Yesterday's End-197


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 197


In The Bowels Of Destiny


Lucas walked down the long stone hallway, the darkness surrounding him.

He heard only his own footsteps, their calm pace echoing off the stone walls.

In the darkness ahead he saw a soft lightening of the blackness, a shadowy door coming into view.

He walked forward, the door's construction and image now focusing.

It was a large mahogany door, its wood seeming thick and ancient.

Iron hinges showed in its corners, their former beauty rusted beyond redemption.

The large door was split in two, a large iron latch across its divided center, a keyhole showing in its center.

On the right and left side of each door once brass-looking plaques showed, both showing their tarnished age.

Words were written upon their facings, Lucas walking forward to the door, stopping before it.

He looked up at the right plaque, seeing the hieroglyphics etched in its surface.

Upon closer inspection Lucas saw that they were not brass plaques but sheets of ancient gold.

Lucas didn't remember seeing these plaques on the door he opened in his dream.

His eyes looked at the hieroglyphics, his magic within him focusing on their half tarnished words, the ancient Egyptian symbols changing to English words he could read.

He read the left one first, his voice softly echoing in the silent hallway..


                    "Paths followed go forward and back

        Paths crossed join the greater path to its ending

                    Walk into the past to find the future

                                  It resides within

                            May magic walk with you"


Lucas' eyes moved to the second plaque, continuing the words on the second door..


                "Wary be thee for all paths are not true

                    Trust your inner soul to reason life

                   Magic taken must be also returned

                        Lives created must be loved"


Lucas reread the words, their meaning lost to his thoughts

His eyes glowed a soft green, the young man sighing.

"Riddles of life, riddles of destiny. I must go forward."

He heard a soft sound in the darkened distance behind him, the young man softly smiling.

"But I won't be going alone. I feel your coming reality, lost one."
Lucas smiled, his hand going into his pants pocket, pulling out a silver key, staring at its shining beauty.

He read the name Kurucu's Haven etched in its surface, the young man sighing again.

"Onward to your truth, evil." he said, inserting the key in the door's iron latch.

The door seemingly trembled, a softness of air released from it, as if it was hermetically sealed.

Lucas pushed on the left door, both doors opening slowly inward.

Lucas took a deep breath, walking forward.

His eyes saw the darkness behind them suddenly glowing forward.

Another hallway lay before him, Lucas seeing a golden shine showing on its ending walls.

Lucas moved forward, the doors behind him closing slowly, the silver key left in its latch.

He heard the door behind him thud as it shut, the seal once again whole.

He moved forward, his senses, magic and mind on full alert, his eyes glowing their green sheen of magic.

He walked the stone hallway, the light ahead of him increasing, the golden glow seemingly brightening on the walls.

He reached the end of the hallway, staring at a sight of gleaming beauty, shine and awing ancientness.

Before him stood a large room, its size massive.

A stone walkway went out before him, one of eight walkways in the room, each like a spoke on a wheel of destiny.

He saw open corridors leading off at the end of each stone pathway, similar to the one he now stood at the end of.

"The paths of destiny, the pathways of entrapping death. Which did you and your men walk down, Alsarius?" he softly said, looking around the room.

Between each stone pathway of the wheel deep crevices of golden treasure showed, each filled in heaping largeness, the treasures of goodness joined in a room of ancient reality.

Lucas stood in the treasure room of his dreams.

In the same ancient tomb that Alsarius and Kavinus were destined to walk into.

In the room's center stood a large marbled surface, a perfect circle of white marbled beauty.

And on top of that marbled circle stood a golden upright sarcophagus, a golden throne seated in front of it.

The tomb in its center gleamed in the torch-lit room, its center a golden center of an evil's worth.

"All paths lead to destiny. It is time we met, Kurucu." Lucas said, the young man walking on the stone pathway forward.


Above In The Hidden Room


Josh felt Justin's and Lance's arms around him, the two giving their love.

Everyone else was walking around the room and now disappeared altar, trying to find a way of opening it again.

"This has to have been a trap. Lucas has walked into a trap!" Finn said, Josh seeing the worry on his face.

"Rosa Sharon said as much, Finn." Colton said, standing at the altar's end, where Lucas had stood, Haras' and Hemi's arms around him.

Finn stared at the young man, Grayson's hand going to the Welshman's shoulder.

"We all see that, Finn. Rosa Sharon's words were steeped with worry."
"What. . .how did she. . .she changed into smoke, Grayson?!" Finn said, everyone having seen the magical image of her disappearance.

"I know, Finn. We all saw it. I sense she is--or was--a being of great magic. The smoke was white, that has to mean she was of goodness. I hope she can aid Lucas, wherever he is." the lawyer said, Gabriel's eyes on his husband.

Emerson's and Tristan's eyes were now staring at Colton, the young man looking around at everyone.

"She is your sister, Colton. Do you have any idea on what we just saw? On who--or what--she is?" Emerson said, Colton looking at the older man.

"She was--and is--only my sister, Emerson. I have felt her love, before and after her death. I sense now she's even more within the magic than I." he said, Hemi's arm pulling him close, Enrique and Jonathan now at their sides, all looking at the marble altar now laying flush with the floor, its surface all white.

"I sensed something more, Colt." Hemi said, Enrique looking at him.

"What did you sense, Hemi?" he said, his arm around the Egyptian.

"I sensed my mother's love, Rico. I didn't sense it until Rosa Sharon walked by me, when the vision changed to that white smoke." he said, staring at the altar.

Josh stared at the young man, their eyes meeting.
He saw the soft tears in his brown eyes.

"Rosa Sharon is the lost soul! The true Watcher! She's the magic of your mother! Of your ancient Egyptian mother, Khufu's daughter Meresankh!" Josh said, Hemi nodding.

"I think so, Josh. I sensed her love passing by me. I felt her in Rosa Sharon!" he said, everyone looking at the young man with awed wonder.

