The following story is a work of fiction. Justin Timberlake is a real person, but he is treated as a character in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of his true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that he is straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This story also makes no claims to his preference in sexual partners, legal or otherwise. The other characters featured in this story are fictional, and any resemblance to any actual persons is strictly coincidental. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here, which include sexual acts with a minor, are fictional and should not be construed as fact. There are derogatory remarks and slang terms used that may be offensive to some, and it is not this author's intention to offend anyone; it is merely an attempt at realistic dialogue. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



Dirty Daddy

by hottcarter1987



Justin Timberlake stood in front of the house in the dark, his hands in his pockets. It would be the fourth time in two months that he'd gotten off the commuter train to South Central and made his way to the house off 5th Street. It stood apart from the other houses by two blocks on each side, and it was badly in need of repair. He lit a cigar and stood in front of it, noting that the porch light wasn't on. The only illumination came from a single lamp in a window by the door, and a faint glow came from an upstairs window. He took a deep drag of his smoke and exhaled. "Time to get this show on the road," he said aloud to himself.

Justin made his way up the four steps to the door and knocked. He stood there in his brown leather jacket, tight faded jeans, and white high-tops and smoked while he waited. It was a fairly warm night, and he hadn't bothered with an undershirt, so his muscular chest showed through the unzipped jacket. It was about 8 minutes or so before the door opened. "Timberlake," a deep voice, almost a growl, said. The man at the door was a very muscular, 40-year-old black man. Justin could barely make out the bright, white teeth of his smile in the dim light coming from the inside lamp. "I see you wanna try it again, baby."

"Sure," Justin replied with a puff of smoke. "Why not? Ain't like I ain't done this before."

"That's what I wanted to hear," replied the black man. "Get that fine white ass inside. She's upstairs." The black man stood aside and let Justin in. He saw that the older guy was dressed in only very tight white bikini underwear which showed off his equipment well. The first time he'd met this guy at the porn shop downtown, he'd found out that the rumors about black guys were sometimes true. The owner of this house had a cock so huge and thick it put horses to shame, and now that elephant trunk of his was threatening to break free of its confines.

"Has Dirty Daddy got everything ready for me?" the pop star asked. He used the only name he was told to call this man, that or plain Daddy.

"Baby, Dirty Daddy is always ready," the black man replied. "Go on upstairs, baby. Time's a wastin'. I was jus' getting her ready when you came."

Justin put his cigar in his mouth and started ascending the stairs in front of him. "Then let's party, man." Daddy shut the front door and locked it before following Justin up the stairs.

Justin turned at the top to the first room on his right and stood in the open doorway. Light came from the only lamp in the room and spilled over the only furniture there: a king-sized bed with only a worn mattress and no sheets, two wooden chairs, and a dresser on the opposite side of the room from the bed. He looked on the bed and found a young 14-year-old girl, buck naked, lying there. Her black skin glistened with sweat in the sparse light. Her thin legs were spread wide, and her small breasts were topped with slightly darker and erect nipples. Justin could see her nearly bald cunt dripping its love fluid onto the mattress, and it was a bit puffy from obvious use. He knew her name was Keisha, and she was the reason he was here. He'd been fucking this little dark morsel for the last two months off and on, persuaded by her big hulking father to get her knocked up. Dirty Daddy had been molesting his daughter since she was a baby and had taken her innocence when she was only 5 years old, but when she began her period at 11, he started using a rubber to fuck her. Recently, however, he had begun searching for a guy of any race who was into the young stuff to deliberately impregnate her--both because he believed a father shouldn't have a baby with his daughter and because he wanted to bang on her while she was pregnant. He had happened upon Justin in the porn shop after the pop idol had come in to beat his meat to some dirty movies the place showed in the back rooms. He found out that Justin was not only as perverted as he was but was also bisexual. Dirty Daddy had pounded his mammoth cock into Justin's pussy three times that night after bringing the singer home, and he put him in bed with Keisha, masturbating as he watched Justin tear up his daughter. Since then, the three had met at different times so that Timberlake could seed his little girl over and over, but so far, she hadn't gotten pregnant.

