Yesterday's End-230


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.

Chapter 230


"Heís in Hell, Alain?!" Finn said, shocked wonder showing on his face, concern showing as well.

"Yes, Finn. Lucas has walked on the one true path to evil. For what reasoning, none of us know." Alain said, Harryís arms around his husband now.

"That canít be!" Chris said, Piney at his side, everyone now at the patioís edge, staring towards the now calm pool.

"I could say it no less convincingly, but it is the truth. We all sensed the opening of the magic; the hidden magic Lucas now possesses." Pierce said, Adam staring at his husband, Usherís arm around him.

"Lucas has the magic to travel to that place? Why would he go there?" Lance said, Rosa Sharonís blue eyes meeting his green.

"I do not know the answer to that question, Lance. We only for the briefest of moments were aware of the coming path. Lucasí hidden magic is hidden from even us. We only felt the sudden gathering of it. The pathís ending reality wasnít shown till just now." the little girl said, looking towards the pool.

"Godís shining golden marker marks its entrance. No loving angel has ever ventured there. Iím amazed that Lucas now has. I canít fathom what heís searching for." she said, Colton walking up to his sister, his arm going around her.

"Whatís going on, Rosy? What is our Lucas seeking in that center of evil?" he said, the little girl staring at the pool.

"Evil has many treasures captured within rooms of vileness. We will just have to wait for Lucasí return to find out what he has sought. God lays His own plans, only those of His inner circle would know the answers we seek. I think Lucas has gone on a path of Godís and his own choosing."
"Heís in danger." Josh said, Justin and Lanceís arms still around him, Rosa Sharonís blue pools meeting his.

"He takes on all danger to find answers, Josh. His love is ever searching, ever giving. Godís magic surrounds him. I sense all the angel forces trembling around us. We all feel Godís touch." she said, looking at the other three angels in her midst.

"I feel them all as well." Gideon said, Pierce and Alain nodding as well, their soulmates surrounding them.

"All the angels now feel Lucasí path?" Chris said, Pineyís arm around him.

"No, we now feel his hidden magic, Chris." Alain said, Harry looking into his husbandís brown eyes.

"You know what hidden magic Lucas has within his soul?"

Rosa Sharon stared at the calm waters of the silent pool, sighing.

"It is a magic of Godís intent, Harry. It may be older than timeís own self. Where it originates from--or what it truly is--none of us can say. We only sense it when Godís walking around us. I think Lucas has indeed walked into Godís presence. I would give heaven and earth to experience just a moment of that true vision he saw. I have only felt His love and heard His loving voice." she said, Colton now at her side, smiling up at him.

"God is heaven, Colt. Our family breathes his love now. One day I shall be with them. And I will feel His true love. My angelic soul only felt a moment of it at its creation, as all angels do. To talk to him and see him would be to have heaven within your soul." she said, soft tears showing in her eyes.

"We will all feel that love one day, Rosy. Mom and Dad are so blessed." Colton said, Rosa Sharon smiling up at him.

"Momís still here with us, Colt. Godís sent her back to us within Lucasí grandmotherís soul." she said, Colton smiling and nodding.

"The magic flows through all our lives, Lucasí love mixing with it. Godís path is so amazing." she smiled, looking back at everyone.

"I feel you, my lost friend. You feel it now as well." she said, everyone looking at her with confusion.

"He cannot have taken that path!"

Everyone stared behind Rosa Sharon, a man standing on the other side of the pool.

"God gives us all our paths, Azrael." Rosa Sharon said, turning and staring at the man, everyone staring in surprise at the angel Azrael standing on the other side of the pool.


The manís handsome face wore a look of soft confusion, two large white wings now extending behind him, the man moving upwards and gliding across the pool, landing softly in front of Colton and Rosa Sharon.

His wings disappeared in an instant, the manís changed rugged beauty showing, the golden glow surrounding him disappearing.

"Hello, Kavinus. Lucas draws you again into the real world." Rosa Sharon smiled, the manís blue pools staring at her.

