Yesterday's End-6

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 6


Lucas' violet eyes stared into J.C. Chasez's blue pools, the man smiling at him, slowly releasing his hold on him.

"Thank you, Mr. Chasez. I slipped and couldn't gain my balance." Lucas said, J.C. still smiling at him.

"You're welcome, Lucas. And it's Josh." he said, Lucas listening to his soft but rugged voice.

Justin smiled at Lucas, his hand going to his shoulder.

"That could have been a nasty fall, Lucas. I'm sorry I ran into you." he said, his smile showing his relief that Lucas was okay.
"It's okay, Justin. I wasn't watching where I was going." Lucas said, his eyes looking at Josh again.

"It's not often I can catch a falling star. I should make a wish." J.C. said, Lucas softly blushing at him, their eyes still making contact.

"I'm not really a star, Mr....I mean Josh." he said, Trish and Rachel staring at him, Lucas blushing a bit more.

"I'm glad you're okay, Luke. Josh wanted to meet you." Justin said, his eyes going between the two men.

Josh smiled at his friend, then at Lucas.

"I wanted to meet all of Orion's talented foursome. This must be Trish." Josh said, smiling at Lucas' sister, Trish blushing with wide-eyed awe.

"Yes, Mr. Chasez. I'm Lucas' sister, and one of Orion's four." she said as she shook his hand, Lucas smiling at his sister.

"Yes, Justin filled me in last week on all four of you. I'm anxious to hear your music." he smiled, looking over towards Finn and Skyler, Justin having already introduced the other two to Josh before coming over to Trish and Lucas.

"I've met all four of you now, and my friend's descriptions don't compare to the reality of your beautiful faces." Josh said, his blue eyes staring at Lucas.

Trish blushed, Rachel smiling at Josh's familiar warming presence.

"Don't let his opening sweetness fool you. Under that celebrity fluff is a really nice guy." she said, Josh smiling at Rachel, kissing her cheek.

"Wonderful as always, Rach. Missed ya."

She smiled, Trish and Lucas smiling at her and Josh's loving demeanour as Josh hugged Justin's cousin.

"So how finds your first few days in New York? This city of garish fame can overcome you." Josh smiled, looking at Trish and Lucas, Finn and Skyler walking up beside them.

"We're settling in. It's all so wild!" Skyler said, Josh smiling at her beautiful face.

Her long curly brown hair hung over her shoulders, Finn's arm around her waist.

"Justin's friendship will wash away the glamour. You're now stepping into his crazy world." Josh said smiling, Justin laughing and lightly punching his friend in the ribs, Josh laughing.

Lucas smiled at both, seeing their ironclad friendship.

"It's so great to meet you, Josh. I've always been a fan of your talent." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"I've heard you have your own talents, Lucas." he smiled, Justin staring at his best friend.

"My talent's just beginning, Josh. You've reached the pinnacle."

Josh laughed, Lucas loving his melodic laugh.

"Over the pinnacle and sliding down the other side. And Justin's still hanging onto me."

Justin laughed, his hand going to his friend's shoulder.

"I'll save you any day from your own insecurities, Mr. Dancing Judge."
Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at both.

Orion's four members smiled at the two men, seeing their total, loving friendship.

Bruno Mars walked up to the group, Christina Aguilera standing beside him.

"Josh, you're finally here. Bruno's in need of some help. He and Janet are arguing over music." Christina said, the man hugging both of them.

"My friends await. I'd like to chat with you later, Lucas." Josh said, their eyes making contact again.

"I'll be around, Josh. And it's just Luke." Lucas said, smiling at the man, Justin watching both.

Josh smiled, walking away with Christina and Bruno, the three heading towards Janet Jackson sitting on the couch.

Justin watched his friends walk away, his eyes turning towards Lucas.

"Lance has also been dying to meet you, Luke." Justin smiled, Lucas still staring after Josh, then turning and meeting Justin's blue pools.

"Lead on, Jus. What's one more celebrity?"
Trish laughed, as did Skyler and Finn, Lucas smiling at his friends.

"You're becoming a natural, Luke. Mr. Big Star!" Finn laughed, Justin smiling.

Lucas grinned, walking with Justin towards the balcony.


The two men walked out onto the balcony, Lucas seeing two men standing against the railing, one of them smoking a cigarette.

He recognized both, one being Lance Bass and the other Adam Levine.

"It's cool out here, guys." Justin smiled, walking over to them, Lucas smiling at both.

"I needed a cig, Justin." Adam said, Lance beside him smiling as Justin hugged him.

"And you, Lancy?" Justin said, Lance smiling at him, then looking at Lucas.

"I just needed some fresh air, and Adam and I were talking."
Adam Levine smiled at Justin, his blue eyes then meeting Lucas' violet.

"And who's this? Is this the queen bee that's been buzzing around the room tonight?" the singer said, Lucas smiling at Adam.