Justin sucked on his cigar deeply, and the girl began to finger her clit. Keisha had been brought up to believe it was her duty to service men, so she was very much in heat to get ridden again. Justin's 11-inch penis grew hard in his jeans as the girl manipulated her vagina and moaned like an baby animal. He then felt Dirty Daddy's hand grab his ass. "Lemme finish makin' her hot for ya, stud," Daddy said in his ear. "Then you can fuck the shit outta that little nigga pussy." He stepped around Justin and knelt on the bed between his daughter's legs. "Let Daddy eat you s'more, you hot little bitch," he said to her.

"Yes, Daddy," Keisha said almost dreamily. Daddy thrust his tongue into her tiny cunt and began slurping obscenely at the teenage nectar she produced. Justin kept his cigar in his mouth as he opened the fly on his tight jeans and extracted his fully-erect cock and began stroking. His eyes widened as he heard the girl moan louder. Her hips gyrated into her father's face, allowing him deeper access to her maturing womb. She stuck her index finger into her mouth and sucked on it.

Daddy came off her pussy and said to Justin, "Go `head, white boy. Jam that dick in her mouth. She wants it." Justin walked over to the head of the bed, knelt by Keisha, grabbed her by the neck, and held his muscle of love against her lips. Keisha took his cock into her mouth, and Justin thrust it deep. A deep grunt emerged from his chest as the little slut swallowed his shaft in one gulp, and he responded by grabbing the top of her head and fucking her face as if it were her cunt. Keisha did not gag once, having sucked off her father's 13-incher many times. Dirty Daddy stopped eating her out and rammed three fingers in between her pussy lips. "You go, boy," he said. "Plow right down that bitch throat. Show her you mean business."

Still smoking his cigar, Timberlake obeyed by pushing even harder. His large nutsack bounced against her face as he pistoned in and out. His lust took over his body, and he glanced at Dirty Daddy. The black man stood and removed his underwear to allow his horse cock to breath. Justin grinned as he saw the huge ebony sword stick straight out from the equally dark torso, white precum dripping in thick ropes onto the floor. Daddy had a moderately hairy chest, but a completely shaven head. His thick lips pulled back into a perverted grin as he watched his daughter being used like a cheap slut, and the look on his face encouraged the pedo in Justin.

Daddy walked over behind the singer and reached around to undo his jeans. Pulling them down, he exposed Timberlake's muscular ass, and he slipped his middle finger up inside. Justin closed his eyes and whimpered around his lit cigar. His dick shot a rope of precum into Keisha's mouth, which she swallowed greedily. Daddy hit Justin's prostate with his big finger, and again, he pumped another strand of his pre-jizz into her.

"Motherfucker," Justin muttered. "You keep that up, dude, and I'll blast off now."

"Don't wanna let that happen, stud boy," Daddy replied. He pulled his finger out and sucked it. "Gotta save that batter for that tight black pussy, m'man." He swatted Justin's butt and added, "Don't you think you'd better lay her already? If there's any night y'all are gonna make a baby, tonight's it. I been doin' some calculatin' since the last time you laid pipe. She's at her peak tonight." He hit Justin's ass again. "So let's get wit' the fuckin'."

"Anything you say, Daddy," Justin replied as he pulled out of Keisha's still-sucking mouth. "You're the boss." Keeping his leather jacket on, he got off the mattress and stripped out of his shoes and jeans. He finished his cigar, extinguishing it in the ashtray on the floor. He walked to the foot of the bed and looked at the girl hungrily as he squeezed his hard-on. Keisha had closed her legs around one of her hands, and he could see her digging her fingers into her young cunt. Justin smacked her hard on her leg and said, "Spread `em, slut. I wanna tag that nigga snatch of yours."

As the girl obeyed, Dirty Daddy went to her face and slapped his big hand over her mouth. Penetration made her squeal loudly, and Daddy liked her to know who the boss was at all times, not that she needed it. He quietly told her, "You know what to do, baby girl. Make yo' Daddy proud."

