Craig Horner
by B.Stories

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They had been walking for several minutes along a trail that was hardly there; Craig vaguely wondered if they would ever reach their destination. Quickly coming over a rise he saw it. A beautiful cove with a small beach, completely deserted except for the two of them.

"How did you find this place again?" he asked.

"Bridget told me about it," Tabrett replied "I think her family owns the land; she really wanted us to see it."

Bridget had returned to her vacation; her only reason for stopping by at all had been at the insistence of her manager, who had wanted her to look over new details in her contract with him. He was saddened to see her go, but he definitely enjoyed their short reunion. Tabrett, having been accepted for the part she came to the States to audition for, elected to stay in LA with Craig until shooting began sometime within the next few weeks.

"She delivered nicely on her promise of the perfect place to relax then." he said as be began to walk faster, excited to finally be at this amazingly secluded spot.

Finally picking a spot to leave their things, Craig reached into the pocket of his unbuttoned white beach shirt to pull out his sunglasses. The bright sunny day was beautiful; there couldn't have been a more perfect day to be at the beach. The only problem, he thought, was the sweltering heat. Choosing his favorite pair of boardshorts, black/dark gray and covered with abstract designs, may have been a bad idea on this day.

Tabrett wore a brightly colored blue-green bikini with a palm tree print and a matching thong. He watched her as she bent over to spread out their beach towels, noticing her ass as she worked. God he loved that ass.

"Can you get my sunscreen?" she spoke, bringing him out of his trance.

"Sure. Where'd you put it?" he responded.

"It's in my bag. There, at your feet."

He bent over and began digging. The bag was packed full, containing seemingly random items he had no idea why she felt she needed. He found various types of lotions, perfumes, her cellphone, some makeup, vaseline, a camcorder, a change purse, several pens, an agiel. An agiel? Eyebrow raised, he pulled the red leather rod out of the bag and held it up so she could see it clearly.

"Why do you have this?" he questioned suspiciously.

"Someone from the storage warehouse gave it to me. I like to think of it as a good luck charm these days." Her response sounded as if she thought it were normal to carry a sex toy-like TV prop around with her.

He shrugged it off; he knew how attached to her character she had been. Placing the agiel back in her bag he continued his search for the sunscreen, eventually finding it in the very bottom of her bag buried under everything.

"I think I'm going to go for a quick swim." he said, tossing her the bottle with a toothy grin.

He seemed giddy to be on the beach; he had always loved the outdoors. He was clearly happy to be out of the city.

He slipped his beach shirt off and tossed it next to Tab, who was applying copious amounts of sunscreen anywhere she could reach. Before leaving he offered to rub some onto her back, but she declined and insisted that he go have fun. She would simply lay face up until he returned.

She watched as he ran the short distance to the crystal clear water. His energy and personality had always attracted her to him; the fact that he was gorgeous and well endowed was just a bonus. She was lucky, she thought, to have him as a friend.

Craig had already reached the water and had dove in. The cooling water looked soothing on this warm day, but right now she just wanted to lay there and rest. Her vacation could only last so long, and she was enjoying the sight of a soaking wet Craig.

Her phone rang.

Looking at the number, she spoke under her breath "It's about time."

"Hey!" she answered. "Yeah, that's the place. You have to follow the trail. No, the one you see between those huge bushes, it will lead you right to us."

"Yeah, okay. I'll see you soon." she hung up, smiling.

A few minutes later she noticed Craig had finished playing in the water and was walking over.

"The water feels great, you should join me next time!" he said as he sat down, still sounding excited about being out.

"Maybe I will." she answered as she sat up.

"I invited someone else to meet us here." she told Craig.

"Who..?" he said with caution. "And why are you just now letting me know about this?"

He had learned the hard way that Tabrett could be full of surprises. Some of them were incredible and lead to a few of the best moments he had ever had in his life, like the time they jumped off the Sky Tower in New Zealand. Other times they could leave you regretting the experience, but she had always meant well.

