The Jamie Lynn Spears "FUCK YOU" Show - Episode 16
"The Preteen Butt Fuckin' Party Show"

Written by: TVM (


** Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.**

Starring: Jamie Lynn Spears (18) & Kristen Alderson (18)

Special Guest Stars: Michelle Trachtenberg (23)

Guest Stars: Elle Fanning (11), Billi Bruno (12) & Ariel Winter (11)


"Welcome to an all new Jamie Lynn Show special..." Doc announced as the logo danced across the street like a screensaver. "...and by special we don't mean ride-the-little-yellow-bus special. But rather an episode that features this season's break-out star, Elle Fanning and her friends which we introduced in an earlier episode as Billi Bruno from the former ABC sitcom, According to Jim and Ariel Winters, the cute younger daughter from the ABC hit-com, Modern Family. Oh yeah and Michelle Trachtenberg too. Taboo TV and Jamie Lynn Spears proudly present the first ever, preteen butt fucking party."

With that announcement we went directly from the dancing screensaver to a rather shocking scene.

"MMMMMMMM get you some of that Elle" Michelle moaned as a direct shot of her as the logo dipped away and revealed that she was rubbing her bald pussy as she was watching something off-camera with intense interest. A panning of the camera revealed what was holding her interest, Elle was standing in front of the couch with her feeldoe in place, naked with only tennis shoes on. Lost in a soft moaning kiss with an also naked Billy Bruno (12) as Billi's friend Ariel Winters (11) watched with a smile.

You could see the usual mixture of smooth tanned skin marked by tan lines on the two preteen cuties. Elle parting with Billi and kissing Ariel now. Elle's hands on Ariel and Billi's cute little asses and squeezing the cheeks in a steady rhythm while both girls hands stroked up and down Elle's flat chest slowly. Of course Billi and Ariel barely had titties themselves I noted as Elle and Ariel parted and the horny preteen's moved to the couch with Elle taking some of the cherry flavored lube handed to her by Michelle and lubing up her cock.

"OK, into a 69 babies" Michelle directed them as she moved to her knees beside the couch and watched Billi and Ariel do as she had said, Ariel laying back lengthwise on the couch and Billi eagerly getting on top of her in the 69. Michelle gently guiding Ariel's tongue to her friend's bald pussy and smiling as she began to lick Billi softly. Elle stroking her now lubed cock as she got on her knees behind Billy and above Ariel. The camera moving into position so we could see Elle gently press her cock head into Billi's tight little asshole. "MMMMMMMM yes Elle do your thing my horny little butt fucking demon."

"MMMMMMM it feels so good already" Billi moaned as Elle began to stroke in and out of her once virgin asshole now with ease. Elle moaning too as she watched every stroke get her deeper inside as Ariel below was licking up and down Billi's yummy pussy with an eager spirit as Michelle watched. Billi laying her head down on Ariel's thighs and shaking in pleasure as Elle stuffed her asshole completely full with cock now. Elle's thighs pressed against Billy's ass cheeks as she leaned forward over the girls back and into a sandwich. "MMMMMMM I never had anything up my butt before, it feels really weird but so good already."

"MMMMMM I know and your Mom and Dad don't want you to feel this good, you know that?" Elle asked as she started the butt fucking in earnest as her thighs began to smack at Billi's ass cheeks gently. Ariel licking over and over Billi's pussy and wrapping her arms around the girl. Elle's shots to Billi's asshole getting harder and harder as her arms strained to hold her above the girls back. Billi moaning to Elle, "MMMMMM yeah, yeah, ohmigod they're so mean for not wanting me to be butt fucked like this."

"MMMMMMMM now no one can stop you baby" Elle moaned as she slapped her thighs stiffly at Billi's ass cheeks and made them jiggle as she pounded the girls butt fuck hole. Billi's thighs quivering around Ariel's face below her and her moaning growing louder and louder as her pussy spasmed like crazy. Ariel's tongue now focusing on Billi's most sensitive body part, her clit, as she licked it repeatedly over and over. Elle's cute little lightly tanned ass clenching each time she stroked inside as her own pussy spasmed like crazy. "MMMMMMM butt fucking makes my cock so hard."

