Yesterday's End-205


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 205


Lucas smiled, walking into Colton's bedroom, four men following him.

The four looked around, Lucas smiling at all four as they walked into the room, all their eyes on him.

"Close the door, Enrique." Lucas said, the Spaniard nodding his head, closing the door behind him, he the last to walk into the bedroom.

"What's going on, Luke?" he said, Jonathan looking at him then at Lucas, Haras and Hemi on both sides of him, Enrique walking up to the three.

"I wanted a moment alone to talk to all four of you. And I'm here as your friend and guide. Your Colty has asked me to prepare all five of you."

Hemi stared at Lucas, the young man's face changing, Derek now staring at Lucas.

"There you are, Derek. All five are wrapped in his love."

"Prepare us for what?" Jonathan said, the young man walking up to Lucas, the man smiling at him.

"You are so like your brother, Jon. In your beauty, smile and tenacity. You need to know all to decipher all." he smiled, Jonathan softly smiling, a soft blush on his face.

"I'm concerned for my Colty's soul, Luke."
Lucas smiled, his hand going to Jonathan's shoulder, his lips kissing his cheek.

"Your Colty's soul is fine, Jonah. In fact it's beyond fine. He's, today, at the happiest moment in his life."

All four men smiled, staring at Lucas, the young man looking around at all four.

"He has your love, your beauty and your souls. I see the love shining in all your eyes for him. For my son of destined life."

All four smiled, Enrique, Haras and Derek walking up to Jonathan and Lucas.

"We all love him, Lucas. He is the center of our world." Derek said, Enrique smiling at his first soulmate.

"I know, Hemi Derek. I feel all your love for him, and the central magic of his love surrounding you."

"What's going on, Luke? Is Colton concerned about our love?" Haras said, Lucas smiling at the Egyptian.

"What did I call you the first day we met, Haras? The day I drew you out of Myles' soul."

The Egyptian stared at him, the other three staring as well.

"You called me your friend. That I was drawn to your magic not as a slave to your masterly love but as a friend always."

Lucas smiled, kissing the Egyptian's cheek.

"Today you're something more, Hari."
The Egyptian looked confused, Lucas smiling at all four.

"Today all four of you are my brothers. My adoptive sons and friends for life."

All four smiled staring at the young man.

"Really, Luke?" Hemi said, his face returned again.

Lucas smiled, kissing his cheek now.

"Yes, Hemi. The four of you are the life of my son's soul. Colton loves all four of you. And his young soul today has made the choice of his destiny."

The four traded looks.

"What has he done, Luke? Is he in danger?" Enrique said, soft concern showing on all four faces now.

"Lose that look, all of you. There is no danger in his love for you." Lucas said, the four softly smiling again.

"I just wanted to state to all four of you that you are now my brothers, my friends for life. And the close bond of your love with Colton's perhaps creates a greater bond between all six of us. Colton is so alike in my own beliefs, love and courage. You five are his life, and he is part of mine. You five now are as well."
All four teared up, Jonathan's hand going to Lucas' shoulder.

"Your loving my brother cemented our brotherhood, Luke. I am your brother as well." Jonathan said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Colton is at a crossroad, my friends. His destiny lays before him, as does mine. To go forward he needs all your love. Perhaps a greater love than each of you believe you possess. Colton's love will draw that greater love from all of you. He'll need it and mine going forward."
Enrique's hand went to Jonathan's shoulder.

"He has all our love, Lucas. We will love him and be at his side through all paths of destiny. Our love is his." he said, the other three nodding in agreement.
Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing Enrique's cheek.

"So says the father of your hearts. The tiger of maturity and sensuality."

Enrique smiled, the other three smiling at him with love.

"Their youthful passion stirs this old tiger's heart. I love all five." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"It's time, my friends. Colton awaits with his choice."

The four looked at each other.

"Choice of what, Luke?" Jonathan said, Lucas smiling at him.

"The choice of his heart and his life." Lucas said, the young man smiling, moving across the room, walking into the walk-in closet.

The four traded looks, Lucas walking back out, four garment bags in his hand.

"Your Colton's love begins, my brothers. He picked these up for you last week. He asked me to ready you for his love." Lucas said, the four trading looks again.

