Yesterday's End-9

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 9


Trish stared at Lucas, she having guided Lucas to the couch, sitting at his side, Finn and Skyler seated in a wing chair beside them, Skyler in Finn's lap.

Lucas wiped his eyes, Trish staring at her brother.

"You think you're in love, Lucas?" she said, Lucas' wet eyes meeting hers.

"Yes, Trish. He's. . .he's so everything I've always wanted in a man. He's kind, caring, funny, sensual, so totally together. He seems to care about me. . .about my feelings. I just can't believe that. J C Chasez likes me?"
Trish smiled, wiping Lucas' eyes with a Kleenex she'd pulled out of the dispenser off the end table.

"That's wonderful, Lucky. I knew he was a nice man." she said, Lucas softly smiling, Finn looking at him.

"So what's the problem, Luke? You seem to like him." he said, Lucas looking at him.

"He's so like me, Finny. He went through an emotional break up, he's been afraid to date again. He said I'm so wonderful. How can I be wonderful when I'm nothing compared to him?" Lucas said, lowering his eyes, Trish rubbing his shoulder.

Finn moved, Skyler rising up and watching him sit down beside Lucas.

"Now stop that. I told you before that you shouldn't feel that way. You're just as wonderful as he is. I'm actually now impressed with the guy. I thought for sure those celebrity types would be just looking for sex. He's obviously made an impression on you."
Lucas nodded, looking at his friend.

"He. . .he has, Finny. He's so beautiful, so giving and so normal. We talked about so much together, about our lives, our hopes. Sex never came into the conversation." he said, Trish smiling at Finn, Skyler meeting his eyes as well.

"Sounds to me like our Lucky's found a nice guy. So why are you scared?" Finn said, his words calm but direct.

Lucas raised his eyes, meeting Finn's blue pools.

"I'm worried about his celebrity life. I can't match that, his greatness. He's so above me. And what if. . .?"

"What if what, Luke?" Finn said, calmly staring at his friend.

"What. . .what if he hurts me? I don't think I could bear that again." Lucas said, tears showing again, Finn putting his arm around him, Lucas snuggling against him, Trish smiling at Finn's loving brotherly connection with Lucas.

"You have to let the past go, Lucky. I know it was painful, hard and emotional. But life has to go on. The next person you connect with may be the right person. I'm not saying it's J C, I'm not saying it isn't. All I'm saying is that you'll never know if you don't at least try. He obviously likes you. And I see easily that you like him. You just confessed to us that you might be falling in love."

Lucas nodded, his head laying against Finn's chest.

"We all know the deepness of your giving heart, Lucas. I envy Josh's experiencing that. If he falls in love with you, he'll be the luckiest guy in the world."
Lucas raised his head, Finn smiling at him.

"What I'm telling you is that you shouldn't fear what's happened tonight, those feelings you have, Lucky. You should let Josh into your life. Right now you have his friendship. I can see that he's a together guy, and a nice guy as Trish said. And I'm sure in time he could bring you the happiness you so deeply deserve. But you have to open your heart, and let the fear go."
Lucas softly smiled, nodding.

"You have two friends and a loving sister here who'll always watch out for you, Lucky. What happened before will never happen again, not if we have any say in it."
Lucas smiled, looking at all three, all three smiling at him.
"You three have a say in my life. You're my sisters and brother."

All three smiled, Lucas softly smiling back.

"I guess I'm still a kid at heart. I still fear the unknown. I was so. . .I was so blind last time."
"You're not a kid anymore, Lucky. We can all see that. But you'll always be our little brother." Skyler said, Lucas smiling at her.

"Thanks, sis."

Skyler smiled, Finn smiling at Lucas.

"You weren't blind or gullible, Lucas. You  were manipulated and deceived."

Lucas nodded, accepting that truth from Finn.

"Feeling better, Lucky?"
Lucas nodded, looking around at all three.

"I. . .I want to get to know Josh better. I want to try for something more."
All three smiled, Trish kissing her brother's cheek.

"I'm so happy for you, Lucky. He's such a nice guy."
Lucas smiled, Finn patting his shoulder, a warm smile of brotherly love on his face.

"You do realize that Josh isn't out, that this is a private matter for him? We have to be discreet." Lucas said, his friends and sister nodding, Finn smiling at him.

"So spill the beans, Carver! Tell us everything. What's it like dating a superstar?!"
Lucas laughed, the young man telling them all of his evening of happiness.


Josh walked out of the bathroom wearing only boxer shorts, shutting off the bathroom's light, the man stopping and staring forward at his bed, lamps lit on both sides of it.

Justin lay across it, the man wearing a black satin robe, his long muscular legs showing.

"You're late, Joshy. How was your night?" Justin said, his eyes going over Josh's toned smooth body.

Josh's blue eyes stared into Justin's blue pools, the man staring at him with a judging look.

"It was fantastic, Jus. Best night I've had with someone in a long time."

