Yesterday's End-198


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

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Chapter 198


Lucas stared around at everyone, Finn and Hemi on their feet.

"We saw. . .he's. . .he's a freaking angel?!" Finn gasped, Lucas looking at his friend.

Everyone stared at Lucas in shocked wonder, two blue pools looking at him quietly.

Lucas' eyes went to the window beside him, seeing the late day sunshine beaming through.

"The sunshine of God's love. And so the golden glow marks them. The halo of their devotion." he softly said, Hemi walking towards Lucas, his four soulmates' eyes following him.

Rosa Sharon rose from her seat in Harry's lap, the young girl walking over to Colton, the young man staring at his sister as she climbed up into his lap, snuggling against him.

Lucas's eyes went to the little girl, Rosa Sharon smiling at him.

Hemi's eyes were on Rosa Sharon as well, the young Egyptian walking up to Lucas.

"My. . .my mother is an angel?" he said softly, Lucas' hand going to Hemi's shoulder, everyone's eyes going to the little girl softly smiling around at everyone.

"Rosa Sharon's a freaking angel as well?!" Finn said, staring at her with shock, Skyler rising from her seat, her arm going around her husband's waist.

"Apparently, Finny. Let Lucas talk." she said, Finn's eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"Sit down, Finny. I'll try and explain everything." Lucas said, Finn slowly nodding his head, his wife guiding him back to his seat.

"I don't understand this, Luke." Hemi said, Lucas rubbing his shoulder.

"Sit with your loves, Hemidon. I shall voice the truth in what some of you have seen. And in what others have seen for far longer." Lucas said, the young Egyptian staring at Lucas, feeling two arms going around him.

"Let's sit, Hemi. Our Lucas will lighten our souls." Enrique said, guiding his lover back to his seat, Lucas smiling at both.

Everyone's eyes were on the young man and the little girl still seated in Colton's lap.

Lewis rose from his seat, Lucas smiling towards him.

"It is the work of God, Lucas. He has sent his angels of love to you." the minister said, staring at the little girl in awed wonder, the man's hands together in a prayer of faith.

"God's path is all our paths, Lewis."
The minister walked up to the young man, Jacques watching his husband's face of wonder.

"You are on a path of His greater creation, Lucas. You walk within God's design."

The young man smiled, nodding his head.

"Yes, Lewis. Perhaps He guides me as well. The greater love I shall follow."

Lewis' eyes went to the little girl, Rosa Sharon smiling at him.

"Angels, Lucas. You are voicing the dreams and hopes of many religions, my young friend. To know and see the truth of their existence would shatter the foundations of all faiths. It would be the revelation of the true God. Of the deepness of His love and truth." the minister said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"God is real, Lewis. His love shows in many ways, and in many forms." Lucas said, Lewis nodding, staring into his violet pools.

"Are. . .are you an angel, Lucas?" he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I am a man, Lewis. A man with yes, magical powers. But I am of this world, of His own creation. I am as here as you are." the young man smiled, Lewis blushing softly, smiling at him.

"I just had to ask." he said, Lucas smiling and patting his shoulder.

"Life is for the living, Lewis. I'm alive and I'm living." Lucas smiled, his eyes on his three soulmates, all three smiling at him.

"Why have you changed, Lucas?" the minister said, staring up into his violet pools, the man's blond curly hair surrounding his smooth handsome face.

"God's love changes all on their paths, Lewis. I just saw more than I was supposed to." Lucas said, Lewis staring at him.

"You have seen a vision of God's truth, Lucas. That would change any soul."

Lucas smiled, looking towards his soulmates again.

"My soul remains the same, Lewis. I am as loving, giving and caring as ever. I am only myself."

The minister nodded, smiling at the young man.

"Then tell us the tale of your and their adventures, Lucas. We all wish to learn of God's angelic creations." Lewis said, smiling and walking back to his husband, Jacques' arms going around him when he sat down.

Lucas smiled, looking around the room, his eyes meeting two blue pools.

"I think I should start with you, Grandmother." Lucas said, Isadora Francesca Carlisle-Belmont nodding, the woman rising from her seat beside her husband, Emerson looking at her as she walked up to her grandson.

The two smiled at each other, their eyes meeting.

"I see truth within your violet pools, Lucas. You have seen and reasoned out much, I believe." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"The first thing I deduced was his love, Grandmother. It echoed through all three of your lives." he said, the woman staring at him with surprise.

"You know that?" she said, the young man smiling at her, taking her hands in his, kissing both of her cheeks.

"You trusted one with your secret, perhaps because it was of his own doing." Lucas said, the woman looking surprised.

Her eyes went around the room, stopping on two people staring at her.

"That I'll voice in a moment after I lure him to his judgment." Lucas said, staring at his grandmother.

"His judgment, Lucas?" she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"The judgment under my love. He has it, as do you." Lucas said, the young man kissing his grandmother's cheek again, Isadora staring into his loving violet pools.

"Love can shelter many secrets, Grandmother. His love has cast a blanket over all our love." Lucas smiled, the woman nodding.

"I felt a deeper love in the Void, Lucas. We Shades all felt it." she said, Lucas nodding.

"Tell your story, Grandmother. Let's lead his love into the light." Lucas said, leaning against the mantle again, the woman looking around the room.

Her eyes went to her husband's green pools, Emerson staring at her with deep love.

"I love you Emmanuel, my loving Emmanuel. Our lives were filled with love. But in the end evil separated our love. Our own adopted son's evil-possessed soul caused our first separation. My accident was no accident. Haven pushed me down those stairs, Emerson. Our son's evil murdered me and thrust me into the Void."


Everyone's eyes were on the woman, Emerson rising from his seat, his arms going around her.

Tristan stared at his mother, his eyes showing their tearful love, Savannah's arm around him on their couch.

"Lucas already deduced that, my love. We all know now the evil of that man's soul. He always meant to destroy our family's soul." Emerson said, looking back at his son, his eyes and his son's now looking at Lucas.

