Yesterday's End-3

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 3

Four friends smiled at Justin Timberlake, the man laughing his head off, seated on the floor of Lucas' and Trish's flat.

All five were sitting cross legged on the floor, the coffee table between them, all five drinking from liquor bottles on its surface.

They'd returned to the flat after dinner, a camaraderie showing between the four and their new friend.

Justin had regaled them with stories from his music days on the trip back to the flat and while they sat around talking.

Here now he'd told them a story from his N*Sync days about Lance Bass and Joey Fatone getting locked out of a hotel, then chased by thirty fans for over an hour.

Joey had lost half his shirt and Lance had lost his jacket.

Finn had laughed, shooting vodka out of his nose, Justin bursting into laughter, the four now smiling at him.

"It goes in Finny, not out!" Lucas laughed, Justin still laughing, looking at the young man wiping his face.

He'd easily seen the magnetism and rugged good looks of the shaggy blond-haired young Adonis.

Finn reminded Justin of Chad Michael Murray, but with shaggier hair.

Finn and Lucas were both handsome men, Finn four years older than Lucas.

But Justin's eyes always glanced back at the black curly-haired youth.

He couldn't understand entirely why the young man was having such an effect on him.

He was ten years his junior, but his looks were mesmerizing.

His eyes seemed to stare into your soul.

Justin's thoughts went back to the other young man he'd spent the afternoon with.

The youth had nothing on Lucas' violet eyes or his toned muscular body.

But the young man had curbed Justin's desires.

Their hours together had been passionate and heated.

The youth had seemed totally in awe of Justin's beauty, Justin letting the youth take him twice.

He didn't seem to care that Justin wasn't seeing him as himself.

Justin, in his mind, was making love to a man he secretly desired.

The youthful escort was a substitute for the man Justin wanted.

And the rented youth had reaped the benefits, financially and sexually.

He'd left Justin's suite a very happy young man.

Justin worried not about secrecy, the agency he occasionally dealt with very private.

Justin focused again on the young man laughing beside him.

He smiled at Lucas, the young man smiling back.

"You've had such an amazing life, Justin! If we have half that fame we'll be thrilled." Trish said, Justin smiling at her.

"You'll make your own memories. Fame has its advantages and its moments of great happiness. But there's also a lot of hard work. Sometimes it can be tedious, you just have to make your own fun." Justin said, all four smiling at him.

"We know how to relax each other, and how to break the monotony." Lucas said, the other three smiling at him.

"Luke's a pussy when he's tickled, he damn near wets his pants." Finn laughed, Justin smiling at the man, then at Lucas.

"You don't play fair, Finn. You've got twenty pounds on me and then you throw in Sky to boot!" Lucas said, Justin laughing.

"Tag team in all things, right?"
Finn and Skyler both laughed, Lucas shaking his head at his friends.

"All in fun, and togetherness." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I won't be so devious, Luke." Justin said, Lucas looking at him confused.

Justin moved, on top of the young man in a flash, his fingers going to the young man's ribs.

Lucas screamed, Justin laughing his head off as he tickled him.

Trish was bursting with laughter, falling over into Skyler's lap, Skyler and Finn laughing and watching Justin totally ambush their friend.

Trish regained her bearings, looking at her friends.

All three smiled, moving as one.

Justin was attacked by all three, Lucas getting a moment of relief as they knocked Justin over, tackling him and then tickling him.

"Go get him guys! My heroes!"
All four laughed, Justin trying to fight off all three, Lucas smiling at the man on the floor, Finn now on top of Justin.

"Buy him drinks first, Finny."
Finn looked at Lucas, then Justin, blushing softly, climbing off of Justin, Skyler and Trish at his sides, stopping their tickling barrage.

"I was only tickling him, Lucky." Finn said, his blush deepening, Justin sitting up, freed from their attack.

"Lucky?" he said, panting, staring at Lucas.

Trish smiled, her arms going around her brother.

"Luke's always been my good luck charm since the day he was born into our family. He's my 'Lucky' charm."

Lucas smiled, kissing his sister's cheek.

"And Trish shall always be my Trashy. My trashy older sister. If you saw her room. Wow!"

Trish sneered at her brother, tackling him, Justin bursting into laughter.

Lucas' laughter filled the room, the other three taking in their sibling happiness.


"So when do you go back to the States, Justin?" Trish said, smiling at him, the five again relaxing and talking after their tickling fun.

"Unfortunately, tomorrow. Or should I say today." he said, looking at his watch, the time now after one o'clock.

"A fast paced life." Finn said, smiling at him.

"Always on the go, different things occupying my time. But I love it all." he said smiling, Lucas looking at him.

"You've got to take the time and appreciate all of it." he said, more to himself, Justin looking at him.