"That's. . .that's great, Josh."
"You should be in bed, Jus." Josh said, pulling on his robe.
"Jessica left around eleven, a red-eye flight to Los Angeles. She's filming, starting tomorrow, back on Friday. We had a fun evening. She left with a smile on her face." he smiled softly, Josh nodding.

"So you and Lucas had a good time?" he said, Josh smiling, walking over to the bed and sitting down on its edge, Justin laying beside him.

"Yes, Jus. He's a remarkable young man. And we have so much in common. I've never met someone who seems so in tune with myself. His humour, his smile, his touch, his. . ." Josh stopped, a soft blush showing on his face.

Justin sat up, staring at him.

"Did you make out?"

Josh turned his head, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

"No, Jus. We just had dinner, then went for a walk down by the river. We sat and talked for hours." he said, staring at Justin.

"Oh. I see. That's good. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, Joshy."

Josh stared at Justin.

"What's going on, Justin?"

Justin stared at him.

"What. . .what do you mean?" he softly said, his eyes moving away from Josh.

"I'm not blind, Justin. I've watched you today, and at the party. I need to know what's going on in that mixed up head of yours. Are you jealous?"
Justin looked surprised, staring at Josh, their eyes meeting.

"You're jealous that I'm having fun with Lucas, aren't you? Are you still in love with me?"

Justin lowered his eyes, Josh's hand going out, resting on his shoulder.

"For God sakes, Justin! You're getting married. You and Jessica seem so happy together. You have to face reality. You and I are over, Justin. What we once had can't happen again. I love you like a brother, like my best friend. For that's what you are, what you'll always be to me."

Justin raised his eyes, Josh seeing a glistening in them.

"I love you, Josh. I'll always love you."
"You love Jessica, Justin. I see it in your eyes at times. But I also see that doubt, that hidden fear. You have to tell Jessica the truth, Justin. She deserves to know all of your soul."
Justin stared into Josh's blue eyes.

"Make love to me, Josh. Like you once did."
Justin climbed out of the bed, standing in front of Josh.

His hands went to his robe, the robe falling to the floor.

Josh stared at his friend, Justin's nude body on full display for him.

"Put your robe back on, Justin. I. . .I can't do this. Not again." he said, his eyes moving away from Justin's showing desire.

"You loved me once, Josh. I was there again for you after Bryce that one time. You once hungered for me. I've learned so much since then. I can make you feel so many new desires."

Josh felt Justin's hands on his shoulders, the man trying to draw Josh towards his body, Josh fighting against his strength.

"Stop, Justin! I said no!"
Justin stopped, backing up, Josh staring up at him.

"I'm not someone you can just get off with, Justin. I'm your friend, and I love you. But I'm not looking for sex, for gratification. I can't, Justin. I just can't. I. . .I felt something tonight. I felt my soul come alive."
Justin stared at Josh, the man's eyes meeting his.

"I think I'm falling in love with Lucas, Jus. And that means--for my soul--that I will remain loyal to him."
"You haven't even slept with him. How can you have loyalty when you aren't even in a relationship?"
Josh stared at Justin.

"You're my best friend, Justin. Can't you see what's going on with me? What's flowing through my soul?"
Justin sighed, the man leaning down and picking up his robe, putting it back on, sitting down on the bed beside his friend.

"You're. . .you're falling in love with him. I see it in your eyes, Josh." he softly said, Josh staring at him.

"Yes, Justin. He's entered my soul. I've never felt this way about anyone. Not Bryce, not even you."
Justin lowered his head, Josh staring at him.

"I'm sorry, Jus. I love you deeply. We once had a magical love, but it wasn't true love. And what happened then between us after Bryce was only weakness on my part. I'm sorry I let that happen. I was vulnerable and I acted on it. I'm sorry if you took more away from that than I did. I'm still only your best friend."
Justin's blue eyes met Josh's.

"You think it's true love with Lucas?"

Josh softly smiled, Justin seeing the brightness and happiness in his blue eyes.

A look that he hadn't seen there since the early days of Bryce.

"I think so, Jus. No one's ever affected me like this. I just left him and I feel lost."

Justin nodded, looking at his friend.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Joshy. I'm sorry for throwing myself at you. I. . .I just need. . .I just need to feel your love again."
Josh sighed, pulling his friend against him, Justin's head laying on his naked chest.

"You'll always feel my love, Justin. It just can't be physical as it once was. We've changed. . .I've changed."

Justin nodded, raising his head, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"I've changed too, Josh. I think I'm finally coming to terms about myself. I do need to talk to Jessica."
Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing his friend's cheek.

"She's a wonderful girl, Jus. I think she'll accept the real you. Your past and your soul. And then your relationship can begin with honesty, love and commitment."
Justin smiled, nodding.

"I'll let you sleep, Josh. Have a good night."
Josh smiled, nodding.

"Night, Jus."
Justin got up, quietly walking out of the room, looking back as Josh climbed into bed.

"Sweet Lucas dreams, Joshy."
Josh smiled, Justin closing the door.

Justin stood in the hallway, his head lowering.