"MMMMMMMM I'm making it feel so good it's getting harder huh?" Billi moaned to Elle as both neared their orgasms.

"MMMMMMMM so hard, MMMMMMM so good butt fucking you Billi" Elle moaned just as hers and Billi's orgasm took over and stormed the bodies of the naked little teenies like powerful thunder storms. Elle slowing as she peaked, tensing and closing her eyes to soak in the pleasure. Billi did much the same before she squirted cum into Ariel's mouth below her in a messy finish. Elle giving her a few more strokes to butt fuck out the cum before she pulled out and sat there breathing ragid and waited for Michelle to crawl over and get on her knees in front of the couch. Michelle opening her as Elle slid the cock inside and the older girl began to suck as the scene faded to black.

4 long minutes of commercials, yadda yadda...

We returned from the break with Elle having one hand in Michelle's hair and guiding the older girls head up and down as she sucked Elle's butt fucking cock. Elle's other hand rested on her ass cheek so the camera could get a clear view. The camera zooming out and showing that Billi and Ariel were now rising and on cue and got to their knees and began to take turns kissing Elle.

"MMMMMMM Chelle you're getting me ready to do some more butt fucking" Elle moaned as her cute little ass clenched as the sensations flooded her body and she finally pulled Michelle off and leaned dwon to kiss the older girl softly. Billi and Ariel moving back into their former position, a 69, with Ariel on top this time. Michelle moving out of the picture as Elle turned back to the 69ing preteen's in front of her and lining her cock up with Ariel's asshole and sliding inside with ease. Elle's moaning coming loudly as she began her second butt fucking in a row, Billi licking her friends pussy softly and being one of the reasons the little girl was now shaking in pleasure. "MMMMMM my cock goes in and out so easy, you've been butt fucked before huh baby?"

"MMMMMMMM I love masturbating back there" Ariel moaned as she got her butt stuffed full now as Elle slid all the way inside and pressed her thighs to the girls ass cheeks. Elle leaning forward over the brunette's back and moaning as she started the butt fucking again in earnest. Billi softly licking up and down over Ariel's sweet bald pussy and making her friends thighs quiver. "MMMMMMM Elle you can do it hard if you want, I really love it a lot."

"MMMMMMM oh yeah I love butt fucking hard" Elle moaned as she started a steady pleasure producing pounding of Ariel's tight little asshole. Her thighs smacking loudly at Ariel's ass cheeks as the girls squealed in pleasure. Ariel moaning and squeezing her thighs around Billi's head as her pussy spasmed insanely hard now. "MMMMMMMMM butt fucking makes my cock so hard."

"MMMMMMMM baby that's the most wonderful thing I've ever watched" Summer moaned to me. I agreed with that bit of commentary whole heartedly.

"And it feels so wonderful when it's that hard" Ariel moaned as she took ever harder shots deep inside her backdoor. Billi stroking her hands up and down the girls waist as she now sucked on her clit. Elle's naked body glistening with a thick dripping sheen of sweat as she pounded at Ariel's butt fucking hole. Ariel's little ass cheeks jiggling each time they where smacked at by Elle's thighs. "MMMMMMMMM you really do love butt fucking hard, huh?"

"MMMMMMMMM yeah yeah, ohmigod it feels so good" Elle moaned as she felt her pussy spasm around the vibrating knob of the feeldoe and tensed up as she pounded a few more times at Ariel's asshole and drove the girl to an orgasm. Elle's orgasm blossoming a moment later as she kept up her steady pounding pace on the girls asshole. "MMMMMMMM do you love butt fucking now?"

