The Jamie Lynn Spears "FUCK YOU" Show - Episode 19
"The Jamie Lynn Gets Fuckin' Dominated Show"

Written by: TVM (


** Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.**

Starring: Jamie Lynn Spears (18) & Kristen Alderson (18)

Guest Stars: Jansen Panettiere (15) & Savannah Gipson (15), Hayden Panettiere (20) & Mackenzie Rosman (20)


"Ladies and gentleman I'd like to apologize for the previous episodes incessant use of our air time to plug a show on after us," Doc said as the credits began to roll and turned into a split screen to show another advert. "This kind of blatant abuse will not be tolerated by me or the producers of this series."

The screen then faded to a shot of a blank white background that featured nothing for a long moment until the "FUCK YOU" logo popped up from the bottom of the screen and winked before disappearing again. It then popped back up with a sign (much like in the last episode) only this time it read, "Doc Evans masturbates to Granny Porn." Then smiling proudly as Summer and I laughed out loud.

"I do not masturbate to granny porn you over animated, mentally challenged computer graphic," Doc announced as the "FUCK YOU" logo snickered and turned the original sign over so it now read, "His own Granny's porn!"

"My Granny was a saintly lady and you better never talk about her that way again," Doc declared. "I get no respect around her. I tell ya, no respect at all."

"FUCK YOU!" Came the logo's last sign as we faded from that into a scene inside an apartment with what looked to be Mackenzie Rosman packing a bag by the couch when Jansen Panettiere came out of the kitchen with a bowl of ice cream. "You leaving Mac?"

"Yeah, I got a late flight back to Hawaii and figure I might as well get to the airport early," Mackenzie said. "Hangout in the lounge for a while and maybe have a drink."

"I'm sorry about you and Hayden," Jansen said as Savannah came out of the kitchen and watched the two hug.

"Thanks, Jans, and maybe not mention to your whoring sister about what I tried to do?" Mackenzie asked.

"Never happened," Savannah said as Mackenzie quickly hugged her too. "You sure you can't stay a few more days? We got plenty room here."

"And I've got a huge house in Hawaii that's calling my name and I miss home," Mackenzie said. "Besides I've got a few irons in the fire at the network and who knows when one of them might come through."

"Too bad we can't go and keep her company," Savannah said as she crashed down on the couch. "Been to Russia, Australia, Canada and Brazil but never Hawaii."

"All with me," Jansen said as the two made faces at each other.

"Yes, all with you my horny boy," Savannah said.

"Pack your shit and let's go," Mackenzie blurted out. Jansen and Savannah giving her a questioning look to see if she was serious. "I'm fucking serious."

"That would be cool," Savannah said. "Let our agents know what's up and we gone?"

"I wanna finish my ice cream first," Jansen said as Mackenzie and Savannah laughed.

"It's me," Mackenzie said a moment later when a cell phone began ringing and everyone checked to see whose it was. But looking at the caller I.D. Mackenzie certainly looked as if she didn't wanna answer it. "Speaking of the devil I tried to pay back, she's on the phone."

"Tell the whore I said hi," Savannah giggled.

"What do you want?" Mackenzie asked Hayden as she flipped open her phone and put it on speakerphone.

"I was calling to see if you were home or not," Hayden said.

"Sup sis," Jansen said from beside Mackenzie.

"Are you with Jansen?" Hayden asked. "Why are you with Jansen?"

"I'm still in L.A., not in Hawaii and I was just saying goodbye..."

"Are you gonna fuck him to pay me back for dumping you?" Hayden asked in a pissy voice. Savannah and Jansen laughing quietly at the accusation. "Is that why you're there? Gonna do a Jamie Lynn on me?"

"Why the fuck would you care if I did?" Mackenzie asked. "You dumped me because one girl doesn't satisfy you."

"Well if that one girl is you she doesn't" Hayden fired back as Mackenzie looked to be about to cry. "And you listen to me slut, if you fuck him..."

"I'm not gonna fuck him, he's gonna fuck me, butt fuck me and his girlfriend until his cock is sore" Mackenzie said defiantly. "I'm taking him and Savannah home with me and we're gonna fuck like bunnies."

"Jansen you can't do this to me," Hayden said in shock.

"You need to grow up, sis," Jansen said as he took the phone and clicked the 'end' button. "Girl has always had problems."

"I'm starting to hate her," Mackenzie admitted.