"His recklessness draws me. Why has he gone there, Meresankh?" he said, his voice softly determined, his face emotionless.

Hemi and Haras moved from Enriqueís and Jonathanís sides, walking up to the man.

"Kavinus! You have returned!" they said together, the manís blue pools meeting their emotional brown.

"Now is not the time for warm embraces, my lost friends. I want to know what heís done." the man said, Alain walking up to him, their eyes meeting.

"Weíve only felt the magic as you have, Azrael. Lucas has walked onto his own path." he said, the manís eyes moving, meeting Gideonís and Pierceís now softly glowing golden eyes, the angel looking surprised.

"My. . .my brothers, Mikail and Israfil?! What are you doing here?!" he said, his angelic form again showing, the two men moving, wings now showing behind them, their stature changed.

"We follow Lucas, my brother." Pierce said, the other angel looking at Alain.
"We have all walked onto Lucasí path, my brother. God has guided us to him." the black angel said, his wings showing again.

"It. . .it cannot be! We were never supposed to join together on Earth! Our paths were ours alone under Godís direction." the man said, Meresankhís hand now going to his shoulder, her form changed, white wings behind her, Colton staring at all the angels surrounding him.

"God guides us, Azrael, as he guides you. Why are you here now?" she said, Azrael staring into her blue pools.

He stared at her, then the other three, looking around, staring at the pool behind him.

"Where are the other four?" he said, Alain looking at him.

"I know not of our other brothersí and sistersí locations, Azrael. But I sense Lucas knows where they reside. He guided all three of us to show ourselves to the world. The other four will do the same, against his love." Alain said, his wings disappearing behind him, the others disappearing as well, Azrael losing his angelic form, Colton's eyes meeting his.

"Hello again, Azrael." he said, the taller man staring down at him.

"You have His voice, Colton. Summon them to us." he said, Colton looking at Meresankh, the young woman smiling.

"They remain hidden, Azrael. We trust Lucas to show them their hearts. Coltonís gift isnít for that or your demands." she said, the man staring at her.
"What is going on, Meresankh? Why is he doing this?" the man said, Colton seeing a soft uncertainty in the angelís blue pools staring at his sister.

"We do not know, Azrael. We are waiting for Lucasí return to tell us more." she said, the man looking towards the pool.

"There is no return from where heís gone. You all know that. Only God can venture to that world." he said, Josh looking at him, their eyes meeting.

"I feel Lucasí love, Azrael. He promised me that heíd return." he said, Justin and Lance staring at the angel.

Meresankh stared at the man, their eyes meeting again.

"He has told me that he has walked the Path of Stars, Azrael. His greatness surrounded him." she said, Azraelís eyes widening.

"No! He cannot have! That is only of His. . ." he said, stopping.

"Of His choosing, Azrael?" she said, the angel looking confused, staring at the water again.

"By Godís design, what is going on?!" he said, Alainís hand going to the manís shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"It is by His design, Azrael. We are as lost as you. We walk His path as He bids." he said, the two looking at each other with compassion and love, the look changing the handsome manís face.

"I donít understand this, Jibrail. It goes against what Godís requested of myself and all of us." the man said, Alain nodding.

"Our paths are changing, Azrael. Lucas, I believe, is changing them. At Godís request, or perhaps with his own love." Alain said, Harryís arm going around his husband, other couples joining with their soulmates, Azrael looking around at everyone.

"The path cannot change, Jibrail. It is the path of Godís design. The only path." Azrael said, looking at the pool again.

"What are you looking for, Lucas?" he softly said to himself, Meresankhís hand going into his.

"God has sent him on a path of discovery, Azrael. Only they know where or to what that will lead."

"He isnít showing me the true path. Why him?" he softly said, Meresankh smiling at the man when his blue pools met hers.

"Because he is love, total love. Heís guiding all of us to our true souls. Lucasí is the one true path. Iíve finally realized that. Itís time all of you did." she said, looking at everyone surrounding her.

