Yesterday's End-8

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 8


Tennman Studios, New York


"Take it from the start, guys. Canyon of Love." Justin smiled, staring into the recording booth, four enthusiastic smiles greeting him.

It was late afternoon on Monday, the group having tasted its first day of recording.

Lucas was wired, the day's progression stoking his soul.

The morning had started with a one-on-one session, Justin talking with all four, explaining the procedures and studio settings for them.

He showed them around the studios, the four welcomed by all the engineers, staff and recording personnel.

They listened to Justin, offering questions, suggestions and feedback, Justin encouraging and accepting all their concerns, ideas and thoughts.

They went through Lucas' songbook, Justin marvelling at some of the songs, their intensity and liveliness leaping from the music sheets.

Justin's soul had been lost in Lucas' latest ballad--the words, music and melody sinking into his mind and soul.

He felt Lucas' own pain and hurt in every lyric, note and bar.

They'd discussed all the songs, agreeing on the structure for the album, Lucas relaxed and impressed by Justin's calmness, experience and giving help.

Whatever doubts he'd had at the start were now gone.

Justin Timberlake was behind them in all they wanted to do.

Here now they were running through the first song on the list, Lucas and his bandmates anxious to get their voices moving.

Justin sensed their hidden nerves, the four now in the recording booth, the beginnings of their music careers about to bear fruit.

Justin had them go through bars and falsetto scales, Justin impressed by their range and tempos.

"Spot on guys, very impressive. Okay, we're done for the day."
The four looked surprised by Justin's words, Lucas looking at his watch.

"It's only one, Jus. We assumed we'd go all day. We haven't even sung one bar of a song yet!"

Justin stared at all four, then burst into laughter, the four looking at each other.

"The looks on your faces! Priceless! We're done for the day! Unbelievable! And so gullible." he laughed, the four realizing he'd played them.

"Ha. . .ha. Very funny!" Lucas said, his face unable to do anything but smile at the laughing man, Justin walking up to him, his arm going around his shoulder.

"I know that God and his angels wouldn't pry you from this room today. I was just playing with ya!" he laughed, Lucas smiling, then grinning, then winking at his friends.

"Your ass is mine, Timberlake! Revenge is sweet!"

Justin laughed, batting his eyes.

"But I have so much more to offer, Luke." he said, looking cute.

Trish and Skyler laughed, Finn grinning at Justin.

"Sweet! Fresh meat!"

Lucas burst into laughter, Justin smiling at all four.

"There! You're nerves are gone. Relax, guys. I could smell your uncertainty. You're just having fun with me and you're singing the songs you love. Focus on that."
Lucas smiled, seeing Justin's coy way of making them all relax.

"Enough said, Teach!" Lucas grinned, Justin smiling at him.

"Let's start, Orion."

The four smiled, Lucas focusing on the man standing behind the glass wall now, Justin Timberlake--singer, star and friend--smiling at all four, his blue eyes focused on Lucas.

"Take it from the start, guys. Canyon of Love." Justin smiled, staring into the recording booth, four enthusiastic smiles greeting him.

Lucas smiled, the four beginning to play their instruments, Lucas playing lead guitar.

The music was melodic, half ballad, half instrumental, with an upbeat tempo in the background.

Lucas smiled, breaking into the first bar of his first written song, Canyon of Love.



I knew from the start,

that you'd shatter my heart.

That its core would break,

regardless of love's stake.


Our soul of one,

would come undone.

From lies and cheats,

from other lovers' bed sheets.


My heart aches, my heart breaks

Love shakes, for pity's sake

I've lost my stake

Let's slam on the brake.


I'm revvin' to heaven

I'm driving, then diving,

into the Canyon of Love.


Here I come from above

like a nightingale dove

Lost in the Canyon of Love


I lay on the floor, my heart no more.

I see the sky turn red.

If life is a given,

If life's worth livin',

Without love I'll remain dead.


I'm revvin to heaven

I'm driving, then diving,

I'm crying, then climbing,

out of the Canyon of Love


I see that heaven's above

It's filled with love

But my heart remains,

lost in the Canyon of Love




Halfway through the song the recording studio's door opened, four people walking into the room, standing behind Justin and a couple of recording technicians who were manning the consoles, recording the singers behind the glass.

Justin looked back, smiling as two arms wrapped around him, Jessica kissing his cheek, the other four staring into the recording booth, Justin smiling at everyone.

"Josh and I found these two in the parking lot. Seems Orion's melodic voices draws everyone." Jessica smiled, Justin looking at Josh, the man smiling at him, the other two men giving Justin a smile, their eyes looking at the band.

Lance patted Justin's shoulder, Adam Levine leaning against one of the consoles, his blue eyes locked on Lucas singing behind the glass.

"Man, a great voice. His pitch is near perfect." Lance said, Josh staring at Lucas, his soul lost in the tempo of the song radiating from the room.

"That's. . .that so perfect. Pitch, tempo, range, it's all spot on." he said, Justin smiling and nodding.

