The Jamie Lynn Spears "FUCK YOU" Show - Episode 18
"The Elle Wears Ugg Boots and a Fuckin' Mask Show"

Written by: TVM (


** Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.**

Starring: Jamie Lynn Spears (18) & Kristen Alderson (18)

Guest Stars: Elle Fanning (11), Rebecca "Becky" Rosso (15) & Camilla "Cammy" Rosso (15)


"Tonight's special episode is in direct response to the morons who claim to be the parents of this Summer's new break out star, of course, I speak of our very own Elle Fanning" Doc announced as Summer and I listened intently from the couch. "Many of you may be asking what exactly I am talking about, and for once I actually know."

"Retarded" Summer giggled.

"But instead of doing a Sean Hannity and making shit up as I go along I'm gonna let Jamie Lynn and Kristen break it down for you" Doc said as we laughed and watched the "FUCK YOU" logo crash into the screen and then drop away and slam into the floor. Bringing us to a shot of Kristen and Jamie Lynn lounging on the bed at Jamie Lynn's crib and covered up almost completely. Someone (Elle???) was obviously laying between the two co-hosts under the covers.

"Hey guys and welcome to this very special episode of FUCK YOU" Jamie Lynn said. "One that we didn't plan by the way."

"But thanks to the parents of a certain Fanning sister and their reaction to seeing their daughter become a major star..." Kristen chimed in, "...we decided this would be a nice way to say..."

"FUCK YOU!" Jamie Lynn and Kristen said in unison.

"So please welcome Elle Fanning" Kristen said as she peeled down the covers and showed us that it was indeed Elle laying in between them.

"Hi Mom, you psycho" Elle said with a victorious grin.

"So here's what happened ladies and gents" Jamie Lynn said. "Elle's Mama got all GRRRRR mad when they saw their horny ass little daughter here in a scene with the much older Michelle Trachtenberg."

"MMMMMMMM Michelle" Elle cooed as all three laughed.

"So anyway, like Jamie Lynn said they got mad and demanded that we stop using her that way" Kristen said. "Why? Beats the hell out of me."

"And after Jamie Lynn started her big mouth they refused to let me appear in any scenes at all" Elle said as Kristen giggled. "Smooth move ex-lax queen."

"GRRRRRR" Jamie Lynn growled as she kissed Elle's cheek as the girl giggled. "You hush. They where being terminally stupid about this and I just told them and they couldn't handle the fuckin shit. She does know they got another daughter in Dakota, don't they?"

"Unlikely" Elle said sarcasticly.

"Well, let's figure they do, where the hell were they when they let her do Cumming Out?" Kristen asked. "She was two years older than you are now."

"Parents just don't understand" Elle said with a smirk.

"Good one!" Jamie Lynn giggled.

"So here's what we did in response to this little mess" Kristen said. "...we're gonna tape the rest of Elle's scenes for this season and per the complaints of her grouchy as fuck parental guardians..."

"Mine that is..." Elle chimed in.

"...we are not gonna include Elle Fanning's likeness in those scenes" Kristen finished. "Right Jamie Lynn?"

"I promised them" Jamie Lynn said as she reached under the covers and pulled out what looked to be some sort of mask. Showing it to the camera a few moments later she confirmed that it was. A special one at that as Jamie Lynn would explain, "This is the answer folks."

"And what exactly is that Jamie Lynn dear?" Elle asked in a voice that cracked me up.

"This is a special edition Rey Mysterio, Jr. mask from" Jamie Lynn said. Both girls rising as Jamie Lynn positioned the mask above Elle's head and slid it down over her face and pulled the velcro closure under the chin closed. Even with that Elle's lips and chin were in full view. "Where did Elle go?"

"I'm right here" Elle said from behind the mask. "It's me."

"Really?" Jamie Lynn asked as she leaned in and kissed the girl softly on the lips. "MMMMMMMM yep that's our horny little Elle. But now..."

"...her...likeness..." Kristen added with air quotes around the second word. " now no longer appearing."

"I like this thing" Elle giggled as Jamie Lynn slid her hand down to between Elle's thighs and began to massage the girls pussy gently through her Jammer shorts. Elle's giggles turning to moans as she then kissed Kristen softly as the covers got pushed away and revealed Elle's (very stylish Ugg boots). "MMMMMMM fuck."