"Savannah can you pack our shit so we can get out of here and I'll get us some tickets?" Jansen asked.

"Sure baby," Savannah said as she headed off to the bedroom and Jansen picked up the phone.

The "FUCK YOU" logo flying across the screen like an eagle and leading us to a commercial and the usual four minutes of brainless, soul sucking adverts that lack any amount of entertainment value. Summer made a bathroom run while i attempted to get my DVR to fast-forward (live TV) but was unsuccessful. Summer arrived back just as the "FUCK YOU" logo appeared on the screen with a wide grin and then showing a sign that read, "an ALL NEW episode of WILLA'S WILD WORLD is next on Taboo TV."

"Damn it, I told you not to do that anymore," Doc chimed in. "Now take that down so we can get back to this episode."

"NO!" Came the reply of the "FUCK YOU" logo when he turned over his original sign to show the new message. Then turning it back over to show the original advertisement and grinning as he pointed at it. "OK, that's it. I'm gonna reformat your hard drive so you can't be such a smart ass."

"Why is he arguing like a four year with an animated graphic?" Summer asked amidst her giggles. I simply shook my head as the "FUCK YOU" logo turned and flew off and took us a to scene with a car pulling up in the driveway of Jamie Lynn's crib and Kristen popping out from the drivers side. Looking hot as all hell in flip flops, a skirt that was dangerously short and a tummy baring (barely titty covering) Hooters 'wife beater'. Her big titties bouncing gently as she came up the walk. Getting ready to put the key in the door when it popped open and out came Jamie Lynn.

"Hey there," Kristen said with a soft kiss. "Was just coming to pick you up."

"Me? Why?" Jamie Lynn asked.

"Well I just dropped Elle off at her sluts house..."

"Michelle Trachtenbooty," Jamie Lynn and Kristen said in rhyme.

"...and I've special plans for us tonight."

"Oh you do?" Jamie Lynn asked and giggled when Kristen hugged her from behind, snugly.

"MMMMM HMMMMMMM" Kristen said mysteriously. "And I won't take no for an answer."

"So you're in charge tonight?" Jamie Lynn asked.

"I am indeed," Kristen confirmed.

"MMMMMMMMM, if you order me around like I'm hoping, I'll be...heaven," Jamie Lynn said and singing the word heaven as if being an angel.

"So me being in charge makes you hot?"

"Makes my pussy spasm in joy, baby" Jamie Lynn said. "It's just so against your nature."

"How do you mean?"

"You're always sweet and nice and never the take charge type," Jamie Lynn said. "I hope you will be tonight."

"Of course I'll be nice and sweet," Kristen giggled.

"No dumby," Jamie Lynn said. "Take charge. Tell me what to do and exactly how to do it and when I don't do it punish me."

"Me thinks me likes that idea," Kristen said with a horny smile.

"Me thinks you don't have a clue what you're talking about," Jamie Lynn said as Kristen rolled her eyes.

"Well you go get in the car and let me grab some stuff from the house and we'll get going," Kristen said as she pushed Jamie Lynn towards the car.

"I don't wanna go anywhere," Jamie Lynn resisted.

"And I said we were going somewhere, now get in the damn car, tanned princess" Kristen said and following that with a slap to Jamie Lynn's jean clad butt.

"OUCH!" Jamie Lynn whined. "Fine then I'll go...I am so gonna love this."

"I'll be out in a minute," Kristen said as she rushed into the house and collected several items from the fridge and stuffed them inside a tote bag and then took a couple of items from the cabinets over the sink. Her skirt flying up slightly as she swayed through the house headed for the bedroom and giving us a clear view of her thong. Once there she glanced back at the camera and made sure it caught the teasing show as she pushed her skirt down slowly and showed us her cute little ass in it's full beauty before letting the skirt fall to the floor. She then lifted her shirt up and gave the camera an innocent grin as she covered her tits with her arms and tossed away the shirt before slipping on one that was not nearly as revealing. A moment later, she swayed across the room (thong on full display) and opened the dresser and pulled out some jogging pants and slipped them on. "And one more thing."

"Ahhhh ha," Kristen said as she found what she was looking for in a bottom drawer of Jamie Lynn's dresser, a traditional strap-on, that too got tossed in the bag.

