Yesterday's End-5

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 5

London, England


Grayson Wainwright walked between the old gravestones, his eyes scanning the old church's structure and grounds.

It was early morning, the day after he'd landed in London.

His eyes scanned the old gravestones, names sometimes showing, some well faded with age.

Others were lost to eternity, forgotten in the world's forward movement.

He'd waited until the next day to walk the continuing path of discovery, last night filled with sleep he sorely needed.

He'd awoken refreshed, his mind set on the day's task.

He looked towards the church, moving onto the stone path leading to its front entrance.

He pulled his overcoat up a little, a brisk morning breeze belaying the spring's soft newness.

In late April it still was chilly on a London morning.

He walked up the front steps, opening the front door of the church, walking into its darkness.

He walked through the vestibule, into the inner sanctum of St. Andrew's Church.

He saw people at the front of the church, Grayson spotting a minister with a young couple in front of the altar, several other people standing around them.

Grayson sat down in one of the back pews, his quiet entry unseen by any of them.

He sat in silence taking in the scene before him.

It wasn't hard to see that it was a rehearsal for an upcoming marriage, the young couple singled out in their happiness.

The minister smiled at both, Grayson watching him, the man's face covered in a loving smile, his portly shape giving a jolliness to his obvious nature.

Grayson smiled, seeing the happiness and quiet calmness of the English parson.

Grayson remained silent, his thoughts on what was in front of him, and what his mission was.

His mind went to the conversations he had had last night--and again this morning--with Emerson.

The man sounded more rested, even though the hour he'd called Grayson this morning was late back in the States.

Grayson relayed to him his news, and his assumptions, Emerson agreeing to the course he now found himself on.

The path forward towards truth.

After fifteen minutes the small group began to walk down the aisle, the minister laughing with the parents of the bride, his smile infectious.

They walked past Grayson, the minister's eyes going to him, his face showing a visible surprise, his eyes diverting from the seated man, the minister ushering the people out of the church, saying his goodbyes in the front vestibule.

Grayson remained in his seat, looking towards the front of the church, the church descending into silence.

A jovial, gentle voice broke the silence.

"It has been too long, Grayson."
Grayson turned, staring into the brown eyes of the good Reverend Lewis Saunders.

"Yes, Lewis. It has been too long, servant of God." he said, staring at the jovial minister.

The man's face was that of a lovable cherub, his cheeks red with love and understanding, the persona of a country parson, his neck adorned with the collar of his faith.

"Yes it has, bastion of justice. What brings you across the pond, Grayson?"
"I walk on the same path as you, Lewis. A path of enlightenment, and of need."
The minister nodded, sitting down in the pew across from him, the two staring at each other.

Grayson looked ahead, staring at the altar, smiling.

"A loving couple they were. About to marry, I believe?"
"Yes, the children of two of my parishioners. The cycle of God's children continues."

Grayson smiled, looking back at the man.

"God's love shows in many ways. So, have your found your Martin yet?"

The minister laughed, smiling at Grayson.

"Tristan's old joke. It always brought sunshine into my heart. As did his love." the minister said, remembering the man's joke about the old comedy duo of Martin and Lewis.

"Our ever giving Tristan. I need to find him, Lewis. Emerson knows he's still out there. Gambon orchestrated his obscurity."
Reverend Saunders' eyes widened a bit, Grayson staring at him.

"I know he and you both met here, with them. And I know of what took place here, here in the church of your faith so many years ago."
The minister stood up, walking down the aisle, Grayson standing and slowly following him.

The minister stopped in front of the altar, staring up at a cross hanging above it.

"Their love was true, Grayson. I could not deny them the sanctity of it."

Grayson's hand went to the younger man's shoulder, the minister looking at him.

"You and Gambon witnessed their union under God. I know they married here. Where did they go after that?"

"Why must you seek them out, so many years after their love's embrace? Why not leave their souls in peace? It was a path of flight they rushed off on that day, the uncertainty of their lives following."

Grayson folded his hands in front of him.

"You knew him from your youth, Lewis. And you knew from that last day at the estate that he was destined for more than he dreamed. That destiny lays close at hand."

"And the man fled the horror of that unknown destiny. I saw what I saw that day, Grayson. I saw the rapture of God's own truth. And that day I gave my soul to Tristan's safety. And to hers."

Grayson nodded, looking again into the man's brown eyes.

"And I gave my soul to his father's love."
"His father's love? Do you even know what that really was we witnessed? I saw the depth of that love that day, Grayson. And I saw the other side of faith, I saw that face of madness."

