Jansen Panettiere: Worldwide - Episode 2 "Jansen in Russia"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

Archive: http://www.asstr.org/~TheVertManArchive/Stories/Celeb/Jansen/Index.html

** Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.**

Starring: Jansen Panettiere, Savannah Gipson

Guest Starring: Sandra Model


The final credits for 'Michelle, Michelle: A Young Girls Erotic Journey' had just faded to black when we saw the logo for 'Jansen Panettiere: Worldwide' splash onto the screen. Rolling away a moment later as the opening montage began. Jansen smiling as he ran away from the camera for a moment and then turning to point with both hands. His name appearing below his face as that scene faded to one of the logo once again and the words 'w/ Savannah Gipson' appearing below it. It rolled away as we saw Jansen and that bright smile that looks so much like his sisters. This time he was standing in front of a chain link fence, a park of some kind on the other side, with some picnic tables scattered around.

"Hey guys" Jansen said as he held a laptop in his hand down by his side. "This time me and my cute camera chicky Savannah have traveled all the way to Moscow, Russia in search of a very infamous figure."

"Oh really Jans?" Savannah asked as if she really had no clue.

"Hush" Jansen said as Savannah giggled from behind the camera. He smiled and rolled his eyes as he opened the laptop and showed it to the camera and the image on the screen was striking. A girl stood with her back to the camera wearing a white blouse and a pair of high heeled shows and a very skimpy looking lace thong running up between the cheeks of her ass. Her butt standing so perfectly at attention in that pic that you know that's what Jansen was wanting on this episode. "Anyway, see that ass?"

"Mmmm-mmmmmm" Savannah cooed as she zoomed in on it and stayed there for a long moment. "Most beautiful thing god ever created."

"We so agree" Jansen said as Savannah pulled the zoom back and showed him again. "This is the infamous figure of which I speaks."

"Who is that baby?" Savannah asked in a coo as Jansen smiled knowingly.

"Many or well most of you may know her as Sandra, from numerous websites online" Jansen said. "Sandra-Model ladies and gentleman."

"I've seen the videos of her" Savannah commented from off-camera. "She's a doll baby."

"Yeh she is, and from what I have been able to learn she lives right down there with her Mom" Jansen said as he pointed off into the distance. Savannah turning the camera and showing us a great view of downtown Moscow. Panning back we again saw Jansen smiling. "So you gonna help me out like last time Savannah?"

"No, that was a one time deal" She said firmly as Jansen opened the laptop again and showed it to her. "OH wow."

"Come on Savannah, please?" He asked with a pooched lip.

"No, I am the camera chicky not the co-star on your ass adventures" Savannah said.

"Why? You like girls I know that" Jansen said, "I saw the way you were with Saaya, and I'm not asking you to fuck me, just her."

"No, Jans drop it" Savannah said without further commentary.

"If you do I'll let you have her one on one" Jansen said, "You and her and I'll tape it."

"One on one you promise?" Savannah asked. "No bullshit about us being so hot together you just had to join in? I get her alone?"

"If you sandwich her with me, yes" Jansen said with a horny smile. "You just don't know how good butt fucking feels on my cock and it's so much hotter if she's on top of you in a 69."

"Boy I love when you talk dirty" Savannah said as Jansen turned to walk away and motioned for her to follow as he closed the laptop and just a moment later, literally crashed into a girl as she was walking by.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry" Jansen said as the girl staggered back a few feet and he struggled to keep from dropping his laptop for a moment. Looking back at the girl and his eyes going wide with surprise as he smiled and asked, "Sandra?"

"Yes?" She said in a questioning manner. "Who are you?"

"You speak english?" Jansen asked as Savannah giggled and said, "You a smart one Jans."

"Yes I do, some" The Girl said, "I am Sandra."

"This Sandra?" Jansen asked as he opened his laptop back up and showed the picture of the girl in the lacey thong. She smiled in a blush and nodded her head. "Cool, ummm this is my friend Savannah."

"Hi" Savannah said as Sandra smiled and you could see in Sandra's eyes that was defintely attracted to the stunning girl behind the camera.

