Yesterday's End-199


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 199


Everyone stared at the young man standing facing the fireplace, his naked star-tattooed back showing.

Lucas felt a hand going to his shoulder, the young man turning around, staring into two blue pools.

"What have you done, Luke?" Colton said, staring into his friend's violet tearful pools.

"I have changed your path, our courageous warrior. Half of it anyway." he said, Colton staring at him.

"Who or what is the Star Child?" he said, Lucas' violet pools going around the room.

Two other blue pools stared at the young man, Rosa Sharon climbing out of Jonathan's lap, the young girl walking up to Lucas.

"You heart is filled with his love, Lucas. We all weep at its giving greatness." she said, her blue pools showing tears.

Colton knelt down, Rosa Sharon climbing into her brother's arms, the two staring at Lucas when Colton rose again to his feet.

Lucas sighed, his violet pools going around the room.

"The Star Child is a being of destiny, my family. Our young warrior here--my loving friend Colton--was originally destined to be that child, a duality of destiny, so to speak. The Bowman and the Star Child." Lucas said, staring at the young man.

"Why have you changed my path, Luke?" Colton said, Lucas staring into his blue pools, then Rosa Sharon's, the young man's hand going to Colton's shoulder.

"Because I am the greater destiny, Colton. And you and I are more than destiny ever envisioned." Lucas said, Josh and his two soulmates rising up from their seats, joining the three before the fireplace.

"You are both love, Lucas. We all see and feel that." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him, Colton staring at the three singers as well.

Lucas looked around the room, the young man sighing again, bending down and picking up his discarded polo shirt, the shirt covering his naked smoothness in moments, the star disappearing again.

His violet pools stared at Colton and Rosa Sharon again, the two staring at him with love.

"You were always destined to be the Bowman, Colt. You came to a bow's grace with natural skill. It was bred within you from the paths of your lineage." Lucas said, Colton nodding.

"From Archer Belmont, your and my ancestor." Colton said, Lucas nodding.

"And he from the greater ancestors behind him. Tomarus and his father Alsarius. Both were bowmen of spectacular renown. Hemi and Haras can testify to that. You come by your gift naturally."

Colton nodded, staring towards the two Egyptians, both men nodding.

"Alsarius was a master at the bow, Colton. He could hit a flying hummingbird at two hundred feet." Haras said, Hemi nodding in agreement..
"And the other, this Star Child? Why was I chosen to be him? What exactly is he?" Colton said, staring at Lucas.

"You were chosen for that destiny because of the blood flowing through you, the blood of the Belmont and Carlisle heritages. That Child would have to be a being of magic and life."

Lewis rose from his seat, Lucas' violet pools going to his staring blue.

"A being of God's magic and love?" he said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Lewis. A being of magic and love. But destiny forged in life sometimes can be changed. I chose to change that ending path of yours because of the greater worth you have for others, myself included." Lucas said, Colton staring at him, the young man walking forward, standing in front of Lucas.

"What do you mean, Lucas?" Colton said, Rosa Sharon smiling at Lucas, the young girl kissing her brother's cheek, her eyes meeting Colton's identical blue.

"He means that your love is needed by all of us." she said, Colton staring at her, his blue pools meeting Lucas' violet pools, the young man seeing the tears in Lucas' pools.

"I said destiny's path can be changed. But it can only be changed in one way."

"What way, Lucas?" Lewis said, Lucas staring at Colton.

"It can only be changed to rectify the one true path." Lucas said, everyone looking confused.

"You changed the path to save me, didn't you? And in doing so, you aligned the path of the true Star Child. The Star Child was always meant to be you." he said, Lucas' eyes lowering.

"The greater being in all this is you, Colton. Your love, your new blossoming love, rivals my own. The five of your soul have just experienced it, your family and friends have come to know it in their hearts. A warrior can do battle but he must live to see the greater beauty after it. Today, I forged your path on the true path your heart needed. I would sacrifice all so that you could have all." Lucas said, Colton setting Rosa Sharon down, the girl smiling at her brother, Colton moving, the young man wrapping Lucas in his arms tightly.

"Oh Lucas! What have you done?! I love you so much!" he cried, Lucas holding him close, the younger man dwarfed by Lucas' new height and muscular form.

Colton's soulmates all stared at Lucas with tearful eyes, the young man smiling at all four.

"I love you, Colton. It never was a question in my soul that you would live to feel the love you now have. The love of a group of soulmates and your sister's love.  And your family's returned love, your mother and uncle." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Gideon's tearing blue pools and Isadora's now showing blue pools, and youthful face.

"I love you, Lucas. You've changed. . .I feel. . .oh thank you for loving me!"

Lucas smiled, hugging the young man close.

"It's easy to do, Colt. The Bowman's arrows are love-filled."

Colton broke his embrace of Lucas, the young man stepping back, Rosa Sharon at his side.

"What does this mean for you, Luke? This new being's path sounds even more dangerous. And final." Colton said, Lucas' eyes moving, staring at the three of his soul, all three men staring at him with tearful eyes.

"You've always known, haven't you?" Josh said, Lucas' eyes lowering, looking back at Colton.

"I changed the path to save you, Colton. So that your love would grow, should grow. But in doing so I aligned the true path of destiny." Lucas said, Colton staring at him.

"What do you mean, Luke?" Colton said, Lucas staring at him.

"My sacrifice for your life has guided me onto the true path of my destiny. You are correct. I was always destined to be the true Star Child. And it was only ever my choice."