"What are they?" Haras said, Lucas smiling at the Egyptian.

"Your attire for the ritual of his love." Lucas said, handing each of them a separate bag.

"New clothes? We look fine as we are, Luke." Hemi said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'd sooner see you shed of what you wear at the moment. Show some skin, boys!" he smiled, leaning against the dresser behind him.

Enrique looked at the bag in his hands, then met his soulmates' eyes.

"I think we're in for a surprise. Here and shortly." he said, Lucas smiling at him.
"The first of many, my brothers." he said, Haras smiling.

"I'm game for any form of Colton's love." he said, the young Egyptian's shirt leaving his chest, Hemi smiling and following, their bronzed Egyptian beauty showing, Hemi's hairier than Haras'.

"Excellent. Looking good, my former slaves."

Both men grinned, Jonathan smiling at Enrique, the two losing their shirts as well, Haras and Hemi already out of their shorts.

Within moments all four were standing in only their briefs, Lucas smiling at their showing beauty.

Jonathan's arm was around Haras' smooth waist, Hemi's around Enrique's smooth back.

"Looking amazing, my friends. Four of beauty and love. I see why Colton's smile has grown." Lucas said, the four smiling, their thoughts on their missing soulmate.

"Open the bags, my brothers. You need to get dressed for his love."

The four nodded, each opening their bags, pulling out the garments from within.

All four's eyes widened, each holding an identical outfit.

"He awaits, as does your own destiny." Lucas said, the four staring at him now.

"He's. . .he can't. . .?" Jonathan softly said, his eyes showing soft tears.

"Let me help you all get to his love. And I'm going to enjoy this so much." Lucas smiled, the young man moving, his hand going against Enrique's smooth chest, the Spaniard staring at him as Lucas took the outfit from his hands.


Everyone stood on the patio, their eyes scanning the surrounding beauty of the patio's and backyard's transformations.

"How did they do all this so quick?!" Chris said, Piney's arm around him, his blue eyes on the young man standing near the pool.

"Love moves mountains, my Chris." he said, Chris looking at him.

"They're going to be amazed." Lance said, Justin's arm around him.

Josh moved, the man walking towards the pool, two blue pools following him, everyone on the patio staring towards the pool.

The phone went off on the patio, Lance picking it up, answering it.

He talked for a few moments, his eyes on Colton standing in front of the pool.

He closed off the phone, his eyes looking at Justin, then around at everyone.

"We have some guests arriving." he said, Colton smiling towards him.

"Please guide them out here, Lance. They need to join us." the young man said, Josh walking up to him, staring at the young man's attire.

"Colton, what's. . .what's going on?" Josh said, everyone staring at the two, Lance walking into the house, Justin following him.

The young man smiled, looking around at everyone.

"My love, Papa. My love and Dad's. His love aids me in my destiny. Today it guides me to my life." the young man said, Josh staring at him with love.

"Are you. . .?"

"I'm myself, Joshua. They, today, must see that. And today I'll find what my soul needs." the young man said, Josh nodding.

"I love you, Colton. Lucas loves you even more." he said, Colton smiling, leaning forward, kissing his cheek.

"I love you, my parents of love. And they have my heart totally."

Everyone's eyes moved to the house's patio doorway, a group of people walking out, Lance and Justin wrapped in arms of love.

Everyone's eyes widened, Colton smiling and kissing Josh's cheek.

"I have to move, Papa. I want to plan it just right. I feel his love cresting."

Josh watched as Colton moved, the man heading for the pool.

Everyone's eyes widened in surprise, Colton disappearing before them.


Hemi's brown pools stared into Lucas' violet pools, the man smiling and patting his clothed chest.

"There, four of greater beauty. He was so on point." Lucas smiled, the four staring at him, all four now dressed in new attire.

The four softly nodded, taking in Lucas' changed appearance.

Lucas had quietly helped all four dress, their muscular beauty disappearing under their new clothes.

The young man had walked back into the closet moments ago, his clothes leaving his body in moments, all four staring at his revealed beauty as he dressed quickly.

They took in the changed beauty of his rugged looks, his masculine muscular form now covered in new attire.

