The Jamie Lynn Spears "FUCK YOU" Show - Episode 2 "Our First Butt Fuckin Show"

Written by: TVM (


** Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.**

Starring: Jamie Lynn Spears & Alexa Nikolas

Guest Starring: Jansen Panettiere


"'s not reality, it's sexality and it continues right now with an all new episode of the Jamie Lynn Spears 'FUCK YOU' Show" Doc Evans announced as the logo for the show appeared and rolled away as we now saw what looked to be the set for Cumming Out from season two. "And now please welcome the Tanned Princess and Sexi Lexa..."

"Hey Hey" Jamie Lynn and Alexa chirped as they bounced down the ramp to the main set, holding hands and wearing jeans and baseball jersey's (Jamie Lynn in a Cubs jersey and Alexa in a White Sox jersey). Jamie Lynn of course was first to speak as she said, "Welcome to what most people said would never happen, the second episode of my own TV show. Well guess what bitches?"

"You've spent the last 7 days between Alexa's thighs?" Doc asked as Jamie Lynn took a deep breath and Alexa blushed and laughed.

"Let me finish three inch cock boy" Jamie Lynn said, "The what I was fuckin referring to is the fact that we pulled in more viewers than Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style in our big premiere..."

"That's Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style, all new next Tuesday at 8, 7 central, right here on Taboo TV" Doc said as Jamie Lynn groaned.

"One more plug for that show and I'mma kick some field goals with your nuts fuckface" Jamie Lynn said as he laughed.

"Anyway..." Alexa said before anyone else could. "Our little show made quiet a splash last week."

"Ladies it's time we get to this weeks FUCK YOU'S" Doc said as Alexa and Jamie Lynn took seats on the couch. "This should be good..."

"Yeh it sure as hell will, cause I got an open forum to say whatever the fuck I want finally" Jamie Lynn said and then turning to Alexa went on, "But you've been worked up for a while about this shit so you go first."

"Let's gets ready to rumble..." Doc said.

"Damn straight and what I am about to say is my personal opinion and I think it needs to be said" Alexa said and you could see her anger growing as she spoke.

"Hey you speaking for me too" Jamie Lynn said, "So let those crooked bastards know what's up."

"Hey, hey she's speaking for me too..." Doc said.

"You don't even know what she's gonna say" Jamie Lynn said with an annoyed look.

"I know..." Doc said as he now sounded like he was gonna cry, "...I just don't wanna be left out."

"Whatever Doc" Alexa and then turning to the camera and unleashing for wrath. "This goes to the stick up the ass pussy liberals and the bible thumping Pat Robertson homophobe conservatives and everyone else who let this retarded president lead us into a god forsaken war in the middle of the world's armpit. You tell me I can't understand this because I'm 14, well FUCK YOU. You got us into another Vietnam and how many soldiers have we lost?"

"4000 or so Alexa" Doc commented. "Go on...please."

"4000 fuckin lives in the name of what?" Alexa asked, "The fuckin war on terror, FUCK YOU GEORGE BUSH, FUCK YOU DICK CHENEY. You two sleaze are the reason this country has gone to hell in the last eight years."

"Don't leave out the democrats" Doc chimed in.

"Yeh and fuck you pussy ass liberals for not standing up for us before now" Alexa said. "How many of you voted for war and now you cry about it? FUCK YOU."

"FUCK YOU DOUBLE BITCHES" Jamie Lynn screamed as they both flipped off the camera with both hands.

"And with that I concur" Doc commented. "Jamie Lynn your turn..."

"Everything she just said I agree with" Jamie Lynn said. "and my FUCK YOU this week is directed towards the losers and retards on the internet that think impersonating a famous person is cool."

"Oh lord I know, it's like I'm sooo fuckin pathetic in real life that I have to pretend to be somebody else to make myself feel important" Alexa commented.

"Wonder if anyone has ever pretended to be me?" Doc asked.  

"If they have I hope the men and women in the white coats with a net got to them quickly" Jamie Lynn said as Doc laughed. "But seriously, these fuckin losers are all over myspace and all those other retarded ass sites. You accomplish what by pretending to be me? Find out what's it's like to be adored by fans?"

"Adored? You? Jamie Lynn have we been smoking some more of that good shit?" Doc asked as Jamie Lynn groaned.

"I have fans and a lot of them" Jamie Lynn demanded. "You just wish you were as loved as I am."

"Jamie instead of more fantasy role playing why don't we welcome this weeks guest?" Doc asked as Jamie Lynn flipped off the camera.

