Yesterday's End-200


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 200


The Land of Egypt


Lucas smiled, his arm in his husband's arm, the two walking down the grand staircase in Kurucu's Haven's front foyer.

Justin and Lance walked behind them, both carrying one of their sons.

Josh smiled, stopping on the middle platform, looking up at Emmanuel Belmont's portrait, Lucas' violet pools staring at it as well.

"The master of this home. The ever-loving, ever-giving Emmanuel. My now shown son." Lucas said, Josh's blue eyes looking into his violet.

"A man of familiar love. Your magic echoed in his soul and in all after him." Lance said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"They have it and my love, Lance." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"The love being the more amazing." he said, Josh smiling at him, Lucas smirking.

"But only three have experienced all of that love. You're all still filled with it." Lucas smiled, Lance lightly laughing.

"Our HD is going to dine for hours tonight. Fermented love."
All four lightly laughed, the babies cooing in their fathers' arms.

"Let's head to the total love, my men." Lucas smiled, the young man walking forward, his hand in Josh's, the other two men following.

The four walked down the remaining stairs, Lucas crossing the marbled foyer, heading for the Receiving Room.

"Not there, my love." Josh said, Lucas stopping, staring into his icy blue eyes.

"Everyone said they'd meet here for dinner." Lucas said, Josh kissing his lips, Justin and Lance smiling at him.

"Change of plans, my love. That room couldn't contain all of our love for you." Justin smiled, Lucas looking at him then at Lance, Josh kissing his lips again.

"Your grandfather's opened up the ballroom again, Lucky. We need lots of room to dance our love for you." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Sweet! Hours of dancing in my men's arms. I may even twirl Timberlake here into the sky. Might as well get him excited." Lucas smiled, Lance laughing.

"You just touching him does that, Lucky. To all of us."

Lucas smiled, kissing all three men on their lips, each feeling his love.

Lucas kissed his two sons on the forehead, smiling at all five.

"On to the love, my angels. I'm open to receiving all of it."

"Sweet indeed! We're going to open you up good." Justin grinned, Lance rolling his eyes, Lucas slapping Justin's clothed ass, everyone laughing again, the family moving down the hallway, walking towards the cavadeum.

They walked past the windowed gardens, the late evening light casting shadows among the flowers and small trees.

"The place of your proposing love, my love." Justin said, Lance smiling, kissing his man's cheek.

"We'll venture there later, my love. I want to rekindle that moment again." Lance said, Justin smiling at him.

"You rekindle it every time I'm in your arms." he said, Lance tearing up, Josh and Lucas smiling back at them.

"You old smoothie." Josh said, Justin winking at him.

The four men walked past the gardens, coming into the open cavadeum, all four staring at the statues as they walked between them, the fountain still flowing with water, its angel continuing its path of wet love.

"The men of your past, Luke." Lance said, looking up at the statue of Alsarius Belgras.

"My family, Lance. The ten cornerstones of my destiny."

"Each a vision of masculine beauty. But you have them all beat." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You don't need to flatter me to get into my pants, Timberlake. That beautiful face does that."

Justin smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas' warm lips.

"But I have so much more to offer." he said, batting his eyelashes.

Lucas smiled, slapping his ass again.

"And we own it all, Horn Dog. We own all your love."
All three smiled, Lucas looking towards the hallway to the grand ballroom.

He sighed, smiling at all five around him.

"I love you, my family. And I love all awaiting me. My life has never been so filled with love."

Lance smiled, leaning in and kissing Lucas' lips.

"We love you, Lucky. Our love and theirs is here always for you."

Lucas smiled, Josh's arm going around him.

"I love you, Lucas. Happy birthday, my love." he smiled, their lips meeting, Justin and Lance smiling at both men.

"I'm going to so need you three at the end of this night. Showing love always charges my soul." Lucas said, the three smiling.

"Later beautiful. We'll meet you at midnight, naked and ready." Justin said, Lucas laughing.

"I may hold you to those words, sexy. And everyone may get an eyeful if we stay later than midnight. Ever done it in a ballroom?" Lucas smiled, winking at Justin.

Lance and Josh both laughed, Justin blushing.

"How about whenever we end this night then?" he said, Lucas kissing his warm lips.

"This night won't end, my Jus. I'm going to go all night."
Justin smiled widely.

"Promises, promises."

Lance laughed, kissing his man's lips, their sons giggling between them.

"Lucky always keeps his promises. We better have some oysters."

Josh laughed, Lucas kissing his lips.

"Your love is the aphrodisiac of my soul. Let's walk into the love." he smiled, Josh smiling at him, the two walking down the hallway towards the ballroom, Justin and Lance smiling and following them.


The four walked down the hallway, the hallway filled with baskets of violet-colored roses.

To the right of the two doors at the hallway's end stood a curtained booth-like section, about twenty feet long, white curtains covering its length.

Lucas' eyes took in the closed ballroom doors, both large mahogany doors showing wreaths of flowers hanging on them.

They were interlaced with leaves, blue, green and violet roses and orchids.

"The doorway to our love." Lance smiled, walking up to the doors ahead of them, the man knocking on it.

"We have to knock to come into their love?" Lucas smiled, Lance smiling back at him.

"Your family needs to know you've arrived." Lance smiled, one of the doors opening.

Lucas' eyes were drawn to two handsome faces, two young Egyptian men smiling at the men in the hallway.

Both men walked out of the room, shutting the door behind them.

Lucas saw both carried two garment bags over their right arms, the two smiling at him.

"Good evening, Pharaoh." Haras said, the man's hand going to his breast, Hemi's hand going to his as well, both men saluting Lucas.

Lucas' violet pools took in their Egyptian attire, the two men wearing their Egyptian military uniforms.

"Good evening, warriors of love." Lucas smiled, both men returning his smile.

"Welcome to your evening of celebratory love, Pharaoh." Haras said, walking up to him, Hemi following.

"I am your friend, and family, Hari and Hemi. Lose the Pharaoh worshipping." Lucas smiled, the two men bowing to him.

"In our hearts your are the lineage of Alsarius, Lucas. To us you are the master of our hearts. You carry his love and soul within your magic." Hemi smiled, Haras nodding as well.

"I take your love as I feel his. We are friends first, warriors together second." Lucas smiled, the two young men smiling at him.

Hemi's hands moved, extending the two garment bags in his hands to Lucas and Josh.

"Your attire for the evening, Pharaoh." Hemi smiled, Lucas smiling, taking the offered garment bag, Josh smiling at Hemi, taking the second one.

"I assumed it would be semi-formal, with what we wear now." Lucas said, Josh kissing his cheek, Haras handing Lance and Justin the two bags he'd carried out, both men smiling at him, Lance giving him a wink.