Justin placed his throbbing penis to her pussy lips and quickly shoved it inside. The familiar tightness gripped his member as he forced her black vagina open, and she was so wet with her natural lube that he had no problem sliding in. Keisha shouted into her daddy's hand, and her father held her down as Justin bottomed out. She became silent except for a low moan, and Daddy released her mouth. Standing by the bed, he began masturbating and said, "Now, white boy. Fuck that nigga bitch." Justin responded by pulling out until the head of his cock rested just inside Keisha's pussy lips and rammed it all the way back in. The girl's mouth opened and emitted a shout. "That's the way, white boy. Nail her!"

Justin then began screwing Keisha in earnest, his speed increasing with every thrust. His muscular, tattooed body writhed as all of his power concentrated itself in his hips. Before long, a thwacking sound could be heard as he began to own the tiny girl underneath him as his balls smacked into her. Both of them made lustful sounds--Keisha in high-pitched wails, and Justin in deep masculine tones. She started moving her arms, and he grabbed them by the wrists and pressed them into the mattress on either sides of her head. Her dark legs moved up and locked ankles around his humping white waist, and Justin bent down to penetrate her soft lips with his tongue. After French-kissing her, he moved his mouth to her neck and suckled it, lapping up her musty sweat and causing a dark hickey to show. In her ear, he whispered, "You're mine, little girl. My hot fuck whore. I'm gonna give you my white hot sperm and plant a baby in ya. You want that, little baby? Huh? Your daddy wants it. He's gonna fuck your tight little nigger pussy when you're fat with my kid, baby. You're gonna like that, aren't ya? Tell me, slut. Tell me you want that."

"Oh, yeah," Keisha moaned. "I wanna have your baby in my belly. I want it so Daddy can fuck me with it in me. Give it to me, please...please...please..."

As her tiny voice trailed off, Justin felt something just under his thrusting dick. He looked back and saw Dirty Daddy behind him, and he realized that the black man was pushing a finger into his daughter's twat while he was filling it with his tubesteak. "How's it feel, dude?" he asked.

"Tight, m'man," replied Daddy. "Jus' the way it's supposed to. So fuckin' hot." He moved his digit in and out to match Justin's fuck motion. "I think you'll do it tonight, white boy. I can hardly wait to bang my little ho when she's got a belly full of baby."

Justin groaned. "You're so damn dirty, old man."

Dirty Daddy grinned. "You're fuckin' right, Timberlake." He got up on the bed behind Justin, spit in his hand, and lubed his thick black tool. "Lemme help you out, stud." He lined his glistening ebony rod up to Justin's ass. "Push all the way into that ho." Justin shoved the entire length of his baby maker into Keisha, who squealed, and Dirty Daddy rammed his cock into Justin. The pop singer had been fucked by the black man before, but his dick was so long and wide that Justin never had quite gotten used to it. "Take my rod, you perverted white bitch. Lemme help you fuck my baby girl." Justin gasped as his rectum stretched to accommodate the black sword, and this caused him to go deeper into Keisha. The girl screamed out, and Justin silenced her by clamping his hand over her open mouth. "That's it, Timberlake," grunted Daddy. "Take charge of my bitch. Show her what she's good for." Daddy fucked into Justin hard, making the pop idol fuck Keisha twice as hard as he could on his own. The three of them made a dirty scene as they copulated. The sounds of grunts, moans, and muffled screams rebounded around the room. With each thrust of his dark meat into the tight white ass in front of him, Daddy grew hornier and hornier. His cock pulsed violently with carnal lust as it pulverized Justin's love tunnel. Each smash of the gigantic cockhead caused the boy to drool from his open mouth onto the girl underneath him, and his white dick ripped into her teenage womb. Justin had no idea how much precum he'd leaked into her inner walls, but he knew he wouldn't last much longer before he'd give her the real thing. Daddy sensed this, too, somehow. He stopped fucking Justin and pulled his black python out. While Justin kept pistoning into his little girl, Daddy went to the head of the bed and barked, "Flip her over, stud. I'll take care of her fuckin' mouth."

