The Jamie Lynn Spears "FUCK YOU" Show - Episode 13
"The Fuckin' I Love You Show"

Written by: TVM (


** Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.**

Starring: Jamie Lynn Spears (18) & Kristen Alderson (18)

Special Guest Stars: Michelle Trachtenberg (23)

Guest Stars: Elle Fanning (11)


"Fox Network, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, Fox Reality, FX, Fox Movie Channel, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post..." Doc said in a mysterious voice-over as the credits to 'Pinch Me' rolled. "What do these channels have in common?"

"Owned by News Corp?" Summer asked.

"All of these properties have significantly contributed to the 99 percent drop in overall revenue for the classless boob Rupert Murdoch" Doc said as we began to laugh at the irony of it all. "Congrats News Corp and here's to your continued success."

"That was funny as hell" I said as the logo for the show came fluttering, like a butterfly, up to the screen and showed us he was carrying a picture of Rupert Murdoch. The picture was promptly dropped to the floor and then got shit on by the logo. The best, and funniest, graphics yet. The logo then spreads it's wings and flew away like a bird. Crossing in front of the tv and bringing us to a new scene with Kristen and Elle now sitting on the couch of the NEW Jamie Lynn set.

"Hi and welcome to the Elle Fanning Show" Elle said directly into the camera with her arms spread wide. Kristen simply giggled.

"It's the Jamie Lynn Spears "FUCK YOU" Show" Doc said proudly.

It should be noted that Elle was wearing an already unbuttoned baseball jersey (Los Angeles Dodgers), open wide enough to show us she wasn't wearing anything underneath. She was also sporting a pair of skimpy panties, Spongebob Squarepants style. MMMMM. While Kristen, sitting cross legged on the couch, had on a very pretty but virtually see through summer dress.

"And for once the headless dick got something right" Kristen giggled. "And tonight on Fuck You, we welcome a very special guest star, Michelle Tractenberg from the Taboo TV show, Michelle, Michelle: A Young Girls Erotic Journey."

"MMMMMMMMM I cannot wait for that" Elle said with a horny smile as she joined Kristen. "Dakota said she feels so good to fuck."

"Will get to that you horny little butt fucking demon" Kristen said as Elle grinned knowingly.

"There's a nickname I bet will stick" Doc offered. "So are you two gonna bore me or hand out some Fuck You's this week?"

"I say we do" Elle said. "And I got a great one in mind."

"My FUCK YOU goes to Hayden Panettiere" Elle said.

"Why?" Kristen asked.

"For making me sixty nine with Mackenzie while she butt fucked me" Elle said with a horny grin. "She made me do that!"

"Daddy like" Doc commented.

"Momma did too" Kristen said. "A really wonderful visual."

"And an even more wonderful sensation" Elle said. "Now I know why Hayden loves doing it so much. It gives you so much pleasure."

"MMMMMMM body shaking pleasure" Kristen agreed as she gently slid one of her hands to Elle's flat stomach and up the girls smooth skin as they kissed for a long moment. Softly massaging their tongues against the other as the camera zoomed in and caught the lewd disaplay in perfect detail.

"No impulse control what so ever" Doc said. "HELLO?"

"Yeah?" Kristen asked with a blush as she parted with Elle and both grinned sheepishly.

"Ladies and Gentleman please welcome tonight's special guest, Michelle Trachtenberg" Doc said. Kristen and Elle rising and walking to the bottom of the ramp as Michelle appeared at the top of the ramp in a stunning outfit. A simple black business shirt, unbuttoned and opened wide enough to show off her perky titties. Matching that was a simple pair of black panties. She smiled as she came down the ramp and looked to be almost beside herself with excitement.

"OHMIGOD you're not even gonna let me think dressed like that" Michelle said as she took in the beautiful site that was Elle. "Baby girl you are an angel."

"...and a demon at the same time" Doc offered. "Right Elle?"

"MMMMMMMMM" Elle cooed as she kissed Michelle full on the lips. Kristen joining the two with a horny smile on her face. "...the dickless head is right. I am a demon."

"A horny little butt fucking demon" Kristen said as she kissed Elle. "And I bet Michelle is dying to have you showcase your talent for her, right Chelle?"