"We've come up with a greater scenario of love, sweetie." Justin smiled, Lucas looking around at his soulmates.

"Something tells me everyone's in on this but me." he said, Justin kissing his lips.

"That what a surprise is, sweetie." he said, Lucas smiling at him, Justin's blue eyes meeting Haras' brown.

"I know, Jus.  That's why I turned down my magic--so that you all could show your surprising love." Lucas said, winking at him.

Justin kissed Lucas' cheek in thanks, then turned back to Haras.

"Want to help me dress, cutie?" Justin smiled, Haras smiling at him.

"You'd never get dressed after I undressed you, slave." he said, Lucas laughing, Lance chuckling.

Justin smiled, kissing the Egyptian's cheek.

"Promises, promises." he smiled, Haras smiling at him.

"I'll hold your son." Haras smiled, Justin smiling and handing him Joshy, the Egyptian smiling at the child, Hemi taking Justy from Lance's arm, the two Egyptians cooing over the infants.

"Go behind the curtains, my friends." Haras smiled, Lucas smiling at his soulmates.

"It will go quicker if you separate. There are four change rooms." Hemi smiled, Justin smirking at him.

"Where's the fun in that?" he said, Josh slapping his ass.

"Get to it, Horn Dog." he smiled, the two Egyptians laughing lightly, the infants giggling in their arms.

"We await your return." Hemi said, Lucas smiling at him and Haras.

"What's the game, boys?"

"The game is love, Pharaoh. You have all of ours." Haras said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Promises, indeed."

The man smiled, Lucas walking towards the curtained change rooms, the other three following him.

Hemi smiled at Haras, the two gently rocking the infants.


"I'm not coming out, this is scandalous!" Lucas said from behind his curtained room.

Josh laughed, smiling at his soulmates, the two Egyptians smiling.

"It is a Pharaoh's attire, Lucas. Alsarius wore it with pride." Hemi said, the three men beside him smiling at him.

Josh, Lance and Justin all wore wraps, their centers covered in skirted cloth wraps, leather breast and back plates covering their torsos, steel armbands on their biceps.

The two Egyptians had smiled at all three as they'd each walked out, admiring each other, their attire almost identical to Hemi's and Haras' uniforms, save for their silver metal breastplates.

"Come out, Luke, Pharaoh of our hearts." Hemi said, the curtain moving.

Everyone's eyes widened in surprise, Lucas walking out of the change room.

Justin smiled, taking in the masculine vision before him.

"Wow!" he said, whistling.

Lucas softly blushed, Josh smiling at him.

"You look absolutely stunning, my love." he said, Lucas smiling his Josh smile at him.

"Shouldn't my men be on their knees?" he smiled, all five taking in his breathtaking beauty.

Lucas wore a white skirted wrap, its edges laced with golden images.

His chest was bare, his muscled tanned beauty showing.

Golden armbands made his bicep bulge with their muscled beauty.

His necklace hung around his neck, his head covered in a golden Egyptian headdress, a blazing star etched upon its center.

"You are the shining image of our great Alsarius." Hemi said, he and Haras going to their knees, the children still in their arms.

"Arise friends of my hearts. Only my bitches kneel to me. And that's for desire."
Lance laughed, Justin smiling widely.

Josh moved forward, his lips meeting Lucas', the two feeling their love.

"You're the pharaoh of our hearts, Lucas. You look amazing."

"I should have the cuties drooling. So it's an Egyptian party, boys?" he smiled, looking at Hemi and Haras.

"Colton came to us with the idea. What with our and your family's past, Lucas, we loved the idea. Tonight you'll see your Egyptian heritage." Haras smiled, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"It would be the honor and happiness of my soul. I love the idea." he smiled, the two Egyptians beaming.

"We will dine on Egyptian cuisine, and hear Egyptian music. The night will show Egypt before your eyes." Hemi said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Then let's get to our harems. I may add to mine tonight."
Justin laughed, kissing Lucas' cheek, his arm going around Lance, Lance taking Justy from Hemi's arms, Josh taking Joshy from Haras.

"Sweet! More hotties!" Justin smiled, Lance slapping his ass.

"Keep it under wraps, boys. We'll remove them later." Lance said, Josh laughing.

Lucas smiled at the two Egyptians.

"Lead on to the happiness, my guards."
The two young men smiled, walking up to the mahogany doors, both knocking on them.

"Arise Land of Egypt! The Pharaoh of Light comes!" both said loudly, music instantly beginning to play.

Lucas smiled, taking in its simple melodic beauty.

Both doors opened, Lucas smiling at two blue eyes staring back at him.

Adam Levine stood before them, the man wearing only a wrap around his waist, his naked toned tattooed beauty showing under a small vest covering his nipples.

"Welcome Pharaoh Lucas, son of the rising sun, Lord of the Lands of Egypt. We celebrate the greatness of your day of creation. Walk into your nation's love." Adam said, smiling widely.

"The host is a hottie. Number one in my new harem." Lucas smiled, Adam grinning.

"An honor I accept with love." he smiled, Lucas smiling, the young man moving forward, Adam now at his side, his men behind him.

Lucas smiled, taking in the beautiful decorations and changed beauty of the large hall.

Palm trees were showing everywhere, tables laden with food, drink and flowers.

In the center of the room stood Lucas' family.

Everyone wore costumes and clothing of Egyptian flair.

The men wore wraps and leather breastplates, or white tunics, the women in tunics accentuated with flowery adornments.

The group parted, Lucas seeing a golden throne at the end of the ballroom, his parents and grandparents walking up to him.

"Welcome to your night of Egyptian love, Lucas. Happy birthday, my son!" Tristan said, Lucas smiling and hugging his emotional father, his mother smiling at him with tears.

"I have the future surrounded by the past. I have the love tonight of all my heritage." he smiled, the young man surrounded by everyone, everyone hugging him, kissing him and giving him birthday greetings.

The last to hug him was Colton, the young man smiling at him, looking up into his violet pools.

"Happy birthday, Dad." he smiled, Lucas kissing his forehead.

"I heard this was all your idea. An Egyptian night of happiness." he said, Haras' arm going around Colton and Jonathan standing beside him.

"I have two Egyptian hearts of love now, Dad. You might as well experience the past and happiness of their love and mine."
Lucas smiled, kissing all three on the cheek.

"I aim to. All pasts and futures have my love. Thank you, my son."

Colton beamed, Adam walking up to Lucas.

"Your golden throne awaits, Pharaoh." Hemi said, standing beside Adam.

"Which of you two would like to be my footstool?" Lucas grinned, both men blushing.

"I volunteer." Adam smiled, Lucas laughing.

