The following story is a work of fiction. Aaron Carter and Justin Bieber are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the Aaron and Justin's true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that they are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here involve sexual acts with a minor, are fictional, and should not be considered fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story takes place in the same continuity as my other Aaron Carter stories, Aaron's Needs and Aaron's Lust as well as my Hanson series, The Sexual Exploits of Hanson (Justin Bieber made an appearance in the installment, "Ike's Night Out"). The events here take place after the conclusion of both of these series. All three storylines can be found in the "Gay/Celebrities" section of Nifty.


Getting Laid

by hottcarter1987


Aaron Carter placed the cigar in his mouth and flicked the lighter. The colorful flame shot from the butane container, and he bent his head toward it. His lips pulled gently on the thick brown tobacco stalk until the end glowed bright red and smoke emerged from the corners of his mouth. Clouds of grey smoke billowed out in front of him as the taste of the cigar danced on his tongue. He flipped the lighter closed and put it in the pocket of his black leather jacket. With the stogie held in his teeth, he leaned his blond head back against the wall and closed his eyes, smoking steadily. Reaching down with a hand, he gripped the top of the bobbing head in front of him and grunted, "Damn, you suck so good."

On his knees in front of the blond singer was none other than superstar Justin Bieber. The 16-year-old was going to town on Aaron's thick 9-inch penis, engulfing every bit of the hard shaft that poked out of the tight leather pants and making obscene slurping noises as he sucked. Justin savored the taste of the cock in his young mouth but pulled off and asked, "When's she gonna show, dude?"

Aaron grabbed Justin's head and forcefully shoved him back down on his tool. "I didn't say stop, bitch. You just keep workin' my dick. I'll worry about the rest." They were in a motel room on the outskirts of Los Angeles, and Aaron had been to one of Justin's concerts the night before. Meeting him backstage, Justin was thrilled with meeting Aaron, having been a fan for quite some time. They had gotten high in the younger boy's dressing room, and Aaron worked his usual charm on him and got into his pants. The two had fucked twice, with Justin being an experienced bottom. Aaron had blown three loads the night before--two in Justin's tight pussy and one in his mouth. When asked how he'd gotten so good at fucking, Justin told him he'd had Ike Hanson and Zac Efron as tops. Aaron was amazed that Justin survived. He himself had been on the receiving end of Efron's 12-inch torpedo, and he'd heard rumors that the eldest of the Hanson brothers was just as well hung. Justin wasn't any bigger than a fart, but he obviously knew how to take dick. It didn't take much convincing to get the little whore to come back with him to a motel so that they could continue their carnal acts. Aaron had fucked Justin again that morning, and after an entire day of roaming Los Angeles together, it was again evening, and Aaron was now getting a hot blowjob from his newest conquest.

Earlier in the day, Justin had told Aaron that he wanted to fuck a chick. He'd screwed a couple of girls up to this point, but he wanted a real woman. Like Aaron, he was bisexual but had fucked with more men than girls. Justin was horny for some pussy, and he asked Aaron to help him. Aaron told him of a woman about his age that would be perfect. He called her up, and she had agreed to meet him at the motel later that evening. It was about this that Justin was now getting impatient.

An electronic tune sounded from Aaron's leather jacket--a ringtone of Carter's hit single, "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)." The older stud pulled out his cell phone and said, "AC." He talked a moment and hung up. "That was her, man. She's parkin' the car now."

Justin came off Aaron's cock and stood. He pulled at the hard 8-inch prick in his tight jeans and wiped the excess saliva from his plump lips with the back of his hand. "She's hot, right?"

"Fuckin'-A," replied Aaron. "And she's even got a little somethin' for me, too." A slight look of disappointment fell over Justin's face. He had wanted to have the chick to himself. Reading his expression, Aaron took a puff of his cigar and smirked. "Don't worry, little man. She brought somethin' to keep me occupied. Her cunt is all yours." Justin brightened at this. He didn't mind being watched while he got his freak on, but he was glad not to have to share pussy. He asked Aaron how he knew her. "I've fucked her a few times. Justin Timberlake knocked her up a few years ago, and she's been with a few other celebs since then. My bro, Nick, introduced us at a party, and both of us banged her that night." Aaron took another drag of his cigar. "But, lately she's been wantin' another kid, and she said she wants you to get her pregnant. You up for that?"