"Dying too" Michelle said as she kissed Kristen softly and then Elle. Kristen watching as Elle's hands stroked up the smooth skin of Michelle's stomach and cupping the older girls perky titties in her hands and squeezing them. A deeper kiss ensued as Michelle did Elle the same way, stroking her hands up Elle's smooth flat chest over and over. Kristen moving behind Elle and sliding the baseball jersey off her shoulders and tossing it aside. Elle and Michelle parting and joining Kristen in the pursuit of nakedness as Michelle disposed of her shirt and tossed it aside as well. All three girls making their way to the bed on the left of the set. Michelle and Kristen sitting down on the edge with Elle in front of them.

"MMMMMMMM let's take these cute little panties off" Michelle cooed as Elle stood with her arms down at her side and smiled as her panties disappeared down her thighs and being slipped over her tennis shoes and off. Kristen reaching over to the nightstand and picking up the 'Feeldoe' and handing it to Michelle, who took it and smiled as she guided the vibrating knob into Elle's tight little pussy. Elle moaning in delight as the vibrating made her pussy begin spasming. She took hold of the cock a moment later and began to stroke it up and down. "MMMMMMMM such a sexy little girl."

"MMMMMMMM suck my cock now Chelle, get it ready for your asshole" Elle moaned as she slipped a hand into Michelle's hair and guided her cock into the girls eagerly opened mouth. Elle moaned and clenched her ass over and over as Michelle's cock sucking got steadily harder. Kristen rising and joining Elle and letting the young girl help her out of her dress, which soon fell to the floor. Elle squeezing her hand into Kristen's ass and kissing the now naked girl for a long moment as she moaned. Elle looking down again as she pulled Michelle off her cock and leaned down to kiss her. "You're gonna get butt fucked now Chelle, you know that?"

"MMMMMMMMMM please, I'll beg if you want" Michelle said as she stroked her hands up and over Elle's flat chest and rubbed her nipples softly. Elle grinned as she guided Michelle to turn and crawl to the center of the bed with Kristen laying down beside her. Michelle laying flat on her stomach and pulling two pillows under her head as Elle moved across the back of her thighs. Elle stroking her cock as she lined it up with Michelle's tight little asshole. Then squeezing her free hand into the heavenly smoothness of the girls ass cheeks and moaning as she slid inside in one long smooth stroke and pressing her thighs to Michelle's ass cheeks. Michelle shaking from head to toe in pure pleasure as she watched Elle lean forward over her back. Elle placing her hands on the mattress by Michelle's shoulders and making sure her skin rubbed against the older girls and moving her knees back a bit so her legs were extended behind her and running parellel to Michelle's also rubbing against each other. The butt fucking then began in earnest. "MMMMMMMMM yessss ohmigod yesss MMMMMMMM."

"MMMMMMMMMMM oh yeah butt fucking makes my cock so hard" Elle moaned after only a couple of strokes in and out Michelle's little asshole. Elle smacking her thighs at Michelle's ass cheeks now in a steady pounding rhythm as both girls moaned out loud and obsorbed every bit of the all consuming pleasure that now flowed freely. Kristen meanwhile was on her stomach as well and slowly humping her hands as her pussy slowly spasmed. The camera taking a long moment to pan down Elle's beautiful naked body and showing her knees barely lifting off the mattress as she pounded, and lastly showing her shoes were still in place. Michelle moaned intensely and loving the site of Elle's naked body with no straps to clutter the view as she looked back and watched, moaning to her, "MMMMMMMMM you're so good with that baby, MMMMMMMM you're such a good little butt fucking demon."

"MMMMMMMM just like her sissy" Kristen moaned as she leaned up and kissed Elle softly. The two trading tongues back and forth as Elle drilled harder in and out of Michelle's asshole. The vibration inside of Elle's pussy now making it spasm more and more and the ridges of the cock shaft working her clit perfectly. Michelle moaned louder and clutched at the pillows in front of her as the pleasure intensified with every stroke deep inside her asshole. Elle's cute little ass clenching every time as she smacked her thighs loudly at Michelle's ass cheeks and felt Michelle's hands sliding on top of hers and lacing their fingers together as the pleasure soared. "MMMMMMMM working so hard for such a little girl, you wanna go back to back on me and Chelle?"

"MMMMMMMMMM so bad, MMMMMMMM I wanna do that so bad" Elle moaned just a moment before her and Michelle's orgasms took hold simultaneously. Michelle shaking from the pounding butt fucking she was recieving and her blossoming orgasm as she peaked. Elle feeling much the same as her orgasm peaked and she felt Michelle squeeze her fingers tightly the whole time. Both girls cum draining down their thighs. "MMMMMMMMMM wow that was so wonderful."

