Yesterday's End-4

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 4

Manhattan, New York City


Haven Marlowe gasped, his hardness sinking into the man below him.

The younger man gasped, his fingers wrapping in the bed sheets as he felt the man above him claiming him again.

Carl Wilson moaned, his employer above him slamming into him again.

"File this, Carl." Haven said,  the older man gasping and moaning as the orgasm hit him, the man falling on top of his employee.

Carl felt the fluid filling him, his own orgasm flying all over the older man's chest, Haven feeling the liquid hit him.

The older man pulled out of the younger man, laying back on the bed, his sweat-drenched body wetting the sheets.

"Clean me up, Carl." he said, the young man moving, his tongue licking up his own seed, his wet tongue going the length of Haven's muscular body.

At forty-nine Haven was still a well muscled vision of beauty.

Carl took the man's softening erection in his mouth, savouring every remaining drop of the man's essence.

Haven smiled as the man licked it clean, going to his balls.

"You always were a cock hungry slut, Carl." he smiled, the younger man smiling up at him.

Carl Wilson had been in Haven's employment for three years, that first day sealing his fate as the man's sex slave and most trusted employee.

Haven had taken him in his office that first day of his interviewing for the job as his personal assistant.

Carl had thought of it as a signing bonus, the older man having a great effect on him.

Carl had always been into dominating, powerful men.
Haven Marlowe was one of the most powerful men in the world.

He'd sensed that the first day he'd met him.

And he'd seen through the last three years the total power of the man.

He was now Marlowe's most trusted confidant.

The younger man smiled, releasing the soft, clean cock from his mouth.

"As amazing as the first time, Haven. You really know how to tap my ass and make me explode." the man said, Haven staring at him.

The young man rose up, kneeling on the bed, Haven taking in his muscular smooth body, the man having used every inch of it.

At twenty-seven Carl Wilson was still youngish, hard and beautiful.

"That ass is as needful as always. I can't believe how tight it still feels after everyone who's taken it."
Carl smiled, looking at his employer.

Over those three years, Carl had let Haven lay total claim to his ass, the man using it to close a lot of important deals.

Carl always felt a happiness in making this man happy.

If it meant using his body to do that, he gave it easily.

"Come here, Carl."
The young man smiled, moving up the bed, snuggling against the older man, Haven's arms going around him, the younger man laying his head on Haven's chest.

Carl sighed, the older man staring up at the ceiling.

Carl raised his head, staring into the man's steely blue eyes.

"What are you thinking about, Haven?"

"I'm thinking about yesterday's meeting. And that snide Grayson's act of war."
"That was so unbelievable. Freezing the company's growth like that. You must be fuming. I sensed a lot of aggression in the beginning of your claiming me tonight." the young man said, Haven's eyes staring into his brown orbs.

"I needed to cum, slut."
Carl nodded, Haven's fingers going to the man's cheek.

"I am here for you always, sir."
Haven smiled, pulling the man forward and kissing his lips.

"My devoted little slut. As giving as ever."
Carl smiled, the older man tightening his hold on him.

"So what happens next, sir?"

"I'm stewing on that, my pet. First off I need to find out what Grayson knows. I think maybe you can help me with that."

The younger man's face changed to a soft look of disgust.

"But. . .he's. . .he's so old and wrinkled."

Haven laughed, his fingers lowering, clasping onto Carl's left nipple, pinching it.

"I'm sure your beauty could entice the old faggot into telling you anything."

Carl softly smiled, seeing the soft happiness in his master's eyes.

"He's gay? How can you be sure?"
"I know he is, I know a lot of things. Just get what I need out of him, any way you deem necessary."

"I can make anyone need me. And I can make them talk. You know that."

Haven smiled, his hand going lower, wrapping around the younger man's again rising shaft.

Haven moved, rolling over on top of the man, Carl smiling up at him.

Haven took the young man's arms, pinning him under him.

"I want you to fuck the truth out of him. I need to know all that he knows."
"Yes, sir."
Haven smiled, leaning down and kissing the younger man.

"You're taking a leave of absence effective today. Follow the bastard, find out everything."
The young man nodded, his lips going to the older man's right nipple, sucking it in.

"Such a slut. I'll reward you so greatly if you bring me the truth."
"My reward, sir?"

