The Jamie Lynn Spears "FUCK YOU" Show - Episode 14
"The Executive Fuckin' Meeting Show"

Written by: TVM (


** Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.**

Starring: Jamie Lynn Spears (18) & Kristen Alderson (18)

Special Guest Stars: Michelle Trachtenberg (23)

Guest Stars: Elle Fanning (11) & Ellen Page (23)


"Coming up next on Taboo TV, The Jamie Lynn Spears FUCK YOU Show, but first this terrible joke," Doc said over the usual suspects (credits) rolled across the screen. "What weighs 800 pounds, has four legs, is green and brown and if it falls out of a tree and lands on you it'll kill you?"

"This can't end good" Summer giggled from in front of me. I agreed.

"A pool table" Came Doc's answer and the sound of a gong. We both laughed at the stupidity of that joke. "I told you it was terrible."

"Well at least he's honest," I commented. The logo crashing into the screen and scaring both me and Summer and causing poor Doc to scream like a little girl on a roller coaster. More laughs from us.

"To open tonight's episode we thought...thought? OK whose bright idea was it to suggest that we think?" Doc asked in an indignant voice. "Somebodies getting fired over this screw up."

"Dumb as ever" Summer giggled.

"...buncha som bitches want people to think that I think..." Doc mumbled as his voice faded from view and the shot slowly came into focus and the camera showed that Hayden and Mackenzie were standing just outside of the glass double doors that led to the pool (at Jamie Lynn's crib). Mackenzie sitting on the edge of the futon and looking very upset as the camera peaked out the door.

"That's why you wanted to come up and see her, huh?" Mackenzie asked as Hayden stood silent a few feet away by the edge of the pool. "Answer me blondie."

"I only wanted to do it one time" Hayden said without looking. "I don't see what the fucking problem is."

"It's because it's all you ever wanna do" Mackenzie said. "When Cumming Out was on I understood it but you promised me when it ended that you would concentrate on me and not other sluts like your precious Kristen and that tanned whore Jamie Lynn."

"You loved Kristen too" Hayden said. "I chose you over her, didn't I?"

"And you chose me over Jamie Lynn too" Mackenzie said. "But now here you are dying to jump both of them...again! Can't you ever get enough ass?"

"You never complain when I'm pounding away at your little ass, slut" Hayden said as she turned to her girlfriend. "But all you've done lately is complain. I'm sick of it."

"Then maybe I should go back to Hawaii and leave you too both of them" Mackenzie suggested. Being shocked when Hayden offered no denial. "OHMIGOD that's what you want."

"I only wanted a threesome with them one time" Hayden said. "You know it's my ultimate fantasy and I never got to do it on the show. I thought now we were here and everything was going good that you wouldn't mind."

"Well I do mind" Mackenzie said. "And I already know what your decision is, so I'll pack my shit and clear out."

"I still don't why you're making such a big deal out of this" Hayden said. "It's the way we've always been."

"Yeah true, you're right" Mackenzie said. Then delivering a line so shocking that it brought into focus how this sudden twist in the storyline could be explained away. "I want someone true to me and for a long time now Hayden...I've known that's not you."

"I'm gonna go and call you a cab" Was Hayden's matter-of-fact response. The logo rolling across the scene and bringing us to another shocking scene. Only this time it was an all together erotic one. Picking up this week exactly where we had left off last week with Michelle Trachtenberg on her knees in front of a naked Elle (her tennis shoes being the only clothing) and sucking Elle's 'faux' cock. Elle meanwhile had one hand in Michelle's hair and guiding her head gently up and down as it bobbed while softly kissing Michelle's girlfriend Ellen Page.

Michelle pulling off and leaving Elle still moaning as both girls turned their attention to undressing their new arrival. Ellen letting Elle raise the t-shirt she was wearing up and over her head, Elle tossing it aside and returning to kissing Ellen a moment later. Michelle sliding down Ellen's pants and helping her girlfriend step out of them a moment later. Elle stroking her cock slowly as Michelle rose back to her feet and kissing Elle softly.