"Hi" Sandra said in reply. "You tape me?"

"We have a tv show yeh" Jansen said as she looked back at him as Jansen motioned for her them to follow him as he walked around the chain link fence and to one of the picnic tables and sat his laptop down before looking back. "You wanna be on tv back in America?"

"I can be?" Sandra asked with a bright smile. "Tv star?"

"Yeh you can be on my tv show" Jansen said as he gently took her hand and guided her with him as he walked backwards and stepped up on the bench and sat down on the table and guided her to between his thighs as she looked nervous. "No reason to be nervous I just wanna have fun."

"Fun?" She asked as her nervousness seem to grow.

"Fun" Jansen said as he pulled down the top of his basketball shorts and showed Sandra the head of his cock. She smiled as her mouth opened a bit in surprise. Jansen sensing a chance now, stood on the bench on the side of the picnic table and pushed his shorts down and let his big cock pop out as Sandra looked almost shocked. Kicking his shorts off and sitting back down and beginning to stroke it up and down as she watched with intense interest. He asked, "I got a big cock huh?"

"Really big Jansen" She said as he took her hand and said, "Here sit down in front of me."

"Ok" She said as she smiled and took his direction and sat down directly in front of him on the bench, her mouth coming into perfect alignment with his cock now. She smiled as he stroked it only an inch or so from her mouth, her eyes never leaving it.

"Will you take your jacket and shirt off for me?" He asked as she looked up at him and again looked nervous for a moment. Breaking the momentary tension, Jansen slid a bit forward on the table and slipped his cock head between her lips gently. She froze for a moment as her lips lingered on his cock head before she slowly started to suck his head softly. Jansen moaned as he slipped his hands into her hair and cleared it from her eyes as her head started to bob slowly up and down on his cock as she sucked him. Her lips gliding up and down effortlessly over his cock head as he moaned louder and louder. Sandra slowly moved her hand to his balls as she pulled off and made sure she rubbed them softly with the palm of her hand and smiled as he moaned and she asked, "Feel good...me rubbing?"

"MMMMMMMM yesss it does" He moaned as she rubbed a little faster with her palm and started to suck his cock his head even harder. Jansen laid his head back and moaned as he felt his cum rising fast as Sandra worked his balls with her hand and her lips sucked harder at his cock. Her jaws drawing in now as she sucked harder and Jansen's hands clutched in her hair as his legs started to shake a little and his orgasm began. "MMMM ohh fuck Savannah I'm gonna cum in her mouth."

"MMMMMM yeh baby let her suck it out" Savannah cooed to him as Sandra sucked harder and harder and did just as Jansen said he was going to, got him to cum in her mouth. She sucked a little softer as he squirted once and then again in her mouth, splattering it all over her tongue and down her throat before he settled down. She sucked for a moment longer as Jansen smiled into the camera. "Jansen my boy you got a way with girls."

"MMMMMMMMMM yeah that's good, see that's fun huh?" Jansen asked as he pulled Sandra off his cock and took hold of it himself and began to stroke it slowly to keep it rock hard as Sandra smiled and licked her lips as she looked up at him.

"MMMMMMM" She cooed and stood as she stripped off her jacket and laid it beside of Jansen's now disgarded basketball shorts and then took off the sweater she was wearing as she smiled at the camera and Savannah zoomed in on her as the sweater joined her Jacket on the ground. Savannah pulling the zoom back now as she showed both of them and Sandra slipped off her bra and asked, "Naked ok?"

"Naked is perfect" Jansen said as he stripped off his basketball jersey and tossed it down on top of the growing pile of clothes. Sandra smiled and skinned the stretch pants she was wearing down her thighs and after kicking off her shoes the pants went too. Then turning and letting Jansen hook his fingers in her thong and slip that down too and holding her as she stepped out of it. Jansen made a hand motion to Savannah, who then sat the camera down and made sure the view was right before she moved into view. Jansen stood as he wrapped his arms around Sandra from behind and kissed her shoulder as she smiled at Savannah who stopped in front of her. "You want her to join us? Is that ok?"

