimed Daddy." Colton smiled, Enrique smiling, pulling him and Jonathan close.

"Dad needs his sons. They all energize his soul."

Colton smiled, backing up from the four standing before him.

"I have to go on a walk of magic, my friends. I feel Lucas' soul. I need to sense the greater path he's guiding me onto."
The four nodded, staring at the young man.

"See before you the magic of myself. It is laced with my love."

The four watched as Colton moved, the young man walking to their bed, climbing into it, laying in its center.

All four surrounded the bed, watching as Colton closed his blue pools slowly.

"I love all four of you. Your souls are part of me. Watch the magic of my destiny."

The four remained silent, seeing a soft blue glow suddenly surround Colton, the blueness slowly rising out of him.

They watched the blue mist take form, Colton's physical image staring at all four of them.

The young man's image moved off the bed, all four staring at him.

A soft version of his voice felt like a whisper on the night's air.

"I shall return. Your love carries with me."

The image moved, disappearing through their closed, locked doorway.

The four looked at each other, then down at Colton's sleeping form.

"A vision of beauty in either form. I still feel his love." Jonathan said, Enrique's arm going around him.

"Let's wait for his return. Let's surround him with our love." the Spaniard said, his hands moving to Jonathan's golf shirt, pulling it out of his pants.

On the other side of the bed two Egyptian men of beauty were undressing each other as well.

Within moments the four were down to their briefs and boxers, the four climbing into the bed on Colton's sides, Jonathan and Enrique on each side of him, an Egyptian Adonis snuggling against them, Haras behind Jonathan, Hemi behind Enrique.

Their lips met with love, no sexual agenda flowing through them.

They needed their young bowman to send the arrows of their desire into each other.

They kissed and cuddled, awaiting the young man of magic's return.

Here now Colton's form had returned, slipping back into his sleeping body as the four surrounding him watched.

His blue eyes opened, staring into Enrique's brown pools.

"Welcome back, all of you, Colton. We missed your blue eyes of love." he said, Colton smiling up at him.

His fingers met Enrique's smooth cheek, leaning upwards and kissing his warm lips.

The two parted their kiss, Colton's blue pools looking into the other two sets of brown and one of blue.

"You could have started the love without me." he smiled, Jonathan smiling and kissing his soft lips gently.

"You are the heart of our desires, Colty. Our love can't flow without you."

Colton teared up, feeling Hemi's lips on his neck.

"Everything alright, Colt? Did you find what you searched for?" he said, Colton smiling at him.

"I found Lucas' love. I sense the greater resolve in his soul. We walk forward together. I walk as he guides me. He has given me so much. I love him as a father."
The four smiled, their eyes staring at him.

"I thought I was your Daddy?" Enrique smiled, Colton laughing, his hand moving downward, feeling the largeness of Enrique's center.

"The father of my desires. And the brothers of my soul." he said, the four smiling at him again.

"I have so much love. It is the center of myself. I love you five, the five of my happiness."

Jonathan smiled, his eyes meeting Enrique's.

"Our archer of love is way overdressed." he smiled, Colton realizing he hadn't removed his clothing before he'd laid down.

"I'll be just a second." he said, Enrique's body moving on top of him.

"Let us, our young beauty." he smiled, Colton feeling hands move across him, his clothes moving on their own.

Within moments, his pants, shirt, briefs and socks were tossed off the bed.

Four other pairs of briefs and boxers joined his clothing, five visions of naked beauty joined together.

"Where will the passion of our love take us tonight?" Jonathan said, feeling Haras' lips on his neck, the Egyptian's hand already wrapped around Jonathan's risen center.

"To the heights of our love, Jonah." Enrique said, his lips on Colton's ear, Colton softly moaning.

"Dive into an Egyptian sandwich, Jonah. I need some Daddy love." Colton said, Enrique smiling, the man suddenly feeling his body move, Colton now on top of him, the young man's lips moving on a mission of desire.

The man felt Colton's tongue enter his mouth, the love flowing from him.

Hemi smiled, the young man moving, his hands running across Colton's back and ass as he climbed over him, his young Egyptian body now coming to rest on top of Jonathan.

Jonathan smiled, feeling the hardness against his own, Haras' hand wrapping around both large shafts.

Hemi and Haras' lips met, Jonathan's lips going to Hemi's throat.

The three became as one, Jonathan feeling Haras pull him on top of his own smooth body, Jonathan indeed in an Egyptian sandwich.

Beside them Enrique was gasping, feeling Colton's body move, his large uncut center swallowed by a warm mouth, Colton filling his throat with Enrique's need.

Enrique moaned, feeling a hardness slapping against his cheek.

He dove onto it, feeling the largeness of Colton's hot shaft slinking down his throat.

He tasted it for a few moments, his needs on a greater path.

He pulled the shaft out of his mouth, feeling Colton's deep fellatio filling his greater need.

Enrique's tongue moved, diving into the small pert ass before him, tonguing deeply into Colton's warm center, his eyes closing, tasting the richness of Colton's need.

Colton pulled off Enrique's hard shaft, moaning loudly.

"Oh God, Rico! I need so much more." Colton moaned, the young man moving suddenly, Enrique feeling his center surrounded by a great warmth.

He opened his eyes, staring into Colton's blue pools.

The young man was on top of him, Enrique's shaft buried deep within him.

The young man was riding it, his lips moving, attaching to Enrique's left nipple, sucking it with love.

"Give me all of you, Dad. Oh God, you're amazing!" Colton moaned, Enrique moaning as well, raising his hips, sinking into the young man's center.

Colton's eyes moved, staring at the three beside them, his lips still licking Enrique's left nipple.