"With all this talent surrounding me, I feel more like a drone."
Everyone laughed, Adam smiling at Lucas.

"I bet your honey's sweet, though."

Lucas blushed a little, Lance's hand going out, Lucas shaking it.

Lucas smiled at the former singer, his green eyes filled with happiness.

"Pleasure meeting you, Lucas. Justin's filled me in on all four of you." Lance said, smiling at him, Lucas taking in the man's intoxicating beauty.

"I think Justin's been praising us more than we deserve." Lucas said, Justin patting his shoulder.

"They'll all soon see your praising truth, my friend." he said, Adam smiling at Lucas as he extended his hand, Lucas taking it in his, the singer's hand tightening on his, their eyes meeting as they shook hands.

"All four of you are exotic and breathtaking, Lucas. I think Justin's dead on with his praise." Adam said, smiling at Lucas, his eyes scanning over all of him.

Justin's eyes were staring at Adam, the man's eyebrows furrowing.

"Just wanted to introduce you two to each other, Lance." Justin said, ignoring Adam, Lance smiling at Lucas.

"I don't live far from you, Lucas. Perhaps we could do lunch, all five of us?" Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"Would love it, Mr. Bass. Any friend of Justin's is okay in my eyes." he smiled, Adam staring at him, his arm going around Justin's shoulders.

"Me and Justin are great friends as well. I guess that makes me okay, also? Word to the wise, I can be more than okay." Adam said, smiling intensely at Lucas.

Lucas saw Justin was uncomfortable, Lance staring at him as well.

"Chill, Adam. The letch in you is coming out." Lance said, Adam laughing, the man releasing his hold on Justin.

The singer flicked his cigarette over the balcony's edge, smiling at Lucas, Justin staring at Adam.

"Let's go back inside, Luke. It's chilly out here." Justin said, Lucas nodding, smiling at the two men.

"Pleasure meeting both of you." he smiled more at Lance, Lance smiling at him, Adam leering at him.

"You too, Lucas. I'll get your numbers from Justin. We'll talk soon. And it's just Lance." Lance smiled, Lucas shaking his hand again.

"A real pleasure that perhaps will increase." Adam said, Lucas blushing, Justin walking him back into the condo, closing the door behind them, then staring at Lucas.

"I'm sorry, Luke. I didn't realize Adam was out there. Forgive his forwardness." Justin said, pushing Lucas gently in a private corner by the door to talk.

"It's okay, Jus. But rather surprising. I always saw him as a man's man, what with all those tattoos." Lucas said, staring out through the balcony door.

"It's not widely known, but Adam is bisexual. He plays all the field. I'm sorry he zoned in on you. You may find that happening a lot in this business." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"No worries, Jus. I choose my own friends. And I can deflect anyone's advances, regardless of how great they think they are."
Justin stared at Lucas for a moment, then softly smiled.

"I'll let you get back to your friends." Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"Thanks for the heads up, Justin. You are a good friend."

Justin smiled, the two parting, Lucas heading back to his friends, Justin quietly watching him go.


Adam stared back into the condo, Lance staring at him.

"I think you need to put your tongue back in your mouth, Adam. That was beyond lecherous." he said, Adam smiling and looking at Lance.

"Wow, what a young stud. I want some of that." he said, Lance shaking his head.

"You're such a slut, Levine."
Adam smiled, his hand going behind Lance, the man's body moving into him, his hand kneading Lance's left butt cheek.

"I never heard any complaints from you, Lancy."

Lance sighed, looking into Adam's blue eyes.

"How about a night of fun, Lance? It's been a while since I tapped that ass." Adam said, squeezing harder.

"I'm not sure that's in our best interests, Adam. You seem to be zoning in on some new meat."

Adam laughed, looking back into the condo.

"Yeah, he's a looker, that's for sure. But he's presently not available. I'll have to work on that. But tonight you are. How about we blow Timberlake's party? I've got something you can blow. I know you're not banging anyone at the moment. You came stag, just like I did. And this buck needs a fuck." Adam said, his hand moving Lance's hand to his jean-covered center.

Lance felt a stirring in the singer's pants, lightly squeezing the rising mound he felt in Adam's jeans.

"Speaking of sluts." Adam smiled, Lance sighing again.

"You always know I can't say no." Lance said, Adam smiling.

"No one can say no to me, Lance. You've tasted my heaven before. It's a hunger no one can deny themselves." Adam said, Lance shaking his head.

"You're so full of yourself, Adam."

"And in a few minutes you could be full of me. What do you say, Lance?"

Lance sighed, looking into Adam's blue eyes.

"Let's go, Adam."

Adam smiled, walking into the condo, Lance quietly following him.


Lucas smiled, Josh sitting down beside him, the young man quietly sitting on a couch, the room surrounding him full of laughing, dancing and smiling people.