Justin frowned. "I don't know, man. I'm only 16, and it wouldn't be cool for it to get out that I'm a dad, y'know."

"Don't worry `bout it," Aaron said as he stuffed his big cock into his leather pants. "She's discreet. Fuck, she's raisin' Timberlake's kid, and no one knows it's his, `cept the little fucker looks like him. She won't say anything. `Sides, she likes getting knocked up. Nick and I've tried, but the timin' must've been off."

The door opened and in walked what looked to Justin to be a 25-year-old woman with long golden blonde hair, thick lips, and the nicest-looking tits he'd ever seen. She had on a one-piece strapless white dress and matching white high-heels. She had sparse makeup on, but everything about this woman said "slut" the moment she entered. Trailing behind her was a little boy, about 7-years-old, with dirty blond hair that hung straight down to his neck. He wore a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. His wrists were bound with duct tape in front of him, and he had a gag tied over his mouth. He looked like he'd been crying, making Justin wonder just what the hell he was getting into. The slut walked to Aaron and placed her hand on his bulging crotch. "Hey, stud," she said in a voice just above a whisper. Opening her mouth, Aaron leaned in and stuck his long tongue out, and she sucked it. It was the most erotic kiss Justin had ever seen, and his dick throbbed in his pants as he watched. The little boy just looked at the floor, a sad expression on what part of his face wasn't hidden by the gag.

The obscene kiss lasted a few minutes, and when Aaron and the girl parted, a string of spit connected their lips briefly before breaking against the pop stud's lips. He wiped it off with the back of a hand and glanced at the boy. "Nice gift, baby," he said. "Great wrapping. You know how I like to have my boys."

"I can see," the girl said still gripping Aaron's hard-on. She looked at Justin, who was standing close with his mouth gaping open. She slipped her other hand under her very short dress and began to finger her twat. Justin saw some pussy juice start to run down her leg. "Justin Bieber," she said to him. "I love rubbin' my clit to your videos. My name's Tina. Wanna make a baby with me?"

Drool escaped Justin's lips, and Aaron chuckled. "You bet he is," he said as Justin wiped his mouth. "He's young, hung, and full of cum. You'll be knocked up in no time flat." Aaron puffed his cigar and turned his attention to the little boy. He went to him and lifted his head. The boy looked at Aaron with resignation in his blue eyes. "You ready for some fun, little man?" the pop singer asked. It wasn't really a question though he phrased it like one.

Tina had moved over to Justin and had gotten to her knees. While rubbing Justin's bulging package, she said, "You won't need lube on him, baby. His daddy fucked him about 20 minutes ago. He's loaded up already, and he wrapped him up for you."

"Hot damn," Aaron said. "I owe Timberlake one." He roughly grabbed the kid and threw him toward the overstuffed chair by the bed. Sitting down, Aaron smoked his cigar and unzipped his leather pants. "On your knees, little bitch. It's high time we started this fuck party." He pulled out his thick 9-inch cock, still hard from Justin's previous blowjob, and masturbated in front of the boy.

Justin swallowed and looked down as Tina undid his jeans and started stroking his cock. "Is he gonna have sex with your son?" the boy singer managed to ask.

"Of course," Tina said manner-of-factly. "Cody gets fucked by lots of men, especially his daddy. That's what he's good for." She rubbed the head of Justin's cock around her lips. "Now, let's get started, you hot little stud." Opening her mouth, she took his 8-inches of hardness between her lips and swallowed him whole. Justin gasped, the feel of the chick's tongue swishing around his stiff shaft sending his body into ecstasy. She made slurping noises, punctuated by a moan here and there, as she made love to his cock, and he responded by squirting precum into her throat.