Josh walked up to Lucas, turning him in his arms, staring up into his violet pools.

"You've always known that you'd make that choice." he said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Yes, my Joshua. I've always known that I'd have to walk the final path. The path after the battle to the final truth."
Josh teared up, staring into the violet pools of the soul he loved.

"I'm. . .I'm. . .we're going to lose you, aren't we?" he softly said, Lucas staring at him, then at Lance and Justin, both showing just as teary eyes.

"No, my love. My loves. You will never lose my love. I've finally found the truth in what I am. In what I've always been destined to be."

"Our love, Lucas. We need you here to love." Justin said, tears now falling down his cheeks.

"I am here to love, my Justin. I'm not going anywhere for now." Lucas said, his eyes going around the room.

Joshua walked up to his great-grandson, his son and grandson following him, their wives as well.

"You are our family, Lucas. And you are the greatest magic we have ever seen. What is this Star Child? What is his purpose in all this?" Joshua said, Lucas staring at his family.

Rosa Sharon moved, walking up to Lucas, the young man staring down into her blue pools.

"It's love. It's always been love. The Star Child is a child of love. He is the answer to the final truth." she smiled, Lucas smiling down at her.

"Yes, Rosa Sharon. I am love and I am magic. The greater of the two is love. I am the answer to everything."

Josh turned Lucas in his arms again, the two staring at each other.

"I love you, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your love is my love, Josh. I am a being of total love. You, Justin, Lance, Joshy and Justy have all of my love. That is all I need for the final path. It will be enough to end all this uncertainty."

"What happens to you at the end of all this, Lucas?" Lance said, he and Justin now at their sides.

Lucas' eyes lowered for a moment, then raised, the three staring into his now blue pools.

"I don't know, my loves. I leave that into God's hands." he said, the young man feeling a tug on his shorts edge, Lucas looking down into two blue pools.

"God never leaves a soul alone, Lucas. Even us angels don't know his true self." she said, smiling up at him.

Lucas smiled, leaning down, the young girl climbing into his arms, Lucas rising to his feet, staring into her blue pools.

"Do angels feel all love, Rosy?" he said, the little girl smiling.

"Always, Luke. The angelic masses have felt the hidden Star Child's love for eons. It flows everywhere, even in the Void and in the Heavens. His love comforts all of us. For it is a part of God's love." she said, Lucas smiling.

"Yes it is, Rosy. And that love comforts my own soul. For I see the greater love ahead for me. It starts here with my own loving family." Lucas said, smiling around the room, everyone smiling at him.

His eyes met Josh's, Lance's and Justin's tearful pools, all three softy smiling at him.

"I am yours forever, my loves. No destiny shall ever change that." he said, all three nodding their heads.

Lewis walked up to Lucas, Jacques following him.

"This being of the Star you speak of sounds like a messenger of God, Lucas. His love may be the right hand of God." Lewis said, staring at Lucas with awed devotion.

"We all feel the hand of God's love, Lewis. It is our own choice as to how we use that warmth. All here use it to spread his love. I aim to show the world that. Hold onto your seats, everyone. I'm going to amaze even myself, I believe." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at his calm handsome face.

"The ever amazing Lucas Carver Belmont." Finn smiled, staring at his friend with awed wonder.

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Your best friend, Finny. Nothing of my love will ever change."

Finn smiled widely, Lucas smiling at him.

"So give me some sugar, Welsh toy!" Lucas said, Finn laughing.

"You're even more beautiful, Lukey. But my Sky's got you so beat!"

Lucas laughed, everyone smiling at him, Lewis still staring at him with awed wonder.

Lucas smiled at him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"I am myself, Lewis. The man you've come to know as a friend. Let God guide the paths as he must. I walk where I must. My love follows."

Lewis nodded, Jacques kissing his cheek.

"And we all walk that path of love with you, mon ami." Jacques smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I feel your love surrounding me. That is all I need. The path will end as it must. My love and your love is enough. I'm going to do my best to be here after all this is over."
Everyone smiled, nodding, the young man surrounded by everyone, the talk opening up about the day's revelations.

Lucas' eyes met two sets of blue and a set of green, his love flowing into the three of his soul.


Lucas closed his bedroom door, two arms wrapping around him, pushing him up against the bedroom door, two lips meeting his with intensity and need.

"He's been wanting to do that all evening." Lance smiled, his arms wrapped around Josh's naked waist, the two men laying in their large king-sized bed.

Justin broke the kiss, his tongue licking across Lucas' wet lips, Lucas opening his violet pools, staring into two blue pools of emotional love.

"God we love you, Lucas!" Justin softly said, Lucas smiling, pulling the man closer to him, his hands resting on Justin's clothed backside.

The man's shirt was gone, his naked chest against Lucas' clothed one, his lips kissing Lucas' open throat just above the necklace.

One of Lucas' hands moved, rubbing Justin's left nipple, the man trembling, his lips still licking Lucas' chest.

"Calmness, our HD. The love will come always, as will you." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling, looking up into his lover's violet pools.

"Promises, promises." he smiled, Lucas smiling, slapping his butt.

"Walk to their love, horndog. Josh's chest needs your lips as well."

Justin smiled, pulling Lucas closer.

"I'm hungry for the new stallion in my arms. He looks scrumptious."

Lucas smiled, the man's hands moving, Justin feeling himself lift upwards, his body moving now.

Lance and Josh widened their eyes, Justin landing in the bed beside them, the man rolling on top of Josh.