"You know what it's time for my sexy preteen angel?" Kristen asked as her and Elle smiled at each other. Jamie Lynn sliding her hand down the front of Elle's shorts and starting to work her magic on the baby smooth skin of Elle's pussy. Elle squirming and moaning as she replied to Kristen, "I don't know Kristen, please tell me."

"It's time you lick your first pussy" Kristen said with a soft kiss.

"MMMMMMM been waiting for that" Elle moaned as she turned her head and started softly kissing Jamie Lynn now.

"But it won't be us that she'll be starring with" Kristen said as she motioned for someone off-camera to join them and in came a pair of giggling blonde's as they crashed down on either of Elle. It turned out to be the Rosso twins, Becky and Cammy. The two were only wearing the skimpiest of thong bikini's as they settled in on either side of their hostess. "Meet Elle's co-stars, Becky Rosso and her lover and twin sister Cammy Rosso."

Jamie Lynn and Kristen rolling off the bed and disappearing from the scene.

"Hello there" Becky said in her trademark deep male voice. Elle giggling and Cammy rolling her eyes at the goofiness. "How are you?"

"I'm fine" Elle said in a mimicking deep male voice of her own. Becky laughing.

"Becky's finally found someone she can communicate on her own level with" Cammy said.

"Fuck you" Becky said to her sister as Elle laughed.

"I'll fuck both of you" Elle said as she sat up and took the twins hands and guided them to their feet and pulled both girls into her arms. Her hands sliding down to Becky and Cammy's tanned ass cheeks. "Butt fuck you that is."

"Oh and you think you can handle twins?" Becky asked. "You're sister sure had trouble for a while."

"I'm not Dakota" Elle said as she squeezed both twins ass cheeks in her hands. "And I don't get tired until I've cum four or five times."

"Four or times?" Becky asked in surprised.

"I actually need to come that many times" Elle said matter-of-factly. "If I don't I'm still so horny."

"Is that why you like having two girls?" Cammy asked as she kissed Elle softly.

"Uh huh, that way I can butt fuck both of them a lot" Elle said as she now kissed Becky. "And having twins is gonna make me sooo much hornier."

"MMMMMMMMM we will take care of all of your butt fucking desires baby" Becky said in a moaning coo as she lifted Elle's shirt up and over her head and Cammy pulled down Elle's shorts and helped her step out of them as she guided them over Elle's Ugg boots. Elle's dark rich tan matching the ones the Rosso twins were sporting. The camera then followed as the threesome made their way out of the bedroom and across the living room to the pool area. But they simply kept walking and went through the fence and down onto the beach where an expansive towel lay already in place (and directly in front of a bench).

"We'll be right back with that" Kristen said from off camera as the "FUCK YOU" logo crashed onto the screen and took us to a break. Another four minutes of pointless stupidity that drains your brain of all it's blood. Summer running to grab a soda and sitting back down in between my thighs as the logo came back up and crashed into the screen and we returned to find the three horny starlets now naked and laying on a towel outdoors. The beach topped by the cloudless sky and the gorgeous blue water provided a sparkling back drop. "Welcome back to the show that does not feature the likeness of Elle Fanning in a sexual situation."

"Think I'll get sued by Rey Mysterio for using his mask?" Elle asked as she now sat across Cammy's thighs. Becky laughing.

"Shut up with the smart remarks and get down there and lick my pussy" Cammy demanded as she kissed Elle softly.

"MMMMMMMMMM does it taste like honey like Becky says?" Elle asked in a moan and prompting Cammy to grin and nod her head to confirm. Elle smiled and kissed her one last time before she slid back down the towel and kissed the girls stomach softly in several spots and ended up between her thighs. Putting a hand on either of Cammy's inner thighs and squeezing her fingers into the soft skin as Cammy looked down with an urgent smile. Elle returning that smile as she lowered her head and felt Cammy tense up a bit as she experienced Elle's tongue sliding up her baby smooth pussy lips for the first time. Cammy moaning as she squeezed her fingers into the towel and curled her toes as Elle repeated it over and over again, sending pleasure to every pore in Cammy's young body in an instant. Elle wrapping her arms around the outside of Cammy's thighs and bringing both hands to rest on the girls stomach as she licked her from top to bottom in a slow rhythm that Cammy was already in love with. Her sculpted thighs closing around Elle's head in the next few moments as Elle's tongue began to dip inside of the girls pussy lips on every pass. "MMMMMMMMM Elle, feels so good."