"You look stunning, Lucas." Enrique said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Before or after I dressed?"

Enrique blushed, Lucas lightly laughing, kissing his lips.

"I'm the one who was stunned by all the showing beauty around me. Your four are as warm in your skin as in your love." he said, all four blushing, but smiling.

"You were my master, I should have dressed you." Haras said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thank God I didn't tell Justin about this. He would have volunteered in a flash."

All four laughed, Lucas smiling at their calming happiness.

"Lucas. . .is he. . .?" Jonathan began to say, Lucas lips meeting his, silencing him.

Jonathan felt the calming love coming from Lucas, the three around him having received the same kiss of calming love.

"It's best if you four remain silent from here on. Let me guide you to his love."

The young man's violet pools softly glowed green for a moment, then returned to their vibrant violet hue.

"All is ready, his love begins. Onward to the love."

The four looked at each other, Lucas smiling and walking to the closed bedroom door, opening it.

"Follow me, my brothers." Lucas smiled, the four looking at each other again, Jonathan's hand joining with Enrique's, Hemi's hand going in Haras'.

"I think we're ready, Luke. I know I'm ready for Colton's love." Haras said, Lucas smiling at him.

He lightly laughed, all four staring at him with confusion.

"You haven't seen anything yet, my friends."
Lucas smiled, the young man walking out of the room, the other four quietly following him.

They followed him down the staircase, Lucas walking through the living room, the four close behind him.

He walked through the kitchen, stopping and turning around in front of all four.

"Just a moment, my brothers." Lucas said, the young man moving towards the closed patio doorway.

He looked out onto the patio, a smile crossing his face.

The four behind him could only see the darkness of the night's now dark vision before them.

Lucas smiled, opening the patio door, a soft breeze meeting his face.
He turned, staring into a set of blue and three sets of brown pools.

"Life is a path of discovery. Love, trust, beauty, and desire create all paths. Walk onto your true path." the young man smiled, the four trading looks.

"My Colton is out there. I'll find him through heaven and life." Jonathan said, the young man moving, the other three smiling and following his courageous path.

Lucas smiled, the four walking past him, their eyes widening as they walked out into the darkness.


The darkness lasted for only moments, the four stopping and taking in the visions before them.

The patio was covered in flowers, baskets of red and white roses filling it.

Candles were lit along the patio's railings.

At the end of it, eight people stood, each smiling a wide smile.

Enrique's and Jonathan's eyes widened, staring at the faces smiling back at them.

Haras and Hemi showed looks of surprise as well.

Enrique moved, Jonathan at his side, the two walking up to five new smiling faces.

"Mom and Dad? Stevie?" Jonathan teared up, Randall and Lisa moving forward, both wrapping their arms around their middle son, Steven's arms going around his brother's legs.

Justin smiled, his arm going around his brother as well.

Enrique's arms were around two men, both hugging him tightly.

"Dad? Julio? What are you doing here?" Enrique said, his voice laced with emotion.

Julio Iglesias smiled, kissing his son's cheek, Enrique's brother Julio smiling at him.

Josh smiled, the man standing behind them, Rosa Sharon at his side.
"We're here to see your happiness, my son." Julio Sr. smiled, Enrique smiling at him.
"We were going to come down to Miami next month to see you all." he said, his father kissing his cheek.

"We felt your smile from there, Rico." Julio Jr. smiled, Enrique smiling at his brother.

The two men parted from their families, Enrique staring at his father and brother.

"Dad, Julio, I have to tell you the truth." he said, Julio Sr.'s hand going to his son's shoulder.

"Your giving friend's love moves greatly, my son. We now see the four of your heart." Julio Sr. said, his brown eyes meeting Lucas' violet, Enrique's eyes on him now.

Lucas smiled, walking up to the two families, Haras and Hemi staring at him as well.

"Colton asked of me the opening of your family's' hearts, my brothers. Jonathan's family already has accepted your joined love. Your family is just as loving as you, Rico." he smiled, Enrique's eyes meeting his father's.

"I see the happiness in your eyes, Enrique. Nothing can stand in my heart against that. They all look happy. I wish you nothing but happiness, my son."
Enrique teared up, his father kissing his cheek again.