Haras was on his back, his legs against his chest, Jonathan on top of him, Jonathan's large shaft buried deeply within him.

Hemi was behind Jonathan, his own shaft of love possessing Jonathan's smooth ass.

Their lips were joined together, Hemi's hands tweaking Jonathan's risen nipples, Haras' hands on his hips, the three in a rhythm of love.

Colton felt Enrique's lips on his neck, his head turning back, their lips meeting, tongues lost in a need of passion.

Colton rode his father of passion, the Spaniard possessing him.

Colton knew the night would give him the possession of all their love.

He would give into all their needs.

And they would feel his own needs.


The Next Morning


Josh slowly fought against the sleep leaving him, feeling the weight against his own body.

He slowly opened his eyes staring at a blond head laying against his smooth chest.

He smiled, feeling Lance's warmth against him.

Josh looked around the bed, finding himself alone with Lance.

"They're in the shower." Lance said, his green eyes opening, looking up at Josh's blue.

Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lance's warm lips.

"Morning, Lancy." he smiled when they broke the kiss, Lance smiling at him.

"Morning, Joshy. Our Lucky carried our HD into the bathroom about twenty minutes ago. Justy woke up with a deep need. But I think Lucky's was greater." Lance smiled, the two men looking towards the closed bathroom door.

"It's quiet so the needs must be taken care of." Josh smiled, Lance smiling and kissing his smooth chest.

"Thank you for last night, Josh. You love still fills me." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"I think we should all thank Lucky, Lance. His passion was greatest. He guided us to our own passions."
Lance smiled, snuggling against Josh more, Josh feeling his semi-hard shaft against his thigh.

"You could have gone in with them, Lancy. I'm sure Lucky's passion is still on."

Lance smiled, kissing Josh's lips softly again.

"There's something to be said about older passion. You're so moving with your love, Josh. I'm happy where I am."
Josh smiled, kissing his lips again, looking towards the bathroom door.

"We're all happy where we are, Lance. Me in your arms, they in theirs. And all four of us in each other's arms."

Lance nodded, smiling.

"He's given us all our dreams."

Josh smiled, nodding, Lance looking towards the door, his head against Josh's smooth chest.

"What do you think will happen today?" he softly said, Josh pulling him close.

"I don't know, Lance. All I know is I feel Lucas' calmness. Whatever's about to happen he seems calm."
"I think our love has calmed him. Last night's and every day's since he opened his heart to all of us."

"I know it has, Lance. I just wish all this was over." Josh said, Lance pulling him close.

"He is calm, Joshy. And that speaks volumes to all our souls. He's not afraid of what's to happen."

"What do you think he's looking for there, Lance? In that treasure room? Another weapon of magic?" Josh said, Lance rising from his laying position staring down at Josh.

"I'm not sure, Josh. That's probably a good assumption. It is a treasure room. It will be another treasure, I think."

"I love him, Lance. I just want this to be over so that our love can follow its path of happiness."

Lance smiled, staring down at him.

"We are on a path of happiness, Josh. Lucas' love surrounds us. I've never been more happy than I am with my Jus, and you and our Lucky. He's given me so much love. The three of you and our children. He's given me a family."
Josh smiled, sitting up, their lips meeting again.

"We are a family, Lance. He's given all of us that."

Lance smiled, a soft gurgling suddenly heard, Lance looking towards the crib on the other side of the bed.

"Our family awakens." he smiled, Josh smiling.

"Bring us our sons, Lancy."
Lance smiled, climbing out of bed, Josh taking in his smooth naked physique.

Lance came back to the bed, carrying two bundles of moving happiness.

Josh took little Justy, Lance holding little Joshy in his arm, climbing back into bed beside Josh.

The two infants were smiling, looking up at their fathers.

Josh kissed both on the forehead, both cooing.

"Good morning, our sons."

"Papa!" Little Justy said, Lance smiling at Josh.

"Poppa!" Little Joshy said, Lance smiling still.

"They feel our love, Josh." Lance said, Josh smiling.

Little Joshy's and Justy's heads moved around, their eyes meeting their fathers'.

"Dada? Daddy?" they said together, Lance smiling.

"Right here, my sons."

Josh and Lance looked towards the bathroom, two visions of naked beauty walking towards them.

Josh and Lance both turned their sons, the infants staring towards their other parents, both wearing small smiles, their hands moving.

Justin wore a wide smile, the man climbing into the bed, smiling at his men and sons.

Lance guided little Joshy into Justin's arms, their lips meeting above him.

"Dada!" Justy said, Justin smiling at him.

Lucas smiled, sitting down on the bed beside his Josh, Josh smiling up at him as their lips met.

"Good morning, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him, Josh guiding little Justy into Lucas' arms, Lucas leaning over and kissing Lance's lips.

"Good morning, my loves." he said, both smiling at him, Lucas kissing his sons' foreheads.

"Morning, Jus. How finds the need, HD?" Josh smiled, Justin smiling and leaning over Lance, kissing Josh's warm lips.

"I'm calm, happy and in love, Joshy. Lucky's wet love was as magical as ever." he smiled, Lucas' violet pools flashing green for a moment, the young man smiling at Justin.

"We were just talking about what you've given us, Lucky." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I gave it to you all good last night. Who's up for more?" he smiled, Justin grinning, the baby in his arms giggling.

Josh rolled his eyes, Lucas laughing.

"We meant your love, babe. And the family you've given us." he said, Lucas smiling, his finger rubbing little Joshy's cheek in Justin's arms.

"I give all to have all. Our love is my life." he smiled, kissing each of the infants on their foreheads.

"Our boys need a bath. All four of you. And I need to feed my men. And the larger family surrounding us."