"You saw what was shown to you, not what was the truth. I have walked with that truth for over fifty years. I feel more of his love than you could possibly know."
"Love? What that man represents is not love." the minister said, Grayson sighing.

"We had this discussion that day long ago, Reverend Saunders. I ask only one thing of you now, as his friend."
The minister nodded, looking again up at the cross.

"You ask me to go against my love for him? To betray his trust?"
"Gambon is dead, Lewis."

The minister looked shocked, visibly trembling, Grayson's hand going to his shoulder.

The minister sat down in the front pew, Grayson sitting down beside him.

"Dead. . .you mean they. . .?"

"They are on his trail, my friend. I only hope to find him before they do."

"Deception and mistrust that day so long ago. We never knew the greatness of his evil. And we never suspected the truth of the Belmont soul."

Grayson sighed, looking at the minister.

"His father never was evil, Lewis."
"The abomination of his truths mark him as such, Grayson. You are just too loyal to see that."

The lawyer sighed, the minister looking at him with a soft look of compassion.

"There is more there than what seems, Lewis. God does work in mysterious ways."

"So it has been said. For your sake I will hold off my judgment of that man. God will sort that out for all of us one day."
The lawyer nodded, the two staring at each other.

"I sense in my soul we both will be there then. And life as we know it will change."

The minister nodded, placing his hand on Grayson's.

Grayson smiled, seeing the faith and goodness shining in the man's brown eyes.

"Please help me, Lewis. You were one of the last to see them. Please tell me where they went from here."

The minister sat in silence for a moment, Grayson sensing he was lost in deep thought, as if he were walking into the past.

"Her smile that day was so intoxicating. Never in the first years of my ministry--or in the last twenty of it--had I seen an angel of mercy so shining with love. I saw the happiness in both of them. His destiny was forgotten, his life so filled with the happiness of her love that day. And then they vanished. I have longed in my heart to know if they are still alive, if they escaped the destiny Tristan so greatly tried to flee. I've only heard from them once since that day. That was about six months after their wedding here in this church."
"From where did he contact you, Lewis?"

The minister stared at the lawyer.

"Tristan called from a place called Sethman's Inn. It was in a town called Port Talbot."

"Port Talbot? It sounds like a fishing town. Is that in Maine?"
The reverend chuckled, Grayson staring at him.

"No, Grayson. It isn't in the States, the Belmont family holds so dear to its own home. It is actually here in the United Kingdom."
Grayson nodded, staring at the minister.

"It's a town on the southeastern coast of Wales."

"Wales? What in God's name would take Tristan to Wales?"
"I know not his agenda, Grayson. I only tell you where he told me he was. And that was nearly twenty years ago."
The lawyer nodded, his mind digesting this new piece of the puzzle.

"What did he call you for, Lewis?"
The minister bowed his head for a moment, then raised it again, staring into the older man's eyes.

"He called me with a question of faith, Grayson."
"A question of faith? What was his question?"
Lewis folded his hands together looking at the lawyer.

"He asked me if I believed in the Holy Trinity."
"The Holy Trinity?"

"The trio of God's connecting love. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost."

"But isn't that the doctrine of the religious center of Christianity? The triad of your faith?"

"Yes, Grayson. The three cornerstones of faith. But I sensed there was something else behind his question. I felt he sensed it had something to do with his destiny. I've thought long and hard on it. Perhaps he was talking of his own father and himself, the ghost being the destiny forced between them. It's puzzled me to no end."

Grayson nodded, patting the minister's knee.

"Thank you, Lewis. It is another point for me to focus on."
The minister nodded, the two men standing up.

"Be careful, dear friend. Trust no one." Grayson said, the minister nodding.

"What we have said lays silent in my heart. God will sort all of this out."

"I only hope he can, Lewis. For everyone's sake."
The man of faith nodded, shaking hands with Grayson, the lawyer leaving the church.

The minister looked after him, his thoughts on two young hearts he'd known in his youth.




New York City


Trish Carver's eyes took in all that surrounded her.

She stood in front of a large condo building, the street noise surrounding them almost deafening.

Finn and Skyler stood on her right side, Lucas and Sol on her left.

"New York City! Can you imagine it?!" she said, Finn and Skyler in just as wondrous a mood.

Lucas smiled at all three, Sol smiling at all four.

"Welcome to the lavish benefits of fame, my friends. Your new friend is going to take you on a wild ride." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Justin's friendship may take us to the moon." he laughed, Finn smiling at him.

"New York, Lucky! We're in the greatest city on earth!" Skyler grinned, Lucas smirking.