You can't have him, Josh.

I. . .I want him.

Can't you understand?

He's so. . .he so special. . .so like you.

I love you, and I know I could love him.

You're right, Josh.

I need to tell Jessica.

I need her to understand my life.

I just hope at the end Lucas will be there for me.

Justin walked back to his bedroom, flicking the light on, sitting down on the bed's edge.

He pulled off his robe, picking up his cell phone.

He found a number, hitting it.

He waited, the phone answered.

"Hey, who's this?"
"It's Justin."
"Timberlake? You're calling late. Is your lady gone?"
"Yes, she's gone, but I'm not alone here. Can I come over?"

Justin heard a silence for a few moments.

"Sure. I'm always hungry for some fine ass. And yours is fine indeed."

"Not tonight, bud. Tonight your ass is mine. I feel like I need to fuck the world."

The man on the phone smiled.

"Get your fineness over here."

Justin hung up, standing and walking to his closet.

He quietly dressed, his eyes shedding tears.


Justin knocked on the condo door, hearing someone moving behind the door.

The door opened, Justin staring into two blue eyes, the man wearing a navy robe, a wide smile on his face.

"It's been a while, Timberlake. I figured you be back. And here I thought you were too high and mighty to slum with us cock suckers?" the man smiled, Justin walking past him, walking into the condo, looking around.

The man smiled, closing the door behind him, locking it.

"Well, well. The great Justin Timberlake needs some ass. I thought at one time you'd be a regular of mine. But then I heard about your need for young studs. A bit of a Daddy in you?"
"I like their energy. And who told you about that?"
Adam Levine smiled, his hand going forward, rubbing across Justin's jean-clad center.

"Let's just say a one time fuck buddy of yours screamed your name in bed."

Justin stared at Adam, the man kneading his cock through his jeans.

"You're way overdressed. I want to see that hot body again."

Justin stared into Adam's blue eyes.

"I don't like you, Adam."
"I know that, Justin. But you like cock. And so do I. That's why you're here."

Justin nodded, Adam smiling and opening his robe, the robe falling to the floor.

Justin's eyes scanned Adam's slim body, seeing the man's hardness arching up from his body, Justin remembering its taste.

"You've got way too many tats now, Adam."
Adam smiled, stroking his cock.

"You seemed to enjoy my body before. The art makes it more sensual. A greater picture of inked beauty. But my cock's the same."
Justin's eyes scanned his hardness, Adam smiling.

"So get over here. I know that look in those horny blue eyes. You're in need of my greatness."
Justin moved, staring at him for a moment, then going to his knees, Adam smiling as Justin engulfed his hardness, Adam moaning.

"Someone's hungry. That's a good boy." he said, stroking Justin's head, Justin bobbing up and down on Adam's hard cock.

Justin's hand went to Adam's balls, stroking them while he sucked on the hardness filling his mouth.

"You've changed, Justin. You've gained some talent." Adam moaned, then pulled his cock out of Justin's mouth, rubbing it across Justin's lips, Justin licking its tip.

"Not so fast, stud. A delicious ass is waiting. And I sense you're anxious."
Justin stood up, staring at Adam.

Adam smiled, seeing the lust in Justin's blue eyes.

"Follow me."
Justin followed the naked man, walking down a hallway, Adam opening a door.

Adam smiled, Justin walking past him, standing inside the bedroom, Adam closing the door.

The room was semi lit from one lamp, Justin's eyes staring at the large king size bed in the room's center.

Laying on that bed was a young man of exquisite beauty.

He was sound asleep, his smooth muscular body on full view, his center laying flaccid against his left leg.

Justin's eyes took in every inch of the man's hard chiselled body, Adam walking up behind Justin, his arms going around the man's waist, his chin resting on his shoulder.

"We were having fun when you called. You do like them young. And he's a fan of yours. Think how surprised he'll be when you wake him up."
Justin looked back at Adam, Adam smiling, his eyes moved back, locked on the young man laying on the bed before him.

Taylor Lautner moved a bit, his head moving against the pillow.

"You're way overdressed, Timberlake." Adam said, his hands going to Justin's shirt in front of him, opening the buttons.

"He's got a fine ass. I've been fucking it all day. That's why he's sound asleep." Adam said, pulling off Justin's shirt, the man's lips going to Justin's neck.

"Let me get you ready for him." Adam said, his hands going downward, opening Justin's pants, Justin not moving.

"Yeah, you like them young. You're hard as a rock." Adam said as he pulled Justin's jeans down, his briefs going with them, one hand wrapped around Justin's long hardness.

"There, nice and ready. He's all ours, sexy." Adam said, stroking Justin's large cock, Adam's cock rubbing against Justin's ass.

"Go ahead, he'll love it." Adam said, Justin moving forward, climbing onto the bed, Adam smiling and following.

Justin stared down at the young man below him, his eyes scanning his nude body.

Justin's hand went forward, touching the soft cock laying against the man's thigh, the man moving a little, his soft groggy voice filling the room.

