Yesterday's End-232


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.

Chapter 232


The five vehicles stopped in front of the mansion's large front stone steps, Alain climbing out of his front vehicle, Harry joining him, the two scanning the surrounding area.

The four fountains were filling the waters of the lake on both sides of the stone bridge, Harry spotting several uniformed men patrolling both sides of the waters.

Lucas and his four soulmates climbed out of their vehicle, the boys in Lance's and Josh's arms.

Lucas smiled at everyone piling out of their vehicles, all eyes on the young man standing at the second car, Lucas' eyes on the fountains' falling water.

Little lights were sparkling through their drops, Lucas sensing the wonder around him.
"Something you wanted to voice, Finny?" he said, his emerald pools looking towards the Welshman, Finn's arms around his wife, both of his children in her arms.

"Good God, Luke! The falling rain and water's lit with stars!!" he said, everyone looking with the same wonder as in his eyes.

"God's tears always sparkle with light and life." Lucas smiled, Josh's eyes meeting his.

"You've started the magic off early, my love." he said, Lucas smiling, kissing his cheek.

Little Justy giggled, climbing into his father's arms from Josh's.

"Water bright, Daddy. Me feels the love." he said, Lucas smiling, kissing his son's forehead.

"Love surrounds us, my son." he said, the boy smiling up at him.

"Wants to see Grampas!" he said, Lucas smiling and kissing his head again.

"Me too, Justy." he smiled, walking towards the front steps, his family following him.

Lucas smiled as the front doors began to open as they made the top steps, both opening inwards.

He saw three smiling faces greeting them, the young man walking forward, enveloped in two sets of warm embraces.

"Welcome home, my son." Tristan said with emotion, his wife's arms around her son, little Justy already in hers.

"Hi, Gamma!" the boy said, Savannah tearing up, kissing his face repeatedly, Lucas and Tristan smiling at her.

"Hello, my angel! You've grown so much!" she said, Lucas kissing her cheek.

"He'll grow more wrapped in his grandparents' love." he smiled, Tristan kissing the boy's cheek.

"Me's here to play, Grampa!" Little Joshy said, Tristan laughing, the other little boy now in his arms, Lance guiding the boy into his grandfather's love.

"We're going to have such fun, my grandson!" the man beamed, Lucas seeing the happiness in his parents' eyes.

"Hello, everyone." Vivian said, standing behind Tristan and Savannah, Lucas' arms wrapping around his aunt.

"Hello, Mom. I missed your love." he said, Josh seeing wetness in Lucas' now violet pools.

Vivian teared up, her emotions matching her adopted son's.

"I missed yours more, Lucas." she said, Lucas smiling, breaking their embrace.

"The late afternoon's chill is descending. Warmth awaits inside." Tristan smiled at everyone, everyone following him and Savannah, their grandchildren in their arms.

Everyone walked into the foyer of the mansion.

Lucas' eyes went to the large portrait in front of them half way up the staircases, his great-great-grandfather's image staring down at him.

"Hello, my son. I've returned." he said, Harry looking up at the portrait now in a different light.

"Hello, my brother." he said, Lucas smiling between his hidden sons.

"Together for the first time, Azrael. I always wanted that. Welcome to your brother's home." he said, Harry smiling at him.

"You join all paths, Lucas." he said, Alain's arms around him.

"I shall always join the love. More to come later." he smiled, his father's green pools staring at him.

"Something tells me it's already started. We saw the rain." he said, Lucas smiling at his father.

"Everyone has arrived, Father?" he said, Tristan nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. Justin's parents were the last to arrive about an hour ago. Everyone's here." he said, Justin looking at Lucas.

"All our family needs to be here. I need all the love. Others will join us later." he smiled, his arms around his aunt and mother, little Justy now in Vivian's arms, kissing his next grandmother's cheek.

"Got's lots of gammas and grampas. Me's so happy." he said, everyone smiling at the boy.

"Plenty of love, Justy. Let's go welcome it." Lucas smiled, pulling Josh by the hand, heading towards the Receiving Room.

Everyone smiled, following the two towards the left of the grand staircase.


Lucas smiled, walking into the room, people rising from sofas and chairs, the room filled with warmth and love.

"You're early, Lucas." Grayson smiled, walking up to the young man, the two exchanging an intense manly hug.

"We made good time, Uncle Gray. Hello, Unky Gabe!" Lucas smiled widely, hugging the judge next, the man smiling with happiness at the endearing greeting.

"Welcome, nephew of love." he smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

Everyone greeted everyone, Lucas hugging all his surrounding family, the group welcomed by all.

"God shines around us, Lucas." Reverend Saunders smiled, his eyes showing tears, Lucas having just embraced him and Jacques.

"Your love and his unites in my soul, Uncle Lewis." he said, the minister wiping his eyes with a handkerchief his husband handed him, Jacques well prepared for his husband's emotions.

