The Jamie Lynn Spears "FUCK YOU" Show - Episode 10
"The Kristen Fuckin' Twins Show"

Written by: TVM (


** Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.**

Starring: Jamie Lynn Spears (18) & Kristen Alderson (18)

Guest Stars: 'Becky' Rosso (15) & 'Cammy' Rosso (15)


"This is Taboo TV and you're watching...well, Taboo TV" Doc said over the credits of Pinch Me as I rolled my eyes at his insane goofiness. Summer running through the house and sitting back down between my thighs and leaning back into my arms as she handed me my soda. "I really should stop drinking before I do these openings."

"I agree with that" Summer said. The credits ending for 'Pinch Me' and changing to a blank screen that soon went to one that was blank white. A fluttering logo slowly coming closer to the TV and swirling around a couple of times like a bird. The camera tilting down and showing that a logo for the 'Fox "News" Channel' was laying on the floor. A moment later, the Jamie Lynn logo dropped a huge turd on the Fox logo and then laughs as it flies off. Summer lost it as she laughed so hard she was now shaking. "That was the best one ever."

That scene fading into one of a pool that looked to be at Jamie Lynn's crib. The camera slowly came through the big double patio doors and into the bright sunlight on the patio, where it stopped and tilted to the left. Catching Kristen involved in a conversation on her cell phone (over the speaker) as she said aloud, "Hayden, I'm in L.A. I told you I got a new job and I'm just seeing how it goes before I brag about it."

"Tell me what's going on Kris" Hayden said from the other end of the phone. "You know how I worry about you."

"Can't you trust me not to do something stupid?"

"Kris people take advantage of you cause they know they can push you around" Hayden said. "And I feel like it's my job to watch out for you."

"KRISTEN!" Jamie Lynn screamed as the camera spun backwards and we saw that Jamie Lynn was coming through the house. Stopping as she saw Kristen and smiled. "Hey there you are, ready to go the studio?"

"Who is that?" Hayden asked as Kristen froze and had a dear in the headlights look on her face. "Kristen? Hello?"

"UMMMMMMM...oh shit" Kristen stammered.

"Hayden?" Jamie Lynn asked as she heard the girls voice.

"Jamie Lynn?"

"Yeah, how is everything?"

"What in the living hell are you and Kristen doing together?" Hayden asked. "Tanned One you'll die if you hurt her."

"Grow up already Hayden" Jamie Lynn said calmly. Looking to, a still froze in place, Kristen and saying, "You gonna tell her or you want me too?"

"Me..." Kristen stammered. "I'm her new co-host!"

"Is she holding you hostage?" Hayden asked as Jamie Lynn laughed. "Co-host?"

"She's here of her own free will Hayden, she's been staying at my place for three weeks now" Jamie Lynn said. "We've already done three episodes of my show and she's doing a great job. I see why you loved her so much."

"I love being here too" Kristen inserted. Jamie Lynn grinning as she leaned in and kissed the girl.

"Did you two just kiss?" Hayden asked. "What the hell is going on with you Kris? You don't remember what she did to you?"

"I remember and because of me she went into therapy" Kristen said. "I pushed her into it and now she's going a couple of times a week. She seems a lot calmer lately too."

"I also feel much better" Jamie Lynn said as she smiled brightly and moved behind Kristen and wrapped the girl in her arms. Kristen blushing and smiling at the girl.

"I just thought you were bi-polar" Hayden said. Jamie Lynn laughed.

"I am not" Jamie Lynn said. "I do have anger issues but for the most part I'm a lot better."

"I don't get this one Kristen" Hayden admitted. "You and Jamie Lynn are the oddest of odd couples."

"Maybe, but we wanna be together" Jamie Lynn said. "Right?"

"What she said" Kristen agreed. "I love being here with her."

"OK, fine, I can't stop you from seeing her but I am demanding that you bring Jamie Lynn with you to Hawaii" Hayden said. "If you two are so crazy about each other that should not be a problem."

"It's not" Jamie Lynn said confidently. "We got a shoot in a few minutes and therapy tomorrow...soooo..."