"Damn mask" Elle complained as it slipped down and interrupted her momentarily. She quickly adjusted it and closed the strap under her chin to secure it and went back to work on her pussy licking and focused now on Cammy's clit. Cammy moaned and rolled her head back in pleasure as she felt her orgasm coming on quickly. Elle's patient licking only took a few more strokes before the preteen was able to bring Cammy off in a shudderingly real orgasm. The girl cum oozing and bubbling out as the camera peaked over Elle's shoulder and we saw her lick all the honey off the girls bald pussy.

"MMMMMMMMM yeh so sweet" Elle moaned as she licked one last time at Cammy's smoothie before crawling away just a few inches and laying down between Becky's thighs and quickly moving one hand to just under her ass and sliding a finger into Becky's already spasming pussy and starting to slide it in and out as Becky's mouth opened and her back arched a bit as the pleasure increased. Elle now focusing on Becky's clit as she licked it over and over softly and worked her finger in and out of the spasming love hole a little faster. Becky's moaning getting louder as her pussy spasmed harder and she laid her head back closed her eyes for a moment and felt the wonderful sensations keep coming and get stronger. Elle pumped her finger harder and faster as she felt Becky's pussy spasm even harder now and licked her roughly over and over as Becky whimpered for the first time and closed her thighs around Elle's head and squeezed softly as her body began shaking and her orgasm drew close. "MMMMMMMMMM gonna get me some of Becky's honey cum huh?"

"Yes you are sweet baby girl" Becky moaned as she began her ogasm and shook in bliss as moments later her cum began to ooze and bubble out of her pussy and she got to feel Elle licking it up lovingly. The "FUCK YOU" logo crashing into the screen and taking us to a well needed break at that moment. 4 minutes passed before the "FUCK YOU" logo crashed back into the screen and brought us back to the action. Elle now on her feet with her Feeldoe in place and getting it sucked by a very eager Becky, who was on her knees, as Cammy sat right next to her twin sister and watched intently.

"MMMMMMMM so good sucking my butt fucking cock baby" Elle moaned to Becky, Elle dropping her arms down to her sides as she moaned. The ridges on the cock working Elle's clit and the knob inside her pussy vibrating already.

"MMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMMM" Becky moaned as Cammy slipped her hands into Becky's hair and cleared it from her eyes and watched her head bob up and down as she sucked harder. Becky sliding her hands up the outside of Elle's thighs now very tanned thighs and bobbing her head harder and taking all of the cock in her mouth once and again. Cammy holding the girls hair in a make-shift ponytail. Becky pulling away finally as she looked up at Elle and asked, "MMMMMMMMMM now that we've went to all this trouble I'm hoping you wanna do some butt fucking."

"MMMMMMMMMMM yes I do baby" Elle moaned as Becky and Cammy rose and the two kissed for a long moment. Elle's hands sliding down to either girls ass and squeezing the cheeks as they turned their attention to her. Adjusting the velcro closure on the mask on Elle's face and taking turns kissing her softly.

"Can you breath OK in that?" Becky asked Elle.

"MMMMMM I know a good way to find out" Elle cooed and then kissing Becky before guiding the girl to turn and lean forward onto the back of the bench, Becky raising one leg onto the bench as she looked back at Elle and watched the girl stroke her cock fast up and down now. The camera moved in beside of them and caught Elle just as she lined her cock up with Becky's asshole. Elle placing one hand on Becky's lower back just above her ass cheeks and holding the cock steady with the other hand. Becky looking back and tensing up a bit as Elle slid the head of her cock inside the girls asshole. Cammy, now on the other side of the two, stroking Elle's tanned ass as she watched closely and moaned, "MMMMMMM is that what you love doing Elle?"

"MMMMMMMM yeh I love butt fucking with a passion" Elle moaned as she slid deeper inside Becky and worked the cock head in and out over and over, sending shivers of pure pleasure up Becky's back. Elle dropping the hand holding the cock steady to her side and placing it on her ass cheek, giving the camera a clear view. Beginning to then stroke deeper and deeper in Becky's tight little butt fuck hole and making her moan louder. Cammy kissing Elle softly for a long moment and saying, "Harder, harder, come on Elle show her why you're the horny little butt fuck demon."