"MMMMMMMMM best butt fucking ever" Michelle moaned as she leaned up and turned back so she could kiss Elle softly. Kristen sliding in beside of the two and stroking Elle's now sweat covered body. Elle smiling as she looked back and saw the inviting site of Kristen's ass. Then carefully pulling out of Michelle's asshole and sliding off her thighs and across Kristen's as she stroked her cock. "You already to go again huh, Elle?"

"MMMMMMMM still so horny from butt fucking Michelle, I'm gonna take it out on you Kristen" Elle moaned.

"MMMMMMMMMM yessss you know what I need" Kristen encouraged the preteen now across the back of her thighs. Elle lined her cock up with Kristen's asshole and slid inside easily with one long smooth stroke. Elle pressing her thighs to Kristen's ass cheeks and making the girls entire body shiver in pleasure. Elle then leaned forward over Kristen's back and placed her hands on the mattress by Kristen's shoulders and making sure her arms were rubbing against the older girls shoulders. Next moving her knees back a bit so her legs were extended behind her and running parellel to Kristen's and also rubbing against each other. "MMMMMMMM I didn't think you could go again this soon baby girl."

"You feel so good to butt fuck I can't resist" Elle moaned as she started her second butt fucking in a row in earnest. Starting to smack her thighs at Kristen's ass cheeks as she began to pound her butt fucking cock home in the girls asshole over and over and harder and harder. Kristen's moaning getting louder as she now laid her head on the pillows Michelle had moments before and shook from the shots being delivered by Elle. A camera shot from behind showing Elle's tennis shoes again and then her naked, sweat covered by now, little ass clenching as she drilled endlessly into Kristen's backdoor. "MMMMMMMMMMM oh yeah butt fucking makes my cock so hard."

"MMMMMMMMM that's because it's the most wonderful feeling ever" Kristen moaned to Elle as both looked back and watched Elle's thighs smack at Kristen's now jiggling ass cheeks. The flesh on flesh smacking sound getting louder as Elle pounded deeper in and out and began to drip sweat from every part of her beautiful young body. Kristen's entire body shaking gently now as she followed Michelle's lead and now placed her hands on top of Elle's and laced their fingers together as Elle's pussy began to spasm wildly again. Kristen's pussy was doing the same only harder. "MMMMMMMM so wonderful I can barely take it."

"MMMMMMMM come on Elle pound harder and show her good you are at butt fucking" Michelle moaned encouragingly to Elle, who followed those directions and drilled a few last shots into Kristen's little asshole. A louder thigh smacking ass cheek sound could be heard as the two girls soon felt orgasms began to blossom in their bodies. A frantic pace now consuming Elle as she butt fucked Kristen harder as the pleasure became stronger inside her young body, her face showing the amount of wonderful pleasure she was now absorbing. Kristen, feeling the same sensations, squeezed her fingers tightly around Elle's as the orgasm peaked and both began to settle down. "MMMMMMM back to back is really impressive."

"MMMMMMMM most wonderful feeling ever, ohmigod, most wonderful feeling ever" Kristen moaned as Elle lowered down to her elbows, her cock still buried deep inside Kristen's asshole. Michelle stroking her hand along Elle's now sweat covered back as the two kissed softly. Elle moaning, "MMMMMM most wonderful feeling ever I agree."

"Dakota would be proud of her little sissy" Michelle said as Elle smiled and they kissed once again.

"She sure would" Kristen said as she squeezed her fingers around Elle's once again. Elle lowering her head as the two kissed softly just as the logo rolled onto the screen and took us to another commercial break. A stupidity filled four minutes of pointless ads that make you consider changing the channel and never turning it back. But finally, a break in the clouds, and we saw the logo appear once again and fold away to show a scene of Jamie Lynn lounging on the couch and apparently asleep. A sound from off-camera drawing the attention as the camera panned back and showed Kristen coming in and pushing the front door together behind her. Kristen stopping beside the love seat and smiling at the site before her, Jamie Lynn snoozing. Giggling with a glance to the camera she tickled one of Jamie Lynn's feet.

"Stop it" Jamie Lynn whined but never opening her eyes. Prompting Kristen to do it again. "I said fucking stop, Hayden...Oh hi."