"Give me ole Pembroke any day. Home is the greatest place on earth." he smiled, his three friends grinning.

"But let's strap on to the moon rocket, Commander! I'm ready for lift off!" Finn said, his three friends laughing, Sol guiding them into the building.

It was two weeks after Justin's departure, the contracts having been signed, the band now a member of Tennman Records' exclusive portfolio.

Lucas and his bandmates had accepted all of their offers--and demands--the four agreeing to all of it.

Orion was now cast out into the galaxy of stars.

Who knew how brightly it would shine!

The heat and brightness of its greatness lay at the feet of Lucas Carver.

And he would give his soul to make it glow forever.

Within minutes the four were shown into their three bedroom condo, all four taking in the grandeur of their lodgings.

They travelled between the three bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, family room and large balcony.

Sol remained quiet, letting the four youthful singers enjoy the exuberance of their happiness.

They all ended up back in the living room, Lucas jumping onto a black leather couch, smiling at the other four.

"Can you believe it? We're finally here!" he said, Trish laughing, jumping on the couch beside him.

"All thanks to your talent, brother. It's going to be so amazing!" she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"Thanks to all of our talent, and hard work. Right Sol?"
Their manager smiled, nodding.

"You made it this far on the strength of your music. It will carry you over the top!" he said, looking at his watch.

The four smiled, Finn and Skyler seated on another couch, Skyler in Finn's lap.

A knock came to the door, Sol smiling.

He walked over, opening it, the four singers' faces lighting up.

"You all made it, I see!" Justin said, smiling as he walked into the condo.

The four got up, rushing up to him, the man enveloped in hugs of friendship, Trish and Skyler both kissing his cheek, Lucas the last to hug him.

Justin smiled, feeling the friendship in the young man's hug.

The two had talked during the last two weeks, Skyping and talking on their cells.

"So what do you think of the place?" Justin smiled, walking into the living room, sitting down on a couch, Lucas sitting beside him, the others sitting down.

"It's beyond amazing, Justin!" Finn said, smiling at the man.

"Our bedroom is almost bigger than our whole flat in London." Skyler said, Justin laughing.

"It's conveniently located, minutes from the studios and from midtown New York. Close to the nightlife and your creative work. I picked it just for that." Justin smiled, Lucas looking at him.

"You rented this place for us?"
"I own the building. An investment I came upon. This condo is yours for the duration, until you get more famous and get your own places. Consider it a welcoming bonus for all four of you. There are key cards in the kitchen for all four of you. It's fully furnished, and stocked with all the necessary amenities. It's yours." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him with surprise.

"Thanks, Justin. This is beyond awesome!" Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"I want you to be happy." he said, his eyes staring at only Lucas.

"I take care of my rising stars. And I figured the four of you would want to stay close to each other. What's better than the four of you living under one roof?"
The four smiled, Finn grinning.

"God, I hope my bedroom door locks! Finn's got that twisted look again!" Lucas said, everyone laughing.

"Word to the wise, my prankster self is coming out." Finn grinned evilly at all of them, Justin laughing.

"I'll be on my toes. I don't live far from here either, the studios are between our two places. So I'll be close if you need anything. Jessica's been dying to meet all four of you. We'd like to invite all four of you to a dinner party we're having Saturday, that's tomorrow night." Justin said, the four smiling and heartily accepting, Sol smiling at their enthusiastic happiness.

"That includes you also, Sol." Justin said, the older man smiling at him.

"I have meetings with your execs this afternoon, Justin. I'm only here till tomorrow morning. I have to fly back to London for some meetings with other people. I think I can leave these four rascals in your good hands, Justin."
Justin laughed, the other four smiling at their agent.

"I'll rein them in, and I'll get them started on their first album. We start at the studio Monday morning, guys. The weekend's yours to enjoy." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

It was late Friday afternoon, the group having landed just after lunch.

"It's just a small gathering of our mutual friends, some famous, some not." Justin said, smiling at all four.

"Me meeting movie stars like Jessica Biel! I can't imagine!" Trish said, Lucas smiling at his sister.

"What am I? Chopped liver?" Justin said, Trish blushing.

"Sorry, Justin." she said, Justin laughing.

"Jessica's down to earth, like myself. Our careers are just that. We're just ourselves in person."
Lucas smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"And that person is a great friend." he said, Justin smiling at him, and the other three.

"I just wanted to stop by and make sure you'd arrived. I'll let you guys chill for the rest of the day. My numbers you already have, Luke." Justin said, the others smiling.

"You have to go, Justin?" Lucas said, the man smiling at him.

