Jansen Panettiere: Worldwide - Episode 3 "Jansen in Brazil"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

Archive: http://www.asstr.org/~TheVertManArchive/Stories/Celeb/Jansen/Index.html

** Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.**

Starring: Jansen Panettiere, Savannah Gipson

Guest Starring: Sarah Laine


The final credits for the 'Michelle, Michelle: A Young Girls Erotic Journey' had just faded to black when we saw the logo for 'Jansen Panettiere: Worldwide' splash onto the screen. Rolling away a moment later as the opening montage began. Jansen smiling as he ran away from the camera for a moment and then turning to point with both hands. His name appearing below his face as that scene faded to one of the logo once again and the words 'w/ Savannah Gipson' appearing below it. It rolled away as we saw Jansen and that bright smile that looks so much like his sisters. This time though he had the gorgeous back drop of an ocean and some girls running around in nothing but dark tans. Savannah, the every horny camera chicky zoomed in on the naked tanned teenies for a few moments as Jansen laughed.

"Hello Savannah" Jansen said as she pulled back and showed him again. "If you be a good girl and tape me like you're supposed to I'll make sure you get your tongue wet before we leave."

"OK you promised me remember that" Savannah said.

"I will, anyway, ladies and gentleman we are in Brazil today and as you can see we are on the beach" Jansen said.

"Exactly and what a beautiful beach it is" Savannah said in a giggle. "And why are we are? Like I need to ask."

"Butt fucking of course" Jansen said with a horny smile.

"MMMMMM my horny boy loves it huh?" Savannah asked.

"Yes he does and today I've given myself a real challenge" Jansen said, "An older woman."

"What 14?" Savannah giggled.

"Try 24" Jansen said proudly.

"She is not, is she?" Savannah asked. "Who is it anyway? You never did tell me."

"Yeh 24 years old and practically my dream girl" Jansen said. "I remember the movie that started my obsession with her, Wild Things, Diamonds in the Rough?"

"We watched that a few nights ago" Savannah commented. "Ohmigod the blond?"

"Sarah Laine" Jansen said as the bulge began to grow in his swim trunks, something that Savannah noticed as she zoomed in on it a bit. "You wanna see it Savannah?  You know you do."

"GRRRRRRR my horny boy" Savannah said as Jansen rubbed his cock and smiled as he appeared again on camera. "So where is this target of yours? And who's gonna lay you when you fail?"

"She is right over there sunbathing...nude" Jansen said he pointed and Savannah turned the camera and zoomed in on the very tanned blond laying in the sun on a beach towel. Panning back we got quite a shock as Jansen stripped out of his swim trunks and dropped them to the sand as his rock hard cock popped out. Savannah zoomed in on it a bit as Jansen proudly showed it to her. "That what you like seeing so much Savannah?"

"MMMMMMM yesss, if she don't suck it for you I will" Savannah said with a horny moan.

"Before or after I butt fuck you?" Jansen asked.

"Oh no I'm not that horny yet, you want me that way you gotta make a special effort" Savannah commented.

"Another girl?" Jansen asked as he began to walk and Savannah followed him.

"Try roses, a box of candy and a movie hard on boy" Savannah said. "I'm not your whore."

"No one said you were" He said with a charming smile. "We'll talk about this later OK?"

"Whatever" Savannah said as she panned around and caught the naked blond on camera as Jansen stepped in front of her and she looked up and sure enough it was indeed Sarah Laine. She looked shocked as she looked up at Jansen and then at the camera.

"Excuse me? Who the hell are you?" She asked as she sat up and Jansen dropped to his knees and stroked his cock a few times.

"I'm a huge fan of yours Sarah" He said as he moved right in front of her, "And I've been watching you for a while over there and you made my cock so hard."

"How old are you exactly?"

"Old enough to get my cock sucked by you" Jansen said. Followed by Savannah saying in a whisper to the camera, "Boy he's about to get killed."