"Dive in, HD. That chest is warm and tasty." Lucas smiled, still standing at the door.

Justin stared at Lucas with surprise, the man smiling at him, walking towards the bed.

"I have the three where I need you. Begin the fun, then see the greater beauty of my new love." Lucas said, Josh staring at his man.

Lucas' polo shirt left his body, the three staring at his revealed smooth beauty.

His chest was longer, more muscular and defined, his abs a washboard of ridges.

He smiled, removing his shorts and briefs, all three staring at the man's revealed nakedness.

His center was rising, its length now at least two to three inches longer, its girth greater as well.

"Another monster of love shall love all three of you." Lucas smiled, the three smiling at him, their eyes scanning all over him.

"You're even more beautiful, Lucky." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I am yours, in all ways, in all forms." he said, the three tearing up.

Justin smiled, moving to the edge of the bed, his hand going around Lucas' risen shaft.

"I need you, Lucky. God I need all of you!" he said, Lucas smiling, leaning down, his lips meeting with Justin's.

"In a moment, my needful beauty. Move over." he said, Justin moving, returning to Josh's chest, Lance's hands going to Justin's center, removing his shorts for him, then his briefs, he now naked against Josh's naked self, Lance already nude.

Lucas smiled, climbing into the bed, covering his naked form with the sheets, snuggling against his Josh, Justin smiling down at him.

Lance moved to Lucas' other side, going under the covers against him.

"Cocooned in your love and warmth. How I am loved." he said, the three smiling at him with love.

"I love you three. You are my world. No path ahead will change that in my soul, or in yours. We are together forever." he said, the three tearing up.

"Why can't we just love each other, Lucas? Why do you have to walk these paths of destiny?" Josh said, Lucas pulling him close, Justin moving to Josh's other side, the man enveloped in their love.

"We do love each other, Josh. You are the center of my world, as I am yours." Lucas said, Justin kissing Josh's cheek.

Josh teared up, his eyes lowering.

Lucas' fingers went to his chin, raising his eyes, Lucas staring into his blue pools.

"Speak from that loving heart, my love. I am here to love you and wash away any doubts within your loving soul. All your loving souls." Lucas said, Justin and Lance tearfully staring at him.

"I feel. . .I feel that this path ends with you leaving us, Lucky." Josh softly said, Lucas staring at him.

"I will never leave you, my love. I have that guarantee from the magic."

"From the magic, Luke?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him, leaning behind him, kissing Lance's soft lips.

"Yes, my love. I was given a promise down in that tomb, in the center of the universe."
"A promise of what?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him, kissing his lips now, Justin feeling his love.

"What happened down there one day will be known. For now all I'll say is that I love you three. You three are the gift given to me with love. I will always be here for all three of you. Destiny, life, love nor anything shall ever change that. Get used to it. You're stuck with me!"

The three tearfully smiled, Lucas' lips meeting Josh's.

Josh felt his flowing love, the kiss etched with love and happiness.

"I love you totally, Luke." Josh said when they broke their kiss, Lucas smiling at him.

"My husband, the fibber. I know you love these two hotties as well." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling, lightly laughing.

"I have three visions of beauty. And one's changed." Josh said, his hand moving under the sheets, wrapping around Lucas' risen center, its length hard as steel.

"My physicality may have changed, but my love hasn't. I'm still your loving Lucky. Just a hotter one now."

Justin laughed, his eyes scanning Lucas' showing muscled chest.

"Hotter indeed."

Lance laughed, rubbing his man's left nipple, Justin smiling at him.

"Our HD's on the path of need again, Luke." Lance smiled, Josh smirking.

Justin blushed, Lucas' hand rubbing his smooth chest.

"I love you three. Your beauty, new and familiar, does it for me."

"Then let my new beauty and familiar love guide you to your happiness, my Justin." Lucas smiled, his lips meeting Justin's, the man feeling Lucas' powerful arms pull him off Josh's body, the man now laying on top of Lucas' naked physique.

"Little Joshy and Justy are awake, my loves. Tend to our boys' needs, my loves. I'll attend to our horny boy."

Josh and Lance smiled, the two rising out of the bed, walking over to the crib by the balcony doors, Justin and Lucas watching their naked physiques as they picked up their sons, the babies cooing.

"Let's take them out into the night's coolness, Lancy. That always draws them back to sleep." Josh said, little Justy laying against his naked chest, Lance nodding, following Josh out onto the balcony, little Joshy yawning against Lance's naked chest.

Justin smiled, seeing their naked beauty disappear into the darkness, a set of lips going to his neck.

"They have their baby, I have mine. And what a hottie." Lucas said, Justin's eyes meeting his.

"Do you want to diaper me?" he smiled, Lucas' hands going to Justin's naked backside.

"No, but I'm all for spanking you, sexy. Have you been a bad boy?" Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"No, I've been beyond good. You might say, damn good."

Lucas laughed, slapping his ass, Justin smiling.

"And I've been beyond amazing. And you ain't seen nothing yet, my love." Lucas said, his lips meeting Justin's, the man feeling Lucas' rising passion.

The man's arms wrapped around Justin, his body moving, Lucas now on top of him, the man's lips breaking from his.

Justin stared up into two violet pools, their centers a soft green, a thousand stars shining in their beauty.

"My love is the same, my passion greater. I am going to love you beyond heaven, my one of three angels. I'm going to love all three of you." Lucas said, his lips moving, Justin gasping, feeling a hardness sinking into him slowly, Lucas having readied Justin during the kiss.

