Yesterday's End-2

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 2

Lucas' violet eyes stared at the two blue pools staring directly at him.

"You. . .you're. . .you're Justin Timberlake!" Lucas softly said, his voice stuttering with awed wonder.

Four sets of eyes were staring at the man in shocked wonder, Sol smiling.

"Mr. Timberlake wanted to meet all four of you. He's the owner of Tennman Records." Sol said, staring at his protégés, seeing the looks of shocked wonder on all their faces.

"Mr. Timberlake. . .welcome to our home." Trish said, she breaking the trance they were in, Trish walking past Lucas, the young man remaining frozen, still staring at the singer on his doorstep.

Justin's eyes turned from Lucas, smiling at the young woman, seeing the sparkling happiness and wonder in her blue eyes.

"Thank you. Trish, isn't it?" he smiled, Trish smiling back.

"Yes, Mr. Timberlake. I'm Patricia Carver. This is my brother Lucas. And our friends and bandmates Skyler Templeton and Finnegan Delaney. It's a pleasure meeting you, sir."
Justin lightly laughed, his smiling face meeting all four gazing faces.

"May I come in?" he said, his eyes returning to Lucas' staring face, and his near naked body.

"Yes, certainly." Trish said, the young woman lightly pushing Lucas aside, the young man's face unchanged.

He stepped aside, Justin glancing over his toned muscled body again, the singer quietly walking past him, smiling at Skyler and Finn.

"Welcome, Mr. Timberlake. I'm such a fan!" Finn said, Justin shaking his hand, then Skyler's and Trish's..

The man walked into the flat; Sol, James and Robert following, Finn and Skyler at their heels, Trish lightly shaking Lucas' arm.

"You okay, Luke?" she said, his violet eyes meeting her blue.

"That. . .that's Justin Timberlake!" He softly said, Trish smiling at him.

She'd seen the look of shocked wonder still showing in his soft eyes.

"Yes it is, Luke! Yes it really is!" she said smiling, the young woman walking into the house, Lucas left on the front step.

Lucas stared after them, his head then lowering, his eyes closing for a moment.

He took a deep breath, the young man opening his eyes again, slowly walking into the flat, closing the front door behind him.


He walked into the living room, his eyes meeting Justin's again, the singer now seated on the couch, his blue eyes looking around the room.

Sol sat beside Justin, the two executives sitting in chairs, Sol's eyes on Lucas, then on the three others, all four staring at Justin.

"First off, my name's Justin. Mr. Timberlake is my father." he smiled, Finn, Skyler and Trish all smiling at him, Lucas still staring quietly.

Justin rose up, stretching out his hand, Lucas walking up and taking it in his, the two shaking hands.

Justin smiled at him, sitting down again.

"Nice to meet you, Lucas. Glad you came back to earth. Nice to see I still have that effect on people." Justin said, smiling.

Lucas blushed, his left hand picking up his t-shirt off the couch arm beside Justin, the young man slipping it quickly over his head.

Justin's eyes took in the young man's disappearing physique, a soft smile crossing his face.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. . . .I mean Justin." Lucas softly said, his eyes still showing blushing shock.

"I'm sorry, you caught us unprepared, Justin. We had just finished breakfast. Can we get you something?" Trish said, smiling at Justin.

"I'm fine thanks, I've finished breakfast already myself."

Lucas' eyes went to the other three men, Sol smiling at him.

"Coffee, Sol? Gentlemen?" he said, Sol shaking his head no, the other two executives replying the same.

"Justin wanted to meet all four of you. We were under his instructions last night. The offer we gave you was his." James said, the four musicians staring now at Justin.

"I heard your sound myself last night. You are fantastic." Justin said, smiling at all four.
Trish beamed, smiling at Finn and Skyler, Lucas looking at all three.

"Thank you, Justin. What exactly does that mean for us?" Lucas said, his violet eyes now staring directly at Justin.

Justin saw that the young man had calmed down, his eyes now showing determination and protective defiance.

The singer smiled, standing up, staring into Lucas' violet eyes again.

"It means that I can make you stars, my young friends. I think you've got the talent and the looks to be phenomenal."

Trish was practically beaming, Skyler and Finn smiling at each other.

Lucas folded his arms, Trish looking towards him.

"So you think we have talent. What do you want to do with that talent?" he said, Trish hearing her brother's usual defiant determination.

Trish stood up, whispering in Lucas' ear, the young man's face unchanging.

Justin stared at the two, his eyes then going to James and Robert.

"My business associates informed me of your concerns last night, Luke. I can call you Luke, I hope?"

