The Jamie Lynn Spears "FUCK YOU" Show - Episode 3 "The Worst Fuckin Show...Ever"

Written by: TVM (


** Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.**

Starring: Jamie Lynn Spears & Alexa Nikolas

Guest Starring: Michelle Trachtenberg


"Anymore of that show and I won't be able to breath" Summer giggled as the final credits for 'Cumming out: Hawaiian Style' rolled across the screen and faded into some brief commericals as the Announcer said, "It's not reality, it's sexailty and it continues now...Ohhhhh Jamie Lynn dear..."

"Gay" I said as Summer and I both started to laugh as the logo for the 'The Jamie Lynn Spears 'FUCK YOU' Show w/Alexa Nikolas' crashed onto the tv screen and then fell way with a loud thump as if it were really crashing to the floor. I figured next we'd get a look at the old Cumming Out but new Jamie Lynn set, but nope this time we saw Jamie Lynn appearing from behind a stage door as Doc said, "It's the Jamie Lynn Spears 'FUCK YOU' Show w/Alexa Nikolas."

"Hey guys, ummmm not sure what to say right now cause neither my planned guest or my horny ass co-host are here yet" Jamie Lynn said with a hopeful smile. Sporting a skin tight t-shirt and jeans.

"Good can we have some cuddle time now?" Doc asked as Jamie lynn laughed. "That'll bring in the viewers huh JL?"

"Yeh me cuddling with a headless dick I'm sure that'll have them glued to their seats" Jamie Lynn said. "How about me coming and finding you for real and hanging you up by your nutsack?"

"Well...kinda kinky but ok if you be gentle" Doc said as Jamie Lynn groaned. "But first how about you hand out the fuck you's of the week?"

"Oh yeah good idea, follow me" Jamie Lynn said as she opened the door she had just walked through as the camera followed her back inside and to a table with an answering machine. "Speaking of fuck you's Doc have you heard the love message from Hayden?"

"No but I bet you played it enough" Doc said with a laugh as Jamie Lynn flipped off the camera.

"Listen and shut the fuck up" Jamie Lynn said with a proud smile as she pressed the replay button on the machine and the following could be heard, "You have one old message..."

"Duh ya think?" Doc asked as I giggled.

"Bitch are you out of your FUCKIN MIND?" Hayden said from the answering machine, "You and your whore Alexa fucked my brother? Ok you wanted my attention and now you got it. Jansen has got nothing to do with me or my show and you...well you're asking for a ass beatin you little hillbilly from nowhere and no I am not afraid of your used up skank whore sister. How you managed to get your own show on this network is beyond me, but I promise you this, you will gets yours and soon. What you got that day in front of the building over you hitting Kristen is nothing compared to what I'm gonna do to you next time..."

"Funny ain't she?" Jamie Lynn asked with a proud smile into the camera as she flipped the bird towards it and screamed. "FUCK YOU HAYDEN, FUCK YOU."

"Jamie Lynn she's gonna hurt you..."

"Fuck off" Jamie Lynn snapped. "I don't need your opinion."

"I'm serious" Doc said. "You're getting personal with her after what you did with Jansen."

"He's got his own show right after this" Jamie Lynn said. "What the fuck does it matter?"

"You only did it to get back at Hayden" Doc said. "I just don't wanna see you get hurt."

"Fuck..." Jamie Lynn said as a knock came at the door and she smiled as she said, "Finally."

"Hey...Michelle..." Jamie said as she opened the door and saw a smiling Michelle Tractenberg standing on the other side of the door. Michelle looked her usual amazing self in a short mini shirt and belly shirt that barely covered her firm titties. Quickly composing herself as she took Michelle's hand and pulled her into the room and said to the camera, "Ladies this is my special guest this week, Michelle Tractenberg. Star of Michelle, Michelle right here on Taboo TV."

"Holy shit knobs Batman it's Buffy The Vampire Slayer's little sister" Doc said as Michelle smiled and looked confused. "You grew up."

"That tends to happen" Michelle said, "Who are you?"

"I'm Jamie Lynn's devastatingly handsome and witty sidekick slash announcer" Doc said in his best announcer voice.