Azraelís blue pools met Harasí and Hemiís staring pools, the angelís face softening.

"You all have found love, my brothers. He guided that to your hearts. I only wish I could have mine. I sense this has something to do with our lost love. But why now?" he said, the two Egyptians smiling at the handsome man.

"Lucas will unite your love with Alsariusí, Kavinus. We all feel that in our hearts." Hemi said, Meresankh smiling at her son.

"Even he cannot overcome that evil, Hemidon. I leave that to Godís judgment and forgiveness. And my heart may not be worthy of that." he said, the manís eyes meeting Coltonís blue pools.

"I was on edge, my young Warrior. Forgive my demands. The magic voice you possess is a gift of God. He alone can allow you to use that voice. I sense my lost brothers will indeed show themselves. What Lucas now possesses has its own strength and Godís touch. But nothing will change our paths. I will see you, and my brothers, on the battlefield." he said, the man looking at the other four angels surrounding him.

His blue pools went back to the pool, staring at the water.

"I am sorry, Lucas. You shouldnít have ventured there. Only death and agony await in evilís center." the man said, lowering his head, his wings appearing again, the man flying upwards, disappearing in a flash.

"Go with God, Azrael. Lucas does the same." Rosa Sharon said, her form now shown again, Coltonís arm going around his sister.

"He seemed even more shocked by all this." Chris said, Pineyís arm around him.

Rosa Sharon nodded, staring at the pool.

"Godís plans are His own, Chris. Even Azrael doesnít know all of it. We only can go on our faith in Him and our own souls."

"Did any of you sense his coming?" Gio said, Alain looking at him.

"No, Gio. Azrael moves on his own path, as we all do. We never sense each other around us. The other four still remain hidden. As he does." Alain said, Harryís arm around him.

"What of Lucas?" Justin said, the four angels looking at each other.

"We do not sense him either, Justin. Where he now resides is impenetrable to all. But his love remains in our hearts." Rosa Sharon said, a new voice silencing everyone.

"I feel him."

Everyoneís eyes moved, staring into Adamís blue pools.

"You. . .you sense him?" Rosa Sharon said, Adam nodding.

"I feel him in my soul. A sense of his love and magic surrounding me. It hasn't wavered since he left. In fact, I sense itís gotten stronger." he said, Usherís arm going around him.

"You feel Lucasí magic and love still?" he said, Pierce walking up to his husbands.

Adam nodded, looking towards the pool.

"I feel his soul. Itís wet, but warm." he said, Josh walking up to him.

"I donít feel his magical soul anymore, Adam. I only feel his love. Why would you feel that? And why is it wet?" Josh said, worry showing on his face, Justin and Lance surrounding him.

"I donít feel his magic either, Adam." Justin said, Lance shaking his head no as well.

"I donít know, Josh. Ever since Embrace Island Iíve felt his love and perhaps his magical soul deep within myself." Adam said, Josh walking up to him.

"What happened between you and him there?" he said, Adamís eyes staring into his blue.

"For the life of me I canít remember, Josh. Early in the morning after our weddings I saw him walking across the beach, stopping at every cabin, as if he was sensing the love within. He then moved towards the pool, his pool. I followed him up the rise right to the pool. He was standing on the poolís edge, staring at the water. He said ĎGood morning, Adam.í He knew Iíd followed him. Thatís the last thing I can remember. I awoke after that in my own cabin with my husbands." he said, Pierceís arm going around him.
"Ever since then Iíve felt Lucas deeply within my soul." he said, Lance and Justin walking up to them, Josh looking into Adamís blue eyes.

"I think Lucas has given you some of his magic, Adam. Thatís why you sense him within you. Weíve all seen the deep friendship you both have now. Perhaps itís more than friendship." Lance said, Adamís face changing.

"I would never go against your love, or my own love for my soulmates. We didnít. . ." he said, Josh leaning forward and kissing his lips.

The two broke their kiss, Josh smiling at him.