"Pleasure comes in the smallest way, and the most memorable moments." Lucas said, his eyes looking downward.

Trish looked at Justin, Justin smiling at her.

"So, I'm happy we've agreed to join forces. I'll let you have a few days to go over everything with Sol. I think you'll like all we have to offer, and the future changes we can implement later. If all goes well--and everything's accepted and signed--I'll see you all in New York in a couple of weeks."

"Wow! Us in New York City! That's going to be so wild!" Finn said, Justin smiling at Finn.

"New York and London aren't that different. Sprawling metropolises with outstanding nightlife." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"We'll have to chain these three in. Finn's a pub jumper."

Finn laughed, giving Lucas a friendly finger, his friend laughing.

"I love the atmosphere, the loudness and the happiness." Finn said, Skyler's arms going around him, kissing his cheek.

"That's why you fell in love with me. I have all three." she said, Lucas smiling.

"Well Finn says you are a screamer."

The pillow hit Lucas in the face, Skyler's aim perfect, Justin laughing his head off, Lucas falling backwards into Justin's lap, Justin catching him, his arms going around him.

Lucas laughed, then smirked at Skyler.

"Wait till the next time you want help with your clothes." he grinned, Skyler blushing.

"You dress her, Luke?" Justin said, releasing the young man from his hold, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"Luke dresses all of us. He's a fashion whiz." Trish said, Lucas smiling at his sister.

"Amazing. I thought all four of you looked great tonight." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him, a soft blush on his cheeks.

"I like to see people at their best. I think I have good colour coordination." he said, Justin smiling at him, his eyes glancing over Lucas' black shirt and grey pants, his jacket laying on the couch behind him.

"You look amazing in black, and your friends are very stylish, too. Kudos, Luke." Justin said, letting out a soft yawn, the other four smiling.

"We've kept you out late, Justin. You must have a busy, packed day tomorrow." Trish smiled, Justin smiling back.

"Not at all. I was supposed to meet with your four again tomorrow and try to rein you in, but that's unnecessary now." he smiled, all four smiling.

"Well, another free meal would be the clincher." Finn said, Skyler slapping his arm, Finn laughing, Justin's laughter louder.

"Okay, Finn. Hint taken. Lunch tomorrow is on me."
All four smiled, Finn smiling with friendship at Justin.

"We should call your limousine back, Justin. But it's about a forty minute trip here and back to your hotel, both ways." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"Gosh, I didn't realize it was so late." Lucas said, looking at his watch now, feeling for his new friend's guaranteed tiredness tomorrow.

"Why don't you just stay here, Justin?" Finn said, Trish agreeing, looking at her brother.

"Yeah, that would be best. That way you wouldn't have to travel back down here again so early for lunch, and you can sleep in later here.." Skyler said, agreeing with her friends, all three looking at Lucas.

Trish smiled at her brother, she pretty sure what his answer would be.

"You're more than welcome to crash here. You can take my room, Justin. I can sleep on the couch." he said, Justin smiling, accepting their offer.

"We should go as well, right sweetie?" Skyler said, standing up, staggering a bit.

Finn smiled, standing up and putting his arms around his girlfriend.

"Time for beddie-bye, my love." he said, the other three smiling and standing up.

"Been a blast, Justin." Finn said, shaking the man's hand, Justin smiling and pulling the man into a hug of friendship, Skyler's arms wrapping around both.

"That it has, Finn."

"Wow! We're becoming friends with Justin Timberlake. Wow!" Finn said, Skyler smiling at her boyfriend.

"You'll get used to me quick. I can be just as crazy as you four."
All four laughed, Skyler and Finn smiling at Justin.

"See you tomorrow." Justin said, the two smiling at him, both hugging their friends goodnight, Trish seeing them to the door, she staggering as well.

Lucas was giggling, watching her trying to lock the front door after Finn and Skyler said goodnight.

"You're friends are fun people, Trish and Luke." Justin said, the man sitting down on the couch, his legs a bit wobbly as well.

"They're the best, Justin." Trish said, staggering again, Lucas' arms going around her quickly, stopping her from falling down onto the couch beside Justin.

"Someone's at their end. Time to hit the hay, Trashy." Lucas smiled, Trish smiling and kissing her brother's lips, then turning and smiling at Justin.

"Luke's the supreme best. My loving brother, my amazing brother." she said, Lucas rolling his eyes at Justin, then smiling at his sister.

"Off to dreamland, Trashy. Back in a second, Justin." Lucas said, Justin smiling and nodding, watching Lucas guide his sister down the hallway towards her bedroom.

Justin's eyes watched the young man's butt as he walked away, Justin sighing to himself, moving around a bit.

He laid back on the couch, resting his head against the back of it, closing his eyes.