"Nothing of evil could ever destroy my family's soul. It was love from the start." Lucas said, his grandparents and parents all staring at him with love.

"You knew that Haven had ended my life?" she said, Emerson nodding his head.

"Yes, my Isadora. Lucas had reasoned that out that first visit he walked here." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at his grandparents.

"I felt the evil in him and what it had done and was wanting to do, Grandmother. My protective love had ended the evil's interference in his plans of power. He awaits his judgment." Lucas said.

Everyone's eyes were on Lucas, staring at him with quiet wonder.

"He is in the Void, Lucas. I feel him there." Isadora said, Emerson's arm tightening around her.

"You sent him into the Void, Lucas?" Emerson stared at him with surprise, everyone else looking on in quiet wonder.

"Yes, Grandfather. My magic is strong. It can bring judgment to all." Lucas said, Emerson nodding, his eyes going to his wife.

"You still feel the Void, my love?" he said, Isadora's eyes meeting his.

"I have lived within the Void, my love. It is forever in a Shade's heart until the final voyage to the higher ascension of God's path."

"Until you are called to heaven?" Lewis said, Isadora nodding at him.

"Yes, Reverend. The Void is a place of awaiting judgment. All souls go there to await the final path. Some only remain there for moments, their lives of goodness rewarded with a quicker flight to God's love. For some it takes longer. It is a place of silent reflection, of quiet thought and dark reality. One's soul feels all its failings, hopes and dreams in that darkness." she said, the woman feeling a hand touch her shoulder, turning and staring into two violet pools, as violet as her daughter's.

"One's soul also feels love."

The woman nodded, looking into her grandson's violet pools.

"Yes, Lucas. That is where I felt the greatness of that love. We all felt it."

"The passing of his love." Lucas said, the woman looking at him, nodding.

"We never knew, Lucas. We never thought of the reality of the truth." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"The truth that all souls are love? That even souls of another creation could show and feel love?" Lucas said, Isadora nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. And his love was so intense. Every soul that he walked by felt his love. We all felt the loss within it."
Lucas nodded, rubbing her shoulder.

"A soul that has lost its love is felt by all of compassion and love." Lucas said, Josh rising from his seat, walking up to his husband, his arm going around him.

"What's going on, my love?" Josh said, staring up into his man's violet pools.

Lucas smiled at his husband, leaning down, their lips meeting, their kiss filled with love.

They broke their kiss, staring into each other's eyes.

"Our love is not lost, my love. It is in our four souls forever." Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting his other two soulmates.

"I know that, my love. I feel it always. But what--or who--are you and Isadora talking of?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, patting his backside.

"Return to our loves, my love. I have all your love with me." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him, rejoining his other two loves.

The three stared at Lucas, Josh in the center of Lance's and Justin's love.

Emerson stood beside his wife, her eyes on Lucas.

"You all felt his love flowing around you in the Void. A love of deep emotion and life." Lucas said, staring at his grandmother.

"Yes, Lucas. His love was unbelievable in its intensity."

Lucas nodded, staring into her blue pools.

"And then he talked to you?" Lucas said, the woman's blue pools showing tears.

"Yes, Lucas. The darkness surrounding me gave way to a soft light. And standing in that light was a young man of exquisite beauty." she said, looking around the room seeing several faces.

"We all saw that beauty in the hidden room below us just today. Kavinus Amotep walked out of the darkness and into my soul in the Void."

"You met Kavinus in the Void? You met my brother there?" Hemi said, staring at the woman.

Isadora looked at Lucas, the young man nodding.

She stared back at Hemi, Haras' and Enrique's arms around him.

"I met his soul, Hemi. I believed he was as trapped within the Void as I was. He was awaiting his final judgment." she said, lowering her eyes.

Lucas' hand went to her shoulder again.

"Or so you thought." Lucas said, her eyes meeting his again.

"Yes, Lucas. Or so I thought that first time of our meeting. I reasoned out later that that thought was wrong.  Kavinus wasn't there to await judgment." she said, Emerson's arm going around her.

"What did you reason he was there for? And why would he be there if he's. . .if he is an angel he would already be in God's kingdom." Emerson said, staring at his grandson.

Isadora kissed her husband's cheek, Emerson staring at her.

"He was there for myself, Emmanuel. He was there to guide me onto my next path. The path to your returned love. To the path of Francesca's creation."


Emerson stared with surprise at his wife, her face changing into Francesca's violet-eyed beauty.

"He. . .he guided you back to me?" he softly said, Francesca's hand rubbing his cheek.

"Yes, my love. His love guided my love back to you. He is a being to total love. He asked me in the Void to return to your love, that it needed my love again. I remember the exact words he said just before I returned to you. I now sense their greater meaning." she said, Emerson staring into her violet pools.

"What did he say, Mother?" Savannah said, looking at her parents.

"'Paths must continue, lives must be gained. Love continues as it must. He is the center of all our worlds. His creation is the hope of all our dreams. God awaits his love's awakening.'"

Francesca moved, her arm going around her grandson, Lucas staring at her.

"He was talking of you, Lucas. He returned me to my Emmanuel's love so that the path could continue to your creation. He guided the path to your own self." she said, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Yes, Grandmother. I reasoned that out as well." Lucas smiled, everyone staring at him.

"So you're saying Kavinus--or this angel Azrael--guided your grandmother back into your grandfather life so that path to your family's continuation could make sure that you came into being, Lucas? That's pretty wild." Finn said, staring at his friend with love.

"Kavinus guided my grandparents' love together again, Finn. That was the greater happiness in their souls." Lucas said, staring at his grandparents, the two smiling at him with love.

"I shall thank him again the next time I see him." Emerson said, his arm around his wife.

Lucas smiled at his grandparents, Justin rising from his seat, walking up to Lucas.