"We trust you, Adam. And most of all we trust our Lucas. As your soulmates trust you." he said, Adam looking into Usherís and Pierceís loving eyes.

"We love you, Adam. We trust you." Pierce said, Adam tearing up.

"I also think Lucas has given me some of his magic. But why?" Adam said, Lance smiling at him.
"Why indeed, Adam. Only Lucas knows that truth."

"So, you can sense him? Anything else? You said you felt his wetness. I didnít think Hell would have water." Josh said, Adamís arm going around him.

"I sense his calmness, Josh. Heís calmed and focused. I just canít sense where he is. I just feel a wetness surrounding him." the man said, Josh nodding.

"Thank you, Adam. If you sense his calmness, then he is." he said, Adam smiling at him.

"His love is beautiful, Josh. I envy you three the greatness of it."
Lance smiled, as did Justin, everyone looking towards the pool.

"Weíll just have to wait until it returns to us. We all envy your feeling his soul now." Justin said, Adam smiling at him.

"Itís filled with all your love."

Everyone sat down again, awaiting the coming hope within their hearts.


An hour later everyone still sat in quietness, their eyes glancing often to the pool, it now surrounded by darkness, the night engulfing them, lights on around them.

The kids had all been put to bed by their mothers and fathers, all seven sleeping together upstairs.

Here now everyone was waiting.

"Azrael said there was no return from there." Josh softly said, Justinís arm around him.

"Heís coming back, Joshy. His love we all need." Justin said, Josh nodding, Lance kissing his lips.

"Our love is forever." Josh said, his soulmates smiling at him.

A soft breeze began to blow across the patio, everyone feeling the edge of coolness.

Chris looked up, seeing no stars in the sky.

"A dark night. It may rain." he said, Adam suddenly standing up from his chair, staring towards the pool.

"Oh God!" he said loudly, the man falling to his knees, his husbands at his sides.

"What is it, my love?" Usher said, concern on his face.

"The love! Oh, God, the love heís possessing!!" Adam cried, Justin rising to his feet.

"Look at the pool!" he said, everyoneís eyes going to the pool.

The entire surface of the water was now a bright white, a golden strip appearing in its center.

"Heís coming back!" Chris said, everyone on their feet, moving towards the pool, Usher and Pierce guiding Adam to his feet, the man guided forward by both.

They all stopped near the edge, guarding their eyes against the white glare, the golden center widening.

Out of the center of the gold waters came Lucas, the man flying out of the pool with great force, straight upwards, Josh seeing something in a clothed bag in his right hand, the man suddenly coming straight back down, hitting the water with great impact, the white glare disappearing instantly.

He disappeared under the now normal water, Justin and Lance both diving into the pool the moment the gold and whiteness had disappeared.

Josh stood on the poolís edge, Justin and Lance cresting the water, Lucas in their arms, his head against Justinís wet chest.
The two swam toward the poolís edge, Finn and Alain lifting the man up onto the marble, Joshís arms around him in moments, Justin and Lance climbing out of the pool.

Everyone stepped back, staring at Lucas in shock.

Across his forehead were strange black marks, as well as on his cheeks and chin.
They looked like ancient symbols.
Everyone stared in shock, the symbols slowly fading, Lucasís face as handsome as always, Josh patting his wet face.

"Lucas, my love! Wake up!" he said, emotion in his voice, Lucasí closed eyelids flickering.

Adam saw the bag he still clasped in his hands, Lucasí eyes opening.

They all saw their glowing greenness suddenly turn to white, then blue, then violet, then back to emerald green.

"Donít touch it!" he gasped, releasing the wet bag in his hand, a loud thud sounding on the marble.

"From heavenís heart to. . .to Hellís center. . no one knows!" he stuttered, the manís eyes closing again, his body sagging against Joshís chest.

"Lucas?" Josh said, Justin staring at him.

"Heís exhausted." Adam said, kneeling at Lucasí feet.