"Damn boy that's a big one" Sarah said, "8 inches?"

"Every bit of it" Jansen said as he moved his hand away and she looked up at him with a coy smile and then to the camera and said, "Who's that?"

"I'm Savannah beautiful and if you like him you'll love me" Savannah said.

"Maybe" Sarah said with a coy smile.

"So what about that cock sucking you were gonna give me?" Jansen asked as he now rubbed his cock on Sarah's lips as she looked up at him in shock. "Come on Sarah you know you want too and it's so hard because of you."

"And what if I say..." Sarah started to say before Jansen slid his cock between her lips softly and she froze as her eyes opened wide for moment. He moaned as he watched her for a long moment and then the incredible happened, she started to suck him right on the head. Her soft warm lips gliding up and down on his cock head as he moaned and she squeezed her lips tightly now around his cock head as she sucked him harder and bobbed her head up and down. Jansen moaning as he looked down at her and cleared the hair from her face so Savannah could capture it all. One of Sarah's hands coming up and taking hold of Jansen's cock and beginning to stroke it slowly as he jerked in delight and moaned louder as she sucked harder and now worked the tip of his cock head hard. Jansen watched as he opened his mouth and moaned louder now as her head bobbed fast up and down and she brought her other hand up to cup his balls in her hand and squeezed them gently. His cum had to be rising in that m oment as he took hold of his own cock and pulled it away and had her look up at him as he laid his cock head on her tongue.

"MMMMMMM such a good cock sucker" Jansen moaned as he let her start to suck it again for a long moment before he pulled it out again and asked, "If I cum in your mouth can I butt fuck you after that?"

"You wanna do what to me?" She asked as she again looked shocked.

"I wanna use the cock your sucking to butt fuck you with" Jansen said as he slid his cock back past her lips and she started to suck him again. Her lips starting again to suck at the tip of his cock head. The hand still on his balls gently squeezing them now as she sucked increasingly harder with her lips now gliding effortlessly over his cock head time and again. His cum starting to rise again as he moaned and to Sarah's obvious frustration he pulled away again and asked, "So butt fucking yes?"

"Why do you wanna do that so bad?" Sarah asked as Savannah replied for Jansen, "Cause butt fucking feels soo good on his cock right baby?"

"MMMMMM yeh come on beg me to do it and I'll cum in your mouth" Jansen said as he slid his cock back in her mouth and she eagerly started to suck him hard as he moaned out loud. Sarah pumping his cock with her fist now and rolling his balls gently in her hand as she tried to make him cum now. He moaned and watched with a smile as she sucked harder and her jaws drew in as she sucked him harder and bobbed her head up and down as he held her hair. Moaning open mouthed as his cum rose fast and he jerked in delight as he got ready to cum, and again pulled her off as his cock left her mouth with a popping sound as she looked up at with frustration in her eyes. "MMMMMMMMM fuck your so good at that, but your gonna beg me to butt fuck you or I'm not gonna cum in your mouth."

"Oh come on" Sarah said and seemed to be in thought as she began to stroke her hands up and down Jansen's smooth chest and said, "OK, will you please butt fuck me?"

"I'm not convinced you want you it yet" Jansen said as Savannah whispered loud enough for the camera to hear, "MMMMMMM he is in total control right now."

"Please my butt will feel so good on your cock I promise" Sarah said as Jansen rubbed his throbbing cock on her lips softly but refused to let her suck it. "You can do it hard too as hard as you want and get it deep, please?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM that's a little better" He moaned as he slid his cock back in her mouth and let her suck it for a long moment before once again pulling away and laying his rock hard cock on her tongue as he asked her in a moan, "And after I'm done butt fucking you I get my cum sucked out again right?"

"MMMMMMM I dunno" Sarah said as she looked to Savannah and then back to Jansen as she groaned in frustration. "I've never done that before."