"I'll make you my second in command over all of it. And with that power can come your greatest dreams. Financially and sexually."
The young man's eyes widened with soft lust.
"Starting that day of my gaining control you'll get to fuck the future leader of Belmont Industries."

Carl smiled, the young man moving, rolling Haven onto his back.

"For real? I get to. . .?"

"Fuck me, Carl? Yes. I'll be yours in all ways on the day I get all of it."
The young man's face changed into a wide, needful, power-hungry smile.

Haven lay still as the young man began to worship his body again, the older man's eyes looking again at the ceiling.

Get me the truth, slut.

Find me the answer.

On the day of my acclamation, I'll cut your throat.

I will stand alone on the top of that mountain of power.

Haven smiled, the younger man lost in his need to please this man to gain his greatest dreams.

The young man didn't realize his dreams were heading to one tragic end.



London, England


Justin walked into the bedroom, stopping in his tracks.

Lucas stood on the other side of his bed, the young man turned away from Justin, his body totally exposed.

He was pulling out clothes from his dresser, standing naked in his bedroom.

Justin's eyes focused on the smooth butt staring at him, two round smooth globes so tight and firm.

Lucas bent down to the bottom drawer, Justin staring at the widening center of Lucas' posterior.

Justin softly gasped, Luke standing again and turning, Justin catching a brief glance at Lucas' center, the young man covering it with the pair of briefs he held in one hand, a pair of cargo shorts in the other.

"Oops, sorry! I thought you would stay in the kitchen. Yes, Justin? Can I help you with something?"
Justin smiled, looking into those violet pools staring back at him, seeing a soft blush on Lucas' cheeks.

"Trish sent me after you. She thought you were taking too long with your shower. Everything okay?" he said, trying not to take in the youth's beautiful form.

"Yes, I'm okay. The water just felt so soothing, I just stayed under it too long. I'm just getting dressed." he said, watching Justin's now blushing cheeks.

"Yes, I'm sorry for barging in." Justin said, his eyes again meeting Lucas'.

"Hey, no worries, Jus. We're friends. Finn's seen all of me, too." Lucas said, smiling.

Justin smiled back, looking at the man.

"My friends have all seen my skinny butt, too."
Lucas laughed, Justin grinning.

Lucky friends, Lucas thought.

Lucas felt relaxed now around Justin, dropping the cargo shorts onto the bed, the man lowering the briefs and bending, his hands pulling the boxer briefs up his long legs quickly, Justin staring at Lucas' revealed center, taking in every inch of the organ as it was swallowed by the black briefs.

It looked beyond beautiful, its soft size perhaps belaying its true greatness.

Justin smiled, seeing Lucas' now non-bashful comfort.

"You've got an amazing body, my friend. Some young man's going to be very happy."
Lucas laughed, pulling on the cargo shorts, thinking Justin was joking.

"God help that man and his dealing with my twisted reality!" he grinned, Justin smiling.

"I think he'd be lucky."

"Lucky and his Lucky. I like that." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling.

"Breakfast is ready, Luke. You're sister's getting antsy."

Lucas laughed, walking around the bed, pulling a t-shirt over his chiselled chest, Justin smiling at him.

"I have to hit the john. I'll be there momentarily." Justin said, Lucas patting his shoulder.

"Make it quick. She can be so bitchy in the morning."
Justin laughed as the young man walked ahead of him, walking down the hallway, Justin's eyes on the bubbly butt walking in cargo shorts.

He sighed, walking into the bathroom, closing the door.

He closed his eyes, his hands going quickly to his pants.


Lucas smiled, sitting at the table as Justin walked into the kitchen.

Trish smiled at the singer, Justin smiling at both of them, sitting down at the table.

"You almost had Trashy knocking at the door, Jus. Then she would have barged right in." Lucas smiled, Justin looking at Trish, the woman grinning.

"I. . .I was just freshening up." he said, Trish laughing, patting his hand.

"I'm sure you were, Justin. Let's dive in." she said, all three beginning to fill their plates.

Trish's eyes went to Lucas, her brother softly smiling at her.

"Feeling better, Lucky?"

"Yes, Sis. The shower helped, as water always does. I'm back to normal, as normal as I can be."
She smiled a caring smile, Justin smiling at Lucas.

"You're you, Luke. That's good enough for all of us." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thanks, Jus. You'll regret those words later."
Justin laughed, winking at Lucas.