"It is good to see you, mon ami de la magie." Jacques smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"The only magic is our love and friendship, Uncle Jacques." he smiled, Jacques wiping his eyes now with the handkerchief.

"The Pompous Darlings are now all my uncles and aunt of love." Lucas smiled, Jacques and Lewis smiling, Vivian smiling with happiness.

Tristan and Savannah smiled at their son, their grandsons now in the arms of other welcoming family, their hands together.

"You united us again, my son." Tristan said, Lucas smiling, walking up to the portrait of his father above the grand fireplace.

"You were--and will always be--united friends, Father. There was no destiny in your love." he said, the five smiling at him.

"Only Haven is missing, Lucas. And for sound reasoning." Grayson said, Lucas smiling towards the lawyer.

"All paths join soon enough, Uncle Gray." Lucas said, his eyes now going to his father.

"Haven chose his path, Lucas. Your love showed him the errors of his ways." Tristan said, walking up to the young man, Lucas smiling at his father.

"I showed him more, Father." Lucas said, kissing his cheek.

"We saw the rain outside, as I said, my son." he said, Lucas nodding.

"It is the magic of God." Lewis said, Lucas smiling at the minister.

"It is the rainfall of life, Uncle Lewis. Now comes the heart of this place." Lucas smiled, looking towards the open doors.

Francesca and Emerson walked into the room, followed by Mavis and Horace, their son Myles, and Jefferson following.

"You're early, my grandson." Emerson smiled, Lucas smiling, crossing the room within a heartbeat, hugging the older man to him, Emerson tearing up, his arms going around his grandson.

"Your love made me fly like the wind, Grandfather. I have it in my soul always. I just needed it closer." he said, Francesca tearing up, rubbing her husband's back, her arms now around both of them.

"Welcome back to Kurucu's Haven, Lucas." she said, Lucas pulling her against him as well.
"My heart beats with total love now, I have you both in my arms." he said, Mavis and Horace smiling at the touching reunion.

"They've both been on a tear all morning, Lucas. I almost had to tie Emerson down with his enthusiasm threatening to burst." the doctor smiled, Emerson laughing in his grandson's arms, he and his wife backing up, both kissing Lucas' cheeks.

"Your love makes my heart soar, Lucas. I'll always be wound up awaiting its return." he smiled, Lucas smiling, the young man now enveloped in another maternal hug.

"I smell the pot roast off your apron, dear Aunt Mavis. Your love is the gravy that tenderizes it." he smiled, Mavis laughing, wiping her eyes, staring into his violet.

"The charm flows as always." she smiled, Lucas winking at her.

"You've won the bigger piece as always." she smiled, Lucas laughing, Myles and Jefferson now embracing him.

"Good to see you again, Lucas. Your magic. . .it's so. . .you're love. . ." Myles said with emotion, Jefferson's arms going around his husband.

"You see life now, Myles. We all see its beauty." Lucas smiled, the two older men smiling at him.

"I smell the feast brewing. Two Mavises of love will stoke our hearts with their culinary love." he smiled, Finn's mother smiling at him, carrying her granddaughter in her arms, Sean holding his grandson.

"We live to feed our families with our love, Luke." she smiled, Lucas smiling around at everyone, seeing families joined in happiness.

Lance and Justin were with their parents, Lynn and Dianne kissing their grandsons.

"Life is family, Momma Mavis. I have so much." he said, Lewis walking up to him.

"You have more, Lucas. We see that every day, including today." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"We'll discuss the day's and week's coming magic later, my family. Right now, I want to just feel the love."

Little Joshy ran up to Lucas, his grandfather Randall on his heels.

"Plays, Daddy! Love needs play!" he said, Lucas laughing.

"Come on, my son. Let's tackle Grampa." Lucas said, Randall's eyes widening, Lucas leaping on him, the two falling to the floor.

Joshy and Justy screamed with joy, the two on top of their grandfather immediately, Randall bursting with laughter.

Everyone smiled, the room filling with happiness and reuniting love.


Two Hours Later


Justin gasped, feeling the love surrounding him and consuming him.

"Oh God, Joshy!" he moaned, feeling the hardness sunken deep within him.

He felt the warmth of the water falling over him, and the emotions of the two surrounding him.

"Oh, Lancy!" he moaned, feeling his husband's talented fellatio.

Lance pulled off Justin's center, licking its length, teasing the slit at its end.

"You're dripping with need, HD." Josh said, licking at Justin's ear, sinking deeper into him.

"Full throttle, Chasez!" Justin moaned, Josh increasing his rhythm, Justin moaning louder.

"I need more." he moaned, Lance rising to his feet, rubbing both of Justin's wet nipples.

"That need is bottomless." he smiled, kissing his man's lips.

"Join the need, my love." Justin said, Lance staring into his glazed eyes, seeing the passion running through Justin's soul.