Grayson walked up to the men, staring at Colton.

"What did she mean that Lucas has gone to save you, Colton? That he risks life for love?" the older man said, Colton staring into his blue pools.

"I don't know, Grayson. I can't understand what I have to do with this." the young man said, Haras' lips kissing his cheek.

"You are love, Colton. You are our young man of giving love. Love has a lot to do with this. Lucas loves you, as do all of us. I think the young man's on a mission of changing destiny. And your sister's seen through that. Her magic goes to aid him. And she loves you as well. Her love goes to save you as well."
Colton looked into the eyes of the four men surrounding him.

"To save me from what?"

"To save you from destiny, Colton. I feel the path he's walked onto. We all feel it."

All eyes turned, staring at Isadora Francesca Carlisle Belmont.

Francesca's face had changed, Emerson's first wife Isadora showing her ageless beauty.

The woman stood at the other end of the hidden altar, alone and staring at everyone.

"What. . .what do you mean, my love?" Emerson said, his wife staring at him.

"I felt the changing path the moment I walked into this room, Emerson. As a Shade I felt the changing path. And I feel the greatness of all that feel it. We never realized what he could and would do." she said, the woman going to one knee, staring at the flat altar of white marble in the floor.

"We feel your love, Great One. The love flows through the void." she said, her eyes raising, everyone seeing their tearing love.

The room was suddenly filled with a loud thunderous sound coming from behind them.

All eyes turned to the opened door of the room, the noise coming from the letter-stone-laid room behind it.

Everyone traded looks, Hemi and Haras going in front of everyone, shielding them.

"Do not fear what comes, everyone. The one who has walked past all Shades is here. I did not sense the realness of his love." Isadora said, Emerson going to her side as she rose to her feet.

"What's going on, my love?" he said, Isadora's eyes meeting his.

"He is love, Em. We just didn't realize what love." she said, the woman sinking into his chest, Emerson holding her close.

As quickly as the thunderous sound came, it was gone.

The room was bathed in silence.

The group then heard the sound of soft footsteps, then the swooshing sound of a falling axe, a trap obviously triggered, then silence again.

A soft laugh echoed before them, then the footsteps began again.

All eyes were on the doorway, a hooded, cloaked image walking through it.

All stared at the image, backing up a bit, moving back towards Emerson and Isadora.

The image was cloaked in a long black cassock, a hood of matching blackness hanging over its head.

"Who. . .or what are you?" Hemi said, standing in front of his friends, Haras at his side.

"I am the hand of life, I am the hand of love. I am he that was and always will be. I walk on his path as his needs flow." the image said, his voice masculine and calm.

Two hands of masculine beauty came out of the cassock, going to the hooded head of the image.

The hands moved the hood back, a face of masculine beauty shining before them, two eyes of liquid blue staring at all of them.

Hemi and Haras stared in awed shock, the young men trembling; Colton, Enrique and Jonathan at their sides, all seeing the shock on Hemi's and Haras' faces.

Josh stared at the man's face, shock showing on his face as well.

Justin saw Josh's look, his arms going around him and Lance.

The man before them smiled, his blue eyes staring at Hemi and Haras, then at Josh, Justin and Lance.

"I walk all paths, I follow life. I am many."

Josh moved, walking up to Hemi's side, staring at the vision of masculine beauty before him.

"Hello again, Watcher." Josh said, Hemi's eyes meeting his with surprise, then staring at the man before them again..

"You are. . .you are the Watcher in all of this?" he said, his voice trembling with uncertainty.

The man smiled, nodding his head.
"Greetings in life, Hemidon and Haras. I see your valor and beauty remains your own. The love was giving." the man said, smiling, the smile making his face radiate with love.

Hemi sobbed, staring at the man's smiling face.

"It. . .it cannot be!" he said, the man smiling.

"Walk into my love, Hemi. You should always have had it." the man said, extending his arms.

Hemi sobbed, moving out of Haras' arms, the stranger before them enveloping the young Egyptian.

Haras' eyes were filled with tears, Colton's arm going around him.

"Who is this, Hari?" he said, Haras looking at the man, then into his soulmates' showing eyes of love.

"Life follows many paths. Paths come back in a circle. Behold the hidden path of life." Haras said, bowing his head, his hand going to his chest, saluting the vision before them..
"I serve you as I serve my master, sire." he said, the man holding Hemi smiling.

"You serve our love, Haras. Brothers now in all our souls."

Haras teared up, moving forward, the man enveloping him in the same embrace as Hemi.

"Welcome again to life, Kavinus Amotep, my brother! Your love has left the void!" Hemi said, everyone looking at the man holding Hemi and Haras with silent shock.


Back In The Bowels Of Destiny


Lucas walked forward, his footsteps leaving a soft sound on the stone pathway he walked down.

He crossed its long length, stepping on the marble center of the wheel's surrounding largeness.

His senses were heightened, his eyes sparkling violet and green, scanning everywhere.

He walked up the marble steps before him, standing before the golden throne and golden square sarcophagus behind it.

He saw the name Kurucu etched in the throne's headrest, the young man seeing the soft cobwebs showing on its spiral ornamentation.

"A throne lost upon the sands of time. A glorification of a man's ego and a soul's vanity." he softy said, his voice resonating in the silent tomb.

Lucas' form went erect, the man sensing something in his magic.

"Come out, Kurucu. I sense your lurking truth." he said, the man hearing a soft laugh.

"A man's ego is his own. And mine is the most powerful." a deep voice said, Lucas turning and seeing a soft shadow move in one of the other passageway openings surrounding him.

Out of that darkness walked a man in a long black cassock.

He head was hidden behind its black cowl.

Lucas stared at the image, his form slowly walking forward.

Lucas' eyes scanned around him, his now green pools seeing two things in the deep crevice before him.