"MMMMMMM I love it so much, most wonderful feeling ever" Ariel moaned as her and Elle peaked in orgasm and slowly came down. Ariel squirting her girl cum onto and into Billi's loving mouth. A few more stokes to butt fuck out all the cum and Elle carefully pulled out of the girls tight little asshole and was met immediately by Michelle with an open mouth. Elle moaned as Michelle began to suck her cock, deep throating it over and over and pressing her lips to the bare skin above the feeldoe on Elle's pussy. Ariel sitting up and watching before kissing Elle softly. "MMMMMMM you really do like butt fucking hard, huh?"

"MMMMMMMMM yes I do" Elle moaned as Michelle pulled off her cock. "It just feels so good to do it hard like that."

"And I'd say that both of you are now fans of her butt fucking talent, right?" Michelle asked as she rose to her feet and got all three of the other girls to do the same.

"MMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMM, that felt like really wonderful" Billi moaned as she let Elle feel of her ass. "I sooo can't wait to feel that again."

"Me too, me too" Ariel said as Elle smiled and squeezed her ass too. "Butt fucking does feel wonderful."

"And doing it in the sunshine is even more wonderful" Elle suggested as she pointed out on to the balcony. Both naked little angels nodding their heads as Elle lead the way and they moved out onto the balcony. Michelle trailing and bringing along a vibrator for good measure as she laid down on the futon behind the threesome. Elle guiding Billi and Ariel to the bench across from the futon and getting them on their knees with their backs to her. Elle stroking her cock as she rubbed at one girls ass and then the other as she decided which got to be butt fucked. "MMMMMMMM WOW I'm sooo horny right now."

"MMMMMMMM right here, Elle" Billi moaned as she rubbed at her asshole gently. "I'll make your cock hard again and make it feel real good."

"I will too" Ariel said in protest. Elle grinned as she moved behind Ariel and lined her cock up with her asshole before she felt Billi's hand on her ass as the girl said, "It's only fair you do me first, I 'm so horny after licking Ariel's pussy for you."

"MMMMMMM oh wow such a good point" Elle moaned as she moved back to Billi's asshole and without another moments hesisatation she slid inside. A long satisfied moan left both girls mouths as a car slowly drove by on the street below. Elle starting to pump in and out now and slapping her thighs at Billi's ass cheeks. Elle moaning as she moved her hands to Billi's smooth back and dropped an arm to her side and started to once again pound in a steady rhythm. Billi moaning and holding onto the rails for support. "Butt fucking in the sunshine is so wonderful. I love letting everyone see me do it cause it feels so good."

"MMMMMMMM I hope my Mom and Dad don't see" Billi moaned as she took shot after shot to her backdoor. "MMMMMMMM but it feels so good..."

"And butt fucking makes your cock so hard?" Ariel asked as she kissed Elle.

"MMMMMMM soooo butt fucking hard" Elle moaned as she gave Billi a few last shots before slowing and pulling out. Elle stroking her lubed up cock as she stepped in behind Ariel and slid inside her asshole now. Ariel moaning and shaking gently from head toe as Elle started pumping out in and out of her asshole. Giving Ariel stiff shots from the start and smacking her thighs at the girls ass cheeks. Ariel moaning louder as the sunshine beat down on the horny threesome and Elle slid her hands up the girls bare back and kept a steady pounding rhythm in and out. "MMMMMMMM Ariel I'm so glad you love butt fucking now."

"MMMMMMMMMM I do soo much" Ariel moaned as the camera moved behind Elle and showed her cute little ass clenching over and over as she pounded at Ariel's back door. Ariel's ass cheeks jiggling each time she took Elle's cock into her asshole. A few more hard pounding shots was all Ariel was gonna get before Elle stopped and pulled out of the young starlets asshole. Ariel turning to kiss Elle and guiding the horny young preteen down onto the bench and to lay back lengthwise on it. Billi standing and taking this oppurtunity to step onto the bench and across Elle's body and lower down (catchers position), her back to Elle. Ariel getting on her knees and taking hold of Elle's cock and holding it steady as it slid into Billi's welcoming little asshole. "MMMMMMM oh yeah."