"MMMMMMMM baby it feels so good for me and you'll love sucking it out, it's so yummy" Jansen moaned as Sarah smiled and decided unconditional surrender was now her only option as she licked his cock head and made him moan as she said in a sultry moan, "You pull it straight out of my ass and I'll suck all your fuckin cum out. That what you wanted to hear huh?"

"MMMMMMMMMM yes it was" Jansen said as he slid his cock back in her mouth and she once again started to suck his cock head. Working her soft warm lips up and down the head as he moaned and felt his cum rising fast one more time. Rolling his balls in her fingers gently and stroking his cock hard as she sucked at his cock head harder now, bobbing her head up and down. Jansen moaned and felt his legs start to shake as he tensed up and his hands clutched to fists in her hair as his orgasm took over and he shook in delight. A moment later looking down as his cum started to shoot in her mouth in long gooey strings as she sucked him harder and moaned as she finally got the treat she wanted. Sucking his cock softer as he settled down and some of the cum began oozing out the sides of her mouth. Jansen pulled his cock away and stroked it to keep it hard as the logo for 'Jansen Panettiere: Worldwide' flashed on the screen and faded away as we went to break.

I was almost looking forward to the break as it meant we gotta see one particular ad and again this week it popped up right in the middle of the mindless drivel that are the commercials. It started as it had the last two weeks as the screen read simply, 'Like Sister, Like Brother' and then showed Hayden, Jansen's big sister in a sandwich with what looked to be Hilary Duff and Jamie Lynn Spears as she pulled out of Jamie Lynn's ass and Jamie Lynn turned and started to suck the cock. A flash of lightning across the screen ended that scene as we faded into a similar one with Jamie Lynn again in a 69, this time with Alexa Nikolas and Jansen pumping his cock up her asshole a few times before he too pulled out and Jamie Lynn once again turned and started to suck Jansen's cock. His cum bubbling out the side of Jamie Lynn's mouth as she sucked his cum out, and the screen once again read as that scene faded, 'Like Sister, Like Brother'. That was followed by a few more time wasting com mercials  before we saw the logo for 'Jansen Panettiere: Worldwide' once again flash on the screen and bringing us back to the beach scene somewhere in Brazil.

"Welcome back" Savannah said in a sultry voice as Jansen was still stroking his cock as he directed Sarah to get on her hands and knees as he got behind her. Now on his knees as well as she laid her head down on the beach towel and watched as he lined his cock up with her asshole and started feeding it inside the tight puckered little asshole ring as she moaned and groaned from in front of him. Jansen sliding a hand up to the middle of her back and dropping the other arm to his side as he started to pump into her asshole fast. Getting deeper as he and Sarah both started to moan out loud with every thrust. Savannah settling in beside the pair as she moaned to Jansen, "MMMMMMMMM is that good Jans?"

"MMMMMMMM so good up her butt" Jansen moaned as he sunk all the way inside in what seemed to be record time and leaned forward over Sarah's back as she dropped to her elbows. Putting his hands by her shoulders as he started to pound away in her asshole now with his cock sliding deep inside every time and her moaning getting louder and louder. Jansen's moans matching hers as his thighs slapped at her ass cheeks each time he stroked inside, going faster and pounding harder now as she started to squeal out her pleasure and dug her fingers into the towel under them. A few people in the background taking notice now as Jansen drilled his cock hammer style into a now shaking and squealing Sarah as she almost begged for him to continue. "MMMMMMMM butt fucking feels so good on my cock you know that Sarah?"

"MMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHHH fuck yesss I bet it is oh my god so hard" Sarah moaned in reply as Jansen pounded down into her asshole and got it a little deeper now as his cock throbbed so hard it made Sarah's mind reel from the sensations it produced. Making her pussy spasm now hard as she shook from the fucking she was getting. "MMMMMMM you gonna cum in my mouth huh Jansen does it feel that good?"