"MMMMMMMM oh yeah I need to show everyone huh?" Elle moaned from behind her mask as she brought her arms up and took hold of Becky's shoulders and started doing as Cammy suggested and butt fucking Becky harder. Slapping her thighs at Becky's plump little ass cheeks louder and harder. The moans growing louder with every passing second.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM ohmigod that feels so good in my butt" Becky moaned as she held onto the bench for support and looked back at Elle and watched every stroke of the cock into her ass as it got ever deeper. Elle's cock gliding in and out of Becky's ass with ease. Becky's asshole ring folding in and out each time as Elle's cock pumped in and out. Elle moaning in pleasure as she sunk all the way inside and pressed her thighs to Becky's for a moment. "MMMMMMMMM f-fuck that's my favorite feeling in the world."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM and it's my favorite thing to do too" Elle moaned as she pulled her cock out of Becky's asshole and held it steady for a long moment before sliding back inside and starting another pounding rhythm that brought both of them off in a shudderingly real pair of orgasms. Elle moaning from behind the mask as both girls came down on the other side. "MMMMMMMMMMM oh god that's the first time I've cum butt fucking twins. I'm still soooo fuckin horny."

The brief commercial break for 60 seconds or 2 minutes gave us a breather. But soon enough we returned to the action with a "FUCK YOU" logo roll and bringing us to Cammy on her knees in front of Elle and sucking the girls preteen cock (feeldoe). Elle moaning and pulling her cock out of Cammy's mouth as she took Cammy's arm and guided the girl to turn her back and get on her knees on the bench. Cammy smiled and eagerly followed directions as Becky watched with wide eyed interest. Elle moving in behind Cammy and sliding inside the girls asshole moments later as Cammy moaned loudly and trembled in pleasure. "MMMMMMMMM ohmigod that's so wonderful, MMMMMMM so sweet being up your asshole."

"MMMMMMMMMM yeah you love it with a passion huh?" Cammy moaned as she watched Elle start to take long smooth strokes in and out. Elle starting to slap her thighs at Cammy's darkly tanned ass cheeks. Elle's naked also tanned body starting to glisten as she slid her hands up Cammy's smooth bare back and to her shoulders to hold the older girl in place. The very public butt fucking drawing attention from the beach goers as the moaning got louder. Elle's cute little ass clenching each time she stroked deep inside as she moaned, "MMMMMMMMM uh huh I love butt fucking with a passion, MMMMMMM ohmigod you feel so good too."

"MMMMMMM I love it too" Cammy moaned as she looked back and watched Elle pound away with shot after shot to her asshole. Becky dropped to her knees beside of Elle and watching closely as Elle dropped a hand to her side and let the girl watch. Cammy reaching back and stroking her hand over Elle's flat sweaty chest. Elle delivering a few more shots deep inside before she once again slowed and pulled out of Cammy's asshole. Elle holding her cock steady before sliding back inside in a long smooth stroke and started pounding out a hard rhythm that produced the second orgasm of the day for Elle and Cammy. "MMMMMMMMMMM oh god that's the second time I've cum butt fucking twins. I can't believe I'm still this horny."

Elle running her fingers through her sweat stained hair as she pulled out a few moments later and sliding her cock into Becky's waiting mouth. Cammy moaning as she turned and got back to her feet and kissed Elle softly. "MMMMMMMM yeah sissy deep throat it."

Becky doing exactly as her sister had requested over and over before pulling off and rising back to her feet and returned to kissing Elle softly and then kissing her twin sister.

"MMMMMMMMM Elle sure does love our butt fuck holes, huh?" Cammy asked in a moan as Elle smiled knowingly and slipped her arms around both of the girls and slid her hands down to their asses and squeezed them. Elle moaning, "I love both of them so much I wanna feel both of them feel really good again. Any ideas??"

"Yes, a commercial break" Cammy said as she waved to the camera with her fingers and we saw the "FUCK YOU" logo splash onto the screen and fold away as we went to break and four minutes of hell before we returned to the bright sunshine of the Pacific coast and the three horny naked girls.

"MMMMMMMMMMM here lay back baby" Cammy moaned as she guided Elle to sit down on the bench and lay back lengthwise. Elle relaxed with a huge smile on her face and watched Becky turn her back and get over her thighs and lower down. Cammy getting on her knees now by Elle as Becky raised up a bit so Cammy could adjust the cock so it was lined up with her asshole. A close-up showing it was now lined perfectly up with Becky's asshole.

"MMMMMM now you sure you can handle more butt fucking Elle?" Cammy asked in a moan as Elle's cock head pushed gently at Becky's asshole now. Elle stroking her hands up and down Becky's back as she moaned to Cammy, "MMMMMMMM yesssss I can."