A few minutes later he felt someone shaking his shoulder; he opened his blue eyes, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"I said I'd take the couch, Justin. You've dozed off." he smiled, Justin smiling and sitting up, stretching.

"Guess I was more tired than I thought. You should have just left me here, Luke. I don't want to put you out of your own bed."
Lucas smiled, sitting down beside Justin.

"You're our guest. You deserve the most comfortable bed in the house."
Justin smiled, looking at Lucas.

"This couch is lumpy, Luke. I can't let you take it. I'll take it."
Lucas sighed, seeing Justin not giving in to this.

"It is lumpy, I've slept on it before, fitfully I might add. I wouldn't offer it to you."

"How big is your bed?"
"It's a queen size. Why?"
"Well, then it's settled. It's big enough for both of us. If you're okay with that?"

"I'm fine with it. Finn and I've slept together on the road going around Wales and England with the band. And I'm sure you've shared with your former bandmates."
"Plenty of times." Justin said, smiling.
Lucas smiled, standing up.

"I'll just make sure everything's locked up. Trish wasn't exactly on the ball. It's the last room on the right at the end of the hall. Bathroom's across the hall from it." he said, Justin smiling, standing up, staggering a bit forward.

Lucas' arm went around Justin.

"Steady there, old man."
Justin smirked.

"I'm not that feeble or old, youngster."
Lucas laughed, letting go of Justin.

"I'll wait for you, Luke." Justin said, leaning against the wall by the hallway entrance.

Lucas smiled, going to the front door, checking the locks, then hitting the light switch, the living room going into darkness.

Lucas smiled, walking up to Justin, the two walking down the hallway, Lucas guiding him into the bedroom, Justin looking around, seeing the room spotless.

"You really are organized, Luke. Place looks immaculate."

Lucas blushed, Justin sitting down on the bed, looking around.

"I'll just pop into the bathroom." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him, the young man going back out of the room, Justin hearing the bathroom door across the hall close.

Justin sighed, laying back across the bed, looking up at the ceiling, taking in the scent of the blankets around him.

He smelled Luke's scent on the material, Justin softly sighing.

He lay still for a few moments, sensing movement beside him.

He felt a hand on his shoulder again, opening his eyes, violet heaven staring back at him.

"You went out again, Justin. Time for bed, old timer." Lucas said, Justin staring at the young man seated beside him.

Lucas had removed his shirt, his smooth muscular torso on full view.

Justin slowly sat up, Lucas smiling and standing up.

"You'll sleep like a log, Justin." he smiled, Justin smiling and standing up.

His fingers went to the tie that still lay around his neck, fighting with it.

"Here, stand still." Lucas said, his fingers going to Justin's throat.

Justin stood still, feeling the heat of the young man standing in front of him, his fingers loosening the tie from around Justin's neck, unbuttoning the top three buttons, pulling the tie off.

"There you go, I'll let you finish." Lucas said, smiling at Justin, the young man walking around the bed.

Justin's eyes followed the young man, seeing Lucas' fingers going to the waist of his pants, the pants leaving his body, the young man bending over and removing them and his socks.

Justin's eyes were glued to his bubbly butt in front of him, the young man wearing black boxer briefs.

Lucas stood erect again, placing his pants and socks on the chair by the window where he'd previously placed his black shirt.

The young man turned, Justin taking in the total vision of masculine beauty before him.

"You've got an amazing body, Luke. You work out a lot?"
"I bike, run and do yoga. I like to stay slim."
"It shows, buddy. Looking fine."

Lucas smiled, Justin moving his eyes away, his fingers going to his own shirt, Lucas pulling back the bed coverings and climbing into bed while Justin took off his shirt.

Lucas' eyes were nonchalantly taking in the disrobing vision before him, Justin's smooth tattooed body coming into view.

Justin removed his pants, the man wearing white boxer briefs.

Lucas averted his eyes when Justin turned towards him, the man putting his clothes on top of the dresser against the wall.

"I like your tats, Justin. That cross looks amazing." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.
"Take a look at my back." he said smiling, turning, Lucas taking in Justin's back tattoos, as well as his firm bubbly butt.

"Looks fantastic."

"I like the art style, and it covers some of the blemishes."
"You look buffed too, even more so than myself."
"A lot of my movie roles lately have required my body to have more definition. I've a personal trainer and everything."
"It shows. Props."
Justin smiled, climbing into the bed beside Lucas, Lucas offering him an extra pillow, Justin moving around in the bed, laying back against two pillows.

"Comfy?" Lucas said, looking at him.

"I'm great, Luke. That's for putting me up for the night."
"No prob, Justin."
"Hey, it's Jus. Okay, Luke?"
"Okay, Jus." Lucas smiled, the young man bending towards the nightstand, Justin taking in the vision of Lucas' muscled back, the room going into darkness when Lucas extinguished the lamp.