"Took ya long enough," Jamie Lynn said from the drivers side window as Kristen dumped the bag in the backseat and kissed her lover on the way by the window before getting in herself. The pair drove off a few moments later with the last thing we saw being the license plate on Jamie Lynn's car that read: "TAN ONE". To another commercial break we go. Yadda yadda about the endless amount of boring ads. And like magic we go back to the episode with the return of the "FUCK YOU" logo as he simply flew up to the screen and grinned innocently. Doc's voice then asking, "Does anyone know how to reformat a hard drive?"

"Fuckin moron," Summer giggled as I agreed with a laugh. The "FUCK YOU" logo flying away again as the scene changed to one that was awe inspiring: a shot from over the back of the car out over the ocean just as the sun went down. We slowly moved around the car and down the beach to join Jamie Lynn and Kristen as the two relaxed on a beach towel on the sand. Jamie Lynn leaning back into Kristen's arms as the two sipped on soda's and munched on crackers.

"That sunset is so gorgeous," Jamie Lynn commented.

"It sure is," Kristen said as she fed Jamie Lynn another cracker.

"So when does this plan you had for me to be dominated kick in?" Jamie Lynn asked. "I thought my little Kristen was gonna be in charge tonight?"

"Oh I intend to be," Kristen said. "I'm just lulling you into a false sense of security."

"I'm really concerned," Jamie Lynn giggled. "And by the way what the hell is up with those jogging pants?"

"All apart of my master plan for tonight," Kristen said as the sunset drew close to conclusion and Kristen kissed Jamie Lynn's cheek and asked, "So are you ready?"

"Sure," Jamie Lynn giggled as Kristen rolled out from behind her and stood. A moment later simply walking off with her bag in hand and disappearing inside the bathroom's a couple of hundred feet away. "Well isn't this just fuckin fun. And that's also my FUCK YOU of the week."

"What the hell was that for?" Jamie Lynn asked as Kristen emerged from the bathroom and rejoined her. Now wearing a hoodie that practically hid her identity as she was also sporting a pair of sunglasses. "Planning to rob a bank?"

"No, it's all apart of my devilish plan," Kristen added as she smiled knowingly and motioned with her fingers for Jamie Lynn to look down and as she did, so did we, and saw the bulge evident from inside Kristen's jogging pants. The bulge that was no doubt the aforementioned strap-on.

"When did you grow a cock?"

"About 30 seconds ago," Kristen said as she cupped her hand around the back of Jamie Lynn's neck and drew their lips together for a rough kiss. "And guess who is gonna benefit from my growth spurt?"

"Me," Jamie Lynn said as she started to pull down Kristen's jogging pants but found her hands blocked. "What?"

"Take off your shirt," Kristen said as Jamie Lynn gave her a quizzical look.

"Wanna help me?"

"No!" Kristen said impatiently. "Now, tanned princess."

"OK, damn," Jamie Lynn said as she lifted the shirt up her tanned flat stomach to over her head as her titties gently bounced and then tossing it aside. "Happy?"

"Now your blue jeans," Kristen said as she unbuttoned them herself and grinned wickedly.

"MMMMMMMMM as soon as you take off your shirt," Jamie Lynn cooed and found her hands smacked away for the effort.

"Take off your!" Kristen growled as Jamie Lynn smiled and followed the command as she lowered the jeans down her creamy smooth thighs and looking at Kristen with a horny smile as her smoothie came into view. "I'm waiting princess."

"OK OK," Jamie Lynn said as she guided the pants over her shoes and dropped them on the towel too. Leaving her breath taking tan and heart shaped little ass in full view as she posed for Kristen now. "Now are you gonna get naked and join me?"

"Nope," Kristen said as she looked around and smiled victoriously as Jamie Lynn suddenly became self-conscious and covered up. "No, no none of that."

"You're nuts and I don't know what you're up too..." Jamie Lynn started to say before Kristen kissed her and said, "Now get down on your fucking knees and fill that big mouth with my cock."

"OHMIGOD," Jamie Lynn said in a daze as she dropped down to her knees and pulled down Kristen's jogging pants to just below her ass when Kristen's 'cock' popped out at the same level of Jamie Lynn's mouth. The resistance to Jamie Lynn's gentle pants lowering prompting her to ask, "What?"

"That's as far as they're going," Kristen said.

"No way," Jamie Lynn protested. "I'm not doing this unless you're naked too."