"You want more, Adam? Man you're insatiable. Suck me baby." the young man said, his eyes still closed.
Adam smiled, Justin's eyes going to his, Adam nodding.

Justin lowered his head, his mouth taking in the flaccid cock, the young man moaning.

Justin felt the organ growing in his mouth, the young man purring.

"Oh yeah, babe! That's it." Taylor said, the young man opening his eyes, staring up at Adam, the man staring down at him.

"Our guest has arrived."
Taylor's eyes moved from Adam's blue, staring down at his center, two blue pools staring back at him, his cock buried in Justin Timberlake's mouth.

"Oh my God! No way!" he gasped, Adam smiling and climbing on the bed.

"Yes way. I told you I'd make your dreams come true." Adam said, his hand going to Justin's head, pushing more of Taylor's enlarging cock down Justin's throat.

"Timberlake's a cock hungry daddy, Tay. He's going to use you good."

Taylor moaned, Justin's head coming off his cock, the man moving upwards, Taylor staring at his naked body as it fell on top of his.

Their eyes met, Taylor's mouth moving upwards, the two locking in a steamy kiss, Taylor's muscular arms going around Justin, their mouths opening, their tongues duelling.
Adam smiled, sitting on the bed's edge, his eyes scanning over both men.

He smiled again, rising up from the bed, going to the nightstand opening a drawer.

He pulled out something from the drawer, returning to the bed, Justin and Taylor breaking their kiss, Justin's lips moving down the young man's body, latching onto his right nipple, Taylor gasping, his eyes meeting Adam's, the man nodding.
Taylor smiled, seeing what lay in Adam's hands.

Taylor moved, Justin feeling the young man roll him over, their bodies together, the young man now on top of him, their lips meeting again.
Justin became lost in the man's beauty and touch, Taylor's hands going all over his body, stroking him, rubbing his nipples, Justin lost in the feelings flowing through him.

Taylor's hands went into his, their hands joining, Taylor moving Justin's arms upwards, his mouth diving into Justin's armpit, holding Justin's hands above his head..

Justin gasped, feeling Taylor's hardness mashed against his own.

He suddenly felt something else on his hands, a coldness, a hard coldness.

Taylor lifted his head, smiling at Justin.
"Welcome to my fantasy, Justin." he said, Justin staring at him, the man grinning, Justin's hands moving.

He felt his hands restrained, Justin's eyes raising upwards, staring at a pair of handcuffs locked around the steel headboard rail and his wrists.

"What the fuck?" he said, struggling against the cuffs.

Adam laughed, Justin's blue eyes going to his.

"What the hell's going on? Let me out of these!" Justin said, struggling in the bed, Taylor's hands going over Justin's naked torso, Adam smiling at him, Adam's hand going there as well, pinching one of Justin's nipples, the man gasping.
"What's going on here, my old friend, is Taylor's night of happiness. And mine. He's been lusting after you for months. He gave into me today for a chance at playing with you, once he found out I'd nailed you before." Adam laughed, his fingers going to Justin's chin.

"And you thought you'd have my ass? What a schmuck." Adam laughed, Justin glaring at him.

"This isn't funny, Adam! Let me go!"
Adam laughed, Taylor smiling at him.

"Relax, Justin. You forget I've worked you over before. I know you're a bottom bitch at heart. Taylor's going to love your ass, and I'm going to enjoy claiming it again. And hey, maybe I'll call a few more friends. I know quite a lot of studs who've been longing for a crack at that ass."

Justin struggled, realizing he was trapped.

"No worries stud. I'm sure Lance would like a crack as well."  Adam laughed, leaning forward and kissing Taylor on the lips.

"He's all yours for now, Tay."
Taylor smiled, the man moving, his body on top of Justin's.

"No. . .no this isn't what I had planned. You can't call Lance. He. . .he doesn't know about this!" Justin said, Adam smiling at him.

"My how the mighty have fallen. Your ass and dick are here to be used, Timberlake. And I know you'll enjoy it." Adam laughed, rising from the bed, smiling down at Justin.

Justin felt the young man above him moving downward, Taylor's ass swallowing Justin's hardness, Justin gasping.

"You love it , slut." Adam said, the man moving towards Justin's face.
Justin struggled, Adam's hardness forcing its way into Justin's mouth.

Justin became lost in the man's control of him, feeling Adam's hardness now rock hard.

Adam pulled out of Justin's mouth, smiling down at him.

"Thanks for getting me ready." he said, moving down the bed, Taylor still riding Justin's cock.

Justin stared up at the young man, seeing the total lust in the young man's eyes.

"Relax, Jus. I can be amazing." he said, the young man's cock now coming in view in front of Justin's eyes.

Adam's erection was big, Taylor's was huge.

Justin trembled, feeling a sudden hardness against his ass.

Adam thrust forward, Justin gasping, Taylor moving forward as well, his cock sliding into Justin's mouth.

Justin gagged, feeling the pain in his center, and the pain in his soul.