"Nah, I've resigned myself to knowing all of you. The crosses I have to bear!"

Lucas looked surprised, Trish bursting into laughter, high-fiving Justin.

"Good one, Justin! You're going to fit in nicely!" she said, Justin laughing.

Lucas stared at Justin, a soft smile coming to his face.

"Yeah, you'll fit in nicely." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

Justin's mind went to that beautiful butt he'd glimpsed at.

Yes, nicely. He thought, a larger smile coming to his face.


"Thanks, Jimmy. That's awesome!" Justin said, smiling at the four faces staring at him.

He closed off his phone, smiling at Orion seated around him in his limousine.

It was after lunch, Justin having been true to his word.

He'd taken the group out to lunch, treating them again to lunch at Moswell's.

The five had dined as friends, Lucas having spent some private time with Brian, filling him in on the group's latest success with Justin.

The restauranteur had been beaming with happiness around Justin, seeing his old friends now on their way to a greater success.

"Sol's giving his thumbs up to the contracts, he's in agreement with most of it. It's now up to you four to sign and agree." Justin smiled, the four smiling back.

"We've agreed together already, Justin. I think you're going to be stuck with us." Finn grinned, Lucas smiling at him, leaning over to Justin, the two seated across from the other three.

"Word of warning, Jus. Finn gets very amorous when he's drinking. He and Sky have an open relationship. His hands move on their own. Don't turn your back on him. "
Skyler and Trish exploded into laughter, Finn blushing three shades of red.

"I knew that wasn't a knife in Finn's pocket last night, when he was on top of me tickling me. Someone had a rocket in his pocket." Justin said, Lucas bursting into laugher, Finn looking at Justin in shock.

The singer burst into laughter, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"Awesome, Jus! Close the mouth, Finny! Or put it to use!" Lucas said, Justin laughing, the two in stitches, high-fiving each other, Trish and Skyler laughing with them.

"Oh, God no! We've got two of them now!" Finn said, folding his arms, Lucas smiling at him, Justin smiling at both.

"Another one to love you as a friend, Finnegan." Lucas said, Finn smiling at his old friend.

He leaned forward, kissing Lucas on the cheek.

"Lucky me." he said, his eyes turning to Justin.

He moved quickly, his lips meeting Justin's, the man slightly taken aback.

Finn moved back, smiling.

"I kissed a superstar! Give me my Sky's beautiful lips any day." Finn said, Skyler smiling at him.

Lucas burst into laughter, Justin blushing, then smiling.

"You four are twisted. I like it." he said, all four laughing, Finn kissing Skyler tenderly, Lucas smiling at his two friends.

"But why the tongue, Finn?" Justin said, all five bursting into laughter.

After a few minutes of laughter they settled down, Justin smiling at everyone.

"So where can I drop everyone off?" Justin said, Skyler's arm around Finn, she and Trish chatting.

"Drop us off at our home, Justin. We're going to our friend Veronica's, she's invited us to dinner. Sorry for ditching you guys." Skyler said, Trish smiling at her.

"I'm meeting Andrew this afternoon myself." Trish said, Lucas smiling at his sister.

"Wipe that smirk off your face, Lucky. We're just going to pop into London for dinner and a show."

Lucas smiled, patting his sister's knee, Justin looking at her with surprise.

"Your lawyer Andrew? Really?"

Lucas smiled at Justin.

"He's utterly in love with our Trashy. Speaking of crosses to bear."

Everyone laughed, Trish blushing.

Justin smiled at Trish.

"He seems like a nice guy. I'm happy for you."
Trish smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"He is, Justin. We're just beginning to know each other." she said, Lucas smiling at his sister.
Justin nodded, looking at Lucas.

"That leaves you alone, Luke. I don't leave till after seven. I was just heading back to the hotel. Want to come back and chill till I go?"

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Might as well. I'm being ditched."

His three friends laughed, Lucas smiling at all three.

Justin smiled himself, staring at the younger man.


Justin smiled, unlocking the suite door, opening it, letting Lucas walk into the room.

The young man's eyes had sparkled with wonder as the two had walked into the hotel, the youth taking in all the grandeur and stateliness of the place.

He smiled as Lucas walked into the suite, his eyes widening, taking in more grandeur.

"Wow this is like a palace!" he said, Justin laughing.