"Can she be naked too?" Sandra asked as Savannah nodded and leaned forward as Jansen smiled and watched them kiss softly.

"Be right back" Jansen said into the camera.

Another boring 4 minutes of commericals with only one of interest, again, and that being the same plug for this very show that we had seen last week. It started as it had then as the screen read simply, 'Like Sister, Like Brother' and then showed Hayden, Jansen's big sister in a sandwich with what looked to be Hilary Duff and Jamie Lynn Spears as she pulled out of Jamie Lynn's ass and Jamie Lynn turned and started to suck the cock. A flash of lightning across the screen ended that scene as we faded into a similar one with Jamie Lynn again in a 69, this time with Alexa Nikolas and Jansen pumping his cock up her asshole a few times before he too pulled out and Jamie Lynn once again turned and started to suck Jansen's cock. His cum bubbling out the side of Jamie Lynn's mouth as she sucked his cum out, and the screen once again read as that scene faded, 'Like Sister, Like Brother'.

Talk about giving away what was gonna happen on the other side of the break. We returned to find a now naked Savannah (oh my god) kissing Sandra softly as they traded tongues back and forth. Jansen waited a moment and gently touched Savannah's face and pointed to the camera as she grinned and nodded as she slipped backwards on to the picnic table and laid back lengthwise as Sandra looked back at Jansen.

"She wants to lick your pussy ok?" Jansen asked as Sandra smiled and asked, "You...do my butt?"

"Butt fucking" Jansen said with a kiss.

"Butt fucking" Sandra repeated as she returned his kiss. "Feels good for both?"

"We'll both be moaning so loud" Jansen said as he guided her to slip on to the table as he stroked his cock and followed as she got above Savannah's head crawled forward a bit and laid forward across her body and lowered her pussy to Savannah's eager mouth. Savannah licked her pussy up and down slowly as Sandra  moaned and looked back and saw Jansen slipping on the pincic table and getting in behind her. Jansen placed a hand on one of Sandra's perfectly tanned young ass cheeks and waited as Savannah picked up the pace on her pussy licking. Her tongue going up and down Sandra's pussy slit faster and faster as she wrapped her arms around the girls waist. Sandra moaned and smiled as Jansen lined his cock up and rubbing it softly at Sandra's asshole. Holding it steady he began feeding it into Sandra's tight puckered little asshole. Sandra's asshole ring spread around it and Jansen began pumping it in and out a little.

"MMMMMMMMMMM" Sandra moaned as she smiled back at him. Moaning even louder as she squeezed her thighs around Savannah's head and the girl licked faster and faster up and down her slit and over her clit every time now. The hand holding his cock in place reached Sandra's ass cheeks as Jansen slid in a little more with each stroke. Dropping the hand from his cock, he let it fall to his side and reached his other up to Sandra's shoulder. Beginning to pump in full strokes now as the cock went deeper in Sandra's butt. Savannah began licking Sandra's clit just then and after a second began sucking it softly, right on the tip with her soft warm lips as Sandra cried out. Jansen finally bottomed out in Sandra's asshole and really beginning to pump harder and harder, one arm still on Sandra's shoulder to hold her in place. He glanced to the camera making sure it could get a good view a second later. Sandra looked back and moaned open mouthed, loving every second of it, it looked. "MMMMM MMMMM OHHHHHHH Jansen so good."