"Sweet. My toes will be wandering." he said, everyone laughing, the young man following the two, everyone smiling at Lucas.

"We won't bow to you, Pharaoh!" Finn yelled, Lucas smiling back at him.

"Send him to the stone quarry, warriors. Two weeks of knocking rocks around will calm him. He loves getting his rocks off."

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing, Alain slapping his back.

"Can anyone break those rocks?" he grinned, Finn blushing more, Alain smiling at him.

Lucas laughed, sitting down on the golden throne, the young man smiling.

"All hail Pharaoh Lucas! King of the Sun! Lord of all our hearts! Let us rejoice with song and our love for him!" Hemi said, standing beside the throne.

The room broke out in a loud chorus of The Birthday Song, Lucas smiling, everyone waving and blowing him kisses as they sang.

Applause filled the large ballroom, echoing off the walls.

"Thank you, my family of love. The day fills my heart with joy. I love all of you. I will dance with all of you tonight. You need my love as much as I have yours." Lucas smiled, everyone seeing the tears of happiness in his violet eyes.

Applause resonated again, Hemi smiling at Lucas.

"A feast awaits, my Pharaoh. The mothers of love have created a bounty." Hemi smiled, Lucas smiling and rising from the throne.

"Lead on to the nourishment of their love, my warrior." he smiled, everyone smiling, Lucas moving with Hemi and Adam towards the awaiting banquet.

Josh smiled, Lance's arm going around him, Justin's hand resting on Josh's wrap-covered ass.

"He's really getting into the role." Josh smiled, Lance kissing his cheek.

"Something tells me the master may devour us tonight." he said, Justin smiling, looking at Lucas, his eyes going to the golden embroidered wrap around his bubbly ass.

"I'm going to ride a Pharaoh tonight. We're all going to be filled with Egyptian love tonight."

"You and me in the garden, sexy." Justin heard behind him, a hand now on his ass.

He turned around, Haras smiling at him.

Colton was grinning, Jonathan holding in a laugh.

"My master said I was to keep you flowing tonight, slave. He wants you prepared for his love later." Haras grinned, Josh holding in his laughter.

Justin blushed, backing up from the Egyptian.

"Thanks, Haras. But my men can do that."
Haras laughed, smiling at him.

"I remember the day we met, Justin. My beauty enamored myself to your desires. I guess I'll now have to settle for the other five of my heart. Your friendship will be enough." the Egyptian smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Eye candy is always nice, Haras. You do indeed stoke my need for my soulmates." Justin smiled, Haras laughing louder.

"I'll lose the breastplate later. Might as well get you going full blast."
Justin laughed, the Egyptian smiling at him.

"Come, good food awaits. As does laughter and happiness." he said, Justin smiling at him, his arm going around the Egyptian.

"I'll follow your hot tushy anywhere." he said, Haras laughing, the two men and their soulmates following.


Lucas smiled, feeling the man wrapped in his arms, his head against Lucas' muscled smooth chest.

Adam's hands were on Lucas' wrap-covered ass, his tattooed chest against his waist.

"Thank you for welcoming me tonight into my family's love, Adam." Lucas said, kissing the man's black-haired head, Adam's head raising from his chest, staring up into his violet pools.

"I have been rewarded with the warmth of your smoothness against me, Luke. My men will be happy tonight with my growing desires." Adam smiled, Lucas smiling down at him.

"So that's not a salami your have under that wrap?"

Adam laughed, blushing a bit, Lucas smiling at him with friendship and love.

"Maybe a long pepperoni. Depends on what its stoked with, or by whom."

Lucas smiled, slapping the man's wrap-covered ass.

"The garden in ten minutes. I'll turn that pepperoni into full blown salami. Or maybe just blown." Lucas winked, Adam smiling.

"You always tease me with your flirtatious love, Luke." Adam said, Lucas smiling down at him.

"You always wanted me, Adam. It was an untrue need but my love was always there. Might as well keep the love flowing."

Adam smiled, looking towards his husbands, Pierce dancing with Usher, the black man's head against Pierce's naked chest, both men wearing only wraps.

"Their love flows through me, Lucas. I have you to thank for that."

Lucas smiled, patting the man's ass gently.

"Your own heart won you their love, Adam. Your Pip and Ush love their Noah."

Adam stared into Lucas' violet pools.

"How did you know they call me by my middle name now?" he said, Lucas smiling, leaning forward and kissing the man on the lips.

"Names of love echo in joined souls. My Joshua, my Jus and my Lancy all have my love."

Adam smiled, his head going against Lucas' warm bare chest again.

"I hope the Pharaoh's harem isn't totally full yet." he smiled, his fingers rubbing Lucas' red stoned necklace, its center softly glowing.

"The core of its existence is complete. But what's a little more eye candy?" Lucas smiled, Adam laughing.

"I love you, Luke. Your friendship and love I cherish."

"Great. The Pharaoh needs a sponge for his shower tomorrow morning. You've shown how good you can be."

Adam smiled, remembering his wedding day, and his shower with Lucas.

"What can I say? You're not the only one with magical hands."

Lucas laughed, his eyes seeing two black men and two smiling faces walking towards them.

"Speaking of unfulfilled harems. Nubians! As dark and beautiful as the Egyptian night!" he said, Adam laughing, Usher and Alain smiling at the two men, Finn and Pierce at their sides.

"You two seem happy." Finn smiled, Adam smiling at him.

"The Pharaoh favors me with his friendship." he said, Usher smiling at his husband, his arm going around Adam's waist.

"May I steal your slave away, Pharaoh?" he smiled, Lucas folding his arms, his now larger frame seemingly greater in determination.

"You may. But do not deflower his beauty. I want my slaves as fresh as the driven snow."

All the men laughed, Usher smiling at Lucas.

"Sorry, Pharaoh. This beauty's snow must have been peed on. He's so dirty."
Everyone laughed again, Adam blushing, Pierce kissing his lips, Adam's embarrassment gone.

Finn smiled at Lucas.

"The next part of the evening begins, Pharaoh. A barge of bounty sails down the harbor to your greatness." Alain said, bowing to Lucas, his hand pointing towards a table filled with gifts by Lucas' golden throne.

"You didn't have to buy me stuff, guys. Your friendship and love is enough." Lucas smiled, everyone having walked up to the group of men, the music stopped.

"Just some whips and chains, my Lord." Finn bowed, Lucas smiling at him.

"I hope there's a set of shears. I want my eunuchs bald."

Finn blushed, everyone laughing, Skyler's arm going around her husband.

"You walked into that one, my love." she smiled, Finn smiling at her.

"I'll follow the Pharaoh anywhere. He guides us all to our greatness."

Lucas laughed, patting his friend's naked shoulder.