"You get used to it. To me it's just a room to crash in, sleep or just relax. I don't notice the majestic surroundings anymore. Give me my own home, that's where I like to be."
Lucas smiled, looking towards the king size bed, and the furniture surrounding it.

"Make yourself at home, Luke. I'll grab us some drinks." Justin said, heading towards a small refrigerator sitting on a stand by the window.

Lucas sat down in a soft plush couch, Justin pulling out two bottles of soda from the bar smiling at Lucas.

"Just a soda or would you like something harder?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Is that an offer?"
Justin blushed, then Lucas laughed.

"The soda will be fine." Lucas smiled, Justin walking over to the couch, sitting beside him, smiling at Lucas, handing him one of the bottles, Lucas taking it and looking around the suite.

Justin smiled at him, watching the young man take in his surroundings.

He sensed the young man wasn't that overcome by the opulence.

"You don't seem to be totally floored by all this, Luke?"

"I've seen garishness before. My parents travelled quite a bit, dragging us with them. But this is the grandest I've seen. But it's just not me. Give me my flat any day."

Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Two of the same mindset, Luke. We have so much in common."
Lucas smiled, sipping at his soda.

Justin felt like he needed to broach a subject, not sure how Lucas would take his meddling.

"I sense you want to ask me something, Justin. Go ahead, I sense what you want to know."

Justin softly sighed, Lucas' violet eyes looking into his soul.

"It must have been so devastating going through that tumultuous relationship with that bastard?"

Lucas lowered his eyes, feeling Justin's blue eyes staring at him.

"I was blind, Justin. I couldn't see what he was doing to me. I loved him and he used that against me. He played me and I was too blind to see it. If it hadn't have been for my friends. . .I would have. . ."

Justin put his arm around Lucas, Lucas tensing up a bit, Justin releasing his hold a little.

"I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, Luke." he said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"It's okay, Justin. I. . .I just don't like to be hugged too tightly. It's just me."

Justin nodded, smiling at Lucas.

"It's natural, Luke. You've gone through a harrowing ordeal. I'm amazed that you're so together now. I'd have been devastated." Justin said, Lucas looking at him.

"I'm not together, Justin. Inside I'm very emotional. Trish, Finn and Skyler were a big help, their love an anchor I could hold onto. I don't know what I would have done without them. My past was--and still is--emotional for me."

"I can't say I understand what you're going through, Lucas. That pain must have been tremendous. All I wanted to say is that I'm here if you want to talk, about anything."
Lucas smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"Thanks, Justin. Thanks for wanting to be a friend. I can't believe how amazing you are. You seem to really care about me, and the guys."
"I like all four of you, Lucas. I see in yourself a lot of talent, and amazing greatness. I know you've had a hard time. I just want you to know that I plan on being here as a friend."
Lucas smiled, Justin smiling back.

Lucas leaned forward, his arms going around the older man, Justin feeling the heat and warmth of the young man in his arms, Lucas tightening his hold on the man.

"Let's start off that friendship with a hug then. I think I can trust you, Justin. Friendship begins with trust." Lucas said, Justin smiling, lightly hugging the man.

"Awesome, Lucas."

"It's Luke, remember?" Lucas said, smiling as he pulled away from Justin.

Their eyes met, both staring into each other's souls.

Lucas was the first to move, the young man leaning forward and kissing Justin on the lips, the older man surprised, but lost in the beauty of the kiss.

Lucas was lost himself, his feelings surging forward.

It took all of his soul to pull back, the two breaking the kiss.

Lucas' eyes then widened in disbelief, seeing the lost look on Justin's face.

"Oh. . .oh God, Justin! I. . .I don't know why I did that! I'm. . .I'm so sorry! Please don't hate me! Please forgive me!" Lucas said, Justin coming out of the trance he was in, seeing Lucas' eyes watering, the young man now showing hurt and emotion on his face.

Justin moved towards the young man, Lucas on the move, rising and backing away from him, the young man's legs hitting the bed, he stumbling over its edge, rolling onto the floor.

Justin was on his feet, moving towards him to help him up, Lucas curling into a ball.

"Oh God! I'm so sorry! Please don't hurt me!" he said, his voice on the edge of breaking down, the young man cringing.

Justin was shocked at Lucas' state, kneeling slowly beside the young man, Lucas' eyes averting his gaze.

