The Jamie Lynn Spears "FUCK YOU" Show - Episode 5 "The Show with the Horny Little Butt Fuck Doll"

Written by: TVM (


** Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.**

Starring: Jamie Lynn Spears & Alexa Nikolas

Guest Starring: Dakota Fanning


"Last week was such a different kind of episode, I liked it, no sex but I liked it" Summer commented from in front of me on the couch, sitting between my thighs like always wrapped in my arms. One which I gladly agreed with as we watched the final credits for 'Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style' roll and the screen split in two and we saw the logo for the 'The Jamie Lynn Spears 'FUCK YOU' Show' pop up and and start bouncing from the top of the screen to the bottom and finally screaming, "FUCK YOU."

"I love the graphics" I giggled as the 'The Jamie Lynn Spears 'FUCK YOU' Show' logo rolled off the screen and took us to a nice surprise, a live shot of the beach somewhere in Hollywood I am assuming. Panning around we saw Jamie Lynn and Alexa in barely there bikini's walking along the waters edge holding hands. "They look so in love."

"Uh huh, shhhhh" Summer commented as she turned the tv up and and sunk back into my arms and relaxed.

"Hey guys, so I guess I'm doing something right huh?" Jamie Lynn asked into the camera as her and Alexa conmtinued to walk and the camera slowly tracked backwards. "Fifth episode and I'm still here and so is my girl."

"Me?" Alexa asked as Jamie Lynn smiled and nodded. "Yeh I am huh?"

"MMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMM I'm shocked it's been almost 5 days since I did something retarded" Jamie Lynn said as Alexa laughed and kissed her cheek.

"You are trying" Alexa said as she smiled. "All that matters to me. Weird though..."

"Me trying?"

"Nooooo" Alexa said as she pointed upwards and said, "No commentary from the three inch cock boy."

"Why I wanted to come down to the beach" Jamie Lynn said. "He's so annoying."

"So funny when he's gets you going" Alexa giggled as Jamie Lynn suddenly turned on her and began to tickle her. Alexa squealing in laughter for a moment before she managed to squirm away and go running down the beach with Jamie Lynn giving chase. Alexa slowing and looking ahead in shock as someone coming towards them walking a small dog on a leash. Jamie Lynn stopping and crashing into her as she hugged the girl from behind. "What the fuck?"


"Dakota fucking Fanning that's what" Alexa said as she pushed Jamie Lynn away. "You plan this little romantic walk by the water so we could run into Dakota and you could get in another shot at Hayden somehow?"

"" Jamie Lynn said calmly. "I know she's lives down the beach but...coincidence."

"I'll bet" Alexa said as Dakota just then noticed them and stopped and looked nervous.

"Hey" Jamie Lynn said as Dakota's dog growled a bit and Dakota had to pull her back.

"What are you doing here?" Dakota asked.

"Walking on the beach same as you" Jamie Lynn said as she took Alexa's hand and laced their fingers. "See..."

"Good for you...see ya" Dakota said as she started to walk off.

"Why do you hate me?" Jamie Lynn asked. Prompting Dakota to stop and look back.

"I don't hate you" Dakota said. "You shit on me and Miley every chance you got when you were on the show and I just prefer not to think about it."

"Boy Jamie you're a charmer" Alexa giggled as Jamie Lynn gave her a dirty look.

"I screamed at her you one time" Jamie Lynn fired back at Dakota. "And Miley is such a tit."

"Fuck you slut" Dakota said in an angry voice.

"Why don't you?" Jamie Lynn asked with a knowing smile as she moved in front of Dakota with Alexa beside her. "Both of us."

"UMMMMMMMMMM..." Dakota stammered, her eyes roaming over Jamie Lynn's barely covered and perfectly tanned body. Dakota licking her top lip slowly as she smiled. "You just wanna cause trouble..."

"Noooooo" Jamie Lynn said. "I just think it's a great way to make up for things I did."

"MMMMMMMMMM I agree" Alexa said as she touched Dakota's bare arm and grinned. "How about it?"

"Hayden would be mad" Dakota said softly. "I love her and I won't hurt her for you two."

"Call her and I'll talk to her" Jamie Lynn said. "I'm serious."

"Fine I will" Dakota said as she handed her dog's leash to Alexa who sat down in the sand and let the puppy crawl into her lap. Dakota dialing the phone and waiting a moment for the answer and then saying, "Hey Kris, is Hayden around?"