"I've no plans really."
The four smiled, Lucas patting his jean-covered knee.

"Then we'd like you to stay. I saw the stocked fridge. How about I make us all dinner? Will you stay, Jus? You too, Sol?" Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"Thanks, Luke. But I'm going to crash at the hotel, early flight out. I'll just eat there." Sol said, Lucas nodding, then looking at Justin.

"Cool. I'll definitely stay. I haven't had a home-cooked meal since Moswell's." he grinned, the other four laughing.

"Luke will fatten you up. Luke will make you puke!" Finn laughed, Lucas giving him a one finger salute, his friend laughing, the others joining in.

"And Finn can sit and spin!" Lucas said, his friend laughing, tackling him, rolling Lucas off the couch, Justin diving on top of both of them.

The three men were laughing, the two women rolling their eyes, looking at Sol.

"Men always resort to boyish behaviour when they're together. I swear it's a man thing." Skyler said, Trish laughing, the three men smiling up at them.

"I saw a pool table in the games room." Finn said, Justin grinning.

There was a large family games room next to the living room, Finn's eyes having glowed walking through it.

"Watch Finn, he cheats." Lucas laughed, standing up, the other two men smiling, Finn returning Lucas' finger salute.

"I'll start dinner, you guys can have a game." he smiled, Trish and Skyler standing.

"Girls against the guys?" Skyler said, Finn smirking.

"I may cheat, but my Sky's a pro."
Lucas laughed, walking towards the kitchen, the others heading to the family room.


Justin walked into the kitchen a half hour later, smiling at Lucas who was standing at the island in the large kitchen's center.

He was chopping up vegetables, his violet eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"You were right, Luke. Finn cheats. But Skyler and Trish tore him a new one. They whooped us." he said, Lucas laughing.

"I told you. But he's an amicable cheater. Where are they now?"
"They're playing darts. And they've found the bar. Sol's gone to his hotel, he said he'd call you later."

Lucas nodded, laughing, smiling at Justin.

"My mates love their ale." he smiled, Justin nodding.

"That's why I stocked it fully." he smiled, sitting down on a stool beside Lucas.

"I thought I'd come in and keep you company. Man, you've got a lot of food on the go."
Lucas smiled, seeing Justin looking at the stove and the counter.

"I love to cook. My Mom's practically a certified chef."
Justin smiled, looking at Lucas.

"Is there anything you can't do? Music, food, everything."

Lucas blushed, Justin smiling at his happiness.

"I take it you're happy to be here finally?"
Lucas stopped chopping, leaning against the counter.

"I am, Justin. It seems like a dream. We're going to put out an album. We're going to make our music. It just seems so unbelievable." he said, placing all the vegetables he'd chopped into a salad bowl, covering it.

"It isn't, Luke. You've got the talent and drive to make the world take notice. That's why I wanted you to sign on with me. I see it in your eyes."
Lucas smiled, staring into Justin's eyes.

"Thanks for having that much faith in me."
"So, do I get a taste?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Depends on what you want to taste? My food or me?"

Justin laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"I already tasted you, remember? That hot kiss?"

Lucas' face changed, Justin standing up and putting his hand on shoulder.

"Just joking, Luke." he said, Lucas blushing, seeing Justin's continuing smile.

"I don't think I'll ever live that down."

Justin lightly laughed, their eyes meeting.

"I'm sure your soufflé is tastier."

Lucas looked surprised, Justin bursting into laughter, Lucas now getting the joke.

"Gee, thanks. There goes my self-confidence."

Justin laughed then smiled, their eyes meeting.

Justin winked at him, leaning forward and kissing the young man lightly on the lips, Lucas looking surprised.

"There! Kisses exchanged. Now our friendship can grow."
Lucas smiled, nodding.

"For sure. But you'll have to wait just like everyone else for my soufflé."

Justin laughed, returning to his seat.

Lucas laughed as well, going to the stove, bending and pulling out a large pan of chicken breasts.

Justin's eyes went to his bubbly butt, the man staring at it.

Mmmm, your lips are divine.

Why do you excite me so much, Luke?

Why do I feel this need for you?

One day with you back in my life and the need's back.

What can I do about this when I know I'll be with you so much?

I can't risk this, not with Jessica so close.

Lucas closed the oven, the chicken returned to it.

"Another fifteen or so. Can you help me set the table?"
Justin nodded, walking to Lucas' side as the young man pulled down plates from the cupboard.


Justin sighed, laying back on the couch, Lucas smiling at him as he set down a tray of coffee mugs and coffee pot.

They all sat in the living room again, Lucas sitting down beside Justin, pouring everyone coffee.