"Lead on to the bounty, my hairy eunuch."

Everyone laughed, Finn smiling and guiding Lucas to his throne.

An hour later Lucas stood in front of his throne, it surrounded by a treasure trove of opened gifts.

His three men stood around him, Lucas smiling at his family and friends surrounding him.

"Thank you all for these gifts of love. I shall treasure them as I treasure your love and friendship. My family's love shines bright." he said, everyone lightly clapping.

The four infants had been put to bed, Mavis and Horace now walking around, everyone taking glasses of champagne off their trays, Justin smiling around at everyone.

"A toast to the man of the day, and our love. May I have the floor?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Is it midnight yet?" he winked, Justin laughing.

"Not quite, master." he said, Lucas laughing.

Everyone smiled at Justin, each holding a glass of champagne, Lucas taking the last one off Mavis' tray, the woman kissing his cheek.

"Today is your twenty-second birthday, Lucas. You seem so young to have weathered so many trials of hope and courage. But today stands before us a young man of giving love, of courageous worth and determination. You are loved by all of us, Lucas. You give so much and we give our love back. We love you, Lucas. Happy birthday, my love, my heart, and now my family. Happy birthday, Lucas!" Justin said, his eyes showing their emotion, Lucas smiling at him, hugging him gently.

Everyone yelled happy birthday, all toasting him and clinking glasses, Lucas' lips meeting Justin's..

"Thank you, my love. For this day, for your love. Thank you all for your love. Today, I'm totally happy. I have a family surrounding me, and I have total love. Life is going to be amazing." Lucas smiled, everyone seeing the happiness on his face.

"Come on, Dad. We haven't danced yet." Colton smiled, Lucas smiling at the young man, the crossbow hanging from his shoulder by a strap.

"Lead on, Bowman. Send an arrow of love into your father's heart."

Colton smiled, he and Lucas heading to the middle of the dance floor, Chris hitting the stereo again, Egyptian music filling the air.

Other couples joined them, the ballroom filling with music and dancing couples.

Colton smiled at Lucas, the younger man's head going against Lucas' warm chest.

Lucas smiled, dancing with the young man.

"My boy's happy tonight." Lucas smiled, Colton smiling, dancing to the music.

"I'm in love, Dad. The five of my soul complete me. I've never known such love." he said, Lucas smiling, watching Haras and Hemi dancing with Enrique and Jonathan, the four men close and loving.

"We may all have an Egyptian soul, Colt." Lucas smiled, Colton smiling up at him.

"Their blood flows through all of us. I just have more than blood now." he smiled, Lucas laughing.

"Yes, you now have the creamy side of life. Enjoy it."

Colton blushed, Lucas laughing, patting the young man's wrap-covered ass.

"Sex is a part of love, Colt. I know the five are beyond beautiful, their desires would be as well. Just look at the harem I have. I'm beyond happy."

"We all see that, Dad. Their love completes you."

"It does, Colt. As their love completes you. The arrows of magic you have for your bow are steeped in their love. It flows within your magic. No evil will ever stand against that love."
Colton nodded, snuggling against Lucas' warmth, the man holding him closer.

"I have your love as well, Dad. I'm ready for whatever the path guides me to."

Lucas smiled, his violet eyes looking towards Rosa Sharon, the girl dancing with Stephen and Briahna.

Her blue pools were staring directly at Lucas, a soft smile on her face.

"We have love, Colt. That will get us through anything."

Colton smiled, the young man dancing with his father of love.


Lucas was laughing, sitting and chatting with his grandfather and father, the two men smiling at him, seeing the young man's happiness.

"You seem so happy, Lucas." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I am, Grandfather. No destiny or unknown path will curtail the happiness in my soul. I am ready for life's path." he smiled, the young man feeling a hand go to his shoulder.

He looked at a tanned muscular hairy arm, looking up into a smiling handsome face.

"The night continues, Pharaoh." Hemi smiled, Lucas smiling up at him.

Haras stood behind Hemi, his face wearing a wide infectious smile.

"Let the games begin." Lucas said, the two Egyptians looking surprised, Lucas rising to his feet.

"I feel your overflowing exuberance, my friends. I am ready for the running love." he smiled, the two men smiling at him.

"Follow us to your throne, Pharaoh." Hemi bowed, Lucas smiling at his father and grandfather.

"My guards surround me. I think we're heading for war."

The two men laughed, Lucas smiling and following the two young men back to his throne.

Lucas sat down, Hemi handing him his golden headdress, Lucas having left it on the throne's seat while dancing.

Lucas smiled, putting it on again, sitting back on his throne.

"Attention Land of Egypt! The Pharaoh summons all to war!" Hemi shouted, everyone silencing, Joey canning the music again.

Everyone smiled, walking towards the throne.

Haras smiled, looking at the Pharaoh on the throne of Egypt.
"Your people follow you, Pharaoh Lucas. You are much loved." he said, looking out at everyone, everyone smiling at Lucas.

"The anniversary of your birth shines as the moon shines in the heavens of your magical soul. The people wish to show you their courage and their devotion to you." Hemi said, Lucas smiling at him.

"This should be good." he smiled, light laughter heard in the crowd.

"I said I'm not bowing to your skinny carcass, Pharaoh Lukey!" Finn yelled, others laughing.

Hemi smiled towards him, looking at Lucas.

"He's so going down, Hemi."

The Egyptian laughed, Lucas smiling at everyone.

His voice filled the room, beating Hemi to his next words.

"As Pharaoh, I expect my people to entertain me. It is time for the Games of Egypt. Perils of courage and merriment begin. A smile from your Pharaoh will lighten all your hearts."

Haras laughed, nodding his head.

"Our Pharaoh is well learned in the customs of the royal house." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I have Kavinus' Egyptian blood within me, Haras. That heritage flows through my soul."
The two Egyptians beamed with pride, looking out at everyone.

"Games we have prepared. Champions of the Pharaoh's house will be shown. And the Pharaoh will honor his champions. Please everyone, old and young, pair up with another person, these games are challenges of dual courage." Haras smiled, everyone looking at each other.

"Ooh, this sounds like fun!" Finn said, clapping his hands together.

Sean laughed at his son, Finn smiling at Alain.

"You look courageous, Alain. Our strength and courage will outdo anyone."

The black man grinned, looking at his husband.

Harry smiled, looking at Skyler.

"I swear they've got the hots for each other." Skyler said, Harry laughing, Finn and Alain blushing.

"Go on you two." Skyler smiled, Finn kissing his wife's lips, Alain kissing Harry's, both men smiling widely.

"Try to keep it in your pants, boys. On second thought, don't." Harry winked at Finn, Skyler laughing.