And then he saw a third standing at the same opening he'd walked through.

The black-cloaked man walked towards him, stopping at the end of the stone walkway he'd walked down, two hands coming out of his cassock, going to the cowl hanging around his hidden face.

Lucas saw the ancientness of the hands before him, the black hood falling back on the man's shoulders.

Lucas stared into a bearded face, older than perhaps time itself.

"Hello, my young friend. You are stronger than all that have traversed this sanctuary." the man said, his voice deep with resonating clarity, his tones echoing off the room's stone walls.

His eyes were as dark as ebony, their liquid centers showing great power.

"This is not a sanctuary, it is a trap of evil, a tomb of life's ending choices." Lucas said, staring at the man, Lucas backing away from the throne before him.

The man smiled at him, moving forward, his slender form moving up the steps, sitting down on the throne before Lucas.

The sarcophagus behind him seemed to brighten in its golden hue.

"You are courageous and intelligent, son of Alsarius' blood. I feel his worth flowing from you. And I feel something more." he said, staring down at Lucas.

Lucas backed up, his back to the stone walkway he'd walked down, the cassocked man seated before him.

"I am of his blood and others. I am the lifeblood of all." Lucas said, the man staring at him, his eyes darkening.

"Has your intelligence reasoned out who I am yet, young warrior?" he said, staring at Lucas' green eyes.

"Yes, lost soul of evil. You may hide behind fanciful names of greatness and fantasy, but your soul is still your own."
The man laughed, its loudness echoing off the silent walls.

"You know nothing, scavenger of lost dreams. I know you've been here before. I know what lays missing from my treasures. Why did you take them?" the man said, his form seemingly changing, its height rising, the man now over six feet tall.

"I took them for love. Their goodness doing good. And I know much, Heritas Amotep."

The man's eyes darkened more, his body rising from his seat, staring down at Lucas.

"That name was only one of my paths of ascension. I am so much more." he said, staring at Lucas.

Lucas caught movement on his right and left sides, in the other passageways' darkened tunnels.

Soft black mist began to issue forth from two of them.

"I feel your magic coming, Kurucu. Minions of evil's might coming. I can stand against all. I come for the final treasures." Lucas said, raising his hand, the ring on his finger glowing, the cloaked man's eyes widening.

He saw the golden ring on Lucas' finger and the pendant now hanging from his neck exposed.

"The Teardrop! Kurucu's ring! Give me them now, you thief!" the man said, his form immediately changing.

The man before Lucas changed, his stature growing, his height now over six and a half feet, his body showing a greater musculature.

His hands now were larger, his eyes glowing with red evil.

"My magic shall devour you, thief of so much magic!" the man said, the black mists from the tunnels flowing towards him with lightning speed.

Lucas sensed something had moved behind him, the young man diving into the treasure crevice to his left, his hands going for two objects.

His hands wrapped around a large object and a smaller one that had lain on top of each other.

He rose again, throwing the larger object behind him, it sailing through the air into a large white cloud of mist that had flown out of the tunnel which Lucas had ventured out of.

A hand came out of the mist, catching the large object.

"The Bowman, he needs it!" Lucas screamed, the white cloud encircling the object Lucas had thrown at it, two eyes forming in the white mist.

"Go to him! I go to God's path!" Lucas screamed, the young man moving again, climbing out of the crevice, another object in his hand.

The mist moved, flying through the tunnel it had just ventured through, disappearing into its blackness.

Lucas was on the move, heading straight for Heritas Amotep, the man's eyes widening when he saw the object in Lucas' hand.

"You wouldn't dare!" he screamed, Lucas moving up the steps, falling on top of the man just before the black mists surrounded them.

Heritas Amotep screamed, a blinding whiteness filling the room, Lucas and the man lost in it.

The brightness faded in an instant, Lucas standing alone upon the altar before the throne, the black mist and Heritas gone.

Lucas heard a sound, like the opening of a door, his eyes going behind the throne, seeing the golden sarcophagus had opened.

Lucas moved around the throne, walking up to the golden tomb, pushing its golden door further back.

Before him stood a mummified body, a golden mask on its face, its body wrapped in tight silk cloth.

A golden chain hung from its neck, the ending of it broken, Lucas' hand going to the pendant around his own neck.

Lucas suddenly saw the corpse move forward, Lucas stepping back, the corpse falling out of the sarcophagus, landing on the marble flooring.

The moment it hit the floor it exploded, dust flying everywhere.

Lucas stared down at it, seeing its total ancient destruction.

"Your soul was evil, your body long dust." Lucas said, raising his emerald eyes, staring into the golden tomb, seeing a symbol on the back of the inner golden surface, the body having been covering it.

In front of Lucas' eyes was a diamond star.

His eyes went to the necklace he wore, its redness softly glowing violet.

The star before him softly glowed violet as well, Lucas moving forward.

His hand went to the star, pressing against it.

It moved, the back of the sarcophagus moving now.

The golden surface split, Lucas seeing the back was now a doorway opening.

Lucas stared into the darkness before him, seeing a thousand stars shining.

He looked back into the golden treasure tomb behind him, his eyes on the doorway where the white mist had disappeared to.

His hand went down to the object in his hand, holding it close.

"The war never ends. Evil must be ended. I hope you have a greater courage than I, Colton. And I hope I have gambled correctly."

Lucas moved, walking into the darkness at the back of the sarcophagus, his body disappearing into it.


In The Room Above


Isadora moved from her husband's arms, walking up to Josh's side.

Kavinus smiled at her, bowing his head.

She went to her knees again, staring at the man before them.

Josh looked down at her, seeing the tears in her eyes.

"You have walked in shadows, Great One. I cannot believe the greatness of you." she said, the man smiling at her.

"I am love and I am his child, love of passing devotion." he said, Isadora lowering her head.

