The Jamie Lynn Spears "FUCK YOU" Show - Episode 20
"The Hayden Needs to do Some Butt Fuckin' Show"

Written by: TVM (


** Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.**

Starring: Jamie Lynn Spears (18) & Kristen Alderson (18)

Special Guest Star: Michelle Trachtenberg (23) Guest Stars: Elle Fanning (11) & Hayden Panettiere (20)


"Welcome to an all new episode of Tuesday night's number one show that co-stars Elle Fanning," Doc announced over the credits. Summer and I giggling as his moronic commentary continued. "We're also number one among persons 18-49 who are planning to watch this show. And more importantly, persons 12-18 who plan to imitate the actions of Jamie Lynn and her horny co-horts. Yeah baby!"

Summer and I both still giggling as the credits ended and folded into the opening graphic as the "FUCK YOU" logo came stomping up from the background and stopped directly in front of the screen and grinned. But apparently realized he'd forgot something and quickly bent down and began rummaging through some stuff as a thong flew up and then disappeared and was soon followed by a huge dildo, a copy of Bill O'Reilly's "book", Culture Warrior, a DVD of the movie "The Notebook", a laptop computer and finally, and funniest, an anvil that made a screen rattling thump as it hit the floor again.

"What are you looking for retard?" Doc asked the "FUCK YOU" logo. The logo appeared back on the screen and holding up a sign that answered Doc's question as it read: "The porno your Grandma starred in."

Doc groaned audibly as the graphic grinned victoriously and rolled off the screen and took us to a shot of a wooden deck as the camera slowly moved along and then darted up and we saw the bottom of a pair of tennis shoes. The angle then swung right so we couldn't see the face of the wearer but we then came upon a pair of slender, sexy, well-tanned legs that were crossed at the feet. Slowly moving up we see the girls thighs and then her cute little smoothie that showed just a hint of wetness as the girl tanned in the sunshine. Moving then to her flat-sexy stomach as it rolled a time or two, as if pleasure were flowing through the girls body. A shifting of the body rolling over gave us a mouth watering view of the girls cute little ass. Heart shaped at the top and clenching perfectly for a long moment and then rolling back over onto her back as the camera zoomed up again and we saw her flat chest topped by two nipples that signaled a nice pair of titties were coming soon. A slow rubbing of her nipples followed as the camera then moved up to show the face (surprise, surprise) of the person we'd been oogling, Elle Fanning. She grinned and cracked a classic line, "Dude, you're a pervert."

"Are they oogling your goodies again baby?" Michelle asked with a grin as she arrived at the patio door.

"Well of course he is," Elle said. "Who can resist this?"

"I can't," Michelle said as she moved in front of the camera and bent down (wearing only a t-shirt and skimpy panties) and gave us a wonderful view of her ass as she kissed Elle softly on the lips. "Of course that's been well documented."

"MMMMMMMM let me see something," Elle said as she sat up and guided Michelle to turn around before she slid her hands up Michelle's thighs and squeezed the girls ass cheeks in her hands with a horny smile. "Wonderful as always, Chelle."

"As much as I want you sticking something deep inside and fucking it really good for me, we have plans," Michelle said.

"Me with a feeldoe hard on?" Elle asked with a comically horny grin.

"Get your clothes on my little butt fucking demon," Michelle said as she walked back into the house. "We've got a road trip ahead."

"Where are you taking me?" Elle asked as she stepped inside of the house and picked up a t-shirt and slipped it on before following it with her thong and jeans. "Answer me you whore."

"I'm gonna trade you to Hayden for Mackenzie Rosman," Michelle quipped as she snagged the keys off the peg board.

"I sooo won't be complaining about that," Elle said with a horny grin as she followed after Michelle into the bright sunlight. Michelle locking the door before sneaking a kiss and running off giggling to the car parked in front of the house. Elle followed as the camera showed them sliding into the car and driving off a few moments later and we faded to black and saw a brief shot of the "FUCK YOU" logo and that led us into the nights first commercial. 4 minutes of mindless drivel. We returned (finally) as the screen went completely blank white for a long moment before the very top of the "FUCK YOU" logo appeared with only it's eyes visible. A quote bubble (like in say the comics? Think Garfield) appearing above it's head and reading: "Has anyone seen Doc? I think he's mad at me."

"I'm about to have your replaced by the farting elephant from that ringtone ad," Doc said as the "FUCK YOU" logo coward.

"Doc's lovely grandmother has never appeared in pornography and I apologize for suggesting it," The next quote bubble read as the "FUCK YOU" logo nodded excitedly.

"That's much better you waste of computer memory," Doc said as the "FUCK YOU" logo popped up now completely and grinned widely. "I think we can start with a clean slate now."

"We sure can! By the way, Doc, can I have that tape of your Grandpa's debut in gay porn?" The last quote bubble asked as Summer and I laughed out loud and the "FUCK YOU" logo grinned proudly as Doc warned, "This is not over you smart ass graphic."