Enrique felt his brother's and father's arms around him, the Spaniard staring at Lucas.

"You did this, Lucas?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"No, my friend. Colton did this. He went down to Miami last night."

The four of love stared at Lucas with surprise, the young man smiling around at everyone.

"Love is a path of totality, my friends. All hearts must be whole to find the truer love of our hearts. Colton wanted all of you to be totally free."

Enrique teared up, staring at his family.

"He. . .he walked again?" Hemi said, Lucas smiling at him and Haras.

"For all your love, yes. The magic of his love is total, my brother. Tonight is the totality of that. It's time to walk the path of his true love." Lucas smiled, Justin and Josh both smiling at him.

The two men walked forward, stopping in front of Hemi and Haras.

"Your families have passed long into the paths of life, my friends. Justin and I would like to stand in on their behalf." Josh smiled, Hemi and Haras looking at each other.

"We are your friends, my friends. As Lucas has now said, we two would also like to be your brothers." Justin said, the man smiling at Haras, the Egyptian nodding his head.

"I take your friendship and brotherhood with love, Justin." he said, Hemi smiling and making the same statement, the two men hugging both of them.

"Families joined, love uniting. The future awaits." Lucas smiled, the young man moving, walking to the end of the patio, walking to a flower-covered arch, the man smiling and picking up a small bunch of candles that sat on a table beside it.

He smiled; Julio, Justin, Randall and Josh walked up to him, Lucas giving each a candle, all four lighting them on the lit candles sitting on the railing.

"Line up, my brothers. The path begins." Lucas smiled, lighting his candle.

Justin walked up to Haras, smiling at him, his arm going in his.

Josh stood beside Hemi, his arm joining his, the candles shining in front of them.

Julio and his father were at Enrique's sides, his brother holding the candle.

Randall and Lisa were on Jonathan's sides, Steven holding the candle in front of him, Randall having smiled at his youngest son, handing the boy the candle.

"Love is the light that guides us all to our happiness. His light awaits." Lucas smiled, the young man walking through the archway into the darkness, his light guiding them.

Haras and Justin followed, the others following behind.


The foursome of love saw new candles beginning to light in the darkness.

They took in the new lit beauty surrounding them.

The area between the patio and the pool were lit with candles now, all their friends standing on both sides of a central aisle.

All were smiling at the four men, their families surrounding them as they walked forward.

Everyone took in the attire of the four handsome men, each wearing an identical black tuxedo, four visions of total blackness showing.

Adam smiled at his friend Enrique, the man smiling back.

Usher and Pierce each held candles as well, both on Adam's sides.

The four men walked with their families, Lucas stopping in front of the pool, the others stopping in front of him.

"Love is the light that lights the way to all our souls. Tonight the four of you have seen the light of your family's love shining. They join with all of us in showing you the love surrounding you." Lucas said, the four men tearing up, the four now standing in a row, their families and friends around them.

"One of total love for all of you has asked for this moment for all four of you." Lucas said, the four tearing up, their eyes searching the darkness and friends around them, no sign of Colton anywhere.

"I met a young man so many months ago who was lost to the world, lost to hope and lost to life. His soul was devoid of true love, of needful love. And my soul felt that loneliness, felt that loss within him. I will tell you all now that I have known of his existence for long before his knowledge of me. For his love was a beacon within my own soul.  Destiny was the formation of our lives. Love is now the center of it." Lucas said, the four and everyone around him seeing the tears in Lucas' violet pools.

"You knew. . knew him before you met him?" Jonathan said, Lucas smiling at him, nodding.

"Yes, Jonathan, our Colton's Jonah. As I knew that your love was the beginning answer to his life's awakening. And the other three of your love were the three to ignite both your souls. My destiny was always to join the love all five of you now share with each other. Colton's heart was the center of that love. The five of you have made that heart come alive. Tonight that heart and yours finds its life. Love comes my friends, and life begins tonight for all of you." Lucas smiled, the young man's candle in his hand suddenly going out.

All the candles around them suddenly flickered, then went out, a soft breeze flowing across the darkness.

The area was bathed in total darkness, everyone looking around them.

All eyes were now drawn to a new light, its center now in the center of the calm pool's waters.