"Shall we, Har?" Skyler said, Harry smiling, his arm going around her.
"Brains beats brawn any day, Sky!" he said, he and Skyler laughing, heading towards Hemi and Haras.

Alain and Finn smiled at each other, the two following them.

Everyone joined as couples, Justin and Lance together, Josh joining with Lucas' father, the man touched that Tristan had asked him himself.

"Thanks, Dad. I'd be honored."

"Well, I'm just playing it smart. The Pharaoh's smitten with you. I've got an inside edge."

Josh laughed, the two heading towards Haras.

In a few minutes the ballroom was turned into an arena of Egyptian champions.

Hemi and Haras set everything up, others helping.

Games were shown, everyone joined in happiness in all the events.

Archery, ball tossing, games of dice, knife throwing, card games and other events of joining happiness.

Colton and Enrique easily won the archery, Colton's skill shown to everyone.

Colton left his crossbow across his back, the young man using a straight bow to win easily, hitting every target.

Enrique beamed with pride at his lover's skill.

Both were favored with a wide smile and a bow from the Pharaoh.

Surprisingly Skyler and Harry won second, Skyler a remarkable markswoman.

Finn smiled, proud of his wife.

Tristan and Josh won the obstacle race, narrowly beating Finn and Alain, the two muscle men falling right at the finish line, Alain's hand going across it as he landed on top of Finn.

"Oof! You ox! We almost had them!" Finn panted, Alain smiling down at him.

"I have what I need. I won the prize underneath me." he said, kissing Finn's nose.

Finn blushed, feeling the muscular black man on top of him.

Alain smiled, Finn seeing only friendship and love in his handsome face, Finn smiling back.

"Yep. You've won my friendship."

"So that's not a hairy rocket in your pocket, Chewy?"

Josh and Tristan laughed, helping the two men up.

"Beaten by old men. How shall we live this down?" Finn smiled, patting Josh's shoulder.

"I am my son's father, Finny. And Josh has Lucas' magical essence within him. We ran on his love." Tristan said, Josh laughing.

"That extra quart from last night helped."
Everyone laughed, the Pharaoh smiling and bowing from his throne at his father and husband.

Finn smiled, receiving a wink and a smile from the master.

Jacques and Lewis won the card games, Grayson and Gabriel winning the dice game.

Other events were won by others, no one really winning a large number of the games.

Lucas smiled at many, seeing their happiness and smiling joy.

"A great idea, my warriors." he smiled at Hemi and Haras, both men standing on each side of his throne now, only one last game remaining.

Both men went to attention, their hands going to their breasts, Lucas smiling up at them.

"All hail Pharaoh Lucas! Listen to his words of life!" Hemi said, Lucas smiling and rising from his throne.

"I could get used to this."

"Don't go all ego on us, Pharaoh Lukey!" Finn yelled, Lucas smiling towards him.

"Eunuchs are to remain silent. Sheared and silent." Lucas said, others laughing, Finn smiling and folding his arms.

"You have all shown your courage and skill, my brethren. The night has been filled with champions. There is but one game left. The most enduring and courageous of the night."

Everyone smiled, looking at each other, intrigue showing on a lot of faces.

"As our Pharaoh, it is the Pharaoh's choice as to who the champions of that game shall be. We await your words and choices, great god of the Nile." Haras said, bowing lowly to Lucas.

"Excellent. This is so going to be fun." he smiled, Hemi smiling at Haras.

"Stand down with the people, my faithful warriors." Lucas said, Hemi and Haras smiling at him, both young men joining their soulmates in front of Lucas.

"The last game is a race. A foot race four lengths of this ballroom. A footrace of dual champions. Twenty-four of courage and strength shall be bonded together and shall race for the Pharaoh's gift."

Everyone smiled, looking happy and energetic.

"So who are the twenty-four?" Justin said, Lucas folding his arms.

"Silence, slave of the master."
Justin bowed his head, winking at Lucas, the Pharaoh smiling.

"As Pharaoh I shall choose. Step forward my champions as I call you."

Everyone smiled, Lucas smiling at everyone.

"I chose the following duos. Join with your partners before me. And lose the shirts."

Everyone smiled, Finn yelling again.

"He's just trying to get a free peepshow!"

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling at Finn.

"You're first, Finn. I pair you with Chris."
Chris smiled widely, Finn rolling his eyes.

"Great! I'm handicapped already!" Finn yelled, Chris blushing.

Skyler slapped her husband on the back of the head, Chris laughing.

"A hairy combo. I think we'll do great!" Chris said, Finn smiling at him.

"Indeed. I'll carry you."

Chris laughed, slapping Finn as well.

Lucas smiled, looking at everyone.
"Step forward you two, and my other champions.  Harold and Usher. Piney and Joshua. Nicholas and Gio. Justin and Colton. Enrique and Jonathan. Lance and Andrew. Hemi and Haras. Alain and Pierce. Craig and Gideon. Aaron and Joey. And lastly, some youthful happiness, Stephen and Rosa Sharon." Lucas smiled, to two kids beaming.  Adam smiled at his soulmates, he the only one left behind.

All the men moved, joining together as duos, all removing their shirts, following Hemi and Haras to the left of the throne, standing together in a line.

Hemi and Haras joining both men together with a cloth binding around their ankles.

It was going to be a three legged race of merriment and muscular beauty.

Joey smiled at Aaron, the young man smiling at him.

"Try not to get lost in my muscular hairy beauty, shortcut. Focus on the race." Joey said, batting his eyelashes.

Aaron laughed, slapping his naked hairy chest.

"I'll control myself. I've run with my dog back home."

Craig laughed, others joining him beside them.

Joey laughed, grinning at the young man tied to him.

Lucas stood at his throne smiling at the champions.

Everyone smiled at him, awaiting the Pharaoh sounding of the race.

"My people, my family. The number thirteen is etched within my family's destiny. I think it is only fitting that there should be thirteen duos of courage and valor. Adam, would you step forward." Lucas said, his husbands smiling towards him.

Adam moved forward, stopping in front of Lucas' throne, Lucas smiling down at him.

"I ask you to take up the challenge with myself, Adam. We shall run as one together with our champions. Shall you become a part of me?"  Lucas said, smiling down at him.

Adam smiled into his violet pools.

"I'll follow you anywhere, my Pharaoh. My friend."

Lucas smiled, stepping down off his throne.

"And I take that friendship in my heart." Lucas smiled, removing his headdress.

"Lewis, servant of God. Join us." Lucas smiled, Lewis walking up to the two.

Lucas handed him his golden headdress.

"Toss this to the floor to begin the race, good Reverend. May the best duo of courage win."
Lewis nodded, Adam smiling and removing his short vest like shirt, his tattooed chest showing.