"It's okay, Luke. It's okay. I'm not mad or angry. I'm not mad." Justin softly said, Lucas' trembling lessening a bit.

Justin's hand gently went to Lucas' shoulder, the young man's head raising, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

He saw no anger there, the look of surprise gone as well.

"Let's get you up off the floor, Luke." Justin said, Lucas slowly nodding, Justin gently smiling at him.

The man gently guided Lucas upwards, the young man rising, Justin guiding him to the bed, Lucas sitting down on its edge, Justin sitting beside him, a few inches between them.

"I'm so sorry, Justin. I don't know why I did that. Please don't hate me."
Justin smiled, patting Lucas' shoulder.

"I don't hate you, Luke."

Lucas looked into Justin's blue eyes, the man staring directly at him.

"Do you have feelings for me, Luke?" Justin said, the young man lowering his head.

"I. . .I. . .you're so beautiful. . .I'm so sorry, Justin. I shouldn't have done that. I'm so stupid!" he said, Justin looking at him.

"Why do you think you're stupid?"
"You're not gay, Justin. I never had a chance with you. . .why would I do that? I. . .I haven't had those feelings in so long. Why would I attack you like that? God, you must hate me!"
Justin smiled, his hand now rubbing Lucas' shoulder, the young man feeling a soothing calmness in the touch.

"Relax, Luke. I don't hate you. I was a little surprised by your kiss, but I'm not mad."

"God, I feel so stupid. I'm so sorry. I've ruined this for everyone." Lucas said, wringing his hands together, Justin watching him.

"You haven't ruined anything, Luke. Nothing's changed between us. I'm still your friend." Justin said, his mind hiding his own thoughts.

He kissed me!
God it felt so nice.

His lips. . .so soft.

How can I tell him the truth?

That I want that again and again.

Justin stared at Lucas seeing the young man beginning to calm down.

Justin's thoughts zoned in on the reality of his life.
"A lot of people have made advances to me, Luke. It comes with the stardom. I'm flattered that you like me."
Lucas nodded, not wanting to look into Justin's staring eyes.

Justin's thoughts tried to focus on reality.

"But all we can be is friends, Luke. I like you a lot. I don't want to lose that friendship."

Justin's fingers went to Lucas' chin, turning his face towards him, the two making eye contact.

"Don't let what happened bother you, Luke. I'm first and foremost your friend. Got it?"

Lucas softly smiled, wiping his eyes.

"I can't believe you've forgiven me. And that you still want to be friends, and take us four on."

Justin smiled, Lucas seeing a lot of friendship in that smile.

"You're an easy guy to forgive, Lucas Carver. Your giving soul makes me see the friend behind your emotions."
Lucas smiled more, Justin smiling back.

"I'll be a great friend, Justin. My loyalty is unflinching."

"I know that. Just look at Orion. Four friends anchored by your loyalty."

Lucas smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"Thanks, Justin. I think we're going to be great together."
Justin smiled, Lucas standing up.

"I'll just use the washroom for a moment."
Justin nodded, pointing towards the door to the washroom, Lucas walking to it, going in and closing the door behind him.

Justin stared at the door, then lowered his head into his hands.

God, he kissed me!
We could have gone farther.
It would have been so easy.

But. . .but he's so volatile, so emotional.

I have to build on our friendship.

I have to get these thoughts of need out of my mind.

I have no chance with him.

I can't give up my future with Jessica, with that life.

Justin raised his head, looking towards the bathroom door again.

But he's so beautiful.

His face, his scent, his lips, he's so wonderful.

How do I get past this?
Do I really want to?

I feel in my soul that I want him, that I need him.

But it can't be.
It just can't be.

I have to accept that.

The door of the bathroom opened, Lucas walking out, smiling at Justin.

Justin stood up, smiling back.

"Let's sit back down on the couch and chat like friends, Lucas. I want to know everything about you. Including the life you had with Jake. If you're comfortable with that."
Lucas' eyes met Justin's, seeing nothing but friendship there.

He smiled, he and Justin sitting down on the couch again, Lucas opening his soul to the man.

Justin listened, his thoughts his own.



Manhattan, New York City


Haven Marlowe walked out of the shower, drying his body off, covering it in a cashmere robe.

He walked out of his condo's bathroom, walking to the bar, fixing himself a drink.