"Yes you are tanned one," Kristen said as she stuffed her cock inside of Jamie Lynn's mouth and held it there as Jamie Lynn gagged a bit and eventually started to suck it with a gentle bobbing of the head. Kristen moaning as a shot from behind showed her ass clenching in pleasure as she slipped both of her hands into Jamie Lynn's hair and guided her head as the cock slid in and out easily. "Such it harder Jamie, suck it harder."

"MMMMMMMM HMMMMM," Jamie Lynn moaned on the cock as she started to deep throat Kristen's fuck stick with every other bob of the head. Jamie Lynn once again attempting to pull down Kristen's pants when she was stopped with Kristen's cock leaving her mouth. "What?"

"I said I was not pulling my pants off you slut," Kristen growled as she jerked Jamie Lynn's hair backwards. "Now try it again and that pretty pussy is not gonna get to feel good."

"OHMIGOD I'm so sorry, I'll be a good girl I swear" Jamie Lynn played along perfectly before holding her tongue out and letting Kristen spank her cock on it. A moment later Kristen slid it back inside Jamie Lynn's now welcoming mouth and moaned as the girl began to suck. Kristen moaning louder as she pulled her pants back up over her ass and looked around for a long moment but saw no one as Jamie Lynn finished her cock sucking. "MMMMMMM I like you with a cock."

"Did I say you could speak?" Kristen asked as Jamie Lynn clammed up and took Kristen's direction to rise to her feet and lead the way back to the car a hundred or so feet up the beach (her clothes left behind). Kristen stroking her hands up and down Jamie Lynn's oh-so-perfectly tanned body as they reached the car and kissed for a moment. Kristen's hands sliding down to Jamie Lynn's ass and squeezing both of her cheeks and giving us a hint (I hoped) of what was to come. But upon parting, Kristen simply turned Jamie Lynn around and guided her to lean forward onto the car and slid the cock into her tight little pussy with a grunt. "MMMMMMM OHHHHHHHH that's a sweet pussy you've got Jamie Lynn. Do you want me to make it feel good? Spasm around my cock? Talk!"

"Yesss please, OHMIGOD I'm so horny, please...," Jamie Lynn begged in a moan before Kristen covered her mouth to shut her up again. Kristen's ass clenching as she sunk the cock as deep as it would go before she pulled out and started a hard pounding thrusting that produced a squealing moan from Jamie Lynn now as the pleasure surged into her body and satisfied the desire this whole play had been building. Jamie Lynn's plump little ass cheeks jiggling as Kristen pounded her at her pussy hard now. More squealing moans escaped Jamie Lynn's mouth as her pussy spasmed around the cock and made her whole body tremble in pleasure. "Harder, fuck, I need to come so bad."

"Who said you could you could speak?" Kristen asked as she stopped and stuffed her cock inside as far as it would go. "Did I ask you to speak?"

Jamie Lynn nodded her no franticly and grinded against Kristen's cock and whined when the girl exerted her complete control by pulling out and spanking the cock on Jamie Lynn's tanned ass cheeks. Kristen stroking her cock teasingly and then pressing it against Jamie Lynn's asshole and smiled when her girlfriend eagerly whimpered for it. but it wasn't to be as Kristen slipped her cock back down and drilled it up into Jamie Lynn's twat once more and made her scream in pleasure. Kristen returned then to a hammering pace as she lifted the bottom of her hoodie so we could see the cock going in and out and dropped her other arm to her side so the camera got a clear view. An even harder pounding rhythm was then taken on as Jamie Lynn screamed once with the EXPLOSION of her orgasm and again when it peaked. Kristen joined her horny lover in orgasmic bliss as she drilled Jamie Lynn's pussy for another few strokes before slowing and then stopping as both panted.

"MMMMMMMMMM Oh god," Jamie Lynn moaned as she slumped forward and laid across the cars hood, spent. Kristen pulled out and quickly pulled her jogging pants up over her cock. "WOW. Never ever have I cummed that hard before."

"Mine took my breath away," Kristen added as she pulled a wobbly Jamie Lynn up and into her arms. "You liked?"

"Inspired," Jamie Lynn said as she kissed her lover softly. "Kristen good at domination."

"Kristen love making Jamie Lynn her sub!"

"Fuck me!" Jamie Lynn said as Kristen slid her hands back down to Jamie Lynn's ass cheeks and squeezed them softly. "You want that you can have it?"

"Maybe later!"

"Yeah fuck you!" Jamie Lynn said with a middle finger aimed towards the camera as the scene faded to black and read simply, "Executive Producer: Jamie Lynn Spears."