"MMMMMMMMM this sweet little girl has already done butt fucking back to back once today" Michelle commented to her girlfriend.

"MMMMMMMM did you sweet baby?" Ellen asked as the kissed the preteen in front of her.

"I get so horny that one time doesn't help much" Elle replied as Michelle and Ellen grinned. "And I can do it again really soon."

"MMMMMMMM let's see if that's true" Ellen said as all three made their way to the bed. Ellen laying back with her head coming to rest at the edge of the futon and letting her girlfriend get on top in a 69. Elle lining her spit soaked cock up with Michelle's asshole once more and sliding DEEP inside. Michelle shaking in pleasure as Elle moaned with a glazed over look in her eyes as she pressed her thighs to Michelle's ass cheeks. Ellen licking at her girlfriends pussy while she wrapped her snugly in her arms to hold her still. Elle placing one hand in the middle of Michelle's back and the other on her hip as she started pounding at Michelle's butt fuck hole.

"MMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHH I love how my cock feels while I'm butt fucking" Elle moaned as she leaned forward a bit now and placed one of her hands just below Michelle's shoulders and steadily started to pound harder with stiffer and stiffer shots. Ellen sucking on her girlfriends clit from below as Michelle moaned and shook from the work of both girls. Elle pounding her cock in and out and moaning in wonderment of where this was happening and how good it felt with the vibration in her pussy, the ridges working her clit and pleasure inducing feeling of the skin above her bald pussy slapping at Michelle's ass cheeks on each stroke. Both Elle and Michelle's pussy spasming like crazy as they neared their orgasm. "MMMMMMMM Michelle I love butt fucking you more than everybody else."

"MMMMMMMMMM come on my horny little butt fucking demon and make me cum" Michelle moaned a moment before Elle did just that and made them both cum in orgasmic waves that were mind blowing. Michelle squirting her cum into Ellen's waiting mouth as Elle's cum drained down her thighs. Michelle moaning once again as Elle took a few last deep strokes to butt fuck out her cum. Elle then carefully pulling out as Ellen and Michelle, literally, rolled over into another 69. "MMMMMMMM you ready to go again baby?"

"MMMMMMMMM yessss I'm still so horny" Elle moaned as she stroked her cock and got on the bed on her knees and slid in behind Ellen. The older girls eagerly settling into a 69 for the preteen as she watched. Elle then lined her cock up with Ellen's little asshole and moaned with her cock sliding deep inside. Ellen's body tensing as she felt the cock sliding inside and Elle's thighs pressing against her ass cheeks. Michelle working on her clit from below and Elle's cock now gliding in and out of her asshole. "MMMMMMMMM so good in your asshole girl."

"MMMMMMMM put your arm down by your side for the camera and butt fuck me hard baby" Ellen moaned as she watched the little girl follow her directions to the letter. The camera moving in close behind Elle as she dropped one arm to her hand and putting that hand on her ass cheek to give us a clear view of the butt fucking. Michelle wrapping her arms around her girlfriends waist and holding her in place as Elle's other hand rested in the middle of Ellen's shoulders. Elle's thighs beginning to smack at Ellen's ass cheeks as Michelle licked over and over her girlfriends pussy lips and focusing on her clit. Elle's butt fucking coming increasingly harder as Ellen had requested as she moaned to the older girl, "MMMMMMM I'm butt fucking it harder, is it feeling really good?"

"MMMMMMMMM ohmigod fuck yesss" Ellen moaned as she looked back with a pleasure soaked, glazed over look in her eyes as she watched Elle pound away steadily at her asshole. Michelle's tongue now finding Ellen's clit and sucking as the girl above her shook in pleasure. Ellen's thighs quivering against Michelle's face as her pussy spasmed harder and harder now. Elle's naked body glistening in the bright sunshine as she squeezed her fingers into her own ass cheeks as her ass clenched each time her cock slipped into the older girls asshole. The vibrating knob inside Elle's pussy sending pleasure to all ends of her naked body as she moaned louder. "MMMMMMMM Michelle you were so right about her being a good little butt fucker."