"We never sensed the greatness of your love around us. I hear all their laments of lost devotion." she said, Kavinus smiling at her.

"I walk many paths, dear child of love. You yourself have his favor." he smiled, the woman smiling at him.

"I stand before greatness as only a child of his love, sir. You have a greater worth."

"Arise, Isadora. Your love I have felt. You are one of his chosen." Kavinus said, Isadora rising to her feet, Emerson again at her side.

Hemi and Haras staring at him, the man releasing them both.

"We. . .we were lost, Kavinus. We have wandered on many paths as well." Hemi said, Kavinus smiling at him.

"Journeys of devotion and love are walked with courage. You have a great courage, my brother. You saved myself and my love down in that darkness. And Haras, your love and courage showed as well." Kavinus said, the two staring at him with tears.

"We could not save your love, Kavinus. Alsarius was lost to us." Haras said, Kavinus smiling at him.

"His love was never lost, Haras. I had that love for over seventy years after on the third path. And I have it within my soul. His love is still out there. The greater one has it close." Kavinus said, his eyes meeting Isadora's.

"The third path?" Josh said, Kavinus staring at him and Justin and Lance.

"The three of his soul. I feel his love emanating off of all three of you. You are so blessed." the man smiled, Justin staring at him.

"You are so beautiful." Justin softly said, Kavinus smiling.

"I shine with love, Justin. You shine even more. All three of you." the three men smiled, Kavinus' eyes moving to Hemi's brown.

"My brother, I wish I would have known. That truth was hidden from me on the path. But you showed your love and courage. I see you are blessed as well, brother." he said, Hemi tearing up, the four of his soul now surrounding him.

Kavinus' eyes went to Colton's blue pools, staring at the young man.

"Hello, Bowman. Are you on the final path?" he said, Colton staring at him.

"The path to what?" Colton said, the man smiling at him.

"Where is the little imp? Her path was to guide you forward." the man smiled, looking around the room.

"Rosa Sharon?" Josh said, the man nodding.

"An angel in the trueness of the word. More so than others." he said, staring at Colton.

"Have you walked the path? Where is Lucas?" Kavinus said, Colton staring at him again.

"I do not know the path of which you speak, Kavinus. I have only walked my life." the young man said, Kavinus looking at him with confusion, his blue eyes going to the white altar in the floor.

"He has not returned with you?" he said with worry, Colton looking at him.

"I didn't go with him, Kavinus. He walked into destiny by himself. But a white mist followed." Colton said, the man looking surprised.

"She. . .she went down there?!" he said, Colton nodding.

"Yes, my sister--or her magic--went down there to aid him. She said he was walking into a trap." Colton said, Kavinus looking again at the altar.

"This is wrong! You were to walk with him!" Kavinus said, staring at Colton.

"Where is the weapon?" he said, looking around at everyone.

"The weapon? What weapon?" Finn said, the man staring at him.

"Where is it, Bowman?" Kavinus said, his face showing a deepening concern.

"I do not know of what you speak, Kavinus. The only weapon I have is the bow I fastened myself as a boy." Colton said, Kavinus' eyes widening.

"By the Shades of Kurucu he can't have changed the path! For what reason?" the man said, the chamber now suddenly filling with a grinding sound.

Everyone's eyes went to the white altar, its center now starting to move, an opening again beginning to show.

Everyone's eyes widened, a vision of white mist moving out of it, that vision beginning to change.

Rosa Sharon stood upon the bottom steps of the stone staircase, walking upwards.

Everyone stared at her and what she held in her hand.

She walked out of the sunken altar, standing in front of everyone.

Her blue eyes went to Colton's blue, and then to the other two of blue staring at her.

"Hello, Watcher. You've come out of the darkness." she said, the man staring at her and what she held in her hand.

"Yes, little one. And I see you've gone on another treasure hunt. Why do you have that, and not him?" he said, looking at Colton, the little girl staring at Kavinus.

"Lucas gave it to me, in a moment of panic and truth. I walk now to the carrier of it. He has changed the path. He takes on the greater evil." she said, the young girl walking up to her brother, Colton staring at her.

"This was always destined to be yours, Colt. I sense it just had to have his love attached to it as well. He is so intelligent in his love and courage. You need to move fast. The army is ready." she said, Colton staring at her.

His eyes lowered, staring at the large object in her hand.

Everyone stared at it, taking in its simple construction and its glowing magic.

Colton's hand moved forward, taking the object from his sister, the young man's blue eyes suddenly glowing emerald green.

He trembled, looking down at the wooden artifact he held in his hands.

It was a simple crossbow, constructed of a dark, deeply hued wood, ancient symbols etched in the wood, its string a gleaming silvery hue.

An arrow lay in its notch, its golden shine gleaming in the room, a diamond arrowhead on its end, two other arrows attached to the bow's quiver.

"Three arrows of worth, Great One. The battle begins." Rosa Sharon said, looking towards Kavinus.

"How is this possible, little one? This battle was never in the cards. He was to slay the beginning evil!" Kavinus said, Rosa Sharon smiling at him.

"Lucas gave that fight, Watcher. I believe he was victorious. He now has readied himself for the great fight. He has entered the Fields of Truth."

Kavinus looked stunned, Isadora staring at him and Rosa Sharon, the woman moving to the child's side.

"It. . .it has begun? It was never destined to begin, child." she said, her voice etched with concern and awed wonder.

"Life in all realms, in all realities is a path. Lucas has often said that. I now sense he knows where unto he goes. He's changed the path. And I feel the greater sacrifice."

Colton's arm moved, wrapping around his sister.

"What's going on, Rosy? What is this weapon, and why is it mine?"

She stared up at her older brother, smiling into his blue eyes.

"It is yours because you are love, Colton. You are a child of love. Of his love."

Rosa Sharon's eyes moved to Josh's blue, the man staring at her.

