The Jamie Lynn Spears "FUCK YOU" Show - Episode 12
"The Fuckin' Show with Hayden and Mackenzie"

Written by: TVM (


** Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.**

Starring: Jamie Lynn Spears (18) & Kristen Alderson (18)

Guest Stars: Hayden Panettiere (20), Mackenzie Rosman (19), Elle Fanning (11) & Michelle Trachtenberg (23)


"The Jamie Lynn Spears FUCK YOU Show has been cancelled and in it's place we present the Doc Evans Show...OK, it sounded funny in my head" Doc said over the credits of 'Pinch Me'. Summer and I (in the usual position) and watched as the credits ended and went directly into the logo for Jamie Lynn's show as it flew around like a falcon in the air. Then swooping down and it's large wings sweeping away the background and bringing us to a scene in Jamie Lynn's living room.

The shot zooming in a bit and showing our star, Jamie Lynn, was lounging on the couch, wearing a baseball jersey that was only closed with one button (serious tannage showing) and a pair of baggy shorts. She was currently clicking away on the remote as the TV flipped from channel to channel, all of this stopping when the cell phone on the table began buzzing.

"Michelle Trachtenberg, my bitch in heat" Jamie Lynn squealed as she snatched the phone up and opened it as she said, "Hey girl, how's my ever sexy fuck buddy doing?"

"Always the charmer Jamie Lynn" Michelle giggled over the cell phone's speaker. "What do you need this time?"

"Another guest appearance on my show by you" Jamie Lynn said. "What do you say?"

"You're taping for another season already?"

"Uh huh and I really need some talent for the next episode because I'm on the disabled list with a bum leg" Jamie Lynn commented.

"So you want me to what, host in your place?" Michelle asked. "Or did you and Alexa hook back up?"

"That whore Alexa and me are done for good" Jamie Lynn said in a bitter voice. "And no not co-hosting, I got one of those..."

"Who?" Michelle asked almost immediately.

"Well as hard as it is to believe...Kristen Alderson" Jamie Lynn announced. Me expecting a shocked reaction from Michelle, but nooooo.

"I read that in Daily Variety and was sure it was some type of error" Michelle said. "But I guess not."

"Seriously, she signed on and she's been so great" Jamie Lynn said. "She's always there for me too. Like with the ankle injury, she's done almost everything for me so I can rest."

"Sounds like Jamie Lynn has got a thing for the new co-host" Michelle commented. "Wait...that was the girl you beat up, right?"

"Yep, and she forgave me for it" Jamie Lynn said. "Then helped me out of a huge mess by coming on as my co-host. She's so cool and so much different than I thought she'd be."

"Is she good in bed?" Michelle asked with a devilish tint to her voice.

"Why don't you just come on over and find out" Jamie Lynn offered. "We can shoot the episode right now."

"MMMMMMMMM" Michelle commented. The camera panning back at the sound of the front door opening. Elle waltzing in and dropping her bag by the door and smiling at the camera knowingly before joining Jamie Lynn on the couch as Jamie Lynn said excitedly into the phone, "And guess who's also joined the cast?"

"Not a clue" Michelle said.

"Who was the horny little butt fuck doll that used your hot little ass for butt fucking practice for the best part of a year?"

"Dakota Fanning of course" Michelle said. "Been a while..."

"Her little sister is sitting right beside me" Jamie Lynn said.


"Hi Chelle!"

"WOW! Huge score Jamie" Michelle said. "I knew that she'd be getting into the business soon but not this soon."

"I'm Eleven years old not five" Elle said firmly. "Dumbass."

"That's a bit young though" Michelle said.

"I'll gaurantee I can make you cum while I'm butt fucking you" Elle said confidently.

"OHMIGOD!" Michelle moaned. "Baby you are so speaking my language. You've done already huh?"

"Kristen and Jamie Lynn both!" Elle said with a horny smile exchanged between her and Jamie Lynn. "You wanna be my next?"

"Baby girl you just call me and tell me when and where and I'll make the time to get there" Michelle said with enthusiasm.