Lucas nodded, Trish looking at him.

"Your music is astounding, Luke. I saw and heard that talent last night. I know you're the voice and heart of it, of Orion's beauty."

Lucas' eyes were still staring at Justin, taking in the beautiful man standing before him.

"Why are you here? We're just a small band. What's a man like you want with us?"

Justin smiled, his face showing a soft look of calming intrigue.

"You are defiant. I like that. Shows you've got heart. James and Robert told me you had reservations. I'm not here to remodel you, I'm here to talk to you one on one. I want you all under contract. I see what you can be."

Lucas stared towards his friends.

"We're four of one musical soul. We're together. End of discussion. Nothing changes in that regard. If you don't like that, then there's the door."
Sol stood up, walking over to Lucas.

"That's not a nice way to begin negotiations, Luke. I'm sorry for Lucas' attitude, Justin. He's young and sometimes volatile." Sol said, staring at his young friend.

"No worries, Sol. I see where his mind is." Justin said, Lucas staring at him.

"You don't know nothing about me or where my mind is at." Lucas said, Trish elbowing him in the stomach, Lucas looking at her.

"Calmness, bro." she softly said, Lucas glancing at her again.

"Excuse me, I have to finish cleaning up." Lucas said, the young man walking out of the room towards the kitchen.

Trish sighed, her eyes meeting Skyler's and Finn's, then Justin's.

"My brother is a caring, loving man, Justin. His soul is giving and loving. He just wants what's best for all four of us." she said, Justin smiling at her.

"I want the same, Trish. I'm not here to destroy what you've all created. I'm here to show it to the world. Excuse me, I'd like to see if I can talk to him. Bring your clients up to speed on our offer, Sol." Justin said, the singer walking out of the room in search of Lucas.

Trish's eyes met Sol's and then the two executives'.

"Sit down, Trish. I think you're going to be blown away." he said, Trish looking at her bandmates.


Lucas emptied the sink of its plug, the water draining downward.

He wiped his hands on the dishcloth, putting the last few plates back into the cupboard.

"I hate a messy place as well. Everything has to be in its place."

Lucas' violet eyes turned towards the kitchen's doorway, Justin Timberlake standing in its frame.

"I'm sorry if I came across as arrogant in there. I'm just looking out for my friends." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"I see what they mean to you. I saw that last night. It wasn't just you standing on that stage last night. I saw the adhesive chemistry all four of you share. Orion is one soul as you said."

Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Justin's again.

"We've weathered a lot together. Our music is our soul. I don't know what I'd have done without them. They are my family."
Justin smiled, walking into the room, sitting down at the table, Lucas putting the dishcloth away, wiping his hands on it again.

"They all appear to be genuine friends and family. I heard their love and yours in all your songs last night."
Lucas nodded, looking at Justin.

"I've always been a fan of your music, Justin. I saw its own independence, its own development from your former group."

Justin smiled, staring at Lucas.

"It was a leap of faith for me. I was going alone."
Lucas' eyes met his.

"I'll never do that. I love my friends too much to ever ditch them."

Justin smiled, nodding.

"I love my friends too, Lucas. But I had a lot more to voice. They understood."

"My voice is their voice, Justin."
"I know that, Lucas. I'd never destroy that. Orion is the four of you, I see that clearly."
Lucas smiled, walking to the table and sitting down beside Justin.

"You're the owner of Tennman Records? That totally surprised me." he said, staring into the two blue eyes staring back at him.

Justin smiled.

"I like to surprise. Yes, Tennman Records is one of my many business ventures, but also one of my favourite. I don't show off up front, I like to have my associates scope out the talent then advise me. We're a fledgling record company on the cusp of all out expansion. I'd like your group to be one of my new clients."
Lucas nodded, looking at the handsome face seated across from him.

"Orion is my soul, Justin. I won't let anyone destroy its trueness. The four of us sing together, our voices meshed with love. I won't let anyone destroy that."

Justin smiled, his blue eyes taking in the handsome face across from him.

His mind was on his own thoughts.

This guy's unbelievable.

His looks, his body, his voice, his heart, his determination.

He's going to shock the world with their music.

And his looks will add to the success.

His and mine.

Justin smiled at Lucas.

"I'm not here to destroy you, Lucas. I'm here to help you and guide you forward. I see a lot of potential in your music, your looks and your togetherness. Orion will succeed as it is. The four of you together."

Lucas smiled, staring into the calm blue eyes staring back at him.