Justin did as he was told, and Keisha was soon on her hands and knees with her tiny black ass in the air. He bent over and pulled both her arms behind her back and held them with one hand. He continued to hump into her pussy violently, jamming a thumb from his free hand into her asshole. Justin so wanted to fuck her in the ass, but Daddy wanted him to knock up Keisha, so his cock would have to remain in her pussy. Plus, the pervert was saving her ass for when she was pregnant so he'd have another hole to screw. "Damn, Daddy," he said. "I don't know how long I can keep this up."

Daddy lit a cigar and grabbed his daughter's head. He shoved her mouth onto his dick and slid it all the way down to choke her with it. Puffing smoke into the air, he grunted, "Let loose whenever, baby, but keep your fuckin' cock buried in that cunt. Don't let a fuckin' drop escape. Understand?" Justin nodded his head and kept fucking. Daddy held his little girl's head and started bucking his hips into her face. "That's right, my little black bitch," he said to Keisha. "Daddy wants you nice and pregnant so he can fuck you with that baby inside you. I wanna see that fat belly move when I ride your little pussy, and I want you to feel all my hot cum when I dump it in ya. An' after its born, we'll both teach that kid what it's like to be Daddy's bitch." He pushed Keisha down on his cock and held her face against his pubes.

After hearing all that dirty talk, Justin's balls drew up into his body, and he felt his dickhead expand. "Oh, SHIT!" he screamed. "I'm gonna blow!"

Daddy bit into his cigar and exclaimed, "Do it, motherfucker! Seed that nigga pussy! Now!!"

Justin's eyes squeezed shut, and his hips thrust forward once more as his 11-inch cock ejaculated an ocean of semen into Keisha's battered and abused vagina. Gush after gush of his creamy white love fluid splashed into her with force, his sperm instantly invading her womb to find her egg inside. The singer grunted and moaned as he kept his dick planted firmly and completely in the girl. Watching the white boy impregnating his daughter caused Dirty Daddy to growl and start pumping his own potent seed into Keisha's throat. His big black cock was so deep inside that his scum missed her mouth and tongue completely as shot directly into her esophagus. "FUCK!" the black man screamed as he felt his little girl's swallowing his offering. With both men shooting sperm in both ends at the same time, poor little Keisha started feeling lightheaded. When Daddy pulled his cock from her mouth, she passed out.

Justin stayed inside her cunt, waiting for Daddy to give his permission to pull out. He laid on top of the unconscious girl and bucked his hips a few times to get any remaining seed into her. Daddy, still smoking his cigar, got up and stood next to Justin. His mammoth cock glistened with a combination of his cum and Keisha's spit and still stood semi-hard. He stuck his middle finger up into Justin's boy twat, removed the cigar from his lips, and suckled on the singer's neck. "Good boy," he murmured against Justin's skin. "I think it worked. If not, there'll be another time, and I know you'll be back. You like that nigga pussy, don't ya?"

"Oh, fuck yeah, man," Justin moaned. He reached down and stroked Daddy's cock and then brought his slimy hand to his mouth and licked it clean.

Daddy ordered him off Keisha. He placed his big hands on Justin's head and forced him to a kneeling position. "Now, white boy," he said. "Thank Dirty Daddy for letting you screw his little bitch daughter." Without hesitation, Justin opened his mouth and swallowed Daddy's prick, sucking and cleaning it until it was completely free of cum and little girl spit. "Good boy," Daddy said again as he put the cigar back in his mouth. Justin sucked his cock hard again, and the pop star kept sucking until he was rewarded with a mouthful of Daddy's second load of tasty sperm.


Justin Timberlake lit a cigar as he exited Dirty Daddy's house. He smoked as he made his way to the train station. He could see the sky begin to brighten on the horizon, and he knew he'd sleep most of the morning when he got back to his house on the other side of town. As he waited at the nearly deserted train station, he spotted a young boy leaning against a wall at the end of the station smoking a cigarette. The kid couldn't have been older than 8, and he was Hispanic with a long mane of black hair. He was shirtless and wearing faded jeans and sneakers. Justin felt his dick grow again, and he took a long drag of his cigar, licking his lips as he exhaled the smoke through his nostrils. The boy came off the wall and walked around the building, and Justin put his cigar into his mouth and followed.

It was time for a second round of kiddie fucking...