Jansen Panettiere: Worldwide - Episode 1 "Jansen in Japan"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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** Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.**

Starring: Jansen Panettiere, Savannah Gipson

Guest Starring: Saaya Irie


The final credits for 'Michelle, Michelle' had just faded to black and we saw the logo for 'Jansen Panettiere: Worldwide' splash onto the screen. Rolling away a moment later as the opening montage began. Jansen smiling as he ran away from the camera for a moment and then turning to point with both hands. His name appearing below his face as that scene faded to one of the logo once again and the words 'w/ Savannah Gipson' appearing below it. It rolled away as we saw Jansen for the first time.

"Hey guys it's Jansen Panettiere, you know Hayden's little brother?" He asked with a bright smile and a noticeable bulge already in his pants as he stood in front of what looked to be a Japanese restaurant. "Welcome to the first episode of Jansen Panettiere: Worldwide. Dramatic huh? I hope this stupid thing makes it to air and I'm not wasting my time."

"Trust me Jans this is not going to be a one-shot deal, so to speak" A Female Voice said in a sultry tone as Jansen smiled knowingly.

"That's Savannah my camera chicky and color commentator" Jansen said as he pointed to the camera for the moment. "She never shuts up so you'll hear her big mouth all the time I bet."

"Well there is one way to shut me up, put something big and hard in my mouth" Savannah said as Jansen gave her a knowing smile. "Hint hint."

"I doubt that" He said, "Besides you like pussy too so why not join in?"

"Oh no, I'm the camera chicky and color commentator not one of your fuck bunnies" Savannah said. "At least not yet, anyway, how about today's guest?"

"OK, yeh...well we're in Japan, Tokyo to be exact to meet one of the countries most talked about young talents" Jansen said.

"She's so popular because the girl has huge titties" Savannah commented.

"See what I mean by a big mouth?" Jansen asked. "But she is right, Saaya Irie does have some big titties."

"And I pair of nice warm lips to suck that cock head of yours with" Savannah said.

"I noticed that too" Jansen said with a horny smile. "But she don't exactly speak a lot of english so meeting her is gonna be very interesting."

"She can moan that's all that matters" Savannah said as Jansen smiled knowingly and said, "We'll meet Saaya after this commercial."

We saw the logo for 'Jansen Panettiere: Worldwide' appear and roll away as we went to a mind numbing five minute commercial break. Returning, finally to see Jansen motion for Savannah to follow him as he made his way inside the dimly lit restaurant. Past a few tables with families as a few of them looked up as Jansen and Savannah made their way past and to the very back of the restaurant and to a secluded booth with only one person. A young lady that looked to be about 10 years old in the face stood, and wearing a low cut summer dress you could tell she was not 10 but had the body of a 25 year old woman. She smiled as Jansen stopped in front of her and Savannah peaked over his shoulder. "Say Hi, dork."

"Saaya?" Jansen asked as Savannah giggled.

"Saaya, yes" Saaya said in broken english. "Jansen, you?"

"Yes it's nice to meet you" Jansen said as he shook  hand.

"You ready to moan little girl?" Savannah asked as Jansen shot her a disbelieving look and Saaya looked confused.

"Moan?" Saaya asked.

"Sex?" Jansen asked as Saaya still looked confused.

"Show her your fuckin cock" Savannah suggested.

"Cock? I am..." Saaya started to say as Jansen unzipped his pants and let his cock pop out. Saaya's eyes opened in shock as she stared at it, hard as a rock and twitching a little. "Cock?"

"Cock" Jansen said as he stroked his cock now up and down a few times as Savannah moved to beside both of them. Saaya's eyes never leaving Jansen's cock for a moment as she smiled. "You wanna suck it huh?"

"Suck?" Saaya asked as Savannah groaned and Jansen said to the camera, "Shut up, she doesn't speak english she's not stupid. If you don't pipe down I'll have a new camera chicky next time."

"OK, OK, god" Savannah said as Jansen turned back to Saaya and moved closer and took her hand and put it on his cock and moved her hand up and down it as she smiled and asked, "This suck?"

"No this is stroking" He said as she took over as he moved his hands away and she stroked his cock up and down and smiled at him as he started to moan. Jansen smiling as he pointed to his cock and then to Saaya's mouth as he said, "Put this here."

"Mouth?" Saaya asked as Jansen smiled and nodded as she slowly stroked his cock.

"Get down?" He asked as he motioned with his hand to get down on her knees and she seemed to understand as she dropped to her knees and looked up at him as she stroked his cock still slowly.  

"Pull your pants off" Savannah said as Jansen nodded and unbuttoned his pants as Saaya smiled and moved her hands to his jeans and pulled them down for him and helped him step out of them. Savannah moved closer and pulled at Jansen's shirt before moving back and caught it as he lifted it up and over his head and tossed it to the floor. Moving back a bit and setting down on the edge of the seat as Saaya sure seemed to like what she saw above her as she moved closer. Jansen took hold of his cock and Saaya settled in with her knees folded under her and let Jansen stroke his hand through her jet black hair and guide her head to his cock. She willingly let him slip his cock head into her mouth and started to suck it as Jansen moaned and Saaya hung her arms at her side as her head began to bob up and down. "Clear the hair out of her face Jans."