"Inked beauty to stoke my energy." Lucas smiled, Adam smiling and walking with him to the other champions, all smiling at the two.

Hemi tied their legs together, Adam smiling at Lucas.

Hemi and Haras joined themselves together, everyone ready for the race.

Lucas nodded at Lewis, the man smiling and raising the headdress.

"Go with God and speed, champions!" he said, tossing the headdress to the floor.

Everyone took off like a shot, running down the ballroom.

Finn and Chris took an early lead, Chris surprisingly agile and quick.

Colton and Justin were right behind them, Josh and Piney following.

The group ran together, a closeness following them.

Cheering filled the room, everyone clapping and yelling, the twenty-five men and one girl running with speed.

They crossed the line at the hall's end, turning and racing back down its length for the second lap.

Aaron and Joey had now joined Finn and Chris in the lead, Usher and Harry right on their heels, the others following close.

Lucas remained in the middle of the pack, Adam striding with energy trying to match Lucas' wide stride.

Adam felt Lucas was calmly running, his true energy hidden.

They turned at the second end, heading down the third stretch.

Jonathan and Enrique were now in the lead, Nick and Gio almost at their sides.

The pack was close and tight, no one really lagging behind.

They found the last turn, turning as a unit, heading back down the hall towards the golden throne, the home stretch now begun.

The cheering had intensified, the noise filling the ballroom.

Stephen and Rosa Sharon were running with happiness, edged by their brothers.

Adam's eyes met Lucas' violet pools, the young man smiling at him, his pace suddenly increasing.

It took all of Adam's energy to keep in the stride, Lucas gradually gaining ground on the front runners.

He and Adam were now neck and neck with Finn and Chris, the Welshman's eyes moving to his left, seeing Lucas' smiling face.

The young man winked, his speed increasing, edging ahead of the two sweating hairy men.

They gained a body's length ahead of them, Lucas and Adam flying past the golden throne, everyone screaming.

Finn began to stumble, Chris catching him, propelling the two forward, just crossing the finish line ahead of Justin and Colton, Josh and Piney on their tails, Aaron and Joey right behind them.

Lucas fell to the floor, Adam landing on top of him, the man smiling up at him.

"I have won the prize. Hello, my sweaty beauty." he smiled, Adam smiling widely, patting Lucas' sweaty smooth chest.

"I didn't do too bad myself, my sweaty Pharaoh." he smiled, gaining his feet with Lucas, Adam untying their binding.

Adam looked up into Lucas' smiling face, his eyes scanning his heaving, sweaty chest.

"I am one lucky S.O.B." he smiled, Lucas laughing.

"Here comes your reward." Lucas smiled, Usher and Pierce's sweaty torsos enveloping Adam.

"Congrats, my love! You ran like the wind!" Pierce smiled, kissing Adam's lips.

Lucas smiled at all three, seeing two staring blue eyes gazing at him.

"You cheated, Luke! You had to have used your magic!" Finn said, folding his arms, Chris looking at Finn.

Lucas stared at his best friend, the young man walking up to him.

"I used my strength and speed, Finnegan. You know how well I challenge myself."
Finn stared at Lucas, the Welshman then smiling at him.

"I know, Luke. You've finally bested me. You in no way cheated." he smiled, Lucas smiling, kissing Finn's cheek.

"Indeed. And I didn't need Chris to carry me across the finish line. He has the job now of shearing my eunuch, Chewbacca."

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing, looking at Chris.

"You're fast, Chris. We almost won, thanks to you."
Chris smiled, kissing Finn's cheek, patting his sweaty hairy chest.

"I'm not shearing you, beautiful. I think you'd destroy the clippers."

Finn laughed, patting his shoulder, others laughing.

"All hail the Pharaoh and his champion! Our master wins all of our hearts!"

Lucas smiled, wiping his sweaty chest down with a towel Adam handed him.

"Thank you, my family. I and my friend Adam are your champions. Our love for each other is the champion of our hearts. Come, I need to eat again. I've zapped my energy. And then I'm going to dance all night!" Lucas grinned, everyone applauding him and Adam, Lewis handing Lucas his headdress again.

Lucas smiled, handing the headdress to Adam.

"You ran as fast as me, Adam. You are now my second Pharaoh." he smiled, Adam laughing, putting the headdress on.

"Sweet! My harem's going to explode."

Lucas laughed, everyone joining him, the two Mavises heading towards the kitchen for more food.

Lucas felt two sets of arms go around his waist, three sets of lips meeting his cheeks and lips.

Lance, Josh and Justin surrounded him, Justin in front of him, Lance's and Josh's arms around him, Lucas smiling at his husband when Josh broke their kiss.

"My harem's sweaty and so smelly. I know what I'll hunger for shortly." he said, Justin licking his chest.

"I'm already starving."

Lucas smiled, slapping his ass.

"Later, slave. The master's going to feast forever."

All four smiled at each other, heading towards the banquet of filling love.


Rooms of Love


Adam gasped, feeling the hardness sunken deep within his center, his own length of need filling a deep warmth.

He opened his eyes staring into two blue pools of love.
"Oh God, Adam! You're on fire!" Pierce gasped, the young man laying in the middle of the bed, Adam on top of him, sunken deep within him.

Adam felt the lips on his ear, a tongue licking deeply.

Usher moaned, his rhythm increasing, his long black hardness deep within his Adam's center.

"Don't stop, Ush! God that's the spot!" Adam moaned, Pierce's lips on his throat, the three joined with passion.

They'd been making love for hours, their bodies clinging with sweat, the bed wet with it.

It hadn't helped that they'd fallen into the bed soaking wet from the shower, their love on a path of need.

For hours the three had given into their desires, each lost in their need for the other two.

Usher now exploded again, filling Adam with his wet love, that setting Adam off, his fluid filling Pierce, the doctor gasping, his own hard shaft erupting over Adam's hand, Adam having been stroking him.

His cream shot across his chest, filling its sweaty wetness.

Adam's lips moved, licking up the intoxicating mixture, Usher pulling out of him, falling down on the bed beside Pierce, Adam pulling out of the doctor, falling on his other side.

The two men licked Pierce's chest clean,  the doctor lightly kissing both on the lips, their afterglow filling their souls.

"God you're both amazing." Pierce panted, Adam kissing his neck.

"You stoke our need, doctor of love." Adam smiled, Usher rubbing Pierce's hairy chest.

"I think our champion of desire was stoked tonight by another." Usher smiled, Adam staring at him and Pierce.
"Your love stokes me, my loves. No other." he said, Usher's lips meeting his.

"We know, my love. And we love you and trust you. We both have seen how Lucas' friendship affects you. And we both trust him on his love for his soulmates." Pierce said, Adam smiling at both men.