Justin gasped, feeling the largeness of Lucas' need, its length and girth even larger than Lance's.

Justin stared into Lucas' violet pools, the man lost in the love shining there.


Lucas stared down at the bed, smiling at the three visions of love sleeping across its center.

All their beauty was showing, Justin in the center, Lance and Josh snuggled against his sides.

Lucas smiled, seeing where Justin's hands had gravitated to when Lucas had pried himself from the man's sleeping grip of love.

Justin's hands were each wrapped around a sleeping shaft of love.

Lucas smiled, leaning down and pulling the blankets over all three, the young man covering their nakedness.

"Sleep wrapped in my love, my own angels." he smiled, the young man walking around the bed, quietly opening the balcony door, a soft cool breeze coming into the room.

He smiled, walking to the crib, two small bundles of love sound asleep.

"Good morning, my little angels. Sleep within our love. I'm here to love you when you awaken." he smiled, leaning down and kissing both on the forehead.

Lucas lifted his head, the young man's eyes softly glowing.

He smiled, his mind filling with magic.

He moved, quietly walking around the bed, glancing at the clock on the nightstand.

It read six o'clock.

The day was still darkened, the sun about half an hour away from rising.

He smiled, quietly slipping his shorts on, slipping a clean polo shirt on over his smooth chest.

He glanced at it, seeing the tell-tale signs of passion on it and his neck.

He smiled, closing his eyes, a soft blue tinge showing around him, the marks of love disappearing.

"My men mark me with their love; I'll heal your own this morning. I mark even more." he said softly, looking down at his three sleeping soulmates.

He quietly walked out of the room, looking around.

He smiled, walking quietly down the hall, the house dead silent.

He descended the staircase, looking at his ancestor's portrait in its shadowy middle, smiling and walking downward.

He looked around, smiling and walking towards the garden and the further cavadeum.

He walked past the glassed-in gardens, the shadowy darkness giving off no vision.

He walked towards the cavadeum, seeing a man seated on the bench before the angel fountain.

The man hadn't heard him approaching, Lucas quietly watching him, seeing the man was in a moment of faith.

"The darkness of the early morning doesn't give one light, Reverend."

Reverend Saunders raised his head, the man having been in prayer, his hands clasped before him.

"It gives one solitude, Lucas." the man said, Lucas smiled, walking over to him, sitting down on the marble bench beside him.

"This marble bench will give you hemorrhoids if you sit on it too long, my friend."

Lewis smiled, lightly laughing, Lucas smiling at him.

"I haven't been here that long, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"About two hours by my magic's clock." Lucas said, Lewis looking surprised.

Lucas smiled, his hand going to the minister's shoulder.

"Good morning, my friend." Lucas smiled, Lewis smiling at him.

"Good morning, Lucas." he smiled, looking around the silent statues.

Lucas stared at him, the young man kissing his cheek.

"I feel all of my love, Lewis. Their dreams, thoughts or worries flow through my magic."

The man nodded, staring at Lucas with silent wonder.

"I am myself, Lewis. A friend foremost. I'm here for you in any way."
"You are here in many ways, Lucas. Your giving love keeps amazing all of us. Just look at what you showed us today. The reality of angels, God and his paths of destiny."
Lucas nodded, smiling at him.

"I sensed the hidden wonder in your soul, Lewis. I sensed it in Randall as well, but not as strong. You have the greater faith. Pain and suffering gives a man a closer touch to God's design."

The minister nodding, staring at Lucas.

"A few short months ago I was lost in an agonizing pain, Lucas. My body, my eyes, they were echoes of pain and suffering. Your love, your magic healed me. You said that day that I was destined to see a greater beauty in God's divine love. I saw that beauty in you yesterday, Lucas. You have changed into an angelic vision of yourself. You have seen God, haven't you?" Lewis said, Lucas sighing, looking at the minister.

"I walked a path chosen for only one, Good Reverend. And waiting at the end of that path was someone surprising."

"God, Lucas?" Lewis said, staring at the young man with wonder.

"A vision of something more real, Lewis." Lucas said, Lewis staring into his violet pools, the man seeing a thousand stars shining in their centers.

"I see within your eyes the universe, Lucas." he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"We are all a part of God's universe, my friend."

Lewis nodded, looking away from Lucas' eyes, the intensity of his love almost hypnotic.

"What have you been pondering on here in the darkness, Lewis? Why aren't you in bed with your Martin?" Lucas smiled, Lewis smiling at him.

"Your father's old joke. I've finally found my Martin." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Martin and Lewis. Two beautiful men with hearts of humor and love."

Lewis smiled, looking around the cavadeum.

"So many years, Lucas. So many years between our first rendezvous here with that monster. Now we've seen unbelievable visions of goodness and magic. Will evil be really conquered at the end of this, Lucas? That monster was so evil." he said, Lucas' arm going around him.

"Evil will be destroyed, Lewis. I am charged with that reality. As is Colton, as are others."

"Including angels."
Lucas nodded, Lewis lowering his eyes.

"I feel that I am unworthy of what's to come, Lucas. Of the visions perhaps of angelic destiny ahead."

"You are more than worthy, my friend. You are actually more prepared than anyone. Or you shall be."

Lewis looked at Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"You already have God's love in your heart. You have seen his healing love. You have weathered pain and doubt and have walked into a happiness of joined love. You have all you need, my good friend."

"I have your friendship, and love, Lucas. I count that as a blessing upon my soul."