Justin leaned forward, feeling a deeper wideness now, another shaft joining with Josh's deep within him.

"Oh, my men! That's it!" he moaned, feeling Josh's hand wrap around his hard shaft, stroking him while he and Lance owned him.

"Not quite, HD." a new voice said, Justin suddenly feeling a larger presence within him.

"Oh God!" he moaned loudly, now three shafts of love owning him.

"About time, Lucky. HD's been about to explode." Lance said, two lips nibbling on his ear.

"He can't explode without all our love." Lucas said, leaning forward and kissing his husband's lips, Josh feeling his man's hardness against his and Lance's.

"I can't take it anymore!" Justin gasped, Josh feeling liquid flood his hand, Justin exploding all over it.

Josh felt his own passion let go, followed by Lance's joining wetness.

Lucas smiled, feeling the wetness surrounding his shaft.
"Sweet! Lube for the final assault." he smiled, kissing both Josh and Lance's wet lips.

"Pull out, my loves. Clean each other up. I'll clean Timbersnake." he smiled, Josh and Lance smiling, pulling out of Justin, their lips meeting, the two moving to the shower's flowing waters, beginning to wash each other.

Justin felt Lucas' arms wrap around him, their strength laced with love, his center still buried deep within him.

"Your love is the best, Lucky." he said, leaning back into the young man's wet nakedness, Lucas' lips meeting his, Justin feeling the flowing love.

"It's unending, Timberlake. And I need all of yours." Lucas said, picking the man up in his arms, flipping him around, remaining inside him.

The two lowered to the shower's floor, Justin feeling the love filling him, Lucas' lips on his now, his hands roaming over his wet body.

Justin became lost in the needs coming from Lucas.

Josh and Lance cleaned each other, small kisses exchanged, Lucas devouring the man joined with him.

A few minutes later Justin felt Lucas' passion crest its end, the man filling him with love.

A few minutes later the two parted, Lucas lifting Justin to his feet, the two kissing deeply, both feeling soapy hands beginning to wash them.

"Owned by a god, then washed by angels. It doesn't get better than this." Justin purred, the man snuggled against Lucas.

Lance laughed, slapping Justin's wet ass.

"Your passion will be our lives, HD." he smiled, Justin smiled, his lips meeting his husband's.

Josh smiled at Lucas, their eyes meeting.

"About time you arrived, Lucky. Our passion overtook us." Josh smiled, feeling Lucas' firm hands on his wet backside.

"You mean HD's need lured you both in here." he smiled, Lance smirking.

"More like his revealing strip show, then wiggling ass." he said, Justin beaming.

"You both came in." he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Yep, deep inside you." Josh said, slapping Justin's wet ass.

"Right where I needed it." he said proudly, feeling his husband's hands washing his abs and chest.

"The bait was delicious." Lucas smiled, Josh's wet arms going around him.

"Dessert looks like heaven as well." he said, their lips meeting.

Lance smiled, seeing Josh's rising desires in front of him.

"I think these two need a moment of singular love, my love. Come on, I'll dry you and we'll snuggle with our sleeping sons." Lance said, Justin nodding, seeing the rising desires of both men.

"Need a helper?" he said, Lucas laughing, he now the last to slap Justin's ass.

"Been there, done that. Go get some Lance warmth, HD." he said, Justin smiling, he and Lance walking out of the glass shower enclosure.

Josh smiled, taking in their naked beauty.

He felt two lips on his neck, a hand rubbing his wet chest.

"They stoke our desire; our love stokes our souls." Lucas said, his lips meeting Josh's, Josh feeling his total love.

The two fell to the shower floor, their love taking over their needs.


Twenty minutes later the two walked into their bedroom, four smiling faces greeting them, the two wearing white cashmere robes.

"Hi, Daddy! Hi, Papa!" Little Joshy said, sitting on top of Justin's chest, he and Lance laying in the king size bed, little Justin snuggled between his two fathers, the boy half smiling.

"Hello, my sons!" Josh said, climbing onto the bed, kissing little Joshy on the nose, then little Justy on the forehead.

"Ups, Papa!" Little Justy said, climbing into Josh's lap, the man smiling, rising to his feet again, the boy jumping into Lucas' arms, snuggling against his chest.

Lance smiled at Lucas, watching the little boy.

"He's very quiet, more so than Joshy. Our bigger boy's been rough-housing with him. Little Justy's just been snuggling."

Josh's hand went to the small boy's face, feeling its normal warmth.

"Feeling okay, Justy?" he said with love, the little boy smiling at him.

"Yes, Papa. Just feels and wants my Daddy's love." he said, Lucas smiling, rocking the boy in his arms.

"You have that always, son." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Like place, Daddy. Feels all the love around us. So much behinds it." he said, Lucas smiling, kissing the boy's forehead.

"They feel all the love?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"They have their father's magic, Lance. I sense Justy feels more than Joshy." he said, the little boy in his arms nodding.