"His love is true love, Josh. You are blessed to feel its center. We are blessed to just feel a softness of it. The veil opens. His love draws all to their devotion. The Shades are coming. The battle begins."

"Battle? Battle for what?" Josh said, his eyes moving to Kavinus' blue eyes, their centers now showing a soft glowing shine.

"The battle for everything, Joshua." Isadora said, Josh looking at her, Emerson staring at his wife.

"Kavinus is the nexus of life and love, everyone. He is the Commander of The Host." Rosa Sharon said, the small girl's image suddenly changing, her size heightening, her image changing again from white smoke to a vision of feminine beauty.

Hemi's eyes widened in disbelief, the image of his mother staring back at him.

"Mother!" he cried, the young Egyptian moving, enveloped in her arms, the woman smiling around at everyone.

"My giving, loving, son. Born of love and magic, giving of heart and life. I have always loved you."

Hemi cried, his four soulmates staring at him with tearful love.

"I have always felt your love. But you were lost to my love." he cried, the woman rubbing his back, her now violet pools staring at Kavinus.

"Your love was always with me, Hemidon. You are a part of me." she said, the young Egyptian stepping back, staring into her now violet pools.

"You look as beautiful as the last day I saw you."

She smiled, staring into his brown eyes.

"I know the truth, Mother. Of your Egyptian past. Of your royal lineage and life. Lucas reasoned it all out."
The woman smiled, nodding her head.

"His magic is life and love. The greater beauty being the love." she said, staring around at everyone.

She stepped back from Hemi, the young man staring at her, her eyes going to the four standing behind him.

"You are loved, Hemidon. It took you many lifetimes to find it. But I see its radiating beauty. That is all I ever wanted for you."

"It is the path of all of us, Queen Meresankh." Kavinus said, the woman smiling at him.

"Indeed, Azrael." she said, Isadora staring at him with shock.

"No! It. . .it cannot be!" she said, the woman going to her knees again, Emerson looking down at her with worry.

"What is it, my love?" he said, Josh staring at Kavinus.

"You spoke that name before, Kavinus. When I first met you in that hotel suite in Florida you said that your name was Azrael. That I could call you Azrael. Lucas seeming surprised by that name." Josh said, Finn remembering that event.

Kavinus stared around at everyone, his eyes going to Hemi's mother's violet pools.

Emerson helped his wife to her feet, the woman staring at Kavinus with wonder.

"As I stated I have walked many paths. I originated from that." he said, Isadora staring at him.

"You are. . .it is true?" she said, the man nodding.

"The battle truly begins, child of shaded life. The Shades do come. The army readies."

Kavinus' blue eyes stared at Colton, the young man still holding the bow.

"Your army awaits, Bowman. I shall stand at your side. We are ready for the battle against evil."

Kavinus' hands moved, the man opening his cassock, it falling from his body.

Everyone stared in awed wonder.

The man wore a skirted uniform, a golden breastplate seemingly gleaming with brightness, a solitary diamond star etched into its center.

Above the man's head a golden glow seemed to shine, that glow now extending all around him, everyone stepping back in silent wonder.

"I am Azrael, the defender of truth, the warrior of love and life. I descend to the bowels of destiny following The King. His path is set, we follow his love." the man said, everyone staring at a golden glowing man standing before them.


"Who. . .who are you really?!" Finn said, everyone looking at the man before them.

Colton dropped the crossbow held in his hands, the bow hitting the floor, then moving back upwards.

It went into his hands again, Colton stepping back in surprise.

"You cannot shed your destiny, Bowman. The path is set. Your heart is of love, your worth in your soul. You are of this true world as always was destined." Kavinus said, Hemi's mother walked up to him.

"It is too early to reveal your soul, Azrael. It has not been seen for eons." she said, the woman's beauty changing again, standing beside the man.

Everyone's eyes widened in wonder, now seeing a golden aura extending from her form.

"We are the children of life, we are the children of his love. We come from the spiritual realm to fight the greater fight. He needs us." she said, Colton staring at her and Kavinus.

"What. . .what have I. . .?" he softly said, Meresankh's image changing, Rosa Sharon walking up to her brother.

"It was always you, Colton. You are a child of destiny. A greater destiny than even Lucas. Or Kavinus and myself. The greater destiny of all this is your love. You are the center of this."

"I. . .I don't understand." Colton said, staring down at his little sister.

The little girl smiled, her arms wrapping around her brother, hugging him close.

Josh stared at the two, Justin's and Lance's arms around him.

"What of Lucas, Rosy?" Josh said, Rosa Sharon smiling at him.

"Lucas is love, Josh. A surprising, guiding, remarkable love." she smiled, Justin staring at her.
"Where is he, Rosy? What's going on down there?" Justin said, his eyes moving, two blue pools now right in front of him, a hand going to his shoulder.

Justin stared into Kavinus' blue pools, the man standing right in front of him.

"He has stepped into a realm he was never destined to breech, my young friend. Why he has gone there, I know not. I only know the path he was supposed to walk. The path of The Bowman." the man said, staring at Colton, then at Josh.

"His love is indeed remarkable. As is his soul. I believe the magic instilled within him has created a greater intelligence. But paths cannot be changed, no matter what he believes." the man said, moving and walking up to Colton.

"You are destined to carry this bow, Bowman. It is your life's destiny. Lucas was on the same path of your destiny. You are a descendant of his love, of my Alsarius' love as well. And of my own love. Lucas was a descendant of our child, our son Tomarus." Kavinus said, looking towards the painting of the Belmont clan.

"Did Alsarius know of your real magical self, Kavinus?" Hemi said, Kavinus looking at his brother.

"Yes, Hemi. He knew that reality for a very good reason. I shall be his soulmate for eternity. Regardless of the prison he now finds himself in." Kavinus said, looking at Colton.

"You are the Bowman of destiny, Colton Carlisle. Lucas has guided you to your destiny."