"MMMMMMMM Sandra it feels so good on my cock to butt fuck you" Jansen moaned as he went going faster and faster as a light smacking sound of Jansen's thighs spanking at Sandra's ass cheeks could be heard now. Savannah now had her lips firmly attached to Sandra's clit and was sucking it a little harder in long deep breaths. Jansen moaned louder as he plunged his cock deep in Sandra's asshole as Sandra smiled up at him now and moaned lewdly into the camera as Jansen began pumping even faster and soon turning to pounding into her. Savannah went back to fucking her tongue in and out of Sandra's bald pussy, licking her inner walls and making the girl almost scream from the pleasure she was getting. Jansen pounded harder and harder inside the girl's ultra tight little asshole now as his thighs spanked loudly against Sandra's ass cheeks as the girl swayed forward a little with each shot. Savannah having to hold her tighter to keep her in place on her face.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM HARDER PLEASE HARDER" Sandra  moaned as Jansen pounded her asshole with a huge smile on his pleasure soaked face, watching every single stroke of his cock going in and out of Sandra's asshole now. Savannah wrapped her arms tighter around Sandra's waist and began sucking hard now on Sandra's clit and slathering her tongue all over the little nubbin repeatedly as the girl cried out and moaned intensely from her fucking. Jansen himself was moaning now as he pounded deeper with each of his thrusts. His rock hard throbbing cock rocketing in and out of Sandra's tanned ass cheeks as ripples ran from them down into her back every time as Jansen pounded home in her ass. Jansen's ass clinching each time he delivered a shot to Sandra's butt and as he goes harder and harder yet again. Sandra laid her head back and moaned loudly, open mouthed and clutched at the table below as her orgasm neared. Savannah sucked harder and harder on her clit from below as her ja ws drew in on either side and she took a deep breath. Sandra wanted to scream it looked but lost her breath as Jansen pounded harder again and again. The spanking sound becoming louder all the time as he listened to Sandra's moans and watched her sway until he felt his own orgasm just seconds away.

"MMMMMMMM cumming gonna cum up your ass, MMMMMMMMMMM gonna cum butt fucking you baby girl" Jansen moaned loudly as he did just that with a few more shots to her asshole, just as he exploded into a spectacular orgasm himself so did she. Sandra laid her head down on Savannah's thighs as her orgasm exploded violently inside her time and again. She surged farther and farther into it till she reached her peak and screamed out a little. While Jansen pounded the orgasm out of both of them with hard, hammer like shots to Sandra's asshole one right after another. Savannah felt both of them shaking and held onto to her new friend tighter and capped her mouth over the girls bald pussy lips. A moment later feeling Sandra's cum squirt into her mouth hard, tasting the honey sweet flavor of her cum as the girl came down on the other side of her orgasm. Sandra moaned one more time loudly and went limp a second later on top of Savannah. Jansen moaned and grunted one last time before shooting off in Sandra's asshole with several long gooey squirts of cum. She shook gently and moaned opened mouth at the sensation and ground her pussy into Savannah's mouth as Jansen finished and did the same as she had earlier and slumped forward. Sandra moaned softly now and smiled as Savannah licked the rest of her cum up. Jansen pulled out with a saitsfied smile, "MMMMMMM so sexy to butt fuck."  

Sliding off the table and picking up the camera a moment later, Jansen zoomed in on the twosome still in a 69 as we saw Savannah still licking slowly at Sandra's pussy and in a bit of a surprise, we then saw Sandra drop her head down and start to do the same to Savannah. Savannah looked up as she smiled at Jansen as she saw him with the camera and quickly went back to work as she licked over Sandra's clit now and made the girl squirm on top of her as both started to moan and the action once again picked up. Savannah's tongue working over and over Sandra's clit now as she licked it more roughly with every pass as Sandra squeezed her thighs around Savannah's head and now made Savannah squirm as she worked on her pussy too. Both girls moans getting louder and louder over the next few minutes as they worked each other into a frenzy. Savannah dropped her lips a bit and started to suck on Sandra's clit as the girl moaned out loud and a few moments later both seemed to started cummi ng as one. Both shaking and moaning for a few long moments until their dual orgasms subsided into a wonderful afterglow.

"Hello?" Came the voice from off-camera as Jansen spun the camera around and was obviously shocked to see a lady with a smirk on her face and looking very much like Sandra. "Who are you?"

"The camera man" Jansen said as he spun back and caught Sandra as she looked up with a sheepish grin on her face and said, "Hi Mom."

"Hi Sandra's mom" Savannah giggled from below as Sandra scrambled off the table and rushed to get her clothes. Jansen captured that breifly before he spun the camera around and said with a horny smile, "Mom's hot too, see ya next week."