"Told ya! They are the best I've ever heard. Wait till you hear Lucas' ballad. It'll wrap around the heart. They're going to blow the lid off contemporary music. It's going to be amazing." Justin said, Josh nodding, his blue eyes glued to Lucas as well.

Justin watched Josh, his mind on his own thoughts.

"That man's amazing, Jus. I haven't heard anyone sing with such feeling since Josh." Lance said, looking towards Josh.

"Sorry, Josh. I meant that as a compliment."
Josh smiled at Lance, Lance smiling back.

"No worries, Lancy. And you're beyond right. He's amazing." Josh said, looking back at Lucas, Adam's eyes going to Josh.

"You got that right, Josh. He's amazing alright." Adam said, Josh looking towards him, Adam staring at Lucas again.

Josh didn't like the look on Adam's face, he looked like a lion eyeing its next meal.

Justin and Josh traded looks, everyone going back to the group before them, Lucas singing the second repeat of the chorus, his bandmates joining in.

The song ended, Lucas staring into the studio, his eyes locked on two blue pools staring at him.

Justin hit the intercom button, smiling.

"Perfect, guys. That was amazing." he said, the  four in the room high fiving each other, the other singers in front of them smiling behind the glass wall.

"Do you remember when we looked like that, guys?" Lance said, Justin and Josh smiling.

"A long time ago, Lancy." Justin said, everyone smiling.

"Take five, guys. We'll run through the ballad, then you can listen to the tapes." Justin said, the four nodding, joining together behind the mikes, talking with happiness.

Josh smiled, looking at Justin.

"They didn't need any vocal training? Any music instruction?" he said, Justin shaking his head no.

"Nope, they played it through beginning to end. First take."
Everyone looked amazed, Justin staring at Lucas, the young man smiling and hugging Finn, Trish and Skyler talking to both of them.

"I watched them through the morning, and here now. Next song you should keep your eyes on Lucas. You'll see that he's the core of their greatness. He guides the other three through every bar of the song. His eyes guide them. It's truly an amazing thing. He's amazing." Justin said, staring at him, Jessica wrapping her arms around him.

"I told you that from the start. He's the center of the group." she said, Josh staring at Lucas.

"Like a star in the center of a universe. Its love radiates like a sun." he said, Justin looking at his friend.

"They're going to be stars, Jus. I can see it easily." Lance said, smiling at the group.

"Lance was telling me Lucas is gay, Justin. Is that true?" Adam said, staring at the group, his blue eyes staring at Lucas.

"Yes, Adam. He's gay. What difference does that make?" Justin said, staring at Adam.

"Makes all the difference in the world from where I'm sitting." Adam said, his face widening with a smile.

Lance looked at Justin, the man's brow furrowing.

"Keep your eyes in your head, and your dick in your pants, Levine." Justin said curtly, Jessica looking at him.

"Justin's right, Adam. The gate's locked if you're thinking of swinging on that side of the fence." she said, Lance smirking at her words.
"You never know when I'll find a hole in the boards, Jessica. I do love headboards." he grinned, Lance rolling his eyes, Josh glaring at Adam.

"I sense a little tension in the room. I think I'll leave. But first I want to give the band a thumbs up." Adam said, smiling and walking past Justin, heading into the booth.

Justin's eyes followed him, as did Josh's, Lance walking up beside Jessica.

"I'm sorry, guys. He wanted to come, I couldn't ditch him." he said, Jessica's hand going to his shoulder.

"What are you doing with him, Lance? You could do so much better." she said, Lance smiling at her.

"He fills the lonely nights, and the bed, Jess.  I know he's vulgar, crude and obnoxious. I just need someone until I find that special someone." Lance said, Justin looking at him.

"You will, Lancy. And I'll be the first to help you throw that prick out." he said, Lance smiling at his friend.

Josh heard the conversation, his eyes glued to Adam as the man walked up to Orion, his hand going to Lucas' shoulder, the young man turning and looking into his blue eyes.

"Amazing, my friends. That song's going to be the start of an amazing album. Kudos, guys. Great voice, Luke." he smiled, Lucas nodding at him.

"Thanks, Adam. I'm glad you liked it."
Adam smiled, his eyes scanning over Lucas' slightly glistening face.

"I really like it. All of it." he smiled, Finn's blue eyes staring at Adam.

Adam took a card out of his front pocket, slipping it into Lucas' shirt pocket, patting his chest.

"My number, Luke. I can give you some great advice. I'm more hip to today's music than Lord Timberlake over there. I'm available anytime. Day or night. I can do wonderful things for you." he said, smiling at Lucas only.

"Thanks, Adam. I'll let you know." Lucas said, his face looking towards the studio glass.

"Later, amigos. Later, Lucas." he said, his smouldering blue eyes staring with lust at Lucas.

The man walked out of the booth, Lucas' eyes going to his bandmates.

"I'm going to smash that man's face in if he ever looks at you like that again, Luke." Finn said, Lucas smiling at his protective friend.