"Hey you won't believe who I ran into on the beach? Jamie Lynn. Yes I'm serious, here I'll put it on speaker phone" Dakota said as she clicked a button on her cell and we heard Hayden say, "Hello?"

"Hey old buddy" Jamie Lynn said as Alexa laughed from the sand.

"Fuck you skank" Hayden said. "You lay one finger on Dakota and you will die."

"Who says I'm gonna do that?"

"You tried to kill Kristen for no reason" Hayden said. "You are one seriously warped slut..."

"I'm sorry" Jamie Lynn said. "All that stuff on the set was my fault. All of it, every single bit."

"Yep" Alexa commented.

"You fucked my brother to get back at me" Hayden said. "What..."

"He was good too" Jamie Lynn said. "Very good."

"You're pissing me off..."

"I want Dakota to fuck me and Alexa" Jamie Lynn blurted out. "Peace offering?"

"How is that a peace offering?"

"Showing you I'm willing to make peace and when we do meet in person you won't kill me" Jamie Lynn said. "Dakota wants too bad."

"Hi Hayden" Alexa said from below.

"Alexa?" Hayden asked as Alexa jumped up and took the phone from Dakota and asked, "Yep, can we borrow your horny little butt fuck doll?"

"We talking for an episode of your show Alexa?" Hayden asked as Alexa covered her mouth to keep from laughing.

"It's my show, we'll our show" Jamie Lynn said. "Yes it is, yes or no?"

"What do you say Dakota?" Hayden asked as Jamie Lynn moved in front of the girl and took Dakota's hand and slid it to her ass. Dakota smiling as she squeezed the smooth skin through Jamie Lynn's bikini bottoms. "Hello?"

"F-fuck yeah if she's gonna stop being a bitch" Dakota said as Jamie Lynn grinned knowingly and leaned down to kiss Dakota softly on the lips.

"We gotta a deal?" Alexa asked Hayden as she watched Jamie Lynn and Dakota kiss softly.

"I get to see this before it airs" Hayden said. "Right?"

"You know it"

"Have fun" Hayden said.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM we will" Alexa said as she closed the phone and pushed Jamie Lynn away from Dakota and kissed the younger girl herself. The camera zooming in on the two now as Jamie Lynn watched with a smile. Dakota's free hand slipping down to Alexa's ass cheeks now and squeezing her fingers into them as she traded her tongue for Alexa's. The logo for 'The Jamie Lynn Spears "FUCK YOU" Show' rolled onto the screen and back off taking us to a long torturous commercial break that really makes you wish this was sponsored by that lotion, Panama Mack, like 'Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style' is. Anyway, we finally returned from the break 'The Jamie Lynn Spears 'FUCK YOU' Show' logo rolled back onto the screen and folded away once again. We now saw Jamie Lynn and Alexa sitting on a futon in back of some house. The beach could still be seen off in the distance a few feet, around the side of the house. Dakota walking back out onto the porch with a major surprise in her hand, a strap-on. Alex a looking up as she joined them, "Hey, MMMMMMMM looky what Dakota got."

"I heard you really knew how to work that thing" Jamie Lynn said as she looked up at Dakota with a horny smile.

"I do, damn good as a matter of fact" Dakota said as Alexa and Jamie Lynn both stood and let Dakota pull the futon out into a bed. Dakota turning back to the two and grinning knowingly as she reached out and felt of the girls ass cheeks again, "And this is where I'm gonna stick it."

"MMMMMMMMMM no complaints here" Jamie Lynn said with a soft kiss as Dakota smiled and sat down on the edge of the futon and slide her hands down Jamie Lynn's incredibly smooth darkly tanned thighs and took with her the girls bikini bottoms. Jamie Lynn stepping out of them as Alexa moved behind Jamie Lynn and untied the girls top and letting it fall to the ground. Dakota guiding Alexa in front of her and doing here the way as she had done Jamie Lynn and pulling down her bottoms and letting her step out of them. Alexa letting Jamie Lynn untie her top as it soon fall to the ground as well. Jamie Lynn leaning down and kissing Dakota as the young girl rose back to her feet and Alexa took her spot on the futon and pulled down Dakota's Jammer shorts, showing us the girls cute tanned little ass. Dakota breaking with Jamie Lynn as she stepped out of them and raised her arms as Jamie Lynn lifted the shirt over her head. Dakota turning as Jamie Lynn tossed the shiirt aside, leaving all three nude now, and held her arms up as Alexa slipped the harness into place. Dakota watching as Alexa tightened the straps on either side of the girls thighs and making sure certain it was secure as Dakota nodded her agreement and took hold of her newly attached cock for the first time and stroked it. Jamie Lynn sitting down by Alexa as Dakota moved closer and held her cock steady, sliding into Alexa's mouth a moment later and moaning as Alexa started to suck. Dakota now with one hand in Alexa's hair and guiding her head gently and the other arm rest on her own ass cheek behind her as she watched and moaned as the girl began to bob her head up and down. Alexa deep throating the cock several times before she pulled off and let Jamie Lynn have a turn. "MMMMMMMMMMMM yeh."