"Enjoying yourself, Lucas? You seem quiet." Josh said, smiling at him.

"Yes, I'm having fun. I'm just taking it all in. Everyone seems so nice. A great group of people."
Josh smiled, looking around.

"Most of them are. Celebrities are just like regular people. Who'd have thought it?" Josh said, Lucas chuckling.

"Sorry I didn't mean to imply anything against anyone here."

"Nothing to apologize for. There are also some arrogant people out there, as well as a few egos. So how do you like New York so far?"

"It's a great city, from what I've seen of it. My friends and I have been exploring our neighbourhood all day. It's quite overwhelming."
Josh smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"So what do you do for excitement, Luke?"

Lucas smiled, Josh smiling back.

"I'm not that exciting of a guy, Josh. I read, write music, exercise, bike, run, etc."

"Same here, Luke. I just like being in my own personal world. Me against my own limits." Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"Refreshing attitude. I thought I was in a field by myself."
Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"I've talked with James and Robert, as well as Justin. They all seem to think you may be the next best thing." Josh said.

"They said the same to me. To me we're just singing what I write from my soul." Lucas said, Josh staring at the young man.

"You're a unique person, Luke. Most of the up and coming bands are just in it for the fame and money. I'm glad your music is a part of you."
"Like yours is to you?" Lucas said, Josh smiling.

"Yes, Luke. My music is my soul."

Lucas smiled, the two settling into a common discussion of music.

"You should be making music, Josh. Your voice I always considered one of the best. Yours and Justin's."
Josh smiled, looking towards Justin, his friend talking with Christina and Bruno, Janet and Jessica with them.

"Thank you, Lucas. My path went on a different course than Justin's. I begrudge him nothing. His talent always was bigger than the group's. I'm happy for him. And I'm happy with my life so far." he said, Lucas staring at his handsome face.

"But there's still a lingering want in that soul of yours?"
Josh turned, staring into Lucas' violet eyes.

"A soul reader are you?" he smiled, Lucas smiling, Josh staring at his handsome face, seeing so much beauty in it.

"I've always been able to sense a person's soul. My Mom's always said I was gifted. I just think I'm myself."

Josh smiled, leaning back into the couch beside Lucas.

"Well you're kind of right, Lucas. I've always wished or hoped I could find that special song that would ignite my singing career again. But I'm happy with my life as it is, what with my dance show and my writing music for others. I'll just let fate guide me forward."
Lucas nodded, the two smiling at each other.

"Fate lays in God's hands, Josh. I'm sure he has something special ahead for you. And it's just Luke."
Josh smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools of determined quietness.

"So tell me about your musical soul, Luke."
Lucas smiled, his voice sending Josh on a path of discovery.

The two talked for over an hour, Justin walking past a few times, watching both men, Lucas' bandmates watching them as well, smiles on their faces.

"Seems our Lucky has made a new friend." Finn said, the man's eyes glassy with festive drink.

"Josh is a musician, Finn. You know that speaks volumes in Lucas' eyes. They've probably been talking nonstop about music." Skyler said, sipping on another banana Daiquiri, Trish smiling beside her.

"My brother's soul is musical, that's true. But music doesn't control his heart. That beautiful part of him is coming alive." she said, her eyes looking towards Justin, he chatting with Jessica and Christina, the three standing behind the couch Lucas and Josh were seated on.

Trish saw the man glancing towards Lucas and Josh, the young woman smiling.

"Let's dance, Finn. I'm feeling wild." Skyler said, Trish laughing as Skyler stood up pulling Finn to the small dance floor.

Trish smiled, her eyes going to her brother, Lucas' face covered in a wide smile.

She looked at Josh, seeing his blue eyes staring at Lucas, lost in whatever the young man was talking about.

She smiled, softly sighing.

Her thoughts turned to her own heart, a soft smile crossing her face.

I wish you were here, Drew.

I miss you.

She smiled, Rachel was beside her smiling at her.


Lucas opened the condo door, smiling as he let his friends enter ahead of him.

Finn was walking with Skyler against him, the young woman half asleep.

"Give her a glass of tomato juice, Finny. It will settle her stomach during the night. We'll deal with her hangover in the morning." Lucas smiled, Finn nodding, his own eyes glassy with intoxicated mirth.

"My babe's going to sleep like a log. No lovin' for me tonight."
Skyler laughed, her eyes opening, her hand going to his tie, trying to pull it off.

"I'll let you have me, Finn. I need you so bad!" she said, Trish and Lucas smirking, knowing that wasn't happening.

Finn chuckled, Lucas closing the door behind the four, locking it.

"Sure, babe. Let's head to bed." he said, smiling at Lucas and Trish, both kissing him and Skyler on the cheek.

"Night, guys. A late breakfast I'll have ready." Lucas said, the two smiling, Finn guiding Skyler down the darkened hallway to their bedroom.