"That was a damn fine meal, Lucas. Your mother taught you well." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him, Trish smiling at her brother.

"Mom was always amazed that Lucas took to cooking so easily. He's actually surpassed her with some of his recipes." she said, Lucas smiling at his sister, leaning into Justin.

"And Trashy can't boil water. She and Dad are two peas in the same pod."

Trish stuck her tongue out at Lucas, Justin laughing.

"We like doing other things with our hands." she said, realizing what she'd just said.

"Too much info, Trishy!" Lucas said covering his ears, Justin laughing, Finn and Skyler laughing as well.

The couple were snuggled in a large overstuffed chair, Skyler in Finn's lap.

Trish was blushing, Lucas smiling at her.

"Drew's going to be one happy guy." he said, Trish blushing more, the two siblings smiling at each other.

"Of course he is. He'll have me!" she said beaming, Lucas laughing, Justin smiling at his smiling face.

He loved Lucas' laugh, it sounded so real, so filled with life.

To know the young man had had a hard emotional battle made that laugh even more remarkable.

"So have you decided on any particular songs you'd like to have on the album? I heard your previous performances, there are a lot of good songs in your repertoire." Justin said, Lucas smiling at his bandmates.

"Yes, we've agreed on the songs." he said, Justin nodding.

"James told me about that last ballad you sang at the last venue. He said it has all the makings of a hit single. I'd love to hear it Monday."
"You will, Justin. It was first on our list." Finn said, Justin smiling at him.

"Cool. What's it called?"

Finn looked at Lucas, the young man smiling softly.

"No One Can Claim My Heart." Lucas said, Justin staring at him.

"A bit of reality hidden there, Lucas?" Justin said, Lucas' bandmates staring at Lucas.

"A bit, Justin. I always write from my heart, hurt or not." he said, Justin seeing the looks of compassion from the three bandmates towards Lucas.

Justin patted Lucas' knee, the young man smiling at him.

"I always sang and wrote from mine as well, Lucas."
"It showed, Justin. Your two albums were beyond awesome." Finn said, Lucas agreeing with his friend.

"Thanks, guys. Music has to come from the heart and soul for it to mean anything. Too often bands grind out the pop hits without regard for their integrity or their message. I saw instantly that you four show a lot of soul and heart in all your songs."
The four smiled, Justin smiling back.

"Monday will see that soul come alive." Lucas said, mostly to himself, the others hearing it, the young man looking down at his feet.

"For sure, Luke. We always sing with our souls." Finn said, Lucas raising his head and smiling at his two friends and sister.

"Yes, we do."
Everyone smiled, Trish looking at her watch.

"Well, I'm going to head to my bedroom. I promised Drew I'd call him before the end of the day. The jet lag is starting to take hold also." she said, standing up, everyone smiling at her.

"Give him our love, Trashy." Lucas said, his sister smiling, then winking at him.

"Have a good night, everyone." she said, the other four replying good night.

"We're going to bail as well. We're getting tired as well. We want to try out that king size bed. It looks so comfy!" Skyler said, Justin smiling at Finn and Skyler as they stood up.

"It's reinforced and everything! An elephant could jump on it!" Justin said, Lucas bursting into laughter, Finn looking with surprise at Justin.

"You calling my lady an elephant?" he said, Skyler smirking, Justin blushing.

"Oh. . .no. . .no. . .Finn!" he said, Finn grinning.

"She never forgets, that's a fact." he said, Skyler smiling at him.

"Revenge is sweet, as they say." she said, staring at Justin.

Justin blushed, looking at Lucas.

"I now have to look out for both of them. What have I gotten myself into?"
Lucas laughed, Finn and Skyler laughing and smiling, saying goodnight, walking down the hall.

"Looks like it's just you and me kid." Justin said, Lucas laughing.

"No one's called me a kid in years." he smirked, Justin patting his knee.

"I know you're not a kid, Luke."
Lucas smiled, the two looking at each other.

"It's been a fun afternoon, Luke. Thanks for dinner and just your company."
Lucas smiled, nodding at Justin.

"I guess you're calling it a night as well, then?" he said, Justin smiling at him.

"No, not if you don't want me to go."

"I'd like you to stay, Jus. I'm really not that tired."
Justin smiled, Lucas lost in the beauty of his smiling face.

"Then stay I shall. It's only a quarter to ten." he said, lifting the coffee pot and pouring himself and Lucas another cup of coffee.

Lucas smiled, leaning back against the couch back, the two beginning to talk as old friends.