"MMMMMMMMMMM fuck yeh Jamie good girl" Dakota moaned as she slid the hand now into Jamie Lynn's hair and guided her to suck as the girls head began to bob up and down now. Alexa watching with a smile as she crawled back onto the middle of the futon and laid back lengthwise along it as Dakota moaned and pulled Jamie Lynn off. Stroking her saliva covered cock as she leaned down and kissed Jamie Lynn softly. "MMMMMMMMMMM I want your tight little butt fuck hole so bad."

"MMMMMMMMMM then come get it Dakota" Jamie Lynn said with a knowing look as she turned and crawled back onto the futon, Dakota following, Jamie Lynn lifting a leg over Alexa's head as she lowered into a 69 with her. Alexa's tongue immediately finding the baby smooth and tanned little pussy of the girl above her and licking it up and down. Dakota stroking her cock and holding it steady as she moved in behind Jamie Lynn and lined it up with the girls butt fuck hole. Dakota and Jamie Lynn moaning as Dakota slid her cock inside of Jamie Lynn's asshole and began to pump in and out slowly, Dakota's hands sliding up to the middle of Jamie Lynn's bare back down. Alexa licking away up and down Jamie Lynn's sweet pussy as she looked up and watched Dakota pump deeper and deeper. Dakota moaning as she slid all the way inside of Jamie Lynn's asshole for the first time. "MMMMMMMMMMM ohmigod that's it Dakota, just like Hayden taught you baby. Does it feel good?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM god Jamie it feels so good I can barely take it" Dakota moaned as she pulled out till her cock head caught on Jamie Lynn's asshole and then plunged back inside. Dakota dropping one arm back to her side and placing the hand on her tanned ass cheek to clear the view of the camera as she began to softly slap her thighs at Jamie Lynn's ass cheeks as she pumped in and out. Moaning as she went faster and faster in and out and placing one hand in the middle of Jamie's back as Alexa below them now licked over and over Jamie Lynn's clit and made the girl above her squirm in pleasure. Alexa watching Dakota's cock with intense interest as she closed her lips over Jamie Lynn's clit and began to suck the girls softly and then harder. "MMMMMMMMMMM yeh Jamie your butt fuck hole feels so good on my cock."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM ohmigod so good in my butt fuck hole Dakota" Jamie Lynn moaned as Alexa wrapped her arms around the girl and held her in place for Dakota as she sucked harder and harder on her clit. Causing Jamie Lynn's thighs to quiver in pleasure as they squeezed around Alexa's head as her fingers squeezed into Alexa's thighs and her pussy spasmed harder and harder. Dakota slapped her thighs at Jamie Lynn's darkly tanned ass cheeks harder now as she pumped deeper in and out. A shot from behind showing Dakota's tanned little ass clinching each time she did. Back to the wide shot as Dakota still hung her arm at her side and kept the other hand in the middle of Jamie Lynn's back as her own pussy spasmed hard now. "MMMMMMMMMMMM god Dakota I see why they call you a horny little butt fuck doll."