"Thursday" Kristen said. "We'll leave out Thursday and be there on Friday morning or so."

"I'll meet you at the Airport then" Hayden said. "Mackenzie's ready to head out, gotta go. I'll be calling you back and I don't wanna hear any excuses."

"You won't Hay hay" Jamie Lynn said. "Bye."

"Bye" Hayden said a moment before her and Kristen broke up laughing.

"That went...good?" Kristen asked with a growing excitement in her voice. Jamie Lynn squealing as she hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek.

"It sure did" Jamie Lynn said. Kristen turning and kissing her lips softly as both smiled and touched foreheads as the logo came up and smashed into the screen and took us to our first break of the night. Four more minutes of mind numbing commercials that make you wonder how many of these people keep a job and even how they got that job to begin with. It also makes you wonder why the executive's in charge of the network would sign a contract to put this moronic crap on the air. Thankfully, it finally ended as the logo once again appeared and faded away.

"Please welcome your hosts, Jamie Lynn and Kristen" Doc said as Jamie Lynn and Kristen walked down the ramp to the couch, hand and hand, and took a seat.

"Why did we need to do that again?" Jamie Lynn asked pointedly.

"I wanted to make you look stupid!" Doc announced with a giggle. "And judging by your reaction I think I succeeded quite nicely."

"Show everyone your three inches of hard cock and then talk to me about looking stupid" Jamie Lynn cracked in reply as Kristen tried not to laugh.

"Three inches of hard cock would be all Daddy needs to satisfy the Tanned Princess" Doc said with a swagger in his voice.

"If I could be satisfied by laughing and pointing, I agree" Jamie Lynn said as Kristen laughed out loud. "Look at the cute little thing, it's standing up for me. It's so cute and lovable."


"Dickless head!"

"Good grief you two kill me" Kristen said with a laugh as Jamie Lynn smiled smugly into the camera.

"It's all an act, we really love each other" Doc said. "Right JL?"

"Wrong, you worship me and this mouth watering body" Jamie Lynn said as she stood and showed off her amazing body. Sporting a skin tight t-shirt that read 'Tanned, Toned and so close to perfect...'. Along with that was a frilly short skirt that barely covered her ass and flew up when she then proceeded to do a full spin and show off her cute little ass (no undies). "And who wouldn't?"

"MMMMMM I do, I do" Kristen said as she slipped to her knees on the floor and directly in front of Jamie Lynn. Stroking her hands up the smooth skin of Jamie Lynn's thighs and squeezing her fingers into the girls ass cheeks. "I'll do anything to get another taste."

"Come up here" Jamie Lynn said and kissing her softly as she rose. "You don't even have to ask."

"Most people don't" Doc commented. Kristen groaned at the breaking of the moment. Jamie Lynn looked at the camera and flipped it off as Doc laughed.

"This weeks first FUCK YOU goes to my announcer, Doc Evans" Jamie Lynn said as her and Kristen sat back down on the couch.

"Sooooo honored, it's a lifetimes dream come true" Doc whimpered. "May I weep openly?"

"Noooooo" Jamie Lynn and Kristen said with disbelieving looks on their faces. "Be a man for once and do your job shit for brains. Keep me on script?"

"You're gonna tell Kristen who she gets shared by this week" Doc asked. "Oops did that slip out?"

"I'm gonna fucking kill you" Jamie Lynn said to the camera as Doc laughed. "That was a surprise you FUCKING DEAD HEAD. FUCK YOU."

"I love you too JL" Doc giggled.

"Cut his damn mic" Jamie Lynn said in a rage. "I SAID CUT HIS FUCKING MIC, NOW!"

"OK, Jamie calm down" Kristen said as she joined the girl by the camera. "It's OK, he can't pick at you anymore."

"He pisses me off for sport" Jamie Lynn said.

"And you don't do the same thing to him?" Kristen asked pointedly. "Face it, you do."

"" Jamie Lynn said and following each word with a soft kiss. "That's my second fuck you of the week."

"MMMMM hope your willing to back it up" Kristen said as both grinned. "Wait...what's my surprise? I'm getting shared?"