"Guest?" Alexa asked.

"Yep and this one is no doubt gonna get me beat but I don't care" Jamie Lynn said as Alexa stood as she did.

"Who is it, Hayden?"

"Nope, but close" Jamie Lynn said with a devilish grin before turning to the camera and saying, "Ladies and Gentleslugs, Hayden's little brother Jansen."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Alexa asked and almost fainted when Jansen appeared at the top of the runway and slowly walked down.

"Nope" Jamie Lynn said with a smile as she met Jansen at the bottom of the ramp. "Welcome cutie."

"OK, I'm here and you didn't tell me you'd be taping this" Jansen said. "Anyway, what did you want?"

"I'd like to know the answer to that myself" Alexa said as she joined the two and saying to Jansen, "Not that it matters but I happen to like Hayden."

"And my sister hates you and if she knew I was here she'd be mad" Jansen said.

"Well after what I'm gonna do she's gonna hate me even more cause I'm gonna make our horny little man really happy" Jamie Lynn said as she boldly grabbed Jansen's crotch as Jansen's eyes shot open and after a moment he relaxed and smiled confidently as Jamie Lynn stroked his cock through his jeans. "OH wow, boy you got a big one huh?"

"Apparently you haven't watched my show huh?" Jansen asked as Jamie Lynn rubbed it slowly.

"Is it?" Alexa asked as she moved her hand over Jansen's now hardened cock and smiled knowingly. "Oh damn that's a big boy."

"Damn straight it is" Jansen said as Jamie Lynn kissed him and said, "You are so cute and I'll suck your cock if you want me too."

"Hayden would kill me and then come after you, again" Jansen said as Jamie Lynn smiled knowingly and watched Alexa continue to stroke her hand softly up and down Jansen's still hardening young cock. "That's probably not a good idea."

"I am not scared of that ass whore" Jamie Lynn cracked as Alexa laughed. "She just wants to stop from you cumming in my mouth."

"Well that would be so unfair of her" Jansen said knowingly as Alexa smiled and took Jansen's hand and pulled him along as Jamie Lynn followed and all three made their way to the bed at the back of the set.

"So cumming in my mouth?" Jamie Lynn asked as her and Alexa sat down on the edge of the bed with Jansen now standing in front of them, both looked up at him. "Would you like that?"

"Nothing in this world feels better" He said as Jamie Lynn smiled and said, "I bet you'd like that, cause I know you like me."

"How do you know that?" He asked pointedly.

"I saw you watching me and I've seen your computer you downloaded some of mine and Hayden's scenes from Cumming Out" Jamie Lynn said as Jansen blushed.

"My friend did that..."

"Don't lie to me or you won't get your cock sucked" Jamie Lynn said as Jansen seemed to wise up and said, "OK, OK, I think you're hot but Hayden..."

"I'll bet he wants to do Hayden too" Alexa said as she and Jamie Lynn laughed.

"Fuck this" Jansen said as he started to walk off and as Alexa stopped him, Jamie Lynn saying into the camera, "See how I roll with Hayden's little brother when we come back."

A long and pointless interlude of commercial stupidity followed as we saw everything from commercials for 'cock cream' to a very teasing ad for an ALL NEW 'Michelle, Michelle' (me likey dat show) coming up next. Returning from break after the required 4 minutes we saw the 'FUCK YOU' logo slam into the screen and fold away as Jamie Lynn and Alexa again sat in front of Jansen on the edge of the bed.

"Welcome back and fortunately we convinced our horny little guest star to hang around" Jamie Lynn said as she nodded to Alexa and watched her take hold of Jansen's belt loop and pull him closer. Jamie Lynn rose and moved behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist as she held him in place it looked.

"OH WOW this is gonna be so hot" Jansen said as Alexa dropped to her knees in front of Jansen and unbuttoned his jeans and Jamie Lynn pinned his arms to his sides to block his hands from stopping Alexa as she pulled them down. "...look I didn't know...Hayden and you don't like..."

"SHHHHHHH" Jamie Lynn said with a kiss to the skin behind his ear as Alexa pulled the boys underwear down and letting his cock pop free. Jansen tried to move his hands to block it from the camera's view but Jamie Lynn held firm as Alexa calmed the situation by taking the head into her mouth and starting to suck on his cock. Jansen moaned as he felt Alexa's soft warm lips on his cock sucking away as Jamie Lynn loosened her grip and now had a victorious smile on her face. Alexa squeezed her lips expertly around the younger boys cock and sucked him harder and harder right on the head. "Should I tell her to stop huh?"