"He's gay" Jamie Lynn said with a giggle. "So you got a fuck you to hand out this week?"

"Not really" Michelle said, "I'm just here cause you asked nicely, not your usual style."

"Excuse me I am not gay" Doc inserted, "My boyfriend is but I'm straight."

"Go away" Jamie Lynn said as Doc laughed and turning back to Michelle said, "I wanted you on the show and a certain person has had a calming influence on me."

"I noticed that" Michelle said, "That Alexa girl right?"

"Alexa Nikolas, her gurrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllfriend" Doc said as he made a bunch of kissing noises.

"No she is not you fucktard" Jamie Lynn said, "I mean, not yet, ugh, fuck you Doc, leave her out of this."

"She licked her pussy in the first episode and now she can't get enough of it" Doc said as Jamie Lynn screamed.

"I SWEAR TO GOD YOU'RE DEAD IF YOU SAY ONE MORE WORD ABOUT HER" Jamie Lynn said in what I thought was a deadly serious tone and then turning to the camera and saying, "Go to break already, GO TO BREAK YOU FUCKIN RETARD".

I wondered what that was all about and over the next four minutes of mindless commercials neither me or Summer could come up with an answer to that question. Fortunately the logo reappeared and again we saw Jamie Lynn and Michelle in the same room and this time we heard no off-camera color commentary as Jamie Lynn looked into the camera and said simply, "Welcome back, sorry about that before the break, we're back with Michelle and are now sans the color fuckin commentary."

"What did he say that was so bad?" Michelle asked as she now sat in the make-up chair. "That girl really got to you huh? Is something wrong?"

"No nothing is fuckin wrong" Jamie Lynn snapped. "She heard the message from Hayden and now she's all paranoid."

"So that's why you wanted me on your show?" Michelle asked. "And let me tell you something tanned princess I am not getting in the middle of you and Hayden."

"No one ask you too" Jamie Lynn said. "I asked you on my show cause I thought it was shitty the way they did you on Cumming Out, back then. We're in the same club."

"Yeh I guess we are, both in love with our co-hosts?" Michelle asked with a knowing grin.

"Even if I was Alexa's...."

"Hayden" Michelle said firmly. "You're Cumming Out co-host?"

"What?" Jamie Lynn asked in what looked to be faked shock and then obviously trying to deflect the topic at hand asked, "So you admit you were into Hilary?"

"Yeh big time" Michelle said, "And when we were between the sheets she loved me too."

"She good in bed?" Jamie Lynn asked as she sat down in the directors chair opposite Michelle.

"Very talented tongue" Michelle said. "But once she's satisfied it's like bam you're unimportant."

"I no doubt made me people feel like that before" Jamie Lynn commented.

"Like Alexa?" Michelle asked and going on before Jamie Lynn could reply, "And now you're trying to make up for it? But you're obsession with Hayden is holding both of you hostage."

"Hayden is a ass whore and I hate her she has nothing to do with Alexa"

"Then why did you fall in love with her?" Michelle asked.

"Because she's an amazing lover and...fuck you" Jamie Lynn said as Michelle grinned victoriously. "I am not in love with her."

"Not now maybe, because you're crazy about Alexa but you were and you're still hurt over the way her and Mackenzie did you" Michelle said. "Right?"

"I wanted to be the next star of Cumming Out, Hayden's leaving after the season and it should have been my show next year" Jamie Lynn said, "But I should have known that Mackenzie the fuckin whoring slut would get jealous and fire me."

"Mackenzie had a right to fire you" Michelle said. "I saw the way you acted on set that day when I taped my episode, you had her in tears."


"Yes Mackenzie, gorgeous girl that adores Hayden?" Michelle said and Jamie Lynn seemed to be taken aback by that information. "You had no idea huh?"

"No" Jamie Lynn said. "I just wanted the show to be better than it was and she never listened to me unless I made a show out of it."

"Yeh Mackenzie is thick headed" Michelle said with a giggle, "But she's also in charge of cable's number one show and you gotta be a bitch to do that job."