"MMMMMMMMMMM it's my favorite thing to do, MMMMMMMM and you feel so good Jamie" Dakota moaned as Jamie laid her head down on Alexa's thighs and shook in pleasure from head to toe as her pussy spasmed wildly now and she neared her orgasm. Dakota moaning as her pussy too neared it's explosion point as she moved both hands to Jamie Lynn's shoulders and held her still on top Alexa and pounded her cock home in the girls tight little asshole. Dakota's pussy spasming harder with every thrust now and her and Jamie Lynn's moans of pleasure filling the air. Dakota's thighs making Jamie Lynn's ass cheeks jiggle now as both moaned out loud and began to cum at almost the same moment. Alexa sucking on Jamie Lynn's clit in long deep breaths before stopping and moving back to Jamie Lynn's tanned baby smooth pussy and stuffing her tongue in and sucking softly. Jamie Lynn calming down a bit as she grunted and squirted her girl cum into Alexa's waiting mouth once and again before she went almos t limp on top of her. Dakota still moaning as her pleasure subsided into afterglow as well and she stroked a few more times deep inside before pulling out. "MMMMMMMMMMMM fuck Jamie Lynn best butt fuck ever."

"MMMMMMMMMM ohmigod I so agree" Jamie Lynn moaned as she rolled off Alexa to the side and lay there shaking in pleasure as the camera zommed in on her and the logo for 'The Jamie Lynn Spears "FUCK YOU" Show' rolled onto the screen and took us to break. A long four minutes of stupid commercials and pointless PSA's to fill the advert space. The logo for 'The Jamie Lynn Spears "FUCK YOU" Show' rolling back onto the screen and back off, Dakota on her knees above Jamie Lynn's head as Alexa sat up and turned her back to Dakota and crossed a leg over Jamie Lynn's pretty face and lowered her baby smooth pussy down to the girls eager mouth. Dakota sliding in behind the pair and lining her cock up with Alexa's tight little asshole for a long moment and then sinking it inside and starting to stroke in and out slowly. Jamie Lynn licking softly up and down Alexa's slit as the girl moaned intensely above her. Dakota moaning too as her cock sunk inside deeper with every stroke. Alexa moanin g as she looked back and watched as Dakota sunk all the way inside and press her thighs to Alexa's ass cheeks and lean forward over the girls back.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM that feels so good on my cock you know that Alexa?" Dakota asked in a moan as her hands by Jamie Lynn's thighs now supported her above Alexa's back. Alexa closing her eyes for a moment and moaning as Dakota pulled out till her cock head caught on Alexa's asshole ring and plunged it back inside. Jamie Lynn wrapping her arms around Alexa's back and holding her in place for Dakota as she licked relentlessly over the girls clit softly. The camera switching to a view from behind the sandwiching threesome now as we see Dakota's tanned little ass clinching each time she stroked inside Alexa's asshole. Alexa moaning to Dakota, "MMMMMMMMM yeh is my asshole as tight as Jamie's?"

"MMMMMMMMMM so tight baby, just like Jamie's MMMMMMMM oh my god it feels so good" Dakota moaned as she slapped her thighs at Alexa's ass cheeks and felt her pussy begin to spasm. Delivering shot after shot to the girls asshole now. Jamie Lynn licking faster now over Alexa's clit and making the girls pussy spasm harder and harder. Dakota's tanned naked body glistening from head to toe in a thin film of sweat as she pumped faster deep into Alexa's butt. "MMMMMMMMM sooooooo sweet butt fucking two girls in a row in the sunshine."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM gonna cum baby, MMMMMMMMM a little more butt fucking and you'll be done" Alexa moaned as her thighs quivered as Jamie Lynn licked her clit roughly now and made her pussy spasm out of control finally into a pure heaven orgasm. Dakota moaning as she watched Alexa shake in orgasm for a long moment before she too began to cum. Both peaking and coming down slowly as Alexa squirted her cum into Jamie Lynn's mouth several times and went limp. Dakota pulling out of her asshole and slipping off the futon to her feet, on shaky legs now, and waiting for Alexa to roll off Jamie Lynn. Dakota holding her cock steady as Jamie Lynn sat up and down slid off the futon to her knees in front of Dakota. Dakota moaning as she slid the cock into Jamie Lynn's eagerly opened mouth, "MMMMMMMMMM yeh suck my butt fucking cock sweet baby, just like you did for Hayden."

"MMMMMMMMMMM" Jamie Lynn moaned as she started to suck on the cock, bobbing her head up and down as Dakota stroked her fingers into the girls hair and cleared it from her eyes into a make-shift ponytail on the top of her head. Dropping her free hand to her side as Jamie Lynn sucked harder and slid her hands up the smooth skin on the outside of Dakota's thighs. The camera pulled back after another moment and turning to focus on Alexa as she grinned and flipped the camera the bird and said, "Fuck you."