"MMMMMMMMM yeh, tell me how good it feels now baby" Cammy moaned as she watched Elle slide her hands to Becky's waist and encourage Becky to take it in her ass. Which Becky did a moment later as she lowered down and the head slipped inside her asshole. Elle's ass clenching as her cock slid inside Becky's asshole for the first time and Becky began to bounce on the cock gently and moan out loud. Elle moaning, "MMMMMMMMMM it feels so incredibly wonderful to butt fuck girls over and over like this."

"MMMMMMM I bet it does, you're not the only one who loves butt fucking with a passion baby" Cammy coo as Elle began moaning loudly as Becky placed her hands down in front of her on Elle's thighs for balance and started to bounce higher and harder as she took more of the cock in her ass with every bounce. Cammy moving her hand away as she watched with a smile as Becky moaned intensely, Elle's fingers sinking into Becky's waist as she guided the girl up and down on her cock. A few more gentle bounces and Becky had Elle's cock all the way inside her asshole as her ass cheeks mashed into Elle's thighs as she came to rest on top of Elle. Becky moaning to Elle, "MMMMMMMMM most wonderful feeling in the world."

"MMMMMMMMMMM fuck I know baby it feels so good for me too" Elle moaned as Becky leaned back. Putting a hand down on either side of Elle's shoulders to support herself above the younger girl now. Elle stroked her hands up and down Becky's smooth skin and up to her titties as she squeezed them softly time after time and both moaned out loud when Becky rose up till Elle's cock caught on her asshole ring and then dropped back down, plunging it back inside. Becky's ass cheeks smacking off of Elle's thighs and shaking her body. Both moaning as Becky did it again and again in a moan filled rhythm as Elle squeezed her fingers around Becky's titties over and over. Elle's naked body tensing a bit each time Becky bounced off of her now, even with that Elle's body shook as her pussy began to spasm lightly from the shots she was taking from above. Elle looking down as she watched her cock disappear into Becky's ass each time. Becky's pussy already spasming hard as she moaned, "MMMMMMMMMMMMM god, so good, is it good for you butt fucking this way, Elle?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM fuck yeah it's my favorite new way to butt fuck girls" Elle moaned as Becky bounced a little harder and squealed in pleasure and slapped her ass cheeks harder off of Elle's thighs. Elle still massaging Becky's titties in her fingers as Becky moaned louder and her pussy spasmed harder and harder with each bounce on Elle's cock as it pistoned in and out of her ass faster and faster. Elle's tanned body tensing still with each bounce from Becky down on to her thighs as her pussy too spasmed harder and harder. "MMMMMMMM god baby that's so sweet."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM I'm gonna cum again butt fucking twins" Elle moaned as her orgasm took over just as Becky's did and both moaned loudly as the pleasure surged through their bodies. Elle's tensing body finally relaxing as her and Becky came down a few moments later. Becky slowing and stopping as she grinded on Elle's cock for a moment before lifting up and letting Elle pull out of her asshole before she rolled off to the side and joined Cammy as the two kissed softly. "MMMMMMMMMMM oh god that's the third time I've cum butt fucking twins. I can't believe I'm still this horny."

"MMMMMMMM yeh now it's my turn again and I'll see if I can help you out a little more Elle" Cammy moaned as she turned her back and got over Elle's thighs in the 'catchers position'. Becky stroking Elle's cock as Cammy rose a bit and let the girl line it up with her asshole. Elle moaned as she slid her hands to Cammy's waist and as the horny starlet lowered down and the head slipped inside her asshole. Elle's ass clenching as her cock slid inside and Cammy began to bounce on the cock up and down and moan intensely. "MMMMMMMMMMM fuck Cammy I love butt fuckin you so much."

"MMMMMMMM god making your cock feel so good huh?" Becky asked in a moan as she watched Cammy place her hands on Elle's thighs for balance and start to bounce a bit harder as she took more of the cock in her ass with every bounce. Becky moving her hand away as she watched with Cammy moaning louder, Elle's fingers softly squeezing into Cammy's waist as she guided the girl up and down on her cock. A few more gentle bounces had Elle's cock all the way inside Cammy's ass. Elle moaning in reply, "MMMMMMM butt fucking makes my cock feel so good."