"Will do!" Jamie Lynn said with a smile. Hanging up with Michelle a few moments later. "Get the ace bandage out of the bedroom for me? It's in the desk drawer by the bed."

"Uh huh" Elle said as she got up and headed into the bedroom.

"Where do you keep the ace bandage?" Elle asked as she stuck her head out of the bedroom. Jamie Lynn looked over from the TV and replied, "Exactly where I told you last time. In the desk drawer."

"Exactly where you told me is exactly where I looked, tanned one" Elle said. "Try again?"

"Fuck you" Jamie Lynn said. Elle grinned and fired back, "That's the name of your show, for now."

"For now?"

"Once the network sees me in action, BAM! instant superstar" Elle said with a snap of the fingers. Jamie Lynn laughing.

"I doubt they're gonna give you your own series based on one episode" Jamie Lynn said as Elle sat down in front of Jamie Lynn on the coffee table. Jamie Lynn playfully laying her still injured ankle on Elle's thighs and being surprised when she started getting a massage. "Hey, that feels good."

"Probably help the muscles heal faster" Elle said as she carefully kneeded the muscles with her fingers. "Sooo when do we do this episode? The one I'm filling in for you on?"

"A couple of days, you can stay with me and Kris if you want till then" Jamie Lynn said. "Your parents said it was OK."

"That sounds fun" Elle said as she stroked her hands up Jamie Lynn's smooth calf muscles and grinned knowingly. "Any idea on a guest star?"

"My good friend, Michelle Trachtenberg" Jamie Lynn said. Watching Elle's eyes pop open in surprise. "Yeh that's the one that took Dakota's butt fucking cherry."

"She's so hot" Elle said. "Like super uber hot."

"And she loves them young" Jamie Lynn said.

"So do you?" Elle commented/asked as she slipped her hands higher a bit all the time and caressed Jamie Lynn's tanned thighs without resistance.

"MMMMMM baby yes I do" Jamie Lynn said. "And you are gonna need a lot of training you know?"

"I can train on you and Kristen" Elle said. Her hands sliding to the bottom of Jamie Lynn's shorts and stopping cold and in frustration when a knocking came at the front door. "Damn it!"

"We'll talk about this later" Jamie Lynn said as she kissed the girl softly. "Answer the door for me?"

"Sure!" Elle said. The camera catching Jamie Lynn's eyes as they followed Elle's cute little ass as she walked away and towards the front door. Elle squealing when she opened the door and found someone VERY surprising on the other side, Hayden Panettiere. "HAYDEN!"

"Elle?" Hayden asked as she hugged the younger girl. "What in the world are you doing here?"

"Staying with Jamie Lynn while Dakota's off doing that new Twilight movie" Elle said as Mackenzie (Rosman) came up the walk pulling some luggage on wheels. "And about to become a superstar."

"Hey cutie" Mackenzie said to Elle and hugged her a moment later.

"About to become a superstar?" Hayden asked as Elle grinned. "How?"

"I already did an episode of Jamie Lynn's show and now she wants me to fill in for her" Elle said. "She like sprained her ankle really bad and can't do it for a week or so. So I'm filling in as her and Kristen's co-host."

"OK, stop the world I wanna get off" Hayden said as she sat down on the bench in front of the house. "First Jamie Lynn and Kristen are dating and now they are even doing a show together."

"Don't forget about Elle's debut in porn" Mackenzie said with a rye smile. Elle giggling. "So what did you do in your debut guest spot? Just like big sissy?"

"You know it" Elle said with a horny grin. "I used Kristen's feeldoe and butt fucked her real good. Then she took me home with her, here, and I butt fucked Jamie Lynn on top of Kristen. Now I know why Dakota loves it so much."

"It must run in the family" Hayden said with a knowing smile. Looking up at Elle as the girl came over and grinned down at her. "Want me to give you some lessons?"

"I sure do" Elle said as Hayden grinned and Mackenzie rolled her eyes.

"Before you two sluts start fucking, is Jamie Lynn home?"