"That friendship is forever, Lewis. We shall walk the path ahead surrounded by love."

The man smiled, Lucas' hand rubbing his shoulder.

"Do you believe in my love, Lewis? In the truth of it?"

"Yes, Lucas. Your love is the greatest I've known."

Lucas smiled, kissing his cheek.

"You know that's a lie. Jacques' love owns your soul."
Lewis smiled, looking towards the hallway of darkness.

"Yes, Lucas. He owns my heart and soul. We lost so much time not knowing that truth." he said, Lucas patting his shoulder.

"Love moves on its own path, Lewis. Time is but a method of measuring love. The heart and soul are unending. You'll both have your love forever."
Lewis smiled, nodding his head.

"I know that, Lucas. I am his forever."

"And he is yours."

Lewis smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"What will happen ahead, Lucas? I feel a sense of upcoming faith and God."

"It will solidify the faith within your soul, Lewis. Love is going to own the world."

"I await your showing love, Lucas. And God's as well."
Lucas smiled, nodding.

"You should head back upstairs. Your Jacques is awake and looking for you. He'll be out of bed soon if you don't capture him there again."

Lewis smiled, the man rising to his feet.

"Breakfast will be around nine. A few hours of his love will greet your day with happiness."

"This day is your happiness, Lucas. Let me be the first to wish you the most happiest of birthdays, my young friend." Lewis smiled, Lucas rising from his seat, the minister hugging him tightly.

"Thank you, Lewd. A day of my happiness begins with your loving friendship. No rose can wither when it's fed with the wetness of God's love."

Lewis smiled, patting his shoulder.

"You are your father's son, Lucas. Your words--like his--are like water on the flowers of life."

"I am your friend's son, Lewis. His love is a part of me. Go to your Jacques. He's on the move."
Lewis smiled, the minister walking off into the darkened hallway.

Lucas looked around the cavadeum, looking up into the opened roof, the night's stars now gone, the sky turning a soft grey.

The day dawns, and love continues.

Go to his love, Good Reverend.

You will see the wonders of more than God's love.

I just hope I have the courage at the end.

And I face the love I felt yesterday.

It was beyond real.

Lucas softly smiled, walking down the darkened hallway, heading for the kitchen.


Lucas smiled, adjusting the blankets around his sons.

"Daddy!" Little Joshy giggled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, my angel. Daddy's happy." he said, kissing the boy's cheek, the child giggling more.

Little Justy gurgled, his lips around a bottle, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your brother is faster than you, Justy. He's the free spirit, you're the stalwart soul." Lucas smiled, kissing the other boy's cheek, the baby smiling at him.

Lucas smiled, moving the two carriers around on the counter, the babies beside him.

He checked on the ovens, everything warming.

The odor of coffee filled the room, the coffeemaker full and ready.

He heard a sound behind him, the man smiling as he filled a cup from the coffeemaker.

"Good morning, Finny. And drop the paddle." he said, not looking behind him.

Finn stopped, his hand holding a wooden ping pong paddle, the man smiling.

"You and your damn magic." he said, Lucas smiling, turning around.

"You and your damn loving, mirthful, brotherly love." he smiled, Finn smiling, pulling the young man into his arms, hugging him tightly.

"Happy birthday, Lukey!" he smiled, Lucas smiling as Finn kissed his lips, the young man surprised.

"It has to be my birthday for me to finally get some sugar?"

Finn laughed, slapping his ass.

"You got the man of your dreams in your arms. That's gift enough."

Lucas laughed, licking his nose, Finn smiling.

"Your love is enough, Finny. And thanks."

Finn smiled, releasing his friend.

"I thought you'd be knee deep in Timberlake or Bass this morning? Did the three throw you out? Or did you kill them?"

Lucas laughed, smiling at his friend, Finn tossing the paddle on the counter, smiling at Lucas.

"They're sleeping. Or in a coma. My love is that great."

Finn laughed, Lucas handing him the cup of coffee in his hand.

"Thanks, bro. Why are you cooking on your birthday? You have bitches to do that for you now." Finn smiled, the young man kissing the twin infants at the counter, both giggling at him, Justy's bottle now empty and laying at his knees.

"I was up early. You know I can't stay idle."

"That's what their love is for, Blondie. Wake them up with yours." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling.

"I bet Sky sleeps with one eye open, your pervert."
Finn laughed, smiling at him.

The two men picked up the carriers, walking over to the kitchen table after Lucas made himself a cup of coffee, the carriers going on two chairs beside them.

"So how does it feel to be twenty-two, old man?" Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"No different than twelve or twenty. I'm living life one glorious day at a time, Finny. You know I've always done that."
"Yes, my friend. I know you like a brother." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You're not phased by my new appearance, are you? Hence the Blondie comment." Lucas smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"You surprise us always, Luke. I've gotten used to your ever-changing love. You might even be able to beat me at something now, Hulk." Finn grinned, Lucas laughing.

"You and me on a wrestling mat naked, sexy."

Finn laughed.

"That would only leave me a sweaty winner and you turned on."

Lucas laughed, Finn staring into his violet eyes, Lucas smiling at him.

"Hell of a day yesterday, Luke. You had us worried." Finn said, Lucas' arm going around his naked shoulders, Finn wearing his usual morning attire.

"My love is unending, Finny. I went down into that tomb with all your love going with me. I knew I'd return to it. Surprisingly changed, but I have returned."

