Craig Horner
by B.Stories

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Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction and is a parody. No money is being made here. I do not claim to know the sexuality of any actor or actress described in this story, especially that of Craig Horner.

Note: This fic contains graphic depictions of a solo male masturbating. If this isn't what you're looking for, or if it is illegal to view such content in your area please consider stopping here. Other celebrities mentioned in this fic include Bridget Regan, Tabrett Bethell and Gabriel Mann. All of which are very talented, I suggest checking out some of their work.

Our hunky Aussie star, Craig Horner:

For more information and pics just google him. You can also watch him every week in Legend of the Seeker, it's an amazing fantasy show if you're into that kind of thing.

The moonlight shone through the window, barely comparable to the lights of the city. Craig Horner sat in his new LA apartment in a tired but pensive state, staring at the active street below. It had been two days since he had arrived in the United States, moving from his home in Australia to Los Angeles to further his career. It was exhausting, moving into his small one bedroom apartment, leaving his friends and family behind. He hoped he would have a larger place soon, but it's not easy to find the right place in such a short amount of time.

He had been awake for more than 24 hours unpacking. With a sigh, he collected himself and got up, deciding to have a shower before going to bed. He needed rest if he was ever going to finish putting his apartment together.

Walking across the room to the bathroom dodging boxes along the way, he pushed open the door and stepped inside. He looked around at the repulsive yellow and vomit green tile covering the walls, he vaguely wondered why anyone would ever want such tile in their bathroom.

Running his fingers through his dark hair, he realized he didn't really care and removed his t-shirt, tossing it aside.

He had been working out every day until he moved. During his busy schedule shooting Legend of the Seeker, he was unable to make frequent trips to the gym and as a result he had lost a bit of muscle mass towards the end of the season. Now that he had the time, he had built his physique back up, once again giving him a well defined muscular frame.

He proceeded to unbutton his pants and slid them off along with his boxers, tossing them into the pile with his shirt.

Stepping into the shower, he turned on the faucet and adjusted the temperature to his liking. Grabbing a bar of soap, he began to wash his torso.


Feeling somewhat refreshed and back to is usual high-energy self, he exited the bathroom, now wearing only a towel, making his way to his bedroom.

While the apartment was small, he did have a moderately large bedroom with a queen sized bed, a decent TV, a dresser, and a closet among other things.

He walked over to the dresser to pull out of clean pair of underwear, but changed his mind before he could complete his trip, deciding he'd prefer to just sleep naked. Sometimes he enjoyed sleeping naked, especially on hot summer nights like tonight.

Feeling no need to pull back the cover, he let his towel drop to the floor and jumped on the bed. He reached over to the small table beside his bed and grabbed the remote, deciding a little TV might help him sleep.

Flipping through channels, he came across a Girls Gone Wild infomercial.

His cock twitched. He wondered how long it had been since he had jerked off or had sex. It must have been several weeks, and he could barely remember the warm, wet feeling of a pussy or ass gripping all of him in his moment of bliss.

Something needed to be done about that. He couldn't call Bridget, she was traveling on vacation. Tabrett would be willing as well, but she was in Australia. Gabriel was working on his next movie and wouldn't be available. He was disappointed to realize that he had no other fuck buddies to call on. He always loved having an open sexual relationship with his three coworkers, even though they all sometimes dated others they all knew if they ever wanted it, each of them would be open to the others advances.

He reached down and rubbed his hardening cock, feeling it thicken under his touch. He had always been proud of his cock, being much larger than any other guy he knew. Gabriel was large as well, but his was nothing compared to Craig's 9 inches of uncut Aussie cock. Bridget, Tabrett and Gabriel could never get enough.

He began pulling the foreskin back and forth over the large head, his cock now fully hard and leaking precum. He sighed and with his other hand began rubbing his abdomen, feeling the hard muscle underneath. Slowly he moved his hand up to his chest and felt his pecs. If it was a tad bit narcissistic, he secretly admitted to himself that his body turned him on to some degree. He was after all just another guy, and he had always loved the male and female physique equally. There certainly was little doubt that he had one of the best bodies in LA.

The hand on his cock was now moving with increased speed. He lowered his other hand from his chest down below his cock to fondle his large balls. His sac was pulled close to his body and he was beginning to get a little sweaty due to the heat and his increased activity.

He imagined having the velvety wetness of a tight pussy or ass around his meaty cock, milking it for pleasure. His breathing quickened with his strokes, his torso was now lightly coated in a fine sheen of sweat.

“Oh, fuck!”

He grunted and thick white spurts of hot cum shot out of his tip, the first hitting him in the chin. He continued milking his cock with impressive speed, the next two shots streaked his chest. The fourth, fifth and sixth shots covered his abs, the seventh landed in his pubes and the rest continued to drizzle down his cock onto his hand. When finished he was covered in his own juices.

Still breathing hard and now coming down from his orgasmic high, Craig removed his hand from his softening cock and wiped the cum off his face, licking his fingers clean afterward. He looked down at his naked body, covered in his semen. He would need another shower.

Completely exhausted from his adventure, he was no longer able to keep his eyes open and fell asleep.

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