"Michael Whalley. I kept it a secret because I wasn't sure if he would be able to make it. He's walking up the trail now."

"Okay, great, but who's Michael Whalley?" he asked.

"You know him. He was in a few episodes of Legend of the Seeker earlier in the season." Tab replied. "I recall you guys not having many scenes together, but I know you two got along really well."

"Michael Whalley.... Was he the guy who played Flynn?"

Tabrett nodded.

"Oh, I remember him! He and I really hit if off, but we didn't have a lot of time to get to know each other. How did you manage to find him in LA? I thought he lived in New Zealand?"

"It's funny, I kind of ran into him at my audition." she said. "We exchanged numbers and we've been talking on and off over the last few days. It's been really great catching up with him."

Craig nodded and started to speak, but instead pointed behind Tab and said, "There he comes!"

She turned her head and saw a blond young man in a pair of orange boardshorts about the same age as Craig walking over the rise. He was shirtless and in his hands he carried his own towel and a few other items she couldn't quite make out.

Craig and Tabrett got up, walking over to meet their new companion.

Up close, Tabrett noticed that his body wasn't nearly as impressive as Craig's, but he was certainly in good shape. His abs were really just forming; it looked as if he had recently begun working out.

"Tabrett! Craig!" Michael yelled.

They exchanged greetings and Michael accepted an offer Craig made to help him carry his things back to their spot.

Once sitting, they must have talked for more than an hour, Craig and Michael just getting to know each other better and Tab simply being brought up to speed on the lives of her two friends. While Michael worked with Craig and Tab for several weeks in New Zealand, he had really only gotten to know Tab because he had the majority of his scenes with her. He had a few scenes with Craig, but it wasn't enough for them to get the opportunity to spend a lot of time together.

Getting tired of just sitting there talking, Craig finally suggested that they go swim.

"Sure," said Tab with a smirk on her face "I'd love to see you two boys play in the water."

"Play in the water, eh? You're such a pervert, Tab." Craig said with a grin.

Craig and Tab got up, starting towards the salty ocean. Michael, not fully understanding the statement, followed.

The water was refreshing to the three friends. Tabrett, feeling playful, started a splash fight. It turned into an all out battle between the three of them, every person for themselves. Craig was ultimately the victor, not caring about getting splashed himself. In his mind it was the beach; you were supposed to get wet.

"Aw, you guys suck at this." he teased, which earned him another match ending with no clear winner.

They spent a while longer having fun in the water before deciding to head back to shore. It was past midday by that time and the heat had gotten worse.

Craig sat next to Michael on his towel and Tabrett passed each of them a bottle of water, taking one for herself she sat across from the two men on her own towel.

The three just sat there and chatted for a while. Craig and Michael eventually began an in-depth discussion about music. Tabrett didn't participate in the conversation and just sat there. Her mind began to wander as she listened to the two men talking; she was really paying more attention to the bodies of the two shirtless men before her than she was the conversation.

Craig was more built, having a very well defined... well, everything. He really had quite the admirable body. Michael was smaller and an inch or so shorter than Craig; his body was less defined but was nonetheless attractive.

"You know what I'd like to see?" she blurted out, not even caring what the two were talking about now.

"What?" asked Craig.

"I'd like to see you two naked." she replied.

"What?" Michael asked, not really sure where her statement came from.

"You saw me naked this morning, and last night." Craig said, knowing what she really meant, but wanting to force her to acknowledge it.

"Relax, guys. He's gay," she pointed to Michael, "you're bisexual. I think it'd be really hot to see you guys together." she responded to Craig.

"...How did you know I was gay?" Michael questioned, feeling as if he had been put on the spot by her statement.

"I've caught you staring at Craig dozens of times today, but never once have you paid any attention to me that way. Not to mention the boner you had when you were splashing each other in the water earlier."