"He is beautiful and loving. But he's not you two."
Both men smiled, both kissing Adam tenderly.

"And he's not you, our Pharaoh's champion." Pierce said, Adam smiling.

"So you're hot for tattoos now, Pip?"

"Yep. That and brown sugar."

Usher laughed, slapping Pierce's abs.

"And brown sugar loves his daily checkups, Doc."

Pierce smiled, his hand wrapping around Usher's softening brown shaft.

"I think you need another checkup, Mr. Raymond. I don't like that anal leakage you have. Wait, I love it." Pierce smiled, all three laughing.

"That leakage is manmade. A mixture of heaven and love. We're all filled with it."
"Dibs on that brown sugar pot again." Adam smiled, Usher laughing.

"We need a shower again. And these sheets need changing." he said, Adam nodding.

"The sheets of time are changed by the turning back of life." he softly said, looking towards the door.

"What did you say, my love?" Usher said, Adam looking at him.

"It just crossed my mind. Those words. I don't know where I heard them before." he said, Pierce looking at him.

"You okay, Adam?" he said, kissing his cheek.

Adam looked at both men.

"I don't know, guys. I have this feeling inside me. Lucas has talked to me about it. I've had it since the island. He says that he and I are connected. Bonded as more than just friends. He said he loves me as a brother. I'm so touched by that. That he feels that way about me now. After what I almost did." he said, Usher kissing Adam's lips.

"He forgave us both, my love. We both have his love and friendship now. We all feel his love for you, Adam. We know it's more than friendship. But we love you and trust you. And we trust him even more. His love is all giving." Usher smiled, Adam smiling at him.

"So, can I have some of that brown sugar?"
Usher laughed, slapping Adam's naked ass.
"Come on, honeypot. I know you love me wet."

Adam grinned, he and Usher climbing out of bed, Pierce smiling and following them.

"And I'm going to find that honeypot. And lick me a mess of wet tattoos."
All three smiled walking into the bathroom, hands attached to rising shafts.

None of the three saw a soft image disappearing in the dark corner of the room.


Justin gasped, feeling the two hard shafts filling him from behind, his mouth filled with a larger hardness.

"Mmm." he moaned in his filled mouth, Josh stroking his wet hair, pushing Justin's head down on his hard shaft.
Lucas and Lance were behind Justin, both buried deeply in his heated center.

Justin pulled off Josh's hardness, the shaft slapping against his wet chest.

The four were in the shower, their passion flowing for hours.

This was their second shower, the sweat now gone from their needful smoothness.

Justin was moaning, Josh dropping to his knees, engulfing Justin's leaking manhood, devouring it.

Justin gasped, feeling the passion flowing through him.

"God, you three are amazing!"

Lucas smiled, kissing Justin's neck, his tongue licking his earlobe.

"Want to go to total heaven, Timberlake?" Lucas whispered, Justin moaning, nodding his head.

"Arise, my love. Our Jus needs all our shafts of love." Lucas said, Josh pulling off Justin's hardness, looking up at his husband.

"Are you sure, Jus? It might hurt?" Josh said, Justin staring down at him, Josh seeing the total need in his blue eyes.

"I need you all! Please, oh God, yes!" he moaned, Josh rising to his feet, Lucas' lips meeting his.
"Go slow and move against our monster's love. He can take all three of us. His love needs us all."

Josh smiled, moving around his husbands, taking in the sight of Lance's and Lucas' shafts joined together, hidden within Justin's center.

Justin felt the newness of the new intrusion, his center feeling completely filled.
His head now rang with music, his heart filling with total love.
"Oh God, yes! I'm complete! I have all your love!" he screamed, his center exploding on its own, the three behind him feeling his trembling orgasm, that setting them all off.

All three exploded together, the four falling forward, Justin catching the wall with his hands, steadying them all.

The three behind him slowly pulled out in order, Justin feeling the immediate emptiness.

The man was turned around, a set of wet lips kissing his.

He felt other hands on his body, soapy hands of showing love.
He opened his blue eyes, staring into two green pools.

"I love you, Jus. We all love you completely." Lance said, Justin falling against his man's chest, three sets of arms encircling him.

"I'm so loved! I have so much love! Thank you for that joined love!" Justin said, Lance smiling at Lucas.

"We all sensed you needed for all of us, my love. As we need your love." Lance said, Justin smiling at him.

"You three together was amazing. But each of you alone is even more beautiful." he said, the three men surrounding him smiling, their hands soaping up his smooth body.

"He's plotting, I'm sure of it." Josh said, Lucas laughing.

"Our tiger runs wild. We all will be so happy." he said, Justin smiling, kissing his lips.

"Right now I'm contented, and damn tired." he said, Lance pulling him close.

"You're clean, my love. Rinse and let's cuddle and sleep." he smiled, Justin smiling, backing up into the watery spray, the soap leaving his smooth muscled body.

The three men took in his smooth beauty, the man smiling at all three.

"I'm not the master of our hearts." Justin smiled, staring into Lucas' handsome face.

"Forever, my loves. I'm yours forever. We are all the masters of each other's heart." he said, the four smiling, Lucas shutting off the water, the four walking out of the shower stall, towels covering bodies, the four drying each other off with love and touching happiness.

The four put the towels in the hamper, walking back into the bedroom, Lance changing the sheets with Josh's help, Justin in Lucas's arms as they did their tasks.

His eyes were shut, his head against Lucas' smooth muscled chest.

Lance smiled, looking at the two, Josh smiling as well.

"We've finally tuckered him out." Josh said, Lance smiling.

"Our master's love was unbelievable tonight. The Pharaoh's concubines are exhausted."

Lucas smiled, guiding Justin to the bed, the man climbing into it, Lance and Josh joining him, Lucas extinguishing the lamp on the nightstand, the young man climbing over Lance and Justin, snuggling against his husband, Josh's head going against his smooth chest.

"Good night, my loves." Lucas smiled, the other three smiling at him, closing their eyes.
"Goodnight, Pharaoh of our hearts." Lance said, Lucas smiling.

He lay in the center of the bed, his men around him falling into slumber, Justin the first to start snoring.

Lucas' violet pools opened, instantly changing to a soft emerald green, the young man looking around the room.

The bedroom was now silent, the young man moving slowly out of the bed, standing at its end.

He smiled, seeing the four men sound asleep in the bed.

Justin's and Josh's arms were wrapped around Lucas, Lance's body against Justin's.

Lucas smiled, walking towards the bedroom door, quietly walking right through it.


Enrique felt the lips on his neck, the man feeling the hot breath breathing into his ear.

"You know that drives me wild, Jonah." he moaned, Jonathan smiling, his tongue licking Enrique's earlobe.