Lance Bass knocked on the door, waiting for someone to open it.

The door opened, Lance's green eyes meeting Zac Efron's blue pools.

"Lance! How goes it, my friend?" the young actor said, looking down the hallway, leaning into Lance and kissing his lips.

Lance's eyes went over the young man's naked chest, Zac wearing only jeans, his chest and feet bare.

"I'm good, Zac. What are you doing here?"

Zac smiled, winking at Lance as he let him walk past him into the condo.

"You know Adam and his lust. He invited me over as well."
Lance nodded, his eyes going down the young man's body again.

"As well? You mean. . .?"
"I mean the man's having a fuck party. I assumed you knew?"

"No, I didn't. He only said it would be me and him." Lance said, standing in the condo's small foyer.

"Man, did he tell you wrong. He must have wanted to surprise you." Zac laughed, motioning Lance into the condo's living room.

Lance stopped in his tracks, staring wide eyed at the living room couches.

Nick Carter lay on a couch naked, a bobbing head moving upward and downwards in his center, a naked man kneeling between his legs, the man's naked ass on full view for Lance.

"Lancy! The only real celebrity gay guy in New York! Come on over and experience Bruno's skills." Nick said, Bruno Mars' head raising, looking back at Lance with a lustful smile.

The other naked couple on the other couch moved their heads, one man laying on top of the other, Lance seeing the top man's cock sunken deep into the bottom one.

Lance's green eyes met Kevin Zegers' blue eyes, Taylor Lautner's body on top of his, the muscled actor smiling at Lance.

"Hey, Lancy! Want a go at my ass again? Or Taylor would love yours." Kevin smiled, Lance staring at everyone, an arm wrapping around him, Zac Efron's mouth going to Lance's ear.

"If you think this is hot, you should check out the bedroom. Adam's breaking in a new one. We've all had a crack at him already. Carter's been grinning all night. Your friend's amazing." Zac said, Lance feeling him guiding his hand to his erection, Lance realizing Zac was now nude behind him.

"You can start here and work your way into the bedroom." Bruno said, the man rising up from between Nick's legs, Lance staring at his large erection as the singer walked towards him.
"Leave him alone, guys." a voice said, Lance's eyes going to Adam's, the man walking down from the hall, smiling at Lance.

Lance stared at him, Adam wearing his navy robe again, the man walking up to him, smiling at Zac.

"There's a space open in the bedroom, Zacky. He's all yours again."
Zac grinned, the young actor moving past Adam, Lance watching his nude butt rush down the hall.

Nick Carter's arms went around Bruno Mars, the singer feeling Nick's erection against his ass.

"Back to Kev and Tay, Bruno. I want to daisy chain." Nick said, Lance staring with surprise as the two men joined the other two, Lance averting his gaze from their joining passion.

Adam smiled at Lance.

"You're late, Lancy."
"What the hell's going on here, Adam? You said you needed to talk. What the hell's this?"
Adam laughed, his arm going around his friend.

"It's my way of welcoming you into my world, Lancy."
"I want none of this, Adam. I'm not a sex hound like you."
"Fuck you, Bass. You're as much a slut as I am. Or have you forgotten that you've been fucked by most of these guys here. Zac, Nick, Kevin, me."
Lance's eyes lowered, Adam kissing his cheek.

"That's better. I like you calm. And I like getting you revved up. I have a special treat for you tonight. You're going to be amazed. And I'm certain you've longed for him for years."

"For who? What are you talking about?"
Adam smiled, guiding Lance towards the bedroom, kissing his neck.

"Welcome to one of your hidden fantasies, Lance. I'm sure he'll welcome you into his secret world. He's got an amazing ass."

Lance looked confused.

They walked down the hallway, Adam smiling as he stopped at his bedroom door.

"He's all yours, Lancy. You can thank me later."
Lance stared at Adam as he opened the door, guiding Lance into the room.

Lance stopped in his tracks, staring in disbelief at the scene before him.


Justin moaned, feeling a heated pain in his center, and a hardness in his mouth.

His lips felt bruised, his head aching from the thrusting, pounding his head back into the pillows.

He felt the largeness leave his mouth, two lips covering his, a tongue entering.

He opened his eyes staring into two brown eyes staring back at him, their lips parting.

The black face hovering over him smiled.

"You've got one fantastic ass, Timberlake!" the man said, burying his cock deep inside Justin.

Justin gasped, feeling its length and width.

Usher smiled, his black shaft buried in his old friend's center.

"I've been wanting your ass for years." he said, thrusting hard.

Justin gasped, his eyes going around the room, seeing the bed surrounded by four other men, all naked, stroking their cocks, in readiness.

He'd already felt many of their needs, each condom covered cock erupting in him.

He'd actually enjoyed it for a while, until he'd seen familiar faces looking back at him.

Nick Carter, Usher, Drew Lachey--a married man no less--and Kevin Zegers.

Justin's eyes saw a hard cock beside him, the cock that had just pulled out of his mouth.

