Yesterday's End-202


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 202


Josh gasped, feeling the wetness in his center.

His eyes stared out into the morning sunshine, a soft breeze blowing across his naked body.

He felt a warmth against his cheek, its heat wet.

He moved his head, engulfing the head of the monster of his soul.

Lance smiled, feeling his center sink down Josh's throat.

Josh moaned, feeling the tongue deep within his center.

Lance smiled, seeing his man's face buried in Josh's ass, the man on a voyage for the night's and morning's creamy goodness.

"You know our Jus, Joshy. He always tastes dessert first thing in the morning."

Josh chuckled in his throat, pulling off Lance's long monster, licking its bulbous head.

Lance's fingers were in Josh's black curly hair, rubbing his head.

"Oh, Jus! I must be empty now!" Josh moaned, the man feeling the lips and tongue leaving his center.

"Delicious and heavenly!" Justin smiled, rising to his feet, Lance smiling at his husband.

The three naked men were standing on their bedroom's balcony, the morning sunshine now rising over the far fence of the backyard.

Justin's arms wrapped around his husband, Josh's lips still licking his hardened shaft.

"You're still excited, babe." Justin smiled, his hand kneading his man's left butt cheek.

"Josh's love gives me rise always." Lance smiled, Josh smiling, moving from Lance's shaft to Justin's, his now rising again as well.

"That it does! God, you're a pro at that Joshy!" Justin softly moaned, Josh smiling, diving back onto Lance's shaft, the man alternating between the two.

Justin and Lance kissed deeply, their tongues dueling, Josh staring up at them.

"Can anyone join this show? A gay boy's heaven."

The three men turned their heads, looking towards Lucas standing in the balcony doorway, the young man smiling at all three.

"We awoke and continued out here." Lance smiled, then moaned, Josh continuing his talented fellatio.

"I can see that." Lucas smiled, his naked form moving out into the rising sunshine.

"My men rise as the sun rises. All radiating their own warmth." he smiled, his lips meeting Justin's, Justin's hand going to Lucas' risen center.

"Want to fuck in the sun's rays, stud?" he smiled, breaking the kiss.

"I don't fuck, I own." Lucas said, his hand rubbing Justin's heated center, the man moaning, Josh's lips on his shaft again.

"Then own me, stud." Justin smiled, Lucas' hand slapping his firm backside.

"Been there, done that."

Lance smiled, Josh rising to his feet, his lips meeting his husband's.

"Morning, our loving Lucky." he smiled, Lucas smiling as they broke the kiss.

"I taste their love on your lips, babe." he said, Justin's lips meeting his.

"I taste all their creamy love on yours, vacuum of our love."

Lance laughed, Lucas smiling at all three.

"So let's continue that creamy love." Justin smiled, Lucas' hand going to his hard, wet shaft.

"The kiddies are up, boys. Justy's hungry." Lucas smiled, Justin pulling him close.

"Justin's hungry too. For you, beautiful."

"We'll get the kids, babe." Josh said, Lance nodding his head.

"Thanks, guys. I'll feed the big one." Lucas said, Justin grinning.

"Bring it on, stud boy."

Josh and Lance smiled, the two walking back into the bedroom, their husbands' eyes following their naked behinds.

"God, they're beautiful." Justin said, Lucas kissing his neck.

"And they're ours, Justin." he said, Justin's blue pools meeting Lucas' now green eyes.

"And my Lucas' magic is flowing. God, I need that desire."

Lucas smiled, pushing Justin up against the stone balcony, then flipping him around.

Justin gasped, feeling the heated warmth of Lucas' long shaft claim him in one long thrust.

"You'll have it all, my Jus. And even more." Lucas said, his hand turning Justin's head, their lips meeting, Lucas' hands now stroking Justin's hard shaft and hard nipples.

Justin became lost in the possession, Lucas his master of love.


The two men smiled, walking into the kitchen twenty minutes later.

"We'll have to contact a contractor today, Lucky. I think our bedroom's balcony has cracks in it." Lance smiled, Josh laughing, Lance at the kitchen counter, Josh at the table with the two infants, both in their carriers with bottles in their hands.

Justin laughed, walking up to his husband, kissing his lips.

"Lucky was using a jackhammer this morning. He definitely knows how to handle a crack." Justin grinned, the three others groaning, Lucas slapping Justin's ass.

"Horndog here is finally contented. Damn the damage." he smiled, Justin beaming at him.

"We showered after and dressed, I am contented." he smiled, Lance smiling at his husband.

"And we've got breakie on the go. Sit with our boys, babes." Lance smiled, heading for the stove, Justin pouring a coffee for him and Lucas, the two heading to Josh and their sons.

The two sat down at the table, Justin filling Lucas' coffee with cream and sugar, smiling at him.

"So what's on the agenda for today?" Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Doctor appointment for our boys, as well as one for me." Lucas smiled, the three men smiling at him, Lance carrying two platters to the table, Justin taking them from him, kissing his cheek.

The four sat down to breakfast, smiling at each other.

"You're meeting Pierce today?" Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, he and Cindy want to do a reexamination of myself." he said, Lance looking at him.

"You're healed, Luke. You're walking, and you're grown."

"Yes, that will surprise Cindy." he smiled, remembering his young physiotherapist.

"Your new looks are going to surprise a lot of people. We saw that at the airport the other day when we came home." Josh said, taking Justy's bottle from him, it finished.

At the airport paparazzi had surrounded them, a lot showing surprise at Lucas' new looks.

"Yes, I'm sure it will. But they can deal with it. I am as I am." Lucas smiled, eating a piece of bacon.