"Heís going to be alright, Josh. He just needs rest. Letís get him upstairs." Finn said, Adam nodding.

"You heard him, everyone. Donít touch that bag!" Adam said, his voice laced with determination, everyone seeing a soft green glow in Adamís blue pools now.

"Your eyes, my love!" Pierce said, Adam looking at him.

"His love surrounds us again. You need to get him out of those wet clothes, Josh." Adam said, Josh nodding, he and Finn lifting Lucas up, Finnís strong arms going around his friend.

"Iíll carry him, Josh." he said, Josh nodding, releasing Lucas into Finnís strong arms, Justin and Lanceís wet arms going around Josh, the three following Finn into the house.

Everyoneís eyes went to Adamís now blue pools, the man staring at the cloth bag sitting on the wet marble edge of the pool.

"Letís give it a wide berth, my friends. If Lucas says donít touch it, we wonít." Adam said, backing up, everyone moving back onto the patio, all staring at the wet bag sitting alone on the poolís marbled edge.

Pierceís arm was still around Adam, the man staring upwards towards Lucasí bedroom.

"What did you feel, my love? It completely knocked you over." Usher said, Adam smiling at his soulmates.

"It was unbelievable! It was like being smothered in love." he said, his blue eyes going to the bag again.

"I think Lucas has found life." he said, everyone looking at him with quiet silence.


Josh, Justin, Lance and Finn walked out of the house fifteen minutes later, everyone rising from their seats.

"Heís sound asleep." Josh said, Justin and Lanceís arms around him, the two men having changed their wet clothes, Finn staring at the three.

"His body was covered in those black symbols as well, they then fading from our eyes when exposed to the light." Finn said with silent wonder, Lance patting his shoulder.

"I believe they were of magic. A protective magic surrounding him." Lance said, Chris looking at the four.

"He never woke up?" he said, Josh shaking his head no.

"No, Chris. Thanks for your help, Finn." he said, Finn hugging all three.

"Heís my brother. Iím just glad heís back." Finn said, Josh smiling at him.

"Heíll rest all night, I think. He felt totally exhausted." Adam said, his now blue eyes meeting Joshís blue.

"What did you feel, Adam? We all saw the greenness of his magic in your eyes. You do possess some of his magic." he said, Adam guiding the three men to a table, everyone sitting down again.

"I felt something Iíve never felt before, Josh. It felt like total love. Radiating, consuming love. I think it came from the center of Lucasí own self. The closer he got to returning, the greater it felt. And then it disappeared the instant he flew out of that pool. I felt a great truth move within the magic, now hidden again in his soul." he said, looking towards the pool, its waters as calm as before.

"I never felt it, Adam." Colton said, his soulmates surrounding him at another table.

"Nor we angels." Alain said, the other three nodding, Rosa Sharon rising from her seat, walking up to Adam.

"You do have part of Lucasí hidden magical soul within you, Adam. You have felt the light of Godís love that surrounded him. I sense thatís what you felt. Lucas was surrounded by Godís real true love. With that surrounding him, he could venture into any labyrinth of evil." she said, her blue pools looking towards the bag laying on the poolís edge.

"What do you think that is, Meresankh?" Adam said, looking towards the bag as well, the little girl looking up at him, then around at everyone.

"I feel nothing from it. Itís free of any magic or evil that I can sense. But I sense an impenetrable greatness surrounding it. As if a void of nothingness consumes it.  I believe Lucas has sealed it off from any intrusion."
"I felt the veil as well." Alain said, Pierce and Gideon voicing the same.

"I feel nothing as well. It could be a hidden danger." Colton said, his bow now in his hand again.

Everyone stared at the bag, a new voice cutting through the silence.

"Goodness comes in many forms."

Josh turned in his seat, rising to his feet, meeting two violet pools of love.

"You need to rest, my love." he said, moving, his arms wrapping around Lucasí body in the doorway, everyone rising from their seats.

Lucas smiled, his lips meeting Joshís, Adam staring at the young man, feeling the love between the two.