"MMMMMM oh yeah, by two girls" Jamie Lynn said with a soft kiss. "And neither of them is me."

"OH boy" Kristen said with a horny smile. "What are they gonna do to me?"

"One will be licking your pussy and the other will be butt fucking you" Jamie Lynn said as Kristen grinned.

"MMMMMMMMM" Kristen cooed. "Don't get much better than that."

"Yes it does too baby, look..." Jamie Lynn said as she turned Kristen around and pointed to the ramp. The camera focusing on the ramp as a shocking sight appeared at the top. Becky and Cammy Rosso, from Cumming Out: Dakota and Twinsanity fame (and Legally Blondes). Kristen's lip dropped as the gorgeous twins came down the ramp slowly and met the other two at the bottom. " like that baby?"

"I get the twin sandwich?" Kristen asked as both of the twins grinned at her.

"Hello there!" Becky said in her trademark goofy 'male' voice. Kristen laughed as they hugged and then kissed softly. "MMMMMMMM Kristen good kisser."

"I hear you're good at something else" Kristen said as Becky nodded excitedly. Jamie Lynn quietly walking off and crawling onto the bed and watching. "Like licking pussy?"

"MMMMMM I'm good at it alright..."

"...especially when I'm butt fucking the girl while she's doing it" Cammy inserted into the conversation as she leaned in and kissed Kristen's lips softly. "That sounds good huh?"

"MMMMMMM sounds like heaven on earth" Kristen said as she slipped in between Cammy and Becky and grinned as Cammy pressed her thighs to Kristen's plump little ass cheeks while Becky slid her body against Kristen's. "MMMMM oh boy."

"By the way we've got a new movie out" Becky said with a smirk.

"Yeah you might wanna get that in now cause in about two minutes your mouth will be full of pussy" Kristen said.

"It came out last April and it's Legally Blondes" Cammy said. Her and Becky trading dirty looks as Kristen giggled. "It's a really good movie too."

"I'm sure it is" Kristen said. "Anything else?"

"Yeah a commercial break and then you in between us" Becky said as she kissed Kristen softly and with that the logo appeared and we headed off to break with visions of what was to come dancing through not only mine but Summer's head too. Another mindless four minutes of pure and utter hell followed until the logo appeared once again and brought us back to the set. Only now the twins (and Kristen) were barely dressed as they stood by the side of the bed. Kristen and Cammy softly kissing as Becky helped Kristen step out of her panties and now leaving her naked. Becky standing and helping her sister out of her panties as well.

"MMMMMMMM sissy" Becky moaned as she kissed her sister and the two crawled onto the bed with Kristen now following. Jamie Lynn (also naked) was watching from the top of the bed and slowly masturbating. Becky reaching to the nightstand and picking up the 'feeldoe' (think strapless cock) and moments later guided the knob of the fuck stick into Cammy's pussy. The knob beginning to vibrate as Cammy moaned and began to stroke it to cover it in lube. "MMMMMM big butt fucking cock. Does Kristen want it bad baby?"

"MMMMMMMMMM yes I do" Kristen moaned as Becky turned her back to the pair and crawled away before laying back lengthwise on the bed. Her head now at Kristen's thighs as Cammy guided the girl forward to get over Becky in a 69. Which Kristen did eagerly as she spread her thighs and scooted forward and lowered her sweet pussy down to Becky's eager lips and moaned as she felt Becky's tongue start to lick away slowly. Cammy, guiding Kristen the rest of the way forward, so the girl was over Becky now in a 69, holding her cock steady now as she got in behind her. "MMMMMMMM ohhhhhhhh that's so wonderful. I'm so lucky right now."

"MMMMMM I agree with that baby" Cammy moaned as Kristen now did the same as Becky licked up and down the girls baby smooth pussy lips over and over and wrapped her arms around her waist. Cammy placed a hand on one of Kristen's ass cheeks and lined her cock up with the girls asshole and gently slid the head of it inside of Kristen's asshole. Kristen moaned and squeezed her fingers into Becky's thighs below her as she looked back and watched Cammy closely. Cammy's strokes sending shivers of moan filled pleasure shooting up the back of the girl below her. Becky licked softly over Kristen's clit again and again, licking up and down the girls pussy a moment later as Cammy began to stroke the cock a bit deeper inside now. Cammy pressing her thighs to Kristen's ass cheeks as she leaned forward over her back, Cammy placed her hands by her twin sisters thighs to support her above Kristen's back. "MMMMMM I'm gonna really love butt fucking you Kris."