"You're the you we love, regardless of the increased beauty." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"That beauty shines brightest with you three."
All three smiled, Lucas smiling at them with love.

"I think Pierce wants to see how my physical structure has changed. He's been eyeing me since that happened."

"He's a doctor, Luke. You fascinate him." Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"I know, babe. I seem to fascinate a lot of people."

Justin smiled, winking at Lucas.

"And we reap the rewards. We're never jealous when the encircling beauty stokes our own desires."

Lance laughed, slapping his man's arm.

"I thought you cured him?"

Lucas laughed, smiling at a softly blushing Justin.

"He's incurable, Lancy. But we'll keep him stabilized."

Justin smiled, blowing Lucas a kiss.

"I'm going to the doctor's with my boys." Justin said, Josh nodding his head as well.

"We're all going. We're not going to hide our love for them." Lance said, Lucas looking at all three.

"It's a big step, guys. Showing our new family dynamics." he said, the other three smiling at him.

"We love them, and you, Luke. I'll voice that to anyone who feels they need to know. But we're a private family. Our love is private." Justin said, Josh smiling at him.

"Ditto, Justy." he smiled, Justin smiling back.

"I'll organize an interview if you like, Lucky." Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"Alright, Justin. We'll show our new family. But our love, as you said, will always be private. Our boys are going to grow surrounded by our private love."

The four smiled, finishing their breakfast.

"Last night was surprising, Luke." Lance said, their eyes meeting.

"Yes, I know you enjoyed your first triple pounding, Lancy. As did I and Josh. And Timby's deeply happy with three within him. We've all joined with our three shafts of steely love." he smiled, Lance rolling his eyes, Josh laughing.

"I meant last evening with Zac and Bruno."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"As I said last night, the love has centered. All the hidden love is now in the open. Its lingering fringes will right themselves."

"Lingering fringes?" Josh said, Lucas looking at his husband.

"Love is never complete. Love always grows, my love. It is a continuality of life."

"You mean their love will be expanding?"

"Their love is new, Lance. It will grow as their hearts grow. As all our hearts grow." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"It's not my heart that's grown right now."

The other three laughed, Justin blushing.

"Talk of love always gets me going." Lance said, Josh smiling at him.

"I need to shower, Timberlake. Want to wash my back?" Josh said, Justin grinning.

"I want to wash all of you. You too, my love." he said, looking into Lance's green pools.

"You three go get wet. I'll clean up the dishes and watch the kids." Lucas smiled, the three men smiling, rising from their seats.

"And make sure Timberlake gets what he needs. Pound that beauty." Lucas smiled, the three smiling, walking out of the room.

Lucas smiled, his violet pools going to his sons, both infants smiling at him.

"Wuv!" Little Joshy said, smiling at him, Lucas taking his empty bottle from him.

Justy giggled, the boy smiling up at their father.

"Papa wuv!"

Lucas smiled, kissing the boy's forehead, then Joshy's.

"Yep, Papa's going to love." he smiled, picking up the plates, heading for the counter, two sets of small eyes following him, both little infants giggling.


Lucas stared into two blue eyes, Cindy staring back at him with awed wonder.

"You're almost six inches taller!" she said, with silent wonder..

"I guess I had my last growth spurt." Lucas smiled, Pierce smirking behind him.

Lucas sat on a examination table, Cindy's eyes scanning over his almost naked physique.

Lucas wore only boxer briefs, Pierce having been examining him.

Cindy had walked into the room a few minutes after Pierce had, staring at Lucas with shock and wonder.

The two had weighed him, took his height measurements, blood samples and other vital signs.

"How are the legs feeling, Lucas?" she softly said, her eyes moving down his muscular hairy legs.

"They're fine. No discomfort or pain. I'm healed." he said, the young woman nodding.

"It's still so unbelievable." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"That I am." he said, Pierce smiling at him.

"It's never been seen before, Lucas. You had severe paralysis, and no mobility." she said, Pierce looking at his friend.

"I have God's love, Cindy. And I have love surrounding me." he said, Pierce smiling at him.

"The best medicine." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

She looked between the two men, her eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"I guess you'll no longer need my services. It's been fun, Lucas." she said, half smiling.

"I'll always need your friendship, Cindy." he said, the young woman smiling more.

"You have that, Lucas." she said, Lucas waving his finger, the woman smiling.

"Sorry, I meant Luke."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"Besides, Finny loves teasing you. He's shaved and everything."

Pierce laughed, Cindy blushing.

"I'm never going to live that down." she said, Lucas laughing.

"He thinks of you as a friend as well, as does Skyler. Besides, I know how to deflate his ego, Cindy. You'll get the upper hand."

She laughed, smiling at Lucas, then at Pierce.

"I have other patients to look after. Please keep in touch, Luke." she smiled, shaking his hand, her eyes scanning his body again.

"And bring your brother over soon. I'd like to meet him." Lucas smiled.
"Thank you, Luke. He'll be thrilled!" she beamed, smiling and walking out of the room.

Pierce smiled, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"You always make people happy, Luke. You're all she's talked about since you started walking again." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him, seeing Pierce's eyes scanning his physique.

"So, can I put my clothes back on, or do you want me to lose the last of them?" he smiled, Pierce blushing.

"Sorry, Luke. You can get dressed." he blushed, Lucas smiling at him.

"Sure you don't want me to drop them, turn and cough?"

Pierce smiled.

"No, it's okay. I'm sure you have regular prostate exams."

Lucas laughed, Pierce smiling with a soft blush on his cheeks.

"Daily. As do you."