They broke their kiss, Josh lost in Lucasí violet pools.

"Love you, my Beamy." he said, Josh softly smiling.

"You gave us such a scare, my love." he said, Lucas smiling, looking at everyone staring at him with concern.

"Sorry, everyone. The path materialized in suddenness. And it was long and intense. I needed a few moments to regenerate." he smiled, Colton walking up to him.

"Welcome back, Dad." he said, Lucas smiling and hugging the young man.

"Thanks, son." he smiled, the two releasing their embrace.

"Are you alright, Luke?" Trish said, now at his side, hugging her brother.

"Iím fine, Trishy. Just a bit tired, but fine." he smiled, Josh staring at him.

Everyone arose from their seats, the young man hugged gently and touched by everyone.

"You gave us all a fright, Luke." Chris said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Halloweenís not for another month, Chris. I donít have my Kirkpatrick mask on."

Joey burst into laughter, everyone joining him, Chris blushing.

"You havenít changed, Carver." he said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

Adam walked up to Lucas, the man the last to hug him.

The two hugged, Lucas smiling.

"Welcome back, Luke. I missed you." Adam said, his soulmates seeing soft tears in his eyes.

"Iím never far from you, Adam." Lucas smiled, the two releasing each other, their eyes meeting.

"So Iím beginning to believe." Adam smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Adam felt you coming back, Luke. He was overpowered by the returning love." Usher said, his arm around Adam now, Pierce at their side.

"I sensed he would be. Our connection is all-giving." Lucas smiled, Adam staring into his violet pools.

"I have your magic, donít I? You gave me a part of it." he said, Lucas staring at him.

"I named you my confidant, Adam. With that, I needed your connection of love. Forgive me for intruding on your soul, I just needed to bond us together."
Adam blushed, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Why me, Lucas?" he said, Lucasí hand going to his shoulder.

"Kindred spirits, Adam. We both have souls of open, giving love. Yours was just hidden behind a lost life. Iíve always known the beauty of your true soul. The same soul your soulmates own."

Pierce and Usher smiled, standing behind their husband.

"Itís beautiful, Luke." Usher said, Adam smiling at him, his eyes meeting Lucasí again.

"All of him is breathtaking." Lucas smiled, Adam blushing again.

"Relax, Levine. I donít have to get into your pants to feel your showing love." Lucas smiled, Adam smiling.

"Dreams forever between us, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling, Adamís eyes going to the poolís edge, their eyes meeting again.

"Iíve kept everyone away from it, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"There was reason to, Adam. For itís well-protected." Lucas smiled, the singer nodding at him.

"I sensed that within your magic." he said, Josh looking at the two.

"Whatís going on, my love? You disappeared through that golden doorway. Now you return with that thing?" he said, Lucasí arm going around him.

"The path, my love. The greater path in all of this." he said, Adam staring at him.

"I felt your soul the whole time, Lucas. Everyone else felt your love within our souls." he said, Lucas nodding.

"In evilís center love becomes lost. But itís always there in my soul." he said, Chris walking up to him, staring at him with awed fascination.

"You. . .you really did go to Hell?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"And you didnít have to be pissed off at me to send me there." he said, Chris blushing.

"Iíd never send anyone there, Luke. You can be a pain, but I still. . ." he said, not finishing his sentence, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"I love you too, Orca." he said, Joey laughing.

"The truth shall set you free." he smiled, Chris blushing, Lucas smiling at him.
"Alright, I love you. But only as the giving, loving friend you are." he said, Lucas laughing and kissing his cheek again.

"My haremís happy. Whale free." he said, Chris laughing, slapping his chest.
"So whatís happened here, Luke? Please tell us whatís going on." he said, Lucas nodding.
"Sit down, my family. I will tell you what I can." he said, everyone nodding, returning to their seats, Lucas sitting down with his soulmates.


"Thanks, my love." Lucas said, Lance kissing his lips, refilling Lucasí coffee mug, everyone having taken refreshments, sitting all around the patio.