"That's a pretty wild tale indeed, Lucas. Why would Kavinus go to all that trouble for that? Your path was already destined by your own self, Luke. You had gone back in time to create yourself through your ancestor Archer Belmont." he said, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"Paths of destiny, my love. The paths of all of us were destined to form on certain alignments. Kavinus' created paths for me were to make sure I was destined to materialize right where I now am."

"Paths, Luke? You mean he's forged more than one?" Lance said, he and Josh staring at their husbands.

"Yes, Lance. He's formed two paths of my dawning reality. He had to be sure I was created."

"You weren't created for a purpose, Luke. Your love formed in all our souls. You're the you we were always destined to love." Justin said, Lucas smiling at his soulmate, their lips meeting, Lucas' hand rubbing Justin's backside away from everyone's staring eyes.

"I know, my Justin. I am loved by all. That's the greater happiness I've found on all paths." Lucas smiled after breaking the kiss, his three soulmates smiling at him.

Lucas leaned into Justin, kissing his ear, whispering.

"Return to our loves. I'm so going to rock the Timberlake world later."

Justin beamed, returning to his soulmates.

Lucas smiled around at everyone, Lance still staring at him.

"Yes, Kavinus guided my grandparents' love together again. He created their second path of love. My grandfather's heart healed and love entered it again. The same love he'd had with Grandmother Isadora. And out of that love came the two daughters of his heart. My aunt Vivian and my mother Savannah. The two mothers of my heart."

Both women tearfully smiled at Lucas, their husbands' arms around them.

"And then my father Tristan met my mother Savannah and their love created myself. All paths met at the nexus of my loving birth. And now the true path can continue." Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"Your love has walked through all our lives, Lucas." Savannah said, Lucas smiling at his mother.

"I am love and I am alive. I am a small part of all of you. From Kavinus' life down unto my own life. That painting of the Belmont souls down in the hidden room was missing one of the Belmont soul. My own self." Lucas said, Emerson staring at his grandson.

"It was painted by Kavinus, Lucas, as you reasoned out. He showed all of his Alsarius' lineage down until myself. Why are you now not in that painting? We all see your Belmont soul. We all feel your love. I'm sure he does as well." Tristan said, Lucas staring at his father.

Lucas looked at his grandfather and father, the young man sighing.

"That painting changes as the Trinity changes. Each time the Trinity changed a new soul was added to the painting. You were the last of the painting's addition, Father. It changed upon the last change of the Trinity. On the passing of Grandfather Joshua and your own creation, Father." Lucas said, Emerson and Tristan both nodding.

"It will change again this October when I pass into the light. And Father passes into the Void." Emerson said, Francesca's arm going around him.

Tristan, Vivian and Savannah all rose from their seats, walking up to their parents, the two surrounded by their family.

"It will change, Grandfather, as it always has. But it will change for a different reason." Lucas said, everyone staring at the young man.

"You cannot change the Trinity's path, Lucas. In October a new Creation will be born. Tristan will become the Being and I will be the Guardian. And Father shall pass into the Void." Emerson said, his son looking at him with deep love.

"I have already changed the Trinity's path, Grandfather. The Creation will not be born in October. It was born twenty-two years ago tomorrow."


Vivian's eyes widened in surprise, as did Henderson's, Trish on her feet.

"We completely forgot, Luke! Tomorrow's your twenty-second birthday!" Trish said, everyone looking at him with surprise.

Lucas smiled around at everyone.

"Yes, Trishy. And it's alright. Tomorrow I'll spend the day with all my family and friends." he smiled, Josh rising from his seat, walking up to him.

"We, the three of your soul, haven't forgotten, my love. Justin's been shopping for weeks."

Lucas laughed, kissing his man's lips.

"I know. The boy's a present-giving junkie." he said, Justin blushing.

Everyone laughed, Lucas' humor breaking the tension in the room.

"Just for that you're not getting them till your twenty-three." Justin smiled, Lucas winking at him, then laughing.

"Your love is all I need, HD."

Justin smiled, Lance smiling as well.

Everyone smiled at the young man, Lucas' eyes on his sister's blue pools.

"And the Oscar goes to. . ." he said, Trish looking confused.

Lucas smiled, walking up to her, kissing her cheek.

"A wonderful performance, Trashy. But I've known for sometime the gathering of my family's love. I'll take the surprise with love and grace." he smiled, Trish shaking her head.

"We can't keep anything from you." she said, Lucas smiling.

"Your love I'll always want. I'll act surprised." he grinned, Trish laughing, slapping his butt.

"Only if Joshy's grows another inch." she said, Lucas laughing loudly,  Josh blushing, Lucas returning to his family standing by the fireplace.

"We wanted to surprise you, Lucas." Savannah said, Lucas kissing her cheek.

"Your love surprises me every day. All of your love." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him.

Tristan stared at his son.

"You cannot be the Creation, Lucas. The path has always been set on a threesome of magic, each created at the same moment. You are not on the same path, you have already said you were not a part of the Trinity. Your birthday is tomorrow, June twenty-third." Tristan said, Lucas kissing his father's cheek.

"You are correct, Dad. I am not a part of the Trinity. I never was destined to be a part of it. For a very good reason." Lucas said, Emerson's hand going to the young man's shoulder.

"For what reason, Lucas?"

"For the simple reason that I missed the cutoff."

Everyone looked confused, staring at the young man, Lucas sighing, looking at his grandfather and father.

"What will October thirteenth symbolize for you, my Grandfather and Father?" Lucas said, his grandfather and father trading looks.

"It will symbolize the changing of the Trinity, Lucas. The ascension of each of us to the next stage of its continuing path. I will ascend to the Being, the central figure in its design. And I shall give creation on the same day to a child which shall be the new Creation." Tristan said, looking at his father, a tear showing on Tristan's cheek.

"And I shall pass unto death, Lucas. I shall become the ghostly Guardian of my family, my son and my new grandson's lives." Emerson said, Tristan's hand going to his father's shoulder.

"And Grandfather Joshua?" Lucas said, Emerson and Tristan both staring at him.

"I shall pass into the Void."