"Thanks, Finn. But I can handle that vulture. He preens too much and he's showing his bald spot. It's his IQ."

Finn laughed, Trish and Skyler looking at Lucas.

"He was about to rip your clothes off, Luke." Skyler said, Trish feeling the same assumption.

"Justin said we'd be a magnet for the letches of this industry. I guess we've met the first one."

All three smiled at him.

Lucas smiled, looking at Finn.

"I'm sorry he didn't lust after you, Finny. Maybe you'll be more to Elton John's liking?"

Trish and Skyler erupted into laughter, Finn giving Lucas a finger salute, then smiling.

Justin's voice came over the intercom.

"Break's over, gang. Joshy wants to hear the ballad."
Lucas nodded, looking at his bandmates.

"Up next, my soul." he said, his friends and everyone in the studio hearing him.


Lucas sat at the piano, its large presence filling half the recording booth.

Finn stood behind him, a guitar in his hand, Trish and Skyler standing on the other side of the piano looking at Lucas.

Trish had a tambourine in her hand, Skyler a flute.

They'd already taped the background music for the song that morning, their first instrumental session with Justin.

At its end, Lucas had seen a soft look on Justin's face, the man then disappearing for a few minutes, returning then with a calm look on his face.

He sensed the music had moved Justin.

Here now Lucas was about to play the music and voice the words behind the song.

He smiled around at his friends, his mind focusing on the music that was about to fill his soul.

Justin cued from the studio, Josh seated beside him, Jessica and Lance seated to their right.

Adam had left citing meetings scheduled, Lance staying.

Justin smiled towards Lucas, giving him a look of encouragement.

Lucas' eyes met Josh's, their blueness filled with a look of anticipation.

Lucas took a deep breath, his fingers going to the ivory keys of the piano before him, his mind focusing on his music.

The room filled with a soft riff of piano music, that music joined by Finn's guitar.

Lucas' rich voice filled the booth, everyone spellbound by its focused reality.



I walked through rooms of sadness,

lost in the madness,

lost in the silence of our love.


I walked down roads of memories,

roads of extremities.

roads of lies, roads of highs

and ditches of lows.


How can I walk any farther than my soul can reach?

How can I walk, as I once walked with you on that beach?

How can I part, from the pain in my heart?

No one can now claim this broken heart.


For this heart was a tool,

for the construction of a fool.

For the creation of a man,

who didn't see your final plan.


You ripped what was whole,

for you had but one goal.

And how did it start?

Well, when love tried to claim this heart.


A heart that now lays apart,

scarred by pain, wet from my tears' rain.

I'll never do this again,

No one shall have a claim to this heart


For what is a heart, but a vessel of love.

A receptacle of your need, that can rip apart from greed.

From the falsity of love, from the pain from above.

From your wooden sticks to my head, I came close to being dead.


And so I'll remain, forever with this pain.

Torn from the start, and you know what was your part.

No one will claim this heart.


For all will be doomed from the start.

No one will claim this heart.


My heart. . .forever. . .my heart.



Lucas lowered his head, his three bandmates staring at him, their love showing.

Jessica was crying, Lance's arm around her.

Justin's eyes were filled with glistening tears, his blue pools staring at Lucas, the young man's eyes turning towards the glass.

Josh's blue pools connected with Lucas', Josh seeing the truth behind the song, the truth etched in Lucas' violet eyes.

"How was that, Justin?" Lucas said, his three bandmates still looking at him.

The intercom slowly came to life, Justin's soft voice filling the room.

"That. . .that was. . .don't change a word, Lucas. It was. . .it was perfect." Justin said with emotion, Josh looking towards his friend.

"That's it for today, guys." Justin said, the band looking at him.

Lucas smiled, closing the cover on the piano's keys.

"A good start, my friends." Lucas smiled, the three others smiling back.

"Hearts go forward, Lucky." Trish said, Lucas nodding.

The three smiled at him, the four walking out of the recording booth.


Lucas and his bandmates walked into the studio, four friends and two technicians standing and staring at him.

"Okay, enough with the stares. Was it that bad?" he said, his eyes looking towards Jessica, the woman standing up and walking up to him.

Lucas saw the glistening tears still in her red eyes.

"I don't know what pain lays in your heart Lucas, but God! That song was etched with grief, with pain and hurt. I think you've just sealed your worship at the hands of millions of fans. That was unbelievable!" she said, hugging the young man to him.

Justin smiled at his girlfriend, looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"What Jessica so eloquently tried to say, is that that song has all the makings of a solid hit. It was perfect, guys. Orion just lit up the sky."
The four smiled, Lance walking up to them, shaking all their hands.

"That was an amazing song, guys. I can't wait till this album comes out. You're going to be shining like the true stars you are." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

Lance's green eyes stared at him, Lucas' handsome face staring back at his equally handsome face.

"Thanks, Lance. We value your opinion." he said, the two hugging.

Lance hugged the other three, Lucas looking towards Josh.

"And your thoughts, Josh?" Lucas said, the man standing up and walking up to them.