"That's all I want, Justin. And it's Luke."
Justin smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"I'm sorry if my associates came on too strong last night. They were there voicing my needs. I'm totally into seeing you four realize your dreams. I think the four of you will turn the music world on its ear. That's why I'm here. Your music is refreshing and unique."

Lucas smiled widely, Justin seeing a calmness settle over the young man.

"I want you, Luke. I see the greatness in all of you. I want you four--the voice of Orion-- to sign with us."

Lucas smiled again, looking towards the living room.

"I'll talk with the guys, Justin. We have to totally agree before we accept anything."

Justin smiled.

"I'll give you time, Luke. How about the five of us go out for dinner tonight? No expectations, I'd just like to get to know you better. My treat."

Lucas smiled, staring into the two blue eyes staring back at him.

"I'd like that. I know the guys would, too."
Justin smiled, standing up, Luke rising as well.

Justin stretched out his hand again, Lucas accepting it, the two connecting in a handshake.

Lucas felt a spark, Justin's blue eyes sparkling at him.

"Awesome! I'll swing by around seven. You pick the place."

Lucas nodded, the two men walking back into the living room, Luke rejoining his friends.


Justin drove back to his hotel in his limousine, James and Robert seated across from him.

"So what's the decision, boss? Can you keep him under control?" James said, Justin's blue eyes meeting his.

"I don't think anyone could control that young man." he said, James nodding.

"You got that right. He's so arrogant and inexperienced. The music scene might well destroy him." Robert said, Justin's eyes meeting his.

"No, I don't think it will, Rob. That young man has a lot of talent, and determination. He's just looking out for his friends and their combined success. I give him kudos for sticking to his beliefs."

"But how are you going to convince him to take our offered help? They can't continue by themselves. They need guidance and training."
Justin smiled, settling back into the leather seat he sat in.

"There's one way that can happen. I'm going to take on all four of them myself."
James and Robert looked surprised, Justin smiling at them.

"You. . .you're going to influence them personally?"

"Yep. I have a stake in this. I want to give them all the help they need. Starting with their central star. Lucas Carver's going to yield to my directions. I'm going to train him in everything."

The two executives nodded, looking at each other.

"It's your gamble, Justin. I just hope you haven't bitten off more than you can chew." James said, Justin smiling.

"Leave Lucas to me. I'll make him see his greatness."

Justin smiled, looking out the limousine window, seeing a soft rain falling, the afternoon London dreariness not dampening his thoughts.

I'm game for anything we can make happen.

Just as long as I can spend time with him.

Justin smiled, thinking of the young man who'd surprised him.

He hadn't expected the total beauty of the man he'd looked upon on that doorstep.

Or the yearning he'd felt igniting in his soul.


Lucas stared at his three friends, their news surprising him.

Sol had laid it all out in front of them, the three telling Lucas after Justin and his associates had left.

An offered contract with an up and coming record company.

Two album deals and complete potential sales forecasts.

The three had been awed into shocked wonder.

Lucas' eyes met Sol's, his manager smiling at him.

"It's an amazing deal, Luke. I sense their total need for you, and their faith in your success. The sky could be the limit after you accept this initial contract."

"Two albums, Sol?" Lucas said, the man nodding.

"You've written well over three dozen songs, Luke. That's more than enough." Finn said, Lucas looking at him, seeing his total happiness.

"I can't believe Justin Timberlake wants us." Skyler said, Trish's eyes going to her two friends, then staring at her brother.

"He's very in tune with all the music industries. If he's after you then you've got a great opportunity here, guys." Sol said, smiling at all four.

"Justin Timberlake wants us. I am so flabbergasted!" Finn said laughing, Lucas smiling at him.

"Must be your dreamy eyes, Finny." Lucas said, Finn bursting into laughter, patting his friend's back.

"I wasn't the one showing off all his goodies on the front doorstep." he laughed, Lucas softly blushing.

"Hey, I was expecting only Sol. I was as stunned as you three." he said, Trish smiling at him.

"Yes you were, Lucky. I had to put your tongue back in your mouth."

The four started laughing, Lucas blushing more, his three friends kissing his cheek, Sol smiling at all four.

"We're having dinner with Justin Timberlake! How awesome is that!" Skyler said, Lucas smiling at her.

"It's pretty damn awesome." Lucas said, Sol smiling at him.

"I take it his talk with you calmed your reservations, Luke?" Sol said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I think he's behind us, Sol. I think he sees Orion's potential, and our togetherness." he said, his three bandmates smiling at him.