Trish smiled at Lucas, walking into the living room, pulling her stilettos off, rubbing her feet as she sat down on the couch.

"My feet are aching! But man, that was so much fun!! I can't believe we were in the middle of all those celebrities! It was amazing!" she giggled, Lucas smiling at her.

His thoughts were on the night as well.

"Yes, it was amazing. So many music celebrities. Janet, Bruno, Adam Levine, and Josh. They all seemed genuinely interested in our music. I think the studio may be crowded on Monday." Lucas said, a wide smile on his face as he sat down beside Trish.

"Some were interested in more than our music, Lucky."
Lucas stared at his sister, the young man sitting up erect.

"Did someone come on to you, Patricia? Are you okay?" he said, a look of serious concern on his face, Trish smiling at him.

She shook her head, then burst into laughter.

"My loving, protective brother. So loving that he overlooks the obvious."
Lucas looked confused.

"No one was coming on to me, Lucas. But I couldn't say the same for you."
Lucas looked surprised, staring at Trish.

"You. . .you saw that?" he said, looking surprised.

"Yes, Luke. It was pretty obvious. His eyes never left your face. He's totally into you." she said, smiling and giggling, Lucas seeing that his sister was a little inebriated.

"He's not my type. He comes across as egotistical. I think he's just looking for sex. And I'm not quite ready for that kind of relationship with someone." Lucas said, his eyes looking away from his sister, Trish putting her arm around him.

"By the way you two were chatting I thought for sure you liked him." Trish said, Lucas looking at her, then lowering his head.

"Adam Levine isn't my type."
Trish stared at him with surprise, then burst into laughter again.

"What's so funny?" Lucas said, Trish's face recovering into a wide smile.

"Adam Levine is gay?" she said, her smile filled with wonder as well.

"Well, Justin told me he's bisexual. When we met out on the balcony he was practically drooling over me." Lucas said, Trish smiling and kissing his cheek.

"It's surprising, I'll give you that." she said, Lucas softly smiling at her, nodding.

"I'm not into tats and he looks like he's covered in them." Lucas said, Trish nodding.

"Well actually, it wasn't him I was talking about." she said, Lucas' eyebrows raising in confusion.

"Who are you talking about, Trish?" he said, Trish smiling at him.

"I've sat back all evening enjoying myself, but also watching. I saw someone gazing at you with a very longing face." she said, Lucas' eyes widening a bit.

"I. . .I don't know what you're meaning, Trish. No one's looked at me like that."
Trish smiled, kissing her brother's cheek again, smiling at his obliviousness to the obvious.

"Josh Chasez is totally smitten with you, Lucas."

Lucas looked stunned, his eyes looking away, his mind on what Trish had just said.

Lucas' eyes widened, moving back a bit, Trish's hand going to his shoulder.

"You must be mistaken, Trish. J.C.'s not gay!"

"I'm just telling you what I saw, Lucky. Josh was totally focused on you. And I think it was more than your friendly demeanour that was interesting him."

Lucas lowered his head, Trish kissing his cheek.

"I just wanted you to know, Lucky." she said, Lucas' head raising, looking into her blue eyes.

"Thanks, Trish. I. . .I just can't believe it."
She smiled, nodding her head.

"I think it's time you realized just how handsome and beautiful you are."

Lucas softly blushed, Trish laughing lightly.

She stood up, staggering a bit, Lucas on his feet, his arm going around her.

"I'm okay, Lucky. Heading for bed. I think you should as well. I'm sorry if what I said confuses or upsets you."

Lucas smiled at his sister, kissing her cheek.

"It's okay, Trish. Surprising, but okay." he softly said, Trish smiling at him.

"We'll talk in the morning, Luke." she said, Lucas nodding, watching her walk down the dark hallway to her bedroom.

Lucas shut off the lights in the living room, walking down into his own bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

He sat down on his bed, flicking on a lamp on the nightstand, staring out the darkened windows.

J.C. Chasez is interested in me?
That can't be!
It's. . .it's too unbelievable.
He's such a nice guy, so in tune with music.

It can't be!
Lucas' mind went over the whole night, suddenly realizing that Josh had been looking at him intently.

Can it be?
He's so beautiful, so stunningly perfect.

I. . .I would give anything to find someone like him.
He's so wonderful.

But I'm nothing. . .I'm not worth his interest.

Nothing could happen between us.
I'm. . .I'm so confused.

Lucas stood up, pulling off his clothes, climbing into bed and turning off the light.

The room was totally black, Lucas lost in the darkness of his confusion.

It can't be, it just can't be.

For that would be like a dream.

No, I can't believe that.

I can't allow it.

I'm nothing worthy of him.

I'm a screwed up nothing.
Lucas turned on his side, his mind filling with the faces of the older man.

Oh, please. . .please...

With you I could be whole. . .but I can't hope.

No, I can't hope for a dream.