"Me feels him, Daddy. He gots to come out." he said, Lucas smiling down into his blue and violet pools.

"He will, Justy. He just needs the right love." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around him.

"What's going on, Luke?" he said, Lucas kissing his lips.

"Right now, we need to get dressed, all of us. Dinner awaits downstairs as does our family's love." he smiled, little Joshy clapping his hands.

Everyone smiled, seeing his happiness back to normal.

"Family great! Lots of love!" he grinned, Justin smiling at the boy on his chest

"What about me, Joshy?" he pouted, the boy giggling, leaning forward and kissing his father's lips, Justin smiling.

"You best, Dada!" he said, Justin smiling wider, dumping the boy off his chest, the boy laughing.

Little Justy giggled in Lucas' arms, Lucas lightly dumping him on top of his brother, the two playing with Justin.

"You watch our boys, HD. We'll dress, then dress you three."

Justin smiled, Lucas and Josh losing their robes, the man's smile widening.

Josh shook his head, heading into the walk-in closet.

"Later, HD." Lucas smiled, following his husband, Lance climbing off the bed, losing the towel wrapped around his center, Justin smiling more, watching his three men dress together.

A half hour later the now dressed family walked into the dining room, two large tables filled with all their families.

Emerson smiled, rising from his seat, walking up to his grandson.

"How finds your love, Lucas?" he smiled, Lucas hugging him, kissing his cheek.

"Well warmed and contented, Grandfather." he smiled, Finn smirking at the head of the second table.

"So the thin walls revealed. Justin is such a screamer." he said, Chris' laughter joining his, high-fiving him.

Justin blushed deeply, Lance's arm around him, little Joshy in his arms.

"He has a lot to scream in happiness about, Finnegan. Our love fills him." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

Finn nodded his head, looking at Justin.

"Indeed, Luke." he smiled, Justin winking back at him.

Emerson guided them to his table, Lucas sitting down on his left side, his father seated across from him on Emerson's right side, his daughters and wife beside Tristan.

"Our table is graced with your love again, my grandson. Would you honor us with the saying of thanks?" Francesca smiled, Lucas smiling at his grandmother.

"Honors stowed upon family are stowed with love." Lucas smiled, rising to his feet again, everyone smiling at him.

"Let us bow our heads in thanks, everyone." he smiled, Momma Mavis and Mavis walking out of the kitchen, joining their husbands at the other table.

Everyone bowed their heads, Lucas smiling towards the fireplace.

He said a short and loving grace, everyone smiling at his calming voice, their Amen joining his at the end.

Lucas sat back down again; Horace, Myles and Jefferson following the Mavises into the kitchen, returning with large platters of food, their aromas stoking all the hearts awaiting it.

Emerson smiled at his grandson, Mavis setting a large platter of roast beef down in front of him.

"The top piece is the largest, my loving nephew." she smiled, Lucas laughing, taking the offered piece.

Everyone smiled, filling their plates with the aromatic food.

Emerson's eyes met his grandson's, Josh filling Lucas' plate with mushrooms and sautéed onions.

"The day dawns with your magic, Lucas. We all feel it and your love. You keep amazing us." he said, Lucas smiling at him, thanking his husband.

"Magic and love should always amaze us, Grandfather." he said, Emerson nodding, his eyes meeting Grayson's, the lawyer seated at the end of their table, his husband at his side.

"What were those lights sparkling within the falling water, Lucas?" Emerson asked, everyone listening to their conversation while they ate.

Lucas sighed, sipping at the sweet Italian wine from his wineglass.

"Souls move on their own, Grandfather. My magic draws all. As life flows from life, so flows the souls of all from the forgotten realms." he said, Francesca looking at him with quiet wonder.

"I felt them, Lucas." she said, Lucas nodding.

"Being from there, you would, Grandmother." he said, she staring at him.

"They've entered the real world." she said, Savannah looking at her mother.

"All the souls from heaven? They're here now on earth?" she said, looking surprised, everyone's eyes on Lucas.

"The passage of life follows many paths, my family. They have come out of the void, transcending this world and going into the greater void." he said, Lewis staring at him.

"You've drawn all souls from heaven?" he said with awed wonder, Lucas staring at him.

"No, faithful soul. I have opened the pathway for them. From the Void of God's Judgment to the Plains of Life. They passed briefly through this world, their souls sparkling within the wetness of my magic. Those were the sparkling lights you saw. They now await the battle on the Plains of Life. The encampment of goodness is very full." Lucas said, everyone looking surprised.

"The Void is empty, Lucas. I don't feel a remaining soul there. And I felt their joy when they passed through here." Francesca said, Lucas smiling at her.

"As did I, Grandmother. The joy of the coming revelations. They are ready, as am I." Lucas said, Emerson staring at his grandson, the dining room bathed in relative silence.