"That first song has the makings of a hit list contender. Upbeat, catchy and meaningful. It will be the spotlight that shines right at you four. And that second song will sink into a generation of hurting souls. You've captured a lot of pain, hurt and truth in your words. And I sense it shows a lot of your soul, Lucas. It will raise you onto another level. I'm so glad I got to hear it first."
Lucas smiled, Josh hugging his bandmates, then hugging Lucas last, the two parting.

"I'd like to hear the story of that song's truth, Lucas."
"Tonight at dinner, Josh. If you're still on for that?"

Josh's eyes glanced at Justin, the man staring quietly at him.

"For sure, Lucas. I'll pick you up at seven."
Lucas smiled, looking towards Justin.

"We've done enough for today, guys. We'll hash out the next song tomorrow."
All four smiled, Finn grinning.

"You two can dine, I'm heading for some clubs." he smiled, Skyler rolling her eyes.

"Have some Advil ready, Justin.  Headaches all around in the morning." she said, everyone laughing, Finn smiling.

"We'll have an early start, guys. Don't go too crazy." Justin smiled, his eyes glancing towards Josh and Lucas, the two smiling at him.

Everyone surrounded the four bandmates, the discussion turning to the day's songs.


Lucas adjusted his shirt collar, buttoning the buttons, his smooth torso disappearing under the fabric.

He ran his fingers through his black curls, adjusting a few strands that were dangling over his brow.

He stared into the mirror in his bedroom, his eyes going to the stone hanging around his neck from a rawhide cord.

He sighed, rubbing it softly.

What am I doing?
Am I playing more into this than there is?

He's. . .he's beyond beautiful.

His eyes. . .his face.

He's so out of my league.

Lucas sighed, walking out of the bedroom, picking up his blazer off the bed before he left.

He walked down into the living room, stopping when three sets of eyes stared at him.

Finn, Skyler and Trish all stood in the living room, Lucas staring back at them.

"The drill sergeants want to review the troops?" he said, smiling.

"Looking fantastic, Lucky." Trish smiled, walking up to her brother, kissing his cheek.

"Chasez will be blown away. Maybe even just blown." Finn said, Skyler glancing at him, Finn blushing.

"Sorry, Luke. Bad joke."
Lucas smiled, staring at his friend.

"That's not happening, for sure. God I'm so nervous! This isn't me, guys!" he said, his other two friends joining his sister, Lucas finding himself in the middle of a group hug.

"Lucas, my brother. Tonight's the first time you've entered back into the real world. The past is gone. It's time to walk forward into the future. Leave the baggage behind, Lucas. I truly believe that Josh wants to get to know you. Start with his friendship, then open that closed off heart of yours." Trish said, her words calming Lucas.

"I. . .I will, Trishy."

Finn's hand went to Lucas' shoulder.

"We're all here for you. If you're uncomfortable with anything, or just him, call us. We'll pick you up, no questions asked." he said, Lucas nodding.

"I thought you two were bar hopping tonight?"
"No, Lucas. We're more interested in your happiness. We're waiting here for you." he said, Lucas tearing up.

"Guys, don't put your happiness on hold for me."
Skyler leaned in, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"Our happiness is yours, Lucas. We three are just going to relax tonight."
Lucas nodded, Trish smiling at him.

"He's not Jake, Lucas. I feel that deeply in my heart."

Lucas teared up, hugging his sister again, Trish's arms going around him, Finn and Skyler smiling at their sibling love.

"I know, Patricia. But that man's hurt is still in my soul."

"I know, Luke. But I sense another love could destroy that hurt. Take the first step. Get your ass out that door. I'm sure Josh is waiting downstairs for you."
Lucas laughed, breaking his hold on his sister, Trish smiling at him.

Lucas put on his blazer, his bandmates smiling at him.

"Hot to trot, Lucas. If I was gay. . ." Finn said, licking his lips.

"You'd be mine forever, stud." Lucas said, finishing his sentence.

Finn laughed, Skyler's arms going around him.

"That he is, Lucas. Mine forever."
Lucas smiled, kissing all three on the cheek, walking to the condo door.

He turned back, looking at all three.

"Up next, my soul part two."

All three smiled, Lucas walking out of the condo.


Lucas' violet eyes met Josh's, the man smiling at him.

Josh was driving an SUV, the man looking again towards Lucas seated in the passenger seat beside him.

"You look amazing tonight, Lucas. That burgundy shirt draws out your eyes."

Lucas smiled, softly blushing.

"And the black blazer accents everything. I take it the girls assembled your attire?"
"No, I dressed myself. I seem to have a flair for fashion. Must be the gayness in me."

"You have great taste. You look smashing, as they say in your neck of the woods."

Lucas lightly laughed, smiling at him.

"I'm from Wales, not England, Josh. And you look smashing, too. I think you have that certain flair for fashion, too."

Josh softly blushed, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"Nice ride. Is this yours?"
"No, it's Justin's. He lent it to me for the evening. He and Jessica are staying home, chilling."
"Cool, cool." Lucas said, looking around the vehicle.