Lucas closed his eyes, his body trembling with uncertainty as he fell asleep.


"Come in." Josh said, the man sitting down on the edge of the bed.

Justin's head popped into the room, Josh smiling at him.

Justin's eyes took in his friend sitting in his boxer briefs on the bed, Justin walking into the room.

"Have everything you need, Joshy?" je said, Josh smiling at him.

"Yes, Jus. Have everything. Thanks for letting me crash here tonight." he said, Justin smiling, sitting down on the bed beside him.

"My home will always be yours, Joshy. It's been so long since we've been together."
Josh smiled, leaning over and kissing his friend's cheek.

Justin smiled, staring into his blue eyes.

Justin leaned forward, kissing Josh on the lips lightly, Josh backing up a bit.

"Jessica's here, Jus. I don't think we should start something we'll both regret later."
Justin nodded, sighing.

"So how goes the double life of Justin Timberlake?" Josh said, Justin lowering his head for a moment.

"It's hard, Josh. Those feelings keep coming to the surface. I've tried to resist them, but every now and then they filter in."
Josh nodded, his arm going around his friend.

"Does Jessica know yet?" he said, Justin shaking his head no.

"You have to tell her, Jus. If you want to have any kind of a meaningful relationship with her it has to start with honesty. You're marrying her for God sakes, Jus!"

"I know, Josh."
"Do you love her?"
"Yes, Josh. I think so."
Josh sighed, staring at his friend.

"That doesn't sound very uplifting. I think you need to talk to her, Jus."
Justin nodded, looking at Josh.

"I know, Josh. I just have to sort it all out in my mind."

Josh nodded, knowing his younger friend always planned everything out meticulously.

"She deserves to know the truth, Justin."
Justin nodded, Josh looking into his blue eyes.

"Have you acted on those feelings lately?"
Justin stared at Josh.

"I. . .I met someone a few weeks ago. . .for an afternoon."
Josh sighed, looking at his friend.

"Justin. . .you're. . .you're cheating on her."
Justin stared at Josh.

"Like you should have cheated on Bryce?"

Josh's eyes lowered, Justin regretting what he'd said.

"I'm sorry, Josh. I. . .I shouldn't have said that."
Josh stood up, walking around the bed, going to the window, staring out into the darkness, Justin's eyes on his smooth muscular form.

Justin got up, walking to his friend, his arms going around him.

"Have you heard from him at all?"
"No, Jus. I have you and Joey to thank for that." he said, Justin's arms tightening around him.

"Good. I don't want that man ever coming into your life again." Justin said, Josh turning, staring into his blue eyes.

Josh lowered his eyes, Justin lifting his head.

Their eyes met, Justin seeing tears in Josh's.

"I loved him, Jus. Why did he have to destroy that love?"

Justin pulled Josh against him, Josh's head going to his chest.

"Greed, Josh. It was as simple as that. I'm just so glad we were able to get him out of your life."

Josh nodded, lifting his head, wiping his eyes.

"I was so blind, Jus. It scared me so much. That I could be so blind. I've. . .I've been so scared to let someone into my life again."

"I know, Josh. But I'll always be here for you. If you ever need that closeness."
Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing Justin's cheek.

"Like I was for you. Is that wise, Justin?"

Justin smiled, looking into his old friend's eyes.

"You were the first, Josh. And in my eyes the best."
Josh smiled, walking back to the bed, sitting down again.

"We can't let that happen again, Jus. You have Jessica in your life now. It's time you focused on what you need to make you happy."
Justin remained at the window, staring at his friend.

He sighed, walking back to the bed, sitting down beside Josh again.

"I saw tonight that you were very focused, Josh."
Josh looked at his friend, Justin smiling at him.

"I saw where your eyes had been all night. Lucas Carver is an amazing young man."

Josh looked shocked, Justin smiling at him, his arm going around his friend again.

"I've always known when you're interested in someone, Joshy. Your eyes give you away."

"Justin. . .he's your protégé, I wouldn't interfere in any way with your work. And he's so much younger than me."

Justin smiled, nodding his head.

"And I saw the happiness on your face when the two of you talked about music, and about life. I think he's a wonderful young man. But yes, he is rather young."
Josh stared at Justin, the man staring back.

"He is very gifted, Jus. And talented. And a really nice young man."

Justin nodded, Josh staring at him.

"He's been hurt, Josh. Even more than you. He told me his whole life story. I'm not sure if it's a good thing for you to get involved with him. He's not looking for a man in his life."
Josh nodded, lowering his head.

"I'm sorry, Josh. I didn't realize you were that into him." Justin said, Josh smiling softly.

"It's okay, Jus. I'm not looking for someone right now either."
"You always have me. I was always good at making you happy." Justin said, his hand going to Josh's knee.

"Justin, stop it. I think you need to go to bed with your fiancée." Josh said, Justin sighing and nodding, standing up.