Justin smiled, guiding little Joshy back into Lance's arms.

"Have fun, babes. I volunteered to help Lucky cook breakfast. It's his reward for playing nice."

Lucas laughed, smiling at the naked man.

"If that was nice then I'd hate to see me play dirty."

Justin laughed, smiling and climbing out of bed, the other three taking in his naked beauty.

"Later, sexy. Right now let's get dressed and feed the masses. I can feed the asses later."

Lucas rolled his eyes, smiling and standing up.

Justin took his hand, Lucas smiling.

"Wow me with your style, Fashionista." he smiled, smiling at Josh and Lance.

"Hit the shower, babes. Our sons need their father's wet love."

Josh and Lance smiled, the two climbing out of bed, heading for the bathroom with their sons, their husbands smiling at their naked beauty.

Justin smiled, slapping Lucas' naked ass.

"Something in black, I think. And you're going commando for our benefit." he smiled, Lucas rolling his eyes, Justin laughing, guiding him towards the walk-in closet.


Josh smiled, sitting at the dining room table, Lance beside him, their sons cooing from the their grandparents' arms across from them.

Lynn held Joshy, Savannah holding Justy.

Most everyone was down for breakfast, seated around the large tables, awaiting the last of the stragglers, Lucas in the kitchen with Justin, the Mavises with them as well.

"They're so quiet and happy, Josh. No fussing at all." Lynn said, Josh smiling at her.

"It's a Belmont trait. All our children were well-mannered and happy." Emerson smiled, Francesca smirking at him, kissing his cheek.

"He forgets Tristan's many nights of being colicky." she said, smiling at her own son, Tristan smiling at her, Emerson blushing.

"Most fathers do, Francesca. They forget it was the mothers that walked the floors." Karen said, Josh blushing, his mother kissing his cheek, seated beside him.

"Love is love." Vivian smiled, Savannah smiling at her sister.

"I missed all of Lucas' childhood." she softly said, Vivian looking at her sister with love.

"He was the most amazing baby. He never was sick, ill-mannered or unhappy. His children will be the same." she smiled, Josh smiling at her.

"I am my mother's son."

Savannah's violet pools met Lucas', the young man now standing behind her chair, leaning down and kissing her forehead.

"You will see their childhood, Mom. They will have a loving grandmother. Many loving grandmothers." Lucas smiled, Savannah smiling up at him.

"I felt your love all through my childhood, Mom. It was in my heart and soul. That and my other Mom's love kept me always happy." Lucas smiled, the two sisters staring at him with love.

"Breakfast is ready. We'll need some help carrying it all out." Lucas smiled.
"We'll help."

Lucas smiled, looking towards the dining room's doorway, five men smiling at him.

"The last to sneak in. With the deeper hearts of love." Lucas smiled, Colton smiling at him, walking up and hugging him.

"Morning, Dad." he smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

He and everyone exchanged greetings with the five men, Lucas smiling at all of them.

"Come on, five of love." he said, the five smiling widely, following him into the kitchen.

Everyone smiled at the five, seeing their energetic happiness, Enrique walking with the greater stride.

Emerson smiled at Josh.

"He seems calm, Josh. No word from him on the day's upcoming events?" he said, Josh looking towards the kitchen.

"He said he'd discuss it after breakfast. He wants a quiet meal of happiness with his family this morning." he said, Emerson nodding, looking towards the kitchen door.

"We love him, Josh. We'll gladly give him that." the older man smiled, looking towards Grayson.

The lawyer smiled, Gabriel at his side at the other end of Emerson's table.

"The day starts with love. That will be the greater meal." Lucas smiled, having walked out of the kitchen, carrying a large platter, Justin and five other men following him.

Everyone's eyes widened, seeing the large buffet of food they carried.

They and the Mavises filled the tables with food, Lucas smiling and standing at his seat between his Josh and Lance, Justin now seated at Lance's side.

"Good Reverend, would you honor our day with your Godly words of thanks?" Lucas smiled, Reverend Saunders smiling and rising from his seat, Lucas sitting down.

Everyone joined their hands, bowing their heads.

"It is us Lord, again surrounded by your giving love. And the bounty of our family's love. A meal sits before us, we all joining in its heavenly awaiting bounty. Blessed are we all for the day before us, and the love surrounding us. Your messenger of love joins us within his love. The magic of his soul, guided by your hand, will show itself today, we believe. Let us bask in his love and yours. We follow him and you with love and hope. Glad are we for the love we receive, through your love, Amen."

"Amen." everyone said, the minister smiling at Lucas, the young man softly smiling back.

"Try Justin's cinnamon waffles, Luke! They're to die for!" Jonathan said, Lucas smiling at him towards the end of his table, the five of love seated across from each other.

"I sampled in the kitchen, Jon. Try my breakfast burritos. They'll put happiness in your stomach." Lucas smiled, Jonathan smiling with a nod.

Everyone smiled, diving into the feast before them, three large tables filled with family love.

Lucas smiled, his eyes scanning everyone, all his family and friends joined.

"Our brood's enlarged, my love. I have a large family of love." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"Think of the family gatherings in the years ahead, my love. Our home will be a meeting place of love." Josh said, Emerson smiling at him and Lucas.

"As this house once was." he said, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

"As it will soon be, Grandfather. I plan on you having many Christmases here with your great-grandchildren." Lucas smiled, Emerson tearing up.

"Destiny lays ahead for me, Lucas. My last year wanes." he said, Lucas smiling at him, his violet pools looking into his own father's green pools across from him, little Justy in his arms, the man feeding his grandson from a bottle.

"In a few short months on the October moon your destiny will end, Grandfather. You and my father--and the elusive Joshua and others--will feel the freedom of life. And paths begin for many of you. Paths of life and love." Lucas smiled, Emerson staring at him.