Ryan Reynolds smiled, stroking Justin's cheek.

Usher gasped, his seed emptying inside Justin, the man collapsing on top of him, panting.

"My turn, Ush." a voice behind him said, Usher nodding slowly.

Usher raised his head, his eyes meeting Justin's.

He leaned forward, kissing his lips, then whispering in his ears.

"We'll meet again soon, slut. You'll come to need me." he said, smiling and pulling out of Justin, climbing off the bed.

Ryan Reynolds moved, on his knees, his eager mouth beginning to lick Usher's cum covered cock.

Justin stared at them, another face moving between them, a young man climbing onto the bed, smiling down at Justin.

"Get ready for the longest fuck of your life, Timberlake! I can go for hours." Zac Efron said, Justin's blue eyes meeting his blue.

Justin gasped as he felt a rod of steel sinking into him.

Justin closed his eyes as he felt the man's thrusting need.

Justin became lost in the passion above him until he felt the rod buried in him suddenly leave him, an emptiness filling his center.

He felt his locked hands above him moving, then someone holding him.

He slowly opened his eyes, staring into two green pools.

He gasped when their greenness registered in his mind.

"It's me, Jus. I'm taking you out of here."


Lance's eyes couldn't believe their showing truth.

His eyes stared at his old friend, Justin laying naked on Adam's bed, Zac Efron on top of him, others naked around them.

Lance felt Adam's arms going around him, the man now naked as well, Lance feeling his erection against his backside.

"It's true, Lancy. Justin Timberlake is a submissive cock hound. He's been begging for it all night. He's been begging for yours as well."

Lance's eyes stared at Justin's face, seeing his eyes closed, his mouth pursed in a grimace of pain.

He clued into that significance immediately.

Adam smiled, kissing Lance's cheek, his hands going across Lance's center, going to his belt.

"You want him, Lancy. You've always wanted him. Now you can have him. Fuck him like the slut he is. Then I want to fuck both of you. Everyone wants to fuck both of you." he said, Lance's mind zoning in on that truth.

Lance moved forward with a burst of speed, the man's fist connecting with Zac Efron's face, the man shocked by the intrusion.

"Get off my friend, you bastard!" Lance said, pulling the man off Justin, Zac stumbling into Usher and Ryan Reynolds, all three falling to the floor.

The other two men on the other side of the bed looked shocked, Robert Pattinson and Kelly Lutz staring at Lance.

Adam, standing at the door, looked shocked; Lance's eyes zoning in on the handcuffs on Justin's hands.

He glanced at the nightstand, seeing the keys.

He swooped them up, unlocking the handcuffs with speed, pulling Justin into his arms.

Justin's eyes opened, staring into Lance's green pools.

"It's me, Jus. I'm taking you out of here."

Lance turned, staring at Adam, and the other men.

The three on the floor were slowly getting up, Zac Efron staring at Lance.

"I was fucking him, Bass! You prick!"

Lance's eyes zeroed in on Adam's angering face.

"I'm taking him out of here, Adam. You've had your fun. This is damn near close to rape. If you stop us, I'll make sure the cops know it is." Lance said, his voice filled with authority and determination.

"It's just fun, Lance. Justin's totally into it. Right, Adam?" Ryan Reynolds said, staring at him.

"That's right. Right, Justin?" Adam said, staring at Justin in Lance's arms.

"Do you want to go home, Justin?" Lance said softly into his ear.

"I'm. . .I'm a slut, Lance. I'm a slut. They made me a slut!" Justin sobbed, Lance hugging him close, Adam staring at him.

"See, Lance? No rape here, he's been wanting it."
Lance held Justin, kissing his forehead.

"You didn't answer my question, Jus. Do you want to go home?"

Justin raised his head, seeing the look in Lance's eyes.

The only look of compassion he'd seen all night.

He slowly nodded his head, Lance hugging him close.

He stood up, Justin standing with him.

"We're leaving, as Justin just acknowledged. Where are his clothes?"

Adam looked around the room, seeing the worried looks on his accomplices.
Adam sighed, walking to a chair, picking up Justin's clothing, handing them slowly to Lance.

"You're a real party kill, Bass."
Lance stared at Adam, then gently sat Justin down in the chair where his clothing had been, handing the clothing to him, Justin quietly beginning to dress.

Lance turned back to Adam, the man smirking at him, looking around at everyone.
"Well, it was fun while it lasted. Timberlake's fine ass we'll have again, I'm sure." he smiled, turning to smile at Lance, a fist hitting him squarely in the face, Adam flying backwards falling to the floor, taking Zac with him, the man falling down again.

"Stay on the floor, you dog! If you get up I'll break your face!" Lance said, a hand going to his shoulder, Lance turning and staring into Justin's pained blue eyes.

"Stop, Lance. Let's. . .let's just go." he softly said, Lance calming, staring down at Adam, the man covering his nose.

"You hit my face, you bastard!"