"MMMMMMMMM oh yeah Saaya, suck is good huh?" Jansen asked as he cleared the girls long hair out of her face and we saw as her head bob up and down faster and faster and she seemed to be loving what she was doing. Jansen realized then he may not get an answer as he moaned a little louder and clutched his fingers into fists in her hair as Saaya's head bobbed up and down and she worked her lips up and down his cock head relentlessly. Saaya moaning with him as she moved one of her hands tentatively to Jansen's balls and gently touched it as Jansen jerked in surprise and Saaya stopped and looked up. "No no no, it's OK sucking so good."

"I suck...good?" Saaya asked and struggling to find the words. Jansen smiled as he gently placed her hand back on his balls and showed her how to squeeze them gently as he moaned and she did it again and again and let Jansen guide her head back to his cock as she started to suck him again only harder. Now squeezing his balls gently and rolling them in her fingers as her lips glided over his cock head a few more times. Jansen laid his head back and moaned out loud as she sucked him harder and her lips began to draw in as his cum started to rise fast. Savannah twirling around briefly and showing the restaurant and seeing that a few people were looking now to see where the moaning was coming from. Panning back to Jansen and Saaya just as his legs started to shake and Saaya sucked with increasing expertise on his cock head and successfully sucked him off. Jansen moaning loudly as his orgasm began and moments later he pulled Saaya off and took hold of his cock and opened his mouth to show her what he wanted and she did it just as his cock erupted and a huge squirt of cum landed on her tongue and lips and another soon followed as Jansen jerked his cum out on to her face. Guiding Saaya's head back to his cock again as she eagerly sucked the rest of his cum out for him. Her lips squeezing around his cock head as she drained him of the apparently yummy stuff.

"Ask her does it taste good" Savannah said as Jansen moaned and pulled Saaya off again as she licked her lips and smiled.

"Yummy?" Jansen asked as Saaya nodded her head and took hold of Jansen's cock and stroked it slowly to make sure all of the cum was gone. The camera jostled a bit as it spun around and settled in again as a startling image appeared on screen. A stunning light skinned black girl could be seen as she adjusted the camera now and backed away and we could now see her get on her knees beside of Saaya as she smiled brightly. "And I thought you were the camera chicky only?"

"Shut up" Savannah said with a smile as she glanced at him briefly and then back to Saaya as she touched the girls cheek and leaned in and kissed her soft lips and pulled back as Saaya smiled and seemed to sure like that nice surprise and she leaned in and kissed Savannah again and this time slipped her tongue into the girls mouth as they started to trade Jansen's cum back and forth. Savannah slipping the straps on Saaya's dress off the girls shoulders as she pulled away and we saw Saaya's big titties for the first time. Savannah standing, wearing a pair of overall shorts with a t-shirt, and helping Saaya to her feet as the girls dress fell to around her ankles. Showing us a stunning view of her young body that looked nothing like a girl of 12 or 13 usually does. Most shocking was the smoothie between her thighs and that was what drew Savannah's attention first as Saaya smiled shyly and jumped and giggled as Savannah gently touched her pussy. Rubbing it gently up and down now as Saaya smiled and squeezed her thighs around the girls hand as Savannah kissed her again. "Lick this?"

"Me lick?" Saaya asked in confusion as Jansen looked on and stroked his cock slowly to keep it rock hard.

"Me lick you" Savannah said as she pointed to herself and then back to Saaya. "Me lick your pussy, Jansen butt fuck you."

"Butt fuck feel good?" Saaya asked as Savannah nodded with a bright smile and kissed her softly.

"Butt fuck makes Saaya's pussy feel good" Savannah said as Saaya's eyes lit up with interest and she turned and pointed to her butt and then Jansen's cock as she smiled and Savannah nodded her head. "Now are you not glad I came along Jans?"

"So glad" Jansen said as Savannah kissed him softly as he pumped his cock faster. Savannah looking into the camera a moment later and saying, "The conclusion next."