Pierce laughed, Lucas smiling at him and standing up, Pierce looking into his violet pools with a smile.

"I'll let you know the blood work results when it comes back, as well as the other tests."

Lucas nodded, pulling his pants on, his smooth chest disappearing under a polo shirt.

"Have I passed your uncertainties and intrigues, good doctor?" Lucas smiled, Pierce lowering his eyes.

"You're unbelievable, Luke. The changes within you. The magic and stuff. I just wanted to see if there's any explanation in your physical self." he said, Lucas smiling, his hand going to Pierce's shoulder.

"I understand, Pierce. I see the curiosity in your eyes; you are a good doctor. And you're a better friend."

Pierce smiled, nodding.

"I'm always curious about life, Luke. And I love being a doctor."

"I'll make sure my men come to you for all their prostate exams. You might as well examine the best." Lucas smiled, Pierce blushing

Lucas laughed, hugging the young doctor, Pierce smiling.

"No one beats my men, Luke. Adam and Ush are the best, prostates notwithstanding." he smiled widely, Lucas nodding and lightly laughing.

"You'll keep them in top shape. Their love will always be healed by yours."
Pierce smiled, Lucas patting his shoulder.

"I have to get going. My men will be finished with the kids soon."
"Say hi to Felix and Sheila for me." Pierce smiled, Lucas nodding.

The two hugged again, Pierce walking with Lucas out of the examination room.


Fifteen minutes later Lucas smiled, walking into a doctor's office, a smiling face greeting him from behind the nurse's station.

The waiting room was filled with mothers and children, all the women staring at Lucas' handsome face and physique.

"Hello, Lucas. They're all in examination room three." the young nurse behind the window said, Lucas nodding.

"Thanks, Ruth." he smiled, walking through the doorway to her left, all eyes in the waiting room following him.

Lucas smiled, turning the door handle on room number three.

Seven smiling faces greeted him, Lucas smiling at his men and boys, and the young doctor and nurse staring at him.

"Hello, Lucas. We're just finishing up." Doctor Carpenter smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Hello, Felix. Hello, Sheila. How are our boys?" he smiled, the doctor smiling at the two infants in Josh's and Justin's arms.

"Both boys are healthy, clean, well-behaved and happy." he smiled, Lucas smiling at his husbands.

"All my boys are beyond happy." he smiled, the doctor nodding.

"Three famous boys at that." he smiled, Justin laughing.

"Felix knows the whole story now, Luke." Lance said, Lucas smiling.

"We both see two families joined as one. The happiness beams from all of them." Sheila said, Lucas smiling at her, seeing a soft glow of happiness on her own face.

"The same happiness you and Felix will have in a few months." Lucas smiled, the two looking at him with surprise.

"How could you. . .?" Felix began to say, Sheila's hand going to his shoulder.

"I feel love as it grows, Doctor." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling at the couple.

"Congratulations! Why didn't you tell us?  When are you due?" he said, Sheila smiling at him, looking at Lucas with surprise still.

"In six months, early January." she said, Lucas smiling at her, all his men congratulating the two.

Felix smiled, thanking them.

"Well, you yourself are blessed, Lucas. These two angels are fit and happy." Felix said, Lucas smiling at his two sons.

"I already knew that." he said, Josh smiling and handing Lucas little Justy.

"Papa!" the boy smiled, Lucas kissing his forehead.

"Hello, my boy."

The doctor and nurse stared at the infant with surprise, Justin smiling at both.

"They're already speaking. It's amazing. But then again, Luke's children always will be." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"That's unbelievable!  As are their motor skills and awareness. They're both amazing. Like their father." Felix said, Lucas smiling at the doctor.

"You know of my magic and destiny, Felix. My children have my love and magic." Lucas said, his three men smiling at him.

"We see that. You are deep within the magic, Lucas." Felix said, Lucas smiling again at the young doctor.

"I have your family's lineage and the Belmont lineage in my soul. The magic guides all."

The doctor nodded, smiling at Lucas.

"Harry called me yesterday. I've heard all the news. We await with bated breath for the finality of your destiny, and ours."

Lucas nodded, his men looking at him.

"Life is a path of surprises, my friends. My love will be within all of them."

Felix shook his head in amazement, Lucas smiling at him.

"We offer our allegiance, Lucas. As a Carlisle my family stands with you."

"It's Luke, Felix. All I need is your friendship and love, my friends."

"You have both, Luke." Sheila smiled, Lucas smiling at her and her husband.

"I'll take both, my friends."

The two smiled, Felix rising from his chair beside the examination table.

"The blood work was fine on the boys. They're both healthy and amazing." he smiled, the four men smiling around him.

"Thanks, Felix and Sheila."
"We'll see both in a couple of months then." Felix smiled, Lucas nodding.

His men moved, joining him at the door.

"Would you both like to join us for lunch?" Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at his husband.

"Unfortunately, you saw the waiting room. We're booked all day." Sheila smiled, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, we all got the stares while we waited." Josh smiled, Justin grinning.

"Yes, I was ogled by all the happy mothers as well out there. I'm sure Justin was beyond happy. Are those handprints on your ass?"
Everyone laughed, Justin grinning more.

"Well, when you are a superstar. . ." he smiled, Lucas laughing,

"Do you have a prescription for egotism, Doc?"

Felix laughed, Justin blushing now.

"More like a prescription for over-horniness." Lance whispered to Josh, Josh laughing, Justin looking at him.

Everyone smiled, walking out of the examination room.


Lucas smiled, dropping the keys in the bowl by the door, walking into his living room, little Justy still in his arms.