"What happened down there, Luke? Did you see. . .?" Finn softly ended his sentence.

"I saw magic and love, Finn. And I saw the end of this. One end anyway."

Finn stared at him, Lucas smiling.

Finn saw the same love and happiness shining in those two violet pools.

"Time will show all paths, my friend. Right now I have to check my hot buns. Before Justin does." Lucas smiled, Finn smiling at him, his eyes looking behind Lucas.

"Finn didn't succeed, neither shall you, HD."

Justin smiled, standing behind Lucas, the paddle now in his hand.

"You and your damn magic." Justin smiled, two other visions of love standing behind him.

"Tend your children, Timberlake. I need to get me some Chasez sugar!" Lucas said, out of his seat in a moment, his arms wrapping around his husband, Josh lost in the kiss Lucas was giving him.

Lance smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"The boy's getting old. But he'll never be as old as his groupie."

Lucas broke the kiss, Josh staring at him with awed love.

"I love you, Lucas. Happy birthday, my love."

"I love you, Joshua. Thank you, my angel." Lucas replied back, Josh smiling at him.

"Can anyone kiss the birthday boy?" Justin grinned, Lucas smiling at him, little Joshy in his arms.

The two traded a kiss, Lucas feeling Justin's love.

He kissed Lance then, the love flowing to his soulmates.

"Happy birthday, our young stallion." Lance smiled, Lucas winking at him.

"Thank you, my Lance."

"Happy birthday, Luke." Justin smiled, kissing little Justy's head in Lance's arms.

"Thanks, HD. I'm opening your present first. In the shower." Lucas winked, Justin beaming.

Josh smiled, his arms going around his man.

"We woke up with you missing, our angel." he pouted, Lucas kissing his lips again, the pout evaporating.

"I'm sure Justin kept you two happy. I tasted you on his lips." Lucas said, Josh smiling.

"Lance and I helped him wrap his present." Josh winked, Lucas laughing.

"I don't think he needs to sheath it now, Josh. You three own it." Finn laughed, Justin blushing, Finn laughing more.

"He just jealous, Justin. He's mad we all don't have hair in our teeth." Lance said, Lucas bursting into laughter, Finn blushing.

"Way to go, Lancy!" Lucas said, high-fiving him.

"You're all twisted. Demented, perverted and twisted!" Finn said, Justin leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"I'll let you twist me any day, Chewbacca!" he said, the others laughing, Finn smiling at Justin.

"Any day, Timbersnake."

Lucas smiled, kissing his husband's cheek.

"Coffee's ready, my love. Get our men a cup each." Lucas smiled, Josh looking around the kitchen, smelling the enticing aromas.

"You cooked breakfast. Aww, we wanted to surprise you." he said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"You surprise me with your love, my beauty.  I want that all day. Threefold."

All three men smiled at him, Finn laughing, shaking his head.

"I'll alert Emerson to get the carpenters in. Something tells me some plaster is going to crack today."
Everyone laughed, Josh heading for the coffeepot, Justin and Lance sitting down with their sons, Lucas joining them and Finn.


Throughout the next half hour everyone came down from upstairs, the dining room filling with Lucas' family and friends.

He'd set up the tables within his men's and Finn's help, the group meeting around them.

Lucas had been inundated with kisses and hugs, birthday wishes given by everyone.

His mother had cried in his arms, Lucas hugging her tightly kissing her cheek often.

"Your first birthday with me, Mom. One of many to come." he'd said, Vivian smiling at her nephew and her sister.

"I've missed so many." Savannah had said, Tristan's arm going around her.

"You didn't miss any, Mom. Your love and Dad's was always in my soul on those days."
The two had shown new tears, both hugging their son again.

His grandparents had shown their love in their hugs and kisses, Lucas smiling at both.

Isadora had flashed back and forth from herself and Francesca, Maya making a brief appearance, Colton and Rosa Sharon both basking in her showing love.

Colton had hugged Lucas tightly, kissing his cheek, Lucas smiling at the young man's effervescent self.

His usual clingy quiet morning self was gone.

Lucas smiled, kissing his cheek.

"I see their love awakens you to happiness. Their love has brushed off the quietness of your morning self." Lucas smiled, Colton's eyes going to his four soulmates.

"Their love greats my happiness, Luke. Morning love is beautiful."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"And wet."

Colton blushed, Lucas laughing, kissing his cheek again.

"We both love the waterfalls of our loves." Lucas smiled, Colton nodding.

"Yep, Dad."

Lucas smiled, everyone else hugging and kissing him.

Adam was the last to hug him, then kiss his lips.

"Happy birthday, Luke."

"It is now! I got me a tattooed play toy!"
Adam laughed, Gideon's arm going around him, Usher smiling at both.

"The spring's wound tight, Luke. But if you jiggle it just right it comes to life." Gideon said, Lucas and Gideon laughing, Adam blushing, Usher kissing his cheek.

"I love to jiggle. You just have to have the right love to get it working." Lucas smiled, Adam smiling at him, his blushing gone.

"These two have me running on all cylinders." Adam smiled, Usher and Gideon smiling widely.

"Sit down everyone, the food's ready, as is our love. Let's dine on both." Lucas smiled, Josh's arm going around him.

"You made breakfast, Luke? It's your birthday!" Mamma Mavis said, Lucas smiling at her and everyone.

"My love doesn't take a holiday. I feed my family with happiness. But I ain't doing dishes!"

Everyone laughed, Emerson smiling at his grandson.