"MMMMMMM and it's my job to make it feel good" Cammy moaned. Cammy's ass cheeks slapping into Elle's thighs once and then again before she stopped. Cammy moaned as she leaned back just as Becky had done moments earlier. Putting an arm on either side of Elle's shoulders to support herself now. Elle stroked her hands up and down Cammy's smooth skin and moaned to her, "MMMMMMMMMMM feels good deep inside your butt fuck hole huh?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM it's so deep you wouldn't believe" Cammy moaned as Elle smiled and stroked her hands casually up and down the girls naked sweaty body. Elle moaned as she slid her hands down and cupped them around Cammy's waist and guided the girl as she raised up till Elle's cock caught on her asshole ring and then dropped back down, plunging it back inside. Cammy's ass cheeks smacking off of Elle's thighs now, shaking Elle's body and both moaning as Cammy did it again and again in a moan filled rhythm. "MMMMMMMMMMM God baby your cock is wonderful."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yesssssssss it is and ohmigod it feels good up your butt fuck hole" Elle moaned as her naked body tensed a bit each time Cammy bounced off of her now, even with that Elle's body shook as her pussy began to spasm lightly from the shots she was taking from above. Elle's breathing from behind the mask now getting more and ragid as her Ugg boots bounced gently. Her hands now squeezing into Cammy's waist as she bounced the girl up and down and watched her cock disappear into her asshole each time. Cammy's face showing the pleasure this was producing as Cammy's pussy began spasming harder as she moaned. Both Cammy and Elle's moaning getting louder as Elle's pussy did the same and both neared an orgasm for their hardwork. "MMMMMMMMM I'm gonna cum for the fourth time MMMMMMMMMM."

"AWWWWWWW Fuck me too" Cammy moaned just as her and Elle began cumming in tandem with moans of pleasure filling the air. A few last bounces up and down was all Cammy could manage as the two settled down. Elle looking spent now as she moaned, "MMMMMMMMMMM oh god that's the fourth time I've cum butt fucking twins. I can't believe it. OH GOD I think I'm done."

Then (one of) the last commercial breaks of the night. A four minute torture session. We returned to find Elle still naked and on the beach with the twins and apparently having changed her mind about being done.

"You two in a 69 for me sound ok?" Elle asked the twins as the audio came back up.

"MMMMMMMMMM yes it does" Cammy said in a moan as she slipped from Elle's arms as her and Becky stepped a few feet. Elle moving to the end of the bench and watching the horny twosome position themselves on the bench and into a 69 for her. Becky once again on top as Elle smiled and lined her cock up with Becky's asshole and slid inside easily. Becky tensing, moaning and squeezing her thighs around Cammy's head below her. Cammy licking her twin sisters pussy softly over and over as the camera pulled back and showed the ocean off in the distance. Elle's tanned naked body glistening from head to toe as she began to slap her thighs at Becky's ass cheeks, moving her hands to the girls shoulders and holding her still as she began to pound. Elle moaning, "MMMMMMMM I was so wrong about being done Becky. I'm soooo horny again."

"MMMMMMMMMM I'm so glad you're not done yet, that butt fucking cock has got a lot more to do" Becky moaned as Cammy below her began to stuff her tongue in and out of the baby smooth pussy and making it spasm. Elle pounding harder as her ass clenched with every stroke of her cock inside of Becky's asshole. Elle adjusting her mask on her pretty face and even with that it showed how much she was loving this lewd public display and the pleasure it was bringing her. Elle and Becky both feeling their pussy spasm in a wonderful rhythm as Elle moaned, "MMMMMMMMMM fuck I sure do. MMMMMMMMMMMM Jamie Lynn was so right about me getting to do lots and lots of butt fucking."

"MMMMMMMM yes ohmigod so good on your cock huh baby?" Becky asked in a moan as Elle's thighs started making Becky's ass cheeks jiggle with her harder thrusts and the girls pussy spasmed harder. Becky clutching Cammy's tanned thighs below her as Cammy licked her clit roughly now and drove her towards orgasm. Elle's whole body straining to keeep up her now frantic pace as she lifted to her tip toes (inside her Ugg boots still) and pounded harder one last time as her and Becky moaned in the outdoor sandwich as she said, "MMMMMMMMMM feels so good on my cock to butt fuck in the sunshine."

