Craig Horner
by B.Stories

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Note: This fic contains graphic depictions of unprotected sex, in public, between two men. If this isn't what you're looking for, or if it is illegal to view such content in your area please consider stopping. Please always remember to wear condoms. In my fic, there is no such thing as unwanted pregnancy or STDs, but they do exist in real life and can affect you.

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A cooling breeze blew through the night, temporarily giving anyone who could feel its presence a much needed break from the heat.

They stood at the window. A few feet away, separated by a thin piece of glass, sat a squat old woman who looked as if she could care less if a rock magically fell out of the sky and crushed them. Her glare gave him an unnerving feeling.

"Can I help you?" the old woman questioned in a disinterested monotone.

"We need two tickets for 'Zombies VS Vampires 9,' please?" Craig answered.

"Is it just me, or does that woman look like she wants to skin us alive and eat us?" Gabriel whispered in his ear.

Craig responded with a chuckle as he unconsciously scratched at his facial hair. He usually liked keeping a light stubble, but he had recently neglected trimming it; now it had become a very lite beard.

"You look good with a little scruff on your face." Gabriel said.

"Oh, this isn't for style, I just haven't been trimming it lately." he responded.

"Are you two going to take your tickets or not?!" said the woman in an angry tone that made Craig wonder why this woman had such a social job. He thought she would be better suited for something that required less human interaction.

They took their tickets and made their way into the theater lobby. They walked past the concession stands, the two having already eaten dinner at Craig's with Tabrett, who was now having a night out on the town herself.

Once they finally found their way into the correct room, they sat down in the very back row, there being no other people near the back.

"Looks like there are maybe 10 people in here, most near the front. This movie probably won't be playing much longer." Gabriel said.

"Yeah, we missed the rush a few weeks ago when it first came out." he replied.

They sat quietly as the movie began after a long run of previews. One thing that was easily noticeable to Gabriel was that the movie seemed to have absolutely no scenes set during the day, plunging the theater into darkness sometimes.

About 45 minutes into the movie Craig had noticed so far it had been very uninteresting. He hadn't had very high expectations, but he had believed it would be as entertaining as any other generic horror film. He had been wrong.

After another 20 minutes of bad acting and mediocre plot, Craig was nearly asleep in his chair. Suddenly he felt something grasp him.

He looked down and saw Gabriel's hand playing with his crotch.

"What are you doing? We're in a theater!" Craig whispered.

"I know. There aren't many people in here, and none of them are near us. Plus, this is more entertaining than the movie." Gabriel said quietly.

Craig didn't really see the harm in being groped at a movie, lots of people did it. He supposed if it would keep him entertained, they could have some mild fun.

Gabriel's groping became more intense, causing Craig to harden in his pants. His manhood was straining against the now very tight jeans; it had become somewhat uncomfortable. Gabriel, noticing Craig's discomfort, began to unbutton Craig's pants, but was stopped before he could finish.

"No!" Craig said in a low tone. "We can't expose ourselves in public like that."

"Look, it's really dark in here. This movie has had absolutely no bright scenes, and I don't expect it to before the end. No one will be able to see you; people can barely see to get out of their seats."

"But what if--" Craig began, but was interrupted.

"Craig, buddy, you're too cautious sometimes. No one will be able to see us. Live a little, man." Gabriel persisted.

He thought about it a moment before finally giving in and allowing Gabriel to unzip his pants and release his cock. Craig wondered how his friends always managed to talk him into doing these things. It was almost like they had some sort of power of persuasion over him.

Gabriel was now stroking Craig's cock earnestly, it began dripping precum onto his hand. Without warning, Gabriel leaned over and took the head of Craig's cock into his mouth.

Shocked by the unexpected warmth around his cock, Craig's eyes were wide. Gabriel's tongue massaged his sensitive head, pleasuring the sensitive tip. He took a deep breath and whispered.

"You are so good at that."

Gabriel took him deeper, he could feel the head of his cock begin to travel down Gabriel's throat briefly before he quickly pulled off, unable to take more.

He began licking the cock from base to tip, coating it lightly in saliva. He rose up.

"I want you to fuck me." he whispered.

"What?" Craig said, surprised.

"Fuck me." he repeated.

"We're in public, man! Sucking was already pushing it." Craig whispered.

"Look how dark it is in here. You can barely seen the outline of everyone else and the movie has been loud. We can get away with it."

Craig was horny. The thought of having Gabriel's ass around his cock was appealing, but even if he agreed, they had no lube.