"You are guiding all souls now, Lucas? Only God can do that!" Lewis said, looking at him with awed, faithful wonder.

"The path is God's, Lewis. I only directed them there with my and His love." Lucas said, sipping at his wineglass again.

"Amazing." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"The path is ready, Grandfather. The next few days will see its ending course. I need you all to be prepared for some surprising events. This is just the beginning." he said, Josh's hand going in his.

"We follow you with love, my love." he said, everyone nodding in silent wonder.

"You follow me with your love. It's in my soul. Right now, I need more mushrooms." he smiled, Justin smiling and handing him a bowl of mushrooms.

"We'll talk in the evening's warmth later, my family." Lucas said, filling his plate with more mushrooms, diving into his meal, everyone quietly eating, sensing the wonder around them.

Lucas smiled, sensing two eyes watching him quietly.


Another Hour Later


"That was heaven, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling and rubbing his stomach, the man snuggled against him.

Justin and Lance both smiled at the two seated on a couch, the two men on the floor in front of them rubbing their own sons' filled stomachs.

"Heaven in a meal, love in a soul." he smiled, looking up at Mavis, the woman smiling at him, walking around the room with cups of tea and coffee, her husband following her with small treats.

Lucas smiled, passing on the treats, taking a steaming cup of coffee, Josh taking a cup of tea laced with honey.

The two smiled at each other, everyone relaxing around the Receiving Room, the fire burning brightly in the fireplace before them.

Emerson stood by it, stirring the coals with an iron poker, setting the screen back in front of it.

"The night shall be cool. Your rooms are all supplied with extra blankets and their fireplaces already lit by Jefferson and Myles." he smiled, the two men smiling at him from their couch behind Lucas'.

Lucas smiled back at them, the two smiling at him, snuggled together.

"Your love warms our souls, your fires warm our later slumber." he said, Emerson smiling at his grandson, the older man sitting down in a wing chair beside the fireplace, his wife smiling at him from her seat on a couch with her daughters.

Tristan and Henderson were talking with Grayson and Gabriel behind their couch, Lucas smiling around the room, seeing a lot of gathered families of love.

"Everyone looks contented, Lukey." Finn said, seated on the floor with his wife, their children sound asleep on a blanket before them, their grandparents surrounding them.

"They're growing so fast." Lorraine said, Ian's arms around her.

"They're Delaneys. They'll have their feet soon enough. A brawler and a princess to lighten our hearts." Sean smiled, Finn smiling at his father.

"Not many princesses are that hairy, Sean." Chris laughed, Piney rolling his eyes.

"She'll be as beautiful as her mother." Lucas smiled, Skyler smiling at him.

"And Julian will be Chewbacca Junior." Lucas added, Finn laughing.

"Handsome, hairy and hung." he said, Momma Mavis slapping her son on the back of the head.

"Decorum, son." she said, Finn blushing.

"Sorry, Mom." he said, rubbing his head, Lucas laughing.

"Did I hear an echo just now?" he said, Finn glaring at him, Lucas laughing more.

He smiled, kissing his man's cheek.

"I need to get up, my love. My grandfather needs my love." he smiled, Josh smiling at him, kissing his lips lightly.

"Hurry back, my love." he smiled, Lucas rising to his feet, smiling at his love, walking up to the fireplace, staring at the roaring embers.

"Cold it shall be, Grandfather. But our love will keep all our hearts warm." he said, Emerson smiling up at his grandson.

"You've given myself the warmth of my family again, Lucas. I've never felt so warm and happy." he said, his wife and children smiling towards him with love.

"You deserve that most of all, Grandfather. I would give all life for you to have that." Lucas said, Emerson smiling, rising from his seat, the two men hugging gently.

"I love you, Lucas. Thank you for giving me my soul's need." he smiled, Lucas smiling, kissing his grandfather's lips.

"I feel your love, Grandfather. As I feel all the love surrounding me. As my own sons feel the hidden love." he said, little Justy and Joshy smiling at the father, both snuggled in Justin's and Lance's laps.

"Little Justy said that earlier, Luke. That he felt all the love. He said that he felt him and that he had to come out." Lance said, Josh and Justin staring at Lucas.

"Whose hidden love, Lucas?" Emerson said, Lucas' arm around him.

Lucas sighed, looking around the room, then upwards at the ceiling.

"I've made a slight mistake, Grandfather. I didn't see behind the truth." Lucas said, looking around the room.

"What mistake, Lucas? We've never known you to make mistakes." Tristan said, looking at his son.

"I didn't see behind the evil, Dad. I didn't see who's trapped here." Lucas said, the young man's hands going together.

Josh rose from his seat, walking up to his husband, Lucas' eyes meeting his blue pools.

"I sense a gathering calmness in you, Lucas. I've felt it all day. And I saw the scar, my love." Josh said, his hand going into his.