"Don't come near me or him, Adam. I'll make your life a living hell." Lance said, quietly guiding Justin out of the room.
They walked down the hall, Justin's eyes going to the four naked men on the couch, Nick Carter's blue eyes staring at Justin, the singer on top of Taylor Lautner, sunken deep within him..

"Don't leave, Jus! I want that ass again!"

Justin lowered his head, Lance guiding him out of the condo, ignoring the four staring men.


Lance sat on the toilet seat, staring at Justin as he stood at the vanity's mirror, staring into it.

Justin's eyes stared into his reflection, his fingers on his lips, which were swollen and red.

Lance stared at his friend, his eyes scanning his near-naked body, seeing no signs of bruising or swollenness.

The men hadn't been that physically brutal, but Lance sensed Justin's volatile emotions.

"Are you okay, Jus?" Lance said, Justin lowering his head, standing in his bathroom in only his boxer briefs.

"I'm fine, Lancy. No bruises or scars." he softly said, Lance standing up, his hand lightly going to Justin's shoulder, the man turning and staring at him.

"I'm not talking about your body, Justin. I'm talking about your soul."

Justin trembled, then sobbed, Lance enveloping him in his arms, the man sobbing against his chest, his crying the only sound in the bathroom.

"Shush, Jus. It's going to be okay. You're free of them."
"I. . .I was so scared! I thought. . .I thought they'd never stop."
"They're gone, Jus. It's only me here."
Justin calmed down, wiping his eyes.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry you had to find me like that, Lance. I. . .I feel so dirty. . .I feel like filth!"

Lance rubbed his back, Justin's head going to his chest, Lance holding him.

"Would you like to take a shower, Jus? You need to get clean."
Justin nodded, Lance gently guiding him to the shower stall, Justin walking into it.

Lance smiled at him, hitting the shower tap, water beginning to fall.

"Take your briefs off, Jus." he said softly, Justin slowly removing them, Lance taking them and smiling at him, handing him a bar of soap.

"I'll leave you to it, Jus. I'll wait in the bedroom, I'll be close." he said, Justin nodding, Lance closing the shower stall door.

Lance sighed, quietly walking out of the bedroom, sitting down on a chair by Justin's bed.

His thoughts went back to the evening's truths, his mind still reeling with hidden shock.

Justin isn't gay, is he?
He was in the center of a gangbang?

How did that all happen?
He sensed Adam Levine was somehow the center of all of it.

I'll make him pay if he trapped Justin into that.

I can't believe. . .Justin. . .he's. . .?

Lance sighed, his eyes going to the bathroom door.

He knew he'd have to have a discussion with Justin.

A few minutes later Justin walked out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist.

Their eyes met, Justin averting Lance's gaze as the man stood up, walking over to Justin's dresser, opening the top drawer.

He pulled out a pair of clean boxer briefs, staring at Justin.

Justin lowered his eyes again, dropping the towel that was wrapped around his waist.

"It's okay, Lance. You can have your fun, too." he said, standing naked before him.

Lance stared at Justin, Justin's head raising, Lance seeing the tears in his blue eyes.

"You know what I now am, Lance. I'm here for you if you want me. . ." he said, Lance staring at him.

His hand moved, not to touch Justin, but to hand him the briefs.

"Put these on and climb into bed, Justin. You need some sleep." Lance said, Justin staring at him, then quietly pulling on the briefs, Lance pulling down the blankets, guiding Justin under them.

He moved the blankets back, tucking the man in.

"What time does your recording session start?" Lance softly said, Justin staring at him.

"Nine, Lance."
Lance looked at his watch, reading four o'clock.

"We'll talk after it, Justin. I'll let you sleep until eight, then drive you and Josh down. Unless you're not up to it?  I can make up some excuse for the band and for Josh."
Justin teared up, Lance rubbing his shoulders.

"I. . .I can't see them, Lance! I. . . I just can't!" he sobbed, Lance nodding.

"Alright, Jus. You get some sleep. We'll talk when you're rested."
Justin nodded, looking into Lance's green eyes.

"I can't sleep, Lance. I. . .I see. . .what have I done?!"

Lance moved, pulling the blankets down, climbing into bed beside him, pulling him against him.

"I'm here, Jus. No one's going to hurt you. I'm here for you."
Justin nodded, closing his eyes, his head going against Lance's chest.

Lance held him, feeling the man succumb to his tiredness, Justin falling asleep against him.

Lance remained in the bed, his thoughts on Adam Levine.

His heart hardened, his thoughts mirrored by another feeling.



London, England


Grayson Wainwright removed his glasses, rubbing his eyes.

Those eyes moved up and down the hospital corridor, the place seemingly not that busy for the hour.

He looked at his watch, reading ten-thirty in the morning.

He sighed, sipping the foam coffee cup held in his hand, sitting it down on the empty seat beside him.

He'd been here at St. Luke's hospital for over three hours, awaiting the outcome of the man's surgery.

His eyes moved as a movement caught his eyes, a man in a white lab coat walking down the hall towards him.

Grayson stood, the man's tired eyes meeting his.