After about an hour, Justin's phone went off, the man standing up and answering it.
Lucas sensed by his conversation that it was Jessica he was talking to.

"Yes, they'd invited me for dinner. Are you home yet? Okay, that's cool. I should be there in about an hour and a half. Love ya, babe."

Justin closed off his phone, smiling at Lucas.

"Jessica's on her way home from a shoot uptown, which wrapped up late. I can stay for an hour or so." Justin smiled, looking towards the piano.

"Would you play me a song, Luke? I'd like to see your style."
Lucas smiled, getting up and walking over to the baby grand white piano sitting in the corner of the living room, Justin leaning against its side, smiling at Lucas.

"Let's see. What shall I play? I know. I've always loved this song, my Mom always played it at home when I was sick or not feeling well. It always soothes me."

Justin smiled, Luke beginning to play the piano, closing his eyes.

Justin stared at him, listening to the beautiful music that filled the air.

It felt light and airy, a bounciness to the soft melody.

He didn't recognize it, smiling and staring at the young man.

He took in every feature of Lucas' beautiful face, staring with quiet longing at the young man.

He scanned the long curls of black waviness that hung to Lucas' shoulder, his black soft eyelashes covering his eyes.

His nose was perfectly proportionate to his face, the cheeks and chin blemish free.

His lips were a soft, sensual red.

Lucas played for about five minutes, finishing the music.

He opened his eyes, Justin staring at him with quiet awe.

"That. . .that was beautiful, Lucas. What song is that?" he said, Lucas softly blushing.

"It's called The Emperor's Waltz by Johann Strauss Jr. My mother always called me her Little Emperor."
Justin laughed, smiling.

"King of the house?"

Lucas laughed, Justin sitting down on the seat beside him.

"That was fantastic, Lucas. You have a natural talent. You made the melody come alive."
"My mother taught me to play when I was very young. She was a trained concert pianist."

"Wow, that's awesome! So your talent comes naturally to you."
Lucas smiled, hearing the praise in Justin's voice.

"Naturally, and with a lot of hard work."

Justin smiled, staring into Lucas' violet eyes.

"You have amazing eyes, Luke. They're your best feature."
Lucas softly blushed, Justin chuckling.

"Hey, you're going to have to get used to people fawning over you, and your looks. We're going to flash that handsome face of yours everywhere. You four are going to be famous."
Lucas nodded, looking at Justin quietly.

"You think I'm handsome?"
Justin looked a little startled by Lucas' words, softly blushing.

"You're. . .you're very attractive, Luke." he softly said, their eyes meeting.

They stared at each other for a moment, Justin beginning to lean forward.

Lucas rose up, Justin staring up at him.

"I'm glad you liked the song, Justin."
Justin stood up, sensing a confused look on Lucas' face.

"I. . .I did. You've got a lot of talent."
Lucas smiled, his eyes not looking at Justin for any length of time.

"Well, I guess I should call it a night." Justin said, Lucas nodding, smiling at him.

"Again, thanks for dinner. And I'll definitely see you tomorrow night. Cocktails are at seven." Justin said, Lucas smiling more.

"For sure, Justin. All four of us are looking forward to it. Our first big taste of the lights of fame."
Justin smiled, looking into Lucas' eyes again.

"Just be yourselves. They'll love the you that I see."
Lucas nodded, walking Justin to the condo's front door.

"Have a great night, Luke." Justin said, moving and hugging the younger man, Lucas tensing a little, Justin quickly backing up.

The man smiled at Lucas, Lucas smiling back.

"Goodnight, Justin."
Justin left, Lucas closing the door behind him.

Lucas leaned against the door, his mind flooding with thoughts, his body slightly trembling.

What. . .what was that?
He. . .he looked like he was going to kiss me.

Does he. . .is he. . .does he want me?

No, it can't be.

But his eyes, they. . .they were staring at me, into my soul.

I saw so much need there.

No, it can't be.

Lucas' fingers went to the light switches by the door, the condo falling into darkness.

He walked down the hall, seeing soft light on under Finn's door, Trish's showing darkness.

He walked into his own bedroom, the last door at the end of the hall.

He closed the door, quietly turning a light on, the room bathed in soft brightness.

His room was large, a king size bed in its center between the windows.

He quickly shed his clothes, shutting the lights off again, climbing into the large bed in only his boxer briefs.

He lay in its center, staring up at the ceiling, moonlight coming in through the two large windows.

Is he attracted to me?

He said he wasn't, that he wasn't gay.

But I'm getting these signals, these stares, looks.

Am I reading too much into all this?
Or am I hoping too much?