The foursome of love stared at the pool, the light in its center growing.

A darkness seemed to be below it, Haras realizing what it was.

A platform was floating in the middle of the pool, a single candle glowing in its darkness.

The candle moved, then brightened, a face now showing behind it.

The four stared at a handsome young face of masculine beauty, long blonde hair cascading around it, the soft breeze blowing it loosely.

"Come to the center of my love, my loves." Colton's soft voice said, the four looking at their families around them, Justin kissing Haras' cheek.
"Don't be hesitant of his love. Walk to its beauty." he smiled, Haras smiling, the young Egyptian moving to the pool's edge.

"My love is solid, as is yours, my Hari." Colton said, Haras smiling, walking forward, the young man walking across the water.

Hemi smiled, Josh kissing his cheek.

"His love awaits, we await your joining love."

Hemi smiled, the Egyptian joining Haras, Enrique and Jonathan kissed by their families, the two moving as well, all four walking across the water, joining Colton on the platform in the pool's center.

Haras looked down, seeing an optical illusion beneath him.

A clear path of sheer glass was under him, a clear pathway to his soulmate's love.

The Egyptian and his loves walked onto the platform, Colton standing in its center.

The four took in his beauty, the young man wearing an identical black tuxedo to theirs.

"Colton, you look so beautiful." Jonathan said, Colton's hand going in his, the young man smiling at all four.

"My beauty mirrors the beauty of the five of my soul." he said, Hemi smiling, Derek's face flashing for a moment, Hemi's Egyptian masculinity showing again.

"This is so beautiful, so surprising." Enrique said, looking back at his family, Colton's other hand joining with his.

"I love you, Enrique. I had to join all of us as one free soul. Forgive me if it was too soon. I know you wanted to tell them eventually." he softly said, Enrique leaning forward, his lips meeting Colton's, the young man feeling his love.

"Your soul walked across the country to open my soul to my family, my Colton. Your love is mine." he said, Colton smiling, Haras and Hemi joining hands with Jonathan and Enrique, the five joined as one.
"Why have you done this, Colt? The beauty of it has entered all our souls." Hemi said, Colton staring at the handsome Egyptian.

"For your love, my loves. I needed to show you my soul."

"We've seen your soul, Colt. We have all felt its beauty." Jonathan said, Colton staring at him.

"I am of magic, Jonah. My love is a duality of magic. Tonight I need you five to see all of me. To feel all of me. My Lucas came up with the answer to the truth of my soul. Of what I need to show you. To show only you."

The four looked around, seeing Lucas nowhere, everyone looking around as well.

"Where's he gone now?" Chris whispered to Piney, the two looking around as well.

"His love is never gone, Chris." Colton said, the man staring at him with surprise, Colton smiling at him.

The four around him stared at him, Haras leaning forward and kissing Colton's lips.

"You don't need to show us anymore than what we know, my love. Your love is ours." he said, Colton smiling at him.

"I love all five of you. My two Egyptian warriors, my Spanish tiger, my youthful Jonah, and my loving Derek.  Tonight I ask only one thing of all five of you. I need your love forever.  Tonight I'd like all six of us to join that love as one." the young man said, staring at all four.

"I love you, Colton. Your love I need always." Enrique said; Jonathan, Haras and Hemi stated the same words of love.

"Will the five of you accept me for who I am? For what I am? Will you love me forever? Will. . .will you all join with me in total love? Will you marry me?" he said, the young man's eyes filled with tears, the four around him pulling him close.

Colton's head was against Enrique's chest, the other three holding him close.

"Yes, my Colton. I will marry you. I will marry all five of you." Jonathan said, his father holding Lisa at the pool's edge, the woman sobbing.

"You five are my life. I will join with all of you forever. I will be your warrior of love and life." Haras said, Hemi smiling at him, his brown eyes meeting Colton's raising blue.

"I will love you forever, Colton. As my dual soul will love all four of you forever. Yes, my loves." he said, his voice morphing between his own and Derek's, both their faces showing.

"I love all five of you. You are my life. Your love I shall always need. Yes, I will marry all of you. I need your love forever." Enrique said, the other four crying around him.