"I'm game" Elle said with hands on hips. Hayden raising her eye brows suggestively. A car pulling up behind the two and drawing all attention as the camera flipped around to show Kristen popping out of a cab and seeming to be in shock as she saw Mackenzie and Hayden standing in front of the house. Smiling as she ran to meet Hayden a moment later and hugging her.

"What are you doing here?" Kristen asked with a huge smile.

"You didn't come to Hawaii like you promised, so we came to see you" Hayden said. "And thankfully you don't seem to be on drugs."

"What would make you think I'm doing drugs?" Kristen asked. "Because I took the job Jamie Lynn offered?"

"Elle? Kristen...whoa, hi guys" Jamie Lynn said from the front door. Hopping on her good foot as she looked in shock at who had arrived. "When did you get here?"

"What are you doing up?" Kristen asked Jamie Lynn pointedly. "Doctor said for you to stay off that ankle."

"No one was answering me when I hollered, I got worried about Elle!"

"She's ok, and we're going back into the living room" Kristen said firmly.

"Wait, hold on, Hayden why are you here?"

"I wanted to see with my own eyes what the hell was going on between you two" Hayden said. Kristen making a small show out of moving behind Jamie Lynn and hugging her proudly.

"Looks like to me it's pretty cut and dry" Mackenzie said. "I don't get it though."

"OWWWWWWWW" Jamie Lynn cried as her sprained ankle began to throb again. Kristen holding onto her and getting her, after a long few moments, back into the living room and onto the couch. Hayden, Mackenzie and Elle following them in. A room filling silence following.

"You want something to eat?" Kristen finally asked Jamie Lynn. "I got the kind of pizza you liked earlier."

"MMMMMMM" Jamie Lynn cooed as Kristen grinned and turned to get up when Jamie stopped her and softly kissed her lips. "I'll make all of this up to you."

"Already have!" Kristen said as she kissed her back and headed off for the kitchen.

"Sit down?" Jamie Lynn asked a still somewhat stunned Hayden and Mackenzie. Who quickly took the girl up on her offer and took a seat on the love seat. Elle joining Jamie Lynn. "So you gonna be the protective parents and make Kristen stop seeing me?"

"You've always had an attitude problem" Mackenzie retorted. "Exactly why I fired your ass."

"SHUT UP!" Kristen screamed from the kitchen. "If you can't fuckin get along...THEN SHUT UP! I'm not gonna listen to anymore of your bitchin and that goes for all three of you."

"What did I do?" Jamie Lynn asked.

"You asked the question in hopes of getting a piss fight started" Kristen said from the counter. "I know you too well Jamie Lynn."

"She told you!" Mackenzie cracked.

"That goes for you too Boss lady Rosman" Kristen said. "You're in Jamie Lynn's house and not on the set of your show. Pipe down with the opinions or leave. Now do I make myself clear?"

"Yes!" Came the muttered reply from both Jamie Lynn and Mackenzie.

"Good!" Kristen said. "Now how about pizza, everyone in?"

"In what?" Elle asked from beside Jamie Lynn.

"In you mini slut" Hayden said as she grabbed Elle's arm and pulled the girl down onto her lap. Elle giggling as she wrestled to get away from Hayden. The giggling stopping as Hayden asked, "You want me to stick something in you?"

"Up my ass?" Elle asked with a gotcha smile. "Huh Hayden? Dakota's says your the queen of the butt sluts."

"You've got that right" Jamie Lynn commented. "She loves ass more than pussy."

"She does soo love pussy" Mackenzie inserted into the convo. "But nothing wrong having a healthy interest in butt fucking."

"Butt fucking feels so good to do" Elle commented as Hayden grinned and slid her hands down to Elle's bare thighs and stroked them gently. "MMMMMMM."

"MMMMMMMMMM" Hayden said in reply. "And I just bet that you've never been butt fucked."

"You would win that bet" Elle said as Kristen listened intently and felt a tingling sensation in her pussy as she quietly walked into the bedroom. "And you gave Dakota her first butt fuck didn't you?"

"MMMMMMM yes I do" Hayden said as she stroked her hands over Elle's thighs and gently squeezed her fingers into the soft smooth skin. "And look what happened to her."