"Good night, Jus." Lucas said, laying back against his own pillows, then turning away from Justin, settling down in the bed.

"Goodnight, Luke." Justin said, his eyes staring at the darkened form beside him.

Both men lay in silence, their thoughts their own.

My God, he's amazing.

His body's so defined and smooth.

He's so together.

I hope he can tolerate my inexperience in this industry.

But man, I'm so happy I get to spend time with him now.

He's so fantastic and more than just a celebrity.

He can teach me so much.

And he seems so wonderful.

Lucas smiled to himself, turning his head back and looking at Justin in the darkness, the man having not moved from his first position.

Lucas turned back, closing his eyes.

Justin's head moved, looking towards the young man.

He's here beside me, I just have to reach out.

Would he reject me?

Would he hurt me?

He's so beautiful, so sexy.

God, what am I doing?

Get a hold of yourself, Justin.

This can't happen, it just can't.

My life's set on its path.

Justin sighed, rolling over on his right side, his back to Lucas'.

But he's so beautiful.

Maybe we can just have fun?

He's gay, he's into me.

I can feel it.

I want him.

I'm going for it!

Justin took a deep breath, turning around, then stopping.

Lucas was laying on his back now, a soft snore coming from his throat.

A light came through the window, Justin seeing the moon cresting from behind clouds.

It shone down on the young man's torso, Justin's eyes gazing over every inch of the young man's naked beauty.

Justin's hand went out, hovering over the young man's chest, Lucas sleeping deeply.

Justin sighed, pulling his hand back.

No, not this way.

I want him to want me.

If he only would take an interest in me.

Justin lay back, his eyes staring at the young man, Justin sighing again, then closing his eyes.


Lucas walked the road of his dreams, as he did quite often.

But it had been a while since he'd dreamed himself into this world.

This strange world of mystery.

He'd visited here before, its truths unknown to him.

Images passed before his eyes, the young man taking in all that he saw.

Some images he recognized, others he had never seen before in his life.

A glimpse of the Liberty Bell, its crack seemingly gleaming with a silver hue.

Another vision was of the Lincoln Memorial, Lincoln's statue glowing a soft white, a snow storm surrounding it.

What surprised him was that the statue's head was bowed, then it raised, Lincoln's eyes glowing white.

The visions faded in and out, Lucas feeling his feet always move forward.

Now before him was an old cemetery, a marble tomb showing on the side of a small slope.

He couldn't make out the name etched in its doorway, green moss covering half of it.

His eyes looked towards a gate, a name written above it.

He heard noises, a carriage rushing past him, its windows covered in dark cloth, a hunkering man on top of it, his head bowed, a tall hat on his head covering his face.

A voice flew on the heavy air from the carriage, its owner unknown to Lucas.

"For justice, for truth. Shades come." it softly whispered, Lucas staring after the carriage as it disappeared into an approaching wall of fog.

The fog moved forward, the cemetery disappearing into its whiteness.

The voice lingered in Lucas' mind, its maleness etched with masculinity.

The fog now stood all around Lucas, its whiteness thinning as a shape stood before Lucas.

Lucas stared into Justin Timberlake's blue eyes.

The man was standing inches from him, Lucas feeling his breath on his face.

Lucas' eyes widened as he took in the vision before him.

Justin was standing naked right in front of him.

Lucas' eyes went downward, a large shaft pointed upwards, Lucas taking in its girth and beauty.

His eyes raised, meeting two blue pools of staring need.

"I'll have you, Lucas. I'm next. I'll hurt you even better." Justin said, his hand raising.

Lucas' eyes went to the man's raised hand, two wooden drumsticks held in it.

Lucas saw blood dripping off the sticks, a wide sneering smile crossing Justin's face.

His other hand went to Lucas' throat, Lucas' scream cut off.


Lucas was struggling, two arms wrapped around him.

He screamed, his eyes opening wide, staring into two blue pools staring back at him.

He saw Justin's face, the young man pushing forward, Justin thrown off the bed, landing on his ass on the floor.

Lucas was on his feet in a flash, backing up against his bedroom wall, staring with fear at the man laying on the floor.

"Stay away from me! God, stay away from me with those sticks!" Lucas screamed, Justin staring at him in shock.

The bedroom door flew open, Trish rushing into the room, seeing her brother against the wall, and the look on his face.

She had him in her arms in a flash, Lucas struggling against her.

"Go to the waterfall, Lucas! Listen for the water!" she said, holding him tightly, rubbing his back, the young man still struggling against her, but his motions were gradually lessening.

Justin slowly rose from the floor, Trish now seeing him, her eyes meeting his in surprise, her focus going back to her trembling brother.