"MMMMMMMM god baby it's so hard and fast, you're giving me the best butt fucking I've ever had" Becky moaned as her pussy spasmed out of control and she began to cum on Cammy's tongue below her. Elle tensing up as she gave Becky a few more hard butt fucking shots before she too began to cum. Both moaning in orgasm for a few long moments. Elle's cum draining down her thighs and Becky's squirting into Cammy's loving mouth before both settled down. Elle moaning as she slid as deep inside Becky's asshole as she could and pressed her thighs to Becky's ass cheeks firmly and making the girl shake all over. Pulling out a moment later and taking Becky by the arm and guiding her to her feet by the bench. Becky on shaky legs it appeared as her and Elle started to kiss deeply. "MMMMMMMM best fucking ever indeed."

"MMMMMMMM I agree baby" Elle moaned as she kissed Becky one more time and squeezed the girls ass in her fingers. Becky smiling as she adjusted Elle's mask before kissing her again. "MMMMMMM you know what happens now right?"

"You get your butt fucking cock sucked?" Becky asked as Elle nodded and guided Becky to her knees and sliding the cock into her mouth as she collected her hair into a make-shift ponytail on top of her head. Becky and Elle both dripping with sweat as Becky's head began to bob fast as she took more of Elle's cock in her mouth and stroked her hands up and down the outside of Elle's thighs and then around to her ass cheeks. Elle moaning and clenching her ass over and over as the sensations from her clit being worked took over. Becky pulling off and asking, "Is my sucking your butt fucking cock making your ass clench like that?"

"MMMMMMMM yes it is baby" Elle moaned as Cammy appeared back on camera and moved in beside of Elle and kissed her softly. The camera moving to the side and showing Elle's tanned ass still clenching as the sensations continued. The "FUCK YOU" Show' logo appearing and taking us to break a few moments later. Commercial after commercial (obviously) aired for the next four minutes before we headed back to the scene of the pleasure and picking up in almost exactly the same spot we had left off in. Becky and Cammy getting their ass cheeks masssaged by their horny young co-star as they took turns kissing her. "I'm ready for your butt fuck hole Cammy."

"MMMMMMM then come get you some" Cammy moaned as her and Becky moved back to the bench and into another 69 for Elle. "MMMMMM come on baby!"

"MMMMMMM is so right" Elle moaned as she moved in behind her darkly tanned co-star and lined her cock up and slid inside in one long smooth stroke. A move that made Cammy shake in bliss as the sensations stormed her body. Becky licking Cammy's pussy patiently from below as Elle pressed her thighs to Cammy's ass cheeks firmly for a long moment. Cammy moaning and looking back as Elle dropped an arm to her side and pulled out till her cock caught on Cammy's asshole ring and slid back inside with ease. Moments later she began to steadily pound away at the older girls asshole as the moaning got louder in the outdoor orgy. "MMMMMMMMM I'm getting me some of your butt fuck hole baby!"

"MMMMMMM and you're a good little butt fucker too" Cammy moaned as Elle pounded harder and placed her other hand in the middle of Cammy's back and made her ass cheeks jiggle with each shot. The vibrating knob inside Elle's pussy making her moan with each shot she delivered as her pussy spasmed harder. Becky wrapping Cammy tightly in her arms to hold her still as she continued agressively licking the girls pussy like a lollipop. The smacking sound getting louder as Elle's thighs smacked at Cammy's ass cheeks over and over. "MMMMMMMMM I'm getting butt fucked really good now, sis."

"It's the mask, I think it gives her a special power" Becky moaned a moment before she stuffed her tongue inside Cammy's tanned smooth pussy and started to fuck it in time to Elle's pounding strokes. Elle holding out as long as she could before sliding her hands up to Cammy's shoulders and taking hold as she pounded harder one last time. Her flat stomach tensing and her ass cheeks clenching as her pussy spasmed insanely hard and she moaned, "MMMMMMMM am I doing as good as Dakota did it?"

"MMMMMMMMMM you're giving me the best fucking I've ever had" Cammy moaned as she shook gently from head to toe and started cumming as Elle did the same a moment later. A pair of orgasmic peaks that were awe inspiring and seemed to last forever. A remarkable feat for Elle who had literally just felt the same thing a few minutes before. Cammy squirting her cum into Becky's waiting mouth as Elle butt fucked the cum all out and felt her cum drain down her thighs. Becky watching Elle carefully pull out of Cammy's asshole as she continued to fuck the girls pussy slowly and rhymically.

Fade to black. Executive Producer: Jamie Lynn Spears.