Colton stared at the man, then at Meresankh, her hair fluttering behind her.

"Lucas only guided me to his love. And I understand now what he meant." Colton said, Enrique looking at him.

"What he meant, Colt?"

Colton's eyes went to Josh and Justin, Lance staring at the young man as well.

"Last night I went on a journey with my magical soul. I found him in a surprising place again." Colton said, everyone staring at him.

"Where was he? He was sleeping with us all night, Colt." Josh said, Colton staring at him.

"I think he moved out of his body, or his magic did. Just before we retired last night I sensed his walking soul again. I was drawn to his love. I found him in the cavadeum again. Only this time he wasn't. . ." Colton said, softly ending his words.

"Wasn't what, Colt?" Josh said, Colton staring at Kavinus.

"He wasn't as solid as he usually was when I'd seen him in his walking soul. He was shimmering. It was as if the magic wasn't strong. And he only said a few sentences, then smiled at me."

Jonathan's arm went around Colton.

"What did he say, Colt? You said last night that everything was fine when you returned to your soul." the young man said, Justin looking at his brother.

Colton looked around at everyone.

"He said 'Go back to their love, Colt. It is your reward for your paths of fate. Their newness will give you the courage you need. I will always be with you. The choice tomorrow will be yours. I can only abide by what I have discovered. I lay my life in his hands. We have love, that will be enough.'" Colton said, his blue eyes tearing.

"And then he smiled at me and said 'I love you, Colt. You are my son, of my soul and my heart. And you are so much more.' Then he vanished."

Colton's blue pools went to Meresankh, the woman smiling at him.

"The choice was always mine. I feel his love down there. I will always go to that. If he needs me to do this I shall. I accept the path you're leading me onto. I feel the greater magic and love behind this path. I am ready to be this Bowman." Colton said, staring at Kavinus, the man nodding, his hand going to his breast, covering his heart.

"I pledge my soul, my love, and my courage to your path, Colton Carlisle. You are a descendant of worth and courage. God's army is ready to follow you." Kavinus said, his eyes going to everyone staring at him.

Colton felt Jonathan turn him in his arms, staring into his blue eyes.

"Are you sure, Colty? This sounds so unbelievably dangerous." Jonathan said, Hemi, Haras and Enrique staring at the young man.

"I feel Lucas' love, Jonah. It still surrounds me. I sense somehow he's changed my path. I think in some way he's saved me."

Kavinus stared at the young man.

"You are the safest of all of us, young warrior. The bow in your hand will shield you from any evil. It is the weapon of God." Kavinus said, his blue eyes looking at everyone surrounding them.

Everyone stared at the two men, Kavinus' hand going to Colton's shoulder.

"We must ready. You will need to know what your path must be. You will see their love at its end." the man smiled, Colton nodding, looking at his soulmates.

"I love all five of you." Colton said, the four before him each kissing him on the lips, Hemi changing to Derek, then back to his Egyptian self, Colton kissed by all five.

Isadora moved, Emerson at her side, their son and daughter-in-law beside them, Kavinus staring at all four of them.

"I know the truth of that lost name, Azrael. We all thought it only a legend of mystical hope." she said, Kavinus smiling at her.

"Life is filled with hope. Eternal love is the gift of God's love." he said, staring into her blue eyes.

Colton stared around at everyone, his eyes falling on Kavinus last.

"This isn't over in regards to Lucas, my friends. I feel his love and magic. Something else is going on here." Colton said, Kavinus and Meresankh looking at each other.

"He may have sealed his doom, my young friend. For whatever reason he has changed the path. But you are still on your destined path. That cannot change." Kavinus said, his eyes moving towards the half opened altar.

His golden glow seemed to intensify, the man looking at Meresankh.

"Paths continue. I shall be there when needed Bowman." the man said, staring into Colton's blue pools, his image disappearing in an instant.

Everyone looked at the spot where he'd stood, their eyes going to Meresankh.

"He is of his own realm. His love still shines." she said, the woman changing, Rosa Sharon smiling around at everyone.

The silence in the room was broken by a loud booming sound coming from the opened altar.

Everyone looked at each other, their eyes focusing on the opening in the floor.

After a few moments they heard footsteps echoing from below, as if someone was walking a long corridor.

Josh, Justin and Lance moved, Colton at their side, the four walking to the edge of the opening, staring down into the darkness.

Out of that darkness they saw a shape emerging, that person walking up from the deep stone staircase going down into the blackness.

Josh's eyes widened, as did Justin's and Lance's, the three men stepping back a bit.

Everyone moved around the entrance, seeing the looks on the three's faces as well as on Colton's.

Lucas walked up the staircase, his face coming out into the light of the room, his body moving upwards as well.

Everyone's eyes widened, staring at the young man.

"Good God, Luke! Your hair!" Finn said, Lucas staring at his friend.

"And hello to you too, Finny." the young man smiled, walking up out of the darkness, his body now on the top steps of the sunken altar.

Josh's eyes looked up into Lucas' violet pools, the young man smiling at him.

"Thank you all for waiting, I didn't expect that." he said, looking around at everyone, seeing their staring awed looks.

"What?" he said, looking at his Josh.

"Your. . .your hair is. . .it's almost white, my love!" Josh said, Justin and Lance staring at the young man as well.

"And you look taller, Luke." Lance said, staring at the young man with awed wonder.

"And your clothes are soaking wet, Luke." Justin said, his eyes scanning the young muscular man before him, his long sleeve polo shirt and black pants soaking wet.

Lucas stared at them all, his head turning, looking back down into the darkness, the young man waving his hand at his side.

The altar's opening began to close, the darkness disappearing under its white marbled beauty.

Lucas stepped back, the altar closing completely and then starting to rise again from the floor.

Within moments it was back to its original height, the domed glass raising out of it, it once again in its original state.