"That's it, Lucas. Hear the water, go towards the falls." she said more softly, the young man calming more, Trish gently moving him forward, guiding him back onto the bed, Lucas laying down, Trish at his side, her hand going to the blankets, covering him.

Lucas' eyes were closed again, his head moving to her chest, Trish's arm around him.

Trish's eyes met Justin's blue pools again, her head motioning towards the bedroom door.

Justin nodded, grabbing his clothes off the dresser, Trish's eyes following his near naked body as it moved out of the room.

She looked down at Lucas, the young man's eyes closed, Trish softly humming, knowing her brother was safe in his wet haven.


Trish walked out of the bedroom down to the living room, Justin standing up from the couch when she walked in.

"He's sleeping again. His sleep is now more restful. I don't think he'll dream again." she said, looking at Justin, the man now wearing his shirt and pants.

"Is he okay? Was it a nightmare? He seemed so terrified." Justin said, Trish staring at him.

"Yes it was a nightmare. He hasn't had one for a while." she said, Justin seeing the concern on her face.

"He seemed terrified of me. He was staring right at me when he screamed. He wanted me to stay away."

Trish nodded, staring at Justin with a look of compassion.

"I'm sure it wasn't you he was terrified of. It was just the nightmare's effect on him, Justin."
"He said stay away from me with those sticks? What does he mean by sticks?"

Trish's eyes widened a bit, Justin seeing a look of hurt cross her face, then her face changing back.

"Not sure, Justin. Luke has had nightmares before."

Justin sensed she was lying to him, albeit in a casual, non-demeaning way.

"What were you doing in bed with him, Justin? That surprised me." Trish said, changing the subject, Justin's eyes lowering for a moment, then meeting hers again.

"Luke wouldn't let me take the couch, and I wouldn't let him. So we agreed to share the bed. I awoke when I heard him thrashing around in the bed. I tried to calm him and he tossed me off the bed and leapt up. Then he started screaming."
Trish nodded, looking at her watch, reading the time at six-thirty.

"Well it's early, and we're both up. What say I make us some breakfast?" she said, softly smiling at him, Justin nodding.

The two walked into the kitchen, Trish looking in the fridge and pulling out some eggs and bacon, Justin offering to start the coffeemaker.

The two quietly worked together, Justin leaning against the counter when he'd filled the coffeemaker, watching Trish working at the stove with some frying pans.

"I sense there's something troubling you, Trish."
Trish looked up at him, Justin seeing worry again in her eyes.

"I love Luke deeply, Justin. He's my only brother. I've looked after him since before he could walk. I've always tried to keep him safe. I just don't think I can keep him safe from life."

Justin walked up to her, his arm going around her, the man showing his concern.
"What's going on, Trish? I sense a deep hurt in Lucas, and I sense it in you as well."

"Let me put this all in the warmer and we'll have some coffee, Jus. I'll let Lucas sleep for a while before I finish breakfast and we eat."

Justin nodded, releasing her, Trish emptying the pans of their food, placing it all in the oven, setting it to a warming temperature.

Justin filled two cups with coffee, bringing them to the table as Trish dumped the fry pans into the sink, pouring water over them.

She joined Justin at the table, the two smiling at each other.

Trish filled her coffee with milk and sugar, stirring it, looking down at the cup.

"Lucas has had a lot of vivid dreams and a few nightmares, Justin. A lot of dreams when he was a child, most of them about the same thing. What it means neither of us--nor our parents--have been able to understand. He even went to a counsellor to find out about them."

"What does he dream about?"

"America, Justin."
Justin looked confused and surprised, Trish smiling at him.

"He dreams about Revolutionary America, Justin. You know, George Washington and all that. Even before he knew what or where it was."

Justin looked surprised, seeing Trish's blue eyes staring at him with truth.

"That's pretty unbelievable, Trish. Why would he dream about something or someplace he knows nothing about?"

"There's the confusion, Justin. We don't know why."

Justin nodded, looking at her.

"And the nightmares?"

Trish sighed, looking into Justin's concerned blue eyes.

"I'm not totally sure, Justin. Luke only ever says that there sometimes are monsters in the dreams. People or things that scare him. That might have been what happened this morning. He may have found a new monster."

Justin looked into her blue eyes.

"And the sticks? What do they mean?"

Trish's eyes moved from Justin, Justin sensing he'd hit a sore spot in her.

"Please tell me, Trish. I count you and Luke now as friends. I'm only here to help him, and you."
Trish sighed, softly smiling at Justin's tenderness.

"I can't tell you the nature of all of it, Justin. I'll only say that Luke was hurt by someone recently.  Luke should tell you himself."

"I see. I understand you're protecting him. I do the same for my younger brothers."
Trish smiled a bit more, Justin smiling at her.