All eyes turned, staring at Joshua Belmont, the man standing in the open doorway of the room.


"Hello, Grandfather. I have missed your love." Lucas said, Joshua Belmont walking into the room.

"I have missed yours, my great-grandson. And I see it has changed." Joshua said, walking across the room, his son and grandson staring at him with surprising love.

Lucas smiled at the man, taking in his crisp clean uniform, the man strikingly handsome in his beauty and masculinity.

Hemi's eyes went to the man, his green pools meeting his showing blue now.

"Hello, Almira and Carlotta. I feel your hidden love." Joshua said, Hemi smiling at him.

Enrique smiled at the handsome soldier, Joshua nodding his head.

He stopped in front of Lucas, the young man moving, embracing him with love, Joshua feeling his giving love.

"It is always here for you, Grandfather Joshua. As is your son's and grandson's." Lucas said, breaking the embrace, the man hugged then by his son and grandson.

Joshua smiled at both, his green eyes on Lucas again.

"You have changed, Lucas. I have watched in the shadows, I have seen your ever-giving love."

"And you have seen him." Lucas said, Joshua nodding.

"He was hidden for so long, Lucas. To see his true form revealed has sunken into all our souls. Could it be true?" Joshua said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Yes, Grandfather. Our loving, lost Kavinus was always an angel." Lucas said, everyone staring at him with shocked wonder.

Joshua's eyes turned, staring at Rosa Sharon, the girl moving off Colton's lap, walking towards Joshua, Colton rising from his seat and following her, the crossbow in his hand.

The little girl smiled, looking up at Lucas, then at Joshua.

"We feel your love, Joshua. I have felt it often around us." she smiled, Joshua staring down into her blue pools.

"And we never felt you, lost angel of light." Joshua said, the girl smiling.

Her eyes met Lucas' again, the young man smiling at her.

"Thank you, Lucas."

"For what, little one?" he said, she smiling, wrapping her arms around her brother.

"For giving me his love. For continuing my path of happiness. I like this form." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"We should thank him, Rosy." Lucas said, Rosa Sharon nodding.

"He was always my friend, Luke. I have felt his love always. He just thought it best to hide his own path from me. I sense the love behind it." she said, Lucas nodding.

"So did I, Rosy. So did I." he said, the girl smiling, her fingers playing with the crossbow in Colton's hand.

"What's going on, Luke?" Colton said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love, Colt. A surprising, unending love." Lucas said, his violet pools staring at Joshua now.

"Sit down again, everyone. I'll shed light on what's going on." Lucas said, everyone nodding, returning to their seats, Joshua joining his son and Francesca on their sofa.

Lucas was standing in front of the fireplace again, looking towards the window again, seeing the sunshine having faded from the floor before it.

"As I said at the start of my talk, they are the sunshine of God's love. That the golden auras mark them as such. An angel is surrounded by a golden glow, an aura of their significance, the sunshine of God's love. That is how they are known. They are surrounded by the light of God's protective love. Angels really do exist, everyone. They have existed since the dawning of man's creation. They are the Shepherds of God's love."

"The Shepherds, Lucas?" Lewis said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Good Reverend. That is what God named them. As men of cloth are the shepherds of God's words, so angels are the shepherds of God's love." Lucas said, Lewis folding his hands in prayer.

"I have heard them named as such, Lucas. It sounds so filled with reverence. A name given by God."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Yes, Lewis. A name given to each by God. Today I found out the truth of their true creation, of the will of God and what they all became." Lucas said, staring up at the ceiling looking deep in thought.

"What they became?" Lewis said, the man looked lost in wonder, everyone else staring at Lucas with awed wonder as well.

"Angels were at one time men, Lewis. Angels are descendents of man."

Lewis looked stunned, rising from his seat.

"The scriptures, the books of God, they. . .they stated them as creations of God's magic and love." Lewis said, Jacques at his man's side.

"They were that, in a way, Lewis. God gave them magic. He handpicked every one of them because of their giving, loving, goodness filled souls. All were men and women of love and life at one time." Lucas said, Lewis falling back into his seat, Jacques joining him.

Lucas stared around the room, Randall staring at him, Lucas seeing the faith and love shining in his eyes.

"I do not mean to shatter the myths of the world's faith or devotion, I am only speaking of what I have learned." Lucas said, Lewis staring at him.

"This will rock the foundation of our faiths, Lucas! Angels are real! They are of man! It is. . .it is unbelievable."

"It is truth, Lewis. Many of you today saw two. Azrael and Meresankh." Lucas said, his eyes going to Rosa Sharon.

The little girl smiled, climbing out of Colton's lap again, running up to Lucas, the man kneeling as she climbed into his arms.

He rose from his feet, she in his arms.

"I like me now, Luke. I want to stay like this for now." she smiled, Lucas smiling and kissing her cheek.

"Alright, Rosy. Time enough ahead for showing truths again." he said, the little girl smiling, snuggling against his chest.

"How about your return to your brother's love? You and he warm in each other's love."

She smiled, nodding, Lucas setting her down, she returning to Colton's arms, everyone watching her with awed wonder.

"Rosa Sharon is back with us. I felt her true love down in that tomb, you all feel her true love now around you. She only needs to be herself. Meresankh will show her love and goodness later on the path." Lucas said, everyone nodding, looking at the child, her smiling face staring at Hemi.

"I'm her love, Hemi. We're both here for you." she said, Hemi smiling, kissing her cheek, the young man seated beside Colton; Haras, Jonathan and Enrique surrounding all three.

"She will be in the world's eyes when this comes to light, Lucas!" Lewis said, Lucas staring around at everyone.

"Today I ask an oath of all of you. I ask that you keep these truths to yourself for now. The world's intrusion will come when it must. I only ask now for all of us to continue on the path. On my love for all of you, I ask that."

Lewis rose from his seat, staring at Lucas with surprise.

"You're asking us to not tell the world of the truth of angels?" he said, Lucas walking up to him.

"What is God, Lewis?"