Lance returned to his chair beside his husband, Justinís arm going around his back.

Lucasí eyes were on Adam, the man staring at the bag laying on the poolís edge.

"What is that, Luke? No one senses anything from it." Adam said, their eyes meeting.

"That is a truth, Adam. A truth perhaps no one should know." Lucas said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Riddles again, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Sorry, everyone. Just voicing some words to myself." he said, Rosa Sharon looking at him, their eyes meeting.

"I didnít sense your path, Luke. None of us did. Why that path?" she said, the young man smiling at her, the little girl rising, walking up to him, climbing into his lap, his arms going around her.

"God guides us on our paths, Rosy. You, most of all, know that." he said, the little girl smiling, kissing his cheek.

"I feel His love within you, Luke. You are special." she said, Lucas smiling.

Her blue pools went towards the bag, Lucas kissing her cheek.

"You wore the ancient marks of Divinityís Grace, Lucas. We all saw their fading blackness. To be covered in them would show the danger of that path you walked." she said, their eyes meeting again.

"God protects us with His love and yes, His magic." he said, Rosa Sharon staring at him.

"What protects the bagís secrets?" she said, looking towards the bag sitting forgotten on the poolís marbled edge.

"Life, Rosy. The life of a forgiving God." he said, the little girl nodding, rising from his lap, returning to Harasí, the Egyptianís arm going around her again.

"What is it, Luke? I donít feel any magic coming from it." Colton said, their eyes meeting.

"Why donít you find out, my young friend. Itís relatively safe." he said, the two trading looks.

Colton began to rise from his seat, Enriqueís hand stopping him.

"Itís too dangerous, Colt." he said, worry etched on his and the faces of their soulmates.

"Dad would never lead me into danger." Colton said, Lucas smiling at him.

The young man moved, walking off the patio, everyoneís eyes on him as he walked up to the poolís edge, the bow in his hand, the youth stopping beside the bag.

Colton saw no wetness now surrounding it, the pool of water it had sat in now gone.

"Itís totally dried now." he said, Lucas rising from his seat, nodding his head.

"Life dries the tears of love." he said, Colton smiling at him, leaning down, his hand about to touch the bag.

Everyoneís eyes widened in surprise, the young man flying, landing in the poolís center.

Lucas smiled, walking down the steps, stopping beside the bag.

"No one can touch it, Colt. His magic has seen to that." Lucas said, the young man bending down, everyone rising to their feet, Lucas rising again, the bag in his hand, the young man untouched by the magic.

Colton swam to the poolís edge, his three husbands helping him out of the pool, Hemiís eyes widening in surprise.

"Youíre dry, Colt!" he said, everyone looking at the young man, his long blond hair blowing in the soft breeze, his clothing dry.

"The magic felt our love, Colt. It wouldnít hurt you, only sending you away from the truth." Lucas said, Colton nodding, staring at the bag in Lucasí hand.

"I felt a great consuming magic, Luke." he said, Lucas nodding.

"Please put it down again, my love. Itís dangerous." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love is never dangerous when itís held within oneís heart." the young man smiled, waving the bag in his hand.

Everyone stared in fascination, the bag slowly disappearing, gone in moments from Lucasí hand.

"Where. . .what did that. . .?" Chris said in shock, Lucas smiling around at everyone.

"It is now hidden within the recesses of my magic, at Godís wish. A truth for another day." Lucas said, everyone staring at him.

"Sorry for all the drama, everyone. The path just needed its last truth." he said, smiling into Joshís concerned eyes.

"I am fine, my love. I now have everything I need. The path comes to its end." he said, the young man smiling, walking through everyone, everyone following him as he returned to the patio tables, sitting down, everyone returning to their seats.

"Youíre surprising us to no end, Luke." Finn said, sitting down with Skyler, their hands joining.

"Later, sexy." Lucas smiled, Finn blushing, Joshís arm going around Lucasí shoulders.