Lance followed, Joshy in his.

Justin and Josh had their arms around each other, smiling and sitting down on a couch, smiling at their husbands and kids.

"That was a fantastic meal, Luke. Thanks." Josh said, Lucas smiling at his husband.

"I love Enrique's pasta dishes." Lance smiled, Lucas nodding.

The four and their kids had had lunch at Enrique's restaurant, enjoying the Spanish cuisine.

"When are the five of love back?" Justin smiled, his leg going across Josh's, Josh rubbing his hairy muscular knee, Justin wearing shorts.

"On Monday." Lucas smiled, Lance kissing his cheek.

"Two more days of private happiness." Justin smiled, his three men smirking.

"Something tells me they'll be days of unbelievable desire." Lance smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Every day with you three is that." he said, Josh rubbing his leg more, his hand inching up towards Justin's shorts edge.

"I'm going commando, sexy." Justin winked, Josh smiling.

"Looks like those two have made plans for the afternoon." Lance smiled, Lucas kissing his lips.

"How about we do too, Mr. Bass?"
Lance smiled, kissing Lucas' lips again.

"A swim and a trim." he smiled, Lucas raising an eyebrow.

"My ass and balls are smooth, sexy."
Justin and Josh laughed, Josh's hand now up the leg of Justin's shorts.

Lance rolled his eyes, his hands going through Lucas' blond curly hair.

"I meant that new blond mop of yours." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"No need, Lancy. It would just grow back in an instant."

Lance looked at him, Lucas smiling at him and his two other soulmates.

"The hair has changed because it is a part of the new magic. To remove it would just see its return. Like this stone." Lucas said, his hand on the red stone hanging from his neck.

"That's amazing, Luke." Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"I have been enlisted with a new magic, my loves. The persona you see me now as, is an image of magic. I wear a truer part of the magic."

"So your changed looks themselves are magic?" Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Jus."

"Why would the magic want your looks changed, Luke?" Lance said, Lucas looking at him.

"For a specific reason, Lancy.  Magic shows its true self in many ways. This is just one of them."

Josh stared at his husband, Lucas smiling at him.

"The real me is still within the magic, my loves. That will never change."

The three smiled at him, little Justy clapping his hands together on Lucas' lap, the boy screaming.


The three men looked surprised, Lucas smiling as the boy moved, climbing up Lucas' chest, smiling at his father, staring into his violet pools.

"Wawa it will be, little man." Lucas smiled, little Joshy in Lance's lap clapping now.

"They're. . .they're forming words? They know what they want?" Lance softly said, looking down at his son.

"Wawa, Poppa!" Joshy said, smiling at his brother, Justy grinning.

Little Joshy moved, climbing up Lance's chest, the man staring at his son with surprise when his lips met his chin.

Josh and Justin moved, sitting up and staring at the infants.

"They're. . .they're moving and trying to stand up!" Justin said, little Joshy smiling at him, his arms around Lance's neck.

"Their souls grow, my loves. Our boys are maturing at a faster rate than others. Their magic is their love." Lucas smiled, both babies smiling at him.

"Our boys want to swim, Lancy. I'll always give them what they want." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"I'll give them and their amazing father everything." Lance smiled, Josh and Justin smiling at both.

The two men rose with the infants, Josh and Justin smiling up at them.

"We'll play with the kids. Continue your path of need, my love. Make our other baby happy." Lucas smiled, Lance laughing, the two walking with the children out of the room.

Justin stared after them, the man feeling two lips on his neck, turning and staring into Josh's blue pools.

"Let's get those diapers off of you, my baby." Josh grinned, the man pushing Justin back onto the couch, their lips meeting.


The six of happiness enjoyed the afternoon, their love close and happy.

Justin took turns with the three of his soul, their love and bodies making his happiness radiate.

Josh sent him to heaven in the living room, their love and desires flowing.

Lance he tackled in the pool, their love flowing with wetness and beauty, the other two of their souls taking in its showing form.

Justin had been flirtatious with Lucas all afternoon, the man feeling his needful love.

Lucas had volunteered Justin to make dinner, the man preparing their feast with love.

Justin had smiled through the preparations, looking out the kitchen window and seeing Josh and Lance making love on a blanket by the pool.

He had smiled, lost in their showing beauty.

He felt two arms going around him, a wetness on his neck.

"Lance began the love. Your love stoked his soul with more need." Lucas said, his fingers now under Justin's shirt, attaching to his nipples.

"I'm cooking, Lucky." Justin smiled, the man feeling his body come alive.

"Oh, you're going to cook. I just have to simmer the stew."
Justin smiled, turning around, Lucas pulling him close, their lips meeting.

Justin felt the love flowing through him, the two breaking their kiss.

"I shut off the stove. I'm sure our men won't mind eating a bit late." Lucas said, the man stepping back.

Justin's eyes widened with desire, seeing Lucas totally naked, the man's body smooth and muscular.

"God, you're so beautiful now, Lucky!" Justin said, his eyes going to Lucas' long hard shaft, its length risen and a wetness showing at its end.

"Your beauty increases mine, my Jus. Lose the clothes and come to me."
Justin's hands moved, his t-shirt and shorts leaving his body, the man moving into two opening arms.

Lucas was lost in the need he felt from his Justin, the man moving, taking Justin with him, the two now on the kitchen floor, Lucas love flowing on its mission of need.

Justin was lost for over an hour, the younger man devouring him in deeply moving, erotic and emotional ways.

Dinner was indeed late, the other two of their hearts just as happy as Justin and Lucas.

The love had flowed, its beauty flowing in the deliciousness of Justin's cuisine.