Aaron held his cigar between his teeth and grabbed the kid by the top of his head. He pulled the gag down around his neck and pushed his mouth over his donkey dick, instantly choking the little boy on it. "That's it, Cody. Choke on this bad boy like the fuckin' whore you are." He rammed the boy's head up and down on his sex without mercy. Aaron was now an expert on molesting kids, having had several in the recent past, and lust racked his body with this little cutie. Cody had his daddy's eyes, and the shape of his lips were very similar as well. It was almost like getting blown by a miniature Justin Timberlake, which made the suck job twice as hot. Aaron had banged this boy before with his daddy, and he couldn't wait to get inside him again. He looked at Bieber and said, "You like her, boy?"

"Hell, yeah, yo," Bieber replied. He grabbed Tina's head and began fucking into her mouth. "What a slut!"

Tina didn't gag at all, having had lots of different cocks in her mouth. Justin was a bit smaller than what she was used to, but the thought of getting pregnant by the hottest teen singer on the planet made her vagina pulse. Her love juices flowed freely out of her cunt and ran down her thighs, and she reached down to play with her clit as she sucked. This night was the optimum night that her egg would be ready to fertilize, and Aaron had told her that Justin shot copious amounts of sperm when he climaxed. She was sure he'd be able to make her pregnant and hoped he'd also fuck her when she was.

Justin spread his legs wider and began humping Tina harder. His mind exploded with lust. This girl knew what she was doing. All the other babes and dudes he'd been with hadn't sucked his dick near as good as she was right then, and he felt like he wanted to reach her pussy from her mouth. He grunted as he pumped, his precum shooting all in her mouth, but he knew that he needed more. He pulled out of her mouth and smacked her face with his prick. "Lay down, bitch," he growled. Tina got on the bed and spread her legs. Without a moment's hesitation, Bieber got down on his knees, moved her skirt up to her tummy, shoved a finger in her dripping twat, and began chowing down on the succulent vagina like a boy who hadn't eaten in a week. He slurped and sucked on it, drinking her liquid love and biting her hard clit. Tina screamed out in pleasure and pinched her stiff nipples.

"Yeah, Bieber!" cried Aaron through puffs of his stogie. "Tear that muff up, dude!" The singer was still forcing Cody's mouth onto his cock as he watched. "I think I'll join ya." He shoved Cody off his member and picked him up like a rag doll. Aaron threw him on the bed next to his mother and jerked his pants down. Grabbing his little head, he placed it above one of Tina's breasts and said, "Get some of Mommy's titty, bitch."

Tina responded by pressing Cody's mouth onto her nipple. "Yes, baby, suck on Mommy's tit," she groaned. As the kid started nursing on her, she felt Justin digging deeper into her snatch with his fingers and tongue. "Ooo, yes!" she cried.

Aaron finished his cigar and put it out in an ashtray by the bed. Kneeling behind Cody's upturned bare ass, he spread the cheeks and dove in. He licked and suckled the puckered hole, which was puffy and red from Timberlake's recent fuck. Digging deep enough, he could taste the strong essence of the former 'NSync singer's cum there, and his 9-inch cock throbbed at the thought of eating out a boy whose daddy regularly used him for a fuck toy.

Justin glanced up as he ate Tina's pussy and saw her holding Cody to her ample breast. He watched the kid's cheeks cave in as he applied suction to her nipple, and he nearly shot his load then. Coming off the wet cunt in front of him, he exclaimed, "Fuck! That's hot as shit!!" He stood and removed all of his clothes. "No more playin' around, yo. I'm gonna fuck you, bitch!!" He grabbed one of the cigars that Aaron had placed on the nightstand and lit it. Puffing it, he grabbed Tina's legs and spread them wide. "You want another baby, Mommy?" he said lustfully. "Let's do it! I'm gonna breed you, slut!" Justin placed his throbbing cock to Tina's snatch and rammed it balls deep. Tina gasped, and Bieber wasted no time in starting a brutal fuck.