Lucas stared at his husband, Josh raising Lucas' hand, Emerson staring at the small scar on Lucas' right hand.

"Did you cut yourself, Lucas? That doesn't look too bad." he said, his eyes meeting Josh's concerned eyes.

Finn was on his feet, walking up to the men, his eyes going to the scar on Lucas' hand.

"What's going on, Luke? Did someone attack you?" he said, looking around the room.

"No, Finny. I only made a small sacrifice. More shall come." Lucas said, turning towards the fireplace, staring into the fire.

Josh and Finn traded looks, Finn's hand going to Lucas' shoulder.

"What happened, Luke? If someone's hurt you, they'll answer to me." he said, Lucas feeling his friend's gathering love.

"I did it to myself, Finnegan. To give life, one has to lose something." he said, Finn turning the young man in his arms, staring into his violet pools.

"What are you talking about? Whose life?" Finn said, staring at his friend, his violet pools lowering.

"It was in Hell, wasn't it? Something happened to you down there!" Finn said, Lucas raising his eyes.

"To see evil's center is to see life's needs. And sense what had to be done." he said, Josh's arm going around his husband.

"What's going on, my love? Please tell us. Whatever you've done we know it's done with love." he said, Lucas' head raising, looking upwards again, Josh seeing the uncertainty in his violet pools.

"Love can do some selfless and perhaps selfish things, my love. My love is no different than his." Lucas said, Josh staring at him.

"Whose, my love?"

Lucas sighed again, Emerson staring at his grandson.

"Please tell us, my grandson. We all love you. Please tell us what happened down there." Emerson said, Lucas leaning forward, kissing his grandfather's cheek.

"Thank you, Grandfather. Your love calms my soul. To have an iota of it within me makes me so proud. Today I feel that I am a real Belmont." he said, Emerson smiling at his son, Tristan staring at his father and son.

"You are a Belmont, Lucas. In your courage, love and life. I've always been proud of you."
Lucas smiled, staring at his father.

"Please sit down, everyone. Return to their love, my love." he said, Josh kissing his lips, staring at him.

"We're all right here, my love." he said, Lucas nodding, Josh returning to his soulmates, Justin and Lance now on the couch, their sons in their laps.

Josh sat down, little Justy climbing into his lap, snuggling against him.

"Daddy shows him. We feels his love." the boy said, little Joshy giggling.

Lucas smiled at all five, Emerson and Finn returning to their seats, Finn's eyes on Lucas like a hawk.

"Sit Finny. I know my guard dog is close." Lucas smiled, Finn smiling at him, returning to his wife's arms on the floor, their children before them.

Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"The day is finally here. The day of the centering of the path. You all have learned from my friends and family what transpired last week. Of the voyage I was chosen to make." he said, everyone nodding, all focused on Lucas.

"You walked into evil's domain, Lucas. The second part of life's soul. Hell, it flourishes with evil's intent." Lewis said, Lucas nodding.

"It flourishes with so much more, good Reverend." he said, folding his hands in front of him, everyone now seeing the visible scar.

Finn stared at it, sensing it had grown a little more than it was just a few moments ago.

"I will not speak of what transpired down there in the darkness of evil's soul. Abominations against life dwell there, some of which I saw. But something greater resided there as well."

"Satan, Lucas? You. . .you can't have seen him!" Reverend Saunders softly said, his faith showing.

"No, Uncle Lewis. I didn't look upon that image. Even God's path stays clear of that abomination. For now." Lucas said, Lewis nodding, his hands going together in prayer.

"What resided there?" Finn said, staring at his friend with concern.

Lucas sighed, looking into the fire again.

"Truth, Finnegan. A concise truth. A truth now divulged to me. To make me decide on the changing of the path." Lucas said, Finn looking at his wife, Skyler staring at Lucas.

"What truth did you change on the path, my son?" Tristan said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his green.

"A soul divided can't be whole unless love fills it. I found the love, Father. Trapped behind the evil. He had so much courage." Lucas said, everyone seeing the soft tears in his violet pools, the man turning back to the fireplace, resting his hands on the mantle.

Tristan's eyes met his wife's, Savannah looking then at her son.

"We love you, Lucas. Who are you talking of?" she said, Lucas' eyes glancing towards the two.

"Life sometimes remains hidden behind lies. Truth remains hidden behind evil. You both never knew. None of you knew." Lucas said, Emerson rising from his chair beside the fireplace, his arm going around his grandson.

"What's the matter, Lucas? I saw a look cross your face when you stared into the fire. A look of acceptance and perhaps fear." he said, Lucas trembling in his grandfather's embrace.

Tristan and Savannah rose from their seats, walking up to their son, Savannah's hand going to his shoulder.

"I saw the look as well, my son." Tristan said, the young man's head raising, staring into his parents' concerned green and violet pools.

"You all had it wrong, Father."

Tristan and Savannah traded looks, looking at their son.