"This is great. The traps of luxury."
"The style to make you smile." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"So where are we headed? It's my treat, remember?"
"I know a quaint place just off thirty-second street. It's an Italian restaurant."
"Great. I love Italian."
"I'm sure there might be some Italian in me." Josh said, Lucas meeting his blue eyes.

"Can I use a fork, or can I just use my hands?"
Josh laughed, their smiles equal.

"A little too strong?" Josh said, Lucas smiling.

"No, Josh. But don't expect dessert."
Josh blushed, then nodded.
Lucas smiled and laughed, the two reaching a calm silence between them.

Both stared at each other, their hearts calm.


Lucas smiled, looking around the small restaurant.

It was small, quaint, with candles lit on all the tables.

He and Josh were seated at a small table towards the back in a secluded corner, their table looking out on the quiet lamp-lit street.

Josh seemed to know the owner well, the man fawning over him when they'd walked in, guiding them to their table, his daughter acting as waitress, kissing Josh's cheek.

"This is a nice place, Josh. Elegant, charming and private. Do you come here often? You seem to know everyone."
"Every chance I'm in New York. And I've know the owner for years. He's Joey Fatone's cousin." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Family connections, that's always good."

Josh chuckled, handing Lucas a menu.

"Try the appetizers. They're phenomenal. Especially the breaded mushrooms."

"You are the guest, Josh. My treat. Order your heart's desire."
"I'll take one Lucas to go, please."
Lucas laughed, Josh smiling at him.

The waitress came back at that moment, Josh ordering appetizers for both of them, Lucas smiling at the young woman.

When she left, Lucas' eyes met Josh's.

"So what's the deal, Josh? Are you coming on to me, or are you just being nice?" Lucas said, staring at him.

Josh looked a little concerned, Lucas' hand going on top of his.

"I like you, Josh. You're a nice person. Your personal life is just that. Yours. We're just two friends having dinner together, if that's all you want. Okay?"

"And what if I want more?" he said, staring into the violet eyes before him.

"I'd like to learn the story of Joshua Chasez. Let me decide what warrants more." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Well, to start with--as I'm sure you've already figured out--I'm gay. But I'm not out."
Lucas nodded, Josh surprised that he didn't seem more surprised.

"You already sensed that?"

"That ship's long sailed, Josh. My bandmates had it docked right from the start."
Josh looked confused, Lucas chuckling.

"They informed me the morning after the party that you had the hots for me. I--to be honest--was clueless."
Josh looked shocked, Lucas laughing.

"Relax, they're loving, great friends. Secrets revealed remain within their giving hearts."

Josh nodded, blushing.

"I. . .I didn't think anyone could see it that easily."
"They said your eyes were glued to me all night at the party. Were they correct?" Lucas said, their eyes meeting.

"You're beautiful, Lucas. I'm sure I wasn't the only one staring at you."

"Yes, I'm sure you weren't. Adam Levine's blue eyes are like an eagle's, piercing with hunger."

Josh's brow furrowed, Lucas' hand going on top of his again, Josh calming at its touch.

"I'm sorry, Lucas. That man's incorrigible. I still can't understand why Lance still hangs around him."

"Yes, he's self-centered. I saw that easily." Lucas said, staring at Josh.

Josh stared back, Lucas smiling at him.

"I should let you know that Adam and I had a tryst at one time. I was one of his many notches on his bedpost. The man's nothing if not charismatic, ego not withstanding."

Lucas nodded, staring at Josh.

"At least you had the good sense to see him for what he is. I saw it easily myself. I'm not into letches. I know how to handle them. My eyes have opened now to that truth. I prefer to be respected, not objectified. That tattooed vulture hasn't a chance."
Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"Watch him, Lucas. He's very adamant once he sets you in his sights. I don't trust him."
Lucas nodded, smiling at Josh.

"I will, Josh. Thanks for the advice. So tell me the story of Joshua Chasez. I'm all ears." Lucas said, wanting to change the subject.

Josh smiled, looking into his violet eyes, lost in the young man's calming presence.

He felt his soul opening up, the man beginning to talk.


Lucas leaned back, wiping his lips with his napkin.

Their dinner was delicious, Josh talking through all of it, Lucas adding questions, or words of friendship and kindness.

"An amazing life, Josh. You've done it all. I so loved your music, the group's and your own. You should have stayed with it. The world's lost a great voice."
Josh smiled, hearing the truth and respect in Lucas' voice.

"Thanks, Lucas."
"For the last time, call me Luke."
Josh smiled, sipping at a glass of white wine in front of him.

"Alright, Luke. I have no regrets, the path of life goes forward and I follow it. Look where it's brought me." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, their eyes connecting.

"You have amazing eyes, Lucas. . .I mean Luke." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling back.

"Call me as you wish, Josh. Lucas sound beautiful spoken by you."
Josh grinned, raising his glass as if he wanted to make a toast, Lucas raising his.