"And the waterfall? You said something to him about going to a waterfall?"

Trish smiled, her eyes going to the kitchen door.

"Lucas has loved waterfalls since he was a child of five when our parents took us to the Victoria Falls in southern Africa. The falling water always calms him. I've always used it as a tool to calm him, especially when he has nightmares. He sees the falls in his mind and the water calms him."

Justin smiled, leaning forward and kissing her cheek.

"You're a loving big sister, Trish. He's so lucky."

Trish smiled at Justin.

"I love him as do Finn and Sky. We've been his lifeline through all of this."

"And I thank you every day for that."

Justin and Trish's eyes moved to the kitchen doorway, Lucas standing there, now wearing shorts and a wifebeater.

"Sorry if I scared you both. Just a bad dream." he said, Trish smiling at him, getting up and hugging him, Lucas kissing her cheek.

"The water ran furiously, Trish. It calmed me pretty quickly."
Trish smiled, kissing him back, guiding him to the table.

Lucas stared at Justin, the man smiling at him.

"I'm sorry I tossed you out of bed and awoke you, Justin. You can go back to bed and get some more sleep."
"It's okay, Luke. I'm up for good now."
Luke nodded, Trish coming to the table with a cup of coffee for him, lacing it with cream, Luke smiling at her.

"Were you on the road again, Luke?"

Lucas nodded, Justin quietly looking at him, Trish looking at her brother.

"I told him about your dreams, Lucas."
Lucas nodded, looking at Justin.

"This one was like the others, only. . ."

"Only what, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas seeing genuine concern on his face.

"Only this time I heard a voice. An old carriage--like those from eras gone by--rode past me, a voice coming from it. I was in a cemetery, an old archaic one."
"What did the voice say?" Trish asked, Lucas looking at his sister.

"For justice, for truth. Shades come."

Trish and Justin looked confused, Lucas glancing between both.

"It's confusing to me also. I haven't the foggiest idea what it means."

"Well, you're dreaming of revolutionary times, it could mean something about America's independence. Truth, liberty and justice for all is implied in the Declaration of Independence." Justin said, the two siblings nodding.

"But why would I dream about those things? I never cared about or took American history in school." Lucas said, rubbing his temple.

"Headache, Luke?" Trish asked, Lucas nodding.

"Just a small one. I've smothered it with Advil."

"What was the last part of the dream, Lucas?" Trish said, her hand going to his arm, Lucas lowering his head.

"I saw. . .I saw you, Justin."

Justin stared at Lucas, Trish's eyes going between both of them.

"Alright, Luke. What was I doing?"

Lucas' eyes remained lowered, Justin's fingers going to his chin raising the young man's head.

He saw a tear in both of his violet eyes, Lucas softly trembling.

"You had wooden drumsticks in your hand, and you. . .you started hitting me with them."

Trish sobbed, her arm going around Lucas, Justin remaining quiet, seeing the distress on her face, Lucas actually trying to calm her.

"It's okay, Trishy. I'm okay. I'm still seeing the cascading water."

Trish softly smiled, kissing his cheek, looking into his violet eyes.

"Justin needs to know, Lucas. He's really a friend now. He's worried about you, as am I."
Lucas' eyes met Justin's, the young man seeing the tenderness and caring in those blue pools.

Lucas sighed, Trish kissing his cheek again.

"My sister loves me, Justin. Her love--and Finn's and Sky's--saved me. Saved me from the consuming pain that rips at my heart over the last year. I don't know how I would have survived through all that pain without them. That's why I'll never give up on them or desert them. We're four of one soul."

Trish smiled, kissing his cheek again.

"We love you, Lucas. For you we'd give everything."
Lucas smiled, kissing her back.

His eyes moved, staring at Justin again.

"Two years ago I fell in love, Justin. And for over a year that love gradually changed into something else. It changed into hell."

Trish was beginning to cry again.

Lucas' arm went around her, the young man showing a sudden calmness in his face, his violet eyes meeting Justin's.
"I fell in love with a man named Jacob Addison. My Jake, as I called him. And Jake repaid that love with a year of torture, pain and hurt. It ended with me almost dying."
Justin looked shocked, Lucas staring into his soul, his penetrating violet eyes filled with truth.

"A year ago next month, he almost beat me to death with his drumsticks and his fists."


Justin sat in stunned silence, Lucas' eyes meeting his sister's.

Trish saw the calmness in his violet eyes, Luke smiling at her.

"Your love feeds my courage, Patricia. That's the first time I ever admitted it openly." he said, Trish's arm going around him, Lucas' eyes returning to Justin's staring blue.

