The Jamie Lynn Spears "FUCK YOU" Show - Episode 9
"The Kristen Sucks Her First Fuckin' Cock Show"

Written by: TVM (


** Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.**

Starring: Jamie Lynn Spears (18) & Kristen Alderson (18)

Guest Stars: Jansen Panettiere (15)


"The Jamie Lynn Spears FUCK YOU show is next on Taboo TV...not the Taboo Network or Taboo's fucking Taboo TV, did ya hear me this time?" Doc asked over the credits of 'Pinch Me'. "I hope I've been of some help to the clueless among you who can't seem to get it right."

"He's still completely nuts" Summer giggled from in front of me as I had her wrapped in my arms. I agreed with a nod of my head just as the logo for the show crashed into the TV and splattered like a fly on a windshield. Then pulling itself away and doing something even funnier than what it usually fluttered it's wings and flew away like a butterfly. Summer giggled.

The logo flying away and bringing us to a shot of an office building with some girl sitting on a bench out front, reading. The shot being from just a few feet away and as the camera zoomed in slowly we saw that the girl was, Kristen Alderson. She was sitting with her legs crossed and looked hot in a simple pair of short skirt and pink t-shirt. The best part of this zoom was soon revealed as it dropped down to show her flip flops, one dangling off her foot, and zooming up we got a great view of her smooth lightly tanned legs. The show though was cut short as Jamie Lynn soon emerged from the building.

"Hey!" Kristen said as she rose and laid her book aside as she smiled. Jamie Lynn half smiling and meeting Kristen with a hug. "Tough therapy session?"

"Fucking brutal" Jamie Lynn said, both girls grinning at each other now. "Made me tell him all about you."

"Why were you talking about me?" Kristen asked with a concerned look on her face. "I do something to make you upset?"

"Not at all" Jamie Lynn said as she wrapped her arms around Kristen's neck. "He says you're apparently good for me."

"Hey that's not bad at all" Kristen said with a smile as she wrapped Jamie Lynn in her arms and pulled their bodies together. "And you do seem happier."

"The last two weeks have been pretty great" Jamie Lynn said. "My therapist even said so."

"MMMMMMMM" Kristen cooed as she kissed Jamie's lips softly. "You saying you want me around?"

"Yes I am" Jamie said. "Alexa dumping me just about killed me, but you finally made me stop thinking about that."

"Did you talk about that in therapy?"

"Uh huh, I told him all about the phone call and her wanting to meet and talk" Jamie Lynn said. "Let's just say my anger issues got explored during that conversation."

"You should respond to her on the air, Alexa that is" Kristen suggested.

"I'm gonna do just that" Jamie Lynn said with a smile.

" kinda did the same thing for me you know?" Kristen admitted. "Only for me it was Hayden. Made me forget her?"


"Completely" Kristen said.

"Another member of the Hayden Panettiere fan club huh?"

"Guilty" Kristen said. "I know now why you were so mad about losing your job with her. She's an a amazing person."

"Not to mention an incredible fuck" Jamie Lynn said as both grinned. Kristen taking Jamie Lynn's hand and lacing their fingers as the two smiled at each other and a moment later kissed. A close up showing their lips falling in time with the other and the soft rhythmic massaging of ones tongue against the others. "MMMMMMMMM!"

"MMMMMMMM oh yeah" Kristen said. "But you know we still have to tell Hayden about us..."

"About us?" Jamie Lynn asked with a surprised smile. "You want there to be an us?"

"More and more every day" Kristen admitted honestly. Jamie Lynn grinning and kissing her.

"Me too, me too" Jamie Lynn said. A long moment passing as the two touched foreheads and simply smiled at each other as the confirmation of the, not to surprising, relationship that was developing. "So how does Hayden factor into this?"

"I want her approval" Kristen said. "I know it's stupid, but..."

"Not stupid at all" Jamie Lynn said, then kissing Kristen a few moments later. Both smiling as they turned to walk off, hand in hand.