"MMMMMM fuck no, it feels so good" Jansen moaned as Alexa sucked harder and bobbed her head harder and harder on his cock now.

"WHOA hold up Sexi Lexa" Jamie Lynn said as she stopped Alexa for the moment and had her pull off. "We got him now he's not gonna resist anymore huh Jansen?"

"OH fuck I need to cum so bad" He said as Alexa pulled his pants down the rest of the way and held him steady as Jansen stepped out of them and his underwear without another question. "You said I could cum in your mouth and I plan too."

"Take off your shirt off and I'll let you" Jamie Lynn said as Jansen unbuttoned his shirt and took it off willingly. Now standing nude with exception of his ball shoes before the horny twosome. Jamie Lynn guided Jansen by the hand to now sit on the edge of the bed as she joined Alexa on the floor, both now facing him as they started to kiss softly. Jansen stroking his rock hard cock slowly as he watched Jamie Lynn and Alexa trade tongues back and forth for a long moment. Jamie Lynn pulling away and smiling at Alexa and kissing her once more and you could again tell they were more than friends or so it looked. Jansen pumping his cock fast, prompting Jamie Lynn to stop him and say, "You are not gonna cum like a little boy when you have two girls willing to suck that big hard thing for you."

"Fine then come here and suck it" Jansen said in a demanding voice as he boldly reached forward and cupped his hand behind Jamie Lynn's head and guided her head to his cock. She grinned again victoriously as she slid his throbbing cock head into her mouth and started to suck softly. Her soft warm lips sucking on Jansen's cock head made him jerk in delight as she started to slowly bob her head up and down. Jansen moaning as Alexa unbuttoned the over sized baseball jersey she was wearing and slipping it off and tossing it aside as Jansen's eyes opened a little at the site of her now topless. Jamie Lynn bobbed her head harder and harder up and down as she sucked at Jansen's cock head and made the young body moan louder and clutch his hand into a fist in her hair. Alexa rising and putting Jansen's hands on her titties and letting him squeeze them as he moaned louder and stroked his hands down her stomach to the top of her pants and unbuttoned them as Alexa directed him. Jamie Lyn n pulling off for the moment as she stroked Jansen's cock with her hand now and watched him pull Alexa's pants and thong down her smooth thighs and moaning as he held her and she stepped out of them. Alexa dropping back to her knees and taking Jansen's cock from Jamie Lynn's hand and stroking it herself as Jamie Lynn rose and let Jansen start to undress her. Alexa taking Jansen's cock back in her mouth and starting to suck his cock once again right on the head as he moaned and pulled Jamie Lynn's baseball jersey off and letting it drop to the floor. Alexa sucking harder as Jansen moaned and Jamie Lynn unbuttoned her pants herself and slipped them down and off, holding on to Jansen's shoulder as she stepped out of them. "MMMMMMM oh fuck I'm gonna cum if she keeps going."

"MMMMMMM yeah kinda the point my horny little man" Jamie Lynn said with a kiss as Jansen's hands found her body and stroked her darkly tanned skin up and down and then cupped her titties and squeezed them. Alexa squeezed her lips expertly around Jansen's cock and bobbed her head fast on it as she sucked him hard and feeling his thighs shake she knew he was gonna cum any second. Jamie Lynn let Jansen squeeze her titties over and over as he tensed and started squirting a moment later in Alexa's waiting mouth as she sucked on his cock head harder. Jansen jerking in delight as his cum got sucked out by Alexa time after time until it was drained dry. Alexa sucking a little more at the head before she pulled off and showed Jamie Lynn the mouthful of cum she now had. Jamie Lynn motioning for her co-host to stand as they kissed softly and started to trade the cum back and forth until it coated both of their tongues completely. Jamie Lynn smiling knowingly as they parted and flicking tongues at each other now and looked to see Jansen now stroking his cock up and down, to keep it rock hard it looked. "I think Jansen has an idea of what he plans to do next, huh Jans?"

"My cock is still so hard and butt fucking you two would feel so good" He said as Alexa and Jamie Lynn smiled and sat down on opposites of him.

"MMMMMMMM now that's a Panettiere idea if I ever heard one" Jamie Lynn said knowingly as she stopped his pumping hand and motioned for Alexa and him to join her in the middle of the bed as she again kissed her co-star softly on the lips.