"Alright, Josh. Good night and see you in the morning."

Josh nodded, Justin smiling at him and walking out of the bedroom, Josh's eyes following him.

Justin closed the bedroom door, leaning against it.

It's best that you leave him alone, Josh.

For he's a younger version of you.

And I want him, as much as I once wanted and had you.
I've lost you, Josh.

But I won't lose him.
Justin walked down the hallway, going into his own bedroom.




The Road of Dreams


Lucas found himself on the road again, its shadowy sides holding dark images just beyond his eyesight.

He couldn't make out their imagery, the darkness unending.

He remembered that he'd fallen asleep in total darkness.

Sometimes he felt his life was shrouded in darkness as well.

His eyes saw the sandy softness of the road itself that he walked upon.

It was like crushed marble, its fineness soft to the touch.

He'd gone to his knees several times in his dreams, feeling a reality in the sand he'd held in his fingers.

The road seemed so real, so factually laid before him.

Was it real?
Were these dreams more than dreams?
His eyes looked forward seeing a foggy lightness before him.

The ever-changing fog that showed him uncertain visions.

He remembered the last vision it had revealed.

Justin's vision of terrifying meanness.

His soul steeled itself against another such monstrous vision.

The first sign of something different was the sound Lucas heard.

He stopped on the edge of the fog, hearing a surprising, soothing sound.

The sound of water falling came to his ears.

He smiled, taking a deep breath, walking forward through the fog.

He walked out into a bright sunlit scene of amazing beauty.

Before him stood a small sunlit meadow of green grass, a few large oak trees at its end, their branches hanging above the meadow's far rock-strewn edge.

Some of the rocks were small boulders, their greyness the backdrop to an even more beautiful scene to Lucas' violet eyes.

On the other side of the meadow was a cascading waterfall, its water plummeting into a pool of crystal clear water.

The water's banks were surrounded by rocks, the scene one of naturalistic beauty.

Lucas smiled, walking to the end of the road, its edge ending at the meadow's start.

Lucas left the road, walking across the meadow, walking up to the pool's edge, the young man smiling at the waterfall before him, its water thunderous but soothing.

He smiled, sitting down on one of the larger boulders, a perfect seat to look upon the wet beauty before him.

Lucas looked around the pool's edge, seeing beds of flowers growing, their colours brilliant and edged with beauty.

It was a beautiful spot, a spot worthy of dreams.

Lucas stared at the water, his soul soothed by its plummeting rhythm.

"A beautiful spot created in your mind's need."

Lucas turned at the sound of the voice, his eyes looking upon a man seated not far from him, the man staring at him quietly.

"Who. . .who are you? What. . .what place is this?"

The man looked to be in his late forties, his hair a dark curly mop of blackness.

His eyes were a soft emerald green, their centers sparkling like two green beacons.

"This is the Pool of Lucas."

"My. . .it's my pool?"

"It is the creation of your needs, the hope against your disillusions. The escape you've long entrenched in your heart. Today it's taking on its true form. Or the form of what you want it to be. Your safe haven."

"Safe haven? From what?"
"From life, Lucas. And from the uncertainties of the shades of truth threatening to overtake you."
"Shades of truth? I've heard that saying before. Who are you? You are the first from my dreams--from these dreams of strangeness--who's talked to me like this."

The man softly smiled.

"For all intents and purposes you may call me the true shadow."

"Shadow? A shadow of what's to come? Or of what's been?"

The man smiled more, Lucas taking in his looks and attire.

The man was strikingly handsome, in a distinguished masculine way.

He wore a dark plain navy cloak over what looked like a soldier's uniform, Lucas sensing the attire was centuries old.

"You. . .you are a soldier?"
"I was once a fighter for freedom, Lucas. Now I fight for truth."

Lucas stood up, the man standing as well.

"Why am I here, sir? This has to be a dream."
The man stood erect, Lucas seeing his bearings of masculine greatness.

"Why are you here, Lucas? Because life goes on. I arranged that long ago. You are the ending of my beginnings. You are the second path."
"The second path? What the hell's going on here?"

"Life, Lucas. Now walk back into yours. We shall meet here again."

"You haven't told me who you are, sir."

The man smiled, staring into Lucas' puzzled eyes.

"The Shades come, Lucas. And your heart must heal. You must be whole. This is my promise to you. For what you represent you shall have it all."

"The Shades? What do I represent?"

"The road shall brighten, Lucas. Look to the past that you have seen to find the future you must face."

Lucas was about to speak again, a sudden sound to his left drawing his eyes away from the man.

Lucas stared into the clear pool, his eyes widening.

For laying now in the center of the clear pool was a flat slab of circular white marble.

Lucas saw something laying in the center of the white marble, the young man walking to the pool's edge.

"What is that that's gleaming in the center of the white stone?" he said, his eyes turning back to the man.