"Let's take our seats, everyone. I'd like to say something before grace." he smiled, Lucas smiling at his grandfather, guiding him to their seats at the head of the first table, everyone else finding their seats.

Three long tables were filled with all Lucas' family and friends, Emerson standing at the head of his first table, everyone seated and smiling at him.

Lucas sat on Emerson's left side, Josh beside him, his grandmother seated across from him, his parents beside her, Justin and Lance beside Josh.

"Good morning, everyone. Welcome again to another day of Kurucu's Haven's shining happiness. The sun shines outside, our Lucas' love shines within. Today is his twenty-second birthday, the first of his birthdays that we have all shared together. It will be a day of love and happiness. For many--if not all of us--his love echoes through our hearts and souls. And our love echoes within his. I am honored to share this day with him. And I will be the first to toast his happiness, love and warm wishes for this day. We all love you, Lucas. Happy birthday, my grandson. Your family loves you." Emerson said, the man lifting his glass of orange juice, everyone rising from their seats toasting Lucas.

The young man still sat in his seat, his tearful eyes meeting his grandfather's tearful green pools.

The young man rose from his seat, hugging his grandfather tightly.

"Happy birthday, Lucas." Emerson said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"Thank you, Grandfather. For that toast, and for your unending love. Thank you all for this touching moment. I love all of you, and yes, I know all of you love me. Let's spend the day together in happiness and love. The day will be special for me with all your love surrounding me. I'm so touched." Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his cheek..

"I ain't touching you, Carver! I know where you've been." Chris yelled from the other table, others laughing, Lucas smiling at him.

"I've been to heaven, Chris. And Piney's the one who needs disinfectant."

Chris blushed, the laughter increasing.

Chris smiled at Lucas, the man smiling back.

"Thanks for the gift of your love, Chris. Its mirthfulness will follow me through the day." he smiled, Chris smiling back.

"Happy birthday, Luke." he said, Lucas nodding at him, smiling around at everyone.

"Dig in while it's hot, everyone. I've made lots."

Everyone dove into the platters and bowls, the meal tasted with fervor.


Lucas smiled, floating in the warm water, his eyes scanning the surrounding pool.

His family and friends surrounded him, the pool area and water filled with their happiness.

He smiled at his men, Josh and Justin in the shallow end of the pool, their infants in front of them, the boys floating in the warm water, their father's love protecting them.

Finn and Skyler sat beside them, their son and daughter in the water as well.

Lucas felt two lips kiss his neck, the man smiling.

"Lower, Adam. You know the spot."

Lucas felt a hand slap his arm, the young man smiling, turning and staring into two green pools of love.

"I'm not nearly tattooed as he is, Luke." Lance smiled, Lucas pulling him into his wet arms, the two men floating on pool chairs beside each other.

"You'll upset us, Luke!" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My love will never upset you, Lancy. It'll only get you wet."

Lance smiled, Lucas' lips meeting his.

The two kissed, their love flowing.

"That's number five. I want twenty-two of those today." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling back.

"Then I'll have to be careful that I don't show them quickly. The day needs to drag." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Twenty-two kisses each from the love of my heart. Sixty-six wet and hot kisses. I'm going to be so happy!"

Lance laughed, slapping water at Lucas, the man looking towards their husbands.

"Our men are making wonderful fathers, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling, looking at their men as well.

"We all are, Lance. Four fathers of unending love. Our boys are going to be beyond happy. Just like we are."

Lance smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools as the young man turned and looked at him.

"We were beyond happy this morning and last night, Lucky. Your love is even more intense. Justin was floored in the shower this morning."

Lucas smiled, looking towards Justin's showing beauty.

"Yes, we did have to pick him up off the shower floor."

Lance laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your bottoming monster overcame him. You're showing me up."

Lucas smiled, kissing Lance's lips again.

"We show each other up, Lancy. I'll take your monster any day."

Lance smiled, his hand going into Lucas'.

"I love you, Lucas. And I love them. You've made us all so happy."

"You ain't seen nothing yet, sexy."

Lance smiled, looking towards his men.

"We love you, Lucas. We talked together this morning. We'll accept whatever path you lead us down. We know your love will always be with us."

Lucas smiled, tearing up.

"That's all I need, Lance. The five of you are mine forever."

Lance smiled, the two men floating together, their eyes taking in the surrounding beauty around them.

"Everyone seems so in love, Luke. You've done some amazing things. Your love and magic has united everyone."

Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

Colton waved at the two men, the young man on Derek's shoulders, Jonathan on Haras', the two young men trying to upset each other, Enrique between the two acting as referee.

"Those five show a blossoming love, Luke. You've connected a quintet of happiness."

"They all needed each other's love. And it's a sextet."

Lance smiled, nodding.

"Yes, Hemi included as well. It's all so amazing."
"Love always is, Lance." Lucas said, Lance looking at him.

"What's going to happen with Colton, Luke? A battle of angels against evil?"

"A battle of good against evil, Lance. Angels will be present, as will others. The shades of truth shall stand for justice, evil shall see its might." Lucas said, Lance's hand going in his again.

"And will you be standing at his side?" Lance said, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"No, Lance. Colton has the courage to face the future. I have full faith in that. I will have my own path to walk."

"We will walk with you." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You always do, Lance. Your love surrounds me."

The man smiled, Justin waving at the two.

"I think our men miss us, Lancy. Justin has that 'I need my Lancy' look."

"I think he needs both of us. Look at that package."