"69 with me?" Jamie Lynn asked as Alexa nodded and kissed her back and crawled by Jamie Lynn to the top of the bed and laid back so her head was now at Jamie Lynn's thighs. Jansen couldn't believe his luck as he quickly scooted back and got behind Jamie Lynn as she crawled forward and got over Alexa in a 69 like they had planned. Alexa licking eagerly at the smooth tanned patch of skin that was Jamie Lynn's sweet pussy, her tongue going up and down the slit time after time. Jamie Lynn looked back just as Jansen was stroking his cock and lined it up with her puckered little asshole and sunk it inside as he moaned and so did she. Sliding his hands up and over the smooth darkly tanned skin on Jamie Lynn's back as he started to stroke in and out. Alexa looking up from below as she began to stuff her tongue inside Jamie Lynn's pussy. "MMMMMMMMMM ohmigod that's big Jans, fuck boy so big in my asshole."

"MMMMMMMMM god Jamie Lynn my sis was so right you're butt fuck hole is wonderful" Jansen moaned as he pumped his rock hard cock up into Jamie Lynn now deeper and deeper as the 'tanned princess' cried out from the pleasure. Alexa wrapping her arms around Jamie Lynn's waist as she held her in place for Jansen as he pumped ever deeper. Jansen moaning as he buried his cock in Jamie Lynn's asshole for the first time and pulling back out till his head caught on her asshole ring and plunged back inside. His thighs smacking at Jamie Lynn's ass cheeks now as he pumped into her in long smooth strokes and she moaned as she looked back and watched him with a smile on her face. Jamie Lynn moaning, "MMMMMMMMM your cock is so hard Jansen fuck boy your getting it so deep."

"MMMMMMMMM feels so good on my cock" He moaned as he put his hands in the middle of Jamie Lynn's back and rocked her back and forth as his cock pistoned in and out of her asshole harder now. Jamie Lynn squealing as Alexa started to suck her clit from below and wrapped the girl tighter in her arms as Jansen pounded away and felt his cock throb like never before. Jansen's eyes closing as the pleasure of butt fucking overtook him and he pumped away and looked to be ready to cum any second as Jamie Lynn started to shake on top of Alexa and squeezed her thighs around the girls head as Alexa sucked harder and harder on her clit. Jamie Lynn squealing as her orgasm took over a moment later and Jansen pounding his cock deep as he butt fucked her hard for a few last strokes until Jamie Lynn moaned and squirted her cum in Alexa's waiting mouth and looked back at Jansen.

"MMMMMMMM come on Jans pull it out let me suck your butt fuck cum out" Jamie Lynn moaned as Jansen seemed to love that idea as he took one more deep stroke into the girls asshole and pulled out and took hold of his cock and held it steady as a still shaking Jamie Lynn turned on top of Alexa and lowered her pussy back to Alexa's mouth as she opened her mouth for Jansen. The younger boy moaning as he laid his cock head on Jamie Lynn's tongue and letting her suck his cock as her head started to bob up and down now.

"MMMMMMMMM, fuck best feeling ever, suck my butt fuck cum out MMMMMMM" Jansen moaned out loud as his cum started to squirt deep in Jamie Lynn's mouth after only a moment or two. Jamie Lynn's soft lips gliding effortlessly over the head of Jansen's cock now as he squirted a time or two more in her mouth as she moaned on his cock as Alexa returned to licking her pussy slowly up and down. Jansen settled down a moment later as Jamie Lynn pulled off and showed the mouth full of butt fuck cum proudly to the camera as Jansen took hold of his cock and again started to stroke it slowly. Jamie Lynn slipped off Alexa's face and let her sit up as they again started to kiss softly. Jamie Lynn holding up a middle finger towards the camera as her and Alexa traded Jansen's cum back and forth slowly for a long moment. Jamie Lynn pulling away after another long moment as Alexa moved back over to Jansen and took his hand and moved it away from his cock as she laid down on her stomach and took h im back in her mouth and started to suck him once more. Jamie Lynn smiling as she said into the camera, "Well looks like this is gonna be a double dip for Jansen, unless Jansen is tired of butt fucking?"

"You do wanna butt fuck me now right?" Alexa asked as she grinned up at a moaning Jansen as she stroked his cock fast.

"God yesss I wanna butt fuck you so bad" Jansen moaned as Jamie Lynn said directly into camera, "Fuck you Hayden, look who's sucking your little brother's cock now you slut. See ya next week."