Lucas stood upon the rocks alone.

The man was gone.

Lucas' eyes scanned everywhere, the young man walking to the water's edge.

He still couldn't quite make out what lay upon the stone.

He sighed, sitting down on the nearest rock boulder, removing his shoes and pants.

He shucked his shirt, the young man standing in only his boxer briefs.

"This has to be a dream. Why would I dress after I fall asleep?" he said to himself, the young man wading outwards into the pool.

He waded across the pool, the water about five feet deep, going to his shoulders.

The water was very warm, Lucas loving its soothing warmth.

The bottom of the pool felt soft and sandy, no rocks meeting Lucas' toes.

He made it to the white stone, his eyes focusing on what lay at its center.

Lucas rose his body upwards, climbing up onto the white marble platform, the circular stone about six feet across in diameter.

His eyes clearly saw what lay now in its center, the young man crawling across the stone surface, picking up the item.

He stared at what lay in his hands, taking in its beauty.

Lucas stood up, standing in the stone's center, staring at what rested in his hand.

It was attached to a entwined rawhide cord, Lucas sensing it was some kind of pendant.

It was a red stone of smooth beauty, Lucas never seeing a stone of such reddish hue.

It as shaped like a teardrop, its bottom wider than its top.

Etched into the stone's surface was a carving of a star, the star's points white.

The center of the star was indented with another star, Lucas staring at it.

He wasn't sure what it meant.

A star within a star?

He stared around the pool, looking towards the meadow, then around the rock and waterfall.

He sighed, pulling the rawhide cord upwards, slipping the stone around his neck.

The instant the stone touched Lucas' throat, Lucas felt his world explode.

He felt himself falling backwards, his body sinking into the pool behind him.

Everything disappeared around him, Lucas falling into darkness.

Lucas leapt upwards, the young man gasping, air filling his lungs.

He stared around, the young man enveloped in darkness.

He also felt extremely wet.

He focused around him, realizing where he was.

He moved to his left, hitting the switch on the nightstand.

Light filled his eyes, the young man staring around his bedroom.

He felt a sudden wetness around him, raising his hand, looking downwards.

His body was soaking wet, the bed showing damp wetness.

He pulled himself out of bed, his fingers going through his hair, his black curls soaking wet.

He felt a weight upon his throat, his fingers going there.

They enveloped around a small stone hanging there.

Lucas went to the mirror on the far wall, staring at himself.

His body, briefs and hair were soaking wet.

And hanging around his neck was a rawhide necklace.

In its center was a red stone.





Ridgehaven, Vermont

A few hours earlier



Emerson's green eyes stared at his old friends, Grayson and Horace staring back at him.

The three sat at a long dining table, Emerson at its head, his two friends on both sides of the table beside him.

They'd just finished dinner, servants clearing the dishes away, a large pot of coffee laying in front of them, Horace and Grayson sipping their steaming cups, Emerson drinking a glass of milk.

"That was an excellent dinner, Emerson. I'm glad to see you're gaining your appetite back." Grayson said, Horace smiling at him.

"His strength is returning, Gray. He's coming back to himself." the doctor said, Emerson looking towards him.

"I will never have the strength I once had, Horace. Time waits for no being." the man said, his two friends looking towards him.

"I am at my ending time, my friends. The paths I have walked are cresting the hill. The change of life is coming. And I shall stand at the crossroads alone, I think. I believe it may well end for me."

Grayson's hand went on top of Emerson's, the man staring at him with his intense green eyes.

"No, Em. He'll come back, the next level will happen."
The man smiled, looking at his old friend.

"You always had such faith in him, Gray. You always saw more in him than I ever could. And I loved him the most. I still love him."
"He will always be your son, Emerson. The truth can't change that fact."

"Sons? A symbol of worth and might for any family. What truly deems a man a son? His seed, his self?" Emerson said, Horace looking towards him.

"The logistics of it are medical truth, Emerson. A man produces a son through his own essence. Tristan is your son, Emerson. For he has all your traits."

Emerson smiled, nodding his head.

"Yes, he is of me. As I was of my father. The lineage of the Belmont clan shimmers through all histories. I carry them in myself, as does Tristan. He feels the destiny as I do. If he lives he must follow the road. The beacon calls all back to the truth."

The two other men nodded, Grayson looking at Horace.

"Truths are as they are, Em. We or you cannot change that."
"No, Grayson. We can't. Even I can't." he said, staring at his old friend.

"You seemed preoccupied earlier, my dear friend. Was not my gift to your liking?" Emerson said, the lawyer smiling at his old friend.

"Your friendship and love I see in all its beauty, my old friend." the lawyer said, raising the watch he pulled from his suit's vest pocket.

Grayson stared down at the golden pocket watch, the diamond-eyed eagle staring back at him.