"I think so too, Luke. This is an amazing opportunity, guys. I think you should go for it. I'll talk with Drew and we'll go over the offer with a fine-toothed comb. Fauntleroy's sending over the contracts this afternoon. But I'll go over everything with you. Percentages and such, plus their expectations. We'll talk tomorrow." Sol said, standing up, his four protégés standing.

"Thanks for having faith in us, Sol." Lucas said, Sol smiling and hugging all four.

"You have faith in yourselves, guys. I'm just representing your needs."
All four smiled, Sol leaving.

The four smiled at each other, Skyler's arm going around Finn.

"We'll see you after five. I'll bring some outfits over, Luke. You're going to have to style all four of us." she said, Lucas smiling.

"Bring it on girlfriend! And I'll pick out something slutty for Finny too."
Finn laughed, blowing Lucas a kiss, the two friends leaving.

Trish smiled at Lucas, the young man smiling at his sister.

He plopped down on the couch, Trish smiling and sitting down beside him as he stretched his legs out on top of the coffee table.

"Care to talk to me, Lucky?"
Lucas stared into his sister's blue eyes, Trish smiling at him.

"My God! He was so beautiful! Did you see his eyes?"

Trish laughed, seeing the look of awe in Lucas' violet eyes.

She hadn't seen that look for a long time.

"Yes he was damn near stunning. A little hidden desire there, Lucky?"
Lucas softly blushed, Trish laughing and putting her arm around her brother's shoulders.

"He's engaged, Lucky. To Jessica Biel, no less. He's out of circulation."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"I know that, Trashy."

She smiled, kissing his cheek.

"But man, what a stud. We can dream can't we?"

Lucas laughed, smiling at his sister.

"Yes, we can dream."
She smiled, patting his leg.

"Sky's right, Lucky. You're going to have to style all four of us."
Lucas laughed, kissing her cheek.

"I'll get my sand blaster and torches."

Trish's fingers went to Lucas' ribcage, the young man bursting into laughter as his sister began tickling him.


Justin Timberlake stepped out of the shower, drying his toned body off, wrapping it in a cashmere robe.

He walked out of his hotel suite's bathroom, walking over to an ornate desk, sitting down at it.

He picked up his cell phone as he dried his short hair.

He scrolled through his address book, finding the number listed under Tennman Records, hidden in a sub-folder.

He had to be careful around Jessica.

She was always using his cell phone, and checking through it.

He hit the number, waiting.

A voice came on, Justin smiling.

"Hello, JT here. Access code thirteen twenty seven." he said, the voice answering him back.

"I'm in London with a few hours free this afternoon. I'd like a fix."

The voice answered back, Justin relaying his needs.

He hung up, throwing his phone down on the desk.

It went off almost as soon as it landed.

He picked it up again.

"Hey, my love."
"Oh hey, Jessica."
"How are you, sweetie? Are you back at the hotel?"

"Yeah, I'm at the hotel."
"How did it go? Have you locked them in?" she said, the young starlet relaxing in their bedroom at home in Los Angeles.

"Went over well, they seem to be coming on board. Time will tell."
"My man can convince anyone."
Justin smiled, leaning back in the chair.

"I have talent, that is true."
Jessica smiled, leaning back on her bed.

"You have a lot of talent, sexy. It's early here, my love. I have a meeting at nine so I wanted to touch base. When will you be back?"
"Not till tomorrow evening, Jess. Having dinner with them tonight to seal the deal. Should be easy. I'll be flying out around seven London time."
"Okay, sweetie. See you tomorrow night. Don't forget we meet up with my parents and yours on Friday. The final plans."
Justin looked out the window.

"Yes, my love." he said, sighing to himself.

"Until tomorrow, Jus. Love ya."
"Love ya back, Jess." He said, the line going dead.

He set the phone down, staring out into the rainy streets.

His mind thought to one young man he'd met that morning.

Lucas Carver.

The man's beauty was astounding.

Justin's mind went over every inch of the smooth muscled body he'd seen in front of him.

He felt his desires rising, his hand going under the white soft robe he wore.

A knock came to the suite's door, Justin standing up, straightening his robe, feeling his hardness rising.

He went to the suite's door, opening it.

Standing in the hallway was a young man of around twenty.

His head was covered in black curls, cascading down to his shoulder.

"Wow! You're Justin Timberlake!" the young man said, staring with surprise at Justin.

"Come in." Justin said, the young man walking in, scanning the room quickly, his eyes returning to Justin's robed form as he shut the door and locked it.

"Wow! I get to. . ." he started saying, Justin's hand going over the young man's mouth.

"You get to shut up." he said, the young man nodding, Justin releasing his hand, his fingers softly rubbing over the young man's cheek.