The "FUCK YOU" logo folding away and taking us to a shot of the camera walking down the hallway and circling around the corner and coming to a rather heart stopping site. Kristen was standing by the sink in the kitchen with a Snuggie (think a hospital gown only thicker) wrapped around her partially and her cute little ass exposed as the Snuggie was obviously open in the back. Kristen wiggling her ass a bit as she grinned over her shoulder at the camera before she closed the back and motioned with her finger that we couldn't see anymore.

"IT'S COMING BACK ON KRIS, HURRY!" Jamie Lynn screamed from the bedroom as Kris snatched up several items off the counter and went scampering back for the bedroom and, fortunately for us, her Snuggie opened again and we got a nice long look at her cute little swaying ass before she entered the bedroom and dumped the items and went crawling up the bed. A brief view of her smooth pussy and puckered little asshole as she tossed off the Snuggie and slid under the covers with Jamie Lynn. "Finally!"

"Wait! This show is on DVR," Kristen realized as Jamie Lynn grinned. "Why did I have to hurry for?"

"I missed you," Jamie Lynn cooed before she leaned over and kissed her girlfriend. "And I wanted to see if you'd fall for it."

"If you don't stop being mean to me, Tanned Princess, I'm gonna do you the way I did at the beach...only worse," Kristen said as Jamie Lynn grinned happily. "Cause I have other ideas."

"MMMMMM," Jamie Lynn said as she slid over and pressed her naked body to Kristen's and placed Kristen's hand on her ass. All under the covers unfortunately. "I already told you that was the best orgasm I've ever had."

"MMMMMMM and it was really amazing for me too," Kristen said. Jamie Lynn looking back to the TV and grinning knowingly as she pointed. On the screen was a frozen image from the Cumming Out episode, "Payback 101", in which Alex Nikolas exacted some deserved revenge on her former Zoey 101 co-star, Jamie Lynn. "What are you thinking?"

"That we maybe do Alexa the same way she did me?" Jamie Lynn asked with a devilish, wicked tone to her voice and smile to match. "I would love to see you do her the way you did me."

"I am not sticking anything up her ass like she did you," Kristen said.

"Why not?" Jamie Lynn asked.

"Because I've never did it before and I'd want it to feel good if I did it to someone," Kristen said. "I just don't really have a lot of interest in doing it. That's Elle and Hayden's thing."

"Maybe I should do her that way," Jamie Lynn said. "She did me that way."

"Now that would be a sweet revenge," Kristen said as she kissed her. "So how do you plan to do this?"

"Invite them over one night to watch movies or something," Jamie Lynn started. "We might wanna enlist the help of the very person who helped Alexa do me that way."

"Hayden Panettiere," The girls said in unison and smiled as Jamie Lynn reached for the phone and clicked a couple of buttons and put it to her ear.

"I hope she answers, I haven't talked to her since her and Mackenzie left," Jamie Lynn said. "Hello?"

"What do you want Tanned One?" Hayden asked in a bitter tone. Kristen listening intently from beside Jamie Lynn.

"What's wrong?"

"You know Mackenzie and I broke up?" Hayden asked.

"No," Jamie Lynn said in shock.

"You had to have known your crew was there taping when it happened," Hayden said.

"Kristen and I haven't paid much attention to the footage lately," Jamie Lynn admitted. "We haven't been to the studio in a month or so since the network wanted to focus more on our home life. We've got camera's following Elle, where ever her horny ass is, and Mackenzie I think. Not seen any of that footage though."

"She left me," Hayden repeated. "Because of you two."

"And how did we break up your relationship?" Jamie Lynn demanded.

"I wanted to do a threesome with you two and Mackenzie didn't want me too," Hayden admitted as both Jamie Lynn and Kristen looked at each other in shock. "And now she's fucking my horny ass brother to get back at me."

"Mackenzie the lesbian went straight for cock?" Kristen asked in shock.

"The whore denied it but I know her better than she thinks and I'd bet money she did it," Hayden said.

"So pay her back and do it anyway," Kristen suggested.

"Do what?" Hayden asked and praying that Kristen meant a threesome.

"Me, you and Kristen," Jamie Lynn said. "She'd shit herself if you really did it."

"She's already fucking my brother to get back at me," Hayden reasoned. "And I really do need to do some butt fucking."

"Two willing little assholes all ready for you Hayden," Kristen cooed.

"How long will it take you to get here?" Jamie Lynn asked. "We've got some other stuff to discuss with you anyway."

"Fifteen minutes tops," Hayden said. "And you two better be naked and horny."

"Already there," Kristen and Jamie Lynn said in unison. Jamie Lynn adding, "We just need your butt fucking cock now."

The "FUCK YOU" logo rolled across the screen and took us to a commercial break. Summer running to the bathroom and doing her business before she came back and crashed down in between my thighs just as the "FUCK YOU" logo appeared from the bottom of the white screen. The quote bubble appearing above the logo's head that read, "Are still mad Doc?"

"I am indeed," Doc confirmed in a pissy voice. "You're attacking of my family is unwarranted."