"I have carried it for years, my old friend. My own grandfather gave it to me. It is said that it is older than the history of this nation. That it was once carried by a great man of valour, integrity and worth. I give it to you as a gift from my soul. Happy birthday, my old friend." he said, smiling at Grayson, the man showing glistening tears in his eyeglass-covered eyes.

"I shall carry it always. The time it reveals will remind me of my time with you, my friend."

Emerson smiled, the two sharing a look of ironclad friendship.

"Do not worry, Grayson. I sense your feelings. It is not a bequeathed gift of ending truth. I shall go on fighting. There will be a time later on for bequeathed gifts of truth." the man said, his eyes meeting his old friends' eyes, the two men nodding.

"What bothers you, my friend? I saw a shadow of confusion on your face when first we hugged in my library."
"Just thoughts of my excursions cloud my mind, Em."

"No further on the path you walked, my friend. That town in Wales drew nothing. Another dead end." Horace said.

Grayson nodded, his thoughts on his trip to Wales.

Lewis' information had yielded no further trails.

No one in Port Talbot had any knowledge of Tristan's whereabouts.

The trail was long cold.

"You went to its end, Gray. Another trail shall show itself. Of that I have faith." Emerson said, Grayson nodding, staring at his coffee cup.

"Something else on your mind, Gray?" Horace said, the man meeting the doctor's gaze, and then Emerson's.

"I had a feeling in London. I sensed something."

Both men stared at the lawyer, Emerson's green eyes filled with quiet calmness.

"What did you sense?" he said, his eyes meeting Grayson's.

"I sensed the Trinity."
Horace looked surprised, Emerson looked confused.

"That. . .that is not possible, my friend."
"I know, Em. But I sensed it nonetheless."

"You only feel it around me, Grayson. It comes from no other. Not even my son has that touch yet." Emerson said, the lawyer nodding.

"I know all to well that truth, Emerson. But it changes not what I felt. And I saw something, and sensed something else."

"What did you see? What did you sense?" Horace said, the lawyer seeing the man's concern, and Emerson's calmness.

"I sensed a Shade."

"What??!! That's impossible!! It can't be!!" Horace said, his voice traced with fear.

"Calmness, Horace." Emerson said, staring at Grayson.

"I know the inevitability of that truth, Horace. But I sensed it."
Emerson nodded, both men staring at him.

"I have felt even more, Grayson. I knew that they would come again. It is destiny."
Grayson nodded, he and the doctor showing their concern.

"The road wanders, my friends. And what did you see, Grayson?"
Grayson sighed, then looked at Emerson.

"I saw a young man. He was strikingly handsome. It was fate that brought us together. We collided at Heathrow. He knocked me down, helping me to regain my footing."
"And? Who was the young man?"
"I do not know, Emerson. I only know what I saw in his eyes."
"His eyes, Grayson?" Horace said, their eyes meeting.

"Yes, my friends. I saw stars. His eyes were violet pools of stars."

Emerson's face went white, Horace on his feet, leaning in towards the man.

"What is wrong, Emerson? You look shocked."

"His. . .his eyes were violet? You. . .you saw stars?" he said, Grayson looking at his friend with grave concern.

"You need to rest, Em. You don't look well." he said, his hand going into his friend's.

"I. . .I am alright. . .I just didn't expect that."

"Expect what?" Grayson said.

Emerson's face changed, his previous calmness returning to his face, the doctor staring at him.

"I am fine, Horace. Return to your coffee. We shall have brandy in the library in a short while. And then your next path begins, Grayson."

"My next path?"
"Yes, Grayson. You were close. I should have sensed it. Its disappearance should have clued me in to the truth."

"What's disappearance?"

Emerson stared at his old friend.

"The Blood Drop is gone, Grayson. And I sensed the myth may be real."

"Gone? But you had it under lock and key." Grayson said, Emerson nodding.

"Shades walk where they must, my friend. It has begun."

"You are sure? If someone possesses that now. . .it could. . .the power?"
"Yes, Grayson. And you must return to England. I sense you've been deceived. And by a man of the cloth, at that."

Grayson looked surprised, Emerson looking at him.

"She was the sign, Grayson. And he may be the answer, if not the truth."

Emerson stood up, his two friends rising as well.

"The old soldier is on the move. And our time grows short. I think another is now on the road. I didn't even sense it."

"Who?" Grayson said, Emerson smiling at him.

"Who indeed, my friend. Who indeed."

The man smiled, his two friends seeing a look of wondrous life back in the man's face, Emerson Belmont walking out of the dining room.



End of Chapter 6


Seems our rising musical star has a new friend.

And Justin seems bent on having Lucas to himself.


Will that create friction between the two old friends?
Will Lucas be in the center of that?


Seems our Lucas' dreams aren't dreams after all.

What is the stone he's been given?

What is the intrigue centering around Emerson Belmont?


Questions, questions, questions.


I love it!

Lol, Angel.