"My life is at an end, Lucas. My great-grandsons' lives begin. I am happy to know them and their father's love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"They will know your love, Grandfather. They already feel it. The final path begins today." Lucas said, Josh filling his plate with bacon and more sausages.

"Thanks, my love. Energy I need." he smiled, diving into his breakfast.

Emerson's eyes met his son's, Tristan staring at his son.

"What happens today, Lucas? Josh said you'd discuss it after breakfast. We'll abide by your need for a breakfast of quiet love."

"My love and all yours is never quiet, Dad. I wouldn't want it any other way." Lucas smiled, little Justy in his grandfather's arms suddenly shouting.


Lucas smiled, looking into his father's eyes.

"See, your grandson agrees. Love needs to be voiced." Lucas smiled, Tristan smiling at his son.

"We all love you, Lucas. I am the proudest father here."
Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"And I am a proud son and grandson. Love continues in my soul. I have all your love. It will follow me to the path."

Tristan nodded, his father nodding as well.

"You are love, my grandson. We all feel its greatness."

Lucas smiled, wiping his lips on his napkin, his plate empty.

"Fill it again, my love. I hunger for all life's bounty." he smiled,  Josh smiling, refilling his man's plate, Lucas smiling and sipping his coffee, his violet pools meeting two quietly staring blue.

Everyone continued to eat, feeling Lucas' love flowing around them.

Colton's blue pools lowered, quietly eating his breakfast, his thoughts his own.

Everyone relaxed around the Resting Room, the day's sunshine filling the room's breezy warmth.

Josh sat with Justin and Lance, their sons in front of them on the floor on a blanket, the two cooing softly.

Savannah and Trish sat on the carpeted floor beside them, little Joshy moving adamantly.

"He has your energy, Jus." Josh smiled, Justin grinning.

"He's a Timberlake dynamo." he smiled, the little infant gurgling, his body moving to the left, the child now on its stomach, its head raised.

"Remarkable! A child doesn't do that till it's at least four months!" Savannah said, Josh smiling at the boys, little Justy suddenly doing the same thing, his and Joshy's hands joining.

Both infants giggled and laughed, both smiling at their grandmother in front of them.

Everyone around them smiled with awed wonder, the two infants surprising all of them.

"They're so special!" Trish said, smiling at the three men seated in front of her.

"They are their father's sons. My Lucas is beyond special." Josh smiled, Justin and Lance both smiling.

"It's all the love I receive from you three."

Their eyes raised, Lucas walking into the room, the young man having left right after breakfast, telling everyone he'd rejoin them in the Resting Room.

Trish and Savannah lifted the two infants up into their laps, Lucas smiling and walking up to them and his soulmates.

"Daddy!" Little Joshy said, his voice clear and resonate, Lucas smiling and leaning down, picking up his son.

The boy giggled, Lucas holding him in his arms.

"Hello, my son. I feel your love in your smile." Lucas said, kissing the boy's cheek, the baby's hand pulling at his nose.

Lance smiled, moving and picking up little Justy from Savannah's lap, the two women smiling and rising to their feet.

Trish felt Andrew's arm going around her, the man kissing her cheek.

"You need to rest, my love." he smiled, Trish smiling at him.

"I'm pregnant, not ill, my Drew." she said, Andrew softly blushing, Trish kissing his lips.

"A few more months and another joins our family of love. A sister for my two sons." Lucas smiled, Trish smiling at him.

"Sisters and brothers of love they'll always be. As will Finn and Sky's two little angels." she said, Finn and Skyler smiling at them, their infants in their grandparents' arms.

"Five angels to feed our love." Lucas smiled, handing his son back to Savannah, kissing his mother's cheek.

"You can put them down for their nap, Mom. I'll wait for your return." he smiled, Karen walking up to Lance, taking little Justy from him, Lance smiling at Josh's mother.

"So many grandmothers. Our angels will be so spoiled." Lucas smiled, Lance laughing.

Karen and Savannah smiled, the two walking out of the room, Momma Mavis and Lorraine following them with the Delaney twins.

Lucas smiled after them, the young man's eyes meeting his sister's and Andrew's blue.

"Four more long months, Luke. I feel her already in my soul." Trish said, Lucas smiling, kissing his sister.

"She will be beautiful and well loved. Her favorite uncle will see to that." he smiled, Andrew smiling at him.

"Drew is right, Trishy. You need to rest. Sit down, my family." Lucas smiled, Trish smiling and nodding, Andrew guiding her to a couch.

Everyone else sat down, all eyes on Lucas, Josh rising from his seat, walking up to his man.

"You weren't long, my love. Where did you disappear to?" he smiled, his arms going around his husband.

"Just organizing the path." Lucas smiled, kissing his lips.

"What is going to happen, Luke?" Lewis said, the minister seated with his husband, Grayson and Gabriel seated beside them.

Lucas looked around the room, smiling at everyone, his violet pools meeting two sets of blue.

"For all of you, nothing. Most of you are going to remain here, safe from the path I shall walk."

Emerson and Tristan both rose from their seats, Lucas staring at his family.

"I will guide you to the room, Lucas. Once you release the boundary." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I have already been to the room in my mind, Grandfather. The stones of destiny I have walked, the door opening."

Emerson looked surprised, Lucas smiling at him.

"You've been there?" he said, Lucas nodding.

"I met Grandfather Emmanuel there in a dream, Grandfather. I saw the moving portraits and the empty altar." he said, Grayson rising from his seat, Francesca rising as well.

"I would like to see the room of my ancestors, Lucas." Grayson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I would like you to see it as well, Uncle Gray." Lucas said, looking around the room.