Lewis stared at the young man.

"He is everything, Lucas. He is love." the minister said, Lucas smiling, kissing the man's forehead.

"Yes, Lewis. He is everything. On that love I ask you to honor your oath." Lucas said, Lewis staring into his loving violet pools.

"You are that love, Lucas. I will give you my oath. For now I shall remain silent. I trust in you to reveal all to the world." the minister said, Jacques now at his side again.

"I give the same oath, Lucas. I will honor your love." The Frenchman said, Lucas smiling, looking around.

Adam stood up now, smiling at Lucas.

"I give my oath on my love for you, Lucas." he said, others smiling, everyone rising to their feet, Lucas listening as all gave their oath of love.

"Thank you, my family and friends. Let me change that. Thank you, my family. For all here today are now my family."
Everyone teared up, friends showing tears, hearing of Lucas' love for all of them.

"Please sit, my family."

Everyone returned to their seats, staring at Lucas.

"Rosa Sharon is a hidden angel. Within her lies an angel's soul. An angel who will be revealed later. Meresankh, Pharoah Khufu's daughter was so much more. She was also Hemidon's mother, Mere. And she is now herself Colton's sister, Rosa Sharon. And she herself was an angel of God's love."
Hemi smiled at the little girl, the girl surrounded by smiling, loving faces.

She smiled widely, snuggling against Colton's chest, smiling at Lucas with love.

"Kavinus Amotep is an angel as well. An angel called Azrael. His purpose on the path of man's life will be shown later as well. For now we need only focus on the man whom my grandmother saw within the Void. And on the purpose of his guiding her on her future paths."

Isadora rose to her feet again, staring at Lucas.

"You know of the other path? Of the third path?"

Lucas smiled, nodding.

Emerson stared up at his wife, Tristan staring up at her as well.

"Yes, Grandmother. They all felt your love, and will again. As Kavinus' love guided you to." he said, Isadora's eyes lowering, sitting down again, Emerson's arm going around her.

"What path do you speak of, Lucas?" Tristan said, Lucas staring at his father.

"I'll start again with my original thoughts, Dad. We were talking of the Trinity." Lucas said, his father, grandfather and great-grandfather nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. You were asking us of what that day in October symbolizes to us." Tristan said, Joshua standing up from his seat, walking up to Lucas.

"It symbolized the continuation of the Trinity to my family's soul, Lucas. It has continued as it always shall." the man said, staring at Lucas.

Lucas' hand went to the soldier's shoulder in front of him, their eyes staring into each other's.

"Did you find what I sent you to find, Grandfather?" Lucas said, Joshua staring at him, seeing the deep love shining in his eyes.

"Yes, Lucas. I went on the path of your suspicions. I found what you thought would be there. What I now sense was always there. What is its meaning?" Joshua said, everyone seeing an awed confusion showing on his face.

"It is the meaning of the true path, Grandfather. And I am the center of it." Lucas said, staring at Joshua.

The man stepped back, Lucas releasing his hold on him.

"I never saw it before, Lucas. My eyes were blind to it." the man said, Lucas nodding his head.

"It is the magic of the path, Grandfather. I am the only one who reasoned out its reality."

Lucas smiled at his great-grandfather, looking at his grandfather and father, both men rising from their seats, sensing Lucas wanted them to join him and their ancestor.

"The three of the Trinity of Alsarius' bargain. My father the Creation, my grandfather the Being, my great-grandfather Joshua the Guardian. The last of the Trinity of magic and evil." Lucas said, all three staring at him with confusion.

"We are not the last, Lucas. The Trinity is unending." Joshua said, Lucas staring at all three handsome men.

"No, my family. You are the last Trinity. For you have forgotten one thing."

"What have we forgotten, my son?" Tristan said, Lucas staring at him with love.

"You have forgotten that the Trinity was a creation of Alsarius' last hope of freedom. That he gave into the evil so that he could gain a moment of freedom for himself. For his love for his Kavinus. He bargained with the evil when he was trapped within this stone." Lucas said, pulling the stone out from under his shirt, all three men staring at the Teardrop.

"Yes, he bargained his freedom. The evil created the Trinity as a bargain for Alsarius gaining his freedom to find Kavinus' love again." Joshua said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Grandfather. That love was found again, at a cost. They were united and gave their love to each other for almost eighty years. And the magic created the continuation of their love in their son Tomarus. And in all that came after them. Each being a man of deep love and courage. And in the end each was lost within the Trinity. Until now." Lucas said, Joshua staring at him.

"What do you mean 'until now', Lucas?" he said, Tristan and Emerson at his sides.

Lucas sighed, looking at all three.

"The Trinity is not unending, my family. It was only destined to last a certain length of time. On October thirteenth this year it will be a thousand years old. You three are the last Trinity of the destined bargain. On October thirteenth the evil shall lay claim to Alsarius' lost soul. That was the bargain Alsarius gave the evil. On that day it will have all of your souls."


The three Belmont men stared at Lucas with stunned shock.

"That. . .that is impossible, Lucas!" Emerson said, staring at him with shock.

"No it is not, Grandfather. For the appearance of Kavinus on this path speaks the truth of that fact in my soul." Lucas said, staring at all three.

"What do you mean, Lucas?" Tristan said, Lucas staring at his father.

"This has all been a game for the evil, Father. It bargained with Alsarius down in that tomb for his soul. It couldn't have it immediately, Alsarius being clever enough to send his soul into the Teardrop with the aid of Kavinus' and Hemi's magic."

Hemi rose from his seat, staring at Lucas with surprise.

"He. . .he knew there was magic in the stone?" Hemi said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your brother knew, Hemi. He knew because he guided you to it." Lucas said, Hemi looking stunned.

"He. . .Kavinus knew I had magic?"

Lucas moved, walking up to the young man, his hand going to his shoulder.

"No, Hemi. Alsarius knew."

The young man looked surprised.