The five joined, their lips meeting, applause going around the pool.

Colton moved back a bit, the other four smiling at him, the young man wiping his eyes.

"I love all five of you. I need your love forever. Will you marry me now? Tonight, at this moment?" he said, the other four smiling at him.

"We sensed the depth of your choice, my love. I need your love now." Jonathan smiled, nodding his head, the other three smiling, nodding in agreement.
Colton's eyes glowed softly blue, his smile widening.

The five joined as one, hugging each other with deep love.

The five parted, Enrique smiling at the young man.

"The outfits gave your need away, Colty." Enrique smiled, Colton laughing lightly.

"I'm always prepared. Correct, Dad?" he smiled, the pool suddenly flooding with light, the lights under the water igniting, torches now lit around the pool's edge.

Everyone smiled, seeing the five on the floating platform in front of them, their suited beauty showing.

"Correct, my son."

The five on the platform turned around, Lucas standing on the far side of the platform.

Rosa Sharon was standing beside him, the small girl smiling widely, Colton smiling at her.

No one had seen either of them appear there, Lucas smiling around at everyone.

"The waters of love are calm when life surrounds it. Your love floats in all their souls, Colton."
Colton smiled, staring at Lucas' shining beauty.

The young man wore the violet suit he'd worn when he'd proposed to Josh, Josh's blue eyes taking in his showing beauty.

Justin and Lance's arms went around Josh, the man feeling their joining love.

"His love never ends. And God, he looks amazing!" Justin said, two violet eyes smiling towards the three.

The five on the platform smiled at Lucas, Enrique walking up to him.

"You planned all this, didn't you?"
Lucas smiled, Colton smiling at him, his hand going in Enrique's, the Spaniard staring at him.

"I planned this, my loves. Lucas aided me in the preparations. Now he'll give us my greatest dreams, and his love will join us." he said, the five looking at Lucas.

The young man smiled, his hands folding in front of him.

"Let's get this wedding of love under way."

Rosa Sharon smiled at her brother, the little girl's blue eyes meeting the other four smiling down at her.

"I'm getting five new brothers! This is so cool!" she smiled widely, the five around her lightly laughing, Colton hugging his sister tightly, she smiling up at him.

"You're going to be fine, Colt. Their love is your love. I'll love them all!" she beamed, Colton smiling widely.

"Let's get the love going, Sis." he smiled.

Everyone around the pool clapped, the five men smiling on the platform.


"Would the five of you join hands?" Lucas smiled, the five joining together, a book now showing in Lucas' hand.

Rosa Sharon smiled, the young girl walking down the clear path, Justin wrapping her arms around her as she snuggled against him.

Lucas smiled at his soulmates, his violet pools meeting Colton's blue.

The pool quieted down, everyone sensing the moving moment about to show itself.

Lucas smiled, the five of love standing before him.

"Colton is, in all ways, in all love, my son. Tonight, the five of you will join as one family of love. I have offered on my love for my son to marry the five of you as one. Will the five of you take this gift I now offer to all of you?"

Jonathan smiled, nodding his head, the other four smiling, nodding in happy agreement.

"I love you, Dad. I need your love to join us as one." Colton smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"In the world around us the joining of you five may be questioned, abhorred or even ridiculed. But all around us know that the love you show each other will be steadfast and giving. We will all see the greatness of your love. Nothing will ever dampen its beauty."
The five smiled, their eyes meeting.

"Everyone may watch and join in the happiness, your love surrounding us." he smiled, looking around at everyone, their faces showing their happiness.

Lynn and Paul both smiled at him, they having arrived with Randall and Lisa, all of Jonathan's family present.

"Family surrounds us, my brothers. Tonight your love mixes with theirs. Tonight your own love makes its final journey. The path of love begins for all six of you. Let my love and magic guide you to your own soul."

The five men smiled, their eyes widening, staring at each other.

Flowered carnations now showed on all their lapels, everyone staring with surprise, the flowers having appeared instantaneously.

"Flowers of love bloom at a moment's notice. The greater the love the greater their flowering beauty." he smiled, the platform they now stood on surrounded by rose baskets, the pool lined with them as well.

Everyone looked around, staring in awed wonder.