"Yeh and now she's got what three or four shows under her thumb?" Jamie Lynn asked.

"Yeh so, you got your own show and it's doing really well" Michelle said. "Why do you care if Mackenzie has four shows under her control?"

"Because I should have been the star of that fuckin show..."

"Get over it" Michelle said, "You have your own show and all you can obsess about is the show and the girls who fired you."

"I got 5 episodes, maybe, to do and then I'm cancelled" Jamie Lynn said. "That show is a star maker."

"And thanks to it, you got your own series" Michelle said, "So yeh you got fired but you came out on the better end of it. And if you make more of an effort things could turn out a whole lot different this time for you."

"Ya think?" Jamie Lynn asked. "I do kinda like having my own series. Being able to do anything I want and having complete creative control is...nice."

"MMMMMMMM power" Michelle said as she raised her eyebrows suggestively and both giggled. "So I hope it's not to late to do something a little more entertaining than talk?"

"MMMMMM my show remember?" Jamie Lynn asked as Michelle nodded and watched Jamie Lynn slip out of the directors chair and moved between her thighs as she leaned down and kissed her softly. Michelle's lips falling in time with Jamie Lynn's softly as the two kissed and soon began to trade tongues back and forth softly. Jamie Lynn pulling away and smiling as she said, "You like me huh?"

"MMMMM you are hurt me sexy girl" Michelle said as she pulled at Jamie Lynn's t-shirt which to that point had been tucked into her jeans. Jamie Lynn smiled knowingly and lifted her arms as Michelle stood and pulled the shirt up and over Jamie Lynn's head and tossed it aside as she smiled. "Damn, that tan kills me."

"No tan lines either" Jamie Lynn said as she kicked off her shoes and looked down. Michelle grinned as she lowered to her knees and unbuttoned Jamie Lynn's pants and made a small show out of pulling them down and the other half of Jamie Lynn's amazingly tanned body came into view as the jeans slid down her thighs. Michelle holding her steady as she stepped out of them, then stroking her hands up and down Jamie Lynn's smooth skin and smiling. Her hands sliding up the outside of Jamie Lynn's thighs first and then to the girls flat sexy stomach as she took her hand and guided Jamie Lynn down into the chair where she had just sat. "MMMMMMM see told you."

"So fuckin sexy" Michelle moaned as she stripped off her shirt at warp speed and showed us the beautiful pair of titties of her own. "If you ever decide you wanna a girl who will worship your body call me?"

"I'm calling...hello Michelle?" Jamie Lynn asked as Michelle smiled knowingly and had Jamie Lynn move her pussy to the edge of the seat. Pointing down at the baby smooth patch of skin between her legs Jamie Lynn said, "How about starting your worship there?"

"Yes my tanned princess" Michelle said as Jamie Lynn scooped the girls hair into a mass on top of her head and guided Michelle to her pussy. Michelle's tongue sliding up the baby smooth slit softly as Jamie Lynn squirmed and smiled down at her from above as Michelle's head started to bob up and down softly now. Michelle slowly pressing her tongue into the folds of Jamie Lynn's pussy firmly and letting her tongue dip inside as she went faster and listened to Jamie Lynn moan her approval. Jamie Lynn clutched her hands into fists in Michelle's hair and squirmed her hips as the sensations started to over take her beautiful body and making her lay her head back for a moment and moan louder. Michelle licked her lips as she pulled away for a moment and asked, "Am I doing good princess?"

"MMMMMMMMM yessss" Jamie Lynn said with a soft kiss and letting her lips fall in time for a long moment with Michelle's as she tasted her own sweetness on the lips of her guest star. Pulling away she gently guided Michelle's head back to her pussy and moaned as Michelle started to once again lick softly up and down and dipping inside a little more. Jamie Lynn smiling as she moaned and squirmed a bit more as Michelle's tongue found her clit on every pass now and made Jamie Lynn's pussy spasm lightly as she licked across it. Jamie shook for a moment as Michelle again stopped and looked up and asked in a moan, "Can I lick your clit now princess?"