The young man turned on his side, his hands going down his body.

He felt his hidden desires growing, the man trying to gain control of his thoughts.

He's so beautiful.

I could never attract a man like that.

I'm. . .I'm not worthy of such love.

Or such beauty.

No, I'm nothing.

The young man closed his eyes, a soft tremble going through his body as he wrapped his arms around himself.

He slowly, softly cried himself to sleep.


Saturday flew by, the group settling into their new home.

They still held a feeling of wonder, gradually becoming used to their new surroundings.

They explored their new neighbourhood all afternoon, the group dining at a local bistro for lunch.

Before they knew it, it was nearing five, Lucas spending the next hour helping his three friends choose their clothing for Justin's dinner party.

Trish and Skyler looked beautiful in black and red dresses, Finn dressed in a dapper navy suit.

Lucas wore a black blazer and grey pants, with an open-throated silk white shirt.

They took a taxi over to Jusitn's place, all four staring in awe when they piled out of their cab.

Justin's building was crisp, clean and looked expensive.

They were buzzed in, guided to a private elevator by the doorman, stepping into it, the doorman smiling at all four, hitting the sixth floor button, and inserting a key into the slot.

The doorman bowed to all four, the doors closing.

"Man this place is too real." Finn said, adjusting the leather tie he wore around his neck, Lucas smiling at all this friends.

"Remember, guys. They're just like other people. And we'll be around for each other to bring the realness back."

The other three smiled, Lucas' calm demeanour relaxing them.

The doors of the elevator opened, the group stepping out, two double doors were in front of them at the end of a small hallway.

Lucas smiled at his three bandmates, the four walking up together to the doors, Lucas taking a deep breath, hitting a buzzer by the door.

The left double door opened, Justin's smiling face greeting all four.

"You made it! Awesome!" Justin said, the four smiling, Lucas' smile the widest for Justin.

Justin hugged all four, Lucas smiling at his generous welcome.

"Please come in, welcome to my home in New York." he said, the four walking past him into the condo.

They looked around the large condo, the room in front of them filled with people, chatting, standing and sitting around.

Soft music played in the background, a woman walking towards them.

Lucas staring into the blue eyes of Jessica Biel as she walked up to them, a wide smile on her face, her arm going around Justin.

"Hello, everyone. And this must be Orion, Justin's new brightening star of fame." she smiled, Trish's eyes wide with shock.

"Hello, Miss Biel." she softly said, Jessica smiling at her, breaking her hold with Justin, the woman putting her arm around Trish.

"It's just Jessica. Welcome to our home, Trish." she smiled, Trish beaming at being singled out from her friends.

"Justin's told me all about you four. I see from your faces that he wasn't far wrong. You are one group of beautiful young people. I'm sure the voices match the looks."
All four smiled, Justin introducing all four to Jessica, she lightly hugging each, smiling at each one, all four feeling her calm friendship.

She put her arm around Lucas, smiling at him.

"And you must be Lucas. I want to hear all about your music." she said, leading him towards a couch, Justin smiling at the remaining three.

"Come on, guys. Let me introduce you around." he said, the three smiling widely, Justin guiding them around the room, the three drawn into his celebrity world, their faces wide with adoring smiles.


Lucas smiled, his violet eyes looking around, he seated on a couch with Jessica and Janet Jackson.

Lucas had been talking with Janet for about fifteen minutes, the two immersed in music, Jessica listening with a smile on her face at the end of the couch.

Justin sat down beside her on the couch's armrest, kissing her cheek.

"He seems to be lost in Janet's world." Justin said, Jessica smiling up at him.

"And the other three seem to be having fun." Jessica said, smiling towards Finn and Skyler, the two laughing in a corner with Lance Bass and Trace Alaya, Justin's friend and business partner.

Trish was by the bar, deep in discussion with Justin's cousin Rachel, his personal assistant.

Other celebrities mingled around the apartment, Justin having walked around, chatting with everyone.

Dinner had been served, the four bandmates intermingled with others at the buffet table, all four showing happiness.

Here it was later after dinner, Lucas lost in Janet's musical discussions.

"I think you should save him, my love. Janet will talk for hours. I see that usual look in her eye." Jessica smiled, looking towards the two, her eyes scanning Lucas' beautiful face.

She couldn't believe the shade of his violet eyes, their intensity sending a murmur of desire through her.

The young man's beautiful face and the way his clothes clung to his muscular body also having a desirous effect on her.

She smiled up at Justin, his blue eyes smiling back.

"Will do, Jessica." he smiled, standing up and walking over to Lucas and Janet.