"Are you the good Reverend's next of kin?" the obvious doctor said, Grayson staring at him.

"I am a close friend. He has no immediate family, his only sister died two years ago." Grayson said, having read the full biography of the minister.

"It is good to see he at least has friends." the doctor smiled, Grayson nodding at him.

"How is he?" Grayson said, the doctor pointing towards the chair from which Grayson had arisen, Grayson sitting down again, picking up his coffee, the doctor sitting beside him.

"He's come out of surgery, and had regained consciousness briefly. He was severely beaten. A lot of bruising, head trauma and lacerations. I'd rule it complete torture. Someone worked him over ruthlessly." the doctor said, Grayson nodding, looking down the hall.

"Will he be okay?"
"In time, yes. But you need to be prepared for something."
Grayson nodded, folding his hands together, staring at the doctor.

"His legs were shattered, both kneecaps. He'll be an invalid. With time he could gain control of some mobility, but it will be a long road. And he's blind. The attacker damaged both of his eyes. It's a wonder he didn't just murder him. I've never seen such ruthlessness." the doctor said, shaking his head in disgust.

"Thank you, Doctor. I want him to have the best care. Please have all his medical expenses billed to Emerson Belmont. My employer will be taking charge on the man's recuperation."
The doctor nodded, staring at the lawyer.

"A giving man, your employer is. I'll have administration contact you." he said, standing, Grayson handing him his business card.

"Can I see him?"
"He's deeply sedated, Mr. Wainwright." the doctor said, looking at Grayson's name off the card.

"When will he be conscious?"
"Later today, if not tomorrow."
Grayson nodded, shaking the doctor's hand.

"I'll visit him then later this evening."

"I'll list you on his visitors' log, you'll have access to him."

"Thank you, Doctor."

The doctor nodded, leaving Grayson alone again in the corridor.

Grayson sat back down in his chair, pulling out his new pocket watch, staring at the eagle emblazoned on its golden surface.

What have you given up for this sacrifice, my Godly friend?
Who did this to you?
As if I have to search my soul to find that answer.

What secrets did you scream tonight, Reverend?

I hope the cost of this balances against your devotion to him.

Grayson sighed, a shadow coming over his legs, the lawyer raising his head.

"Mr. Wainwright?"
Grayson stared into a youthful face, two blue pools of beauty staring back at him.

"Yes? Can I help you?"
The young man smiled, Grayson staring into his youthful handsome face.

Grayson's eyes scanned his muscular body, the young man wearing a sling across his chest, his left arm held in it.

"Do I know you? You look familiar?"

"We've met before, sir. My name's Carl Wilson."
Grayson looked at the man, the name vaguely registering in his mind.

The young man smiled, sitting down beside the lawyer, their eyes meeting.

"I work for Belmont Industries. I'm a corporate assistant." he smiled, Grayson now remembering the young man from the meeting in New York.

His brow furrowed, staring at the young man.

"You can leave, Mr. Wilson. Haven's spies hold no interest for me." he said, Grayson standing, the young man staring at him, he then standing.

"Oh no, sir. I'm not sure what you're talking about. I'm. . .I'm no longer employed at Belmont Industries."

Grayson looked confused, staring at the young man.

"I was moved to the London branch two weeks ago. Then this morning I was subsequently let go. Coming out of the building I was mugged in a side alley. All in all it's been a freaking lousy day!" the young man said, Grayson's eyes going to the sling the young man wore, Grayson's hand going to his other shoulder.

"Forgive me, son. I didn't know. I'm sorry for your loss."

"I've just been patched up, heading back to my flat to get things organized. I saw you sitting here and realized who you were. Are you alright, sir?" the young man said, Grayson hearing concern in his gentle voice.

"I'm fine, son. Just visiting a friend."
"Ah, alright. Glad to hear it, sir. And it's just Carl." the young man said, Grayson smiling at him.

"And I'm Grayson, Carl. I'm sorry for your troubles."
"It's not your concern, sir. . .I mean Grayson. I'm just going to pack up and head back to the States. I'll hopefully find something new to  work on."
Grayson nodded, the man's hand gently squeezing the young man's shoulder.

"How about I buy you lunch, son? Just to make up for my unfriendliness."
The young man smiled, nodding.

"I'd like that. I've been a great admirer of yours, Grayson."
Grayson laughed, the young man smiling.

"Flattery, very shrewd. You young guns know how to play the field."
Carl laughed, the two men walking down the hallway.

Carl Wilson smiled to himself, his thoughts on his mission.



End of Chapter 9



And so our dynamic Justin has faltered in his double life.

Lance now knows Justin's secret.

What will Lance do with that information?

Is Adam finished with him, or has he other desires?


Josh and Lucas seem to be on the same wavelength.

A wave of love echoing in both their souls.

Will others come between them?

Grayson's met a new friend.

The conniving, ambitious Carl Wilson.

Will Grayson be so easily pumped for information?


The plot thickens, the drama continues.


Hugs, Angel.