"MMMMMMMMM yes you can baby" Jamie Lynn said in a moan as she once again kissed Michelle's lips softly and guided her back down to her pussy a moment later as Michelle spread Jamie Lynn's pussy lips a bit at the very top and exposed the girls clit. Smiling for a long moment before she began to lick it softly and then more roughly as Jamie Lynn's moans became louder and her pussy spasmed harder it seemed with every wonderful lick as Michelle went faster and got ever rougher with every pass. Jamie Lynn moaned louder with a smile on her face as she watched every movement of Michelle's tongue and clutched her fingers tighter into Michelle's hair. Her thighs beginning to quiver as her pussy spasmed harder with every single pass of Michelle's tongue over her clit, her body shaking gently now as she grew near her orgasm. Biting her lip and obviously trying to hold back as Michelle worked on her clit relentlessly now, Jamie Lynn moaned and tried to take in all of the pleasure and fin ally couldn't take it anymore as her pussy spasmed out of control and into a wonderful body shaking orgasm. "MMMMMMMMMM oh god cumming so good."

"MMMMMMMMMM yeah I do good?" Michelle asked in a moan as she licked up all of Jamie Lynn's sweet cum as it dripped and oozed out of her baby smooth pussy. "HMMMMMM?"

"MMMMMMMM fuck yesss" Jamie Lynn moaned as she tilted Michelle's head back and leaned down to once again kiss her. Sharing her cum with Michelle in a long slow french kiss. "You did so good."

"Want me to go again?" Michelle asked with a coy smile.


"Totally, but you gotta return the favor" Michelle said as a light knocking came at the door.

"Of course" Jamie Lynn said and stopping before she kissed Michelle again and looking up. "Who the fuck would that be?"

"Your co-host?" Michelle giggled.

"Wait here and I'll find out" Jamie Lynn said as she stood and jumped as Michelle grabbed her butt. Saying as she pulled on her jeans, "Stop that."

"Come back and make me" Michelle said as she took a seat in the make-up chair and slid off her mini skirt and showed an obviously interested Jamie Lynn her bald pussy. Jamie Lynn grinned knowingly as she slipped on her shirt and we followed to the door and saw Alexa standing on the other side. The smile on Jamie Lynn's face was evident as she slipped into the hallway and kissed an apparently shocked Alexa.

"What? It was for the show" Jamie Lynn said as she closed the door behind her.

"Yeh I get that" Alexa said coldly. "Why her? Like I need to ask."

"Oh god not this Hayden thing again" Jamie Lynn said. "Look me and Michelle talked and surprisingly she made some sense and I know now what it was..."

"You're in love with Hayden" Alexa said. "And I'm just standing in your way."

"Ok you're trying to get a rise out of me cause your hurt and I'm not gonna let you" Jamie Lynn said as she kissed Alexa and found herself being pushed away. Alexa turned to walk off as Jamie Lynn once again jumped in front of her and said, "Wait, I'm not in love with her anymore, you..."

"FUCK YOU" Alexa screamed. "You just admitted everything I needed to know. I am so stupid to think that you cared about me in the way you said. All those fuckin nights were what? Just sex?"

"Nooo please listen, those nights were not just sex, making love Lexi, I swear" Jamie Lynn said as she kissed her again and felt Alexa smack her across the cheek.

"I am sick of you trying to make me forget your fuck ups by coming onto me" Alexa said as tears came down her face. "You think I can't resist you? I just did."

"You didn't have to hit me" Jamie Lynn said with a hurt look in her eyes. "I admit it ok, I was in love with Hayden, but once I got this show and the last few weeks with you made me forget her. And by god I have tried my best to be good to you. How many times have I did it exactly like you wanted and you never had to ask me to make you feel like that again."

"Every thing you do is about sex" Alexa said. "I'm in love...fuck this. I quit."

"Wait, please Alexa wait" Jamie Lynn said as Alexa stormed off as Jamie Lynn chased after her and we see 'The Jamie Lynn Spears 'FUCK YOU' Show w/Alexa Nikolas' logo pop up and took us to the final credits. The final black screen reading, "Executive Producer: Jamie Lynn Spears".