"It shall be Lucas when I'm serious, Luke when I'm flirting." he said, Lucas laughing, tapping his glass against Josh's.

"Let's hope I hear Luke often."
Josh smiled, drinking from his glass, his eyes on Lucas.

Lucas saw Josh's face take on a concerned, serious look, Josh setting his wine glass down.

"Justin told me briefly about last year, Lucas. About your abusive past. No details, just that you'd gone through an abusive relationship. I hope my being here like this hasn't in some way made you uncomfortable?"
Lucas softly smiled, staring at the man across from him.

He saw Josh's deep concern in his blue eyes, Lucas smiling at the man's concern for his feelings.

"No Josh. I'm totally comfortable with you. Perhaps I should tell you the truth of all of that?"

"Justin said you don't like to talk about it, that you're a private person. I won't press you, Lucas. Your life is your own."

"No, I'm in no way private about that, Josh. I'm surprised Justin said that. I told him freely all about it. After I. . ." Lucas stopped, Josh looking at him with confusion.

"After you what?"

Lucas blushed, meeting Josh's blue pools.

"After I kissed him."


"You kissed Justin?" Josh said with surprise, Lucas softly smiling at him.

Lucas told Josh of the first few days after he'd met Justin, and their afternoon at the hotel.

"It was a kiss of mistaken hope. He'd been so nice to me and my mates, so genuinely friendly and caring. And it didn't hurt that he's beautiful."
Josh nodded, listening quietly to Lucas.

"I guess my feelings overcame me. He was the first person I had kissed since Jake."
"That's a long time, Lucas. What was Justin's reaction?"

"He was surprised, but he calmly told me the truth. That he loves Jessica and that nothing could happen between us. I was so embarrassed, it was as if I'd thrown myself at him. He's a great friend for calming my worry, and for accepting my apology. We've become great friends. I know that's what we'll always be."

Josh nodded, his thoughts his own.

"Justin is a great guy, Lucas. He's my best friend." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You're not so bad yourself, Josh. I think I can tell you everything. For if we're going to go any farther in our friendship, you need to know all my truths."
Josh nodded, smiling at him.

"Let's order dessert and then you can tell me those truths."
"I thought I was dessert?"
Josh laughed, waving at the waitress.


A short ten minutes later they were eating cheesecake, and drinking coffees, Lucas talking openly to Josh.

He told him everything.

His relationship with Jacob Addison, their meeting, their falling in love and his betrayal.

Jake had been a student at Oxford, the two meeting at a bar one night.

Josh remained silent, his blue eyes showing so much calming compassion to Lucas, the young man feeling he could tell him everything.

He then told him about Jake's hurting him, then his rescue from certain death at the hand of that man.

Finn, Skyler and Trish had walked into Jake's apartment, finding the man beating Lucas with a baseball bat.

Finn had pulled the man off Lucas, punching him in the face.

Finn had again beaten Jake up later that evening, after Lucas had been taken to the hospital.

He'd gone back to the apartment, the two coming to blows, police called by neighbours when their fighting had started on the front steps of the building.

Charges of assault had been filed against Jake by Lucas, the man then disappearing.

Lucas hadn't heard from him since, the man last heard of leaving England, going home to America.

"So you've no word on where he is?"
"No, Josh. He's out of my life. I almost lost that life because I couldn't see what he was doing to me. It took me a long time to realize that I was the victim. All I did was love him, he never loved me."

Josh's hand went out, settling on top of Lucas', the man's violet eyes staring into his blue.

"You said it all right there, Lucas. You weren't at fault. Your heart was giving, his was hurtful. I'm glad your friends saw it before you died at his hands. Fate played its hand that day, so you'd be able to escape that life. Look where it's brought you today. You've come a long way, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"Yes, I have. Thanks to those friends, and my sister. My heart, once wounded, has healed. And I've made a promise to myself."
Josh nodded, looking at Lucas.

"I think you made that promise to yourself in that song. No one can claim your heart."

Lucas nodded, smiling at Josh.

"I won't say it won't ever happen, but my heart is mine. The man I give it to--if I ever do--has to earn it with friendship, love and a giving soul. I have to trust him."

Josh smiled, nodding.

"Understandable, Lucas. What happened to you would harden the most giving of hearts. I hope for now my friendship can be enough?"
Lucas smiled, patting Josh's hand.

"I already love that friendship."
Josh smiled, Lucas lost in his beautiful face.

"What's not to love?" Josh smirked, Lucas laughing.

"Nothing much, that I can see. A couple of scratched knees and a sprained foot, but all in all very doable."

Josh laughed loudly, Lucas smiling at the beauty of his rich melodic laugh.

"I see the foot's much better, you can hardly notice the limp."
"Must have been my doctor."

"Yeah, I hear he's a sucker for a pretty face."
Josh chuckled, Lucas smiling at that pretty face.

"Thanks, Lucas. I am fifteen years older that you, you do realize that?"

"Age is a number, Joshua. Beauty--as well as a heart and soul--are timeless."
Josh smiled, loving Lucas calling him Joshua.