That scene fading to black as a logo roll took us to the nights first commercial break. Yet another of the endless coma inducing drivel parades of idiotic advertisements that make you think every one in the world's advertising community has NO imagination. The only thing that makes it bare able is knowing on the other side is the possibility of some action with the Tanned Princess. And, thankfully, right on cue we saw the logo appear back on the screen and bringing us to a sweeping camera shot as it swung down and came to a stop in front of Jamie Lynn and Kristen. The girls now sitting on the NEW studio couch. Jamie Lynn and Kristen both wearing what looked to be over sized night shirts as they sat cross legged on the couch.

"Welcome back to the show that is keeping Taboo Tv afloat" Doc announced. Jamie Lynn rolling her eyes and Kristen giggling at the silliness of that announcement. "What? It's true."

"It's true that you've got three inches of hard cock too" Jamie Lynn said.

"IT IS NOT!" Doc demanded.

"Didn't you say it's three inches when it's hard?" Kristen played along as her and Jamie shared a high five.

"I don't like you anymore Kristen" Doc said in a whimpering pleading voice.

"He's really sensitive about his lack of manhood" Jamie Lynn said.

"Well I got a bigger one that you do, so ha" Doc said as Jamie Lynn rolled her eyes and groaned. "So fuck you airhead."

"Good idea, giving out this week's fuck you's?" Kristen inserted. "If you can pull yourself away from your tit fight with Dork."

"Three inch hard on man!"

"Tanned airhead!"

"FUCK BOTH OF YOU" Kristen said. "Shut up already. Jamie Lynn hand out your fuck you of the week, Doc shut the fuck up."

"MMMMMMM love it when you take control" Jamie Lynn said before kissing her hard on the lips. Grinning as she turned to the camera and saying, "My fuck you of the week goes to my whore of an EX, Alexa this is for you...FUCK YOU!"

"Make that a double FUCK YOU" Kristen added. Jamie Lynn grinning.

"And a triple" Doc added. "She was mean to me too."

"Poor Doc..." Kristen giggled.

"So this is for you Alexa" Jamie Lynn said as she stood and got in front of the camera. "Don't call me again, don't text me, don't email me, don't instant message me, don't write me, don't voice mail me and when you do get to town...DON'T COME BY YOU WHORE."

"Rage on Tanned Princess" Doc said as Jamie Lynn returned to her seat by Kristen.

"I'm done with the Alexa talk, tonight's guest is here right?" Jamie Lynn rambled.

"For the second time I've been kept in the dark" Kristen admitted. "Who is it? Another gymnast?"

"He's here JL" Doc said.

"Him?" Kristen asked. "I didn't agree to do no guy."

"First time for everything" Jamie Lynn said as she kissed Kristen. "The only difference between his cock and the one you're used too is his shoots a yummy treat at the very end."

"HMMMMMM" Kristen said as both girls grinned.

"Jansen Panettiere, get your hard cock down here" Jamie Lynn said as her and Kristen got up and walked to the ramp to meet Jansen as he came down, looking as cute as ever. Dressed in a dress t-shirt and blue jeans. Jamie Lynn grinning as she kissed the boy and pulled Kristen over to her and guided her to do the same. Kristen blushing as she pulled away. "MMMMMMMM so Kris?"

"Wasn't bad, he's a male Hayden alright!"

"Been called worse that's for sure" Jansen said as he reached around and slid his hand down to Jamie Lynn's ass and squeezed it. "MMMMMMMM girl your ass feels so good."

"Feels even better on another part of your body huh Jans?"

"MMMMM uh huh, wanna get started right?" Jansen asked. Jamie Lynn looking down and seeing the bulge was very evident. Kristen looking in amazement at the size of the bulge.

"We will, but first Kristen is gonna suck her first cock" Jamie Lynn announced.

"Excuse me? I didn't agree to that...ohmigod!" Kristen protested, momentarily, her eyes glazing over in lust as Jamie Lynn lifted her long night shirt and revealed her tanned, smooth, damn near perfect body. "OH wow!"

"Tell me about it" Jansen said with a huge smile. Jamie kissing Kristen and moments later lifting her own long night shirt over her head and tossing it aside. Jamie Lynn guiding Kristen down to her knees and taking charge as she quickly unbuttoned Jansen's pants and pulled them down (no undies), letting his cock pop out. The look on Kristen's face told the story of how much resistance she truly had left. "You like that Jamie Lynn?"