"Hence my doing it, Daddy."

Enrique smiled, moving his body, Jonathan now underneath him, staring down into his blue pools.

"Daddy needs his boy." Enrique said, his lips going to Jonathan's left nipple, his hand wrapping around Jonathan's large shaft.

Jonathan turned his head, taking in a vision of erotic beauty.

Haras' brown eyes were staring at him with love, the young Egyptian lost in the man possessing him, that man in turn possessed by another.

Two Egyptian beauties were joined together, Hemi's lips now meeting Haras', his large shaft buried in Haras' center.

Jonathan's blue eyes looked into two blue pools of love, Colton behind Hemi, the young man deep within the Egyptian.

Jonathan's eyes were drawn back to Enrique when the man swallowed his center, Jonathan gasping.

Colton smiled, continuing his rhythm with the two Egyptians, his hand going to Enrique's firm backside, rubbing the Spaniard's center.

"Join the fun, son." Enrique said, pulling off Jonathan's wet shaft, Colton smiling, pulling out of Hemi, the young man joining his Jonah and Daddy.

Enrique felt Colton's lips against his, the young man lost in the need within him.

Enrique soon found himself in a sandwich of love, his center buried in Colton's love canal, Jonathan behind him, the three joined as one.

Hemi and Haras smiled at the three, Haras' lips going to Hemi's neck, sucking on his Adam's Apple.

Hemi smiled, continuing his love making with his old loving friend.

The room was filled with needful love, the five oblivious to the entering--then silently disappearing--shadow.

Lucas walked the corridors of the mansion, feeling the love emanating off every room.

He ventured into a couple, seeing and feeling the love, no one aware of his presence.

He saw the passion in the younger needful soul, the man taking in the beauty of their showing love.

He smiled, walking to the corridor's end, descending the central staircase.

He walked down the corridor of the gardens, walking into the cavadeum.

He sat down on the bench in the center of the circle of statues, looking around at all his forefathers.

"Your love can't remain hidden in the shadows, my friend." Lucas said.

His eyes caught a soft movement between Alsarius' and Tomarus' statues, Rosa Sharon walking out of the darkness.

Lucas smiled at her, the little girl walking up to him, her face showing a cherub-like beauty.

Lucas smiled, patting the seat beside him, the little girl sitting down beside him.

"You should be in bed, little angel."

Rosa Sharon smiled, Lucas' arm going around her.

"You walked through the love, Lucas." she said, looking up into his violet pools.

"It was intense, and beautiful." he said, she smiling.

"I only felt its glowing greatness. It echoes through all the floors of this place now."

"Evil is gone, Meresankh. I've seen to that."

She stared at him, the young man smiling at her.

The little girl's form changed, her body growing, a young beautiful woman now seated beside Lucas.

"Hello, Lucas. Your eyes and beauty shine greater than I imagined." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"And your beauty is beyond the passage of time, angelic lady."

Meresankh smiled, nodding her head.

"I have been many forms, have walked many paths of life, Lucas. Each a testament to God's love."

"Is it His path you walk upon?"

The woman smiled, looking around the statue-filled room.

"We all walk paths of God's destiny." she smiled, Lucas nodding.

"Some of us know the greater truth of that, and the path ahead."
She looked into his violet pools, seeing a thousand stars shining in their depths.

"What did you find in the greater chamber, Lucas, down there in the depths of time?"

Lucas' eyes went around the room, taking in his ancestors.

"I found life, Meresankh. The life of all of us. And I found the truth of what I must do."

Her hand went to his shoulder.

"We all love you, Lucas. Those of this time, and of the past. You walk a path of courage, love and surprise. You are surprising all of us."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"Love surprises all of us, Rosy. The innocence of your newest beauty is the most loving."

Meresankh smiled, her form returning to Rosa Sharon's small frame.

"I like this one. I love the love coming from my brother, and my now found mother. And the love coming most of all from you. All paths have been loving. I await the rectifying of the true path."

"The true path is close, Rosy. I've seen the end of all this."

She stared at him, the small girl smiling.

"I see God's love in your eyes, Dad. I think we're all going to be amazed."

Lucas smiled, kissing the little girl's cheek.

Their eyes met, Rosa Sharon seeing deep love in his violet pools.

"He has to come out, Meresankh. To face you and others. The battle he's leading Colton into isn't the end of the war. There remains one more fight."

The little girl stared at him, showing soft surprise in her blue eyes.

"What fight, Luke? That battle will be the end of evil."

Lucas stared at the small girl.

"Return to your sleep-filled dreams, Rosy. My love will fight against all evil."

She smiled, the small girl vanishing before Lucas.

Your have your brother's wandering ways, Rosy.

And his magic.

I did very well indeed.
Lucas smiled, rising from his seat, the young man's image moving with silence down the hallway, the cavadeum bathed in quiet shadowy darkness.

A silent figure stepped out from behind Alsarius' statue, walking to the center of the cavadeum, staring around at all the statues.

He stared down the darkened hallway, seeing Lucas' form disappearing at its end.

"Walk to their love, Lucas. I hope you will forgive all that have strayed." Kavinus Amotep softly said, the man sighing.

Two wings of white beauty extended behind him, a golden aura surrounding him.

His blue eyes looked up at Alsarius' handsome stone face, the Egyptian angel staring at his lost love.

"What did he find down there, Alsarius? I can no longer feel his presence. He is lost within the magic. Or he is lost within something greater."

Kavinus closed his eyes.

"Dear Lord, why have you forsaken us? What must I do to walk back into your kingdom? I need your love, Alsarius. I shall walk through the fire of Kurucu's bane to have it again."

The Egyptian angel again stared down the dark hallway.

"I think we've run out of time, my love. I feel Lucas' ending."

The angel disappeared, the cavadeum blanketed in shadowy silence once again.


End of Chapter 200


Lucas' birthday has ended.

An evening of love, dancing and happiness.

The Pharaoh now has his kingdom.

A kingdom of love.


Lucas is on the move again, this time watching the love unfold through Kurucu's Haven.

Couples and groups join in love, Lucas a witness to all their beauty.

He now has seen the hidden Meresankh, Hemi's lost mother and hidden angel.


But the mysterious Kavinus remains hidden from Lucas' sight.

The hidden angel watches but doesn't now feel Lucas' magic.

What does that mean?

What did Lucas experience down in that lost tomb and hidden void?


The path continues, the end draws closer.


Two hundred chapters!
Can you believe that?
I can't.

And I wrote it!

At this time I want to acknowledge my editor, Mike.

Without his patience, understanding and help this and my other stories wouldn't be as great as they are.

Thanks, man!


Hugs, Angel