"I was just wondering what the name of the porno was that Grandpa Evans starred in," The now grinning logo's next quote bubble read.

"He didn't do gay porn," Doc insisted.

"Was it Saving Ryan's Privates?"

"No!" Doc declared.

"What about Forrest Hump?" The logo's thought bubble asked.

"NO!" Doc screamed in a tantrum.

"How about Bend of Brothers?" The last quote bubble asked.

"I really miss, Jamie Lynn," Doc cried as the "FUCK YOU" logo grinned victoriously and folded away into a new scene. This one from the backseat of Michelle's (Trachtenberg) car as Ellen rode shot gun.

"Where are we going?" Elle asked as she looked around at the passing scenery.

"To a special event that I thought you'd get a kick out of," Michelle said mysteriously. "And stop being annoying and bugging me about it."

"Are we there yet?" Elle asked with a shit-eating grin that made Michelle laugh.

"If you don't shut up I'll turn this car around and we'll go home," Michelle said with a finger point.

"Good then maybe we can do some fucking cause I'm horny," Elle announced.

"When aren't you horny?" Michelle asked. "You've got to be a nympho."

"And you're not?" Elle asked as Michelle shrugged but offered no denial. One last turn and we saw a huge billboard sign off in the distance that Michelle pointed to and Elle read aloud, "Britney Spears, live in concert?"

"Good. Those reading classes are really paying off," Michelle giggled as Elle glared at her. "We're going to see her!"

"Isn't that Jamie Lynn's hillbilly sister that has like 12 kids?"

"She has 2 kids," Michelle corrected her. "Do you wanna see this or not?"

"Not really," Elle said as Michelle groaned. "But I have another idea."

"Going to McDonald's and getting a big mac?" Michelle asked.

"I wanna try your pussy," Elle said as she looked at Michelle directly.

"Now that is considerably more interesting than watching a whore gyrate for 90 minutes," Michelle said as both laughed. "But we do have that whole likeness problem that Jamie Lynn agreed to."

"She's not very bright," Elle said with an animated head nod as Michelle laughed and looked behind her and slowly pulled onto the side of the road, then stopping and turning off the car as Elle gave her a confused look. Michelle said nothing as she reached over and opened the passenger side door and directed Elle to get out. "What are you doing?"

"You said you wanted to try my pussy so I'm gonna let you," Michelle said as she reached into the backseat and took a seat cushion and dumped it on the pavement below the car and then opened the backdoor of the car to block the view of any passing cars. Then handing Elle something that looked strange at first but as Elle slipped it on and adjusted the strap under her chin it turned out to be a Rey Mysterio Jr. mask. "You were serious?"

"I figured we'd do it in a place that was slightly less public," Elle said before Michelle nodded no and gently pulled down Elle's jeans and without hesitation the horny little preteen stepped out of them and then took off her t-shirt and thong and hung her thong on the cars antennae. Posing, now nude with only shoes on, with hands on hips a moment later as the sun beat down on the now darkly tanned little hottie. Michelle rubbing her hands slowly up the girls smooth thighs and over her flat sexy stomach and finally over the girls flat chest and hard nipples. Kissing her stomach as Elle reached down and pulled up Michelle's t-shirt and laid it alongside hers on the car door. Elle then slipped down to her knees, resting on the aforementioned seat cushion, and helping Michelle out of her own shorts and thong. Michelle rubbing her bald pussy as she showed it to a very interested Elle. "MMMMMMMMMMM can I try it?"

"MMMMMMMM yes you can," Michelle said as she leaned back a bit in the seat and let Elle have her first lick of pussy. The camera peaking over Elle's shoulder as the preteen repeated a steady licking of Michelle's slit up and down in long smooth strokes. Michelle's body shook gently in bliss as Elle licked it more firmly and placed her hands on the inside of Michelle's smooth thighs. Elle's tongue pressing into the folds of the girls pussy and then crossing over Michelle's exposed clit on every pass. Elle stopping for a long moment and looking up at the camera and grinning as she licked her lips suggestively. "MMMMMMMMMM sweet baby so good."

"Pussy is definitely my new favorite flavor," Elle commented before she went back to licking softly at the smooth slit and making Michelle moan a bit louder as a few cars whizzed by on the highway behind them. Michelle's thighs began quivering as her pussy was spasming so good by now and seemingly increased with every pass of Elle's talented young tongue. Michelle being pushed towards an epic orgasm as she clutched at the seat and felt her pussy spasm harder and even though she tried in vain to hold back her orgasm it was no use as Elle was now licking aggressive at her clit. A few moments later, Michelle looked down in awe as Elle gave her an awe-inspiring orgasm. "MMMMMMM Chelle you're girl cum tastes like honey."

"OHMIGOD you're a talented little pussy licker," Michelle moaned as she watched Elle lick up her cum and then rising so her and Michelle could kiss for a long moment. The camera zooming in and catching the lewd display in vivid detail as the scene faded to black and the screen simply read: Executive Producer: Jamie Lynn Spears.