The young man smiled, sucking one of Justin's fingers into his mouth when his fingers rubbed his lips.

Justin moaned, pulling out the finger, walking over to the large king size bed which had been remade while Justin was out that morning.

Justin sat down on the bed, his blue eyes staring at the man before him.

The man was muscular, wearing a tight black t-shirt and black Dockers.

"Take your clothes off, slowly."

The young man smiled, pulling off his t-shirt, Justin taking in every inch of his smooth muscular chest.

It was similar to a chest he'd seen that morning, although this guy had a small tattoo of a snake above his left nipple.

The man smiled, removing his pants, standing in front of Justin, wearing only black boxer briefs.

"Turn around." Justin said, the man smiling, turning around, Justin taking in his bubbly butt hidden in the boxer briefs and his smooth back.

Justin moved, walking up to the young man.

The young man stood still, feeling two arms wrap around him, Justin's lips going to his throat.

He felt the singer's hand going into his briefs, pushing them down, then wrapping around his rising hardness.

"Turn around again."

The young man smiled, turning around.

He stared at the vision of nude beauty before him, Justin having disrobed.

"Your name's Lucas, got it?" Justin said staring at the man's revealed nakedness.

"It's your dime, mate. I'll be whoever you want me to be." the young man said, Justin moving forward and joining his lips with his.

The young man felt the need in the naked singer, Justin pulling him back towards the bed.

The man smiled, his body falling on top of the needful star.

He sensed he was going to make a great bonus today.

Hell, for the man under him he'd have done it for free.

The young man smiled, Justin flipping him over and beginning his passion.

The hunger was great in him, he'd devour for hours.


Lucas smiled, looking at the man seated beside him.

Justin smiled back at the younger man, his eyes going over his clothed body.

Lucas was wearing a black open-throated shirt and tight grey pants.

A black blazer was covering his torso, the man looking stunning.

Across from them in the limousine sat Skyler, Finn and Trish.

All three were dressed in semi-casual attire, all three smiling at him, Trish's eyes on her brother.

Justin had just picked them all up about ten minutes earlier, the group piling into his limo.

Justin had arrived alone, his associates not joining them.

Tonight, Justin wanted the four to relax and have fun with him alone.

Casualness had a way of working in his favour.

He smiled at all four, looking into Lucas' violet eyes.

"So where to, Luke?" he smiled, Lucas smiling back.

Lucas' eyes scanned over Justin, the man wearing a navy suit jacket and beige pants, a cream coloured shirt and navy leather tie finishing the outfit.

Lucas smiled, the young man eyeing his friends.

"Moswell's, guys?" he said, his three bandmates grinning, then nodding.

"Moswell's it is. It's our favourite restaurant in East London." Lucas said, Justin smiling.

"Cool. What's the address? I'll tell the driver."

"It's in Covent Garden, near Whitechapel. Seventeen Hyde Street." Lucas smiled, Justin's finger hitting the intercom on his right side, Justin giving the address to the driver up front.

"You'll like it. It's American cuisine." Finn smiled, Justin laughing.

"Anything American is great by me. And I guess I shouldn't be surprised you like American food over English, being from Wales and all.  But, in London and not blending in with the locals? I like it."

All four looked stunned, Justin smiling, looking at Lucas.

"How-how did you know we were from Wales?"

"I don't just pick bands at random. I've followed you for a bit. I don't just jump into something uninformed. I search all backgrounds." he said smiling, the four nodding in understanding.

"We all wanted to thank you for giving us this opportunity, Justin." Finn said, Lucas looking at him.

"You're welcome, all of you. I want the four of you to feel relaxed. I'm trying to convince you to take a chance with me. I'm the good guy here."

Lucas smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"We sense that, Justin. We're warming to you." Lucas said, Justin smiling.

"Some of us are burning hot." Finn said, Justin laughing, the others joining him.

"Ouch! Scorched!" Trish laughed, Lucas smiling at her, a soft blush in his cheeks.

Justin laughed, staring at the young man.

"I take it Sol has the contracts now for you?"
"Yes, he's going over your proposals. We're thinking on it."

Justin smiled.

"I won't stretch myself too thin then. Let's have dinner and get to know each other." Justin said, the four smiling at him.

"Yes, let's enjoy ourselves." Trish said, smiling at Lucas.

Lucas smiled back, his eyes looking out of the window.

Justin smiled, taking in the young man's quiet beauty.


The five walked into the restaurant, an older man coming up to them.

"Luke and Trish, Skyler and Finn! A pleasure to see you again!" the man said, his eyes now looking at Justin, the man stopping in his tracks.