"MMMMMMMMM I love butt fucking so much MMMMMMM" Elle moaned as she delivered a few last shots to Ellen's tight little asshole and sent both of them into a pure heaven orgasm. Elle's body gently shaking as the orgasm surged inside her as Ellen did in front of her. Ellen finally squirting her girl cum in a messy finish onto Michelle's face below her. Elle's hands now on Ellen's back as she slowed and began taking long smooth pounding strokes and shaking the older girl as she butt fucked her cum out. "MMMMMMMMM that butt fucking felt so good to give out."

"MMMMMMMM it sure did, ohmigod you are a horny little butt fucking demon" Ellen moaned as Elle carefully pulled out of the girls little asshole. Elle sliding off the futon and to her feet. Ellen rolling off of Michelle and lay there shaking from her orgasm as Michelle rose and crawled over her girlfriend and off the futon. Getting to her knees on the deck and in front of a naked Elle and opening her mouth eagerly. Elle moaning as she slid the cock into Michelle's waiting mouth and a hand into the girls hair to gently guide her head. Elle's moaning and clenching ass disappearing as the camera zoomed on the young girls tennis shoes as the logo rolled across the screen and took us to a well deserved commercial break.

Summer made a run to the bathroom and I snagged two soda's out of the fridge before we met back at the couch just as the logo splashed back onto the screen. Bringing us to a shot from behind as Jamie Lynn and Kristen walked towards what looked to be the building housing the executive's offices of Taboo TV. Holding hands as the camera followed them through the front door and moments later into the elevator.

"They didn't tell you what they wanted huh?" Kristen asked as she squeezed her fingers around a nervous Jamie Lynn's.

"Sam just said it was important we be here on time" Jamie Lynn commented. Sam being Sam Anderson, the head of Taboo TV's parent company, 'American Media Entertainment'. "Probably seen the first few episodes and decided they sucked."

"I'm sorry" Kristen offered with a hurt look in her eyes.

"No, Kris, I didn't meant it that way" Jamie Lynn said. "I mean...I can't do anything right. I didn't mean it."

"I love you anyway" Kristen said with a sweet smile. Jamie Lynn making her squeal when she pulled the girl into her arms and kissed her softly. "MMMMMMM don't blame me anymore?"

"I love you too baby" Jamie Lynn said softly. "Without you I don't wanna do the show anymore."

"Just for that, you can have me anyway you want me tonight" Kristen said and following that with a kiss. The ding of the elevator stopping and the doors opening breaking the moment. Jamie Lynn and Kristen nervously walking down the short hallway and tapping on a LARGE set of wooden doors. The camera catching up and sneaking in behind the girls and seeing a collection of people already sitting at a long table in what was essentially a board room. Sam Anderson sitting at the head of the table.

"Welcome girls, come on in" Sam said as Kristen and Jamie Lynn walked hand and hand to the side other end of the table and took seats near Sam's.

"We're here, what did you want?" Jamie Lynn asked in a matter-of-fact style.

"Well don't get too excited on me Jamie" Sam smirked.

"FUCK YOU!" Jamie Lynn screamed as her reply. "That's my fuck you of the week by the way."

"Chill" Kristen said as she squeezed her fingers around Jamie's.

"Some things never change" Sam said as the small gathering giggled. Jamie Lynn glaring at him. "Now do you think you can keep your bi-polar in check long enough for me to inform you of what we here at Taboo TV think of the new season?"

"You hate it" Jamie Lynn said. "Why else would you have me come all the way down here?"

"Maybe to tell you we thought the new footage was good?"

"That makes sense" Kristen giggled.

"We love Kristen as your new co-host" Sam said as Kristen grinned and Jamie Lynn turned and kissed her. Sam going on, "And the selection of the guest stars so far has been very eclectic to say the least. A nice job."

"Thank you" Jamie Lynn said in shock. "So that's it?"

"No" Sam said. "We do have some concerns about the show though."