"I fell in love with him, Justin. I gave my heart and my soul to him. He didn't give his back. And I was too stupid not to see it. I let him blindside me for over a year. And through all that time I lived in increasing fear, hurt and pain. It took almost my death for me to realize the truth of what he was doing to me. My best friends and my sister made me see the truth."
Trish smiled, wiping her eyes, Lucas smiling at her.

"He was the drummer in our band, Justin. He had all of us fooled." Trish said, Justin seeing the anger hidden behind her love for her brother.

"I'm sorry. . .I'm sorry you had to go through that, Lucas." Justin said, Lucas hearing the genuine concern in Justin's voice.

"They say that loss makes us see what we have. The loss of my dignity made me see that with him I had nothing." Lucas said, Justin's hand going forward slowly, patting his arm, Lucas backing up a bit.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry if my friendship in any way made you have that nightmare." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I don't blame you for that, and I know it was just that. A nightmare. I see only friendship from you, Justin. I know you'd never hurt me."
"Never, Luke. Never." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"So you've just seen that I'm a hidden basket case, Justin. I've built up walls of defiance, determination, and acceptance to shield myself from getting hurt again.  I'll understand if you have a change of heart with us." Lucas said, Trish looking at him.

"Nothing would change my mind in regards to your music, or Orion's. Or even your friendship." Justin said, Lucas staring at him.

"And you're not a basket case, Luke. I've just seen that you're a troubled young man who's gone through a lot of pain, with a lot of courage and love in his heart. You're nothing short of remarkable."

Lucas smiled, Trish smiling at Justin.

"Thanks, Justin. I guess you've seen the real me. Or you will."

Justin smiled, his thoughts on the young man before him.

I saw the real you last night, and this morning.

The you that I need and want.

"I've had nightmares ever since that relationship ended, Justin. Jake took a lot of my soul with him. I think it's going to be a long time before I can ever trust someone that deeply again. That's why I'm now focusing on my music, on our band's greatness. Those walls keep me going." Lucas said, Trish smiling at him.

"You've opened up more today than you've done since it happened. You said it yourself yesterday, Lucky."

"Said what, Trish?"

"Fame comes from acceptance and life. It's time you started living again."
Lucas smiled, Justin and Trish both smiling at him.

"I'm living, Trish. I'll heal."

She smiled, getting up.

"Why don't you shower, Luke? Justin and I will finish making breakfast."

Lucas smiled, getting up and going back out of the room.

Trish went to the stove, looking after her brother.

"Will he be alright, Trish?" Justin said, Trish hearing the concern in his voice.

"He's healing, Justin. We'll all make him see life." she smiled, Justin smiling as well.

"There's a lot more pain and hurt buried in my brother, Justin. I hope he does find someone who'll destroy all that pain. I just want to see him happy."
Justin nodded, his eyes going towards the doorway.

"I hope so too, Trish. And I want him happy as well."
Trish smiled, staring at Justin.




Istanbul, Turkey


Grayson Wainwright walked through the crowded marketplace, the guide before him walking with a brisk step.

He'd followed the man for over an hour now, through the city's narrow dark streets, the man talking briefly every now and then, his thick accent making it hard to understand.

"At the end of this block, Monsieur Wainwright. He's house is to the second floor. Number sixteen." the man said, Grayson nodding.

"You are sure it's him?"
"Yes, sir. It is him, most sure. I have trailed him to here. He is nervous, and agitated. You would do best to tread softly. He will spill if you dangle the right treat before him."
Grayson nodded, his hand tightening on the briefcase he held in his right hand.

"We shall part here, Rene. I shall meet you in the morning at the hotel."
The smaller man nodded, briskly walking away, back in the direction they had come.

Grayson looked around, the marketplace thriving with people, most of them ignoring him, the surrounding shopkeepers brandishing their wares in front of him, Grayson ignoring them.

He walked down the narrow street, stopping in front of number sixteen, his eyes looking upwards.

An old man sat on the front steps of the archaic building, Grayson smiling at him.

"Is Mr. Chambron home?" he said, the old man lifting his head.

Grayson saw that the man had an eye patch over his left eye, a scar running out from under it across his cheekbone.

"He is upstairs. I heard him moving around this morning while I dined." the man said, Grayson smiling at him, pulling out a few bills, handing them to the man.

The old man smiled, taking them, Grayson smiling back.

"For your honesty and respect, kind sir."

The man smiled, pocketing the bills, lowering his head again, Grayson walking up the steps into the building.

Grayson didn't see the old man's head raise and watch him disappear into the building.

Grayson walked up one flight of stairs, stopping in the hall, seeing two doors, one on each end.

He thought for a moment, walking to the left side.

He knocked on the door there, hearing shuffling, then the doorknob moving.

The door opened, a man in his fifties staring back at him, his looks showing a French background.