"I shall request a few of you to follow me into that hidden chamber. I shall need your love beside me. The final path into the hidden treasure room I shall walk alone."

"You need our protection, son." Tristan said, Lucas smiling as his father walked up to him.

"I have your love, Father. That is protection enough. As my love is for all of you." Lucas said, looking around the room.

The four grandmothers walked back into the room, Lucas smiling at the four.

"Our children are asleep?" he smiled, Savannah nodding.

"They all fell asleep together at the same moment. They're all sleeping together in Finn's room." Momma Mavis smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"My love surrounds them, they shall remain in dreamland." he said, looking around the room, his violet pools glowing a soft emerald, then back to violet..

"The time is here. I shall ask several of you to follow me. I need your love specifically. The others can wait down here or around the house.. I won't be that long, I hope.." Lucas smiled, everyone nodding.

"My three loves, I need your love most." Lucas said, Justin and Lance rising to their feet, walking up to Josh and Lucas.

"You have it, Lucky." Justin said, Lucas smiling at all three.

"Grandfather and Father, I need your love. Your love as well, Uncle Gray." he said, Tristan and Emerson nodding, Grayson now at their side.

"You have it, my nephew." Grayson said, smiling at him.

Francesca rose from her seat, walking up to her husband.

"I follow my husband, Lucas. I have been to the room before."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Your soulmates are welcomed as well. You are all family." he smiled, Savannah walking up to Tristan's side, Gabriel joining Grayson.

Lucas smiled at all of them, his eyes moving around the room.

"The five of new love shall walk with me as well. And I need you, Adam." Lucas said, Adam looking at his soulmates, Usher and Pierce both nodding.

"Me, Luke?" Adam said, rising from his seat, Colton and his soulmates already on their feet.

Lucas smiled at Adam, walking up to him.

"Yes, Adam. I feel a unique love in our bond. You, I need deeply."

Adam softly blushed, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"I'm not into tattooed Adonises. I need only your love."

Adam smiled, staring into his violet pools.

"But I have so much more to offer." Adam grinned, Lucas laughing.

Josh smiled, seeing his husband's calmed happiness.

"Don't I know it." Lucas smiled, Adam smiling back.

Lucas' eyes went to Finn, the man staring at him.

"You're the last of the group, Finny. I need my best friend's love."

Finn smiled, looking at his wife, rising from his seat.

"Lead on to the adventure, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling at him, seeing his giving love.

Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone standing.

"Follow me everyone. We'll return shortly. I have all of your love within my soul as well." Lucas smiled, everyone nodding, rising from their seats.

"Go with God's love, Lucas." Lewis said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I have that and so much more, Lewis." he smiled, the young man moving, his arm going around Adam, everyone following the two men out of the room.


Lucas walked into the library, Adam at his side, everyone else following.

He walked up to the fireplace, everyone else surrounding him.

He stared up at his grandmother's portrait, smiling.

"You still show your youthful beauty, Grandmother." he smiled, Francesca smiling at him.

"I was in my early thirties when Emerson had the portrait commissioned." she said, Emerson kissing her cheek.

"You are as youthful today as then, my love."
Lucas smiled, seeing his grandparents' love.

Emerson's eyes went to the mantle, still seeing the bear heads at each end, the bison no longer showing.

"We are ready to walk the path, my grandson." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"As I said before, there was another portrait hanging here before this painting was placed here." he said, Emerson looking at him.

"I removed it before your first visit, Lucas. I didn't want you to be overwhelmed by its truth." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I know, Grandfather. Even then, before I even met you, I sensed your caring love."
Emerson smiled, staring into his grandson's violet pools.

"You were unknown to me, Lucas. I thought then that its truth might shock you greatly. For it shows the reality of all of us."
Lucas smiled, walking forward and kissing his grandfather's cheek.

"The reality of all my family is their love, Grandfather." Lucas said, looking at his grandparents and his parents.

"I felt all your love even before I ever entered this place."
All four teared up, Lucas smiling at all four.

"What did that painting show, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'll show you, my friends. For it's down in the hidden room."

Josh walked up to Lucas, his arm going around him.

"We're ready, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"So am I, my love. So am I." he said, Lucas' hand going against the mantle.

Everyone saw a soft glow come off his hand, the mantle's mahogany edging changing.

Everyone stared at the bear carvings on the ends of the mantle, both changing into bison.

"The bison are back!" Emerson said, Lucas nodding his head.

"You'll find the catch as it always was, Grandfather." Lucas said, his violet pools looking around the room behind everyone.

Lucas' eyes softly glowed emerald, then focusing on his grandfather and father.

"I have cloaked the room with a greater magic, evil is blind to our intrusion."

Josh's arm went around Lucas.

"This sounds dangerous, my love. Are you sure you need to venture down there?"

"The hidden room is forever safe, my love.  The only danger lays in the greater treasure room. And I have the courage and magic to face that." Lucas smiled, Josh seeing the calmness still in his violet pools.

"I'm ready, Grandfather. Lead the way." Lucas smiled, Emerson nodding, looking at his son, Tristan nodding, his arm around his wife.

Emerson moved, walking to the end of the mantle, pressing the horns on the bison head on the right side.

An audible click was heard, a section of the wall beside the fireplace moving outwards, a darkness showing behind it.

Everyone stared with surprise, Grayson looking at his old friend.

"Ingenious, Em."

"Grandfather built the passage and inner sanctum at the dawn of the building's creation. He was the creator of the lower rooms." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"He was guided to build it, Grandfather. To hide the entrance to the past's path." Lucas said, looking around at everyone.