"Had what wrong, Lucas?" Savannah said, his violet pools moving to Vivian, then Lewis, then Grayson.

"The loving heart of the Pompous Darlings wasn't you and Father, Mother. It was always him." Lucas said, his parents looking confused, Vivian and Lewis rising from their seats, walking up to Lucas and his parents.

"Who, Lucas? You can't mean. . ." Grayson said, Lucas staring at all of them.

"Yes, Uncle Gray. Behind the love and friendship, behind the goodness and life was a soul of unflinching love, of courageous, giving life. And he sacrificed all for all of you."

The four looked shocked, Grayson rising from his seat, walking up to the group, staring at Lucas.

"He was evil, Lucas. Through and through all his life. From the moment of his existence, through the murders of his family, and the attempted destruction of Emerson's family. He can't be what you say he is."

Lucas stared at all of them, everyone in the room listening in quiet silence.

"He was, Uncle Gray. For the man you knew wasn't the true man. For the man you knew wasn't real." Lucas said, the young man turning back to the fireplace, staring at the flames.

Emerson's hand went to Lucas' shoulder, the young man feeling his grandfather's love.

"Please tell us what you mean, Lucas. We don't understand this."

Lucas raised his hand, staring at the scar on its back, the young man sighing.

"To free life, to free love, to rectify the path as it was always destined to be, I would give all. I accept the cost, I pay the toll. You may venture out into the real world, Maalik." Lucas said, everyone looking confused, a new sound silencing the room.

Everyone arose from their seats as a booming sound came from behind the closed double entrance doors of the room.

"Walk into life, walk into the life you should have had." Lucas said, the young man turning, staring at the doors as they both opened.

Everyone stared in shock, Haven Marlowe standing in the open doorway.


"You monster!" Tristan screamed, about to move, his fists clenched, a hand going to his shoulder.

"Stop, Father! The monster is gone. The truer life reveals itself." Lucas said, his father stopping, staring into Lucas' now softly glowing emerald pools.

"What. . .he's a monster, Lucas!" Tristan said, Lucas sighing, his eyes meeting his mother's, Vivian's and Lewis' staring shocked pools.

"Monsters reside in evil's soul, Father. Love resides in the greater beauty of God's love." Lucas said, the young man moving, walking forward, stopping in front of the man standing in silence.

"Welcome to life, Maalik. Your truer soul can find comfort in the welcoming love I offer you." he said, everyone looking surprised by Lucas' words.

"You shouldn't have done it, Lucas. I gave over to the truth." the man said, looking around at everyone.

"You gave over to the love echoing still within your soul. I freed you from your offered oath. I give you now what you always should have had. What you watched with longing, with need and hope. Hope always gives way to dreams coming through. Life can be whole. I most of all know that." Lucas said, his eyes meeting his soulmates, all staring at him and Haven.

"What's going on, my love?" Josh said, the man looking like he was about to move towards Lucas.

The young man sighed, looking around the room.

"I found the truth in evil's prison. In a room locked away from life, love and happiness. Love trapped within the evil. The debate was long, but my soul's need saw the justice of my giving into the sacrifice." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Haven's blue, the man's head lowering.

"He. . .he shouldn't have. . .I wasn't worth that risk." he said, Lucas moving forward, his hand going to the older man's shoulder.

"They loved you, Haven. Not as the image you were, but as the soul you were. That soul was always shown beneath the evil."

Emerson moved, walking to the middle of the room, staring at the man in front of Lucas.
"What are you doing here, Haven? Lucas sent you to the Void for the evilness you have done!" the man said, looking at his adoptive son.

"I sent the evil to the Void, Grandfather. I have never met the real man, not until last week." Lucas said, everyone looking surprised.

"What. . .what do you mean, Lucas?" Emerson said, staring at the man he'd known all his life.

"I'll tell you, Grandfather. Everyone please move back, return to your seats. Maalik, can you please join me in front of the fireplace." Lucas said, the man staring at him.

Emerson nodded to his son and daughter, Tristan glaring at Haven, Savannah ushering him back to his seat, everyone sitting down, Haven staring at Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

The man moved, Lucas following him, Emerson's eyes on both, then on his son, Tristan's hands still clinched into fists, his wife's arm around him.

Alain and Harry looked at the man, readying to move at a moment's notice.

Lucas looked around the room, everyone staring at him, his eyes meeting Lewis' blue pools.

"What do your faith and eyes show you today, Uncle Lewis?" he said, Lewis looking at Haven, then at Lucas.
"That life gives us surprises, Luke. And your love surprises more." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

He looked around the room, the young man sighing.

"To begin with, I didn't mean to shock all of you, I just needed to call him out of his reluctant hiding." Lucas said, Tristan rising to his feet again.

"You've set the evil free again, Lucas." he said, staring at his adoptive brother.