"My mother only calls me Joshua. But your voice says it so lovingly."
Lucas smiled.

"As does yours with Lucas. So, don't you think I should meet her before we get married?"
Josh laughed, loving Lucas' twisted sense of humour.

"Only if I'm pregnant, sweetie."

Lucas laughed loudly, Josh smiling at his boisterous rich laugh.

The two smiled at each other, Lucas waving towards the waitress.

"It's my treat, Joshua."
Josh smiled, Lucas asking the waitress for the bill.


The two drove back across the city, Josh heading towards Lucas' condo.

"It's been a great night, Luke."
"Ah, so now it's Luke. Josh's being flirtatious. Does that mean I get a kiss?"
Josh lightly laughed, winking at him, Lucas smiling at him.

"Let's find somewhere to relax and talk. It's still early, Josh. I hate the thoughts of this evening ending."

Josh smiled, turning at the next corner.

"I know a place, it's got a nice view of the Hudson River."
Lucas smiled, leaning back in his seat, Josh driving.

A short few minutes later, Josh pulled into a parking lot, Lucas seeing the river across from it.

"It's quiet here, street lamps lighting the riverside. We can walk, or sit and talk."
Lucas smiled, climbing out of the SUV.

The two smiled at each other, Josh hitting the lock button on his keychain.

The two walked along the river's edge, walking together, a slight breeze hitting their faces.

"You're not cold are you, Luke?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"No, Josh. I come from Wales, remember? It's cold and damp there half the time. It fills my heart with life. The cold air wakes me up. I feel so alive in it."
Josh smiled, folding his arms in front of him, Lucas lightly laughing.

"Here, my heroic Joshua. You're the one freezing. Take my jacket." Lucas said, the two stopping, Lucas removing his suit jacket, Josh blushing.

"Put it on. You're only wearing a light sweater over that silk shirt." Lucas said, his eyes scanning Josh's sleek beautiful form.

Josh wore black dress pants, a black silk shirt covered with a light cotton grey v-neck sweater.

"Thanks, Luke. I owe you one."
"That's two." Lucas smiled.

"Two? Two what?"
"Kisses, sexy." Lucas said, smiling and starting to walk again.

Josh stared at him, following him.

"For someone who's been through a lot--physically and emotionally--you seem to be very flirtatious, Luke." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

Lucas sat down on a bench, Josh joining him when Lucas offered it.

The two sat together, staring out at the water a few feet away.

"I cover my fears with humour and bravado, Josh. My sister's the only one who's been able to see through it."
Josh nodded, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"I'm sometimes just a kid, Josh. Sometimes I'm just a terrified kid. I mask that with silliness and jokes." he said, looking back out at the dark water, Josh staring at him.

"You're a young man who's seen the dark side of life, Lucas. I'm surprised by how together you are. But I can see that kid underneath. I just want him--and you--to know I'm here as a friend."
Lucas smiled, their eyes meeting again.

"Thanks, Josh. I think you'll be a great friend."
Josh smiled, looking out at the water himself.

"We all, sometimes in our lives, have moments of hurt and sorrow, Lucas."

Lucas stared at the man, his hand going to Josh's, Lucas linking it with his, Josh staring at him, their eyes lost in each other's souls as they held hands.

"What's your pain, Joshua? I can feel it behind your mask as well."

Josh looked surprised, Lucas smiling at him.

"I have a gift, or so my sister says. I can feel sorrow, pain and hurt in people."

Josh lowered his eyes, then raised them, staring into Lucas' stunning violet eyes.

"You had physical abuse, Lucas. I had emotional. I fell in love with someone who used me. Used me for my money and my prestige. And then he threatened me with blackmail and exposure. I trusted him and he used me. I couldn't see what was happening either. I was blinded by a love that never was there. It took Justin and Joey to expose the man for what he was. I was such a fool."
Lucas' hand squeezed Josh's, Josh feeling his compassion.

"We were together for over two years, Lucas. That ended three years ago. I haven't been able to let someone into my heart since then. My trust issues run deep."
Lucas nodded, Josh looking into his eyes again.

He saw only compassion and understanding there.

"I guess we're a lot alike, Joshua."
Josh nodded, staring into his violet eyes.

"You have more courage, Lucas. You survived a lot more pain."
"And you've shown more love, Joshua. Your heart's unchanged. I still see a lot of giving goodness in it."
Josh smiled, his eyes looking out onto the dark waters.

"Luke, I. . .I like you a lot."
Lucas smiled, looking at the man.

"I like you too, Joshua."

Josh smiled, their eyes meeting again.

The two men moved forward, their lips meeting, Lucas falling into Josh's rugged arms.

The two became lost in the kiss overcoming them, Josh the first to pull back.

"I. . .I'm sorry, Luke. I. . .I should have asked first."
"I moved forward also, Josh. I wanted it to happen."
Josh softly smiled, Lucas seeing him tremble a little.

"My Joshua is freezing. I think we should walk back to the car."