As Justin's balls began slapping against Tina, Aaron stood and pulled Cody away from his mother. He lit a cigar of his own and pressed his giant dick against the boy's tiny asshole. "Gonna nail you, bitch, while Mommy gets pregnant!" He penetrated the kid forcefully, and Cody screamed. "Shut the fuck up!" yelled Aaron. He rammed his penis all the way inside the child and reached down to pull the gag back over his mouth. When it was secure and silenced the boy, Aaron began pumping his hard shaft in and out. Justin looked over to see the little boy, with his wrists still bound with duct tape under his small frame between his bent knees, getting a royal fucking from Aaron. He grinned with the cigar between his teeth and gave Aaron a "thumbs-up" sign. Aaron simply smiled back and smacked Cody on the ass, driving his penis deeper and deeper inside.

Tina screamed and screamed in lust as Bieber repeatedly rammed into her vagina. Until then, she had thought that Aaron and his brother, Nick, had always fucked her the best. Now, she believed that Justin Bieber, with his teenage stamina and charged-up hormones, was the best fuck ever. The little stud hadn't slowed down an instant since he'd penetrated her, and it didn't look like he'd stopped until he'd flooded her womb with his potent seed. Her titties bounced wildly as he screwed her. Every now and then the teen sensation would lean down to suck on them before doubling his speed into her vibrating cunt. She glanced over several times to watch Aaron Carter ripping into her little son. Aaron was brutal when he fucked kids, and now was no exception. Cody was crying, tears flowing freely from his blue eyes. The gag prevented him from speaking, but his sobs were very audible, even over Aaron's perverted talk as he fucked her preteen child. She heard Aaron call him all kinds of names--bitch, whore, faggot--and her pussy began clamping down on Justin's hard cock. She was climaxing, and she screamed.

As her twat clamped his member, Justin Bieber cried out, "Motherfucker!! I'm cummin'!! I'm CUMMIN'!!" He threw his head up, biting into his cigar, and his cock pulsed as it vomited his seed deep into Tina's womb. His balls drew up nearly into his young, 16-year-old body as it valiantly produced more sperm than he thought possible. A river of semen gushed into Tina as his baby-making DNA swam in search of the egg they knew was in there somewhere. Tina's juices squirted all inside her as she felt the warmth of Justin's essence filling her up. Justin removed his cigar from his mouth as he collapsed onto Tina, both of them panting hard. He shoved his tongue deep into her mouth, and the two began an erotic game of tonsil-hockey.

Seeing this, Aaron's dick started to jerk inside Cody's boy pussy, and he pulled nearly out of the battered hole. Ramming all the way back in, Aaron shouted, "Take it, bitch!!" He forced Cody's face into the mattress and ejaculated his own ocean of sperm deep inside Tina's son. He held the kid down as his dick pulsed with his orgasm. Cody felt the heat of Aaron's love cream basting his rectum, and he continued to sob. Aaron puffed his cigar and grunted like a wild animal as he seeded the little whore.

When Aaron was done with his bitch, both he and Justin pulled out of their respective holes and stood beside each other, smoking their stogies. They high-fived as their dicks dripped the last bits of their cums onto the carpet below.


About three months later, Justin Bieber was sitting back in a hotel room he was occupying while on tour. Between his legs, a little 5-year-old boy was sucking his hard cock. The kid was the son of one of his back-up band members, and he had been lent to the pop star to relieve some pent-up sperm. As the kid took his dick into his baby mouth, Justin's cell phone rang. He took out the thin cigar he was smoking and answered, "Yo, you got Bieber."

It was Aaron Carter on the other end. "What's goin' on, m'man?"

"Getting my knob polished, yo," Justin answered.

"Fuckin'-A, dude," Aaron replied. "Got some news for ya."

"What's that?"

"Remember Tina, that whore you fucked while I screwed her boy?"

"Yeah, from a couple o' months ago. Damn, she was a good lay, yo."

"That's her. Well, congrats, stud. I'm gonna have to start callin' you Daddy."

Justin talked with Aaron a bit and hung up smiling. He put the cigar back in his mouth and puffed it long and hard. Pleased with himself that he now had a kid at only 16 years of age, he reached down and roughly grabbed the little whore between his legs and pushed him all the way onto his baby maker. As the poor kid choked on his sex, he growled, "Yo, I want you to suck it deeper. Choke on Daddy's dick, you little bitch."