Lucas laughed, slapping water at Lance, the man laughing.

"It's ours, Lance. I think you need to have a hot wet time with it. The deep end's secluded."

Lance smiled, diving off his pool chair, swimming towards his husband.

Lucas smiled, his eyes going across the pool, staring at Colton waving his hands in victory on Hemi's now revealed shoulders, Jonathan and Haras swimming with Enrique.

Love holds its own seclusion.

I hope ours is forever.

Lucas smiled, the young man closing his eyes, floating in the wet love surrounding him.


Lucas felt the hands on his backside, the fingers under his briefs.

"I'm not going to get dressed if you keep trying to pull the clothing off me, Jus."

Josh laughed, splashing cologne on his freshly shaved face, the man shirtless, Lance standing beside him at the bathroom mirror.

Lucas had just finished brushing his teeth, the man feeling Justin's wandering hands behind him.

He also felt the hardness pressing against his half revealed butt.

Two lips were on his neck, licking the remaining wetness from Lucas' shower off his back.

"Tone down the testosterone, Timberlake. Haven't we sated you yet?" Josh smiled, Justin smiling towards him.

"I'm just getting revved up." he said, Lucas turning around with a burst of speed, the man pushing Justin up against the glass shower stall wall, his hand wrapping around Justin's hardness.

"That engine's been purring all day. I thought I'd stripped its gears?"
Lance laughed, Josh joining him.

"That gear's stuck in overdrive, my love." Josh smiled, Justin blushing.

"Your newness is driving me wild, Luke." the man said, Lance smiling at Justin.

"Apparently we're boring him, Josh. Maybe we should start hiring gigolos for our Justy to get the love he needs."
Justin blushed, looking at his three men.

"I only need you three." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"There's a chocolate treat down the hall. Or two Egyptian Adonises that might calm you." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"I don't need them, Lucky. I only need Lance and you two."

Lance and Josh smiled, the two walking up to Lucas, kissing his cheek.

"Enjoy his next birthday gift. We'll wait for you." Lance said, Josh laughing, the two walking naked out of the bathroom.

Justin's eyes were on Lucas, the young man smiling.

"Ooh, it's a birthday lolly!" he said, Justin gasping when Lucas' mouth engulfed his shaft, the man lost in Lucas' amazing love.

Twenty minutes later, the two walked out of the bathroom, both wearing wide smiles.

"About time. Did you get lost in there?" Josh smiled, the man now dressed, wearing a black silk shirt, open at the throat, black pants covering his muscular legs.

Lance wore a white shirt and dark green dress pants, his slim physique looking stunning, a dark green suede blazer covering his torso.

"Looking hot, babe. Green is your color." Justin said, discarding the towel that was wrapped around his waist, Lance smiling at his naked form.

"And you look beyond hot, babe. I want that vision later." Lance said, Justin winking at him, the three men around him seeing his deflated center.

"I got a nice dessert before supper. Yummy!" Lucas said, discarding his briefs, his men smiling at him.

"Timberlake cream is a delicacy, Luke. It'll go to your thighs."
"Or anywhere else the faucet aims." Justin smiled, pulling on briefs, the man dressing with Lucas.

Their men smiled at them, seeing their urban flair in the clothes they selected to wear.

Lucas was dressing into a black silk shirt, and black pants, matching his Josh.

A dark tan suede jacket was in his hand.

Justin wore a navy blue dress shirt, tan pants to match, a navy blazer to complete his ensemble.

Their looks were casual but urbane, the four looking very debonair.

"So how big of a surprise will I be walking into?" Lucas smiled, the other three smiling at him.

"You already guessed that, Luke." Lance smiled, Lucas nodding.

"No one mentioned it all day so I thought it might have developed into just a loving dinner with my family. But I feel their hearts and love. I'll walk into anything given in love."

Josh smiled, rising from the bed, kissing his man's lips.

"They and we love you, Lucas. We'll always show that."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"I love you three as well. So where are the birthday boy's gifts? Hmm?"

Justin smiled, doing a pirouette, smiling at him.

"Right here, beautiful."

Lucas smirked, smiling at all three.

"They look old and used. I expect something more refined." he said, looking aloof.

The other three laughed, Josh's hand slapping Lucas' firm butt.

"Later, birthday boy. We have something special for you from our hearts."
Lucas smiled, kissing his man, then Justin and Lance, the two walking up to the other two.

"Your love is special. That is in my heart already."

"Let's get the kids, guys. And let's walk into the love." Lucas smiled, the other three smiling at him.

Josh and Lance walked over to the crib, picking up their sons, Josh guiding little Justy into Lucas' arms, the man smiling at his two sons.

Both wore matching short sets, the two looking adorable.

"All my boys match in their beauty. The night's going to be amazing."

All six smiled, walking out of the bedroom, heading towards the love.



End of Chapter 199


And so Lucas has revealed that he was always destined to be this Star Child.

What exactly is this being supposed to represent or do?

His changing Colton's path to the same being has led Lucas to that ending.

Colton remains the Bowman, Lucas now the Star Child.


The path seems to be shortening, a few months left to the ending of the final Trinity.

Lucas seems bent on freeing his father, grandfather and great-grandfather from their destined path.

Will he succeed?
And what will he have to do to achieve it?


We've reached Lucas' birthday.

The young man surrounded by family and happiness.

A party seems ready to begin.

Let's hope the love will be spectacular.


Up next:  An evening of celebratory happiness.

With perhaps a few surprises.


Hugs, Angel.