Josh's eyes widened a little, Lucas standing up, offering the man his hand.

Josh took it, standing up.

"Your Joshua?"

Lucas blushed a little, smiling softly.

"Perhaps. I want to get to know you better, Josh. I think I'm ready to let someone back into my life. I only hope that you can appreciate my limits. I want to take it slow."
Josh nodded his head, Lucas smiling more at him.

"I respect you, Josh. I'll appreciate your limits as well. I want you to trust me, as much as I want to trust you."
Josh smiled, looking into Lucas' violet eyes.

"I'd like that as well, Lucas. It's time I walked the road of life again as well. I need someone special in my life. I think I want that person to be you."

"You don't mind that I'm just a kid?"
"Hey, I always wanted to be a father."
Lucas laughed, Josh smiling at him.

"Cool, Daddy."

Josh laughed, the two walking back to the car.


A few minutes later Josh stopped in front of Lucas' building, parking.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening, Josh."
"It's not over yet, Lucas. Wait right there." Josh said, climbing out of his seat, walking around the vehicle, opening Lucas' door for him, Lucas smiling as he climbed out.

"May I walk you to your door, Luke?"
Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

Josh walked beside Lucas, the two walking to the building's front door, Lucas about to stop, Josh continuing to walk ahead with him.

"I'm a gentleman, Luke. I'll see you to your condo door upstairs."

Lucas smiled, touched by Josh's chivalry.

Josh opened the building's front door, Lucas walking in and hitting the entrance code, Josh opening the second door, allowing Lucas to walk in first.

Josh looked around, seeing no one, his hand going into Lucas', the young man smiling.

"I don't want this night to end." Josh said, Lucas smiling as the two walked to the elevator doors, Josh hitting the up button for him, their hands still together.

The door opened, the two walking into the elevator, Lucas hitting the eighth floor button.

Josh smiled, Lucas leaning against him, Josh's arms going around the younger man, Lucas' head going against Josh's chest.

Josh smiled at Lucas' contact with him, the two men standing against each other as the elevator ascended.

They spoke no words, two people holding onto each other.

The elevator stopped, the doors opening, Lucas sighing, breaking his contact with Josh, their hands going together again.

They walked out of the elevator, Josh walking Lucas to his condo's front door, the two stopping and facing each other.

"It's been a beautiful night, Josh. Thank you for all of it. And for perhaps the future."
Josh smiled, looking into Lucas' violet eyes.

"I still owe you one, Lucas."
Lucas stared at him, Josh leaning in slowly, their lips meeting.

This kiss was a little more open, both men feeling a newness behind it.

Lucas sighed when Josh broke the connection, their eyes opening, staring into the other's pools of love.

"Thank you, Luke. For everything. I'll talk to you tomorrow. I'll swing by the studio."

Lucas smiled, Josh reluctantly letting go of Lucas' hand, the man slowly walking back towards the elevator.

Josh stopped, smiling.

He began to remove Lucas' blazer from his torso, Lucas smiling.

"Keep it, Josh. It looks smashing on you."
Josh smiled, putting it back on.

"Goodnight, Lucas."
"Goodnight, my Joshua."

Both men smiled, Josh stepping onto the elevator when the door opened, Lucas watching him until the last moment that the doors closed.

Lucas sighed, a smile coming to his face.

He slipped his card into the door's slot, walking into the condo.

He was surprised to see the lights still on, the young man stopping in his tracks, three faces greeting him from the living room.

"Well it's about damn time, Lucky!" Trish said, smiling at her brother, a look of relief showing on her face.

"Sorry, we lost track of the time." Lucas said, glancing at his watch, seeing it was after one o'clock.

Finn grinned at him, walking up to his friend, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Someone's had fun then?" he smiled, Lucas looking into his blue eyes.

Lucas' face changed, Finn's showing concern.

Lucas sobbed, the young man falling into his friend's arms, Trish and Skyler at Lucas' side, Finn holding him tightly.

Lucas was sobbing, Finn and Trish rubbing his back, Skyler's arm around him as well.

"What's wrong, Lucky? Are you okay?" Trish said, her face covered in concern.

"What did he do to you, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas raising his head, staring into Finn's loving eyes.

"Oh, Finn. He's. . .he's so. . ." Lucas said, his voice filled with emotion.

"What's wrong, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas sobbing against his chest.

"I'm so scared, Finn!" Lucas sobbed, Trish's arms around her brother, Lucas moving against her, crying.

Trish and Finn exchanged looks, Skyler's eyes on Lucas.

"I. . .I think I'm in love." he sobbed, his bandmates staring at him.



End of Chapter 8


And so Josh and Lucas seem to have connected.

They seem to be on a similar level of pain and hurt.

Perhaps through their togetherness they can find happiness.

Or maybe they aren't destined for each other.


Only time will tell.


I hoped you liked Lucas' songs.

I'm not really a songwriter per se, but I hope at least it held together, lol.


On to the next day, and some continuing drama, with perhaps an inkling of the truth.



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