"Lead the way, Grandfather. Let's descend into the bowels of destiny." Lucas said, his grandfather nodding.

Emerson moved, walking into the passageway, Lucas and Josh following, Tristan and his wife along with Francesca behind them.

Adam followed with Justin, Lance and Finn.

Colton traded looks with his four soulmates, Jonathan's arm going around him.

The five moved, walking into the passageway, Gabriel and Grayson the last to follow.

Grayson looked around the library, closing the passageway doorway behind them.

He failed to see a shadow standing in the dark corner of the library.

The group descended down a stone staircase, soft light coming from light bulbs hanging high above their heads.

They'd ignited the moment Emerson had stepped on the first step of the staircase.

They walked downward, descending into a room of stone walls and floor.

Lights appeared again, the room bathed in a soft semi-lit mood.

They all gathered around behind Emerson and Lucas, Tristan on his son's other side.

"The room is empty." Finn said, Lucas looking towards him.

"This is the room of worth, Finny. Don't anyone move." Lucas said, everyone looking at him, nodding their heads.

"I know the way, Lucas." Emerson said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"As do I, Grandfather." Lucas said, the young man moving forward.

Everyone's eyes widened in surprise, the light in the room brightening when Lucas stepped on a stone in front of him.

Everyone took in a myriad of different shaped stones on the room's floor, a different letter etched into each stone.

Lucas' foot rested on the letter D.

Everyone heard a rumbling sound, a door suddenly moving across from them, slowly opening.

"How. . .how could you have known, Lucas?" Tristan said, standing behind him.

"My path is a true path of destiny, Father. D-E-S-T-I-N-Y, literally." Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"Step on only those lettered stones, my friends. This room is laced with deadly traps. Any deviation from those stones will release them."

"Amazing, Lucas." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"In my dream, I chose C for courage, and I slipped. The axe almost had me."

Everyone looked shocked, Lucas smiling at them, everyone seeing the calmness in his violet pools

"Follow the seven stones of that word." Lucas said, stepping on the letter E ahead of him.

The door ahead of them moved again, its entrance wider.

Lucas moved ahead, Emerson following him, Francesca behind him.

Everyone moved in single file, walking on the designated stones.

Lucas reached the opened door, turning back and watching everyone.

They soon joined him, Josh at his side, everyone standing around him on a flat stone surface in front of the door.

Gabriel and Grayson were the last two to cross, Lucas' violet pools watching them closely.

Gabriel reached the stone surface, Grayson right behind him.

Grayson's front foot moved forward toward the Y, his back foot slipping on the N stone it sat upon, Grayson losing his footing.

His left foot moved, stepping on a stone with the letter I on it.

Francesca screamed, Grayson stumbling.

Grayson suddenly felt two arms around him, he and the person holding him falling backwards.

Everyone stared in shocked horror, a large axe moving across the room, just missing Lucas' back, the young man laying on top of Grayson.

Grayson stared up into Lucas' violet pools, the young man softly smiling at him.

Lucas had moved with lightning speed the moment Grayson had stumbled, pulling the man down to the floor.

The axe now hung above both of them, softly swinging from a long chain.

"Oh God, Lucas! You just saved my life!" Grayson said, Lucas moving to his left, helping Grayson to his feet, moving the older man forward to their friends, both stepping on the Y stone, Gabriel's arms wrapping around his husband.

"Are you alright, Gray?"
"I'm fine, Gabe. Thanks to Lucas' love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You were so fast, Luke! We didn't have time to react!" Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My senses are on guard, as is my magic. It felt the coming danger. It reacted within me." Lucas said, staring at Grayson.

"Thank you, Lucas." Grayson said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"We all need to be careful, Uncle. My magic is on guard for all of us." Lucas smiled, Grayson nodding, Gabriel's arm still around him.

"Thank you, Lucas." Gabriel said, the judge showing his emotion in his blue eyes.

"You are both family to me. I protect my family." Lucas smiling at both, everyone around them smiling at him.

"Let's go forward, my family." Lucas said, the young man turning, walking through the opening in the stone door in front of him.

Emerson looked after his grandson, his son going to his side.

"My son walks with courage, Father." he said, Emerson looking at his son.

"He walks with magic and love, Tristan." he said, the two following Josh, Josh walking into the room behind Lucas.

Everyone else followed, seeing a light shining now behind the opening.


They all walked into the room, staring around its circular stone reality.

The room was about twenty feet across, a perfect circle of stone quietness.

A large altar stood in its center, three domed glass fixtures on its smooth marble surface.

Around the room portraits were hanging on the walls, a circular vision of the Belmont dynasty.

Lucas stood in front of the altar, the young man staring at everyone walking into the room.

Electric lights were showing in the room's ceiling, the room now bright and quiet.

Everyone scanned the room, staring at the portraits, seeing each of a man of beauty and masculine courage.

"My family tree, the men of the Belmont soul." Lucas said, moving to the portrait nearest his friends and family.

They all looked at it, Lucas smiling.
"Alsarius Belgras, father of our dynasty." Lucas said, the young man moving to the next portrait at his left.

Everyone's eyes--except Emerson's and Tristan's--widened at the sudden reality showing in Alsarius' portrait.

When Lucas' gaze left his portrait and moved to the next portrait the eyes and head of Alsarius' painting moved, following him.

"That. . .that man's face moved!" Finn said, Lucas' eyes looking towards everyone.

"Yes, Finny. These portraits are moments of magic, a capturing of my ancestors' love and courage." Lucas said, staring at the second portrait next to Alsarius'.

"His son Tomarus, the first Creation of magic and love." Lucas said, staring at his ancestor, everyone seeing the man's likeness to his father.