Craig had noticed Michael's glances a few times himself, but never paid them any mind. He was used to people checking out his body by now. He had to admit he was checking Michael out when he first arrived; he was impressed by what he saw of the cute blond. The idea of having some fun with him sounded very appealing, even if he would never have thought of it had Tab not told him she wanted to see it.

Michael, on the other hand, was frightened by Tabrett's blunt statements. She had already outed him as gay and now she was asking him to do who knows what with another guy while she watched.

Craig put a big hand on Michael's shoulder and spoke softly.

"No one is asking you to do something if you don't want to. If you do want to, I'd be happy to fool around with you. If you don't that's fine too, and we can forget this ever happened."

Craig's tone had an odd calming effect on him. He stared into Craig's brown eyes as he considered for a moment. He began to wonder what was wrong with him. This guy may as well have just agreed to have sex with him; offers like this from guys like him don't happen every day. He was a single young man still in his prime. He thought to refuse would be just silly.

"I want to...." he said sheepishly.

Craig leaned in and kissed him, hoping to relieve some of the tension Michael must be feeling. He could tell the blond was nervous, but he thought the kiss was calming him down, so he deepened it. He slipped his tongue into Michael's mouth and was surprised at how easily Michael let him control it.

As the two men made out, Tabrett was busy looking through her bag. She finally found the object she searched for and ran back over, getting into a position so she could clearly see the two.

Craig, hearing Tabrett digging in her bag, glanced over out of the corner of his eye just in time to see Tabrett standing there with a video camera in her hands.

"No camera." Craig said in a stern voice, stopping the kiss.

He stood.

"Oh come on, women need porn too. I know you watch it, I've seen you." Tab pouted.

"But what if it gets out?" Craig asked.

"It won't! I can solemnly swear this video will see the eyes of no one, unless I wish them to."

"What exactly does that mean?" Michael questioned, now standing beside Craig.

"Well, what if I have a friend over? Girls do mutual masturbation, too." she persisted.

Craig sighed, he knew there would be no way he could win this arrangement right now.

"All right, fine. You can record it if it's alright with Michael. But that video never plays without you around, we clear?" Craig demanded.

"Easily doable." she said happily.

Michael agreed, so she began filming.

"Lose the shorts you guys." she said giddily.

Michael was the first to comply, seeming quite happy to reveal his soft member to Craig. It was about 3 ½ inches long and circumcised. Not small by any means for a soft cock.

"Let's see yours." he said to the dark haired male beside him as he tossed his boardshorts aside.

Craig followed Michael's example and tossed his shorts beside the other pair.

Soft, Craig was about 5 ½ inches and uncut, the foreskin covering the head made it look an even 6 inches.

"Holy shit!" said Michael in surprise. "It looks like your cock could eat mine. How big does it get?"

"Why don't you play with it and find out?" Tab said, zooming in on the two cocks.

"Can I...?" Michael asked, sounding nervous.

"Go ahead, dude. We're both naked here for that reason." Craig replied with a smile that relaxed him a bit.

Michael reached out and lifted Craig's soft cock. He could feel it begin to thicken as he held it in his hands. He pulled the foreskin back to get a glimpse of the large head underneath. Suddenly he felt Craig's hand begin stroking his own cock, moving back and forth. He was already half hard from playing with Craig; having Craig play with him as well turned him on even more.

They stroked each others cocks to full mast, Craig's reaching a massive 9 inches and Michael's 7 inches.

"Not that watching you two masturbate each other isn't hot and all, but I'd really like to see Craig suck you off Michael." Tabrett said, still filming.

"Always so impatient, Tab?" Craig smiled as he lowered himself to his knees and took Michael's erection in his mouth, causing the blond to take a deep breath at the new contact.

He was fairly experienced at cock sucking, able to take Michael's 7 incher deep in his throat. Michael's cock was was a little smaller than Craig's stunt double, Glen Levy, from Legend of the Seeker. He had sucked off Glen regularly between scenes back when they filmed in New Zealand.

Craig's nose pressed against the blond's pubes as he took in all of the other man's cock. Michael sighed at the sight of it; he could feel Craig swallowing around his cock. It was one of the hottest things he had ever had done to him.