"No, Father. The evil that you knew as Haven Marlowe is lost within the might of God's judgment, imprisoned now in the labyrinth of Hell. That was what my voyage last week was for." Lucas said, Josh rising from his seat, walking up to him, staring at Haven.

"You went to Hell to lock Haven away forever?" he said, Lucas staring at him.

"To judge him, my love. Return to your seat."

Josh returned to his seat, Justin's arm going around him.

Lucas looked at his father and mother, then Vivian, then Lewis.

"You have all told us the story of the last meeting you all had here when you were young college students, and the evil that showed itself within these walls. You all said the same thing about your lost brother and friend, Haven Marlowe. You said more, Grandfather. About the last few weeks before that last meeting." Lucas said, Emerson nodding at his grandson.

"Yes, Lucas. The last few weeks before my children came home from college Haven was a seething monster. That evil came to its fruition on the night of the Grand Ball. He tried to destroy all of us." Emerson said, Lucas nodding his head.

"So all of you believed. It wasn't Haven who tried to destroy all of you. It was total evil. Your son wasn't here then, Grandfather. Evil captured his soul and imprisoned it in Hell." Lucas said, everyone looking shocked, Haven quietly staring at Lucas, his eyes lowering.

Tristan and Savannah rose from their seats, staring at the man, their faces covered in shock.

"That can't be, Lucas!" Tristan said, staring at his brother.

"It was, Father. None of you realized that, neither did I. I found that truth in the bowels of Hell." Lucas said, staring at his uncle standing beside him.

"I found even more." he said, the young man's hand going to his father's adopted brother's shoulder.

The man turned, staring into the fire, Lucas staring at him.

"Last week I was summoned to take a path to truth. To a truth I needed to know. To a truth you all needed to face. So that the path of my family's love could right itself." Lucas said, staring at the man standing beside him.

"Haven Marlowe's soul was the most loving of all souls to walk this earth. A soul based on love, life and happiness. Evil's path followed it, creating the destructive path it was forced to walk. Losing his parents at a young age, the goodness of his life robbed from him. Then finding happiness and love in a family giving of heart and love. My own family. Then that evil claimed him again, this time claiming even more. He chose the greater path, the path of sacrifice and love." Lucas said, Tristan moving from his seat, walking up to his son, staring at his brother, his back to him.

"What. . .what sacrifice?" he said, the man in front of him turning, Tristan seeing the tears on his face and in his blue pools.

"I loved all of you, Trist. Mother, Father, Savannah, Vivian, your friends. I. . .I couldn't. . .I could let it destroy all of you!" he said, suddenly sobbing, Tristan staring at him with shock.

"I gave into the evil, Trist. To save all of you I gave into the evil!" he sobbed, Lucas moving, embracing his lost uncle.

Tristan stared at his son with shock, their eyes meeting.

"Evil consumed him, Father. The evil was going to destroy all of you. Haven gave into the evil to stop that retribution. He sacrificed his own freedom to give you all yours. The path was changed by his sacrificial soul. Haven has been trapped within evil's domain since before that night long ago. It wasn't him who broke all of your love. It was only evil. An evil that's now paid the price. God's judgment was swift. My judgment was more loving." Lucas said, the man's head raising, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Why, Lucas?! Why did you do that?" Haven said, Lucas smiling at him.

"For I felt your love, Uncle Haven. Your eternal love. The only love trapped within Hell." he said, the man in his arms stepping back, everyone staring at him.

"His love, Lucas! I felt His love around you down there! He and you drew me back!" he said, Lucas nodding.

"Your love is free, Maalik. God's path is set for you." he said, Tristan staring at his brother.

"Who. . .who is Maalik, Lucas? Who is this before me?" he said, Lucas' eyes meeting his father's.

"This is your brother, Father. My uncle, and the light of love." Lucas said, the young man smiling at his lost uncle.

The man's being suddenly changed, two large white wings now spanning out behind him, his eyes now a golden brown.

Alain, Pierce, Gideon and Rosa Sharon rose to their feet, staring at the angel standing before everyone.

"Welcome back to earth, Maalik, the sixth archangel of love." Lucas said, the young man suddenly collapsing, falling to the floor before Tristan could reach him.

Maalik moved, the young man now in his raising arms, the angel staring into his closed face.

"He is of His love, I feel it in my freed soul."

Josh and Justin moved, the angel guiding Lucas into their arms.

"My love, what have you done?" Josh said, looking at the angel, then at his soulmate.

Justin's eyes were on Lucas' hand.

The whole back of it was now covered in scars.



End of Chapter 232


Did I surprise you all?

Haven Marlowe is in fact an archangel.

Lucas has drawn him back from Hell.


For what reason?

It all seems so surprising.

Hopefully we'll all learn the truth shortly.


Lucas is now in his ancestral home, the final path starting.

What lays ahead, and hidden within its walls?


Mysteries deepen, but surprises abound.

It only gets wilder.


Hugs, Angel.