"Oh my! You're. . .you're Justin Timberlake!" he said, a mild look of shock showing on his face.

"Yes, Brian. This is our friend Justin Timberlake." Trish smiled, Lucas hearing the happiness in her voice.

"This is Brian Porter, Justin. He's the owner." Lucas said, Justin smiling and shaking the staring man's hand.

"It is an honour to have you in my establishment, Mr. Timberlake. You've stepped into the finest American restaurant in London. Please, allow me to show you all to my best table." he said, Lucas smirking, Brian looking at him.

"Every table is your best, Brian."
Brian smiled, then laughed, looking at Justin.

"You travel in strange circles, Mr. Timberlake. These four are halfway baked." he said, the four bandmates laughing, Justin smiling.

"I like a bit of spice and craziness in my life. And it's just Justin." he smiled, Brian smiling, the four musicians smiling as well.

"This way, Justin."
Lucas smiled, the four following Brian and Justin, the two chatting away with each other.

Brian showed them to a quaint private corner window table, the view before them looking out onto the busy London streets, darkness beginning to fall over the city.

Brian lit the candles in the center of the table, a waitress walking towards them with menus, Brian ushering the young lady away, the man smiling at everyone.

"The usual for you, my friends. And for you--our new friend--how about I bring you some southern happiness?"
Justin smiled, nodding, Lucas smirking, looking up at Brian.

"A bottle of vino also, please, Brian."

The older man smiled, patting Luke's shoulder.

"I'd like to hear all about this later, my friend." he said, smiling at Justin and walking away from the table.

"Forgive him, he practically glows when celebrities walk into here." Trish said, Justin smiling at her.

"No problem. I'm used to it."

"You should have seen the night Sir Kenneth Brannagh came in. He wet himself, I'm sure of it!" Lucas said, Justin bursting into laughter, the other four joining him.

Lucas smiled at Justin, Justin smiling back.
"But I see in his eyes that he's accepted that its just a table of friends tonight. He won't fawn over you, Justin." Lucas said.

Justin smiled, all four smiling at him.

"Great, I'd like to relax on your turf. Let's start as friends."
All four smiled, Brian approaching the table again with a basket of rolls and a bottle of wine.


"Who'd of thought it!" Justin said, putting his napkin down, relaxing back in his chair.

"Thought what, Justin?" Skyler said, smiling at him.

Justin smiled back, looking at the four surrounding the table, their meals pretty much finished.

"That I'd travel half way around the world and I'd find unbelievable home cooking, just like at home." he said, Lucas laughing.

"I told you that you'd love it." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling back.

"I did. Top marks to the chef." he smiled, sipping at his glass of wine.

The five had been happily chatting, Justin getting the four to open up about their lives, family and childhoods.

"So you've all known each other all your lives. That's so cool. The four of you must be totally in sync." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling.

"We know each other well, Justin. We've accepted each other's faults, idiosyncrasies and loving hearts." Trish said, her friends and brother smiling at her.

"Yeah, bitchiness and all." Lucas said, laughing at Trish, she giving him a risqué salute, Justin laughing.

Skyler and Finn laughed, Justin smiling at the two.

"So you two have been together since you were teenagers. That's so nice and romantic." he said, the two smiling, Finn taking Skyler's hand in his.

"Soulmates and such." he smiled, Skyler smiling at him, kissing him on the lips.

"And how about you, Trish? Is there a significant other?" Justin smiled, Lucas holding in a soft laugh, Trish's eyes staring at him.

"As my brother so innocently smirked, I've met someone recently. We're taking it slow." she said, Lucas smiling at his sister, Finn and Skyler smiling as well.

"Awesome. And that leaves only you, Lucas." Justin said, smiling at the young man.

All three of his friends stared at him, Lucas' eyes lowering for a moment.

"There's no one in my life at the moment, Justin. Music is my soulmate." he said, not looking at Justin, sipping at his wine glass.

Justin looked at the other three, seeing looks of compassion on their faces, Justin sensing some underlying drama there.

"Well, we all find our soulmate eventually. Be they human or musical." he smiled, trying to lighten the mood.

Lucas smiled, looking up at him.

"I hear congratulations are in order for you, Justin. Jessica Biel is a beautiful woman." he said, Justin looking at him.

"Yes, she's beautiful and loving." he said, Trish quietly staring at him, seeing a soft look cross his face.

"Lucky you, Justin. I wish you the best. We all do. A toast to your happiness!" Lucas said, raising his glass, the other three bandmates raising theirs as well.