Lucas moved again, that portrait's face and Alsarius' seemingly following Lucas' moving form.

Lucas went around the room, naming each of the ten ancestors of his life.

Everyone saw their moving eyes and faces, the only ones that didn't move were Joshua's, Emerson's and Tristan's portraits, the last three of the circular room.

Lucas stood again in front of his family and friends, his grandfather and father staring at him with quiet love.

"Is this some kind of optical illusion, Lucky?" Josh said, his arm going around his husband, his blue eyes looking at all the portraits, seeing all their eyes now gazing upon him.

"No, my love. It isn't an optical illusion. It is the reality of their lives and their love." Lucas said, staring at his father and grandfather.

"They have all gone on to the greater truth, Lucas. From my grandfather back to Alsarius. All have walked the Trinity of our destiny. They walked into eternal uncertainty. They are now lost to all of us." Emerson said, Tristan's arm going around his father, Francesca's hand in his.

"Grandfather, Father and I are the only three still claimed within the Trinity. That is why our portraits do not move." Tristan said, his father looking at him with love.

Lucas stared at both of them, everyone seeing the young man's eyes showing a soft compassion and weighing thoughtfulness.

"How many nights have you walked down here and stared at these portraits, Grandfather? How many nights have you thought on the reality of the greater portrait?" Lucas said, his grandfather staring at him.

"Too many nights to count, my grandson. Many times since the passing of my own father, and the birth of my Tristan." Emerson said, Tristan staring at his father with love.

Lucas walked up to his grandfather, his hand going to his shoulder.

"And what did you reason out, Grandfather?"

"I could find no reason, Lucas. I have walked this circle many times, their love following me in their gazes. I find this room to be a memorial to their lost love." Emerson said, a single tear falling down his cheek, Lucas leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"It is a memorial to more than that, Grandfather. As the greater portrait showed to myself."

Emerson stared at him with confusion.

Lucas moved, walking back to the altar, the young man walking around it.

The young man bent down on the other side, everyone seeing him raise a portrait from behind it, the young man walking back to the group, walking up to the wall on their right side, the young man hanging the painting on the empty space beside his father's portrait, a nail hanging on the wall.

Lucas stepped back, everyone moving and crowding around the young man.

They all stared at the portrait, their eyes widening.

The portrait was of Lucas' father, grandfather and great-grandfather, Joshua standing in its middle, Emerson on his right, Tristan on his left.

What shocked everyone were the images behind the three men.

Seven men stood behind them in a row, all staring front and center.

Everyone's eyes went around the room, seeing the matching faces of all the portraits surrounding them.

"It's all of you. Together in one moment." Colton said, Haras' arm around him.

"Yes, Colt. A gathering of my family's truth." Lucas said, his grandfather and father looking at him.

"Yes, Lucas. A compilation of our ancestors." Emerson said, staring at the portrait.

"It is something more, Grandfather." Lucas said, the young man moving, Josh watching him walk up to the altar again, the young man staring at the three empty glass domes.

He turned, everyone staring at him, the young man's eyes going around the room, all the portraits of his ancestors staring at him as well.

"I feel the magic in this room, Grandfather. The magic our ancestor left for me and for destiny." Lucas said, Emerson moving, walking up to him.

"The magic of the domed gifts?" Emerson said, looking at the empty domes.

"They were part of it, Grandfather. The journal, its written words leading me on a path of discovery. The key, the magic to unlock the door of the treasure room. And the pendant of truth, I have worn since you guided it to myself, with your love and courage."
"There was no courage in my guiding it to you, Lucas. It was always destined to come to you. Grandfather left them here for you. The journal and stone, I mean. Gray left the key for you, as he's divulged." Emerson said, tearing up at his grandson's showing love in his violet pools.

Lucas' violet pools moved to Grayson's blue, those eyes changing to soft violet.

"Yes, two brothers of love guided by destiny to make my path." Lucas said, looking at his grandfather and father again.

His eyes went to the portrait of his ancestors standing together.

"Who commissioned that portrait, Grandfather?" Lucas said, his grandfather looking at his son, then at Lucas again.

"We do not know, Lucas. It appeared on the same wall as you have hung it over one hundred years ago." Emerson said, everyone looking surprised.

"But that's impossible, Father!" Tristan said, Emerson looking at his son.

"You showed me that portrait only fifty years ago, Father. On my fiftieth birthday." Tristan said, looking at his father.
Emerson sighed, looking at his son.

"When first I saw the painting, Tristan, it was different." Emerson said, Lucas looking at him.

"Joshua was not the center of the portrait's reality. Your grandfather was. One of the nine showing." Lucas said, Emerson nodding his head.

"Yes, Lucas. Grandfather Emmanuel was in its center, I on his left, Father on his right. Six stood behind us, our ancestors showing their beauty and love behind us."

Finn walked up to the men, the others following.

"I don't understand what's going on, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"It's rather simple when you think on it, my friends." he said, Emerson's hand going to his grandson's shoulder.

"I have thought long and hard on it, Lucas. On its changing meaning." the man said, Lucas smiling, kissing his cheek.

"You and your ancestors all thought long and hard on it, Grandfather. But all of you thought with love and family pride. I have thought with something more." Lucas said, the young man walking up to the portrait, staring at it again.

"Your magic, Luke?" Jonathan said, Lucas looking back at the young man.

"Yes, Jon." Lucas said, Tristan walking up to his son, his parents staring at both men.

"You never saw this painting before, Lucas. You were only in this room in your dreams. It wasn't there, as you said before." Tristan said, his hand going to his son's shoulder.

"No it wasn't, Dad. I saw it somewhere else." Lucas said, Emerson walking up to both men.