The five on the platform smiled, looking at Lucas.

Lucas smiled, staring at the five tuxedoed men standing in front of him, five visions of black beauty, white carnations in all their lapels.

"Marriage is a commitment of love, my friends. I see before me five men of joined love. I see the commitment in all your souls. That is the magic of all of you. Your love is the magic of your souls. Will the other four of you please surround Jonathan in a quartet of love?"

Jonathan smiled, the four of his soul surrounding him, their hands joining.

"Do you, Jonathan Timberlake, take these four showing men, and the one hidden Egyptian warrior as the soulmates of your heart? As the husbands of your soul? Will you stand by them, need them, be truthful to them and honor their love with your own?"

Jonathan smiled, staring into the eyes of all four.

"Yes, my loves, I shall. I will love you forever."

The other four smiled, Derek's blue eyes and handsome face now showing.

The bible in Lucas' hand moved forward, Jonathan seeing a golden ring on its surface, Colton picking it up, smiling at the young man.

"Together forever, our Jonah." he smiled, slipping the ring onto Jonathan's slender finger.

"You may kiss the five of your one soul, my friend." Lucas smiled, the four around Jonathan kissing him, the young man receiving two kisses for Derek's two selves.

Lisa was crying again, Lynn crying as well.
Trish and Skyler were in tears, their husbands holding them close.

Lucas smiled, looking at Derek.

"Walk into the center of their love, Hemidon Akemenon. You are next on the path of love." he smiled, Derek's form changing, the young Egyptian walking into the center of the four of his love.

Lucas repeated the same vows, Hemi voicing his love for all four.

Haras put the golden ring upon his finger, the two Egyptians smiling at each other.

"Our dreams of our past have come true, Hemi. My love is your forever." Haras said, the two kissing deeply.

Derek was next, the love showing from him for the four.

Haras followed, Enrique following him.

All four gave their vows to the others, their love joining as one.

Enrique's was the most touching, his words steeped with love.

"Four youthful visions of love I now have. I love you four so much! I will be your old tiger always! I love you so much!" he sobbed, Derek's lips meeting his, the four of his soul calming his emotions, Derek slipping the ring onto his finger, their love uniting with two Egyptian beauties and two young men of blue-eyed love.

Enrique's father smiled, seeing the happiness on his son's handsome face.
Julio hugged his father, the two smiling at Enrique.

Lucas smiled, his violet eyes meeting Colton's blue, the young man smiling at him.

"And lastly, we have the youthful soul of the joined love. It's time, my son." Lucas smiled, Colton moving, hugging Lucas close, the young man smiling, feeling the youth's love.

"Thank you, Dad. It's time for the calming of both our souls." he softly said, Lucas nodding, the young man walking into the center of the five of his love.

The four joined hands, Colton smiling around at all four.

"Do you, Colton Carlisle, take these four showing men--and the one hidden--as the soulmates of your heart? As the husbands of your soul? Will you stand by them, need them, be truthful to them and honor their love with your own?"

Colton smiled, looking around at all four.

"My life has meaning, my love is forever. Yes, I will love all five of you forever. I am yours in all ways, in all times, in all lives." he cried, the four moving, holding him close.

Lucas smiled, the young man walking up to all five, extending his bible again.

Colton wiped his eyes, Enrique picking up the golden ring off it, smiling at the young man.

"Together forever, my love. We now have the heart of our love forever." he smiled, slipping the ring onto Colton's finger, his lips meeting his.

Lucas smiled, lowering his eyes, a single tear falling down his cheek.

Josh, Justin and Lance were all staring at the young man, knowing and feeling the love in the young man's soul.

Lucas raised his head as the five continued their joining kisses, the young man smiling.

"Six of love join under the love of God. We all see and feel their joined love. One soul lives forever. I now pronounce you husbands of love and life. May your happiness flood the souls of all of us. I love you all." Lucas teared up, a young vision of marital happiness now moving, sobbing in his arms.

Lucas held Colton close, the other four surrounding both, the pool flooding with applause and tearful happiness.


The five of love were surrounded by everyone the moment they stepped off the translucent path, everyone hugging and kissing them all.

Families joined, new members welcomed with love and happiness.