"Hayden huh?" Kristen asked with hands on hips. "She the one you dreaming of?"

"Noooo, you are, you pest" Jamie Lynn grumbled as she rubbed her eyes and tried to wake up. A long yawn following. Kristen blushing noticeably. "You done for the day?"

"Yeah, a brand new episode is in the can" Kristen said proudly.

"What would I do without you?" Jamie Lynn asked with a sleepy smile and holding her arms up as Kristen giggled and hugged her. Kicking off her shoes and letting Jamie Lynn drag her down onto the love seat as well. Jamie Lynn kissing Kristen's cheek a moment later as the two smiled at each other. Laying on their sides and facing one another. "Not many people would just step in when I was hurt and shoot an episode of my show for me."

"Hey, you needed me" Kristen said softly. "Not a big deal considering the job requirements."

"So beautiful" Jamie Lynn said simply as Kristen smiled and let the girl kiss her lips softly. "What would you say if I asked you to be more than my co-star?"

"You talking girlfriend?" Kristen asked as Jamie Lynn bit her lip nervously as she simply nodded her head. "Seriously?"

"I'm falling in love with you" Jamie Lynn admitted. "I just don't want this to end once the shooting schedule does."

"It won't" Kristen said with a huge grin. "And yes I will."

"Be my...?" Jamie Lynn stammered in shock of how easy that seemingly came for her.

"Girl...friend" Kristen said deliberately. "Remember you asked me?"

"YESSSSSSSSS!" Jamie Lynn squealed as she hugged Kristen as both began to giggle.

"But I do have one thing to say..." Kristen said as all action stopped and Jamie Lynn looked to the girl nervously. "I'm not falling in love with you...I'm already in love."

"Me too" Jamie Lynn said. Both smiling as a long slow french kiss started. Featuring one tongue massaging against the others in a wonerful rhythm. "MMMMMMMMMM you are like the best kisser ever."

"And you are too" Kristen said with a smile. "HMMMMMMM that's weird."

"What?" Jamie Lynn asked with a gentle caressing of the girls cheek.

"Usually I'm in hyper mode after kissing you like that but...I'm not" Kristen said. "Totally weird."

"It's the show" Jamie Lynn said confidently. "I learned that very well after four or five episodes."

"What do you mean?"

"It's like you come down off this high and you're just sexed out or something" Jamie Lynn said. "Cumming Out was the same way."

"Still an odd feeling" Kristen said.

"Speaking off odd, where's the horny little butt fucking demon at?" Jamie Lynn asked.

"Michelle's place" Kristen said as Jamie Lynn laughed.

"I knew that" Jamie Lynn said. "I guess Michelle didn't get enough of Elle's cock at the studio huh?"

"Me either" Kristen said. "She gave both of us a really wonderful hard pounding butt fucking."

"MMMMMMMMM" Jamie Lynn cooed as her and Kristen kissed again. A logo roll changing the scene from the one with Jamie Lynn and Kristen to another that was apparently at Michelle's aforementioned place. The moaning was obvious as the camera tracked down a hallway and into a living room and brought us to a shocking scene on the patio (the one over looking the street) of the house. Michelle was on her stomach with her arms down at her sides, like when your being massaged, and Elle, with her 'feeldoe' in place, was over the older girls back and steadily pounding her butt fucking cock home in Michelle's tight little asshole.

"MMMMMMMMMM feels so good butt fucking in the sunshine" Elle moaned as her thighs slapped at Michelle's ass cheeks and made them jiggle a little each time. Michelle moaned intensely as Elle delivered a few more shots and then slowed and pulled out of her asshole and slipped off the futon and got to her feet. Michelle eagerly joining Elle as she dropped to her knees on the deck and started to suck the girls cock. Elle sliding her hand into Michelle's hair and guiding her head.

"AHEM!" Came the voice from off-camera that stopped all action. Elle and Michelle looking, as the camera panned around, to see Michelle's real life girlfriend, Ellen Page, watching with a knowing smile on her face. "Having fun?"

"MMMMMMMMM you have no idea" Michelle said as she went back to sucking Elle's cock as Ellen joined the pair. Grinning at Elle before leaning down a bit and kissing her as the mind blowing scene faded to black with a "to be continued..." flashed onto the screen just before the usual, Executive Producer: Jamie Lynn Spears.