The four had smiled at their soulmates through dinner, their sons at the table with them, the love flowing.

The evening was a time of happiness and love.

The four played cards, their sons rocked to sleep by Justin and Lance during the game.

The evening ended with the four joining as one in their king-sized bed of love.

Lucas' love claimed all three, each lost in its intensity and beauty.

The week flowed, the foursome of love lost in the happiness of their lives.

Skyler and Finn, along with their kids, were over often, the two seeing the happiness of the foursome of love.

Both talked with Lucas, the young man's love as unchanged as always.

His love calmed his friends, their happiness growing at his happiness.

On Friday, Lucas had Adam, Usher and Pierce over for dinner, the threesome of love seeing their friends' happiness as well.

A family of love was shown to all of them, Adam seeing Lucas' total happiness.

They, and Skyler and Finn, along with Harry and Alain, enjoyed the company of their friends.

Lucas saw all their happiness, his own showing to them.

A pool party after dinner saw the beauty of all of them shining before his eyes.

He took in the masculine beauty of his friends, their love for their soulmates showing in their staring eyes.

He also saw all of them taking in his beauty.

Justin was happy, their beauty igniting his own.

His Josh, Lance and Lucas benefited from his staring eyes.

The beauty of his friends ignited the desires of his soul, the three of his heart enjoying his needfulness that night.

Lucas sent the man to heaven, two other angels of happiness along for the ride.


Saturday morning saw the returning happiness of the home's entirety.

Lucas was jumped at the front door by a bundle of happiness, another bundle of equal happiness attacking Justin.

Lance and Josh both laughed, three other visions of happiness hugging them both tightly.

Lucas staring into two smiling blue eyes of happiness, a young man of beauty kissing his lips.

"God, it's good to see you again, Dad!" Colton grinned, the young man laying on top of Lucas.

"Welcome home, son!" Lucas grinned, another body moving from Justin, joining Colton on top of Lucas.

"And here's one of your ball and chains. Welcome home, Jonnie!" Lucas smiled, Jonathan kissing his lips.

"Hi, Luke. I missed you, too!" the young man smiled, Lucas smiling, slapping his and Colton's firm butts.

"I missed both of my boys." Lucas smiled, Jonathan and Colton both smiling, the two young men rising to their feet, helping Lucas gain his.

Lucas hugged the other three smiling at him, Enrique, Haras and Derek feeling his returning love.

"Welcome home, my bronzed beauties. You as well, hidden Hemi." Lucas smiled, Derek's smiling face changing, Hemi showing.

"We all missed you, Luke." Enrique smiled, his arm around Colton.

"Yeah right, Rico. These four boys had their daddy's love to keep them happy."
Enrique beamed, the four of his soul smiling at him.

"I'm exhausted." he smiled, Lucas laughing.

"So am I, Rico." Josh smiled, Justin and Lucas laughing, Lance kissing his cheek, Josh smiling at all three.

"But it's a happy exhaustion, right Rico?"

Enrique smiled, Jonathan's hand on his backside on his other side, Colton smiling at Enrique.

"It's damn near heavenly exhaustion, Josh." the Spaniard smiled, his four smiling at him.

Colton moved, his arms going around Lucas, the man smiling at the young man's showing happiness.

The crossbow was across his back, hanging from its leather strap.

"It's good to be home, Dad. I really did miss you." the young man smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"We missed you more, son. Justin's been so lost without your idolizing eyes."

Justin laughed, Colton smiling at him.

"I've been lost without his friendship." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"I bought new bikinis and everything, groupie. And you missed them all!"

Colton laughed, Haras smiling at Justin.

"Wait till you see our bronzed bodies, Timberlake. We all wore thongs all week." the Egyptian smiled, Justin blushing.

Haras laughed, the man hugging Justin again, the man smiling at his soulmates.

"He's got a woody." Haras said, everyone laughing, Justin blushing more.

"I. . .I do not!"

Lance laughed, smiling at Haras.

"Thanks, Haras! The boy's going to be magical tonight."

Haras grinned, everyone smiling and moving from the front foyer, following Lucas towards the patio.

The group walked out into the sunshine, everyone sitting down

Colton sat in Lucas' lap, the young man smiling, rubbing the younger man's back, his four soulmates smiling at his closeness to Lucas.

"How are Mom, Dad and Stevie, Jon?" Justin smiled, his brother smiling at him.

"They're good, Jus. They send their love." the young man said, Justin smiling at his brother.

Everyone chatted and talked, the five telling the other four about their week with Justin's parents in Florida.

Harry and Alain chatted with Enrique and Derek, filling them in on the week here.

Finn and Skyler showed up just at lunch time, the four Delaneys hugged by all, Lucas smiling at the friendship surrounding him.

He and Colton prepared lunch, the two back to their bonded paternal happiness, everyone seeing the two close as always.

"How's Colton doing, guys?" Finn asked, the five of his soul smiling at the Welshman.

"He's calm and happy, Finn. The magic of his destiny he's accepted. Lucas' love is within him." Haras said, the other three of his heart smiling at him.

"Lucas' love is within all of us." Finn smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"Not yet, Finny. But I'm working on that fine, hairy Welsh ass."

Finn's eyes turned to the patio doorway, Lucas smiling at him, his arm around Colton's smiling face.

"Dibs on seconds, Dad." Colton said, everyone laughing, Finn blushing.

"I meant in our hearts, pervs." Finn said, the Welshman blushing, Lucas laughing, the young man moving, sitting down in Finn's lap, their lips meeting.
Skyler smiled, seeing the lost look on Finn's face when Lucas broke the kiss.