"You should mingle, Luke. Janet shouldn't keep you to herself." he smiled, Lucas smiling up at Justin.

Janet smiled up at Justin, the young man beside her standing, smiling down at her.

"It's been a thrill, Miss Jackson." Lucas smiled, Janet smiling back.

"It's Janet, remember Luke. You have my numbers, and I'll try and stop by the studio to hear you."
Lucas practically beamed, Justin smiling to himself.

His old friend was working her magic, Justin seeing the young man's obvious happiness.

Lucas moved, walking over to Finn, his friend smiling at him, Justin sitting down beside Janet.

"Janet Jackson wants to hear us, Finny! Janet Jackson! Can you believe that?"

Finn laughed, his arm going around his friend.

"Nope, Luke. I can't believe any of this! Is this a dream? Pinch me!"
Lucas laughed, one hand going down to Finn's left butt cheek, pinching his ass.

Finn jumped, Lucas laughing.

Justin looked up from his seat beside Janet, smiling at seeing Lucas' smiling face.

Janet smiled, leaning in to him.

"That's a remarkable, talented man you've snagged, Justin. I sense he'll be a big star. He's got the drive and the looks."
Justin beamed, nodding his head, his eyes staring at Lucas.

The door buzzer went off again, Justin smiling and getting up, heading to the condo's foyer.

He opened the door, smiling at a lone man standing there.

"You made it, awesome!" he said, the man hugging him.

"Wouldn't miss one of your parties for anything, Jus." the man said, smiling.

Justin grinned, a look of happiness covering his face.

"Come on in, everyone's asking about you." he said, the other man walking into the condo.

Justin smiled, walking with his friend towards Jessica.


Lucas walked up to Trish by the bar, the young woman smiling at him.

She was still chatting with Rachel, the two becoming fast friends.

The two were seated on bar stools, drinks in their hands.

"Rachel was telling me all about Justin's past, it's smashing!" Trish said, Lucas seeing her sparkling eyes, knowing she was really happy.

"Awesome. Nice meeting you Rachel." he said, smiling at her.

"Justin's told me all about you, Lucas. A pleasure as well." she smiled, Lucas shaking her hand, she lightly pulling him into a hug.

The three chatted, the bartender in front of them smiling and asking Lucas if he'd like a drink.

Lucas asked for a glass of white wine, the bartender's eyes sparkling at him.

Lucas blushed, Rachel and Trish looking at each other giggling.

"What?" Lucas said, smiling at both young women, when the bartender moved to the other end of the bar.

"He likes you, Luke." Trish said, whispering in his ear, Lucas blushing more.

The two women giggled more at Luke's reddening cheeks.

Lucas' eyes went to the bartender's brown eyes as the man sat the drink down in front of him, his pearly white teeth sparkling at Lucas.

"Thank you." Lucas said, the man nodding his head, his eyes staring deeply at Lucas.

"My pleasure, beautiful."

Lucas blushed, looking at Trish.

"I think I need some air. I'll be on the balcony if you need me, Trishy." he said, turning to walk away, his elbow colliding with someone that had walked up beside him.

Lucas' drink went flying, hitting the floor, Lucas moving back, his body moving on its own.

He stumbled against Trish's barstool, beginning to fall backwards, two strong arms wrapping suddenly around him, stopping him from falling right back on his ass.

Lucas tensed, looking up.

Justin was standing in front of him, it was his elbow that Lucas' drink had connected with.

"That was a close one, Luke! Lucky my friend was behind you." Justin said, Lucas' eyes staring into Justin's blue.

Lucas' head turned with his body, his eyes meeting another set of blue.

These blue eyes were the bluest Lucas had ever seen.

They seemed to be filled with love and beauty.

Lucas' breath caught in his throat staring into a handsome smooth face.

A soft smile crossed that face, white teeth of pearly beauty showing.

"Look's like Orion's star has fallen into my arms. It's not often I hold a star so close to my heart." the man said, Lucas' eyes widening at the familiar face staring at him.

And he felt those strong arms still holding him, their strength not letting go.

Lucas was wrapped in the strong arms of a breathtaking vision of masculine beauty.

Lucas stared into the handsome face of J C Chasez.




End of Chapter 5


And so JC has walked upon the stage.

Cue drama, left center stage.


No questions needing answers, no truths needing showing.

Just adding some new beauty to our story, and perhaps some new drama.


I've always been a fan of J C, as my previous stories show.

Let's see where I go with him here.


Seems our wandering lawyer may now be heading to Wales in search of the illusive Tristan.


Let's let the path guide us onward.




Hugs, Angel.