"He knew, just as he knew Kavinus had magic. For he was the greater surprise in all this." Lucas said, Hemi staring at him, Haras staring at him as well, the two Egyptians at each other's sides.

"Alsarius had magic?" Haras said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, Haras. Alsarius' and Kavinus' magic knew of your love for Alsarius, Haras. As they knew of your magic, Hemidon. Their love for each other was total. Their love for both of you was genuine. They thought of both of you as brothers of their love. Alsarius guided that man to you that day, Hemidon. The man who told you of the diamonds in the lost tombs. Alsarius guided you to the diamonds, making you put your own magic into the two Teardrops."

"Two Teardrops?" Haras said, staring at Hemi.

"I cleft the diamond into two, Hari. I made two diamonds." Hemi said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, Hemi. And both men wore them down into that tomb. Alsarius wearing the red Teardrop, infused with Kavinus' angelic love and your magic. Kavinus wore the crystal clear diamond, infused with your magic and his own. The two together saved both of them. Your love and magic, and theirs, saved both. It was enough for the white smoke of Meresankh's angelic form to pull Kavinus out of the darkness, but not enough to free Alsarius. Such is the destined path he walked. The path you all walked. Two of total love were parted, lost to each other. An angel and his soulmate, parted by evil." Lucas said, the young man lowering his head for a moment, others lowering theirs as well in thoughtful emotion.

"Alsarius was an angel as well?" Haras softly said, Lucas' head raising.

"No, Haras. Alsarius was a man. The angel Azrael fell in love with him. Angels have walked this earth doing God's work, everyone. They have walked in many souls of love. Kavinus was such a soul of love. That loving soul met the man Alsarius. And their love was true love. A love wrapped in God's love. Azrael fell in love with a man. He walked away from God's eternal mission to follow his heart. He walked a path lost of the love he found. It is my destined task to unite that love. It is something I shall achieve. With all of your love."

Lucas felt a hand go to his shoulder, the young man turning around, staring into Joshua's green pools.

"We are. . .we are the descendants of an angel?" he softly said, Tristan and Emerson staring at Lucas with tearful love.

"We are descendants of love, Grandfather Joshua. Of their total love. The magic within all of us is the magic of their joined love. It has filtered down through all the magical generations. I hold a greater part of it." Lucas said, his great-grandfather tearing up.

"We never knew, Lucas. We knew of the pact of evil, but not of the love behind it. Of the true love." Joshua said, Lucas smiling at him, kissing his cheek.

"The pact of evil is ending, my family. On the thousandth anniversary of its creation, the pact will end. And the evil will come for what it seeks. Alsarius' love-filled soul. And all of his heritage that has his love within them. The three of you and myself. And the angel Kavinus." Lucas said, Colton rising from his seat, handing Rosa Sharon to Jonathan, the girl smiling at her brother.

"And myself, Lucas. I am of his love as well, through you." Colton said, Lucas staring at him.

The young man moved, pulling the younger man into his arms.

"Yes, Colton. You are a part of me, and of his love and blood." Lucas said, everyone seeing the tears in his violet pools.

"I love you, Luke. I am honored to be of your and his blood." Colton said, Lucas breaking their embrace, staring into the young man's blue pools.

"The battle that Kavinus spoke of is the battle of evil's intent. It is the battle of our love against evil's need. You have been chosen the warrior of that battle, Colton. I never wanted that for you. I offered my own life for yours. I wanted to face the evil, not you."
Colton smiled, kissing Lucas' wet cheek, the man's tears showing.

"I love you, Lucas. I felt Kavinus' deep love down in that room. I understand now what Isadora felt. His love is indeed intense. It is almost as intense as yours."
Lucas nodded, wiping his eyes.

"You changed my path in some way, didn't you? Down there in that tomb? I was supposed to go down there with you, Kavinus told us that." Colton said, staring at Lucas.

The young man moved, walking back to the fireplace, his hands going against it.

"Yes, Colton. I have changed the path. As I have changed you. I would sacrifice all to walk where you should not walk." Lucas said, lowering his head.

Colton's eyes moved to Joshua, the soldier staring at him.

"What did you find, Joshua? What did Lucas send you searching for?" the young man said.

Joshua's green pools looked towards Lucas, his back to him, the young man's head nodding.

"Lucas sent myself and my associate Arlo Hammond on a quest for symbolic truth, Colton. We found it in several places." Joshua said, Emerson's hand going to his father's shoulder.

"Symbolic truth, Father? Symbol of what?" Emerson said, Joshua staring towards Lucas.

"That I haven't totally reasoned out, my son. I sense Lucas has. And I sense he's seen behind my own paths." Joshua said, his eyes looking towards someone, two blue pools meeting his green.

"Yes, Grandfather. I reasoned out all three paths of your giving love."

Emerson stared at his father, his eyes then going to his wife's blue pools.

"That's a few times three paths have been spoken of, my love. You spoke of them as well." Emerson said, Francesca rising from her seat, walking up to her husband.

"Yes, my love." she said, looking towards Lucas, the young man having turned back, standing in front of the fireplace, his hands folded in front of him.

Her eyes went to Joshua, the man staring at Lucas, then at her.

"I think he's reasoned out the truth, Joshua. He's seen behind our love." she said, Emerson staring at his father and at his wife.

"Your. . .your love? Are you in love with each other?" Emerson said, showing confusion.

Francesca kissed his cheek, smiling at her husband.

"No, Emmanuel. Our love is our joined love for you, my love." she said, Joshua staring at his son.

Lucas walked up to all three, everyone quietly watching all four.

"What they mean is their joined love for you, Grandfather. A father's and a soulmate's love. Two of the paths were for your love, the other for others." Lucas said, Emerson staring at his grandson.

"For my love and others?" he said, Lucas smiled, kissing his grandfather's cheek.

"Yes, Grandfather. As I already revealed, Grandmother Isadora and Grandfather Joshua both felt the evil surrounding your home. And of that evil's intent. Joshua guided the magic into your wife's hands to give her a chance at life again with you. She knew she would die at the hands of the evil. At the hands of the evil residing in Haven Marlowe. What neither knew was of the greater love awaiting Isadora in the Void. Azrael's guiding love."