"There. Your heart's full." Lucas smiled, Finn softly smiling at him.

"Love ya, Luke. But you need to lose weight. You're crushing my nuts."

Lucas laughed, rising to his feet, others laughing, Finn smiling up at his friend.

"The babes are up, guys. I heard the four in my soul." he smiled, Skyler smiling; she, Lance and Colton walking into the house.

Everyone smiled, Lucas sitting down between Josh and Justin.

"Lunch is ready, the buffet's set up. We'll eat when all our family joins us." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him.

The three others returned, four bundles of happiness in their arms, Finn taking Julian from his wife, Skyler sitting down beside him with Diane.

Colton rocked Justy in his arms, smiling at the child.

"He's grown so much." he smiled, his soulmates smiling at the young man's happy face.

The infant smiled up into Colton's blue pools.

"Colt!" the boy said, smiling widely.

Everyone's eyes widened, Lucas smiling at his sons together.

Colton face widened with happiness, smiling at the boy.

"Yes, Justy. I'm Colt." he softy said, Lucas smiling and rising to his feet, his arm going around Colton.

"They're talking now. The magic of their love is accelerating their growth. Their love is growing." he said, everyone looking at the two boys in Colton's and Lance's arms.

"It's a love we'll all cherish." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Lunch is ready, guys. We'll talk after." he smiled, the young man walking into the house, everyone rising from their seats, looking at each other.

Justin smiled, his arm around Josh, the two following their Lance into the house.


Lunch was delicious, everyone enjoying Lucas' scrumptious fare.

"You are the best!" Finn said, rubbing his stomach, Skyler smiling at him.

"You've said that every day this week, sweetie. I think we should eat at home once in a while." she said, Lucas laughing, the young man pouring lemonade in everyone's glasses around the patio tables.

"Don't worry, Sky. I'll show you my recipes. You'll lure him back to your home. Your love's there as well."
Finn smiled, kissing his wife's cheek.

"Free meals save on the budget, babe." he smiled, Skyler laughing.

"Shush! He'll be on to us!"
Lucas laughed, his friends smiling at him.

"It's all coming out of the band's bottom line, moochers." he smiled, Finn laughing.

"I didn't see that in the contracts." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"It's under Chewbacca expenditures. Even the twenty thousand dollars for hair clipping is excessive even for you."

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing.

Lucas smiled, leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"Don't ever change, Chewbacca." he smiled, Finn smiling at him.

Lucas smiled, sitting down between Josh and Justin again, Lance smiling at him.

Through lunch, everyone had chatted, the news from all echoing in the sunshine.

All had been amazed at the two young boys, both giggling in their car seats, two other smiling Delaney faces beside them.

"They're all so happy together." Skyler said, Lucas smiling at her.

"They're brothers and sister of heart. They'll always be happy together."

Finn smiled at Lucas.

"Our babies are healthy as well, Luke. Doctor Carpenter gave them a clean bill of health as well." he said, Lucas smiling with happiness.

"The four's love will always be healing to each other, Finny. Just as ours is to each other."

Everyone smiled, Alain smiling at Finn.

"Great! I'm offering to do Finny's prostate exam." he winked, Finn blushing again.

Everyone laughed, Finn smiling at the Jamaican.

"I'd sooner have Harry, his fingers are longer." Finn grinned, Harry laughing, Alain smirking.

"All his digits are longer, Finny." the man smiled, Finn rolling his eyes, Harry laughing louder.

Everyone smiled, the camaraderie between them all flowing.

"So where does the path lead to next, Dad?" Colton smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"To life and love, Colt. To life and love." he smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"Well, Monday's the Fourth of July. A holiday." Josh smiled, everyone nodding.

"We're having a party here, my friends. Everyone's invited." Lucas said, everyone smiling and accepting the invitation.

"I'm offering to cater, Luke." Enrique smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thanks, Rico. We graciously accept your offer. A pool party then a barbecue. I love Spanish steak." Justin said, Jonathan smiling at him, his blue eyes on his Spanish man.

"It's the best, bro." Jonathan grinned, Enrique blushing, Justin laughing.

"And I'm the horndog?" he said, Jonathan blushing.

"I think it's a Timberlake thing." Josh said, Colton and Lance laughing, Lucas smiling at both Timberlake men.

"I think it's their youngish love."

Both men smiled, looking at their soulmates.

Finn smirked, Alain chuckling.

"I think it's just plain horniness." Finn said, everyone laughing.

"I'll help with the dishes, Dad." Colton said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You just came home, Colt. You can wait to be Lukey's slave." Finn smirked, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"He's my Dad, Finny. I do it with love." Colton said, Lucas smiling at the young man.

"Come on, son. Let's bond in the soap suds."

The two smiled, rising from their seats, walking into the house.

Everyone smiled after them, Josh's eyes meeting Colton's soulmates.

"He really missed him." Josh said, Enrique smiling.

"They really are close, Joshy. Colton loves Lucas deeply. As equally as us." Haras said, everyone smiling at the joined soulmates.

"I know, Haras. We all see their bonded love." Lance said, smiling towards the patio doors.

"Let's bring in the plates." Josh said, people rising from their seats, carrying the plates and dishes into the house.


Colton smiled, drying the glass in his hand, he and Lucas alone in the kitchen.

Lucas had shooed everyone out of the kitchen, everyone relaxing around the pool or on the patio.

He and Colton were doing the dishes, the two happy with their own private closeness.

Not much was spoken, the two happy within their love.