Lucas smiled, taking in all the showing love.

Justin was hugging Colton tightly, Rosa Sharon in Jonathan's arms, she kissing his cheek.

"Welcome to my love, brother!" she smiled, Justin and Colton smiling at Jonathan, the young man kissing her back.

"I love you, Rosy. Forever my sister!"

"And I'm forever your brother, Colt." Justin smiled, Colton hugging him again.

"Love you, Jus. Thanks for being my big brother."

Enrique smiled, Julio Sr. hugging Haras and Hemi, both Egyptians softly smiling at him, Julio Jr.'s arms around his brother.

"They're all gorgeous, Rico! You lucky stiff!" he laughed, the four young men blushing, Derek laughing.

"Oh, he'll be stiff, Julio." he grinned, the Spaniard laughing, hugging Derek.

The two Spaniards had known of Enrique's love for Derek, the new fivesome a greater love now showing.

Josh's arm went around Lucas' suited form, the man kissing his lover's lips.

"Amazing as always, babe. None of us saw this coming!" he smiled, Lucas smiling at Colton.

"Colton's love is as surprising as mine." he said, the young man hugging Lucas.

"Thank you, Dad. For the showing love and for the giving love." he smiled, his eyes tearing with happiness.

"I love you, son. And my love shows its last surprise.  Would the five of love stand in front of the pool." he smiled, the five new husbands joining hands, their smiles wide and happy.

Everyone smiled at the five, Colton in the center of the four of his soul.

Hemi's face was smiling now, Derek disappearing against the Egyptian love.

Everyone smiled at the five, Josh's eyes looking around.

"Lucky?" he said, everyone looking around.

Lucas was gone again, everyone looking at each other.

"The light of their love now shines on us all. See the beauty of its totality."

Everyone's eyes moved towards the voice, looking out onto the pool.

Lucas stood again on the platform, its surface and the pool's now covered with lit candles, each centered in flowering rings.

Colton smiled, the four of his soul staring into his blue eyes.

"I love you all. Our love will light our own world forever." he smiled, his lips meeting Jonathan's.

Enrique smiled, the older man kissed by two Egyptian Adonises, all five's hands joined.

The sky suddenly filled with fireworks, their colors exploding and lighting up the whole night's sky.

Everyone looked up in awed wonder, the night silent and so beautiful.

Lucas smiled, his violet pools meeting two sets of blue and one of green.

"Love is the light of all of us. It will never diminish in our hearts."

The five of love broke their kisses, looking up into the night's lit sky.

"Your love is beautiful, my Colt." Jonathan said, Colton smiling, two Egyptian lips meeting his and Jonathan's, Enrique smiling out at Lucas.

The man smiled, looking around at everyone.

"Let's celebrate their love, everyone." he smiled, the young man's hand moving, light now shining all around the backyard, eyes widening again.

White covered tables now filled the area between the patio and pool, candles lit in their centers.

A long table of food lay spread out, everyone smiling out towards the platform, Josh's eyes widening in surprise.

The platform was gone, the pool a vision of floating candles, two lips kissing his neck.

He turned, staring into the violet pools of his soul.

"You're first on my dance card, my love. After our new sons, that is." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling widely.

The five of love smiled, their families pulling them away from each other, the backyard filling with joyous happiness.


End of Chapter 205

A fitting place to end the year's written love.

A wedding of joining happiness filling six hearts with joy and complete love.

The fivesome of love have joined with Colton's soul, Lucas guiding his adoptive son onto his path of love.

Colton's vision of love uniting under Lucas' guiding hand of magic.


Families join, love flows.

I hope you all like the idea of their joining one soul.

Two lost Egyptians finding love in the two young visions of love and the one tiger of mature love.
Three of magic joining with three of love.


Most of the couples of Lucas' joining love are now married.

Two threesomes of love, and now a sixsome.

And Lucas' own foursome of love.

Not to mention the duets of love he's guided together.


The year now ends for us, Christmas and other religious celebrations at hand.

I hope all of you have a festive holiday surrounded by friends and family.

May the new year ahead bring us all our happiness and dreams.


Merry Christmas, from this wayward angel.


Hugs, Angel.