"His guiding love?" Joshua said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Who do you think guided you to the books of magic wherein you found the spell to separate Isadora's soul? It was the ever-moving, ever-guiding Azrael. He then came to her in the Void guiding her to the path of Francesca's love, reuniting her and Grandfather's love as planned."

Emerson smiled at his wife, then at his father.

"I do indeed need to thank him, as I need to thank you, Father." Emerson said, Joshua's hand going to his shoulder.

"You thanked me with your happiness and love, Emmy." Joshua said, Emerson hugging his father, Lucas smiling.

The two parted, Emerson's lips meeting Francesca's, Joshua smiling in front of them.

"I love you, Isadora. Thank you for coming back."

"Your love is forever, Grandfather. Two paths always destined as one forever." Lucas said, his grandparents smiling at him.

"And what of the third path?" Colton said, Joshua looking towards the young man, his eyes moving to another, two blue eyes staring at him.

Francesca's eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling at her.

Lucas' eyes went to Joshua's green, the man staring at him.

"I know, Joshua. Your guiding love echoes on all paths of love. As does our angel's."

Joshua nodded, staring at someone who now stood on his feet, looking at Joshua, having seen the man staring at him.

"Her love was once their life, Grandmother. I think they need to see its unending love." Lucas said, the young man walking back to the fireplace, lowering his head again, his back turned to everyone again.

Josh, Justin and Lance stared at him, seeing the young man's emotional face as he turned away from everyone.

Francesca stared at Joshua, the man nodding, folding his hands in front of him, staring at Gideon.

Francesca moved, looking at Colton, then at Rosa Sharon, the little girl smiling at her.

She walked up to Gideon, the man staring at her.

"For love, for life, for destiny I have walked many paths. And all have been of love." she said, the woman beginning to change.

Gideon's eyes widened in disbelief, the room shattered by two screams of joy.

The woman standing before Gideon was wrapped in an embrace of love.

"Momma! It can't be!" Colton sobbed, Rosa Sharon's arms wrapped around the woman's waist, she crying as well.

Gideon's arms moved, wrapping around all three, the man holding his dead sister Maya in his arms with her children.

Everyone was on their feet, staring in shock at the young woman standing in the center of the embrace of love.

Her blue pools were staring at only one young man, his back turned to everyone.


Gideon was the first to break the embrace, staring into his sister's tearing blue pools.

"Maya! Is it. . .is it really you?" he softy said, the young woman smiling at him, her blond hair cascading over her shoulders, holding both of her children close to her.

"Yes, Gid. It's me." she said, her voice light and airy, angelic in its tone.

Colton broke from her embrace, Gideon's arm going around him.

"Momma, it's really you! I know it is!" Rosa Sharon smiled up at her, the woman going to her knees, hugging the child close.

"Yes, Rosy. It's me. The me you always loved, my angel." she smiled, the child kissing her cheek.

"Love you, Momma. Always knew you would never leave us." she smiled, looking up at Gideon and Colton, both men showing wet faces.

"Momma, it's really you." Colton said, his four soulmates staring at him with love, seeing his emotional state.

Jonathan moved, walking up to him, Gideon guiding him into his arms, the young man crying again.

Maya was smiling at him, her eyes meeting Gideon's.

"You look so beautiful as you always did, Maya." he said, his voice laced with emotion.

"You see me as I always was, Gid. As our love always was." she said, moving forward, hugging her brother tightly.

The two broke their embrace, smiling at each other.

"I've missed you so much, Munchkin!" Gideon smiled, Maya laughing.

"Thanks, Sir Galahad." Maya smiled, Gideon smiling at the treasured childhood names.

Maya's eyes went to Colton's blue, the boy moving, Maya wrapping him in her arms again, Rosa Sharon smiling at both, Gideon's arm around her.

"You left us, Momma! You left me all alone!" Colton cried, Maya hugging him close.

"I was always with you, Colt. My love was always and will always be with you." she said, rubbing his back.

Everyone was showing tears, seeing the family reunion before their eyes.

Joshua walked up to the three, smiling at Maya.

"Hello again, Joshua. Thank you for all your guidance." she said, Colton parting from her, Gideon staring at Joshua.

"He guided me as well, Maya. He told me he was my father. It was he who made me leave Westonshire." Gideon said, Joshua staring at him, Maya's hand going to Gideon's shoulder.

"He was protecting you, Gideon. As he once protected our father."
Joshua looked at her, the man's head lowering.

"I could not save him, Maya. He was murdered by the evil." Joshua said, Maya nodding.

"He is with our mother now, Joshua. They are not in the Void. They have gone to God's eternal kingdom." Maya said, Joshua's eyes meeting hers.

"It is a path I wish for you as well, dear ladies." Joshua said, Maya smiling at him.

"We shall go when our families are free of the evil." Maya said, Joshua nodding, his eyes looking at his own son and grandson.

"That path will be free soon enough."

All eyes moved, Lucas staring at everyone, the young man again beside them.

Colton stared at him, the young man staring at Maya.

"The third path was the most loving. Two children of love found a greater love. They both have your beauty and smile, Maya." Lucas said, the young woman smiling at him.

"And we all have your love, Lucas." Maya said, Lucas smiling at her.

His eyes went to Joshua again, the man staring at him.

"How did this happen, Lucas? I knew of the danger to Gideon and Colton against the evil, but I did not know the realness of who Maya was. I would have aided her as well." the man said, staring at Maya.

"Her path was of the angel's design, Joshua. He guided Isadora to make the choice." Lucas said, Maya looking at Gideon and her children.

"He told me of the coming love of two rays of sunshine. Of their need for a mother of unending love. That they and their lost uncle would only have a briefness of family love. That their love would need to be total. I chose that third path. I needed to give them the love they needed."