Colton smiled, his blue eyes staring at Lucas' changed physique, the young man grabbing another wet glass.

"I see the smiles on their faces, Dad. And I feel the increased love in their hearts. Your new love fills their hearts with happiness." Colton said, Lucas smiling at the young man.

"It is almost as fulfilled as the hearts of your five of love." Lucas smiled, Colton smiling, the young man looking out the kitchen window.

His eyes took in his men in the pool, Enrique's smooth muscular beauty diving off the diving board, his body clad in only a pair of black bikinis.

Jonathan, Hemi and Haras were together in a shaded corner of the pool, Jonathan surrounded by their Egyptian love, Enrique now swimming towards them.

"I love all five totally, Luke. Their love is my life." the young man said, Colton feeling two lips on his neck.

He turned his head, staring into two violet pools of deep shining love.

"I feel the completeness of your happiness and soul, Colt. It mirrors my own." Lucas said, Colton smiling at him.

"I love them so much, Dad! They've accepted all of me--my love, my magic and my destiny." he said, Lucas' arm going around the young man, hugging him close.

"I know, Colt. I feel all of your heart." he said, his eyes taking in the crossbow laying on the counter beside Colton.

"It's only been over a year, Lucas." the young man said, Lucas nodding his head.

"I remember the loneliness of my soul in Westonshire. How lost and alone I was. Then your love entered my soul. You've guided me to my happiness, Dad. Today and from now on always, I truly love you as a father, Dad. Your love is the greatness of my heart. Theirs is the core."

Lucas smiled, patting the young man's shoulder.

"I know, Colt. And I accept you as my son. Our love will always be close. But their love is the center of your being."
Colton smiled, nodding his head.

"Dad. . .I need. . ."
Lucas smiled, kissing the young man on the lips.

"I'm here always, my son. I'll help in any way."
Colton smiled, his blue eyes looking out the window, staring at the five of his heart.

He turned back to Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"I need your help, Dad."
Lucas smiled, wiping his hands, pulling Colton against him, Colton's head against his muscled chest.

"I'm here, Colt. Let's unite the love."

Colton began to talk, Lucas' face showing a tearful smile.


Saturday and Sunday flew by, the gang all enjoying their close happiness.

Saturday night love flowed in several rooms of the Chasez home.

Harry and Alain's love showed in their duet of love and desire.

A foursome of love and a fivesome of love united in two rooms of deep love and erotic desire.

The beauty surrounding Justin all day drove the man on a path of desire that night.

Three others benefited from his needful love.

Colton and his soulmates were just as loving, their youthful desires flooding their daddy's soul, Enrique lost in their needs.

On Sunday, Lucas held private meetings with his soulmates and some friends, the next day's patriotic happiness planned.

Along with a surprise.

Lucas had his own secret surprise, no one knowing of its entirety.

Sunday was a day of relaxing happiness, everyone enjoying the pool, good food, good friendship and conversation.

Lucas was the center of all their happiness, his love flowing through their love.

Monday morning saw Lucas up early, the young man fixing a feast in the kitchen, lightly humming while he fed his sons.

Breakfast was on the go, Lucas also working on dishes for the evening's meal of patriotic happiness.

He smiled, dishes created under his love.

The two infants gurgled in their car seats, watching their father's magic shine.

Lucas filled the kitchen with treats and dishes, breakfast warming in the ovens.

He heard a noise, a smiling face walking into the kitchen, Lucas smiling into two brown eyes.

"Good morning, Rico." he smiled, filling a cup from the coffeemaker, taking in the Spaniard's naked chest, Enrique wearing only black pajama bottoms.

Enrique smiled, walking up to Lucas, hugging the young man tightly, Lucas feeling his near naked warmth against him.

"Good morning, Luke." Enrique said, backing up a bit, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

Lucas smiled, leaning forward, his lips meeting Enrique's.

Enrique felt Lucas' love and friendship in the kiss, the two parting.

"I taste their love on your lips, Rico. Their youthfulness is divine." Lucas smiled, Enrique smiling, a soft blush showing on his cheeks.

"They were unbelievable last night." he said, Lucas smiling more.

"As were mine. I think tonight yours will be even happier. The love increases." Lucas smiled, Enrique smiling, not sure of what Lucas meant.

"Holidays can stoke a heart with love. Patriotic and enticing." Lucas smiled, Enrique smiling.

"That it can."
"We'll salute anything that flies on their poles."

Enrique laughed at Lucas' remark, Lucas handing him the cup of coffee he held.

Enrique smiled, taking it and walking over to the table, sitting down beside the infants.

Both cooed at him, Lucas smiling at all three.

"They need to be fed, Rico. Can you help?" Lucas said, taking two bottles out of the bottle warmer on the counter, walking over to the Spaniard.

"Certainly, Luke." he smiled, Lucas handing him a bottle, Enrique smiling, picking up little Joshy out of his carrier, the boy gurgling, going into Enrique's arms.

Lucas smiled, lifting Justy out of his carrier, the boy's hands on his bottle before Lucas had him in his lap.

The two boys sucked on their bottles, Enrique smiling at the baby in his arms.

"They're both so beautiful. So happy and calm."
"It is my love, Rico. It calms all souls." Lucas smiled, Enrique smiling at him.

"It calms all our souls, Luke."

"All our souls are happy, Rico. They are filled with love." Lucas said, moving Justy, the baby belching on Lucas' chest.

"That's my boy." he smiled, Enrique doing the same with Joshy, the boy's burp quieter, but drippier.

Lucas smiled, picking up a Kleenex, rubbing the spittle off Enrique's smooth chest beside his left nipple.