He downed half of it, staring out into the midday sunshine.

His eyes scanned the breathtaking view from his penthouse condo, his thoughts on yesterday's meeting.

Clever ruse, Emerson.

Freezing the future to wash it over with the past.

It won't work.

I'll rein in your cronies and rip this company out from under you.

Our tenure is finished.

I owe you no allegiance now.

Nor did I owe Tristan one either.

I am my own man.
Regardless of the man you tried to make me into.

I saw early your guiding need to make me something I wasn't.

But I saw something you failed to see.

I saw the power within your grasp.

I hunger for that power, and I'll have it.

I'll destroy all of you to get it.

That path has already begun.

Haven's intercom went off, the man walking over to the screen embedded in the wall by the front door, flipping on the monitor showing the foyer downstairs.

He saw a man standing there, the man's face turning towards the video camera.

"I have arrived, Haven."

Haven hit the entrance button, buzzing the man into his building.

He walked back to the bar, fixing himself another drink, awaiting his upcoming visitor.

He sipped his new drink, walking to the front door, a soft knock coming to it.

He opened it, the man nodding to him, Haven letting the man walk past him into the condo, Haven shutting the door.

"You must have travelled fast to make it here so timely." Haven said, his hand going to the living room couch, the man walking into it, sitting down.

"I assumed you'd like to have my report immediately."

"Tell me all of it, Barrister."
The man nodded, his voice filling the silent room as Haven sat down in a wing chair beside the man.

After a few minutes, Haven finished his drink, his hand going towards the bar, the man standing and going up to it.

He made Haven another drink, then one for himself, walking back to the man, handing him his third glass of scotch.

"So Gambon's dead. A talented but worthless fool. I never understood Tristan's interest in him. The man was nothing if not scrupulous." Haven said, sipping his drink, the man nodding.

"He offered no resistance, it was quick and silent." the man said, Haven looking up at him.

"You always were good at making problems disappear, Bartholomew."

The man stared at Haven, Haven smiling.

"I know, you don't like me using that name. Alright, Bart. How humble the gentleness of your disposition."
The man remained silent, Haven standing up, staring at him.

"Something came to light yesterday, Bart. I'm hoping you could shed more light upon it."

The man nodded, staring at Haven.

Haven moved with lightning speed, his hand going to the man's throat.

"I gave you one mission, so long ago. I now want to know its truth!"

The man struggled, the man holding him showing a lot of strength.

"Did you kill him?!"
"Yes. . .yes I am certain of it!" the man gasped, Haven pushing him backwards, the man falling back onto the couch.

"Certainty leaves way to all eventualities. Is he dead or not?" Haven said, his face showing a menacing anger now.
"They could not have survived! I had covered all paths!" the man gasped, Haven staring down at him.

"I am hopeful for your sake, Bart. You will find out that truth now."

The man nodded, rising up from the couch.

"Get out of here. And don't come back until you have that truth for me. If they're alive I want it to be short-lived. Understand me?"

The man nodded, Haven staring into his face.

The man wore an eye patch over his left eye, a scar coming out from under it, crossing his cheekbone.

"I don't want to hear that Tristan's been living for twenty years, Barrister. I'd hate to have to pay you for killing him twice."

The man nodded, staring at Haven.

"Find him, dead or alive. But make sure he's dead this time."

Barrister nodded, exiting Haven's condo with rapid speed.



Somewhere Overhead


Grayson Wainwright's eyes stared out the window of the plane he sat in, going over the past few days in his mind.

His eyes scanned the plane, the man seated in first class, the plane relatively quiet.

He pulled out his pocket watch, reading three in the afternoon.

He'd caught the first plane available out of Istanbul, now heading towards London.

He leaned back in his seat, his eyes then going to the drink that sat on the open table in front of him.

He raised it, sipping the scotch whiskey.

He sighed, setting the drink down again, his eyes going to the briefcase in the empty seat beside him.

He lifted it up, laying it on the table beside the drink.

His eyes scanned the cabin again, most of the passengers around him asleep or ignoring him.

The sun shone through the window on him, the man opening his briefcase.

He pulled out the yellow file folder that Gambon had given him, setting it down on the table, moving the briefcase back to the empty seat, leaving it open.

His eyes scanned the name handwritten on the placard on the folder's front.




Grayson softly smiled, knowing who Belly was.