Colton teared up, Maya holding him.

"You gave it, Maya. For the briefest of moments it was beautiful." Gideon said, his soulmates, Nick and Gio, now at his sides, Jonathan joined by Haras, Hemi and Enrique.

Colton stared at his mother, Maya wiping the tears from his eyes.

"It was a beautiful love, a love we'll all carry forever. I see a greater love in my children's eyes and my brother's eyes."

"We are loved, Mom." Colton said, Maya smiling, kissing his forehead.

"I see it, Colt. I see it in your blue eyes of love. Azrael chose well." she said, Colton nodding, the crossbow again in his hand.

He stepped back, the young man surrounded by his soulmates.

Maya's eyes met Lucas' violet pools.

"Thank you, Lucas. For giving me this moment."
"I gave it to all four of you, Maya. The love once there was always there, will always be there. They have that and a greater love in their hearts now." he smiled, the young woman nodding.

She moved, walking to Emerson, her beauty changing, Emerson wrapping his arms around his wife Isadora.

The man smiled, kissing her lips.

"Your love was ever-giving, Isadora. Many have valued it." he smiled, she smiling, looking towards the Carlisle family.

"I will cherish it forever, Momma." Colton smiled, Rosa Sharon smiling at the woman as well.

"I am here for you, always." Isadora said, the two smiling.

Colton's eyes met Lucas' violet pools, the young man's eyes lowering.

"You knew, didn't you? For how long?" he said, Lucas' eyes raising.

"From the moment I met you, Colton. I felt the same love in you and Rosa Sharon as I felt in Isadora, and in Francesca. I knew there was a connection. It just took me a while to reason out its truth. The symbol was the truth of all of it."

"You mentioned symbols before, Luke. You did as well, Joshua." Finn said, looking at the soldier.

Joshua's eyes went to Lucas, the young man moving again, walking back to the fireplace, everyone following him.

"Where did you find these symbols, Joshua?" Colton said, looking at his friend at the fireplace.

Joshua's eyes went to Lucas' violet pools, the young man nodding.

"Go ahead, Joshua." he said, his hand against the mantle.

"Lucas sent me on a quest, through life and the past. I found a certain symbol in many places. It was blind to my vision before. I now see it for what it is. The symbol of truth." Joshua said, Emerson staring at his father.

"Where did you find this symbol, Father? What is it?" he said, Joshua staring at Lucas.

"It is the symbol of a star, Emmy. It was first seen in the stone that hangs around Lucas' neck." Joshua said, everyone's eyes going to Lucas, the Teardrop hanging around his throat, his polo shirt opened at the throat, the star showing in the center of the softly glowing red stone.

Lucas' three soulmates stared at him, the young man staring at Colton.

"What is its significance?" Colton said, Joshua staring at him.

"I found the symbol at several places. I walked a voyage of discovery. The first place I found it was on the altar in the center of Lucas' Pool. It was carved on its white surface. I then found it in the tomb of my own loving Almira in Westonshire. I then found it on the grave marker of Rosa Sharon Carlisle. And I found it on the wall of your mother's diner, Gideon." Joshua said, Gideon and Colton showing surprise.

"The last place I found it was on the white marble altar down in the hidden room. It is etched in the stone on the bottom panel of marble. I never saw it there before, in any of those locations." Joshua said, the man walking up to Lucas, the young man staring at him.

"What does the symbol mean? It is obviously something magical on both sides of the families." Savannah said, staring at her son.

"It is the symbol of light, my families." Lucas said, everyone staring at him.

"God's light, Lucas?" Lewis said, Lucas staring towards him.

"Destiny's light, Reverend. God is a part of destiny. It shows in one other place. A pathway of stars in the heavens of my destiny. Of Colton's as well."

Colton walked up to Lucas, the young man staring at him.

"Where was that last star, Lucas?" he said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his.

"It is carved into the back of the inner tomb of the golden sarcophagus standing behind Kurucu's throne in that ancient lost treasure room." Lucas said, his eyes staring at Colton.

"You opened that tomb?" Joshua said, Lucas staring at him.

"No, Grandfather. It opened itself. For it was waiting for him."

"For you, Lucas?" Josh said, Lucas looking at his soulmates.

"No, Josh. It was waiting for the one with the tattooed star." Lucas said, Colton staring at him.

"The star is gone, Lucas." Colton said, Lucas staring at him.

"You saw it, I take it?" Lucas said, Colton nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. This morning when I showered I found it on my left thigh. A tattoo of a black star." Colton said, his soulmates staring at him, having not seen it.

"You were chosen, Colton. The angel chose you as the warrior against the evil. But you were chosen for something else. I could not let you walk that other path. I love you too much to let you take on that danger." Lucas said, his eyes showing soft tears.

Colton's hand went to Lucas' shoulder.

"What have you done, Lucas? The tattoo is gone from me." the young man said, Lucas staring at him.

"Paths move as they must, Colton. I love you enough to walk that path for you."

Lucas stepped back, the young man pulling his polo shirt over his head, his smooth muscular beauty showing.

"I am on my true path, everyone. For another I'll sacrifice all." Lucas said, the young man turning around.

Everyone's eyes widened, seeing a black star tattooed on Lucas' back, between his shoulder blades.

"The path has found its Star Child. I shall walk to God's End."


End of Chapter 198


A tattooed star?

What the hell does that signify?

Our Lucas is being mysterious as always.

He shall walk to God's End?


The loving Isadora is now revealed as three of one loving soul.

Isadora, Francesca and Colton's and Rosa Sharon's mother Maya Carlisle.

Three mothers of guiding love.

All guided on their paths by the mysterious angel Azrael.


The reality of that angel's existence has been shown.

As have the paths of Kavinus, Alsarius and the evil surrounding them.

What lays at the end of the final Trinity?

A few short months away in October.


The suspense builds.

The mysteries deepen.

And love shows in surprising ways.


Walk ahead on the path.
I hope it will be amazing.


Hugs, Angel.