"Thank you all." he smiled, accepting their toast, his eyes returning to Lucas, sensing the young man wanted to say something more, Justin waiting.

"Before we even think about going further with this agreement Justin, you need to understand something about myself." Lucas said, his three bandmates smiling at him.

"Go on, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, folding his hands on the table.

"It's Luke, remember?" he said, Justin smiling at him.

"Sorry, Luke. Please continue."
Lucas sighed, looking at his sister, Trish smiling at him.

"I'm gay, Justin."

Justin stared at him, his face softening.

"Alright, Luke. I can accept that."
"I'm not hiding my life choices or my life from anyone. I'm me and I'm happy with myself. I know how the music scene works, what with fans, photos and the whole image moulding. I'm myself as are my friends. We're the people you see right here. We won't change that image for anything."
Justin smiled, nodding.

"I respect that, and your openness, Luke. I'm fine with all four of you being yourselves."

All four smiled, Lucas staring at Justin.

"I just wanted you to know the truth."
Justin smiled, patting the young man's hand that lay on the table.

"I'm glad you told me. Now we can base your demographics on the real you. A loving couple, a committed young woman, and a young gay man who sings his heart out."

The four smiled, Finn grinning.

"Think of all those boys drooling over your pictures, Luke!"
Lucas blushed, Justin laughing.

"Relax, Luke. I've had them drooling over mine for years. Besides, Finn is as damn fine as you are."

Finn blushed, Lucas laughing, Justin smiling at him.

"So we've relaxed and opened our souls. I take it you'll give my offer a serious consideration?"

Lucas looked over at his two friends and his sister, seeing the pleading looks of hope in their eyes.

"We don't need to think it over, Justin. We're agreed on our accepting your offer."
Justin practically beamed, all four smiling at him.

"Awesome! That's fantastic! You four are going to be famous beyond your wildest dreams!" he grinned, all four laughing at his enthusiastic response.

"Hey, let's get an album done first. Fame comes from acceptance and life." Lucas said, Justin smiling at all four.

"With that acceptance from all of you, I have my own wonderful surprise."

All four looked at Justin, the man smiling.

"I will be guiding all four of you personally. I'm going to help you myself in any way I can--musically, spiritually and as a friend. I'm going to be here for all four of you."

All four looked surprised, Justin staring at Lucas.

"You. . .you're going to help us yourself? I. . .I thought it would be musicians and studio people?" he said, Justin seeing the surprise on his face.

"They'll be there of course, but I'll be by your side also. I've experienced this whole industry, guys. Touring, producing, recording, all of it. I think I can really help you. I want Orion's star to shine as bright as mine did. And I want to make it happen the way you want it to."
All four smiled, seeing the encouraging friendship in Justin's blue eyes.

Lucas smiled, extending his hand.

"We accept that friendship and help, Justin."

Justin smiled, shaking the man's hand, staring into his violet eyes.

The other three extended their hands, Justin shaking all three, taking in their wide smiles.

His eyes returned to Lucas as Justin released Trish's hand, the young man smiling at him, his violet eyes filled with a new happiness.

Justin smiled, his thoughts his own.

I'm going to be more than a friend, Lucas.

I want to help you in every way.

Lucas smiled back at Justin, his thoughts his own.



Ridgehaven, Vermont


Emerson Belmont stood at his library window, staring out into the darkened night's rain-filled sky.

It was after midnight, the darkness giving him no solace.

His old heart was filled with regret, worry and sorrow.

Regret for the past, worry for the future, and sorrow for the loss surrounding him.

His thoughts were on all he'd been informed of by Grayson.

The faxes were on his desk, their words filled with glaring truth, and a small hope.

His tired eyes looked into the darkness, his thoughts wandering.

My heart heaves with worry, my loving Francesca.

The path nears its end.

It has been too long since we saw each other.

Why can't he just come back?
Why can't he forgive me for telling him the truth?

Why can't they all just come back?

I'd forgive him his own mistakes if he'd just forgive me mine.

I am sorry for the ultimatum of my mind, my son.

My heart's ultimatum should have been the one spoken.

Where are you?

A knock came to the room's door, Emerson sighing, bidding enter.

A man of around forty-five came into the room, softly smiling at the older man in front of the windows.

"You should be sleeping, sir. The hour is late."

"Troubled minds keep souls on the move, Jefferson."

Emerson's manservant nodded, walking up to his employer.

"Troubling news, sir?"

"Worrisome and hopeful, perhaps."

"You are not well, sir. You need to rest. You should be in bed." the servant said, looking at his employer's trembling hands, both latched onto a silver cane that he held in both of his hands in front of him.