"Whatís going on, my love?" he said, Lucas smiling as everyone sat down again, the patio bathed in silence.

"How finds our friend Kavinus, my Egyptian brethren?" Lucas said, the two Egyptians looking surprised.

"He was as beautiful as ever, Lucas. You sensed his return?" Haras said, Lucas nodding.

"I knew the congealing magic would alert all their angelic souls. Azrael would seek out the truth." he said, Rosa Sharon staring at him.

"He said the magic drew him. He seemed quite alarmed by the path you had taken." Chris said, Lucas smiling.

"I thought he would be. As you all were, my angelic friends." he said, Pierce nodding.

"We all felt His magic the moment the pool opened, Luke." he said, Lucas nodding.

"His magic is within your souls, within all angelic souls. To feel it is to feel His love." Lucas said, looking towards the pool.

"What did you go down there for, Luke? What was in that bag?" Piney said, Chrisí arm around him.

"For truth, Chris. For a hidden truth." Lucas said, Lance staring at him.

"Did God send you on that voyage, Luke?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"He was aware of it, and surprised." Lucas said, everyone looking confused.

"God didnít want you to do it?" Meresankh said, her form now showing, Lucas staring into her violet pools.

"We had a discussion on it. His love overcame mine." Lucas said, everyone looking surprised.

"You. . .you talked to God again?!" Justin said, Lucas smiling, leaning over and kissing his lips.
"God talks to all of us. We just have to listen." Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"I found the truth, everyone. The truth hidden behind the love. The truth of the magic hidden deep within my soul. It was in the center of evilís soul, I just had to claim it back." he said, the young man standing, walking off the patio, everyoneís eyes following him.

He stopped at the poolís edge, staring at its calm lit waters.

"We leave for Kurucuís Haven on Monday, everyone. The path ends." Lucas said, Colton rising from his seat, walking up to the young man, his hand going to his shoulder.

"I am ready, Dad. I shall face evil as Iím certain you have." he said, their eyes meeting, Colton leaning upwards, their lips meeting.

"I love you, son. My love and His will protect you." he said, Colton smiling, his eyes meeting his husbandsí loving eyes.

"I have so much love. Thank you, Lucas."

"We all do, Colt."

Finn rose from his seat, walking up to the two.
"So, weíre just going to leave this at that?" he said, his eyes showing their wondrous worry.

"I have the magic I need, Finny. And I have the love, yours included. Secrets will reveal themselves when they must." he said, Finnís hand going to his shoulder.

"I love you, too, Lucas. Iíll be at your side." he said, Lucas smiling.

"Youíll be under me if you keep that up." he winked, Finn blushing, others laughing.

"I mean it, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling, kissing him on the lips, Finn feeling his love.

"I love you, too, Finny. Hair and all."
Finn smiled, grinning.

"Go to Hell, magic boy!" he said, pushing Lucas backwards, the young man hitting the water.

Finn burst into laughter, others joining him, the man suddenly leaving the ground.

He screamed as an angel dropped him into the center of the pool, Alain grinning above him.

Finnís head came to the surface, Lucas smiling beside him.

"My angelic brothers protect me too, Finnegan. And Alain loves you in his arms."

Alain laughed, diving into the pool beside them, his wings now gone.

Everyone arose from their seats, Lucas smiling at everyone.

"Love comes, my friends. Letís enjoy the wetness of mine." he smiled, Colton smiling, removing his shirt, diving into the pool.

Others smiled, joining the love.
Adam stood on the poolís edge, his blue pools staring into two violet pools.

Lucas smiled, his soulmates surrounding him.


End of Chapter 230


And so, Lucas has returned from Hellís center.

With something magical beside him.


What was in the canvas bag he brought back?
Colton couldnít touch it, only Lucas was able to.

And now itís disappeared.


As usual Lucas is hiding secrets, albeit with love.

And now we head back to Kurucuís Haven and the awaiting path.

Lucas seems focused.

Letís hope what lays hidden wonít be the end of him.


Hugs, Angel.