"What about? Elle? I got clearance to have her on and her parents agreed she could appear."

"Elle Fanning was another of the excellent decisions you've made as the Executive Producer" Sam said. "But...we think the time for that type of series has passed."

"You said you loved the new footage" Jamie Lynn said. "You said I'm doing a good job but you're SAYING THE TIME HAS PASSED?"

"Jamie Lynn stop" Kristen said as she bolted from her chair and stopped Jamie Lynn from going after Sam. Pulling the Tanned One back into her arms and away.

"Young lady I am sick of your actions, one more out burst like that and I'll call security and your hot little ass will be out of a job" Sam snapped. "You've got more problems than I care to deal with."

"Fucking bastard" Jamie Lynn seethed. "You can cancel the series for all I care."

"If you would for once listen before flying off the handle into one of your piss fits you'd find out it really wasn't necessary" Sam said. "We are not cancelling your series. Shut up. We want to expand the series order to ten episodes."

"Fictional President of a fiction cable channel say what?" Jamie Lynn asked in shock. Both her and Kristen retaking their seats at the table.

"I said we want more episodes and an earlier premiere date" Sam said. "We wanna make your series the centerpiece of the Taboo TV summer lineup."

"I'm sorry for being a spoiled brat princess?" Jamie Lynn asked with a bright smile. Sam laughing when Jamie Lynn continued on, "You're one hell of a guy Sam."

"All that's great but you said the time has passed, I'm confused" Kristen commented.

"Good point" Jamie Lynn agreed. "What's up with that?"

"We think the time has passed for the Cumming Out style celeb on celeb fuck show" Sam said. "We wanna focus on your private life as well. The raw footage of you and Kristen at home and with your friends is the best of the stuff I've seen."

"I thought that was just gonna be for like, a behind the scenes special?" Jamie Lynn asked. "Gonna be boring..."

"I don't think so" Kristen offered. Jamie Lynn giving her a questioning look. "I don't Jamie, I think that's what peoeple would wanna see. But I also think the studio stuff is a lot of fun."

"That's why I'm presenting you with the option of splicing all of it together into a...kinda of a reality show" Sam said. "Equal parts your private life and studio stuff. Maybe even deemphasis the studio stuff as we go along."

"I don't know" Jamie Lynn said. "I had a vision for the series and it didn't involve more of my home life than the studio stuff. It was supposed to be an emphasis on the studio stuff with my home life in the background."

"It was and now we wanna flip that" Sam said. "We want the sex to be natural not canned. If you and Kristen wanna fuck, do it. If you wanna invite Elle over and get it on, do it. We really don't need the studio footage to create an attractive package."

"You know more about this than I do" Jamie Lynn said.

"What no more threats or screaming?" Sam asked. "Now we finally see the appearance of calm Jamie?"

"You see that?" Jamie Lynn asked as she held up her middle finger. "I mean that sincerely."

"Anyway..." Sam said. "We've also discussed moving your show to a new time slot on Tuesday nights. Nine p.m."

"Are we done?" Jamie Lynn asked. "Cause we've got house guests."

"Hayden and Mackenzie?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"I have an idea to close the season that would be the culmination of what started on Cumming Out and now looks like a perfect set-up to finish this like it should be" Sam said.

"Go on!"

"We all know Hayden was hot for your ass" Sam said to Jamie Lynn and then to Kristen, "And her obsession with you is well documented."

"All true" Jamie Lynn said.

"How about we get a sandwich with you two and Hayden, at last" Sam said. Jamie Lynn and Kristen grinning knowingly. "Uh huh I thought so. You think you can set it up?"

"I don't know, Hayden's with Mackenzie now and she's only really staying with us for a few days" Jamie Lynn said. "I know she'd love too, I think, but I doubt with all our history that she'd feel like she could without hurting Mackenzie."

"Well if you can work it out" Sam said. The room going quiet as the logo flashed onto the screen and once again took to the closing credits. Executive Producer: Jamie Lynn Spears.