"We have nothing to use as lube." he spoke.

"You've fucked my ass a thousand times, I don't need lube. Spit and your fountain of precum will work."

"You can't take me without lube." Craig retorted.

"I can take it." he said in a deep voice.

"I'm telling you there's no way." Craig whispered.

"I want to try." he persisted.

Craig stared at him a moment as he thought about it. He didn't really think Gabriel could take it with no lube, saliva and precum could only do so much, but he seemed so determined to try. He figured they could always give up if he failed, and it really wasn't much riskier than the blowjob he had been receiving. If they moved correctly, in the dark no one would be able to tell there were two people in the seat.

"Fine, we can try. I must be crazy for doing this. I just know I'll be deported if we're caught." Craig grumbled.

"You won't be deported, and we won't get caught." Gabriel whispered as he spat into his palm an excessive amount of saliva.

He coated Craig's cock well, making sure the tip was covered since it had the furthest to go. Examining his work and apparently finding it to his liking, he stood up.

He looked around to see if anyone might be watching and when he saw no one, he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, sliding the back of them down just past his ass cheeks. He slowly sat down until he could feel the tip of Craig's cock poking him.

Craig grasped his cock with his thumb and forefinger and pulled back his foreskin, aiming it at Gabriel's hole as the blond lowered himself down. His head penetrated with ease. They couldn't afford to go slowly, Gabriel sat down rather quickly, pushing even more of Craig's cock into his ass.

After he was about half way, Gabriel noticed someone in the front row getting up. Frightened that someone would notice what they were doing, he quickly took the rest of Craig's 9 inch cock in his ass and leaned back so it would appear they were just an average movie goers.

Having taken so much cock so fast caused a moan to escape his throat, then suddenly he found a large hand covering his mouth.

"Shhh..." Craig whispered into his ear as he gave his neck a kiss, his growing facial hair scratching Gabriel's neck. He could feel Craig's hard body pressing tight against his back; he thought it made the whole situation more erotic.

Craig could barely move inside of Gabriel. Only about an inch up and down, at least without causing noticeable movement. He didn't know if he would be able to get off easily.

With his right hand, Craig reached down into Gabriel's lap and began stroking his hard 7 ½ inch cock as he fucked his ass lightly. He wished he could move more than he was able, but being so deep inside the hot tunnel was definitely pleasurable.

Gabriel squeezed his ass around Craig's cock, causing him to buck up a little more than he should have. Had anyone noticed the movement they might have been able to see what the two were doing.

Gabriel laughed quietly through Craig's hand at the unexpected movement he had caused. It was nice to know he could get such reactions from Craig with such little effort.

Craig's right hand had never left Gabriel's cock, still pounding quietly away at it. Gabriel continued squeezing his ass muscles each time he felt Craig pull back slightly. He wanted his friend to reach orgasm despite his restrictions, and that wouldn't be easy.

Craig took a deep breath and pressed his lips to Gabriel's neck once again, kissing, sucking and biting the flesh beneath.

Gabriel loved the new attention, he could never complain when Craig's mouth was on him. It made everything so much more sensual, more sexy.

Without warning a silent moan blocked off by Craig's hand escaped Gabriel. Thick white cum shot out of his cock as Craig continued to stroke it, landing somewhere in the next row. His ass began pulsing around Craig's cock, squeezing tightly.

The new contractions around his cock were too much for Craig. Teeth gritted, he bucked up and closed his eyes tightly as he began cumming deep inside Gabriel's insides, painting them with load after load of white hot cum.

Finally coming down from his orgasm, he opened his eyes and was petrified by what he saw. Not two feet away was a teenage boy about the age of 19, staring at them. Craig could tell by the uniform the boy wore that he worked at the theater.

"Are you Craig Horner?" the boy said in a low voice.

His eyes went wide. He was fucked. Yep, he was going to jail. No, Gabriel was going to jail. He was going to be deported, then he was going to jail.

"That was the coolest thing I've ever seen..." the boy whispered.

Confused, Craig looked down and noticed that the boy's pants were tented.

Maybe they were safe afterall...


Walking out of the theater, Craig spoke.

"We were so lucky. I can't believe that kid let us off with only an autograph. I was sure he was going to blackmail us."

"Well that's not all he got. He did see our cocks as I got up. I have a feeling you particularly just provided him with a lifetime of jack off material." Gabriel replied, laughing.

Craig smiled at his obnoxious friend as they continued their journey home.

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Author's Note: Gabriel Mann played "Young Zedd" in Legend of the Seeker.