"MMMMMMM UHNNNNNN" Elle moaned as she clenched her ass and moaned as Billi sunk all the way down on her cock. Billi leaning backwards over Elle's body so her hands by Elle's shoulders held her above before she started to sway up and down. Elle moaning as her cock began going in and out of Billi's asshole once again. Billi moaning and whimpering as her pussy spasmed amd made her whole body feel so wonderful as she slapped her ass cheeks at Elle's thighs with each bounce up and down. Elle's hands clutching into Billi's waist as she moaned with her, "MMMMMMM I'm really enjoying my preteen butt fucking party."

"MMMMMMM ohmigod me too, it feels so good" Billi moaned in reply as she swayed harder and harder up and down. Elle's flat stomach tensing each time as she looked down and watched her cock as it fucked up into Billi's asshole. sweat dripping off of Billi's nude body down onto Elle as she slammed up and down harder and harder and began to rock Elle's young body. "MMMMMMM I love your cock so much Elle."

"MMMMMMMMM baby butt fuckin you makes me it so hard too" Elle moaned as her whole body tensed time after time with the pleasure surging through her body over and over again. Her fingers digging into Billi's waist as the sensations came close to an orgasm before she stopped the girl. Billi lifted straight up and off Elle's cock as both girls moaned still. Ariel immediately moving into Billi's former position (her back to Elle and leaned back over her body) and letting Elle's cock sink into her asshole again. Elle's ass clenching as the sensations began again with Ariel now swaying up and down and smacking her ass cheeks at Elle's thighs. "MMMMMMM Ariel your asshole feels so wonderful baby."

"MMMMMMM it's getting stuffed so full every time" Ariel moaned as she pounded down onto Elle's cock and driving it deep into her asshole over and over. Elle sliding her hands up to Ariel's tiny titties and squeezing them over and over as she moaned from below and watched every stroke of her cock into Ariel's welcoming asshole. Elle's flat stomach tensing, her shoes bouncing gently and her whole being filled with a wonderful pleasure that very few preteen's had ever felt. "MMMMMMMMM I really love this feeling now."

"MMMMMMMMM so hard and going deep, MMMMMMM making my butt fuckin cock so hard" Elle moaned as she squeezed her fingers into Ariel's titties over and over and over now as the sensations got stronger and she tensed even more and felt her pussy spasming like crazy as she neared her orgasm for the fourth time. Ariel's moaning had turned to squeals of pure pleasure as she slammed up and down on Elle's cock a few more times before she too was stopped by Elle. Ariel lifting up and off of Elle's cock as it slipped out of her asshole. Elle getting to her feet to join the other two sweat drenched hotties. Kissing Ariel first and then Billi softly. "That has got to be the most wonderful feeling ever."

"MMMMMMM I agree" Billi said with a soft kiss. "Can you handle another sandwich?"

"MMMMM yes I can" Elle moaned as she lowered her hands to each girls ass and squeezed the cheeks into her hands as they made their way towards Michelle and the futon across the deck. The "FUCK YOU" logo rolling onto the screen and taking us to a commercial break. Four LONG minutes later we returned with another "FUCK YOU" logo roll onto the screen and thankfully bringing us back to the same scene with Elle, Billi and Ariel standing by the end of the futon. Elle's hands on each girls ass cheeks and squeezing them gently as she took turns kissing them. "I think it's time we finish our preteen butt fucking party."

"Downstairs on the picnic table in the front yard" Michelle said with a horny smile.

"No, my parents can really see me then" Billi protested. But that fell on deaf ears as Ariel took her hand and pulled her along down the steps with Elle following close behind. Billi starting to say something after they had reached the picnic table but it fell on deaf ears as Ariel eagerly climbed on and laid back lengthwise and got Billi to finally get above her as she crawled onto the table too. Billi settling in on top of Ariel in a 69 as Elle moved in behind her and lined her cock with the girls asshole and slid back inside. Billi shaking in pleasure as both girls went to work on her. "MMMMMMM sooo hard Elle, you're so hard."