The logo for the 'Jansen Panettiere Show' logo flashed on to the screen and folded away as we were forced to sit through another five minutes of mindless commercials. Talk about padding a show for all it was worth in commercials, this is beyond ridiculous. And the commercials themselves are so retarded they can't even be taken seriously. The only one of interest was a plug for this very show as it started it read simply, 'Like Sister, Like Brother' and then showed Hayden, Jansen's big sister in a sandwich with what looked to be Hilary Duff and Jamie Lynn Spears as she pulled out of Jamie Lynn's ass and Jamie Lynn turned and started to suck the cock. A flash of lightning across the screen ended that scene as we faded into a similar one with Jamie Lynn again in a 69, this time with Alexa Nikolas and Jansen pumping his cock up her asshole a few times before he too pulled out and Jamie Lynn once again turned and started to suck Jansen's cock. His cum bubbling out the side of Jami e Lynn's mouth as she sucked his cum out, and the screen once again read as that scene faded, 'Like Sister, Like Brother'. Very interesting.
We finally returned from break as the 'Jansen Panettiere: Worldwide' logo appeared on the screen for a moment before folding away and we saw that the camera was now sitting almost floor level and we could see Savannah was now on her back with Saaya sitting above her head and Jansen behind her as he stroked his cock slowly up and down. Savannah still dressed, unfortunately, as she now directed Saaya to crawl forward and over her in a 69, which the young Japanese girl did happily and lowered his pussy to Savannah's mouth. Savannah starting to lick softly at Saaya's pussy as Jansen moved in behind the two and lined his cock up with Saaya's asshole as Savannah wrapped her arms around Saaya and pulled her down a bit more. Jansen dropped his hand from his cock and reached the other up to Saaya's shoulder as he slid into her asshole and started pumping in and out with a little bit of his cock. Saaya moaning as she clutched at Savannah's thighs and squirmed on top of the girl as Jans en dropped one arm to his side so the camera could see and stroked deeper in the girls asshole as his face showed the pleasure of the moment. Savannah held Saaya in place on top of her as she licked her pussy slit now softly but faster. Jansen looking down as his cock got deeper in Saaya's asshole now with every thrust as Saaya moaned louder. Savannah's tongue now finding Saaya's clit as she licked it softly a few times and made the girl squirm her hips as Jansen sunk all the way inside for the first time. Moaning open mouthed at the sensations now as he never stopped for a moment as he started to pump now hard in and out, smacking his thighs off of Saaya's ass cheeks time and again. Saaya squirmed and moaned out loud now as Savannah licked her clit over and over relentlessly.

"MMMMMMM OHHHHHHHHH fuck" Jansen moaned as he plunged in and out now. One arm still at his side and the other holding Saaya's shoulder as she shook from the butt fucking she was receiving but being held firmly in place by Savannah below. Savannah looking up a moment later as she asked Jansen, "Now tell me your cock don't feel good."

"MMMMMMMM so good best feeling ever" Jansen moaned as Savannah smiled and went back to licking Saaya's pussy up and down slowly. Saaya squealed a moment later as Savannah started to suck her clit hard from below. Jansen's cock throbbing in the girls asshole as he plunged in and out and moaned louder himself as his cum started to rise slowly and his balls smacked off of Saaya's ass cheeks as he butt fucked her harder now. Saaya squealed again as she held on to Savannah's thighs as Jansen pounded in her asshole, moaning in broken english to Jansen a few moments later, "Butt fuck Saaya feel good, Jansen too?"

"MMMMMMMMM yeh Saaya it's so good" Jansen moaned as he pounded deep into Saaya's asshole and shook her body as Saaya squealed once more and squeezed her thighs around Savannah's head and moaned as she started to cum. Shaking gently all over as the most wonderful orgasm of her life took over and she rode it out as long as she could until she went limp on top of Savannah and moaned as the girl sucked her cum out. Jansen moaned louder as he moved his free hand close to his cock as he plunged in and out of Saaya's asshole a few more times and got ready to cum himself. Pulling out with one last moan as he took hold of his cock and held it steady as he moved to the side of the two girls and took Saaya's arm and moaned to her, "Come here Saaya, suck it for me again."

"MMMMMM I suck?" Saaya asked in a moan as she turned and crawled off of Savannah and laid down on her stomach in front of Jansen and opened her mouth as Jansen slid his cock back in her mouth and she started to suck it softly as he moaned loudly. Moaning to her, "Yesss you suck so good."

"MMMMMMM gonna cum" Jansen moaned as Savannah sat up and moved to his side as she watched Saaya's head bob up and down and moaned with Jansen as his orgasm started and a moment later he began to squirt in Saaya's mouth. "MMMM OHHHHHHHHH yeah sucking out my butt fuck cum."

"MMMMMMMM yeah she is" Savannah moaned as she kissed Jansen softly as he jerked in delight and Saaya bobbed her head some more as she sucked his cum all out. Jansen smiling and relaxing as the cum started to drip out the sides of Saaya's mouth. Savannah picking the camera back up and focusing in on the two as Jansen pulled his cock out of Saaya's willing mouth and she showed him the mouthful of cum she had before swallowing it. "Ask her does it taste good."

"Jansen's butt fuck cum yummy?" Jansen as Saaya licked her lips and surprised everyone when she said in almost perfect english. "Jansen's butt fuck cum is like candy. So hot to suck out. MMMMMMMMMMM"

"Holy shit you speak english?" Savannah asked as Jansen sat there stunned.

"Of course I do" Saaya said, "Just thought it'd be better if I pretended to be the innocent Japanese girl. You like?"

"So hot" Savannah said in a moan.

"How about you give Jansen that camera and you come join me?" Saaya asked. "We could tape show number two right here."

"MMMMMMMM now that's an invite I like" Savannah said as she turned the camera to herself as she turned around and Saaya hugged her from behind and kissed her cheek. "Gonna get me some now. See ya next week."