"MMMMMMMM twins, ohmigod this is the most wonderful thing ever" Kristen moaned as Cammy pulled out then plunged back inside, smacking her thighs off the girls ass cheeks for the first time and listening to her moan out loud. Becky held Kristen in place with her arms wrapped tightly around the girls waist as she licked her clit roughly and made Kristen's thighs quiver. Kristen shaking gently as the butt fucking came harder, her pussy spasming softly now as she moaned with every thrust of Cammy's cock into her asshole. "MMMMMMMM butt fucking feels so good Cammy."

"MMMMMMMM I know baby, butt fucking feels so good on my cock" Cammy moaned as Kristen squeezed her thighs around Becky's head as the sensations became stronger with every passing moment. Cammy's beautiful tanned body now glistening in the studio lights as she stroked faster and faster into Kristen's sweet little asshole, her titties pressing into the girls back now. Kristen moaning to Cammy, "MMMMMMMMMM Becky is making my pussy feel so good now."

"MMMMMMMMMMM I know she is baby that's why we like doing like this" Cammy moaned as she pounded harder now and made Kristen moan louder. Kristen's mouth dropping open as Becky's tongue in her pussy finally found the pace to perfectly match Cammy's. Becky fucking her tongue up into the girls pussy and licking her wildly spasming inner walls now over and over. Her tongue working the underside of Kristen's clit each time. Cammy's thighs slapping away at Kristen's ass cheeks as her pussy began to spasm harder with every thrust of her cock into Kristen's asshole. "MMMMMMMMM fuck Kristen, you've got such a sweet butt fuck hole baby."

"MMMMMMMMM and your loving my butt fuck hole so wonderfully I'm gonna cum in Becky's mouth so hard" Kristen moaned as Cammy began to pound up her asshole. Becky stuffing her tongue in and out of the hole faster now and still matching Cammy's frantic pace. Cammy's knees lifting off the bed a bit as she pounded down into Kristen's asshole and showed the pleasure on her face. Kristen's moans turning to squeals as she got fucked. "MMMMMMMMMM I love you both sooo much right now."

"MMMMMMMM oh yeah baby, this is the best butt fucking ever" Cammy moaned as her pussy spasmed ever harder now as was Kristen's below her. Kristen moaned out loud and shook from head to toe as her pussy spasmed mind numbingly hard around Becky's tongue as it fucked in and out in time to Cammy's cock. Kristen's toes curling up as she once again squeezed her thighs around Becky's head and moaned loud as her pussy finally spasmed out of control and into a wonderful pure heaven orgasm. "MMMMMMMMM yeah baby butt fucked her to pure heaven."

"MMMMMMMM OHMIGOD you sure did" Kristen moaned in mid-orgasm. Cammy's face showing her pleasure as she slowed a bit with her own orgasm taking over now. Both jerking in intense pleasure as they rode out their rewards. Kristen grunting as her cum squirted deep into Becky's loving mouth below her, not once but twice as Becky sucked softly to get it all out. Cammy settling back on her knees behind Kristen, stroking inside now to get all the cum out for her sister as Kristen moaned out loud still. "MMMMMMMM so good getting butt fucked."

"MMMMMMMMM come here Cammy" Jamie Lynn moaned as she slipped down the bed and guided Cammy to pull out of Kristen's asshole. Both then slipping off the bed and to their feet as they kissed. Kristen and Becky going back to work on each other in a 69 as Jamie Lynn dropped to her knees and took Cammy's butt fucking cock into her mouth and started to suck it. Cammy moaned as she cleared Jamie Lynn's hair out of her eyes and watched. Jamie Lynn raising a middle finger towards the camera a moment later as the logo smashed into the screen and soon faded to black.

Executive Producer: Jamie Lynn Spears