"Where. . .where could you have seen it, Lucas?" the older man said, Lucas staring into his green pools, then his father's green pools.

"I saw it in the room upstairs, Grandfather. Only the central figure at that time was Thameus Belmonius; his son Levi on his right side and his grandson Archer Belmont on his left."

Emerson and Tristan stared at the portrait in awe, their eyes on Archer Belmont.

"That. . .that is amazing, Lucas. The portrait, it is. . .it is magic?" Emerson said, Tristan looking at his father.

"You saw the truth of that, Grandfather. You saw the changing addition of your own son, my father. This portrait has changed since its first creation. The painter of this portrait showed his love in it for the family of his soul."

"Alsarius, Lucas?" Haras said, staring at his friend.

"Close, Haras." Lucas said, staring at the painting.

"His son, Tomarus?" Derek said, staring at his once commander Alsarius, standing beside his own son Tomarus.

"No, Derek. The creator of this painting was never within its family beauty. This painting was painted by the love of Alsarius' life. The ever-loving, ever-faithful, ever-giving Kavinus Amotep."


Everyone stared at Lucas with surprise, Derek's form changing in an instant, Hemidon Akhemenon staring at Lucas with shock.

"That is impossible, Lucas! My brother. . .my stepbrother did not have magic." Hemi said, Lucas' eyes meeting his now brown pools.

"You never knew the truth of that, Hemi."

"I gave him magic, Lucas. I guided the stone to him, to save him and Alsarius. That was the magic he left that tomb with."

"He entered that tomb with a greater magic, Hemi." Lucas said, his hand going to the young man's shoulder.

"What. . .what do you mean?"

Lucas sighed, looking at him then at the portrait again.

"Kavinus Amotep was his father's son, Hemi. His father was a being of magic, although it was evil's magic."

"Kavinus wasn't evil, Lucas. He was the personification of life and love." Haras said, Lucas smiling at both Egyptians.

"I know that, Haras and Hemi. I know the story of his and Alsarius' unbelievable love. I am an ancestor of that love. So is all of my family."

The two men nodded, Hemi looking at Lucas.

"No, Hemi. He did not have the magic of his evil lost father Heritas. He had the magic of destiny."

"You're not making sense, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I have found the explanation in a surprising place." Lucas said, the young man walking back to the altar, standing at its end, everyone staring at him.

Lucas' eyes looked around the room, staring at all the watching portraits.

"This room is the portal to the next level." he said, Josh walking up to him.

"The next level to what, Luke?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"The next level to the magic's reality." he said, looking towards his grandfather and father, then at the two Egyptians.

"These portraits are portraits of magic. Magic created by one individual. The silent Watcher of all of us. He guided all to the magic and life they led." Lucas said, everyone looking around at all the staring eyes.

"Someone guided Kavinus to paint that portrait? And others to paint these others?" Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Love guided all, Finny." Lucas said, looking at Hemi and Haras.

"Kavinus Amotep had magic, Hemi. Your brother gained that magic in one place." Lucas said, Colton walking up to him and Josh.

"In that tomb! In that tomb of evil!" Colton said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, Colt. When Kavinus was down in that tomb with his Alsarius, in that treasure chamber of goodness, surrounded by evil, he gained a great magic." Lucas said, Hemi and Haras walking up to him.

"What magic, Lucas? Who gave him that magic?" Haras said, Lucas staring at him.

"The true magic, Haras. The magic hidden within the goodness of all that treasure." Lucas said, the young man's hand going to the altar before him, Lucas resting his palm on the altar's white marble surface, his ringed hand touching the smoothness.

The altar suddenly trembled, the three domed cases sinking downward into recesses in its top, disappearing.

Everyone stared in shocked wonder at the now smooth top of the altar, the altar itself sinking downward.

It came to rest flush with the floor, the altar appearing to have disappeared.

Lucas looked at all his friends, the young man smiling.

"I walk into evil unafraid. For I feel the greater goodness of the magic in my soul. I shall return." Lucas said, the floor before him suddenly opening, the flatness of the altar's top now dividing, a dark hole now showing in the floor.

Josh saw what looked like steps leading downward into the darkness.

"Do not fear the unknown. I do not. I shall return with answers, and perhaps we can end all of this. She will come and aid me if need be. I feel her love behind all of you."

Everyone turned around, seeing no one behind them.

Josh's arms went around Lucas, the young man kissing his lips.

"I love you, Joshua. My love will return. It is a path I must walk."

"Be careful, my love." Josh said, worry showing on his face, Justin and Lance now at his sides, their arms around him.

"I have all your love, and I have my own. I walk into life." Lucas smiled, the young man walking down the stone steps, his body disappearing into the darkness.

Everyone stared at the dark hole in the floor, Lucas nowhere to be seen.

The floor suddenly moved, everyone eyes widening, the hole slowly beginning to close.

"He is in danger. He's walked into its trap."

Everyone turned, their eyes widening, Colton staring in surprise.

A small girl stood in the room's doorway, her blue eyes softly glowing.

"Rosy? What do you mean?" Colton said.

"He goes to save you, Colt! He risks life for love! I must aid him!" she said, the young girl moving forward, everyone staring in shock as she suddenly began to disappear, a soft white cloud of mist moving through them, its whiteness disappearing down into the darkened closing hole.


End of Chapter 196



Is Rosa Sharon a ghost?

Was that the real Rosy?


Lucas has revealed the secret portrait that once hung upstairs in the library.
A conglomeration of the Belmont souls.

Apparently painted by Kavinus, Alsarius' soulmate.


What has Lucas walked down into?
What lays at the end of that staircase?
A treasure room?

An ancient Egyptian tomb?

Evil or goodness?


You know the drill.
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