"Mr. Chambron?"
"Oui. Who are you?"
"I'm a friend. I'd like to talk to you about a passport. I'll make it worth your while."
The man's eyes lit up, looking around the hallway.

"Entre vous, monsieur." he said, moving aside, Grayson walking into the room, the man taking another look around the hall, then closing the door.


Grayson looked around the room, taking in the surprising neatness of the place.

"My compliments to your maid. The place looks neater than the outer shell of this place."
"I work with my hands, they are forever busy, monsieur. I hate clutter. Please sit down. How may I be of assistance?" he said, Grayson hearing a distinct French accent and a surprising civility in his voice.

"You are a cultured man, Monsieur Chambron. I like doing business with astute gentlemen."
The man smiled, nodding his admiration, sitting down across from Grayson.

"A passport you seek? Trouble no doubt?"

Grayson smiled, setting his briefcase down on the coffee table between them.

"Not for myself, you see. But perhaps for you."
The man looked confused, Grayson opening his briefcase, pulling out some sheets, handing them to the man.

The man looked at him, then gazed at the sheets in his hands, his face going white with shock.

"If the constabulary were to see those you'd be in dire trouble, sir." Grayson said, seeing them man's gentleness disappearing.

"What. . .what. . .where did you. . .?"

"I am a resourceful man, Monsieur Gambon."

"No one knows of this. . .my true name. . .my identity. . .this is impossible!"

"I know everything, as you can see. I only seek one piece of information from you, and then this and yourself can disappear. Understood?"

The man stared at Grayson, the lawyer getting up, walking to the window overlooking the street.

"I passed several officers just around the corner, I can summon them quickly if you're not in agreement."
The man lowered his head, nodding slowly.

Grayson smiled, sitting down again.

"I need for you to search that intellectual mind of yours, Gambon. I need to find someone."
The man raised his eyes, staring at the lawyer.

Grayson pulled a photo out of his briefcase, handing it to the man, the man staring down at it, his eyes widening.

"He. . .he. . .they are dead."

Grayson stared at the man, the man looking away.

"Don't lie to me, Gambon. I know neither are dead."

The man sighed, looking at the lawyer again.

"I covered their tracks quickly. Here now so many years later you seek them out. They could be gone or dead in truth."

"I need only the next starting point. I know it began here. You went to school with him. He came to you for a new life. I just need to know where that life took him."

The man stared at the lawyer, rising up from his seat, going to a three drawer cabinet in the corner of the room, opening the bottom drawer, flipping through some file folders, pulling one out.

He returned to his seat, tossing the folder onto the table.

Grayson stared at him for a moment, then leaned forward to pick it up, Gambon's hand going on top of his.

"He wanted to remain lost, sir. I gave my word on his friendship that I would honour that. I sense perhaps that you may as well, further down the line."

Grayson picked up the folder, the man releasing his hand.

He browsed through its contents, then closed it.

"I honour someone greater, Gambon. His father."
The man looked surprised, looking around.

"His. . .his father is a monster, sir. You would choose wisely to leaving him dead."

Grayson placed the folder in his briefcase, closing it and standing up.

"You would choose wisely to disappear, Gambon. If they sense you, you are as good as dead."

The man nodded, Grayson going to the door.

"I have survived all of their mysterious paths, sir."
"All paths join, Gambon. You may find yourself at their juncture."

The man nodded, looking into Grayson's eyes.

"If you find him, beg to him my forgiveness. Our friendship was precarious, but genuine."

Grayson nodded, walking out of the room.


Later that next morning he met Rene in the hotel, paying the man for his services.

"Where next do you go, Monsieur Wainwright?"

"I will return to America, Rene. But first I must go to England."

"To England? But what do you seek there?"

"Truth, my old friend. Truth and destiny."

The man shrugged his shoulders.

"You should seek retirement, my sacred ami."

The man left with a handshake, Grayson going out onto his suite's balcony, picking up a newspaper he'd been reading at breakfast in the morning sun.

It was the first edition of the Istanbul Journal.

He went to the article again, glancing at it.



            Murder in East District

  Man found stabbed on Market Street



Grayson sighed, looking at the name listed as Chambron.

You didn't run fast enough, Gambon.

I am sorry for your loss.

He will know of your true friendship.

And the wolves have picked up the scent.

I must be diligent, more diligent that you were, my sacrificed friend.

Grayson put the paper down, wiping his tearing eyes, slowly walking back into the room.




End of Chapter 3


Mystery and intrigue, and perhaps now murder.

Where are the connecting lines?


Seems our Lucas has a stormy, pain-filled past.

What will happen between him and Justin?

Is there something more growing there than friendship?

Can Justin make Lucas see that?


Questions needing answers.

I think I have a few buried in my mind.

Trust me to dig them up.


Hugs, Angel.