Glen had taught Craig how to deep throat in New Zealand. Craig had been told he was talented, but knew he wasn't nearly as good as Glen. Craig sometimes struggled to take Glen in his throat, yet Glen could easily take Craig's much larger cock. He needed more practice.

"I had no idea you could deep throat, Craig." said Tabrett with a grin.

Craig ignored her and continued the blowjob, not taking Michael as deep as he had before, focusing on pleasing the sensitive head with his tongue. Finally after a few more minutes of sucking, he removed himself from the hard cock and stood up.

"Okay, Michael, it's you're turn to suck off Craig." said Tabrett.

Michael lowered himself to his knees, grasping hold of Craig's cock. He was unsure how to begin, so he just stuck his tongue out, licking the tip. At first he just worked his tongue under the foreskin, massaging the large head for a few minutes.

Finally deciding to take the plunge, he sucked the big tip into his mouth and took it as deep as he could. Craig took a deep breath and closed his eyes, just enjoying the sensations the other man's tongue created.

He focused his attention mainly on the sensitive head since he was unable to take Craig very deep. Craig thought that he had obviously sucked a cock before.

Suddenly after several minutes of sucking, Michael pulled off. Craig opened his eyes and looked down, he saw Michael staring back up.

"Could you... Could you fuck me? I've always fantasized about something like this." he asked, looking at Craig's cock as he spoke.

"Now it get's steamy." Tabrett spoke.

"I don't have any lube. I don't think I can fuck you dry." Craig replied, running his fingers through the blond's hair.

"Oh! Wait!" Tabrett interrupted, walking over to her bag.

They watched as she browsed around before pulling out a small plastic jar of something and walked over, putting the object in Craig's hand.

It was the vaseline he had seen earlier.

It had been a while since he had fucked another man, he had been having sex with Tabrett regularly as of late, but he really missed the feel of another man's ass around his cock. The two were incomparable, both fulfilling his desires in different, but similar ways.

"Now we're in business!" Michael said.

Soon Michael was on all fours with Craig on his knees behind him. He used Tab's vaseline to coat his fingers, preparing them for Michael's ass.

He reached down, two fingers circled Michael's hole a few times before sinking in. He was tight, but not too tight.

"Have you ever been fucked before?" Craig asked.

"Y-yeah. Lots of times. Just never by anyone so big." Michael said sounding intimidated.

"There's nothing to it," Tabrett spoke up as she zoomed in on the action, "if the person fucking you knows what they're doing, no matter the size of their dick, it can be very pleasurable. Believe me, Craig knows how to please."

Craig said nothing, continuing his work on Michael's ass, sinking deep with his fingers. He toyed with his prostate, earning a pleasurable moan from the cute blond. After a while he added a third slick finger to Michael's tightness, stretching him more in preparation for his cock.

Craig didn't think he would need much more preparation, soon Michael would be ready. In deep, he curled his fingers, stimulating Michael's prostate.

Michael groaned.

"I think I'm ready." he spoke.

After a while, he removed his fingers and reached for the vaseline once more. He coated his cock and Michael's ass liberally so he wouldn't have to stop halfway through for more lube.

Cock in hand, he pulled the foreskin back and pressed it against Michael's hole, the head slipping past the tight ring of muscle fairly easy.

Michael began breathing deeper as Craig sank his hard cock slowly into his ass.

He had taken it smoothly so far; Craig was over half way in already. He had worried that his girth might make this hard, but Michael had gotten used to his circumference surprisingly fast. Once he had about 7 inches in, he stopped to give his partner a break.

"I'm not sure if more will go in." Michael said. It was kind of uncomfortable to him, but wasn't painful yet. He feared Craig going deeper, but at the same time welcomed it.

"Do you want me to stop?" asked Craig.

Michael considered it briefly before shaking his head no. "Just be careful."

Craig nodded and allowed his friend another brief moment of rest before resuming.