"MMMMMMMMMM god baby yess I am, right now" Jansen moaned as he felt his cum rising fast now as he slowed and to her shock and disappointment he pulled out of her asshole and moved around to her side and took her arm and pulled her up to her knees as he held his cock steady for her to suck. A look of frustrated lust on her face as she looked up at him and felt his cock slide between her lips again and she started to suck hard on it as he moaned out and tensed up after a few moments as his orgasm started. Her lips gliding over and over his throbbing cock head now as she sucked harder and harder and with one last loud moan, Jansen started to do as he wanted and she sucked out his butt fuck cum for him. "MMMMMMMMMMMM ohhh baby suck it out for me."

"MMMMMMMM god such a lucky boy" Savannah moaned as he began to squirt in Sarah's mouth now time after time. Moaning out loud as he pulled away and jerked the last couple of squirts onto her face and titties. She smiled as she licked her lips and took his cock back in her mouth and sucked the last bit of it out for him. Jansen moaning again as he pulled his cock away and stroked it to keep it hard as he said to Sarah in a moan, "Baby you're gonna get butt fucked one more time and I wanna hear you beg me to suck my butt fuck cum out again."

"MMMMMMMM please I need to cum so bad on your cock and then I'll suck your cum out again for you, please let me do that" Sarah moaned as Jansen smiled and slipped back behind her as she again got on her hands and knees for him and looked back. He lined his cock up once again and slid deep inside in one long smooth stroke as she screamed and moaned all at once and shook from the mind numbing sensations that followed as he began to piston in and out. His cock head catching each time on her asshole ring as he plunged in and out and made her scream again as he moaned and took hold of her shoulder. Slapping his thighs at her ass cheeks now loudly as he butt fucked her harder and harder seemingly with every thrust deep into her asshole as she squealed and shook with the spasming of her pussy. "MMMMMMM ohhhhhhhh Jansen it's so hard in my ass and it feels so good I can't take much more."

"MMMMMMMMMM cum sweet baby" Savannah moaned as she moved directly in front of Sarah and got down to eye level as Sarah looked directly into the camera and reached forward to take Savannah's hand as she shook from the mind numbing pleasure surging through her body. Shaking harder as Jansen plunged in and out and moaned out loud himself as his cum started to rise. Sarah now moaning urgently as she felt her pussy spasming so hard she shook and finally felt her orgasm begin and screamed out loud as she squeezed Savannah's fingers into hers and shook from head to toe as Jansen moaned with an open mouth now as he got ready to pull out one more time. Sarah's orgasm giving way just as Jansen moaned one last time and pulled out of her asshole and settled down behind her as he reached forward and pulled her by the arm to turn around and get back on her knees. She did willingly with a smile on her face as she opened her mouth and moaned as Jansen laid his cock head on her tongue and let her start to suck on it softly. Jansen moaning intensely as he dropped both arms to his side and let her suck him harder and harder as his orgasm began and his thighs started to shake, his cum rising fast now as he looked down and tensed up. "MMMMMMMMM come on Sarah suck his cum out baby, one more time."

"MMMMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHH she is Savannah, MMMMMM sucking my butt fuck cum all out" Jansen moaned as Savannah once again moved beside of him and captured the look of complete pleasure on his face as he squirted deep in Sarah's loving mouth. Sarah's head bobbing up and down as she sucked hard on his cock and drained him of the yummy stuff once more. Sucking for a long moment more as he settled down now as she finally pulled off and showed Savannah the mouth full of cum she had. Savannah moved beside of Jansen as he said, "Let me have the camera."

"Hey baby" Savannah said as she appeared on camera for the first time as Sarah rose and wiggled her cum covered tongue at Savannah as they pressed their bodies together and Savannah kissed her softly as they started to trade Jansen's cum back and forth. Jansen zooming in and giving us a tight shot of this as the two stroked each others bodies slowly and enjoyed their snowballin of Jansen's cum back and forth. Jansen spinning the camera around and smiling into it as he said, "Brazil sure is a nice place to visit, you should cum, in Sarah Laine's mouth is an unbelievable place to do it to. See ya next week."