Lucas stared at everyone, his grandfather walking up to him, Isadora at his side.

"Lucas, my grandson, what has happened? What have you found?" the man said, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

"I have found faith and love, Grandfather. And the truer path. I can now see this to its end." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Colton's blue pools, the man's eyes moving, seeing the crossbow in the young man's hand.

Their eyes met again, Colton staring at Lucas with love.

"I did not want this path for you, Colton. I could not stop you from its trueness. But perhaps I've altered it just enough." the young man said, Colton staring at him.

"I have accepted the path, Luke. Kavinus now knows that." Colton said, Lucas looking at him with confusion.

"Kavinus? He was here?" Lucas said, his eyes going to Rosa Sharon's blue pools.

"The Watcher watches all, and has now walked on the greater path." she smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"He's early. As are others." Lucas said, looking at Colton.

"The chamber is closed, as this room will again be. There is only one other evil to deal with before the final path." Lucas said, the young man staring around at everyone.

"Let's return upstairs, everyone. We need to voice what's been seen and what's not. And I need to change my clothes." Lucas softly smiled, the young man moving, walking towards the doorway of the hidden room, Josh, Justin and Lance following.

Colton stared after his friend, Jonathan's arm going around him, the young man looking at the crossbow in Colton's hand.

"Are you alright, my love?" Jonathan said, Enrique, Haras and Hemi now at their sides.

"Yes, my love. His love surrounds me." Colton smiled, the young man moving, everyone else following, the group leaving the hidden room.

They all stopped on the stone platform outside its door, staring at Lucas and his soulmates awaiting them at the other end of the corridor, at its stone staircase.

The lettered stones between them were now gone.

"I have sealed the room, and warded off the traps. We will venture here only one last time." Lucas said, the young man turning, walking up the stone steps towards the upper library.

Everyone traded looks, walking across the smooth stone floor.


Back To The Sunshine


Lucas accepted the towel from Justin, the man staring at the naked man standing before him.

The four had left their friends and family in the hallway outside the library, the three of Lucas' heart following him to their bedroom.

Here now Lucas stood, his wet clothing gone from his body, the three of his soul staring at his revealed changed beauty.

His body seemed more muscular, its smoothness sinewy in its toned, ridged beauty.

He now stood over six foot three, his original height around five ten and a half.

His hair was its same curly length but now a whitish shade of blond.

"What's happened, Lucky? You're even more intoxicatingly beautiful." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, seeing the three staring at him with awed wonder.

"I am still myself, my loves. Just a new version of the beauty you desire. I always told you I'd find new ways to ignite the fires of your hearts." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him, taking in his naked beauty.

To Justin's trained eyes Lucas' flaccid center looked about an inch longer in length, hanging below his balls now.

"I have grown in all ways, my loves. I'll take care of those new desires tonight." Lucas smiled, winking at Justin, the man blushing, but smiling.

"Looking forward to it, new and improved Lucky." he smiled, Lucas lightly laughing.

Lance smiled at him, handing him a pair of boxer briefs, Lucas slipping their blueness over his center, Josh handing him a pair of cargo shorts, Lucas smiling at him, slipping them over his hairy muscular legs.

"I'm alright, my loves. Paths I walk shed many lights of truth. My love will never change on any path."

Josh smiled, walking up to his man, their lips meeting.

Justin and Lance smiled, seeing the two wrapped in their love.

"I feel your unchanged love, my love. I was so worried. When Rosy came back without you. . ." Josh softly said, tears showing in his eyes.

"My love is forever, my loves. I will never leave you." Lucas smiled, Lance handing him a t-shirt, Lucas smiling at him.

"I hope it's a large tall. I've expanded my physique." he said, Lance smiling at him, Lucas pulling the shirt over his head, its tightness revealing his ridged abs and v-shaped torso.

"We may need to borrow clothes from Alain." Lance smiled, Lucas laughing.

"A little black magic to stir our HD even more." he said, Justin smiling.

"I only need you, Tall Boy. And my other two loves."
Lucas smiled, the young man moving forward, his arms wrapping around Justin's body, Justin staring up into his violet pools.

"I am so going to rock your world, Timberlake. Prepare for the second monster of our hearts."

Lance laughed, Lucas winking at him.

Josh's arm went around Lucas, Lance's arms going around all three of them.

"What happened down there, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas smiling, kissing his lips.

"I went on the path of my destiny, Joshua. And I found something more." Lucas said, Lance staring at him.

"What did you find, Luke?" he said, Lucas smiling at him, kissing his lips, Lance feeling his unchanged love.

"I found myself, Lancy. And none of them realize that." Lucas smiled, the three staring at him.

"I know my family awaits me, my loves. I need to calm their souls. And I need to tell Colton the truth." Lucas said, the young man lowering his eyes for a moment.

"You found yourself, Luke? We all know yourself. It is your love. We, the three of you heart, love you always." Justin said, Lucas smiling, kissing his lips again.

"And I love you. Now I know it's for always. I can walk to the end of all this. I now know your love is there for me at the end." Lucas smiled, the three smiling at the beauty of his smiling face.

"Awesome. That's good enough for my soul." Justin smiled, all four smiling.

The three felt Lucas' love, the young man walking out of the bedroom, his life following him.


Lucas walked into the Receiving Room, everyone rising from their seats, all staring at the young man with shocked wonder.

Lewis and Jacques walked up to him, staring at his changed looks.

"You have. . .you have seen God, Lucas! You have the hair of divine vision!" Lewis said, going to his knees before Lucas, the young man smiling down at him, then at Jacques.

Jacques bent down, guiding his husband back to his feet.

"He is still our Lucas, Mon Cheri. I feel his returned, unchanged love." the Frenchman smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"As I feel yours, Jacques." Lucas said, the Frenchman smiling at him with friendship and love.