"MMMMMMM baby I've always loved your cock" Jamie Lynn said as she started to pump it with her fist. Turning to Kristen and saying, "Come on baby, once you get it in your mouth you're gonna love it."

"MMMMMMMMM maybe" Kristen said as she moved closer and carefully licked at Jansen's head and smiled. A moment later sinking it into her mouth and starting to suck his cock head as Jamie Lynn smiled. Jansen moaning and sliding his hand into her hair and gently guiding her head up and down as Kristen sucked harder and worked his head with her tongue. Jansen moaning louder as his took his shirt off and tossed it aside before slipping his hand back into Kristen's hair. Kristen sucking harder and harder as her arms hung at her sides and she concentrated on the younger boys cock head and tried to draw his cum up. Jamie Lynn joining in the pursuit of Jansen's cum as she gently began to rub his balls with her hand. Kristen's head bobbing up and down a bit faster as Jansen squirmed a bit and moaned, tensing up and after a few more moments and squirting his thick gooey white hot cum into Kristen's mouth. A treat indeed as it splattered all over Kristen's tongue and down her throat as she continued to suck him.

A logo roll across the screen taking us to a new set of mind numbing commercials. Summer stripping out of her clothes and rejoining me as I slowly started to masturbate her as we knew the butt fucking action was coming next. We weren't disappointed as the logo roll brought us back to the set only now the horny threesome were on the studios bed. Jamie Lynn laying along side Jansen as she sucked him with Kristen gently stroking his balls.

"MMMMMMM yeah Jamie" Jansen moaned as Jamie pulled off and Kristen turned her back to the younger boy and moved across his thighs. Lowering down a moment later as Jamie Lynn held his rock hard cock in place and moaned with Kristen as it slipped inside her pussy. The camera shot changing to a straight on shot of Kristen looking down and watching in amazement as it slid in and out of her pussy with her gentle bouncing. Jansen moaning as he gripped Kristen's waist and guided her to go faster and Jamie Lynn moved her hand away from his cock and laid back to enjoy the show. "MMMMMMM your pussy is sooo tight Kris."

"MMMMMMM and your cock is so big inside me" Kristen moaned as she placed her hands down in front of her on Jansen's thighs and started bouncing faster and harder. Her ass cheeks now slapping Jansen's thighs as she landed on his balls each time. Jamie Lynn moving down the bed to beside her co-host and adjusting Kristen so her back was straighter, making her titties bounce more. Jansen and Kristin both moaning out loud as she pounded down on him now and felt her pussy spasming so wonderfully. Jamie Lynn stroking her hands up and down Kristen's naked body as the girl slowed. "MMMMM that throbbin feels so good in my pussy, I'm sooooo ready to be butt fucked now."

"MMMMMMMMM yes you are" Jamie Lynn moaned as she helped Kristen rise up and off the cock. Kissing her deeply as she guided her to lay back on the other side of Jansen, who was now getting to his knees and stroking his rock hard cock. Jamie Lynn grinning as she now had Kristen on her back in the middle of the bed and turned to get into a 69 with her when Kristen protested, "Wait, Jamie, I thought I'd be first?"

"MMMMMMMM you thought wrong, I want you out of your mind horny when you lick my pussy baby" Jamie Lynn said as she crossed one leg over Kristen's face and lowered. Kristen giving her a frustrated look but going to work anyway with a patient gentle licking of Jamie's tanned smooth pussy. Jamie moaned and watched Jansen get behind her and line his cock up with her asshole. She tensed up as he slid inside and moaned to match hers. Jansen pressing his thighs to a gently shaking Jamie Lynn's ass cheeks now as he started to pump in and out. "MMMMMMMM that cock is big Jans, baby am I making it feel good now?"

"MMMMMMMMM Jamie you sure are," Jansen moaned as he stopped momentarily and leaned forward over her back and started pumping again in and out with long smooth strokes in the girls asshole. Jamie's thighs quivering and her pussy spasming as Kristen's tongue slid inside of her pussy from below and started to fuck in time to Jansen's cock. His thighs slapping at Jamie Lynn's ass cheeks and his balls slapping at her pussy. "MMMMMMMM butt fucking you makes my cum rise so fast."