Tristan Belmont.

Belly to all his close friends.

Grayson smiled, remembering the man in his youth.

Grayson had known the man all his life, the lawyer being one of Emerson Belmont's closest friends.

Tristan had always called him Uncle Gray.

The older man's thoughts went to the man, and the life he'd led.

The Belmont family was unbelievably wealthy, their lifestyle the envy of everyone.

But Tristan hadn't bought into the wealthy lifestyle of a millionaire playboy.

The man was totally down to earth, loving and giving.

Grayson smiled, remembering the past.

The man had excelled in school, sports, industry and life.

His life was one of unobtainable happiness.

And Grayson had been there the day she had walked into his life.

The older man sighed, his eyes looking out the window, lost in the past.

She was so beautiful, Tristan.

I saw you fall under her spell so easily.

We all did.

Those mesmerizing eyes.

So unique and loving.

Grayson sighed, a smile showing on his face.

You were the envy of everyone.

Why did you have to walk away when you learned the truth?
You knew you couldn't hide from him.

To hide from him would be to hide from yourself.

You now know your destiny.

It's time to come back, Tristan.

Your father's soul is dying without you.

Grayson sighed again, lifting the drink, downing its remainder.

He set it back down again, looking at the file.

He opened the folder, his eyes going over the pages laying within.

He saw driving licenses, passports and birth certificates.

Documents of artistic falsity, very cleverly created.

You were a master craftsman, Gambon.

These all look so genuine.

A talent lost forever.

Grayson's eyes went over the photographs contained within, two youthful faces staring back at him.

Clever names, my fleeing friends.

To slap at destiny is to be pulled back into it.

I wonder how time has fared against your forgotten beauty?

I hope to see that reality myself soon.
I am coming, Tristan.

I will cover the four corners of the world to find you.

I'll start with the next step as Gambon herein has given me.

Grayson's hand pulled out a certificate, staring at the names written on it, and the signatures of the witnesses.

Married in the eyes of God, but lost to the soul of life.

You witnessed the union, Gambon.
A risky thing for you to do.

Your friendship for him must have been ironclad.

I wish I could have known you as he knew you.

The second witness is now my next guide.

I hope the good Reverend can guide me forward.

Grayson looked at the names, the truth showing.



        Emerson Trinity and Francesca Belmont



You and your games, Tristan.

Always needing the lighter side of life.

Your own mother's name and a mockery of the truth in yours.

Your father will find it hard to laugh at the joke, even though I would.

Grayson closed the folder, putting it back into the briefcase, closing and locking it.

His hand went into his breast pocket, pulling out his cell phone.

He checked his voicemail, finding two messages from Emerson.

He would call him when he landed in London in a few hours.

He sensed a deep urgency and need in his old friend's voice.

He also sensed an uncertainty.

Grayson closed his tired eyes, hoping to catch some well-needed sleep.

His mind was jumbled with thoughts, uncertainty and concerns.

One thing kept coming into his mind.

A secret he'd learned at the age of eighteen.

On the day he'd given his life to his best friend.

On the day he'd met the Shade.



London, England


They'd made it to the airport with forty minutes to spare.

Justin's limo driver knew the city by heart, making the trip in relative quickness.

Justin and Lucas had talked all afternoon, the two cementing their friendship deeper.

Lucas had relaxed more, telling Justin the story of his life, Justin listening as a good friend would.

He told him of his musical background, his songwriting abilities, Justin more than impressed by the youth's knowledge of music.

Lucas had even opened up more about his tumultuous relationship with Jacob.

Justin had listened, hearing of the turmoil that Lucas had gone through.

His heart had hardened against the man who'd hurt Lucas so deeply.

Justin had opened up more about his life; his life with Jessica and his own past.

Lucas had listened and smiled, hearing Justin telling his life story.

The two had a more relaxed friendship now, the early moments mostly forgotten by Lucas, but Justin's mind still holding them close.

They'd left for the airport around five, traffic the worst at that time of day.

Justin grinned, climbing out of the limousine when they'd reached the airport, Lucas smiling at him.

"Glad you're happy that you're ditching me, Timberlake." Lucas said, Justin laughing.

"Nah, it's not that. It's just been a great day. I'm happy we spent time together, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, hearing the sincerity and friendship in Justin's voice.

The two walked to the back of the limousine, Lucas noticing photographers zoning in on Justin.