"I'm almost in, man." Craig said as he slowly began pushing in the last two inches of his cock while carefully watching for signs from Michael to stop. There were none.

All 9 inches fully encased in Mighael's tight ass, Craig gave his friend a pat on the back, congratulating him on taking it all.

"I'm in," said Craig, his balls resting against Michael. "You did great, man."

Tab had moved behind Craig and Michael; she had the camera pointing where the two men were connected.

"This is one of the hottest things I've ever seen." She said with a smile.

Ignoring her, Craig leaned forward, his hard body pressing against Michael's back, and spoke into his ear.

"I'm going to move now. Do you think you can handle that?" he questioned, giving his neck light kisses.

Michael responded with an erotic moan that sounded like a yes.

Craig leaned back up, grasping hold of Michael's hips, and he pulled out about half way. He started out slow, only going back in a few inches at a time. Eventually he watched as his cock disappeared fully once again into the warmth, causing Michael to moan aloud.

"Oh, fuck me.... I know you can do it harder than this, I'm ready."

Craig complied with his request, now thrusting faster into the tight tunnel. He reached around Michael and found his surprisingly hard cock. Gripping it firmly in his lube covered hand, he began tugging on it in a rhythmic motion with his thrusting.

"That's it... oh god that's good." Michael groaned as Craig was hitting his prostate.

He kept up the same rhythm, only varying slightly so Michael's prostate would feel more stimulation from each thrust.

"Harder." Michael moaned.

"Do what harder?" Craig teased.

"Fuck me harder!" Michael groaned, obviously not wanting to play Craig's game. He just wanted to be fucked.

He increased the speed of his thrusts, diving in to the hilt each time. His balls now slapped against Michael's ass.

The effort was making Craig sweat. It was reasonably hot out; his hair was still wet from his time spent in the water earlier, but it no longer had the cooling effect it once did.

Craig began pulling out most of the way then slamming back in. Michael was pleased with the new way he was being fucked, it was almost too much for him. He felt the strength in his arms give out and fell over on his face from the force of Craig's thrusts.

Craig stopped thrusting and pulled out. He had Michael lay down on his side and he laid close behind him, pressing his body tightly against the other man's back. Craig lifted Michael's leg and held it while he re-entered him in one quick thrust, causing him to gasp.

He resumed fucking in a rhythm similar to before, but noticeably different due to the new position.

Michael turned his head to meet Craig's, just inches away. They shared brief eye contact before Craig leaned in and kissed him as he continued thrusting; Michael gave Craig full control of the kiss as their tongues danced.

The feel of Craig's lips on his and the big cock rubbing against his prostate with every thrust was sensory overload. Michael was so close to orgasm despite his cock now being neglected, he didn't think he would last much longer.

It only took a few more thrusts from Craig, his cock pounding balls deep into his ass. His mind fell to mush, he moaned loud, removing his mouth from his partners in the process.

Michael was cumming. His ass contracted, squeezing Craig's manhood as it pulsed. His cock twitched, he began squirting long ropes of semen upwards, coating his stomach.

"Aww fuck!" Craig groaned as he hit his release, still slamming into Michael, pumping his ass full of thick cum and not stopping until he was milked for everything he had. His cum began seeping back out as he fucked, soaking Michael's ass.

"Yeaah!" said Tabrett. "You filled him!"

Craig, having come down from his orgasm, laid there with his cock still buried to the hilt in Michael's ass. He felt like he could lay there for hours and never move. He felt very fulfilled right now.

He finally pulled out and rolled over onto his back, causing Michael to feel very... empty. He already missed the fullness having Craig inside him offered.

Michael rolled over as well, draping an arm over Craig's sweaty chest.

"That was amazing."

Craig kissed him. "Then let's do it again sometime."

Michael nodded with a smile.

Tabrett finally shut off the video camera and spoke up.

"If you two are done being all lovey-dovey, it's pretty late now. I think we should go soon so we can be home before dark."

And so ended their day.

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