The man smiled at Lucas, Lucas smiling back.

"You may be the oldest, but your young men have a vision of mature beauty to love." Lucas smiled, Enrique smiling.

"As do you, Luke. I remember Josh's beauty. It's even more enticing now."

Lucas smiled widely.

"He does it for me, Rico. His beauty is my soul's need. Plus, Jus and Lancy are added beauty."

Enrique smiled widely.

"As they are mine. Their beauty is unbelievable." he said, looking towards the kitchen doorway.

"The shower in your room is big, Rico. I'm sure a morning of wet happiness will feed all their souls." Lucas smiled, Enrique smiling at him.

"We had that fun last night. Your water bill will explode this month."

Lucas laughed, Enrique joining him.

The babies giggled, both continuing to feed.

"I love all five, Luke. Their love is so amazing. I'm complete."
"Colton said the same thing to me yesterday, Rico. He loves you deeply, he loves all five of you. Together and individually."

Enrique's hand went on top of Lucas'.

"I love him, Luke. I'll always make sure that Colton's happy." he said, Lucas smiling into his brown pools.

"I see that and feel that in his soul, Enrique. I feel all of your souls. All five of you are equal in your love for each other. You all have all you will need on the path ahead."
Enrique's brown pools met Lucas' violet pools of love.
"Will he. . .his destiny, will it. . .?" he softly said, Lucas leaning forward, kissing Enrique on the lips again.

The two parted, Enrique staring into his violet pools, a thousand stars sparkling within their deepness.

"His love is real, Rico. He's not going anywhere. You have his and their love forever."
The Spaniard teared up, a new sound breaking his emotions.

"Wuv good!"

He looked down into two small eyes, a blue and violet one staring back, an angelic smile on little Joshy's face.

"Love is very good, son." Lucas smiled, taking the empty bottle out of Justy's mouth, the baby giggling.

"More wuv!" he said, Lucas smiling, lifting the baby back into his carrier, Enrique returning Joshy to his as well.

"They're amazing." Enrique said, staring at both small smiling faces, both babies clapping their hands together.

"Wico!" Little Joshy said, Enrique smiling at him.

"That's Uncle Rico, boys." Lucas smiled, the Spaniard smiling at him.

The two men rose from their seats, Lucas smiling as Enrique hugged him close.

"Thank you, Lucas. For your friendship, and the love you've now given me." the man said, tears showing in his eyes.

Lucas smiled, slapping Enrique's firm bottom covered ass.

"Your men are awake and looking for you. Water bills be damned!"

Enrique laughed, slapping Lucas' ass.

"Want to save water, cutie? I need someone to help."

Lucas laughed, smiling widely.

"I'll send in Josh and Justin. Will eight be enough?"

Enrique laughed, releasing Lucas from his arms.

"I'll just make do with what I have, Mr. Bradford."

Lucas laughed, the Spaniard walking out of the kitchen, going in search of his men.

Lucas smiled, his eyes going to his sons, both giggling.

"Love is going to amaze them all." he smiled, the man seeing three visions of beauty walking into the room.

All three had wet hair, Lucas smiling at his Josh when he pulled him into his arms.

"Morning, my love. We had our wet happiness without you." he smiled, Justin kissing Lucas next, Lance following, the young man surrounded by all three.

"I taste each other's love on your lips, my horny angels." he smiled, Justin smiling at him, his hand down Lucas' cargo short covered backside.

"I'm game to taste more." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"You didn't sample some Spanish steak on the stairs?" he smiled, Justin smiling widely.

"No, but his near naked beauty has me going again. He was so warm when he hugged me." Justin smiled, Lance slapping his ass.

"The boy's unstoppable." Josh smiled, Justin blowing him a kiss.

"Yes, Enrique, I think, could be." Lucas smiled, Justin laughing.

"A little desire there, Lucky?" he smiled, Lucas kissing his lips.

"His desires stoke yours, beautiful. And he's gone to have his own wet fun."

Lance smiled, kissing Lucas' lips.

"To be a fly on that bathroom wall." he smiled, Lucas laughing.

"We should install cameras. Next week's Pornhub's top five."

Everyone laughed, kissing each other.

"Breakfast is ready and warming. I feel the Delaney love walking up the drive.  We'll eat when the fivesome and twosome of love upstairs come down."

"Oh they'll come down. It was noisy in Harry's room as well." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"The boys have had their bottles. I'll feed them their food shortly." he smiled, Lance smiling at Justin, little Joshy already in his arms, Josh picking up Justy.

"Coffee's ready, Lancy." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling and kissing his lips.

"Happy Independence Day, Luke." he smiled, the other two of their hearts voicing the same greeting, Lucas returning it.

"Happy Fourth of July, my loves. The fireworks are going to be spectacular."

All four smiled, the babies giggling, their fathers cooing over them.

Lance smiled, heading for the coffeemaker for his men.

Lucas smiled, his eyes going upwards.

Yes, the fireworks are going to explode.

And they're going to be love filled.

Lucas lightly laughed, his soulmates smiling at him, Lance joining his men at the table, Justin and Josh smiling at Lucas.

The young man smiled, humming and returning to the stove.


End of Chapter 202


A chapter of returning normalcy.

A family unites under Lucas' love.

His magic self is drawing all the love in.


A family has joined again under one roof.

Lucas' love is whole again.

His children are showing their magical selves early.

They grow at their own pace.


Another holiday looms, the Fourth of July.

This year Lucas will not be at Kurucu's Haven for the fireworks.

But knowing myself, another set of magical fireworks may show.


Hugs, Angel.