They seemed to have materialized out of nowhere.

"Looks like the spotlight surrounds you, Jus."
Justin smiled, basically ignoring the cameramen, pulling his suitcases out of the trunk, the driver loading them onto a trolley.

"Part of the fame game, Luke. You'll find that out soon enough." he smiled, Lucas smiling, following him into the airport.

He saw paparazzi taking Justin's picture, cameras zoning in on Lucas as well, the young man trying to blend into the background.

They followed them through the doors, Justin and Lucas ushered towards check-in by security.

A half hour later he was standing with Justin at the boarding gate awaiting his flight's announcement.

"Been a blast, Jus." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"That it has, Luke. And it's only the beginning."
Lucas smiled, Justin handing him a couple of cards.

"My home phone, cell and email accounts. I want you to keep in touch. I have Skype and Live Messenger. I'll text you when I get home." Justin said, Lucas nodding, writing down his info on a piece of paper Justin handed him, the man smiling at him.

"It shouldn't be more than two weeks before everything's finalized. Then you'll soon be sick of me." Justin grinned, Lucas laughing.

Their eyes met again, Justin's flight announced in the background.

"Justin. . .I. . .about earlier."

Justin smiled, pulling the young man into a tight hug, not caring where they were.

"I'm a phone call away, my friend. And today's happenings only solidify our friendship. I'm here for you, always." he said, Lucas staring at him when they broke their hug.

"Thanks. . .friend." Lucas said, Justin smiling, picking up his carryon.

"Say goodbye to the other three stars of Orion. See you all soon." he smiled, Lucas nodding, the man walking towards the boarding gate.

Lucas watched him waving goodbye, Justin looking at him almost to the end of the gate.

Lucas sighed, watching him disappear through the gate's doorway.

He turned, walking back through the boarding area, heading for the front entrance, Justin having told the limo driver to remain there to give Lucas a ride home.

He turned and slowly looked back, no sign of Justin.

He wasn't watching where he was going, Lucas colliding with a man as he turned a corner.

The man went flying backwards, his briefcase flying out of his hand, his other bag landing on the floor a few feet away.

Lucas went to his knees, almost falling on top of the older man.

The man gasped, Lucas getting up quickly, staring down at him.

"I am so sorry, sir. I didn't see you. Are you alright?"
The man's body was slightly turned on his side, the man struggling to regain his footing, Lucas' arm going around him.

Lucas helped the man regain his legs, the man looking around him.

"I'm alright, son. Just a little dishevelled. Where's my briefcase?" he said, adjusting his suit, Lucas seeing it was a finely tailored suit.

"Over here, sir." Lucas said, walking over to the briefcase, picking up the man's carryon bag as well, returning to his side.

"Thank you, son. I'll be alright."
"Again, sir. I'm so sorry I sent you flying." Lucas said, the older man now staring at his face.

A look of confusion crossed his face, also a look of surprise.

"That's. . .that's alright, young man. I'm not hurt." he softly said, his blue eyes staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"I'm so glad to hear that. If you're not hurt I'll leave. I have to catch my ride. I'm glad you're okay, sir."
The man nodded, Lucas smiling at him, the young man turning and disappearing into the gathering crowd.

Grayson Wainwright stared after the young man, his thoughts edged with surprise.

He looked around him, feeling a sense of something surrounding him.

Those eyes?

Did I. . .did I see a shade of truth there?

No, it can't be!
There are no others.

Grayson stared back into the crowd, the young man gone.

You're tired, old man.

You're looking for hope in every face.

It just isn't there.

Grayson sighed, turning and walking towards baggage claim, his mind still thinking about those two violet eyes that had stared into his soul.



End of Chapter 4


Grayson Wainwright has just walked into Lucas' life.

Is there more to this than a slight encounter?


What now of Lucas and Justin?
Lucas' feelings overcame him and Justin now knows the young man has feelings for him.

Will Justin act on those feelings?
Will he risk what he has to connect with Lucas?


Haven Marlowe seems to be a dangerous man.

Hired assassins and submissive slaves.

Seems the man is defiant on gaining control of Belmont Industries.

And nothing--not even murder--will stop him from that goal.


Intrigue and suspense building, the pot is brewing.

Keep walking the path, it will get more interesting, hopefully.


LOL, Angel.