"MMMMMMM and you make my pussy cum when you do it" Jamie Lynn moaned and just like that her body began shaking and her pussy started cumming on Kristen's ever probing tongue. A loud squeal of pleasure and some more shaking as Jansen did his job and butt fucked her through it and she squirted her honey cum into Kristen's waiting mouth. Jansen pulling out a moment later and sliding off the bed and getting in front of Jamie Lynn as she crawled forward and laid on her stomach and took his cock in her mouth. "MMMMMMMMMM!"

"MMMMMMMMM, best butt fucking ever, suck my cum out Jamie Lynn" Jansen moaned and had that done a moment later as his cum began squirting in Jamie Lynn's loving mouth. She sucked him for a few more moments, draining his cock of the yummy cum, as he moaned. Kristen joining the twosome as Jamie Lynn pulled off and the two kissed softly and traded the yummy treat back and forth. Kristen this time guiding Jamie Lynn down to her back at the end of the bed and pulling away so she could get into a 69 with her. Jansen stroking his cock as he moved in behind Kristen, still standing, and watched Jamie Lynn start to lick the girls pussy. Kristen almost screamed as she watched Jamie Lynn work on her pussy, but the shocking part was Jansen sliding into her asshole from behind. "MMMMMMMM I hope you're ready for your butt fucking Kris."

"MMMMMMMMMM ohmigod I am now" Kristen moaned as her thighs quivered and her asshole filled up with Jansen's cock. His cock making her shake as he pressed his thighs to her ass cheeks before pulling out and starting to slap them at her ass cheeks as the butt fucking started. Jamie Lynn's tongue work from below sending shivers down Kristen's back as she worked on the girls clit. Jansen moaning as he dropped an arm to his side and started to pump fast in and out. Kristen shaking gently from every shot she took in her asshole and moaning louder and louder as the butt fucking came harder. The throbbing of Jansen's cock making the pleasure numb Kristen's mind little by little. "MMMMMMMMM butt fucking talent runs in the family Jans, cause you're soooo good at it."

"MMMMMMMM just like my sissy" Jansen moaned as he pounded harder and harder and stiffened up a bit as the pleasure flowed through his body. His cock getting harder by the stroke, so hard now it was aching for relieve. Jamie Lynn watching the butt fucking with wide eyed interest as she sucked on Kristen's clit now and made the girls pussy spasm ever harder. Kristen's moans turning to grunts as she looked back and watched every stroke of Jansen's cock now and got closer to cumming with every stroke. Jansen's arm still down at his side so could give the camera the perfect view as his cum began rising fast. Kristen squealing a moment later when her pussy began cumming on Jamie Lynn's tongue. "MMMMMMM Kris, I want you to suck my butt fuck cum out now ok baby?"

"MMMMMMMMM yes please" Kristen moaned as she peaked in orgasm and squirted her cum in a mess onto Jamie Lynn's face and into her mouth. Jamie Lynn licking up the mess the best she could before Jansen pulled out and held his cock steady. Kristen quickly rolling off Jamie Lynn and then sliding off the bed and to her knees on the floor. Opening her mouth as Jansen slid his cock head inside and she started to suck him, hard. Jansen sliding his hand into her hair and guiding her head gently as he tensed up and squirted his cum into her mouth and down her throat time after time. Kristen sucking until Jansen's cum stopped squirting as Jamie Lynn watched proudly. Finally pulling off and showing Jansen and Jamie Lynn the mouth full of cum she now had. "MMMMMMMM now I do know what I've been missing."

"MMMMMMMMM so good at sucking my butt fuck cum out too" Jansen said as his sat down on the bed.

"MMMMMMMM yes she is" Jamie Lynn said as she guided Kristen over to her and the two once again began a cum filled 'snoballin' french kiss. The yummy treat once again being Jansen's cum as it got traded back and forth. Both girls holding a middle finger towards the camera a moment later as the logo smashed into the screen and soon faded to black.