"MMMMMMMMM butt fucking makes my cock this hard" Elle moaned as she dropped an arm to her side and placed the hand on her ass cheek as she started to gently slap her thighs at Billi's ass cheeks. Ariel wrapping Billi in her arms as she licked away at the girls smooth pussy with a eager determination that showed in her work. Elle's naked body glistening in the sunshine as she gave Billi every bit of her cock that she could stuff inside the girls asshole, even clenching her ass on each stroke to get it deeper. Billi's moaning was getting increasingly louder as she looked back and watched Elle's every move as the pleasure stormed her body. "MMMMMMMMMM it's feeling too good this time I'm gonna cum really quick."

"MMMMMMMMMM I love butt fucking in the sunshine even if my parents do catch me" Billi moaned as she started gently shaking from head to toe as the butt fucking came harder with shot after shot from Elle's cock. Ariel agressively sucking on her friends clit now as she held her in place. While the camera moved beside of Elle and with the preteen's hand still on her ass cheek we had a wonderful view of every stroke. Elle's other hand now rested just above Billi's ass cheeks as she looked down and watched every single stroke of her cock into the girls asshole until the moment her orgasm took over. Billi squealing as she felt the same thing a nano-second later. Billi's cum squirting in a mess into Ariel's waiting mouth at the peak of her orgasm as Elle's cum drained down her thighs and she slowed in Billi's asshole. Slowly butt fucking all the cum out. "MMMMMMMM that felt sooo good. I mean like ohmigod so good!."

"MMMMMMMMMM yes it did" Elle moaned as she pulled out of Billi's asshole and moved to the other end of the table and stepped up on the seat and then to her knees on top of the table and directly in front of Billi. Offering the barely older girl her cock to suck. Billi protesting, "But it's been up my asshole like four times already and it's been up Ariel's too."

"And this is what you gotta do if you want me to butt fuck you again" Elle said as she slid the head inside of Billi's and moaned when the girl started to suck at it softly. After a few moments of 'taste testing', Billi's head started to bob as she sucked it with increasing eagerness and made Elle moan louder and louder. Elle's cute sweat stained little ass clenching in pleasure before she covered it with her hands as she moved them out of the camera's view so we could see Billi's head bobbing faster. Billi's stifled moaning could be heard as Ariel continued to gently lick her sweet pussy. "MMMMMMM now you got my butt fuckin cock ready to go again."

"MMMMMMMM HMMMMMMM I really like that now" Billi moaned as she pulled off and elle took hold of her cock and held it steady as she slid off the pincic table and moved back to the end as she stroked her cock slowly. Billi and Ariel eagerly getting into another 69 with Ariel on top now. Elle clearing her sweat stained hair from her face a moment before slid easily into Ariel's little asshole and started pumping in and out. Smacking her thighs at Ariel's ass cheeks as one hand slid up Ariel's sweat covered back and the other moved back to her ass cheek to provide us a clear view. Ariel moaning to Elle in a whimper as her pussy was already spasming insanely hard on Billi's eager tongue, "MMMMMMMM harder, please do it really hard like you did the first time."

"MMMMMMMMM it feels so good to do it that way" Elle moaned as she started doing exactly as Ariel had requested and pounded her a bit harder. Billi stuffing her tongue in and out of Ariel's pussy in perfect time to Elle's butt fucking strokes. Ariel's moaning got louder as she neared her orgasm and Elle's butt fucking cock pistoned in and out of her asshole with ever increasing speed. "MMMMMM now I'm butt fucking it hard, you gonna cum?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM" Was all Ariel managed to get out before her second orgasm blossomed into a mind blowing finish to the preteen butt fucking party. Elle moaning as she experienced her fourth one at the exact same moment. A wonderful few moments passing before Elle slowed and pulled out of Ariel's now well fucked asshole. Guiding her brunette friend to her feet and kissing her softly for a few moments.

The camera pulling back and tilting up to show Michelle was watching with a huge satisfied smile on her face. A single middle finger raised towards the camera brought to a slow fade into black. Executive Producer: Jamie Lynn Spears.