"No rest comes to a man who can't rest his heart, Jefferson. The times, I feel, are changing."
"You have found him, sir?"

"Not yet, Jefferson. But my heart stirs anew with hope." the older man said, moving towards the fireplace, the servant's arm going around the trembling man.

He helped him to a large overstuffed wing chair, Emerson sitting down in front of the fireplace.

"Stir the coals, Jefferson. My old bones need some warmth."

The man smiled, going to the fireplace, opening the cover, stirring the coals, throwing new blocks of wood upon their redness.

Emerson's eyes went upwards, staring at the portrait hanging above the mantelpiece.

It showed three men standing together, his own likeness in the painting's center.

"Three souls of worth, three mirrored souls of giving love." he said, sighing.

The servant turned looking at him, the old man's green eyes staring back at him.

"Have the butchers gone?"

The servant smiled, nodding his head.

"Yes, sir. All the apparatuses were removed as they left. Only Doctor Hampton remains. He's in his rooms."
"Send him up. I think I'll need a sedative to calm my sleep."

The man nodded, bowing, then leaving the room.

Emerson stared up at the portrait, his eyes scanning to the left, his thoughts on the move again.

My heart fills with a surprising newness, Father.

I feel a new heart has joined our collective soul.
I feel the Shades brewing.

And I feel the Trinity beginning.

Our soul breathes with newness.

And I still feel Tristan's aura.

He's still out there, I just know not where.

I pray Grayson will find him soon.

I don't quite understand this newness, it seems impossible.

But. . .the signs. . .the omens. . .

Emerson wiped his eyes, the tiredness seeping into him.

He pulled a golden watch out of his vest pocket, staring at its golden face when he opened it.

The symbol of an eagle was etched into the dial's facing, its diamond eyes staring up at him.

Life begins with destiny.

I only wish you'd have accepted yours, Tristan.

How can we achieve destiny without you?

A soft rap came to the library's door, the door opening.

Emerson looked into the blue eyes of Doctor Horace Hampton.

"Why aren't you in bed, Emerson? You're not going to get well if you disobey me."
Emerson smiled, his old friend smiling back.

"They've gone, all those witchdoctors?"
"Yes, none too soon for my taste. You were correct, I believe. They're obviously under Haven's command. Your readings were totally out of whack. I'm glad Jefferson called me. You were on a downhill slide, my friend."
"I felt as much, Horace. Thank you for blustering through their charade. You've saved me once again."
The man smiled, his hand on Emerson's shoulder.

"Our understanding is built on trust and friendship, Emerson. I won't leave you alone again. What they were doing was damn near close to malpractice! The fools!"

"It was more than that, Horace. I and Grayson believe it was premeditated. There was only one conclusion to their ministrations."
Horace looked surprised, looking towards the door.

"Haven? He wouldn't! You can't be serious?!"
"He's being backed into a corner, Horace. And a cornered bear will lash out in any way to escape justice. I was his intended next victim."


Emerson sighed, looking at the painting again.

"Youth sometimes can't stand against evil."

Horace nodded, folding his arms.

"I'm staying until this is over, Emerson. Grayson's asked me as much."
"Thank you, my old friend. You alone have full reign over my recuperation."
"Then let's start it with you getting into bed. A good night's sleep will do you wonders. I've prepared a sedative. Tomorrow, we'll start your recuperation."

Emerson smiled, the man slowly rising up, the doctor's arm going around him.

"I may be dying, Horace. But damned if I'll let them make me leave early."

Horace smiled, a tear showing in his eyes.

"I'll keep you going as long as I can, Emerson."

"Even you can't postpone that, Horace. Your father thought the same, and I outlived him."

The doctor nodded, his thoughts on the man in front of him.

"Time waits for no one, my friend."

"I suppose you're right, Horace. And I've cheated it long enough."

Horace smiled, the older man slipping his watch back into his pocket, looking up at the portrait.

"Three generations, coming soon to an end. It lays now at my son's feet."
The doctor nodded, looking at the painting.

"He'll do the right thing, Emerson. His love will make him follow the path back to you, and his destiny."

Emerson nodded, sighing and walking towards the door, the doctor walking with him.




End of Chapter 2


Seems our group's benefactor has issues of his own.

And his eyes are gazing towards our Lucas.

What is Justin seeking from the young man?


Who is Emerson Belmont and what's his part in this story?

Where is his elusive son Tristan?

Intriguing questions so early in this tale.

I hope I've captured your interest.


Hugs, Angel.