"MMMMMMMM Hayden" Elle said as Hayden's hand slid up to between the girls thighs and gently started stroking her pussy through the fabric of her shorts. Elle squirming. "MMMMMM you wanna do me the same way, huh?"

"MMMMMMMM yes she does sweet baby girl" Mackenzie moaned as she stroked her hand across Elle's flat stomach and then up and under her shirt, which purposely got brought as she moved higher. Elle sitting up and raising her arms so Mackenzie could lift the shirt up and over her head. Mackenzie loving the site of Elle's flat chest (no titties) as she stroked her hand over it while Hayden did the same from behind and over Elle's bare back. "MMMMMM love sexy babies with no titties yet."

"MMMMMMMMMM you wanna lick her pussy while I butt fuck this little girl?" Hayden asked as Mackenzie eagerly nodded her head and rose to her feet, along with Elle and kissed the younger girl softly. Hayden pulling down Elle's shorts and revealed her cute white butt as Kristen came out of the bedroom with the 'feeldoe' in hand and smiled. Already knowing what was developing. Hayden smiling as she squeezed Elle's little ass in her hands. Taking her shirt off in a hurry and tossing it aside as Kristen sat down by her and handed her the feeldoe. Elle following after Mackenzie as she led her away to the couch that Jamie Lynn was sitting on and let the naked little girl begin undressing her as they continued kissing softly.

"Still such a pretty pussy" Kristen said as Hayden unbuttoned her jeans and took them off with Kristen's help. Hayden smiling as Jamie Lynn moved to beside her and watched Elle and Mackenzie get into a 69 on the couch. Mackenzie making the girl on top of her moan lewdly as she went to work and started licking her sweet pussy up and down. Kristen taking the feeldoe with Jamie Lynn's help and gently guiding the vibrating knob into Hayden's sweet pussy. "MMMMMMMM huh baby?"

"MMMMMMMMM oh wow yessss, damn that vibrates so good in my pussy" Hayden moaned as she now stroked her cock and took some of the lube that Kristen had and slowly lubed the cock up and rose to join Mackenzie and Elle. Kristen and Jamie Lynn watching as Hayden got on her knees behind Elle and slid inside the little girls asshole. Hayden moaning in ecstasy as Elle's entire body shook in pleasure with the filling of her asshole by Hayden's cock. Mackenzie slipping her arms around Elle's slender waist to hold her still as Hayden started pumping her cock in and out. "MMMMMMM thats a sweet little girl taking her first butt fucking."

"MMMMMMMM wow, I really love it a lot Hayden it feels soooo good" Elle moaned as Hayden began to smack her thighs at the little girls ass cheeks and making her shake. While Mackenzie now sucked on Elle's clit and made her moan even louder. Elle's eyes closing as the pleasure stormed her body and she tried to fight against the orgasm building inside her pussy. An arm hanging at Hayden's side to give the camera a clear view as she went faster and faster and clench her tanned little ass every time to get the cock deeper in Elle's asshole. "MMMMMMMM do you love butt fucking me more than Dakota?"

"MMMMMMMMM I sure do baby, I love butt fucking you more cause you're younger" Hayden moaned as the vibration in her pussy and the ridges of the feeldoe working her clit made her pussy spasm now like crazy. Elle's fingers squeezing into Mackenzie's thighs as she grunted and her life's most mind blowing orgasm began. Her shaking and moaning being caused by Hayden's now harder pounding butt fucking that also brought Hayden off in a flurry. Orgasmic bliss followed for both. Elle being the first to shoot her girl cum into Mackenzie's waiting mouth and onto her face in a messy ending. Hayden's cum draining down her thighs. "MMMMMMMM butt fucking does not get better than that."

The camera panning back and to the side to show a now naked Jamie Lynn laying on the couch with a, also naked, Kristen between her thighs and licking her pussy. Jamie Lynn saying, "MMMMMMMM that is so true."

A single middle finger towards the camera was soon covered up as the logo appeared and folded away as we faded to black.