Lucas' violet pools met Lewis' blue, the minister staring at him with godly devotion.

"I have seen much, friend of my father, friend of myself.  Some I shall speak of, some I leave within my heart. Faith is a part of that. It is within all of us." the young man smiled, Lewis nodding, staring at the young man with awed wonder.

"Some of us carry more of God's love, Lucas. I sense you have bathed in it."

Lucas smiled, patting the older man's shoulder.

"Yes, I did get wet." he smiled, the young man moving, Lewis' eyes meeting the three behind him, Lucas walking up to his mother and grandmother.

His two sons were in their arms, Lucas smiling and guiding both into his own arms.

He smiled, staring down at his two sons while his three soulmates walked up to him.

Lucas kissed each child on their foreheads, the young man smiling, staring into their focused eyes.

"Daddy big!" Little Justy said, Josh's eyes widening, everyone staring at them.

Lucas smiled, kissing the boy's forehead again, the infant giggling.

"Yes, my son. Daddy bigger. As is his love." Lucas smiled, his mother staring at him with awed love.

"He's. . .they're. . .that's amazing!" she said, Lucas smiling at her and his grandmother.

"They are of my love. That's always been amazing." he smiled, Justin picking up the infant from Lucas' arms, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your love has always been amazing."

"Take Joshy, Lance. Let's sit down everyone." Lucas smiled, everyone returning to their seats, all eyes on the young man, Lucas walking up to the fireplace.

He stopped halfway, staring at a mirror beside the fireplace, taking in his own new reflection for a moment, then continuing to the fireplace.

The day had waned, the sunshine now fading in the large room, the hour after five.

"The path moves at its own speed." he said, Lance looking at him.

"Meaning what, Luke?"

"Meaning that for myself it feels like I've been gone for days." Lucas smiled, his arm going against the mantle, the young man resting against it.

"I'd like to know what I missed down there in the hidden room, everyone. Please tell us the story of your own adventures." Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Colton's, Lucas seeing the bow laying on the couch beside him, the young man surrounded by his loves.

Hemi rose from his seat, the young Egyptian walking up to Lucas.

His blue eyes looked towards Rosa Sharon, the young girl smiling at him, she now seated in Harry's lap, the man's arm around her, Alain at his side.

"We learned the truth of Rosa Sharon's true self, Lucas. I saw. . .I saw my mother again. And Kavinus Amotep, my lost stepbrother, walked into that room." Hemi said, Lucas seeing the emotion and love in the young man's eyes.

His hand went to the young man's shoulder, smiling at him.

"Tell us all of it, Hemi. Let the light of the day's love enter our hearts." Lucas smiled, Hemi looking around at everyone.

The young man began to talk, telling everyone who hadn't been there of all that had transpired.

Of Lucas' walking down into that ancient treasure room, of the appearance of Rosa Sharon, and her changing visions.
And of the later appearance of Kavinus and his magic-like image.

Lucas quietly listened, taking in all of Hemi's narration, everyone hearing of the drama, wonder and magic the group had lived through.

"Another soul lost in time, appearing before the path of your love." Lewis said, staring at Lucas.

"Yes, the ever-mysterious Kavinus. I keep missing his appearing reality." Lucas said, more to himself, Josh looking at him.

"He said his name was Azrael again, Luke." Josh said, Lucas looking quietly at him, then nodding.

"Paths walked by many, but perhaps by one." Lucas said, Isadora rising from her seat, Lucas smiling at his grandmother.

"I take it you have more to voice, Grandmother of my heart? I sensed through Hemi's narration that you didn't finish your conversation down in that room." Lucas said, Isadora walking up to him, Lucas staring into her blue pools.

"I never was given the chance to state what we, the Shades of life, have heard in the Void, Lucas."

Lucas nodded, staring at her.

"Of the greater mysterious Azrael, the warrior of worth."

Isadora stared at Lucas, the young man smiling at her.

"Speak from your heart, Grandmother. Voice to them what I already sense." the young man said, his eyes going up to the painting of his father, Tristan staring at his son.

Isadora's hand went to her grandson's shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"That name he spoke of was known to all Shades, Lucas. It is a name spoken in reverence across the Void. I was surprised to hear his declaration of his true self. It is a name long thought of as a false hope within all our lost souls. It is the hope of life's eternal greatness. If he is as he says he is then the final battle is at hand." she said, her eyes going towards Colton, the young man quietly staring at her.

"He is as he is, Grandmother. As I am. As all are on the path to the final battle. The Bowman has been shown, his warrior showing his worth."

Isadora stared at him.

"He. . .it can't be, Lucas! It can't be true!" she said, Emerson rising from his seat, going to his wife's side.

"What can't be true, my love?" Emerson said, Lucas staring at his grandfather, his eyes then going around the room.

"Life, the world's past, and faith's center are all true, Grandfather. His golden aura marks him as his true self." Lucas said, his eyes going to his soulmates, Josh staring at him with worried love.

"You--my friends who had entered that hidden room--were indeed blessed. As I know one day I shall be." Lucas said, Isadora looking at him.

"Lucas. . .is it true?" she said, Emerson's arm going around his wife's waist, staring at his grandson.

The next words Lucas spoke stunned the whole room.

"Yes, Grandmother. Kavinus Amotep is the angel Azrael."


End of Chapter 197


Did any of you clue into that?
A golden aura!

I bet a few of you did.

Kavinus Amotep, lover of Alsarius, father of the Belmont lineage seems to have been an angel!

Or still is.


What happened to Lucas down in that tomb?

He united with evil, a white flash of magic making evil leave.

What was in the golden sarcophagus Lucas entered?

What did he hold in his hand?

Why has Lucas changed, and why was he wet?

What is Colton's part in all this?


A lot of questions in need of answers.

Let's labor on that.

There's a whole day for that this weekend!


Happy Labor Day!


Hugs, Angel.